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Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Runaway located at 5 Melville St Dunedin. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoy the calm atmosphere of the game. The expansions of the forest could be cheaper. I love butterflies.
I LOVE this game so much! but I would love it even more so you don't only have to sign into Facebook but also be able to sign into other social networks like Instagram - thank you for reading!
After watching an add the game will force close and you have to go back in and something the game will glitch when played for a long period of time but I can't get enough of this game I seem to try to play it all day I love it
I love this game because its very calm and relaxing. However, when I watch a video to hurry a caterpillar, a snail video, or rush the growth of flowers during a garden event, it crashes and exists the game completely. Its very frustrating.
So, if you accidentally hit the lay an egg button, there should be an "Are you sure?" option!!! Accidents happen! But we should not have to keep that mistake! Other games have the option to confirm the action! This one definitely should also!! Thank you
My game was going good but all of a sudden it started showing error that my data wasnt being saved although it is connected to Facebook account. Keeps on restarting the game n taking too long to load.
I love the game. it's educational the graphics is good, runs smoothly. I really wish theyd bring back the butterfly visitors and the butterfly bonanza. It sucks not to be able to use the egg laying butterflies and to follow the slow process of acquiring past event butterflies through milestones on the new garden event. I have tons of flutterbucks and theyre not even that important in the game anymore. Please bring back the Bonanza and the visitors we'll die before we get to complete the sets.
I love the game very cute a relaxing not monotonous like most games that you hatch new species i keep unlocking new things and expanding its a great game
Education and fun. The game can be a bit of a challange but head over to YouTube and search flutterholic chick for tips and tricks.
I like the game but am very disappointed that when you pay the flowers for pollen it cost so much to get less than if you just keep spending 5 pollen over and over. Why isn't there a deal for spending more and waiting longer like many other games do? I'd be happy to spend more pollen and let the flowers generate over night for a bigger payout.
Great game! It's just that I was hoping in both games this one and starlight that you could make missions that we can do early game. Because the ones that are already in early game are really hard please fix it.
I've played Starlight (the moth version of this game) for a couple years and finally decided to juggle two games and install Flutter, love them both! These are really cute lil games to play at your own pace
Great unique game I've recently been addicted to! I just wish their were more ways to get certain flowers :3 Also the game has real life butterfly species too :D keeps crashing though everytime I'd like to skip 30 minutes of somthing. After the advert finished playing, it exits the app itself.
This game was great, until one day it just stopped working, it just started saying anytime I'd try to go into the app it just say that there's a problem with my connection, even though I've been on multiple good internet connections that don't have these problems with anything else. It might just be a problem on my end, though. Otherwise this game is great!
Really pretty and chill collection game with interesting insect facts. Great to relax with and try to fill out the flutterpedia.
Love it. Very relaxing game. I love learning about the tons and tons of different butterflies. No ads to watch unless you want to. I've been playing for about a year now and there is always new updates and always new things to do. Definitely recommend this game!!!
Its a cute game love that you can fuse butterflys if you get the same one, it gets a little more boring after couple of mintues, but at the same time entertaining! One complaint could you make it when you fuse a butterfly it gives a butterfly symbol! Also a little more chance of getting a new butterfly. Thats all my complaints so it gets 4 stars. Other than that I think you should get it if you wanna be relaxed?
The game is super nice and calming with lots of nice features, but it could be super cool if players could use the friend system without having to go through Facebook
an alright game, but you need a facebook account to save your progress. i lost all my progress when changing to a new phone, but i wouldnt use facebook if my life depended on it. needs a way to attach to google play account
Really wanted to play, but the instructions were awkward, unclear and not helpful. Will you publish this review?
Love the app. I really love butterflies so i would definitely recommend this to any butterfly lover. 💙🍓☕🍀
I hadn't played this game in a few years and it was so much fun and now it's even more fun than before. I love this game. Still one of the best
This game is very cute, light and relaxing. The butterflies that live in my sanctuary are extremely adorable therefore making this game very addictive. There is no end to this game and it never gets boring. The sanctuary is also really cute and cosy.
