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FLO – one tap super-speed racing game

FLO – one tap super-speed racing game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Ozuma located at 2nd Floor, Parkway House, 26 Avenue Road, Bournemouth, England, BH2 5SL. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The is amazing I love it and its addictive, but one problem. The black clouds move to fast too early, as well as the terrain and the mine place battle each other making it almost impossible to get far.
Like the overall game play... But needs a twist like all you do is try passing other peoples high score. Maybe try add a progressive system which might give the game a kickstart. I would love if you could change how the ball looks. If I come up with random suggestion, I will edit this review.
I think the game would be better if these three changes were made. 1. The void approached slower. 2. You get rid of those spikes, it's already difficult enough to outrun the void. 3. Make the controls more responsive, I noticed the faster I went, the less responsive the controls were, making it hard to continue jumps and fast movement.
Was a good game but now it tells me that it's out of date but cant update. uninstalled and re installed still same thing. Customer service is a joke
Game is great, but every time you die (and that's really easy to do) you need to watch about 22 seconds of ads. Once i got a 15 second ad, but the skip time stayed constant and i had to watch the entire thing. The game also bugs you constantly about connecting your facebook account. So if you want to be able to play without interruptions constantly, you need to pay and connect to a facebook account.
Great visuals and cool music. Relaxing. Concept is decent but poorly executed. It's inconsistent with very little explanation. Ads. Ads. Ads. Long intrusive and annoying ads. Couple tweeks and this would be pretty fun. The relaxing part is short lived.
Simple mechanics. Beautiful color schemes. Great game for a couple minutes at a time.... because every reset or change requires you to watch an ad. Which is every couple of minutes... I understand why there are ads. But they're getting ridiculous. When I spend more time watching ads, than playing the game, your game isn't worth my time.
I liked it but it is almost impossible to outrun the wall of death as it is so mutch faster than your average speed so sooner or later it will get you!perhaps you could slow the wall of death down or make it so that it goes away after 15 seconds? I dont want to give it a low score beacause its so fun but i cant give it a 5 either
Installed, opened up and shows an error that the game must be updated. No available updates in Google play. Uninstalled and installed again fresh, still comes up with same error. Unable to play
Awesome game, but those mines need to not be obviously placed right where I need to switch spots... A more random generation would make this a 5 star game but it's just so frustrating when you're on a good run and then there's a mine that you can't avoid
It's a fun game but I can't play it since it locks me on a screen telling me that the version I have is out of date even though I cannot update it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times but it still doesn't work. Please fix
The BEST and MOST SATISFYING game to pass time. Simple controls, amazing gameplay. I love. Personally one of my favorite games.
Flo is a simple game based on very unique mechanics. The gamemode is very simple and the objective is to travel the longest distance you can. Flo's graphics are colorful, simple and artistic, the hud and ui are very pleasent to the eye. The game runs very smoothly and provides very interesting mechanics. I would suggest this game to people who have stress and free-time. The game has quite a lot of ads, and the game can get quite fustrating and boring after some time, such a simple game should have more content. Pros: Addictive, simple, unique mechanics, colorful and artistic. Cons: Ads, lack of content. Overall review: 9.5/10 = 4.75 stars
When I got this I thought it looked good and was something to pass the time. Yet when I opened it it required me to update because it was "out if date", yet I had just got it. Maybe it's my phone that has the issue.
I mean... It's vaguely addictive, and vaguely satisfying, but only until the first time you get caught. After that the darkness seems to get faster, and if you die, it oddly gives you the choices between gaining another life by watching a 30 second ad, or you can "accept defeat," which leads to.... A 30 second ad... alright... Close the app. I'm considering deleting it, cause all the ads are freaking 30 seconds, but that first round.... It's nice...
I like the game - seems like a game with a high skill ceiling, but reason for 4 star is because there was no way to tone down the push notifications.
Edit: Glad to see you guys learned from your mistakes with the ads. Much better. Original: The core gameplay loop is cool. It's fun, I'll keep booting it up. But it would benefit greatly by a better tutorial. As someone else said before, the ball tends to fly off and lose momentum in ways I can't seem to figure out. Might be a failing on my part, but at times it feels like gravity changes the rules at random and I'm left floating hopelessly as the void swallows me up. I'm not really sure what the optimal way to survive is
I love this game!!! The only problem is that the black cloud moves WAY TO FAST! I can NOT get past the stupid cloud from about 5000 ish and beyond! It's crazy hard to get past that thing! So PLEASE change the speed of that cloud. It's ridiculous. Otherwise... the game is great!!! Thanks
Mines are BS and the devs know it. They are placed exactly where you'll ascend, making the game impossible after about 10k. But no matter, gotta get that sweet, sweet ad revenue. Uninstall.
It's a kool game but its rigged. I see I'm not the only one that thinks so. Actual random placement of the mines would be nice, not automatically placed where your ascend will be. A control that you can hold to dive and ascend would be nice because obviously the press doesn't always work and it happens to always be at the moment you need it to work. The wall closes in with no way to speed up and get away. Again, kool game but things need to be fixed.
Great game with great mechanics. The game itself is five-star, but can you tone down the ridiculously long ads? Yes, I know ads make your living, but when you are shown an ad when you didn't select it, you should be able to skip at most half way through the ad.
absolutely fantastic casual phone game for those who like to play for maybe 5-10 minutes at a time. worth your attention.
How in the actual hell am I supposed to outrun the void? Once you reach 2000 meters, it's a guaranteed death by about 300 meters, if you are lucky. If you hit a hill, oh boy will you die. Fun concept, terrible execution of the void.
The timing on the click to pass through is inconsistent as heck. Fix it and this will be so much fun. The endless mode could be infinitely more relaxing if I could consistently swap between planes when making contact. But it's not.
Could be better. 1. The black cloud is too fast, 2. Sometimes tap to change lane unresponsive, especially when the ball is fast, 3. I got tutorial almost every time I start the game, please fix.
Newest update cause it to freeze and glitch really bad, cant even get going befire it starts. Was good before that...
Stupid. Simply the most stupidest game in the world. No tutorial, movements are impossible. You cannot maintain speed at all, you will always crash into something. 0/10 only the graphics were good.
App doesn't work anymore. It used to EDIT: It works but runs horribly at about maybe 2 or 3 frames per sec. Needs update, I was playing this yesterday just fine and I get on it today and notice it runs horrible