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Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle

Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Frasinapp located at MADRID. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is certainly an interesting game and I like the concept but I'm on level 34 and it's still pretty easy. You should add a timer element or limit the number of moves. Also it would be cooler if you were moving water around a home/town/city...something like that. The best thing would be to make it a little more difficult early on.
Great games that teaches you how to play without saying a word. No unnecessary cartoon character, no railroad tutorial. You just dive right in, and it shows you the mechanics itself. Love it!
Challenging and fun. I really like this game. It gets harder and harder as you go along. I've spent days figuring out how to do it and feel great after I do. Good brain exercise!
Fun, lower levels are easy but a good way to learn how the puzzles work. It definitely becomes a challenge the farther you go. You are give 3 different types of play with minimal ads. When they do pop up you can close them quickly. Once you get to the 3rd level of difficulty you do have to watch a 20sec ad, but it unlocks 5 levels. There are 3 more tiers of difficulty after that, but it looks like you got to pay for them.
This is a fun little game, challenging without being frustrating, the ads are minimal, short, and you can skip the longer ones after 5 seconds. The only negative thing i can think of is the camera rotation is a little touchy but its doesnt hurt game play that much.
Easy to navigate the control, visually appealing. Just starting out, but the frist leaves let you explore the the mechanics of the game.
Downloaded without glitches, easy figure how to play. Graphics are decent but the music and sound effects are monotonous and irritating after a very short while. Fortunately you can turn off either or both. The game is very enjoyable to play but I am still only on the easy level so I'm not finding any challenge, yet. I expect once the difficulty ramps up so will my involvement and enjoyment, but I like to play through each level without jumping past any. Though it'd does look like you can do.
Fun little puzzle game to kill some time with that looks really nice. I started on hard and am now on mix. The easier levels were too easy and so a bit boring and the harder levels are paywalled but still get 100 puzzles. Have to watch an add per 5 levels which is not too bad.
The visual appearance is very calm and pretty. The controls are simple and ads are deasonable. Good so far!
Wasn't sure I'd like it at first but fell in love with the game, it helps pass the time and is challenging. Not a lot of ads either I say give it a try.
Cheap, long lasting brain teasers. There's a LOT of maps. Many or locked behind a pay wall, but unlocking eveything is cheap. Not a greedy dev. Many puzzles have more than 1 solutions. I occasionally ended some puzzles with a few unused pieces and a weird looking solution, clearly NOT doing what I was intended to... But it worked. I like that. Makes me feel smart... :-)
Very enjoyable, low stress puzzle solving. Interesting enough's to engage your mind and pull you away from anything you may have been worrying about. Also, the sense of having fixed something with each level is pleasing.
One of the best simple, casual games I've ever played. Levels aren't repetitive and boring and can be challenging and creative. Graphics are nice and the sound of the water is actually quite soothing.
This is a very good app to zone out with, and to tease and tweek your razorsharp mind with how to be a great stone mason, or master plumber! Seriously, tho...this is a "gud un", start to finish, great only for select ages of 8 to 98- with nicely set levels, which get tougher the deeper into the waters you wade into! Imaginative, fun, great exersice for the grey matter stuck in your head up there. Lose yourself in a waterfall or two or three.... Right here with Flo...HEY!!! THAT'S WHATS MISSING..
I like the chalange it gives one to think through it to complete the flow. I noticed when i get to a higher level, using BlueStack to run Flow Water Fountain on my lap top, it starts to freeze when i place a pice where the stream begins. I can not rotate the board when i place the chanel where the stream begins.
So simple, yet wonderfully confounding. Levels which are difficult without getting frustrating. Load fast for when you only have an idle minute, it's perfect.
Pretty good fun, could maybe do with a hint system other than just auto-solve. Main issue I had is that Hard, Mix and Pools 3 were completely unplayable: beat everything else in the base game, but couldn't even open the first level of these for some reason.
This game can keep me occupied for a long time. The only real problem for me is not being able to distinguish between the colours of the flowing water. This can become frustrating.
Wanted a puzzle game that was fun and made me think just a little, and Flow Water really met that. And amazing graphics. Super happy that the adds are structures in a way that is MUCH less annoying than most games.
Games with ads are fine. Games whose ads stop other app audio without restarting it are without measursble value. Sad to have to delete an otherwise entertaining game over a feature other developers are wise enough not to employ.
