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Flowergotchi Flower Girls Tamagotchi Virtual Plant

Flowergotchi Flower Girls Tamagotchi Virtual Plant for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Alukard located at Россия, гор. Ростов-на-дону, пр-кт 40-летия Победы, дом 65/6 кв 251. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's really fun and the girls are cute so my only real problem is getting new flowers which isn't even nearly as bad as some people say as long as you have patience and an actual life to go about while waiting for more smiles to be produced plus if you're that desperate you can literally just spam the wheel every couple minutes and you just have to sit through an ad to get some of the pretty decent prizes one of which being coins so all in all it's amazing as long as you actually have a life
Pretty much what you could.expect.in.a tomogochi game. The art it nice, animation could be a bit better. There could also be more mini games and it could be a little more interactive, but thats just my opinion. I'll keep it for now...
Font is tiny, hard to read. There could be more interactions with the flower like just talking to them (with no smiles receiving), and, I don't know, smelling them, washing leaves, etc. The flower's happiness could decrease if the user insists on touching them where they don't like (different flowers would have different zones where they like and don't like touching, and maybe some flowers would not allow to touch them at all). The game needs improvement, though it's pretty neat and nice.
Really fun game! I love plants, so when I seen this game I was deciding whether to download it or not, and so glad I did! They are sooo cuuute! OwO
It a funny game but you can't do a lot tho. You can play 3 different games (minesweeper, a snale game and a card picking game). It's a fun concept and I think they should add more 'content' to it whitout losing the vibe it has atm. When they add 2-3 extra minigames and make the max amount of energy 2x, I'll give it a 5 star review!
I liked how I could pick my flower,it was nice and apretiated the art wotk. As a person who draws I know its not easy and they did amazing at it!
Really cool game, but it takes a minute for them to grow, but i guess its gotta be somewhat realistic huh?😅, over all though, very decent game, i like it👌
Hey! Can I request a few updates? 1.The flowers should be only ten coins. 2. 1coin=10smiles 3. In the memory game, we will get the thing we found. 4. The spinning wheel must have the care supplies so it won't be so hard. I hope you can manage all these updates. If you say you are unable to do that, I will delete the app. Well.....The dual one.
Gameplay - easy to understand. Cute designs. Sure it is an exercise of patience but it is a plus for me. For someone who has lots of apps, just periodically checking in on the flower is good enough for them.
I love this game, it's very well done 😍 Unfortunately, lately I've had the app being too large for the phone screen and I can't see the happiness bar anymore😞 Could you fix it please? 🥺🙏
After enough time with this game, its safe to say the developer is putting work into the game and adding new content. On the other hand, there are deeper gameplay problems that keep my review at 3 stars. If you take a break from the game or forget for a day or two and don't have money stockpiled your plants will be riddled with effects you can't get rid of. This problem is exacerbated by the finicky ad spin which sometimes just randomly greys itself out and can't be used.
Hello Flowers maker, I like your game but still have little bit problem here, it is slowly run when I opening the app and what interestins is mini game if it could play with out using energy it would be great and add more in higher level and can play every time any where because it really good if you can make this, I mean this could get better if you combine with game that test IQ I mean highest level I like card game but not with anime girls 😂
This game has potential, but is EXTREMELY dull as it is. Nice art, but thats about it. You need coins to get equipment. You need 100 smiles to get 1 coin. The way to get smiles is through the mini games. You get 8 smiles per win. The mini games cost 1energy for about 1min of play. You get 5 energy. The games are very dull. You cant really do anything with the flowergirl. So once your out of energy all you can do is look. It takes a long time for her to grow. If you read this and still play smdh.
The plant girls are super lacking in any form of attractiveness and the developers should just stop updating the game until they change the girls 👎😑
It's really good and nice because it's about flowers but there like human flowers which makes it more pretty.
