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Flip Rush!

Flip Rush! for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Lion Studios located at 849 High St Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good graphics but the game could not get me interested. the car (which you start with) flips way too much, even on the slightest hill and you have to start again. The most annoying bit was when just as I was getting the hang of the game the whole app crashed and I had to re-start but when I started the game again all my progress was gone and I had to start from the tutorial. un-install !!
the game is fun and addictive but after a while there is more and more advertising and you watch ads more than play the game. every single run afterwords is another advertisement.
Good game that never ends. Good for when I'm super bored. Amazing controls and graphics that amazed me and do every time I open the app. Looking forward to a part two?
I wish I can rate 0 stars because each time I open the app it says "Sorry Flip Rush Has unfortunately stopped" stupidest game ever
I agree with JoshuaC Simmons I think we should be able to play with other people and I think the Creators take us mobile players for stupid people who don't have a life
I had 2.5k coins and was playing it and it the middle of a level it went to an ad. I was not out of fuel it just cut to an ad as I was playing and when the ad finished it said I only had 151 coins. awful game anyway with way too many ads and it was not even enjoyable playing it. bad game. I do not recommend
Not a bad game but it can crash and resets all your progress for that session. Done this multiple times now. Not worth playing for this reason
What should i play a game in the ad????????, that does not make any sense, i totally hate that game ad, why do you wanna force me to play some other game in some ad inside your game itself??????
At first it was fantastic and after some times it kept on crashing and when i tried to open it again all my progress hv disappeared, it makes me mad but i still played it and it crashed so many times, I'm rlly disappointed, it "was" a brilliant game tho.. I just had to uninstall it.
🙄 This game could be Awesome. Thanks developers WoW. I mean WoW, Really? So it appears the higher you rank the speed 2 things happen. You get a little better control & Chance of flying off increase somehow. After you get about level 10,000 in speed you find there are little tricks. At almost double that in speed NO Wheelies yet but for instance bounces, backflips & powerpushes are a few. In the game, I Am UNBEATABLE except when I'm tossed. PLEASE fix this & & I can keep you
it gets easier after a while and gets kinda addicting ( it also doesn't take much space so you can have other apps with it) so download if you have time
this game is fun but the amount of ads is ungodly!!!! seriously considering uninstalling not worth my time
I'm disappointed because of the multiplayer mode. You should have added real players not the fake ones (bots).
I love this game it is so addincting I dont know if I spelled that right but this game is a great time killer also. this game is free so why not get it and it does not take to much space on my tablet or phone dependong on what you are playing but this game is fun espacally the mode what is it called I just cqnt rember but there is only 2 game modes oh yeah multipalyer game mode that one is so because I get to show off all the stuff I have all of it every game I put on somthing new super good
Alot. Of. Fun I really. Enjoy it. Just. Can't tolerate the ads it's unfortunate because I really enjoy the game
not half bad..only downside so far is not being able to control the spin more ie front flips instead or combos front to back or vise versa.
addictive game that passes time, too many ads though. world leaderboards would be good. ive broken the game however, my speed level is 12000 and i dont come back down again when i hit the first booster, i just spin and spin until i force close the app. shame.
it is ok but I did not really like it the game said you've lost fuel but you can't do anything about that I personally don't like it it's ok but nowhere near five star I'm only sure they can do to improve the game but I wouldn't recommend it for most people overall it's 2 Star so graphics want that great the good thing is there's barely any ads but there's not much gameplay all you do is flip a car upside down that's it not very good
honestly one of the worse games you do what it says doesn't flip right you have to hold the screen for it to flip for it being just a thumb an release game it's garbage advise not to download unless you like watching ads
great game, not too many ads, but sometimes when im going through a loop it glitches and i go through the road?? idk but for the most part its a cool game
This "game" is just an ad fest for a game that wint even work half the time! Sick of the adverts, sick of the poor gameplay!
The game is fun and enjoyable but the only problem is that the app closes every 5-10 minutes and whatever money/upgrades gained will be lost.
this game is very fun and I like to play it. I like when we get to flip. I also like it when we get to have more coins. and that is my opinion for the game.
I'm trying to play this game but the only thing i can see is ads. don't waste your time. Game with lonnnnngggggg ads.
lovely skin because is so cool because you did you have to because you have to hold the the phone and tap on it to make your cargo or any characters that's why I love this game
very exciting game to play. does require a bit of skill to get the hang of the flips but it is a very addictove game to play! they earned each star!
Good game but the loop de loops dohy work and make you fail the attempt. Will change to 5 stars if this game changing glitch is fixed.