Fun and a decent puzzle game, but you run out of levels too quickly and then have to pay. Guess I have to uninstall now. Shame.
Love this game. Been playing it now for a couple hours about the fact that it doesn't have that many ads and for someone who's had a stroke it makes me think.
No real problems, some the levels are teasing my brain a little & some quite a bit. Good game play & plenty of levels to keep you busy for a while. I am now on my second download of the game as I had in on my tablet quite awhile ago & fancied another go at it. πŸ‘πŸ˜€
By one word superb. Download & enjoy 9 to 90 yrs. anyone. Thanks developer. But I may bound to propose to the developer that to increase the number of solutions, may be step by step. 6 no. is not sufficient it may 15 or more, obviously if it is possible by you.
This game is actually pretty good. The free version has ads but only once every five levels. Levels are of an acceptable difficulty level as well. I paid five bucks to unlock it completely since I was satisfied with the quality game content and non-aggressive advertising.
I love this game. It is very fun and addictive. Gets harder as you move up levels. Lets you check your problem solving skills. So glad you added new levels. Thank you
This is a relaxing and interesting puzzle game. I like the mechanics and the ads are fairly unobtrusive.
The actual game appears to be very intriguing, but the absolute barrage of ads makes it virtually unplayable.
Challenging but not impossible..very brain teasing, fun, kinda addictive! I enjoy this game & love that this game isn't on a timer! I can walk away from my phone & not worry about running out of time. I really like this game! Thanks!
Great way to lose yourself. Used to play similar games in 2D, but this tops them! Its a simple connect "A - Z" / "start - end" but with a better sense of your surroundings. Nice graphics & soothing water sounds.
I love this. My only 2 critiques would be the pieces being placed are highlighted literally under my finger. I'm never sure if it's placed correctly because of my finger hiding the tile. Maybe the blinking tile could be viewed 1 tile away for placement? The 2nd critique would be that since the last update, the game freezes up at opening. I haven't been able to play because of this. Just close it out. Maybe there's a glitch in the last update? Hence 4 vs 5 star.
Nice, casual, 3D game that just lets me relax and solve puzzles of redirecting water. Good effects, and calming sounds/music. Glad I found it the game through a counterfeit game ad. ☺️
This has to be the best free puzzle mobile game I've ever played. It's hard enough that the puzzles take a while to figure out, but not so hard that I had to use a hint on every level. It has a lot of ads, but that's to be expected from a mobile game. And you basically only need to watch ads to unlock more levels. I've played every level that you can play without paying, bad I highly recommend this game.
Really enjoyed the game. I've played through the free lvls twice now. I can't justify the high cost for the free packs for now. Maybe if they continue to add more or lower the cost. There are the odd glitches but it doesn't really impact the game. Ads aren't excessive even when watching to unlock new lvls. A timed mode and a lvl editor would be great.
The visuals are beautiful and the game is intuitive. It would be nice if there were even more levels.
Clearly a 5 star game. The puzzles are fun with a wide range of difficulty. There are different gamemodes which are all fun to play and it has ALOT of content. There are many games on the store with short stages made intentionally easy so that you see more ads after passing them quickly and after 50 or they repeat until you figure out you are playing the game over. This game however has none of that with a seemingly bottomless amount of levels to play through that really test your skills.
Decent puzzle game. Dropped one star because of forced ads. They're only 5 second ads though every 2 or 3 levels so it's not as terrible as most other games.
The game is exactly what you expected to be! it's fun! it's easy to use! it helps pass the time and it's great for problem solving. if you have little kids, this is an awesome game to get their mind thinking about three-dimensional problem solving! it's also just clean, classic, fun, that is executed very well.
Excellent game with a good range of puzzle difficulties. Though I bought all the packs, I finished them all in only a few days and now I want more packs to unlock.
I love fountains and puzzles what better game! If only it had a freestyle level? With the new springs levels are extra fun!
This game is so chill, and the way they've executed monetization is so conscionable. I really appreciate the creators. And just to punctuate that: understand I almost never review anything.
If you like puzzles this is fun and has soothing graphics. Room for improvements and more complex puzzles. Satisfied and enjoying the game.
Great way to pass the time. Levels get harder gradually as should be, but not so much that intrest is lost. Loving the different level choices.