Fun minigames with beautifully drawn flower girls that are easy to take care of. All I could think of when I saw this was the rose girl in "The little prince" animated tv series from the 80's. It's nice to see the concept implemented with different flowers. I hope you continue to add to the game and hopefully do an orchid 😆
the card match game is impossible to get matches in: i match 2 cards but none vanish and when i click a 3rd one of the matches stays uo and the other 2 cards flip back over I bought a lamp but how do i use it? It didnt do anything yet and seems to have just taken my coins. So far my experience has been lack luster...
Yeah this game is a little bit weird but it's pretty good supply and it's like like talking Tom but it's not cat it's a flower girl it's pretty good but it's offline it's got really cute voices and you can use three girls you know if you choose one and you can even buy another two you know it's pretty fun to play so you should try
I really love this game, it's so cute and fun! However, I started having this issue where the app wouldn't open, it would just load for a bit then say "Flowergirls has stopped" so I cleared the data hoping that google play games would keep my progress and it did. But, this kept happening more and more frequently and when I cleared the data the last time it took away 2 coins and my third flower girl, Rose, so is there a way to prevent this from happening again and/or get my progress back? Thanks.
It's a cute game and don't really require much commitment, which i like. I usually just pop in and water and chat with it, then the minigames are a good timekiller. The main menu music is nice too :)
Man this is cute hahaha, I love the art style especially the color choices. Suggestion though, I think it would be better if there are more things to do beside play games and pat her. Maybe take inspiration from games like pou or talking tom with other features. I bet this one would be really cute that way. Thanks dev!!
They're so adorable! The music is really peaceful and soft. I wish there were more options for interaction with them but the noises they make are cute! Also, maybe male plants too? Like trees or something for the dudes.
Wow this is one of my favorite game,it's simple and cute,I feel better every day when I take care of her...and feel bad if I don't and please make it so we can interact with her more...keep it up;)
It is a great game but whenever I try to watch ad to refill stamina, it says bad internet connection even when I have good internet connection. Also I don't get fortune wheels per day. Please solve this.
To earn smiles you play one of three mini games mine sweeper, a memory based card game, and catching food. The smile to coin rate is just right if you never plan on spending money on this game. The pace is slow but its not meant to be a fast game. Would give more stars if mini games worked better. The timer for the memory game counts down even when it shuffles the cards and locks you out of touching them. The food catching game is just to clunky and feels like it lags when you try to move.
Great pass time. Relaxing and entertaining. The only flaw I found so far is the Snail mini game missing a pause button. There are times an user must stop the game for a moment, yet during the Snail minigame there is no way to pause. Either tapping "X" on right bottom or leaving the game alone while tending to another matter means loss. Correct that minor issue and game is flawless.
This is a good game and I enjoy it so far. I only wish there was a way to get coins without spending lots of money. You have to get 100 points for 1 coin and you need to buy things for them but i have to wait to get coins. I wish the amount of points needed to get coins was less. But if you are patient then it is worth it.
This game is perfect! It is sooo cute!...I think... OwO but still! I own Nia as my daughter! She is sooo cute! She is only a baby now but she will grow up soon yay! Also this game is super fun and a time spender! You can grow and play with your child if you have any free time! This game is really cute and fun I recommend playing this! Enjoy raising your perfect cute lil flower! 😆👌💗
Really cute and fun but i dont like how they grow at the same rate as real flowers maybe adjust it to 1 day = a week more or less
After the chromas update, game's become SO laggy, it's almost unplayable. You would think, this game is fine to run with some budget smartphones, right? WRONG. Somehow, it's lagging on my OnePlus 8 Pro (Snapdragon 865 and 12 gigs of RAM). I honestly have no idea why. It just runs in like, 17FPS, which feels just so much more miserable, since I use my phone in 120hz even if I'm just casually browsing the web. And it was before the Christmas
When I originally got this game, I had to uninstall and reinstall 14 times just to get it to function on my Galaxy Tab-E. Now that it's working properly I've found that getting coins for the decorations and other flowers is pretty simple albeit time consuming. If it wasn't for the initial install issue I would've rated 5 stars, but I knocked one of because of it.