The Game Is Fun, With So Many Butterflies And A Calming Tune, It Calms Me Down. Hatching Eggs, Raising Caterpillars, Its Fun. But I Just Hate How Long Caterpillars Can Take To Raise Or How Long Eggs Take Up The Incubator. Great Game Though. My Favourite Is The Western Blue Beauty
One of the best game I have ever played I came here after playing Splash:ocean sanctuary and got addicted to it really quickly. All in all, A perfect game
Overall fine game but it crashes every second time I watch an add. Additionally, it's nearly impossible to complete events (and butterfly sets) without paying real money - which is just a sad business model and strategy.
I love the game but as a long time player it can become boring once you've cleared all the forest n hatched egg layers to help with events etc. Bring in more forest expansion and introduce new flowers to collect to make new groups etc. I only ever log in and play now when there's an event. More for long time loyal fans please!
I used to love this game but it took forever to wait for eggs to hach and to get eanout food to level up. So I deinstalled it, now I want to give it a second chance. As all my progress and achivevments are saved on my google play account I thought it would be easy just to recover my account, but is says that there are no accounts when I selected recover account. Very disappointed and upset as I would have to have to start all over again. Please could someone help me with this problem...
I love this game personally I hope to see how much the Runaway company or makers grow I was also wondering can yall create more of these like can you do beetles or dogs or just anything I like to read about interesting stuff when you fuse them :3
I loved this. But now it won't even load. Game freezes on the loading screen without the bar even moving. This was so enjoyable. Now I'm just frustrated.
Beautiful app, the butterflies are gorgeous. However, there are few opportunities to earn the components to make new butterflies or level them up. I'm beginning to get bored and frustrated. All menus are very hard to read, font way too small to read. You've set this up so that the only way to enjoy play is to pay. I'm not okay with that. As it stands I probably won't play much longer.
I love that they list real butterflies and give facts. Im addicted to it and my bf will mever understand haha
I love how my butterflies look like and I like the music! But sometimes when I tap "minus 30 minutes" I the game crashes automatically. Also, there's another glitch and the glitch is sometimes I check the butterfly book and the species I discovered are VERY big. It wasn't that big. Now, the 2nd glitch is not happening anymore. There's also another glitch (gosh there is so many glitches!) And the glitch is sometimes the music stops playing.
Beautiful game but lately I've had an issue with the ads not working. I watch ads to speed up hatching times but it just makes the game crash.
Both this game and Flutter: Starlight experience a bug where the game will force-close sometimes after watching an ad, and when you reopen the game, you don't even get the reward that was initially promised for watching the ad. Another problem is that due to the number of different butterflies, it becomes difficult to gain enough duplicates for fusion without using flowers, and gaining flowers/frog treats for some reason is harder in this than Starlight. Fix these issues and my rating will go up
Update. Still no fix. Automated response about Splash game video issues. Two events now ruined. Still no fix on the issue now with both games. Bn playing since June. Great game. I play everyday and I love the events. Recently the game force closes to my home screen after I watch an ad. It doesnt give the reward afer I open the game back up. I am losing out on my event video ads and my daily snail ads. I updated the game. No help. So ?????
So relaxing playing this game. Amazing how many different moths or butterflies there are. Good graphics.
Was enjoying the game until something glitched an I lost all the butterflies an caterpillars in my storage an lost all the storage spaces, it reset back to original. I have messaged multiple times a day trying to fix this problem for the past almost 4 days an only recieved 3 replies, 1 per day during the middle of the night and from a different person each time. Edit: its been 10 days since my account broke with little help an minimum response every 48-72 hours. Please fix my account!
Loved the game. But now I have an unknown species egg ready to hatch. But when I try it comes up with a message that something has gone wrong and the game restarts. Repeatedly!
