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Flip This House: Decoration & Home Design Game

Flip This House: Decoration & Home Design Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Ten Square Games located at ul. Traugutta 45 50-416 Wrocław Poland. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Time to uninstall. I loved the game but there are no new epsiodes and there won't be any updates. Very disappointed. Part of the fun was decorating.
I am absolutely sick of all theae "Pay to Play" games on here! These games start out easy to draw you in and as the levels progress it becomes harder and harder to win...unless you're willing to pay real money to complete the level! I've decided that once real money is required to win it's time to delete it and move on to something else and that's exactly what I plan too do!!!
This game is lots of fun, but don't earn enough coins when finishing a game. Hard to fix when you are expected to BUY ...I will just uninstall.
I came back to the game and it put me in the previous level!! So I'm designing the room I've already done before but the gaming levels stayed the same so its taking longer to earn money, kinda annoyed
After figuring out the scoring, I like this game. One criticism, though, is having to "pay" to construct furnishings, then paying again to select an item. Waste of my hard earned monies! I appreciate the sales and the spins to add needed game play items. Thanks! OK now it's 11/4 and I'm tired of playing all these games between decor! One or two maybe, but they each last for 5 days. Enough please. Again, enough!! I want to decorate, not play games on end!! There are other sites for that!
Whats with this flippy master's league??????...when can we again start designing the houses....better change the name of the game from flip the house to flippy master's league...after I completed season 2 no more season available and this master league going on...losing patience now for the new season...going to wait for a week and delete if not updated.
Ok so I noticed the first 5-10 levels you get superstars however after that you do not get anymore and no matter how great you did on the level you do not relieve a superstar which some are required for furniture pieces, also not enough choices, and after every single piece of furniture you place there is a cutscene like seriously annoying also they try to force you to buy their starter pack
I love the game so far. Nice game. I do like the game but on level 30 it began to get hard to win and got harder with each level. It is not really hard but takes you to buying boosters and you fail I am good at these games so that's why I know it's about buying. I'm done
Its just a really great game and I'm enjoying very much people if you don't have anything to do and you really want to have little fun try this game or even in your pare time pick up this game and add the app to your phone and play, bye gotta get back my game☺
I like this game except for one BIG thing. Why were my coins not going into my account??? I earn 100 but instead of adding them, I end up with the same amount as before the challenge ☹️ I have considered spending some real money on this game, but if I can't receive the coins I am due I will move on. Please respond ASAP. Thank you.
What's the point if charging me to do tasks when I'm trying to earn coins ro decorate..total BS!! I really hate how all these games are nothing more than a money grab! Pay to buy coins so you can play the game then you give me a task to complete putting a crib together and charge ME 120 coins to do it..wth!?!!!!
The items cost to much with the amount of coins you can earn. I don't want to win 20 levels or more which get hard to early in the game to complete a room. I'm uninstalling. The only way to get anywhere is to spend real money. I will not spend money on so called free games.
Fun its not just a match 3 game theres i guess a story element to it where u get to design, it gives you an incentive to keep playing. Good work!☺
One of the best match 3 games out there. I have never gotten this far in these games. You get alot more boosters for free, unlike other games where you have to buy them by level 20 or 30 just to make it thru. It's fun and I am still going. Thanks guys cause we are on a fixed income, and I am high risk, so i hardly ever get out of the house. Now i have a good fun game to pass the time.
Just another match three game that starts out fun to play then gets nearly impossible to pass level 60 without spending real money. I am getting bored with all these apps that entice you to install their garbage app to grab your hard earned money while they sit back and rake in thousands a day. Unilstalling this lemon.
Would like to be able to replay levels. Also no matter what I do I can't get a score to get the trophy star for extras. I've played 10 levels and been a few points away from a 100% complete level.
Fun, awesome, and no adds. It will be good if we have a lot of designs and furnitures choices (not only 3 choices of too simple designs). It's so expensive and we have to play puzzle to decorate only one space. But, it has a good design inspiration for medium maintenance or lowkey people. 👏👏👏
UNINSTALING!!!!! TOO HARD ONE STAR TO MUCH !!!!! I love the game, very cute. Its almost aggravating because it's hard. I'm giving it more time
Use to be fun, but now theres no renovation so what's the point of playing the game! The name is flip this house yet there is nothing to flip. Delete time
I do like the game, my only thing is when I open the game and that dog appears, reminds me of Pet Cemetery. Scary lookin dog.