The point of the game is pretty simple and the characters are cute, but it's way too difficult to get coins and the card minigame has been made basically impossible on hard mode, the only difficulty worth playing for prizes, maybe the timer was a little too high before, but 1 minute is waaay too low. Make it easier to get coins so we can actually enjoy the game. I don't mind watching ads, but you get nothing for watching them.
Game is pretty fun and cute. I would like more interactions with the flowers though. Also in the beginning it can be hard to get money because you only have one flower, making it harder to buy other objects and flowers.
It's really good very relaxy and cutesy. I love it... I just can't give 5 star, cuz the game could be. Abit boring for new playery who's jot so into this type of game, i mean, I'm hoping for more content that could make me play a bit longer... . . (Optional): not that I'm complaining, if possible i hope you could adjust the card minigame, it's a bit annoying when the card shuffle and switch places but you can tap on them switching especially since time kept running while that happens.
Its soooo adorable but needs more mini games,like bubble shooter,stack,flappy flower girl,beads sort,tic tac toe etc.It also needs more characters and accessories.After the flower girl fully grows she looks disgusting almost naked,so why not make them wear a decent short dress made of leaves and flowers instead of bikinis made of leaves.I hope you take my suggestion into consideration.....
This game is amazing it's Soo cute and well made it's beautiful and works well keep up the good work :D
Way too expensive in the long run. I play Azur lane and drop about 20$ every 2-3 weeks for gems and still get my money worth from it. I added it up, in order do keep this playable for me I feel like I need at least 5$ a day in order to make my time playing fun. It's an adorable game and love the concept, but need so many coins that are hard to get in a free way is annoying. Memory cubes is the main resource for azur lane and I can get around 34 for free from just logging in. Work out the coins
It's a cute and casual raising sim. I love how you handle the ads and microtransactions too. Progression is fairly but steady and the ads are completly optional instead of spamming you at every opertunity.
I'm not saying this the best yet, but my problem is when I got new phone I cannot transfer my save file, it feel rude if must start over also I lost my accessories. If you can make transfer data into save file of other phone I will be happy.
The new update has cloud storage to google account. Now you and I don't have to worry about losing the game's progress. There are things that can be improved such as adding new mini-games and a higher difficulty level. Also, adding more daily dialogues for better interaction. And the last is, I think it'll be good to have new backgrounds, purchases in the shop with coins. So the player can change the game's background (behind the flowers). Overall, it's a good growing game.
These are my favorite type of mobile games. Simulators that aren't super complicated with an anime aesthetic of the cute girl variety. Bonus points for having the ability to give head pats and tickles (somewhat). My recommendation is more ways to interact with your flower. Separate the places that tickles her (maybe around stomach) and upset her (oppai, thigh). Thank you so much for this game I will definitely be sending support through in game purchases!
It is slow but I like it as it not like other games you can grind through in a day and there are many different features to the game which keeps it entertaining however while it isnt grindy it is really time based which i guess also makes the game merit rewarded so it would be better to find a way to balance this feature.
Secateurs minigame is much better after the new update. Thank you for fixing this! Back to being a great game over all! Edit: I probably check twice a day to see if the update for this game is out yet, I just can't wait for the new flower!!!
The game is nice and well done. There is anyway a change that I strongly suggest. In the game of the snail, please, move the leaf-button for stopping the game from the right lower corner to a higher position. Because it is too easy to stop the game by mistake while playing. As it is now, it doesn't let move the snail easily.
Beautiful graphics and very fun mini games! The minesweeper one is to difficult for me, but I adore the snail mini game! I hope sometime in the future we will be able to interact more with our flowers and play more games with them. (Along with more fashion and decoration. But the main thing I'd like to see more of is interaction.)
Not my type of game but I'm strangely hooked lol. I wish there were more minigames to earn smiles or even coins directly.
