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Floyd's Sticker Squad - Time Travelling Shooter

Floyd's Sticker Squad - Time Travelling Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by LemonChili Games located at Dublin Harcourt Centre Block 4, Harcourt Road Dublin D02 HW77 Republic of Ireland. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Crude Humor) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
game is unique, i though it was cool how the characters look and that you find stickers to find new ones, i really enjoyed playing this game
The game itself (w/o ads) is pretty good, however there are some issues such as random crashes or freezes, the daily reward not able to be redeemed due to the game freezing after watching the add to claim. (I've played for 7 days in a row, and I have only gotten the first 2 daily rewards, I cannot redeem any others.) And the level progression is painstakingly long, to get from level 1 to 2? Easy, 2 to 3? Easy, 3 to 4, I'm not even there yet and I've been playing for a week.
An ad after every stage in a game where stages can go on for less than 15 seconds. Yall really butchered Tower Power and this game, y'know that?
I wanted to enjoy this but constant ad bombardment that makes it lag made me uninstall it. Shame, looked like a good game.
all flash, no substance. clear cash grab, WAY too many ads. extra star for better graphics than average.
To be honest I love this game but it always crashes when I die or finish a level I hope you guys can fixe this so we all have a better experience
These game needs a bug fix when I buy things it doesn't want to pop up. like the one that has the free packet, forever and it doesn't want to load and the rest the same thing can you please fix that problem and it has lag's but great game and gameplay though totally recommend it ;) thx
Just... amazing. The thought and creativity in the simplicity of the design of this game Is incredible. congratulations to the developers, designers and artists.
Its Not free..It gives a 3 day free trial and that too only if u have added a payment method.Forcing us to add a payment method for a trial game is not good
Game is fun. But the only way to actually enjoy it is to make a purchase to remove ads which i appreciate. Some other things are odd though. I always get the subscription service pop up everytime I start the game which i would very much appreciate it not being there. Daily rewards are bugged. I get the ad, but the app crashes and never gives me the reward. Finally, I can never link my facebook. I love this game. I really do, but problems like that make it very hard to recommend.
I like how the creators of this game responded to a rating about the game being laggy but wont respond to having to pay to play the game. This game is trash and I deleted it withing the first 2 minutes
I love the game just a bit of lag when im playing the game. it lags on the level transitions also. lol the floyds are badass the blue and the green are my favorite. looking foward to seeing more awesome new developments. Great Job๐Ÿ–’
Game was amazing as a time killer until it started to lag everytime I completed a few zones in a play through, literally cannot get past world 2 zone 3 now because the game becomes unplayable as it drops to 1 FPS and stays there until you either reset the game or open the sticker album (for some reason that fixes it sometimes). To top it off the games premium subscription popup at game start no longer has the option to decline, so its either pay ยฃ7.50 a week for a mobile game or don't play. ๐Ÿ‘Ž
i.love.this.game it sort of looks like how i doodle sometimes if it were in color. i just also like these kinds of games. and even though its hard i would never give up
It's not a game, it's an ads channel. I play it offline and I have to close popups every time I click on something. The game itself is small, I almost collected all of the stickers even though on some point you will get 30 repeats out of 39, so I don't see the reason to pay such a large amount of money for this little game. It really bugs me, if they need money so much, why would they make this game free but full of ads?? The graphics are really nice, I like the concept, gameplay is ok.
Floyd's Sticker Squad is a fabulous spin on the shmup genre that utilizes the style of 80's sticker collection books to great effect. That said, the frequency with which you're interrupted asking for money AFTER having disabled ads with a purchase is shameful. Every menu change is greeted by an ad for more unlocks in the game or for the developer's other titles. The fact these ads aren't removed is an affront to the customer and a disservice to an otherwise excellent title.
Great game, I love the creativity that went to the characters and background of the game. This game reminds me of an edgy dream land I've been in, it's retro yet modern. Also I really like that You feel like you are collecting real stickers in the game. Keep making awesome games like these and you will do great
Just an excellent video game all around. Definitely worth a try. The subscription is aggressive but everything else was great. Update: now forces me to buy a subscription before i play.
This game is probably the best one I've seen in awhile. It's really fun and it can get challenging at times but that's how the game works. But there is one concern I have. When you finish one of the levels and it shows your score I have a problem finding out where the go back to the main menu button is and sadly it seems there isn't. Please add a go back to menu button after every mission it would help most people out thank you very much.
I rated it 1 star because of the fact that I couldn't find any way to get past the premium message at the beginning. If I could get past it, I probably would have enjoyed the game. How do I even get past it?
What a unique and innovative game! I love the art style and different characters to collect. Games need to be more like this. Quick and easy to play with lots of things to collect. Music, art-style, gameplay all on point. Feedback: add a way to customize your playable sticker either by being able to collect them from sticker packs or straight up clothing shop for them (ie. hats, masks, etc.) And also, the Everplay (share replay) function does not work. It says it was discontinued Oct 1 2018.
The game is very fun and colourful, I would recommend it to anybody. Hope even more new content gets added to the game.
AWESOME sauce! Great game but after beating the galaxy boss the game lagged harder than my ps3 trying to update! LOL! Not much of an issue but would like to see it fixed. Also make exp easier to get please! SINCERELY, A PRO STICKER COLLECTER!
