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Flip Dunk

Flip Dunk for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's an easy time waster but the are so many ads it gets unbearable. And after you've gone a certain number of levels they start repeating even though you are "leveling up"
there is a ad that is just a pink thing that covers my screen and it sends me to the app store for a game. please fix it ok?
its a great game i love it but i don't know why when i reached level 28 or 29 they made me restart the game from level 1 :/
Ngl its entertaining If your bored but as you get to the higher levels (I'm currently at 256) you notice all the maps just repeat, If there were more maps I might enjoy it more. To many adds even tho I have an ad blocker and please add the ability to get extra coins for extra flips
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I love it so much! if you add more level, it'll be more fun or add another character. I install this game today and I finish all the level under 2 hours
It wasn't that good. After 2 rounds I kept getting ads. And after level 203 it was impossible to beat. My character kept getting stuck, wasn't going far enough for the hoop, and I kept getting stuck on the slide. I wish u could fix this. Thank u for your time reading this.
The game itself is good its just they over done it in ads so u can't rlly get a smooth gameplay, everything else is good
I only give it a one to tell people that this game is really bad and that all there is when i turn it on is a commercial
The game is fun but, you should have like an restart button for when you on the slides and can move because then you have to do at least 11 flips before it eventually resets. You should also get extra coins XP or what ever when you do more flips than you supposed to because if the objective is seven and you do 10 you should at least get some extra coins or something just not the regular amount and if you just barely touch the edge of the hoop you fail would right more but the limit good gam tho
uhm ok so I love this game, but the thing that I don't love that when it shows me some hats and characters and when u go to store it glitch-like idk why so I uninstall the game and yea installed again, pls fix that glitch I hate it sm!
If you like to play the occasional game and love ads this is one for you.. 1st level then a 30 second ad. Come on..! I appreciate it generates revenue and allows you to produce more games, but maybe quality over quantity...
Flip dunk : let's put ads Me: ok :/ Amazon: how about buying gum for $1000 Me: why ):( Amazon: how about buying gum for $1000 Me: ok nope "deletes game" Amazon: how abou- Me:"breaks phone" ok done! Amazon: "converts ad to TV" Me: I will never except ads again!
there is far too many ads on this game to even be able to enjoy it (which I would!) it's really annoying-- deleting.
I actually like the game. Its pretty fun, however, there are some minor problems. Firstly, whenever I try to change my character it just kicks me out of the game, therefore i am forced to just stay with the default one. Secondly, when I land on my feet on the trampoline it still makes me lose the ball. Next, Sometimes whenever i try to start the level it just kicks me out, much like the first problem. Lastly, it just wont let me change the ball. But other than those 3 problems, pretty fun game!
I don't recommend playing this game because it's super like laggy and some of the levels rip u off. And I wish there was different like level designs and not the same ones over and over.
this game has bad game controls can get past a level cause of a placement glitch and the game is completely broken. i know that vooodooo dont care about one game if they make 2 games every week slow developed and bad graphics. what do you think phones can handle more the a couple of colors and texturs Also WAY TO MANY ADS IN 2 TURNS YOU GET LIKE 5 IN TWO TURNS.
Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy too many ads. I know they've got to make money but an ad every 5 seconds isn't a game, it's a fleece. The controls are sporadic so you can do the same thing 3 times and 3 different results. Worse than that, every single level you're asked again in a big banner about privacy settings. No means no, you can't have my data to personalise my ads, stop asking. Every Voodoo game is the same I've had 4 of them now, don't bother with the developer at all anymore
Enjoyed the game but there are some glitches that are affecting my enjoyment of the game. The main one is alot of textures so not load including background textures and the ones for your character. Also, there should be a back button on screen during game play because there were several instances where my character would get stuck on the games geometry and it would not trigger a fail or try over screen. So I had to close the game out and reload it
fun. great game but why is the player girl?? it would be awesome if we can customize the players appearance. sad
I've been playing for a long time now and I still can't stop even if the levels are just coming back.... Just hoping for a reward at 1k rounds hahaha
I agree adds are necessary for free games BUT If you play this game for 15 mins roughly 90% of the time is adds. Adds last for about 30 to 35 seconds and one go of the game last 5 seconds. Don't wast your life. Can't even evaluate the game properly. I only give 1 star because I have too otherwise I would give it a minus 5. Total rubbish.