It's cute and simple, but maybe a little too simple. There needs to be more to do with the flower, why can we only talk to it twice a day and stuff? I keep looking for more to do but I can't find anything. Edit: well now I cant do anything. I opened the app one day and it said that I fast forwarded something and I now that the timer ran out the happyness bar doesn't go down and I don't get happyness points anymore
This game needs to be notice by big developer,it's grindy but the rewards is worth it. P.S:I feel like actual 9 year olds are playing this game,they think growing flower is just as easy as 1-2-3?They got wayy to spoiled in their daily life,in fact,this is the best update I've ever received in every game I played,but bad review means you're being critize,unfortunately it got flooded with bad child tantrums,so if you have free time,take a look at 1-5* review,might make the game more fun...18+ plz.
I'm afraid the game is poorly made. The game has smiles and coins. Coins buy you items and other flowers to grow. Smiles convert into coins and do nothing else. So...there is only coins as currency. It's like someone giving you cents and expecting you to be happy when you add it up to make one dollar. It's stupid. Overall, the game expects you to spend maybe over three weeks or more, three times a day, just so you can buy another flower or even the stuff your flower needs. Coins are impossible.
Hoo boy. Ok listen the game has potential, but you needs a looot of work, more games to play please, minesweeper, memory cards, and a slow snail game aren't going to cut it. Next, fix your bs difficulty minesweeper is already not super popular, the memory game hard difficulty is straight bs and even the medium is ridiculous just add more cards not weird rules. By comparison the snail game all 3 difficulties are really easy, the only way to fail is to try, especially once you get near the end.
Well it's a really good game don't give me wrong, but! I gave it 3 stars because honestly their's not much to do inside the game, 3 mini games to play, certain amount of energy before you can do nothing, it takes way more than 7 days to grow your flower n very very! hard to get coins I just think you should add more to the game, like being able to vist other players, playing tones of more mini games, more than 3 flower options that doesn't cost so much gold....thank you.
Nice game, very nice smooth graphics, very easy to learn and play, mini games are simple enough to play, mini games seem suited to younger players.
Please, make the flowers able to say more words, make gestures, expressions and add more features to interact with them. I really like this game! But there is very little that can be done.
Nice but expensive prices What I think about the game is great and nice and I like how it's like planting a flower while we are stuck in quarantine. The only problem is is that the items and flowers are too expensive. even a single coin costs100 smiles. The only thing is is that u can get bored easily waiting a few hours. I still like it and will keep it in my apps.
It is great i love this game. Also you need to make there a way to make her naked and get coins faster, and MAKE THE FLOWERS MORE SEXY!!!! Please it would make the game better but i still love the game
It is great i love this game but i wish there was a way to make her naked and get coins faster, oh and make the flowers more sexy, please it would make the game better but i still, love the game
Good until I needed to change my phone, the system is broken not working correctly and I tried everything to make it work, sadly even if the problem is solved due to the system itself, I will lose all my pay stuff once I dispose of my old phone.
I really enjoy the process of growing your plant and the fact you can make the coins you need very easily the variety of flowers is also lovely and the fact you can change your flowers outfit later on <3
The game is fun but there isnt much to do. The mini games break and dont have instructions so i have no idea what the mushroom game is. The money is kinda steep. 100 smiles for 1 coin???? Eh....i dont want to spend my whole year with a fake flower to get another fake flower...its just not a rewarding system. Your art is nice though so it is a saving grace.
The flowers are adorable, and it's great for something that doesn't take a lot of time. Would like a little more interactivity with your flowers and different reactions as they grow.
You either like it or hate it. I personally think that it takes a very long time to do anything i mean weeks or even months to get just a little done. If it didnt take so long I would rate it higher. Everything in the game is fantastic though it just get me with the time.
Very cute game. For the 1st week smiles are 2x rate for 7 days, so it's like you already have 2 flowers. For faster smiles, buy a coin pack & you'll also gain minigame (lightning) points. By having more flowers, you'll gain plenty of coins per day. Also spin the clover wheel any chance you get for free coins or boosts. Try to save up smiles until you have the 80 smiles per coin boost. 7/6/20 update - The match card game time reduced so hard mode is almost impossible now. Coins are harder to get.