The best interior decor game so far. I enjoy playing the match ups as well as i designing houses. The match-ups are not difficult unlike other interior decor games.
Its a great idea for a game. That being said. NOT everyone can afford $3 every 20 mins of game play. Otherwise it would be more appealing How about .99 cent options?
So far so good! Only at level 100 but no adds, lag or freezing up. Fun & increasingly challenging levels with lots of chances to win boosters. Tasteful decorations for interior design.
Good game, decorating looks real, better choices of fantastic furniture etc...if you'd guys created a challenge of the whole house, so we can choose to pop in and out of rooms to decorate it, that'd be great...I really like your game.
Great for keeping my brain distracted, but I've notice that the items I've selected for rooms either change or dissappear, but I don't get the money back if I do and I can't change the items back, very annoying
I've caught up & have to wait for the next episode 'coming soon' .you've upped the 5 extra moves from 900 diamonds, which was a lot, to 1200...ridiculous..and trying to get to the top of the birds nest is impossible..you go back down everytime you don't pass a level...I do enjoy this game but its sometimes impossible to pass a level, then all of a sudden I've cleared it in a few moves...and I agree, Flipper looks deranged
Horrible game. About to uninstall this right now. Game is laging, freezing, and slowed all the way down. Not my new phone nor my internet connection. I started off liking this game until now.
As you get higher in levels the less money you win and the more each purchase goes higher. Addicting game but as the purchases get higher it gets boring to play.
It started out where you can decorate (not many choices) but I'm on level 30 and unable to make any more changes to the first room. I only did the floor, walls and chair. Now it's just a match 3 game.... A couple more levels and I will delete this...
Typical puzzle game pretending to be a design game. Puzzles get too hard too fast and items get too costly too soon. Just not that fun and it's very repetitive. Also too many ads. Just take out the stupid ads. Why must every game now have them? It's bs.
Developers released game with only two levels completed, first off. It says new room available, but it must have been in the second level, because it's been like this for awhile. The loading time is terrible, the ads to buy things are near constant.... if you want a design game, pick a different game. This is primarily a match3 game.
I really love decorating the rooms. The levels have become increasingly difficult. I think you should allow players to access their banked money to purchase boosters and lives. I DO NOT intend on spending "real" cash money. After all it's only a game. And you should reward players with more boosters for completing levels successfully. I've become disenchanted with the game as of late.
Total ripoff! You absolutely have to pay to keep playing beyond the remedial rounds. They also have lots of tricky ways to make you accidentally push the button to pay for things, or use, for instance, ALL of your paid boosters at the same time. BEWARE! Could be fun if they weren't so unscrupulous in the way they've set the game up. I'm sure they're laughing all the way to the bank, but what goes around comes around.
When you complete a level and you still have moves left. You don't anything extra. Other games use them and give you more gold. Why not here.!!!!!
Love the matching puzzle video game. Can decorate a kitchen, living room, or common space by buying furniture in the game. You can renovate your house by painting the walls a certain color while adding glass windows and garden features. My favorite was the pink flowers and bird bath.
I like the game but i'm stuck on level 41,i have removed the first 3boxes but i cant move to the next stage of the level
Would be better if you could earn extra boosters more often. Some levels seem harder to beat if you dont spend money on games. Good luck on the winning streaks for side games...
Good game. If you are willing to watch ad's and are relatively patient, then this is pretty good and free. Gives lots of lives free from watching ad's. I give it 3 and a half out of 4. Maybe 3.8
Enjoy it so far just started it, I must admit there could be alot more colors to choose from, 3 just isn't enough as then your making the same colors in all the house. Also cost of boost & diamonds need to be lowered otherwise it's nearly impossible to pass levels. Sim
Would like to see more episodes instead of just playing in levels and collecting points. Without the benefit of the "renovation" the game is sort of pointless
So far this is my favorite go to game.. Theres no ad interuption..I love that.. The game is challenging. The house designs are cute. I wish I could get more diamonds and coins when completeing a hard level. The reward is the same no matter what..But overall this is a fun way to kill some time..
Doesn't allow to move to next episode. Finished everything in the kitchen but it doesn't unlock next one. Please fix or I will unninstal. Overall the game is fine, did enjoy it. I skip the story though as it's useless....