Game plays smoothly now. Having a great time with it. Fun. Challenging. Addicting. I really hope more floyds make into the game. Maybe a tesla coil looking thing. And maybe an ice element.
the game will not download I had it before and the game was amazing but sadly I had to delete when I tried reinstalling It would send me to a page where it told me how to fix the problem I tried a lot of the things on there and it still wont download please fix it I loved the game so much
I love this game and will continue to play it, but every time you advance to a next level or if you die or even if you do anything in this game there is an add, and also to get your daily reward you have to watch an add. I know the game is free but this many adds are too much.
Holy forced ads batman! After every stage is an un-skippable 5 second ad. The game itself is good fun. It has fun music, graphics are wonderful, its simple but those ads..... I get the ads give revenue but there is a right way to do ads.
this game is a scam, says "free" then charges you 6.99 a week. and also doesn't make it clear that it is a free trial, besides the small text at the bottom and some more small text in a color one shade darker than the start button, this text is also on the start button.
Really good, but if it had multiplayer. I'm not saying that its bad but if it had multiplayer it would've been a good 5 star game.
whats up with the lag? everything runs smoothly intil like 5-8 zones until everything gets laggy and unplayable. sometimes even at the main menu. i just enter sticker album multiple times until its smooth again. then gets laggy again after playing some zones. please look into it. update: i reduced it from 3 star to 1 since i paid 30 pesos to enable the continue anywhere function and the problem gets worse. it loads and then lags which rendwrs the function useless. i just wasted some money.
I experience extreme lag after transitioning to another world after killing a boss, I cannot recover until I fully close the game. Now I can only play like 5 areas at a time before closing the game.
The game gets stuck on the premium screen and I can't get out of it haven't been able to play if anyone can help, please do. It looks like an awesome game but could you please sort this problem out.
I adore this game as collecting stickers and shiny stuff is my most loved hobby ! There are issues though ..I play on a higher end phone and I still lag some ..also the game needs constant updates and more stuff added constantly ,consider events . Those are the reasons I haven't yet payed for anything ,otherwise the offers are great and I feel like you'll get much more money if you work on these issues
Will not load beyond the subscription screen, so on top of previous problems with being laggy and not loading once you get beyond world 4, the game is now totally unplayable, the money I have already spent on this game was sooo worth it......NOT, If I could I would ask for it all back
I cant describe how fun this game is. Its fun, pleasing to look at, the controls are simple and responsive. Keep up the good work and fantastic content!!
The game is not loading at all for my LG, I belive the people that developed this game need to look at more of the feed back on the device brand to know what works what dose not!
Unplayable trash (literally) It opens with a screen for a 3 day """""free trial of premium""""" which you cant close or play the game without buying. Im not over exagerating, even offline they persist in shoving premium in your face. Why call it premium when the ENTIRE GAME is locked behind premium, just why? And ive checked, theres 0 actual ways to get into the game without buying premium.
Whenever i try to play, the game wont load past the premium page it always kicks me out ive uninstalled the game and installed it again but it just never works if you can fix this problem then i might consider giving five stars ive played this before like a few years ago and i did not get this problem.
alright so after beating the galaxy boss, I've found the game to be very laggy and when I exit out of the game and open it again, the game ask if I want to subscribe to a membership, well before it had an option where I can decline the membership, but after galaxy boss I dont have an option to decline so is it forcing me to buy the membership because it doesn't let me close the subscription ad or continue to the main menu screen. what's up with.
The game sucks now,yu have to watch an ad for daily rewards and an ad after every single level,People already spend 100's of dollars everyday on this game,DELETE THE ADS! OR I UNINSTALL YOU MONEY HUNGY IDIOTS!
Fun when it works but the majority of the time it crashes.The graphics are really good and the controls are okay
the ads are to much and the payment for a single character, no thanks please improve and dont be greedy, potential is there but your team is to wallet hungry sorry , but if you are willing to put up with the ads and unlock the characters like you are sopost to then this is the game for you fun and easy to pic up made my top 5 android games but please try it out and enjoy it yourselves.
Pay to win, more seconds of ads than actual playtime, it would have been good if the dev's werent so greedy.
Still need to fix those bugs because it's still bugged and remove ads and extend the time. And the daily should be normal right now it's not normal that's why I would rate 1 star and then I want to get my dailies but it keeps glitching it out so need some work
VERY GOOD GAME!!!!! i have an idea for you guys there should be a thing called reverse Floyds and they are the ones that you own and when you defeat them you collect them and when you collect enough of that specific Floyd, they can undergo a transformation ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
My new favorite game. I'm excited to see new stickers to be added. Facebook does not connect and when I invite people, when they get the game it still doesn't count it for the Viral Pack
The game pretty fun but would he better if it wasn't pay to win, you only get three Floyd characters and the rest you have to buy individually for $3.97, and to unlock more world's you have to pay .99ยข for each one you want to unlock. This game is clearly a money snatcher.
Beautiful, fun in app purchase reminder. There might be a game but I have to close 10 popus every time I see a menu. Stupidest developers all time.
nothing says "i love my player('s money)!" Like the first second of the game being barraged with "BUY ME BUY ME BUY ME" and the first clear being followed by an ad. Quick uninstal