Playing on smartphone screen is very hard to control the butterflies fly because the spot to control is too small. All the rest is perfect :))
Watching Ads for rewards is completely broken. You watch an ad and it completely closes out the game and ignores that you watched it. Totally unfair. Fix it and I'll change my review.
if I could give 0 stars I totally would game does not work and I sware I almost broke my divice!!! so u get in then your screen turns gray and they the tab coloses and then it keeps doing that then u have to shut down whatever divice u have!!!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD I HATE 0 STARS
I'm sorry I gave 3 stars but it's because I can't find my sanctuary anywhere! I have my Facebook account logged in to that one. When I press 'Log In', it loads, then kicks me out! I tried to find my sanctuary by using the 'Recover' button, but it didn't find my account! I had lots of legendaries and event moths, so I am quite sad to see that go down the drain. This is the same for Flutter: Starlight. I politely request you to try and find my account or try finding my ID number in the game too.
I love the graphics and collecting the butterflies. Its enjoyable and calming l. What I hate though is I constantly loose progress. I'll loose out on events and I've lost multiple purchases. Their support does help but they won't fix the underlying problem. I just lost 2 days on the most recent garden event.
Won't update, so I can't get on the game, other than that is fun game if you like to learn about butterflys. Is a kicked back game, relaxing. Giving 4stars cause I haven't been able to play since yesterday, cause needs update, and kindle doesn't have a manual update for it....PLEASE UPDATE! THIS AND STARLIGHT!!! Updating AGAIN during the garden game, and it only lasts 4 days to get all the butterflies, won't let me log on the game! Please fix!!!!
Love the difference components and the beautiful artwork but it keeps closing down after I watch a video and sometimes doesn't aknowladge the flutter bucks I just earned or I come back in after a couple of days and my flutter bucks are back to zero without me spending them.
Good game, pretty generous with the in-game currencies. However, I can't make an account because I don't have Facebook. Can't make any in-app purchases without an account - I don't want to lose my money and progress with my phone.
Automated response about Splash game video issues. Two events now ruined. Still no fix on the issue now with both games. Bn playing since June. Great game. I play everyday and I love the events. Recently the game force closes to my home screen after I watch an ad. It doesnt give the reward afer I open the game back up. I am losing out on my event video ads and my daily snail ads. I updated the game. No help. So ?????
IT'S SO FREAKING BORING. This game is boring as hell and very unfair. You have to pay for the pollen with the coins you collect. You have to pay to open up spaces (which the price keeps going up) with the miniscule amount of coins you earn. It doesn't give you hardly any of the butterfly buck things. And the items are to expensive period. The other butterfly game is just as bad
The game is good fun and cute but you don't get an option to collect butterflies you missed from events very often (garden events only) or another way to get them. Maybe you could add in an option to buy butterflies via flutterbucks from past events. Could you also add a confirmation question when you click to sell individual flowers or buying eggs/flowers as I've bought and sold flowers/eggs by mistake and you can't undo it. A confirmation question would help to stop doing this. Thanks
Flutter is still one of the best games I've ever installed, since I have had a big interest in butterflies since I was 7 or so. The only thing that I wish was possible was that I could overwrite the save linked to my Facebook account with my new one, even though I would lose months of progress. Otherwise, **AMAZING** game, I hope to see more games like this in the future
Love the game, so therapeutic and educational, but I had been experiencing an issue with the saving of information and had lost some flowers and treats. So I contacted their product support by email. Super support! They straighten my situation in only a few days. Will keep on flying my butterflies!!!
I love the game, but, everytime i watch an ad to take tine off of waiting or to get a reward of some kind it boots me out of the game.
This is a great game but getting your honeydew up fast is rather slow compared to starlight flutter i think if you havent been on flutter for a couple of hours instead of only collecting 7 honeydew from 1 butterfly every 1 minute it should be doubled up until you collect it so 21 honeydew in 21 minutes instead of having to harvest just 7 honeydew if you havent been on for 21 minutes by doing this it will make it alot better to be able to build up your honeydew farster.
You watch 30 second ads to get rewards. The problem is after you watch the ad it kicks you from the game and you don't get the rewards. It's a nice time killer of a game but I want to kill time playing the game not watching ads for nothing.
Everytime i try to watch an ad to hurry garden in event the app crashes. I've contacted support. I was told it must be my phone so clear cache, restart, uninstalled. Nothing works. I contacted support and did everything they told me to do but was basically told nobody else had this issue when clearly in the reviews they have. I won't be putting money in a game when support tells me there's not an issue when I'm experiencing one!!