Great!! But you need to give more coins for our boosters and our moves we have left. Another than that it's a great game
I like this game, for the ease of play. That is very much welcome. There are 'things' I do NOT like. One of these things is simple, regardless of how well, or un-well, I finish a match game i receive 100 $, coins , what have you & between 35ish to 50 other. This bothers me as the price of 'remodeling continues to increase. Not very fair. Definitely not fun... and that's only one of the issues I have with this game. I hope it improves as I will install if not. And that is just... sad, as its has
Same as pretty much every other match 3 game. Meaning once you get up over level 100ish, it gets a little ridiculous. Not a super lot of fun playing the same level over and over again and taking forever to pass it. It's unfortunate because I I was enjoying the decorating part. Oh well. Will uninstall and move on to a different match 3 game.
Not finding the gamethat enjoyable, you can be stuck on a level for ages, too long n then all of a sudden it lets you get through it super easy..... not real consistent
A lot needs to change on this game the dog is not cut and change the dog's name and make it more fun the story is boring and the furniture selection are not bad but change the orange couch to a tan or white and the furniture needs to be more spend out more in the living room and the wall selection are ugly add more color. And make the puzzles. more fun and different on each one. I just started playing today and already the game sucks. Please fix.
Just downloaded yesterday, and i love it already. Everything down to the music. Very relaxing, good choice! So yes, I would recommend this game! Enjoy n b safe! ❤✌ Days later, still playing...great game!
It gets incredibly hard to win any amount in a row and having to spend coin to put items together for no reason only to have to pay to buy them is just a way to for the game to force you to buy just to play. The game started out fun but went from winning easily in the first stage to much harder in the 2nd stage. The difficulty level jumped rather than steady incline. In my opinion. I can deal with it being hard using already hard to use coin to assemble then still by is the reason for me to quit
I can play many levels before becoming too difficult. Any boosts I am willing to pay for is really good price. I enjoy, thank you.
Love the game so far (just downloaded it BUT! I don't like when you're playing and the game indicates your move,what if I want to make a different move...ugh that really bothers me...I'm going back to my game and if I get bored I'm deleting it....
Game was good but.....now not. They do not provide Pearl with any new rooms. It is not fun gaining points and not ever being able to spend them. There hasn't been a new room loaded in over a month. How patient do you expect your customers to be. You don't even let us see a new room or project. I hope you figure it out before I have to uninstall your game. This is really sad because your panels are good and have variety. Good luck finding more rooms to do. Cheers. Maybe need new staff.
Very little redecorating. Confusing match game. Can't get 1 house done before you can't pass the match levels and it wants you to buy $$ stuff
I like the game & would have given it a 4 or even a 5.....BUT I gave it 3 stars because I absolutely HATE the "poking the cat" part. Its a horrible idea. Better turn it into a ball.
It costs way too many gems just for 5 extra moves. That's just ridiculous. At least offer an alternative like watching an ad or something. This definitely needs to be worked out.
Several observations: 1. The game starts fairly easy for few levels, than the difficulty increases fast and the number of movements decreases faster. 2. The animation: the dog looks like an old PS2 game dead eye monster, the girl's face covers half the screen when she got something to say. Creepy. 3. Voice over: I guess is a lady voice, but it sounds more like muffled moaning. 4. Color scheme & design: bland, lots of grays and white and the furniture is very minimalistic.
Not the same anymore. I have been waiting for 9 to be updated but get stuck on a 7 day event (which you cant earn money on). The 7 days were up then it entered me into another stupid 7 day event which you cant exit from. Not a happy gamer 😡
This a fun game, getting coins and booster's are fairly easy compared to some games. But some of the decorating choices do not work.. I had to put a rose colored fridge in a kitchen because the other choices faded into the wall and why put shelves above the stove?. How are going reach anything without getting burned?. And the dog is creepy
The game was playing just fine and i woke up this morning with a syncronizing warning and its been giving me that since morning but other than that i was really enjoying the game and now i have to uninstall it.
Once you get to higher levels they make it extremely hard to pass most levels and barely give you any coins so it takes forever to complete a location. Also, I hate the tasks they give you as they are just there to keep you busy and wastes coins so you take even longer to finish a room. All of these things combined suck the fun out of this game. Even the levels that aren't marked hard are difficult once you get into the game. I'm on level 295 and they're all hard.
Adorable design game, interesting new concept. Very reasonable prices for the items in the room and fun puzzles. I'm new to the game but I like it.