Essentially, I can’t win the matching game. Edit: it might've been because I hadn’t completely closed the game, but that still shouldn't happen. (I saw that it wad mentioned by someone else). Edit 2: too many notifications. It would be fine if you got a notification whenever you could say something to the flower girl. But you get a notification every few minutes you aren't playing the game. Does spending time with the flower girl help speed up her growth? I'm uninstalling until things improve.
Devs, please confirm that the flowers don't die even if left for years? and I think the response of the flowergirls could be improved and consistent.
Love this game, played it awhile back but lost my account sadly, and no I dont need it back, I already bought that ADORABLE witch costume on my new account. If you love games that require patience, then this is for you. I love this because it's not too repetitive and it's fun watching your flower girl grow. Keep up the good work!
Great graphics, great AFK gameplay, and decent currency system. I have a few suggestions that will help you. First, currency. As you can see, many people complain about the currency system. I suggest you only improve it by making medium mode give 5 smiles, and hard mode give 10 smiles. No more, no less. The game needs to be played every four hours. Not every two days. Second, keep up the great work. Don't worry about bad reviews. Children just want "easy" and "simple" games, so they complain.
This game is.... Ok but it could be way better. The conversations are verry low. If the flower gf talked back after telling them how my day was that would be neet. Hmmm what else.... Oh the snow man!!! That... Thing gives me nightmars!!! And again this app is ok but defenetly upgrade the go conversation dialogue.
I really like this game but I wasn't expecting how much the tamagotchi grew so it kind of surprised me but it's definitely a game I recommend for people that still has that tamagotchi vibe to it and it's just really fun
Luv the flower girls in here. Very well drawn. Wish they would add a black rose or a black lotus. I just think their pretty. Lol
Okay game but not much to do, it's pretty much an idle game & smile -> coin exchange rate is steep. In my opinion, the creators should make it easier to get coins but jack up the prices of the flowers and useless items, anything that's absolutely required needs to be easy to get. And add more interaction with the flowers.
The game would be great if it wasn't almost impossible to get coins, the games are frustrating and all that effort will just get you 100 smiles which will get you 1 coin. Then you'll realize that the flower you want is 60+ coins and the dread will set in😒. It's safe to say this is a "pay to get what you want" type of game which I find extremely annoying. It's not worth it so just don't even bother. Feeling relaxed and calm is impossible and you can't even do much with the flower girls.
It's a good game, easy to play, beautiful girls, and you don't need to spend too much time to get smiles or coins. Special needs items are very cheap, if you don't want to play minigames to get coins you can spent money, or try the wheel. There is just one thing that I don't like, and it's the "Tell how my day was.", I prefer to say "I love you." or something like that.
I like the art. But the game don't have not enough totorial. I don't have a clue what to do. I check my flower 3 times a day and looked at things on youtube. Youtube wasn't know help. It needs more totorial.
July 5th update made getting coins both more tedious and difficult. Now you must play the same 1 of 3 minigames 8 times without failing just to get one coin. Alone that isnt a big issue, but it has to be done on the hardest difficulty. Again not the biggest problem alone, but the update also changed time from 2:10 mins to 1 minute for one game in particular, making it common to waste 1 of the 8 energies required to play the minigames. This new coin system is designed to waste more time then b4.
Ok, I don't like the thing that you must have 100 smiles for just 1 coin, I think that if you change it and put 10 smiles or 20 for 1coin it would be great, now the graphics etc are perfect, good job 👍
Lovely flowergirls, okay mini games. The card game is difficult if you are color blind, the bottles all look the same other than being different colors a small change like the letters I, Y, and M on each bottle would be helpful. The girls are adorable and age up in about a week of constant attention, I say constant but more like check in during the morning, maybe once during lunch, then before bed and you'll be golden, which I really enjoy because it makes this game less stressful than pets.
Good, feel like there needs to be a bit conversation ,it's too limited now, but other than that it's good
The idea is good but the execution terrible. The minigames are horrible programmed and the live2d animations are very bad optimized. Gameplay overall is bad balanced and it looks like more work than fun.