Love my butterflies, I've learned so much and had fun doing it. Relaxing nostress and lovely butterflies! What's not to love!!
Love it. It does crash 9 out of 10 times you try to watch an ad to quick things up or spin the wheel. Fix that please.
U take my REAL money, yet I wake up this morning n find 4 hundred thousand coins gone.. plus a full garden off seeds... I have emailed you.. I have posted on your Facebook page... I'm a player with a gold book... I'll no longer supported this game.. I surgest NO ONE spends their money on this game... It's a waste of time
This game is cute but not as good as flutter starlight. I wish the minimal pollen was free like in their starlight version of the game and it takes triple the amount of coins to unlock anything. Gets tedious quickly, will stick with starlight.
The game is fun and exciting to find new species but it is a little lagged and there are a lot of updates to keep up with
All nice things I could say about it, however it doesn't properly work on newer phones. My phone now is the Galaxy S9 +. Everytime I go to press something, it'll close out whatever menu Im in if I don't hit it exactly. Used to play it on the Galaxy A5 2017 all the time.
Zen game with cute graphics and no ads, unless you choose to watch some to speed up the pace a little bit. Only problem is that Google Play Games achievements don't seem to work. Or if they do they're not retroactive: achieved some goals before connecting my account and Play Games achievements were not unlocked. Could you please fix that? Every past achievement should unlock as soon as you connect your account...
There's a glitch that when u log in into the new account and the game started without tutorials the game becomes broken and i cannot fix the data that i saved through Facebook Please fix this
Been playing this game for about 2 years now. Super relaxing and not a pay-to-play. Haven't spent a dime and am still doing very well so far! Love this 💖
I love the game, but every time I watch an ad it always throws me out of the game and I don't even get the reward, so please fix it!
I love it! Make another game and give it day/night cycles so we can collect both butterflies and moths depending on the time of day (real time) keep the phases of the moon to vary what moths can be collected. Each day/night cycles could have thier own soundtrack so as not to bore us to death with the same 40 second audio loop. Create a real garden where these insects can freely fly around an open space so it doesnt seem so crowded. A game like this would be good enough for consoles. Great game!
Was really enjoying the game...till it started deleting progress and butterflies randomly when I would open it. NOT a matter of my closing the game too quickly... I'm talking HOURS later a whole section of cleared forest mysteriously re-grew and may have consumed several butterflies I waited hours to hatch. Wish that could get fixed. Loved it as a 5 Star game.. till it wasn't.
The game's calm and it provides interesting information on butterflies but unfortunately the friend system is outdated, it requires you to be friends on Facebook in order to gift each other in game (very off putting).
Nice low-stress game. Help files could be clearer/more complete, but plsyer support is excellent. Starlight (also recommended) does a better job of adding purchased items, but fans of Zen Koi and Pocket Frogs should give both a whirl. The gardening events are particularly enjoyable.
I don't know if this is a good game because I can't get to play. It keeps saying that I don't have a good internet connection. And I would definitely give it 0 stars if I could.
Definitely a favorite! I do wish there was an option to see a larger picture of the front and back of the butterflies in full, but i love this game! Educational with a little bit of whimsy!
Game over. Theres no new land ever again they always say and any new butterflies are only events and repeatedly doing events was ok but now its just annoying! that garden thing you added just stinks I wasn't playing this to garden! With no abilities to help win it its just another event you need go on 24.7! but need sleep life things so 24.7 is an impossible without abilities. Why even collect flowers anymore either if all that left are events. Past ones shoud be event or garden new ones in book
I liked it until you watch a video to take 30 min off a timer or produces a leaf for the capillaries to eat but nothing is given....
Its really fun! I love to collect the butterfly's and I recommend you get this game! It's so fun to play do your best to make even better!
Note to anyone that plays this: ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SAVE TO THE CLOUD!! I used to love this game and played it all the time when it first came out I played it for YEARS and spent so much money on it but one day I ended up having to switch phones and lost my saved game... 🤦‍♀️ because I forgot to save it onto the cloud... Always save to the cloud even if you don't think you'll ever play it again save it just in case
I loved this game until today, now it's not updating. The butterflies aren't merging, the pollen isn't registering & in some instances it went backwards. I can't expand storage even though I received supplies to do so. Please fix this. I have lost valuable supplies & time.