I loved it however, I don't like how you run outta glass there should be like lol gas things so you can go FOREVER
not much when i have to start over every time& i dont hear any effects. this game could use a lot of improvements. But a better beginning so you can keep us wanting to play.🤗
the game when u flip the car over u get. a second chance and after tje aecond chance it brings up an ad and it just stays there its not cool
this is one of those ads that asks if you want double coins for watching an ad but if you say no they still play the ad. way too many ads.
for moat mobile games ads ruin the gameplay. moat apps have video ads that you have to wait 5 seconds for to skip. what I like about this game is that the ads are a small and on the bottom or a small box on the end game screen the ads dont really get in your way.
In the beginning i really loved it but when i got to level 139 the game crashed. Reinstalled, lost all data and crashed again. Keeps on crashing.
poor creation. good ideas but once an ad starts i have to exit the game. even when the ad is done theres still no way back to the game. STRONGLY SUGGEST PEOPLE AVOID THIS GAME.
This is a nice game but not more than my games can you make Subway Surfers Talking Tom Gold Run Mod like Talking Tom Tom my Talking Angela like that games and can you make something nice games is a lot of ads in there what is this your problem man I don't like UK download all new games festival I checked this much bad games you know I think I should give this a 0 do you always Bon nice games in less MB I have a life movie free download this game I have my Towers full with space no space anniversary the apps are running out just get out of this guy who invented this game get out of Play Store app you how much kills urine made come meet me in YouTube my channel is bareera as and pictures Write a short review meeting a very big way because you said this phone is sleep should be the man so much as right ver ok I am submitting now
I truly hate games like this that try to trick the player into thinking you are actually playing against real people in multiplayer mode. Why is the person who developed this game so lazy to put actual online multiplayer in a so called online multiplayer mode. Why are you trying to trick the player, do you think us mobile gamers are dumb. You even have the nerve to put the word matching on the loading screen, to make it seem even more convincing that were about to play against a actual person.
fun, but game ends too quick when upside down. i would like the chance to get back on the wheels. they just want to put ads in your face though.....
The graphics aren't good as other games, it is blurred and not suit for the eyes. Second, it is so hard to flip and actually need to play a lot more to be able to go on multiplayer mode.
addictive and rewards highly without having to spend your weekly pay to buy coins to advance. lovin it, the best game in years thats also not a ripoff.
it was a fine fame. it wasn't the best but not the worst. the most annoying part though were the excess amount of ads and the fact that half the time the game would kick you out in the middle a run, not give you what it said it would after watching an ad, and/or you would have to wait forever for it to load and then it would say that the app was not responding and kick you out again. Also the game was incredibly glitchy. do not download. it is not worth your time. >:(
Multiplayer mode is fake. You're never matched up with real people and it plays even when on airplane mode. The base game is okay. Plays fine when you use a normal car. When you unlock a "running man" character, it is next to impossible to play. Also, i unlocked a "snowboarding" character who was coded into the game wrong, because he glides along sideways on his face instead of the board. Ads for this are misleading. Overall not worth your time to download. definitely never give them money.
This is a very addictive game. I've been playing it for less than a day and already have a high score of 385 meters! Definitely looking forward to playing more games from this developer!!
every time my fuel starts to run out it accidentally flipped my car to the back and I fail it keeps happening
good bit of fun for time off. you certainly end up with a lot if different cars, which is cool, as well as people. strange twist but still fun
fun game, hate the constant engagment with ads, seems like your annoyed into buying the ad-free version, what got me the most was when they offer their "free" loot boxes (extra content,etc) and when you decline on the gift or offer they still give you and Ad right after!
good premise but keeps freezing, it crashes on second or third go after start up, it freezes for a half second mid jump so you end up crashing. like i said good idea, but bad delivery
This game is not bad but I think you should put in friending people so friends can play vs each other.
I did un-cool 2 🌟s beacuse every time I open this app it chashes and the whole system restarts... just please FIX THIS!!!!! (I'm serious!) but I still like this game its very cool and satisfying.
I would give it 5 stars but it crashed on me i would give 3 stars. but it crashed on me again, and again and again. The game Crashed on me 5 TIMES. its annoying to upgrade it agin and again
it would be better if the longer you go the faster it gets but only if we did not have to drive it and it went by its self and all we had to do was flip and stuff like that but I still do love the game it is really fun
Such a waste of time. The game won't save your progress. Once you close it your progress is lost and you have to start all over again. Also the game crashes after 7mins every time it is launched.
It is a really good game there are alot of characters.When you need to go somewhere with a phone or someting and you have no internet you van play this game with no internet. Isuggest you doanload flip rush. There is also alot of optional ads.
It was fun at first, but after about 24 hours the game refused to work. When I opened the app & taped the screen to begin a new run, it would begin but the character refused to move. I tried restarting the app, reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, and nothing worked.