It's a very well made game, but the coins are too hard to get, and once you do get a good amount saved up to get a new plant, you gotta spend most of it on items and it leaves you almost broke again
Very good game ... Although it is NOT a game for impatient players who can't spend $$ very few ads in my experance. Keep up the good work.
Seems fine thus far. Game was more child-oriented than I had originally thought, unless I'm mistaken.
Well im hooked on this game. I look forward to what the creator has planned for future content and all that. I love this and hope for bigger and better things in the future!
I REALLY REALLY enjoy this game because it's just soo cute, I also really like the Minesweeper type minigame, I only rated it four stars though because I have a few suggestions and a complaint (sorry), I think that if you added outfits it would make the game even more customizable making it even cooler, also I feel that you should put more skins for the flowers into the game more often, lastly the only badge doesn't work but that's not a major thing, thank you for actually reading this ( ╹▽╹ ).
No hassle, optional adverts. Something to distract you for five minutes every few hours. Would like more voice lines but Meh.
A lovely, simple game with relaxing music. Keep your young flower girl happy and healthy as it grows into a beautiful, mature flower. --- New flowers, events, and features have been added lately and it currently has three minigames (minesweeper-type game, card matching memory game, and catch/avoid falling objects).
It's a ok game but you have to constantly keep interacting with the plant girls to keep there mood up the growth period is long looking for a reduced period in this plus the mood is the only way to get money after every 100 smile to be able to buy anything
It's not bad, I like it, but it is a little slow with the growing process. And all the items that you buy take to long to use.
Its really cute and I love all the options not to mention seasonal items but its really hard to get a good amount of coins without having to make in app purchases. Even if the coins cost 50 smiles instead it would make things so much better. I understand the game is meant to be a slow moving game cause floweres and stuff but as a player its frustrating to not be able to get the items so she's decorated.
Very cute game. For the 1st week smiles are 2x rate for 7 days, so it's like you already have 2 flowers. For faster smiles, buy a coin pack & you'll also gain minigame (lightning) points. By having more flowers, you'll gain plenty of coins per day. Also spin the clover wheel any chance you get for free coins or boosts. Save up smiles until you have the 80 smiles per coin wheel boost. Coins come easy if you're patient. If you are unable to spin the wheel, close & restart the game for more spins.
Good game fun raising and growing a plant girl, but i would like it too be more interactive with the girl type too her talk to her
I really enjoy this; the adorable flower girls, the cute sound effects they have, even the minigames are pretty good, except for one small thing: when playing Snail Freddy, the leaves and fruits are collected when they touch, but before you're able to collect apples, they still hurt you before they even touch the snail
I had a lot of stuff then suddenly the app stops working, and I'm reset completely every fully grown flower girl, coin decor, event decor, and even my newly bought Frozen Violet Skin, has been wiped
I love this game, one of the problwms i have with it tho, is how do i actually grow the flower girls other than buying potions? If i get an answer that works, ill raise my rating EDIT: Apologies Devs, i wasnt necessarily paying attention to the tutorial, because i was watching Fairy Tail. Much appreciated, Rating Updated. 👍
Quite a nice game in its own role, i like it in general, considering i've been playing it for over half a year. I kinda like the seasonal content too, but would be nice if skins could be bought with coins too, not just for $. Nice to see that the developer responds to feedback pretty swiftly too.
Nice little plant waifu sim with optional ads. Game starts slow without spending a dollar or two early game but gradually gets easier to do things free. Ads are used well throughout early to late game as boosters, coins, smile points, or discounts. Mini games are mediocre or annoying except minesweeper so just do that. Art is pretty nice. Voices are ok and a bit random but more than I expected so I'll take it.
Most adorable game I've ever seen and played, this is an app game I'm keeping for a long time. I hope there are gonna be more flowers, cause they give me a smile every day of this dark time.
