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Flip Range

Flip Range for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Alexander Bukharev located at Russia, Perm. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
very good game but our progress is not saved in levels which means if you have crossed 5 sub levels of a level and you failed in one flip, you have to start again. thats is why i gave it 3 stars.
not that good all you do is flip and you can't save your progress you have to get 200 coins in one game that is almost impossible to do it.
this is actually one of the best games I've ever played usually I don't play games with ads but this is an exception.please please Please update this game.. maybe add another map or 2 or some costumes.also make it so it doesn't glitch out when you land on a wall that would be sick! but very good game with high potential. So you should really update this game it would draw in lots of new players. thanks for making this game!!
What I Want: 1: No cooldown on the coin ads 2: Make the coin ads At least 5 sec 3: When u drag off of the thing u selected make it not selected. Plz get back to me on this idea/topic thx.
Awesome game me and my brother made a lot of challenges,but can you please make more updates about the game to ad more moves and buildings.
This game for one is just to easy, like if o got 1 bonus coin plus a did one trick, how do i get like 30 points? Then there is only 3 levels and they dont realy, have a hard, med,easy. this is a good game for beginners but if you are a good gamer or even a desent gamer, dont get this game.
This game is actually great,but to make it even better would be to add greater graphics.But good job dude
I love this game i played it for 5 hours the other day 😀 it has good graphics and u can upgrade backflip speed and jump power i love it
Really fun game, I like it a lot. The physics are also very good. I find myself to kill more time in this game.
Please fix that when you don't land you have to restart i don't like that so if you can please fix it
Im not a bot or paid but i acually really like this game but i feel like there should be an easier way to get coins like daily challenges also i would like to see an increase or setting to adjust ragdoll time(to see the player ragdoll for longer). And cheats that can be bought WITH COINS PLEASE like lower gravity. Then this wid be an even better game
Excellent game. But add tons of maps and also different senerios . Also add daily challenges in the various maps to make more coins. Add more tricks like sideflips , back and front hand-springs e.t.c. Also add 0.25 slow motion speed to enjoy flips. You could better still add al of this and more in a Flip Range 2. Thanks for listening. Thanks for the game too.
your best work thus far. game is sadly short. I'd love to see this combined with the movement mechanic of your other game but keep these flip controls
A glitch happened. In the first level, if you stand at the 4th platform, on your feet, facing towards the horizontal bar, and doing a frontflip, if you hold the flip button down until you automatically jump, you'll bounce off the ground backwards and if you do nothing, fall off the stage and into the ground. You can restart from there, but you might want to fix that.
this is the best flip and parkour game i love this game very much this is the best game but i request please keep the running step in this game like vector please try it
"Great job" with all the ADS, never have i seen so many ADS put together so perfect that it drives you crazy,appreciate icmt you made me uninstall your own game keep up the good work lol
I love it this is time consuming but you should make a game the exact same but cliff jumps to water with this same exact style and gameplay!
First off, why I give it a 4 not a 5 is it's that realistic as when you go into the handstand position, you go straight into it, so mabye if they fix it the can add an animation when you go into every pose Thank You! Hope this helped
Good game, solid controls once more things are added (maps, different competition mode) it would appeal to a much wider audience
actually a really good game, i would like to see more levels. the amount of flips you can do is insane. кароче мне нравится
very fun! best flipping game yet! now add some blood and bone breaking noises and it will go through the roof!
it is very nice game.I like this game it is very hard game if you will play this game then you can't go in 10th level
All it need's are more maps! If it had more jumps that were way more high it would be awesome as it would be cool to be able to do quads and quints, also a few more upgrades for your character to spin a little faster and jump a little higher.
i kinda broke the game i was on free mode and was attempting to jump into a wall to do a wall jump thing and after doing it twice or so my avatar got stuck feet first into the wall and started rotating tward the camera its now just spinning at pretty slow pace and wobbling i am appeased. i just did it again lol this is too funny
one level has so many jumps that it has taken like an hour to complete the level.But the level1 has not been even completed yet.Please reduce the number of jumps in each level so the player will not jump only in level1 and new levels will make the game exciting. please note that. The game has right now irritated me because of repeated jumps at one place.The game graphics everything is good.but the repeatation is really freaking out. please fix that. divide the level1 in 2 parts as 1a and 1b.thnks
Okay, I love this game but I think you shouldn't the person start from the beginning when they fail a flip. It just makes it hard.
Great game! Only complaint is that you can't save your progress and have to restart from level one every time you fall. That reason alone is the only reason I don't play this game constantly. Please put a save feature after every level you pass! That would make this game perfect.
it's really a simple game but it is fun it takes out time when i 'm bored but it would be great if there were more maps plus new tricks and challenges that anyone can obtain during their time playing this.Never the less its a great game and i hope you improve it even better
Veey nice. Although it would have been better if you could do a double full. So far, you can only twist 540 degrees in one flip. You have to flip twice for a 720 making it impossible to do a double full. Only full in ful out is possible.
This game is epic and cool it also helped me with my flipping game and in the past week my flipping career as been better than ever.
the flip combos with twisting is great. once you get a feel for the rotation speed, the game is really fun. I would really appreciate if there was a diving variant (like platform diving) to the game, these physics would work really well for it.
Definitely the best flipping game I've played. The ads aren't excessive like they are in other apps. I only wish there were more levels. Despite that though the levels available are amazing
I hate it i work so hard for this i thought it was going to be fun but no one star is all i kan give ok deal with it Don't forget to change it it is fun but i almost got to level 2 Fix it ok
can you please make some more upgrades for the twists. . .it is possible in reality. . .not the flips. . the flips rotation speed is realistic but you can twist faster than that. . .and i wish that we can choose 3 flips at a time. . . parkour big pants should also make it look great. . . overall. . . it's a great game. .
Been playing for a while now, it's a great game I00% recommend this game to people who are bored and looking for a non-wifi use game. The game is super fun!
I like the game very much for your reply and for the first time in the morning and evening entertainment and services try the game it is very good game
highly addictive. There aren't many levels but each level has different sections to it making it harder. LOVE IT. Also if you re worried about ads there is hardly any !
good graphics, good gameplay, good concept, good features.....but you have to wait so much to collect coins for the other stages... ridiculous, that's why 4 stars. fix it
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not a hurricane of ads like other games enough so you dont get super annoyed and a good game is enjoyable and nkt annoying
It's pointless to restart the whole level after only one mistaken landing. You need to have 2 or 3 tries before the game is over. That's frustrating and not playable. 1 star, could've given 5 if this wasn't the case.
Best game please destined flip range 2 and 3 I'm like this game graphics is very Best and gameplay is a super and very nice flips thank you this game and Bye....
Ur game is so fantastic , i love your game, can do multiple flip at once, it is so fun and the only problem is you need more flip like the flash kick or the cork but it is good though :)
please add some extra effects to the game. like blood effects and other alternative effects on the game.