I love the game but everytime I watch an ad to claim a reward the game crashes after the video and when I open it back up I dont get the reward. This happens evertime.
Amazing! My only wish and hope for the future of this game is that it gives a little more time for the Garden Event. Also, I think that the Wisp Mother should produce more wisps in the span of two hours, maybe seven or eight. Overall, this is a very well designed game, and my new favorite words are now Lepitea Sinapus. Thank you!
I LOVE THE GRAPHICS! But I do have one thing that needs to be fixed. When I was playing this game, I noticed that my spotted lylac tree nymph was INVISIBLE. I could see it because it had honey dew to be collected. It was a interesting sight and I even took some screen shots of it, but it is a bit weird, so here I am telling my experience. I would also LOVE to download Flutter Starlight, but I don't have enough space.
can not work without internet.also lost a day or so few times some reason?!?!?need to sort out the saving thing or something..it would be nice if the app work proply also without network...
Really love this game, and the starlight one. I play them both. Very relaxing and satisfying. Love the sounds and the graphics. For a game, it puts you in touch with a pretty nature world. The butterflies and moths are cute and interesting. I hope they bring out another one similar as these two are my favourite.
I like this game but I wish it had better support for the newer Samsung phones. I have the Galaxy A20 and the game isn't in full screen and it's a bit annoying.
I used to like this game a lot! I thought the butterflies were super cute and I loved googling all the different species and showing my daughter but after this mothers day event, Im just not having fun anymore. Like, what are the rates for the wisps? I only get 1-2 wisps per five and its just I could deal with it once in a while but its every time she throws out wisps. Ive gotteb lucky enough to get ONE of the event butterflies. The 50% ones I used failed. I spent money in this game too =(
Magical. I love this game. I also enjoy Flutter Starlight just as much. I appreciate the educational aspect too. Thank you Runaway for a detailed, well thought out game.
This game would be 5 stars but anytime you watch an ad the entire game shuts down and you have to reopen the app. You dont get the "reward" that it promises you for watching the ad. Other than that the game is fun if you like more chill and relaxed games.
I played the butterfly flutter when I was a kid and I immediately fell in love with it. But during those times I had to stop since I was busy catching the honor list. But now that I'm a college student, I played Flutter starlight and the first flutter game, and unsurprisingly, I'm still loving it. Kudos to the developers, hopefully your very responsible and kind team could fix the minor issues when saving game data.
I used to play Flutter all the time when I was little, and it's as fun as I remember it! Can't wait for the new friend feature to roll out so I can interact with other players!!
I feel there is a lack of communication with regards to the promotional sales. I had a poor experience with this. It was quite frustrating at first and we had some miscommunications ourselves Jessica and I. It so many words: Jessica with runaway player support has exhibited excellent customer service and it is her clear communication and her patience that has made this game a happy healthy enjoyable experience for me when otherwise I'd likely have quit in frustration. Thank you so much.
The game is good, but one thing I want to be changed is where your data is saved. Instead of an FB account, save it on Google Play (or connect it to both, for sending things to friends via FB). I started over, but I can't use the other account. I'd have to use another to save my data. If the game asks for me to sign in, it won't let me try again with a different account. I won't be able to go to my old game since I started again, which is a waste of an FB account, and I need someone else's now.
Its a great game but I'd like better if you fix these following problems : 1. I set flower shifts but the next day I don't get the pollen. Result : I lose honey dew. 2. Sophia sends me on mission for flowers to attract sets that I haven't unlocked. Result : I get NOTHING for doing the mission. 3. It crashes EVERY Friday. Pls improve.
I love how my butterflies look like and I like the music! But sometimes when I tap "minus 30 minutes" to hurry a caterpillar/cocoon the the game crashes automatically. There's also another glitch (gosh there is so many glitches!) And the glitch is sometimes the music stops playing. I also wish that you can buy attraction flowers with honeydew, not flutterbucks! Sorry that I rated it 3 stars if you feel sad about it.