I was really enjoying this game until I could no longer go any farther... The game isn't being updated so you cant go any farther than season 2 episode 8??!! Seriously??!! I think I'm more mad at the fact that I wasted money buying coins/diamonds and other in-game things and I can't even play it anymore, well, unless I want to go back and replay the same thing I've already done, but seriously.. what's the point??!! Really dissatisfied and disappointed!! If I could rate this any lower I would!!
Cannot move on past season 2 in the game, and now I am forced to look at a league screen for 6 days with no way out of it. No way to contact game support because of this. Alot of problems with this game at the moment.
The game gets way too hard too fast. There are bugs in the game in that even after you have finished a task, it doesn't always register and makes you do it again, but your coins don't come back. I loved the idea of the game but playing it was another story.
This is the best home design game I've played, plays very smooth, challenging, and I love the designs inside and out. Very, very nice game .
Great game. I love it. But i give it 3 stars. I feel that a u should make more than 100 coins for every level. But overall great game. Just needs a few different things to make it better. Just a thought
I finished an entire episode and it reset me twice, when it happened the first time I contacted support and received what looked like an automated response saying they don't do updates anymore. Not sure what bug ruined this but come on pretend to care
The game is okay. I hate that there is no bonus for completing a hard level, the renovations take forever to complete & cost too much. I really hate the DIY projects that you have to pay for twice. Sorry to say that I don't even like Flipper the dog. It's an okay game, but definitely not the first one I go to.
I like the designs but I dont like that theres not many boosters or enough moves to play the game.. it makes it hard to design anything
I am enjoying this game, however, it freezes and glitches when I play the game section to earn points. My WiFi connection is stable and this doesn't happen with other games I've downloaded and play. What a pity. Good game, wish the experience was a smoother one.
It isnt what I thought it was going to be based on the ADs so that is disappointing. It's just like all the other match 3 games... I seem to have a lot of match 3 games so I dont know if I will have this one for long... however, I'm playing for now at least. I really wish it was like the ad.. that's the only reason I downloaded it. I also agree with the others about the dog, it's a little creepy dog.
I really love this game, but after throwing my money away, buying extra gems on more than one occasion, I was horrified to find out there aren't even 500 levels!! Now I'm stuck playing silly tournaments where you don't even get rewarded with coins. Seriously, people??
I love the mini games and decorating but the tasks are ridiculous as I'd rather put collected coins into renovations. You need more colors and styles. Get rid of the useless tasks please!
I deleted the game and reinstalled it as I couldn't progress through to the next episode now the house flip wont show any rooms renovated. Developer is of no help 2 episodes and game is finished. Waste of time to be honest.
It gets hard!. You almost think impossible. But..It's fun. I wish it didn't take so many levels to earn enough to decorate. Good Thing though is not too many ads.
I like the game puzzles it's really enjoyable to play. Plus love the decorations to choose from. I wish they were much larger. Hard to see some of them.
Too much dialogue, not great design choices...some things I didn't even know what they were...just annoying. Takes too long.
Have to say im already addicted to this fun match game with its cutest storyline. Its fun playing the match part, relaxing, so far not to difficult. Its decorating step by step an area at a time, just finished the outer exterior and love the results, get to choose which of 3 options to decorate. So happy i ran across this game in the Google Play Store, its a new game and im very happy with it, thank you :)
I am actually really loving this game! My only downfall, is that the dog looks a little creepy, lol! But other than that, the match-3 game's are actually nicely colored and doesn't look too much like the other ones that seem like they used as little creativity as possible. Great job 👍!
It alright but issues with keeping me on my game. Finished a level then put it away, when I went back to it they had me go back.
This has been one of the best games of this type. The play is steady & has little lag time!! I do have a big issue that may cause me to delete app, I've lost 3 purchases so far, coins are earned & deducted but the choices to pick don't come up. It goes directly back to play for more coins!!! This is just the 1st room😳😳😮!! I'll play until it happens again, then it's delete time😕😕😯
I can't take anymore to have to play the repeated phases of the "League of Masters". I want to be able to play the normal levels again and decorate the rooms as before. Fix it.
Great game. Some difficult levels, but that is a great challenge. Would be even better if the rewards were greater. Fantastic design options.
Too many puzzles and not enough coin. You say the game is free but if I don't buy anything, you make it difficult to complete a room. Not right; not worthy of you. Otherwise, it's been fun to play and the concept is good.