Absolutely one of the best puzzle games. Great graphics, nice sounds. You solved the 3d controls pretty good, with some room for improvement. It's difficult to put a piece between 2 or more piles.Maybe choose a virtual Flat plane after a piece has been selected.. a big feature request: have the option to choose water colours. I cannot distinguish between the various types of blue,. So I need to test every time which fountain belongs to which source. If that is solved I would give it 5/5.
Good time killer, the purchased levels make you think. However, I wish there was an option to watch a video or something so you can play those levels. I am a little bummed no new levels have been released. I can't even remember when I downloaded this game. I've completed all the levels so now it's just taking up space on my phone, but I'm keeping it in the hopes that new levels will be added because I really did like this game.
Nice little game, but feels unfinished. I'm really enjoying the gameplay, but there's a couple of obvious improvements that should have been in the game from the start. Syncing between devices for example. Or in the main play menu, show an indication of how far you are in each submenu ( for example on the easy button, show 35/50). That makes it easy to see where you were. Hopefully these things get fixed in the future.
Love, love, love this game! It's 100% worthy of supporting the devs by going ad free and unlocking all levels. I would 5* this in a heartbeat if they'd put a sandbox off to the side to drop/organize pieces, especially in the springs section when pieces are triggered to move. Excellent game, highly recommen.
So far, very nice and relaxing puzzles. No so many and non-intrusive short adds after some levels. The level of difficulty increases in a balanced way. Highly recommend if you enjoy this kind of mind exercising puzzles.
Starts off a bit too easy, and takes a bit to get challenging, but it does get there. Overall, a fun and chill game. I particularly enjoy the ads not requiring the typical 30 second investment.
A very relaxing sometimes challenging flow I like the name also. Ah the sound of water and the excitement when the fountains come alive.
Im addicted to it. Lots of fun. A great visual to an old classic. Highly recommend. I wish there was a way to save the progress to continue to play it in different devices.
Enjoyable, but can be quite glitchy, having to lift blocks and put down again to make the mechanisms move on spring levels, would appreciate perhaps block flash brighter when jammed. Dont like it enough to pay to unlock the rest, as I think the ads can be abit much
Theme is good but user interface can be improved. It will be better if we can select the block and then select the place where we want to move that block. Now I am not able to move the block freely and that end up at the wrong spot.
Absolutely love this game! Played it the second time through now and just want more ;) The game is not too hard but slso not too easy. The different difficulties really are different. Loved the different types of levels as well. All in all i 100% love this game and can recommend it to everyone who likes those types of games. As a developer myself i want to thank the Devs for this wonderful game! I really enjoyed it all. (I bought all the expansion packs. Can recommend also. More levels)
It's very nice game but the reason I gave 3 star coz, the options to get hints it's not working after clicking several times. Also there should be something like we getting hints options on completion of certain levels. The only option left with me is to delete the game & see for something like this.
This is the best retake of an old game I have ever seen. The logic and pieces are much the same, but having the game in 3D, and in great detail I must add, just puts a whole new spin and exciting challenge to the game.
Starts free but midway it forces you to buy the remainder of the game. It would have been better if watching a video option had been there to progress in the game or some other options.
Love this game, but now can go no further then master level 24 as a block is missing and can not complete the level. I know this because when you look at the solution there are 15 blocks but I only have 14, Please can you fix this!!!! Apart from that fantastic game, highly recommended
Good game but control is a pain as you can't see where you're selecting very easy, would be so much better if you could highlight a piece first and then select a square to move it too.
June 2020 - Just completed all levels. Excellent game that kept me busy. Can't wait to see more levels. November 2020 - Just finished the last lot of levels that were added, many quality brain teasers. Looking forward to the next addition of levels or maybe if possible, even a level editor.
Can play for 10 minutes or 2 hours. I try put down after completing 2 puzzles. Enjoyable brain teaser.
It's a great game, when I'm not being harassed for a rating. You would have gotten at least 4 stars if you didn't push for a rating every few levels, or gave me the option to not rate at all
One of the few games that keeps you involved and the even better part - you don't have a million ads!
Fun & addictive. I wish there was more contrast in the multiple blues and greens because it can be difficult to see which color matches the fountains.