I really enjoy the graphics and the beauty of the creatures. Just takes too long to get the honeydew to expand the forest.
Been playing for a while. The game itself is beautiful and I do love it, but I've recently been having one major problem; logging in and suddenly finding data - often up to 12 hours- completely erased. From reading other reviews, I'm not the only one this is happening to. Please fix this, because I, surely along with others, am getting sick of my time going to waste.
I absolutely love Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, and Flutter: Starlight. Both games are calming and fun to play. Even though you must have patience with the game, the rewards are very nice. Being able to uniquely devote time to your butterflies and building a serenity inside your forest is a masterpiece of it's own. Easy controls, stunning scenery, and the composition of ambience and sfx is surely a relaxing experience all should explore.
Hello reader! I am Siro and I think this is a great game! Being an impatient person I don't usually like slow pace games such as this one but the excitement when anything nice happens is enough to keep me playing! I love this game because I love nature and animals such as butterflies, all kinds of other bugs, birds and many more! I also love that there is every stage of the butterfly's lifecycle and that you get to feed the catapillars and finally I love the butterfly 🦋 designs, so cute!!!!!
Really cute and relaxing, beautiful butterflies and I also play the moth one and they are beautiful too! Just wish I could hatch more than one egg at a time and be able to customize my forest a lil more... its awfully expensive just to expand your forest and then to open up a place to put decorations you earn is ridiculous.
I was very impressed with how fast they responded and fixed my problem. I really enjoy playing this game and was crushed when I thought I lost it all. Thank you.
Watching ads constantly but then it crashes and throws you out. Same with random rewards, very frustrating! I contacted support and I got an automated message saying everything is working their end and issue is with my internet or phone. Why is this the only game that I play that keeps crashing? Reading the reviews it tells me many other people are having the same issues? Can we do something about this please?
Been playing for 2 years. Lately ALOT of connection errors. So...I uninstalled & reinstalled. Guess what? My whole game is gone. Took me right back to the start. Disappointed! Update-Great customer support!!! These guys are Awesome!!
Love the game play, very relaxing. Some items just needs some more tutorials / help information. Like the kingfisher... Otherwise love the graphics. Sounds could also be improved, they tend to sound like the speaker is distorting. So I mute mine. PS, no other sounds distort on my phone.
This is an awesome app for me I love the bright colors and details added thank you for the music and powers the butterflies have this time I like clearing the leaves and catching the pollen plus I learn alot I love you
This game is just amazing. But i have 1 problem that annoys me. Whenever i watch an ad, after i watch it, the game kicks me out. And it's kind of annoying for me. I don't know if it happens to other players, but it happens to me. Please, fix this if you can. Oh, and also, can you make it possible to connect with google and not only with facebook? If you can do that, then thanks!
Game has been unplayable for the past week or so. Whenever I try to move around my forest it just completely spazzes out and flickers and jumps, and any time I try to hurry progress either by watching videos or using Flutterbucks, it either crashes the entire game and loses progress or just doesn't register the hurrying. I'm never going to finish the current event, it's just so unusable at the moment.
My grandchildren and I Love this app however they have innapropriate ads with sexual content so do not let them play unsupervised. Developer, please remove the innapropriate ads.
I love this game. It would be great to educate kids also. This one and thier other ones about moths and sealife.
Its nice but there is not enough time for garden events. I started the day it began, had timers set every time I planted seeds, I used 5 fertilizers, watched an ad every time to reduce time, and still couldnt finish it.
I am getting very frustrated by the constant app crashes while collecting gifts and videos force closing the app while trying to collect gifts. I have spent money on this game and while this issue happens only on occasion, it happens more than it should and the glitches that happen while trying to perform certain actions that use the items I have purchased with money I have physically spent on this game makes me hesitant to spend more money on flutter that I otherwise would be happy to.
I absolutely love this game!!! I have my kids playing it with me. The only thing that I don't like about the game, which is why I'm giving it 4 stars rather than 5, is that I keep getting flowers that I continue to get flowers that I no longer need. I have completed some of the pages in the book and I still get the flowers from the frog, the bee fly, and in the sanctuary when I collect the honeydew from my butterflies. If that would change I would change my rating for this game.
