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Flip the Gun - Simulator Game

Flip the Gun - Simulator Game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Playgendary located at Landshuter Allee 8-10, 80637 Munich, Germany. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A very cool game, but there are a bit of issues that need to be fixed. One is framerate lag. At times there will be a huge lag. The game will skip many frames and not register taps until the lag stops. Once it stops the taps that you tried making will come all at once making your gun go nuts. Another problem is some guns will not spin and face upwards not letting you go on. Also too many ads. After losing you will be given an option to watch an ad to multiply your score but a forced ad will play
within the first two minutes of installing, starting the app and playing one game, I was played three long ads. the ads I watched were longer than the game I played. absolutely ridiculous, I'd understand if the game was so brilliant it takes your breath away but it's a silly game you play for a few minutes while in the waiting room etc. uninstalling, such a waste of time it's unreal.
One of the worst monetization strategies I have ever seen. I get an Ad about every time you finish a game, one of the games last probably no longer than a minute then you hit a 30 second ad. Uninstalled pretty fast. What I did like was that you could watch ads for upgrades, I thought that was fair. Couldnt find a IAP that let me pay to get rid of ads, but I am to annoyed to care anymore. Give it a pass.
The gameplay is fun. My low rating comes from the way they treat the player. The menu is purposefully badly made so you're forced to scroll through all available guns (in a not so subtle way of trying to get you to spend $12 on a gun or buy their outrageously priced Premium Membership). Ads come after almost every game, often unskippable. This game follows a trend many mobile games are getting into where it becomes less about the gameplay and more about blatant money grabbing.
Greedy developer, way too many ads.! There are so many ads that it actually unplayable. I've uninstalled but if the developer wasn't so greedy I actually would've watched more ads in the long run as I wouldn't have uninstalled it. Anyone that plays this game with the amount of ads that it has must not value their time and patience much.
I thought this game was gonna be different. that this game wouldnt be the crapshoot that most other mobil games are that are run by the big mobile game corporations. its a really fun and engaging game. i could play this game for a long time, its creative and it engages me. But alas, if i played this game for 10 minutes, i would be watching 20 minutes of ads. After every time i lose, ad. it even offered me to watch an advertisement for a loot box, BUT IT DIDNT HAVE A DECLINE BUTTON TO THE OFFER😂
Seriously, the fact that it runs ads after every single death (wich happens often for new guys mind you) robs this game of it's merit. Idmf it were running ads in between every 2 or 3 deaths I could accept it but having an ad pop up that not only plays for a good minute before the skip button appears, but still insists on you playing a demo of the ad's game, breaks the flow that the game creates, leaving one feeling like there is no real progression in skill and instead being lucky to reach a new high score.
Horibble game, from time to time when you try to shoot to go, up but the gun wont shoot even though it has ammo, and then i'm just spamming to shoot and then out of nowhere the gun just shoots to the side, it' happened to me at least 5 times now.
It's a great game to play. The issue is that there is a full screen video ad about 15-20 seconds long every single game. It's rather annoying that it's every playthrough. If it was just ads normally that didn't take me away from the game I would give it a higher rating, but for the /full-screen/ video ads, I have to be less lenient. I'm all right with ads, just not like this. I uninstalled it for that reason. If you're fine with full screen video ads after every game, then this is for you for sure.
Amazing game, might do a review on YouTube later. I love the feeling of hitting a shot and grabbing a whole row of coins or on your last shot you hit a bullet and you get more. This game is SO satisfying. The controls are simple, but effective and fun. Definitely give it a shot.
Ads ads ads. Like a damn plague. I get needing to make revenue and why ads are there, but this is just ridiculous. Click, ads. Click, ads. Click, ads. It's too much. I cant focus and decide whether or not the game is worth the purchase. It's a shame really. Would have possibly bought it. Good luck guys.
The game is good but let me laugh on the idea of subscription way. 🤣 Seriously!! you have workout apps, meditation apps running on the same subscription idea, even some of them are over rated and now we have games, yes games demanding dollars per week for sub 😮 are you kidding me! I'm not saying give us free, even a one time payment is good but not subscription 😝😝🤣. One will get bored after few GamePlays.
I never write reviews on games. I have no problem supporting free games by watching ads, but this is ridiculous. There is no reason I should spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. The concept and gameplay could be enjoyable, but the constant interuptions are annoying. Dont waste your time downloading unless they change this. I dont think they will though.
The good: Graphics are stylish and rendered well. Physics is unique yet predictable. Gameplay is quick to learn hard to master. The bad: Adds every game play, you will spend more time watching adds than playing when your learning. Many guns require $$. Expensive to remove adds. Recommendation: Don't play this unless advert frequency is reduced. Rating: 2/5 - has potential, but needs work.