A bit slow in parts, otherwise it's great. I wish one of these games had more options eg 1 Choose a style of chair; 2. Choose a colour; 3. Choose a position. Etc. Just a bit more personal input.
It was fun at the start, but then they make levels you can't get past with out bonus plays which you can't get unless you buy them. Getting tired of it so uninstalling the game.
Same old, same old...starta off easy enough but becomes increasingly difficult to the point of almost impossible to complete the rounds unless you're willing to spend loads of money. Don't bother with it unless you're content with throwing good money after bad. Wouldn't even give it 1 star if possible!!
Not worth playing as you are having to repeat level's after you complete them. Developers you need to fix the problem, I certainly wouldn't paid to play this game.
Glad the decor scenes are different than other games with same scenes with different titles. The load up is a little slow and would like to have the option to change some choices. Game fun.
This game is extremely boring. Its doesnt make sense to keep playing the stupid mini game to get coins for the renovations. How about starting with a budget for the renovations and coins rewarded for a job well done or something but this anit it.
Very cute, needs better graphics, shouldn't be so hard to get the trophies. If you pass the level with more then 1 move left you should automatically get the trophy, and you should give more then 100 coins each level.
Very unhappy with this game! Three different times I have passed a level on last move and it said I did not pass it. Two of the times I had used a booster, therefore wasting it. Very Unhappy
I love this game. It's fun and challenging. Just wish, like most games, the earning amount went up a little. Since some item prices to decorate get higher. Didn't care for the part where I had to build/refurbish/diy some items. Because I had to play games to have the money to do the diy, then had to play extra games afterwards to purchase. But that's just me. All in all, like I said the game is enjoyable. Now just waiting for the next level (3) to come through.
All was well till I get to that level where I have to waste my coins for those mini games that don't even make sense. Can not even win anything off those mini games, they're just gonna take your hard earned coins for nothing. Uninstalling. 🙄
Enjoyable game for match 3 and build. I take away 1star because once you get through the first property you have to use coins to make the items but you don't then get them - you have to pay more again to buy what you 'made'. I actually do spend a few pounds a week for gems playing so don't see why the coins get used up like this ..EDIT, down to 1 star now because you have nothing more to design after the second location. Edit 2.uninstalling - you get no coin for future rooms and the lvls get har
Fun to start but a definite meh once you reach level 50+. Not enough coins to cover build, it takes multiple (hard) levels to attain the money for 1 decoration and the challenges get progressively hard. They're doable but the number of moves you get is minimal for some of these challenges, and it's not useful to trade gems for 5 additional moves. It costs 900 gems when you earn around 50.
Fun game! Would have given 5 stars but the dog Flipper looks psycho and the name is stupid. Can you change the dog and name???? Also, why do you charge to get rid of furniture? Ridiculous, no other game charges, furniture is simply replaced. Those are my reasons so far for 3 stars. We will see as it progress through the game.
Awesome game, but after a few games it keep freezing which is damn annoying then you have to close the game and start it over for it to work again. It would be highly appreciated if you guys can fix this problem, I'm not sure if it's some kinda bug the game has or what but please fix it
Horrible choices of decor. It's almost like those rooms looked better before decorating. I can't possibly give more than one star. Colours are so dull and ridiculous. They don't go with anything.
Hayhello U KindPeople!!! Very good game, really interesting bonuses tricks. Well involved from beginnings of the game. Can't wait to see what else it has in shapes and sizes throughout the app design. FromMe Izabel Capela 😉😇😁😊😷❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍🦹‍♀️less tired, slept until 09:25h this Sunday 23rd of May.
So far this is sweet, and fun. Interesting tho that I tried to combine a bomb & a rocket next to each other, but nothing happened. It's just that most game board's like this, let you do that. However I'm new to your game, so maybe I'm jumping the gun here abit. Sorry if I'm wrong. I will keep on playing! Thank you. One importent thing....it would be nice if you could long press on furniture, etc. To be able to change the style or preferance. Please add this option.
I don't like the fact that you only get 100 pts for each level even though they get more difficult & the items you use to decorate get more expensive.
Another one of those terrible games where you play more knockoff candy crush than do any designing, which is choosing between three boring pieces. You have to play a mini game for every single choice. Terrible game that only exists to make money.