Overall it's a good game with smooth graphics, but the thing that takes it down to 4 stars is the glowbucks things. Glowbucks are fine, they are rwlatively simple to get, the thing is when you don't play, you hard-earned glowbucks turn into coins. Please change this! At least give us an option to change them to coins. It will make it less frustrating to earn glowbucks, and in my opinion it will make it a better game.
I've played this game before, however I had to quit because there was no time to play it. Now that I'm retired I have time...it's very relaxing.
i love all the cool facts about butterflies :) but sometimes i really want the event butterflies but i dont have enough time or resources to get 1 copy of each :( i wish there were more revival events!!!!! or give us more species in the garden events!!!!!! but only 1 copy of each!!! i think that would b better :) i love this game tho :) i m getting a tattoo of the Great Blue Hookwing because this game rekindled my love 4 butterflies :)
Very cool! Very calming I also play flutter Twilight they are both great games. I love the way the moths fly around it's an easy game to play just pay attention to what you doing and everything goes great! Thanks guys!
Support is severely lacking. I've sent in two support requests due to my game not loading. One got an auto response. The second I've not heard back from support in almost 2 days. Instead, I get an email asking to rate their service.
Weird sound bug that makes the sound unbearable, but my friends dont have this problem so we still think this be an amazing game
love this, and it's sister game 'starlight' for moths. I think it's great that it teaches you about real butterflies/moths. terrible time waster tho :)
I love this game not only is collecting the different butterflies amazing it a grate game to play before bed winds me down after a busy day especially with the relaxing music in the background 😀
I am in love with all Runaways games. I think they are so educational, fun and calming. Only thing is I can't wait till they change the friends thing. Having to add people to my Facebook page and adjust whether they can see my posts in Facebook is a bit of a pain. Other than that. I love e eryrhing about it.
This game is so cute and fun! The only issue is it crashes a lot when you watch the videos to get the flutter bucks which is annoying. And it would be better if when you send gifts to friends during events the gifts should be event related and also you should be able lay free egg ability when you have visiting butterfly
I've been playing flutter since 2014 and it's one of my favorite online apps, it's so relaxing, fun and it brings your inner child right out, I started gardening, just to attract butterflies, dragon flies, bees and lady bugs because of this game and I also always loved butterflies
III love this beautiful game. It's relaxing and the graphics are incredible. I'm even learning about butterflies and moths! The thing that keeps it from being a five star game is...money. It's hard to enjoy the game fully without spending cash. More than I have to spend. It can make things unattainable and disappointing. Ads are for rewards only,which is really nice. I'm absolutely going to continue to see what happens! I do recommend playing!
So, I heard this was a really good game, right? And I really wanted to play it! But, when I downloaded it, it said no internet connection, even though I checked and I had a full internet connection. I tryed installing Starlight sanctuary and I had the same problem! Developers, please help me!
I've been playing this game for years now and I love it. But the events feel completely impossible to achieve unless you pay. They are not fun in any way because you just end up not completing the set and its frustrating. Even if a person was able to spend 24 hours on the game you still wouldn't be able to collect the event specific butterflies.
Thank you for the consideration for my review. Keep up the communication with your players. Also a real life flutter fly pictures would be interesting. Such as taking pictures of your buterfly('s) with selfies or other photos. AR mode and add a breading clinic were its possible to interbreeding butterflies!!👌
Loving it. I always have enjoyed games that make you think. There is a lot going on with this one. Very catavating.
Beautiful game but with several technical issues. There are constant flaws on the backup of your achievements, you basically lose all your data from the last few hours. February 2018 I had to stop playing because after an update I was constantly loosing hours of game play. Again after 1 year I tried again... And... SAME BUG. The support team answered me, but nothing changed in 1 year ... definitely they have a problem and aren't solving it.
Love this game so much but I keep getting kicked out often when ads are watched. This issue is not my device or my internet. Some days are worse than others. Today is a really bad day of it. Also, some things take a long time to wait for. All in all, other than the stated things, I love this game.