Flip dunk zone 5's levels are all blank. Only things shown are tractors, character, ball, trampoline and hoop. That's it
Super addictive. This is why I am rating it 5 stars. The graphics are amazing but when you get to level 80 gets a bit boring. This is one of the best game I've ever played. Good job development edit 2021 still loving it to this day
you should give us the option to close the vibration when scoring even if i close the sound fron the game vibration is still working very annoying
I would give this game 5 stars, but this game is incomplete. Some of the levels and costumes have no color. Other than that it is super fun, addictive, and hilarious.
I didn't really like this game at the start because I thought the levels were too hard for a beginner but I have got to admit it is a pretty cool game 🤩
I love voodoo they make great games but this one the amount of ads is just annoying! just cut a few short and it would be a fun game
It was an extremely fun game to begin with but after level 80 the levels started to repeat which ruined the game
I enjoy playing this game but i am getting tired of playing the same levels over and over, I don't know if is a glitch. Most items that I unlock are invisible and 1 stage also, I just want to know, are there are more stages?
Fun. Just wished that the levels varied instead of being repeated like an endless staircase. Developers needs to bring an update for this app so there can be different stages that (you) can choose from. Instead of looping the same levels. Also too many ads for a simple game. All these ads are irrelevant
It's a fun game to pass the time, especially on an airplane with no signal. The reason for 1 star is because as soon as you have signal, the ads appear and it causes the game to crash every single time you try to play it.
I really liked the fact that it gave you a challenge, and that this game barely had any ads. It only had one every time you finished the song! Flip Dunk is really fun! I knew a pre-teen that had a phone and he would always play Flip Dunk! Is Flip Dunk something I would recommend to friends, yes! Love it!
Fun game but not many levels. I wish you would make more because this game is so short. i completed it in 1 hour
this game is cool . but seems to be limited to one charecter . would be awesome if it had more put into it ,probably more amazing charecters
This game is rigged it's a bit fun but most of the stages are blue like the world and all you can see is the person and the cars! You can't even see your avatars hat!?
It was a fun game but I experienced (what I assume to be) a glitch where all hats, and eventually the level objects themselves, were invisible... Made it a bit awful to look at
I put on a hat and it's the color of the sky. It can be orange, tan, or blue depending on which level you are on. Please update it. Also you just keep cycling through the levels like a never ending loop
when mr sandbell told me I would be in Jimmy's group mr lady doesnt need to have more physics and then spawns a new baby version which ten explodes into best player character ever overtaken only when no mum I dont want spaghetti for lunch
My experience was amazing. It can be played offline, which is an eye catcher for me. And it's really addictive because you automatically push yourself to complete a level that you can't complete. Which practically means that you would be playing for 2 hours straight without even knowing. It's a good thing as well if you want to get rid of time. AKA maybe in school period.
Too many ads to enjoy the game. Ads every two to three games you play. Game isn't fun enough to sit through ads or want to continue.
The farm land levels are broken, and the "mythic" crown is invisible when you put it on. Game is a money grab, levels wrap back around to level 1 at level 120 or something. I paid for no ads and the complete time it took to beat the game front to back was about 30 minutes.
This game is amazing every one download it please ir is sooo good. And can you please make more level because after some levels it just restarts please make more level please if you do I will give you 5 stars on my other 4 or 3 acc please
Decent game but i recommend playing with wifi off as there is lots of ads. As soon as i completed level 1 i got an ad instantly.
game was good getting ball in the hoop doesnt even work sometimes after you complete lvl 80 you just go back through the map again so bored now and need a reset button got stuck on a slide had to close app to reset
fix the replacement glitch going on in level 47 i cant reach the hoop tried everything nothing will make it im literally right on it and it wont go in
Great game, creative levels, short ads and its original. Easily one of the top teir mobile games ive played.
got too like level 84 and seemed to have finished the game because it went straight to the first mission, was fun tho
For every round there is a ad that bothers me. Atleast put a ad after 2 rounds or something, but for every round!! Come on man.
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I think that this game deserves a 4-star rating. It's sort of hard but I like it. You should download it and keep on trying . I'm going to keep this until I'm tired of it.