It is a very good game where it only takes a few minutes out of your day witch is good if you're busy.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
I like the game personally. The July 5th update has made it harder to get coins, but I feel the point of the game is to take your time and play over a long time. The art is cute and whenever you grow your flowers you feel accomplished because you've taken the time to raise them. I think the minigames are fine on their own but they could use some work and maybe more choices to play. I actually like the game and find it calming to play during quarantine! Only needs more flowers to grow in my op.
I could have vote it five!Well....I'm here to report another issue that is REALLY bugging me! Creater,pls read this..When I wanted to tap the watering can to water my aldut flower,the Begionia, The game transferred me to the shop,thinking I pressed that button.But I didn't.My Begionia is thirsty and I'm unable to feed her.I felt sad.i'm sad because my flower is going to die sooner or later if she doesn't get her water.It'll be a pity if she dies of thirst.I only can do it once in a while.....😞
Simple feature request: A setting where you can set which flower the game opens up to. So people can set it to their favorite! For example: setting the game to open to the Rose rather than the first default flower. Keep up the great work!
This is a very nice game with nice art, the only problem is that it's EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get coins, and the flowers are WAY too expensive. I think that you should make the flowers cheaper and make the coins a lot easier to get
Very cute game. For the 1st week, smiles are 2x rate for 7 days, so it's like you already have 2 flowers at start. For faster smiles, buy a coin pack & you'll also gain max minigame, or lightning points. By having more flowers, you'll gain plenty of coins even if playing casually. Also spin the clover wheel any chance you get for free coins or boosts. Save up smiles until you have the "80 smiles per coin" wheel boost. If you are unable to spin the wheel, close & restart the game for more spins.
What a adorable flower girls, they are cute and sweet, but the problem is that the way to earn the coins /money, no idea, its kinda hard, you know, and yes I almost forget to tell that as shown in the pictures, how the game looks like, "save your flowergirl from the weeds" this thing is not here, i have been playing this for almost 3 days i haven't get any trouble like this, but I think that its not the time for the weeds to come, but also its a great and sweet app, it doesn't have any problem.
I love the game so much... I hope the next update, i can talk to my flower even more... It's like a "Hey Siri" thing😀😀
This game might be nice in maybe a year when you can play for longer than 5 minutes without running out of things to do. Download it yesterday and was really disappointed :/ a games suppose to be fun. A phone game is meant to take up some time, but coming on and playing 2 minutes is not fun.
This game reminds me of that plant woman poison ivy from the Batman series, but it's cool game so far. Maybe you could add some more mini games to this, along with a few more flower girls, only this time you got the flower girls in action playing a game as you control their background. Imagine that.
Lots of notifications. Very needy for about a minute of actual interaction. Not much to do...cute artwork though and an interesting idea. Can play mini games to get smiles. 100 smiles = 1 coin. The max smiles you can get per mini game is 8...so yeah, a lot of unnecessary grinding for little reward. You need coins to buy items for your flower or to buy a new flower. The cheapest new flower is 65 coins. That's 650 smiles. Which means you have to play (and win) mini games 82 times. Or pay of course
So Kawaii and I hope there will be a shop where I can buy the skins that I missed from the last events. I really want to buy one. Please add a store.
Takes a bit of time it gets boring since well I cant do anything but its not that bad I probably would spend money if I had any
Can't even play the game. I gave all permissions it wanted. And yet I have no button to push, no indication AT ALL that it's loading. So yeah, not worth it so far.
A little intrusive with prompts to bring you back into the game. A 8 hour cycle more reminiscent of tamagotchi pets of old rather than the 24 hour cycles of modern daily apps. Mini games a little unbalanced, but not a bad way to waste 10 minutes a day in the midst of lockdown where reasons for a routine can feel a bit thin on the ground.
This game is super fun and easy there was barely any adds. Great game I would recommend downloading it.
Very cute game. Only need to log in a few mins each day without any worrys of missing out :p its like a tamagochi, with a cute flower girl heh
Solid game with mini games to play to get smiles which is the currency needed to get gold coins for purchasing items my only feedback is that we need more mini games to play, more items to purchase and maybe a new flower every ounce in a while but a good game overall 5 stars.