Just really started playing but from what I see, it is a very fun and an edge to your seat kinda game that pulls you in to it and wonder what is next! If it starts this way, it must have even more relaxing fun times as you get further in to it. Thank you to the creator! You did good on my part so far 👍
This game i only played for about 20 minutes, then i suddenly realised that the gold coins that you collected, they take 100 off you for the next level, and as i completed the level, you might be unfortunate to get a gold star, the more stars you collect the chance of you doing the house up
I am addicted to this game. I would have given it the full 5 stars, but after working hard to beat levels and earn credits, they throw in a pointless task that eats up credits. Very frustrating.
Game is ok. Now I am at a position where I am waiting for more rooms to open totally boring. I am at level 625. Thought you might have all the stories ready to go. Off I go to start something else other wise a good game.
The game is fun, but once you get to season 3, you have to use your coins to tasks that are pointless ans don't get you anywhere. Example, use 180 coins to swipe across your screen to fix a hole which completes the task but rather than reward your for doing this stupid task, you now have to use 150 coins to "discard" the hole. My suggestion is do away with the tasks and discards. Otherwise, its better to just finish season 2, uninstall the app and start over.
Lovely game but I seriously subtracted a star because of Flipper... if you don't know how to draw a digital dog don't add him. Don't get me wrong I can't draw at all (let alone design a game) but I have seen better dogs. Flipper looks more like a somewhat strangely looking stuffed toy 🤷🏻‍♀️
CLICKBAIT TITLE.. This is not worth it. It's not gratifying. The entire purpose is home design, yet it's another typical match game to even win 100 coins. One furnishing costs 2 match game boards. This isn't house flipping at all. It's playing the same puzzle over and over to buy 1 furnishing. Monotonous, boring & expensive, and you're not flipping anything. TOO MUCH WORK, TOO LITTLE PAYOFF, NOTHING TO DO WITH FLIPPING. They also don't compensate you for several boards. Slow moving!
A very nice game that you can decorate inside as well outside the house which I like and it's not boring at all. Love it.Check out this game ! And you'll love it too
Great design game without all the flash and less storyline than others, which I find refreshing. Minimal ads, too!
It makes you spend coins on pointless things, and I cant even get past season 3. It was fun until then, and now I'm stuck and I feel like it was pointless.
I like the points tht we can get with this game, but the power plays doesnt help.. They need to be more powerful compared to other games... For example, A bomb should clear more spots on the board...
This game has great choices of furniture that makes decorating enjoyable.Then there is the match game area that is fun and a challenge. After awhile I felt all I was playing was the match games and watching ads. No matter how I played, I was kept watching ads.😳 What happen to decorating rooms? This game is into running ads more than allowing players to decorate rooms. Meantime, I am uninstalling. E.Washington.
Flip this house OFF Stuck in he'll where you just play puzzles. No fixing going on!!Money grab... pass 3 level (eventually) and get to do a stupid task sometimes several in a row. DUMB
Fun game. Can't stand that it keeps asking you to buy things. If you say no, then its unlikely your going to change your mind.
I just played a level and won but you gave me a lost score even tho everything was checked off. I like this game but you need to work out a few bugs, I will rate again down the road, hopefully will get better, I had to come back to add more. You have on several occasions taken my last move away when that move would have won me the level, you have not given me a bonus when I have put 4 or 5 colors together, again this has happened several times. I am observant so maybe others might not notice
I loved this game untill they brought in the flippy master's league and now I can't do anything but play the master's league, it's made me not want to play anymore because I only downloaded the game so I could finish levels and decorate the rooms, I don't like that I can't choose if I want to be in the flippy league or just continue with the original levels and decorating. If there won't be any rooms to decorate soon I'll be deleting the be unfortunately.
This game is not functioning right! When icons knock- out tiles, they just sit there! There is a need to fix the problem.Things started good but soon failed.😞
This is a horrible game. Right off the bat they have what I guess is a dog that doesn't resemble a dog at all. And the choices that they give you to flip the house like the furniture and color of things, would not make your house look any better.
I really do like this game but you are making the challenges way to tough especially the one with bird challenge i am not very far into the game and it should not be this hard!!!
Its a lot like homescapes but there is somethink hip & trendy, yet sleek and sophisticated! 5 stars 2 thumbs up!
This game is fun and the levels are challenging. I like the graphics except for the weird dog eyes 🐶 👀 thanks for creating this game!
I really like this game so far. Once you reach higher levels it's more difficult and difficult to earn options to win.