Game is fun but very unnecessarily monetized. Game pushes Diamond membership which is $7.49 A WEEK. Not a month which would still be ridiculous for a simple tap platformer. A week. That's $30 a month. For the love of God don't be dumb and spend your money elsewhere.
As soon as you start the game, it starts with the pay to remove ads, but it looks like a start game button which is a cheap tactic. Also, like others have stated the ads were unbearable. The only possible way to enjoy it is to just turn off your wifi. Oh I cant forget the outrageously priced items, such as the $25 golden ak47. This is greed in its purest form.
I only played the game for 5-10 minutes in the 45min I was trying to play it. The game is fun in my opinion, but the app continuesly freezes. You'll end up watching more ads then playing the game and if you're not watching a ad, we'll that's only because the app just froze. I'm definitely not a big complainer about games, but come on really ads, ads, and even more ads. Remove the ads and this game would be great fun...
Pretty decent game, that is when you're actually playing it. It looks good, controls well, and the sound design is spot on, but my God. Look, I get that ads are how free games make money, but they don't need to be triggered for almost every action. And to top it off, they have a weekly membership. 8 dollars a week. That's right, not monthly, weekly. And what does it do? Well, it disables the ads, I assume, and unlocks like 4 weapons. Honestly who would ever be stupid enough to pay 384 bucks a year for this tiny phone game? What a joke. Anyways, if anybody has taken the time to read this lengthy review, here's a tip. Turn airplane mode on while playing so that the game can't load in the ads, then turn it off while you do one of the bonuses that you get for watching full ads.
This game is absolutely amazing. I love it!. There's no problems whatsoever - so far. But I do have one suggestion that you guys should add into the game (your choice) - is that when you shot you should be able to collect ammo if the bullet hits it. That would make the game a bit less challenging but at the same time challenging to the players. It might also increase the chances of getting and beating your previous high score. Other than that, I would highly suggest downloading this game. ♡
This game is literally the cheapest cash grab I've ever seen. An ad every time you die, weapons that can charge up to 25 DOLLARS, constantly asking you to watch 50 ads to get a certain weapon, and they try to pass off this "membership" for 7.49 dollars a week. 7.49 dollars a week for a mobile game. That's absurd. Whoever made this game did not put their heart into it. They just wanted to make money. Hell, this is worse than games made by EA, and those games constantly pester you with purchases.
A very straight forward, albeit kinda boring game. Can be entertaining for about 5 minutes until you uninstall it after you realize how pointless it is. You shoot a gun downwards to try and send yourself flying higher in the air. Thats it. The microtransactions are also really pointless as well. For $5 or so you can buy a shinier cooler looking gun. That does exactly the same thing as the free ones, but in a slightly different fashion. Overall a pretty big waste of time. But not awful.
Too many ads like all the other playgendary games If you see the other playgendary games they have similar amount of ads which no one likes, I'm reporting this ad money greed to the police due to this, Playgendary also sponsors scam apps like horoscope, fortunescope fancy slime etc They are all scam apps which are sponsored by playgendary to scam you, Do not download (from this company), All playgendary games have 100% ads so do not download an app if the creator is playgendary.
Far too many advertisements ruined the gameplay. It's fun, but forcing a minimum five seconds of advertisements after every fail made it intolerable. I didn't play more than fifteen minutes due to excessive ads. If it was once every five or six round, that would be fine-- but every round? Nah. Sorry. It is a good game otherwise.
It's a good enough game... I'd think that it's an enjoyable way to pass time offline... BUT! The ads are way too annoying for a "free" app... You can't go at least a few seconds on a restart without running into an ad. With all the ads I've watched, I might've gotten enough money for the paid membership. Some guns are also annoying and innacurate to use. Has anyone ever heard of a 12-chamber revolver? How about a glock with only 12 rounds and a weight as light as a plastic toy gun... Uninstalled
Game is just a cash grab through in app purchases and forcing you to watch ads every single time you either fail. Ads are not skipable, like who WOULD SERIOUSLY BUY ANYTHING FOR A GAME LIKE THIS? And it has a membership? Like are you serious? It's a game revolving around clicking at timed intervals, who would want to drop any sort of money into this garbage? I could understand ads if the dev wasn't so damned greedy. This is just like any of those other "skill" based games.