I started playing this developpers games with Flutter: Starlight so obviously this game was the first one. Starlight seems more refined then this one but this one is still 5 stars! It plays just as smoothly, haven't run into any bugs and the so far free fusing is amazing. I just unlocked missions and the coast of them had me scratching my head but then I remembered that its really easy to get the flutterbucks needed anyway. The colors are vibrant and beautiful, the sounds are relaxing, love it
Its one of the true educational games that are actually fun and give you incentive to learn. If this game had been a thing ehen I was little, I'd have been completely obsessed. I still am as an adult! It's simple enough that a child could do it, but with enough steps and complexity that it can be a game adults will appreciate and invest time in as well. The constant updates keep it going, and it's genuinely rewarding to play, for me.
Game shuts down whenever you watch an ad. Makes the game much slower and harder to play without the as watch rewards. Game concept is lovely so it's a shame this happens.
I absolutely love this game but it drains my battery so quickly which is a bit frustrating. Just did the update 24/6/21 and now the app keeps crashing
I wish that I could secure my game with Google rather than just Facebook as I don't have it and had to restart a few times. Lost progress hurts
Its really good but I did prefer the visiting butterflies, maybe we could get that back occasionally?
Amazing. My only description word. I love the butterfly designs and how they are all real species! I also love the events. I play Flutter Starlight and Splash too. They are amazing games! Maybe you could make more like them? If you can, maybe a reptile one?
It's very similar to Flutter: Starlight, which was the first one I played, even though this one came first. I don't have a whole bunch of butterflies right now, but all of them are so pretty and cute! I don't have enough points to see what's behind the vines yet, but I'm really excited to see who's hiding! All the butterflies are very cute! I like the Sarah Longwing, and I like how you designed it!
Gets old fast. After receiving the exact same butterfly over and over, I lost interest. If you want to spend money, you may enjoy this game. I didn't want to spend money so I could hatch a different cartoon butterfly.
A lovely collector game with beautiful artwork. It's designed so you dip in and out of, not play for long periods but I've really enjoyed collecting butterflies from around the world so if you're interested in butterflies I'd really recommend. Love to see more European butterflies because that's where I'm from, but there are so many to collect it'll never get old! Constant events as well so you know the developers are active.
Game is calming and relaxing, pretty visuals and lovely music! The crashing issue when watching ads NEEDS to be fixed but the game is still certainly playable
This is a great game over all but I think that when you do timed events you should give the players 24 hrs after the event to use any left over stuff for example during the garden event you should make it so that the player has 24 hrs after the event to use any left over seeds make it so they cant get more but are able to use what they still have and if thats not a possiblity then at least give them some honeydew for any left over seeds just to make the events a little more worth while is all.
Don't ask i love this game but there is a problem why i gave it 3 stars 1: if i speed up the flower's pollen i watch a ad and then kicks me out of the game and does not give me the speed up on my flowers and caterpillars! Pls 🙏 fix it i will give it five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ if you do it Thanks!
I totally love this game, however there are so many glitches lately. Especially when i touch the game screen to move my view, the game spazzes out. I made sure the update was current as well. Please fix this and my life will be complete again! 🤣
I've been playing this for a while. I started because I love Starlight (the moth version). This one is cute and fun too, but not as good as Starlight. It's an easy non-stressful game. However, it crashes every time I need to flip through the Flutterpedia, which makes it very frustrating when I need to look up a butterfly for a mission. I love learning about the different species, but frequent game crashes make it impossible to play sometimes.
The app was working before i added an account to save my progress, now it crashes whenever i try to use it. Please fix so I can play! and you can have a better review! (Update) Thanks for your response! i was able to play without saving progress and it us a great game, love the events :)
I've restarted this games three times as I've purchased new phones and the data didn't transfer, so that's frustrating but I do love the game.
Love this game .but unfortunately the (can do this ,can do that or buy this keeps flying up covering the bottom part of game .very annoying .and how can people buy the special butterflies ,moths when the cost of a space keeps going up out of reach .other than that it is a great game ,thank you .