Good game, but considering how fast you can do levels, just feels like you're just doing something between ads. If mobile games were worth paying for, I'd buy this.
It looks simple and peaceful. But really it's just peaceful. The graphics are really good the sound effects are on spot( by the way, if you have a weak blader you might want to turn the sound down or risk alot of time running to the bathroom. Or just plauy it while in the rest room πŸ˜‰) and the puzzels are just the right level of difficaulty for the most part. They do get quite hard as you progress thougb. This really is a great game if your a puzzle person. Finishing a puzzle is very satisfying.
5 stars. Level graduation is excellent. Animations are lovely. Controlls are perfect. Every puzzle is well thought out. Even the ads are 'fair'. Congrats to the developers. Would love to see a Shadow of the Colossus themed level.
Bought upgrades and compled game a few years ago. Decided to try it again and was delighted to see more challenges and new game type added. Thought my upgrades were gone at first but just saw them already bought in the store. Hours of strategic fun with chilled sounds+music and cool visuals.
No longer working. First installed and didn't have an issue. Came back a week later and when trying to select a level, game crashes. I am using Pixel 3xl.
Really nice game! Pleasantly challenging as the boards go on. I'm also impressed with the lack of ads barraging me.after the first round! Kudos to the developers!
Cute game, the ads I'm getting you can skip after 5sec. No time limit so there is nothing stressing you that you have to think fast. So far I'm liking it. Seems it does not matter if there is spills as long as the fountain got water, I just completed a lvl by stacking up blocks! Redoing it though as it didn't feel like the "right way". Still playing, when at harder difficulty you have to watch an longer ad to unlock 5 levels, which is totally fine, haven't had ads between the higher levels.
It's not very amusing. I mean, the textures are good as well as water movement, and you can control the pieces very smoothly, but the music is a little annoying and I don't like the fact that I have to watch ads to jump to harder levels.
Very fun! My 4 year old enjoys this- we play together! Great game for over thinkers! I highly recommend if you like solving puzzles!
Great game to keep your mind active, could do with shorter ads (5 seconds would be ideal) between ever 5 levels to unlock, this would then get my 5 star rating.
Amazingly smart and funny game. Until now it was excellent. After last update it is simply FANTASTIC! Thank you Developer! NOTE: After one year of using this amazing game my opinion didn't change!!!
The ads are a bit too frequent in my opinion. Other than that I absolutely love this game!! Excercises your anilitical and critical thinking skills but is still relaxing at the same time.
Great puzzle game! Wish there was more to it honestly. I bought the game outright to remove ads. If you don't want to do that then put your phone on airplane mode and then open the game. Zero ads, Great game play.
It looks simple and peaceful. But really it's just peaceful. The graphics are really good the sound effects are on spot( by the way, if you have a weak blader you might want to turn the sound down or risk alot of time running to the bathroom) and the puzzels are just the rightlevel of difficaulty you want in this kind of game.
I love playing this App. It offers lots of enjoyment, stress free & potential stress relieving. The sound of water rushing is completely relaxing & when I get done with a Fountain or Pool, a sense of satisfaction for a second as I watch & listen to the water flow the correct way. The Ads are about the same as other good free Apps.
I enjoy playing this game. I purchased all the packs right away and I'm still working my way through them. My one disappointment is that, while my unlocking of all the packs synced between my phone and tablet, my progress did not. I have to re-do all those levels to get to where I am on my phone. :( I wonder if the game is playable for colorblind players... I sometimes have trouble telling the 2 shades of blue apart and I'm not colorblind! It'd be cool to see more colors of water, too. It took me a bit of time to figure out some of the levels I've completed but I enjoy that kind of thing.
It's a perfect game. Bite sized levels, ads aren't annoying, very addictive, let's you have some option and pace. No extra nonsense. It's like a cigarette break as a puzzle game. Only thing would make it better would be to have color theme options.
An ok time waster. Some thought needed on some of the puzzles; but basically a good game for sitting @ DMV or someplace like.
Most of the puzzles are easy and relaxing. There are some challenges in the middle of the puzzle pack. I hope to find even more challenging puzzles as I go. One downside is that you cannot skip the easy puzzles as you must unlock the next puzzle by completing the previous puzzle.
I like this game! Lots of challenging levels. Three different types of water games. Good game to pass the time away while waiting somewhere.