Okay, so there's games with ads, then there's this. It's on an absolute new level and is basically just a huge middle finger to anybody trying to enjoy the game for what it is. In fact, I will deliberately go out of my way to avoid any of the apps being advertised in this app for that reason. Want to change the settings? Watch a 30 second ad. Want to play a round? Watch an ad. Want to turn off the sounds or vibration? Watch an ad. Want to literally press anything at all on your screen? WATCH AN AD. Infuriating is an absolute understatement for just how awful the ads are to anybody that wants to just try out a game that looked fun on the surface. Take my word for it, save yourself the headaches and just look for literally anything else to play.
This is less a game and more of an AdWare app. There are ads between every turn. So much that at first you will spend more time watching ads than paying(about 30 seconds of ads for every 20 seconds of play at the beginning). I really like this little time waster, but I refuse to watch that many ads so often. It's almost bullying you to pay for ad-free play. I consider this AdWare and refuse to have it installed on my phone which is why this app had a less than 5 minute shelf life on my device. I would give it zero stars if possible because it is preposterous to waste data on ads like this.
the game itself is actually really fun, theres really nice fun colors and great use of your AMOLED display with the black background. However the amount of ads is literally insane and they expect you to pay around $7 a month to be able to remove those ads which is mind-boggling. just let me pay two or three dollars to remove the ads once what is up with this monthly payment that's absolutely ridiculous who do you think you are, two stars.
This game is the weirdest, but also the most fun arcade type mobile game I played! Game runs smooth, very nice gun models, and weapons in the game are quite stable when you use them. I do have a few recommendations though. I really would like some more guns added to the game ( I'm not trying to be a beggar) Also, There are quite alot of advertisements popping up in the game constantly, and it gets to the point where it`s annoying. Other than that, amazing game!
This game is taking oceanic quantities of piss. I get that companies need to make money from adverts, but this game is drowning in them. I buy the "get rid of ads" option and it still bombards me with "buy this, get that, get our diamond membership". And while we're on the subject, £20 for one gun? That has to be a joke. Its a simple fun arcade game choked by ads and bad business practice.
Way too many adds, the flashes with each tap are so bright that it gives me headaches, even when I turn my brightness all the way down. The gun shots are harsh, also gives me headaches. Poorly designed from a user perspective, focused solely on making as much money as possible. A 15-30 second add plays after each game (they don't last longer than a minute or two) and there are absolutely crazy in app purchases.
This would be an amazing game if it wasn't riddled with long adverts and micro transactions. Completely ruined
The game itself isn't that bad. It's just your average click/tap game. However I do think the ads included in this game are ridiculous. And I am one of those people who understands that for games to be free they have to have ads. But sweet baby jesus, after every single game? Like dude, let me get 3 in a row or something at least. If half my time spent on the app is watching ads, I wouldn't actually consider that a game, would you? Reduce the ad frequency and I'll gladly reinstall.
The concept is good, but if you want to even think about getting any of the other guns, you must either pay, become a member of something, play other games, watch an abundant number of ads, pay the in game money, that you can get to option to get 4x as much at any time, or just don't play this hell landscape called a mobile game. Otherwise 10/10 Edit: its been awhile and I have been unjustifiably mad this day and the adds tipped me over, I'm sorry game devs. I rerated this to 4 stars
There is a literal flood of adverts. I checked my rank in a daily challenge and got an ad, then when backing out of the leaderboard I got another ad, then after that an ad for diamond monthly membership popped up! The gameplay is relatively enjoyable but wears out very quickly. I deleted it due to an over-the-top focus on adverts and constant to purchase a monthly mmbership. Tl;dr An average game with WAY too many in app purchases and a horrendous amount of ads. Definitely not worth it. Could be playable if the ads were reduced and less focus on purchasable guns. And allow an option to purchase ad free for a few dollars.
1 stars. I never complain about ads. But this game is broken by them. Let me explain. You play your first run which is about 5 seconds. You die and get an ad (some of them unakipable) then you can play again. You die and get a skipable ad. When you finish the ad you get a "claim your reward" button and when you press it you get un unakipable ad... What is this?!?!?!
Excellent idea and gameplay stand no chance of shining through all the ads. Very nearly everything you do in the game causes an ad to pop up that you cannot cancel and get no reward for watching. It's totally ok to monetise through ads since you give no option of one time purchase, but the amount of ads is unacceptable and a show of pure greed.
Although it is a "floor is lava" kind of game, it is quite fun though it does become repetitive. Adding in obstacles could make it even more challenging. Additionally, it becomes VERY frustrating getting ambushed by advertisements. I do understand that you, the Devs, need to make money somehow on a free game. However, I believe that easing up on the gameplay/advertisement ratio just a bit will help keep more players overtime.