Currently on level 2000 as I love the game but wondered if you will ever as more levels? Also the farm and supermarket levels are broken so will their be any update to fix that? Hope this isn't the end of the game because I love it
Ok this game is awsome and stress relieving but I have three concerns, one, when I click the game I see a trophy button but then it disappears, two, the levels repeat themselves and so do the zones, I'm officially at level 468 and the levels are the same, could you change that? And three, I have bought all the things in the store, could you add more as people progress into the game? But other than that the adds are a perfect amount and so I give this game FOUR starts
It is fun when you jump when you toll it makes you go low. It is a really interesting game, so many levels up to about 200.
It's so bad like if you land on your feet sometimes it'll make you repeat the level and dont get me started on the ads on this game like bruh it's so annoying fix your freaking game guys
Like every voodoo game, this is a ad farm. You spend more time watching ads that playing the game. The greed is unbelievable with these people. Turn on airplane mode and don't give these thieves a penny.
Honestly there's a review that says to many ads turn your WiFi off then the game is less laggier and i don't like that the levels repeat
Good game to kill time. The only issue I've been having is everytime I play it, the only things I can see is my character and the hoop. Nothing else.
I really liked this game and I was basically addicted to it but then I got to level 17 and it was like I was back at level 1. I thought this was weird so I figured I'd delete the game and restart but then when I got to level 17 again it was the exact same thing. once you hit level 17 you basically restart with the easy ones again.
Really fun game, made me laugh. My only complaint is no more levels. I think the whole game repeats itself at level 94, but if someone has found out something different, I'd be glad to know. Also, I think the physics are slightly inconsistent. I can do the same thing twice but my baller might do something different.
After a certain amount of levels the game literally cycles back to start but continues numbering the levels like you're still going. I don't think it's possible to complete the game. There is only one mechanic to this game which is to control the flip movement. It would be good to introduce some other movements. Some levels have basic art but some levels are beautifully constructed, e.g. the space rocket levels.
Well, there are way too many ads so I had to play the game with no internet connection. Also, there are only 80 levels! What!? I completed the game in 1.5 hrs or so. And the game tbh is good. Like it's simple and easy and fun. Just wish there were way more levels and no ads.
It's very fun and awesome and I jump over obstacles every time I play basketball with my friends that's why I give it a 5 star rating .
It's a fun game but there are a couple of things that ruin it a bit.1stly there are too much adverts however not an abnormal amount it's the same as other games but that is way too much I think.The 2nd thing is when I click on the game after a few minutes everything but my character the trampolines and basketball hoop goes invisible which is annoying because the invisible parts are a big feature to the game. Besides those things this the game is fun but the invisitbilty things has to be fixed.
I love the game but the graphis and when you get the hat its not good to look at and IM getting tired of doing the swme levels over and over Again Its jist so boring so I dont recommend downloading it if does the levels over and over again please and uipdate the game to
me and my friend were playing it on his phone and it was good so i downloaded it but half of the screenand was covered in hot pink
I played the game for about 2 minutes, in that 2 minutes I spent over a minute watching ads. so I uninstalled it. It's literally just ads that's all.
Do not download this GAME! I started playing it and it gave me no option but to watch an ad to continue to the next level even though I completed it. Please fix this and I'll rate to 5 stars
n8ce game! i finished all the leves in 1 hour and the same levels when restart :( waiting for new updates, characters and jumping styles!
I enjoy this one, but there needs the be a way to turn off the phone vibration. It seems to serve no purpose anyway. I like the cute character you play, but the ability to unlock more is always welcome. I didn't see that as an option, if it is there somewhere. Overall great job though! 🙂
It is a very fun game there are tons of skins to choose from each zone has a different terrain overall I think this is a great app just the way it is
Fun sometimes, when the level loads in and I can play the game. For a series of levels, they would not load and I could not see anything other than my charecter and the hoop.
I would give zero stars if possible.I started playing (and it's supposed to be an offline game).I couldn't even continue after beating lvl1 and didn't receive anything for beating the level.The green continue button was inactive.I turned on my internet connection and then I saw an option about watching an ad to skip a level.That's how I saw lvl2.Now, again, there's no continue button.If you want to blame my connection,I can't play but ads are everywhere on my screen!
fun game. Finished it in about an hour and a half. too many ads, but playing on flight mode will stop any of them popping up.
This game is fun for the first few levels but then (at least for me) everything around the character, basketball, trampolines, and vehicles disappear. Please fix this problem, it make the game hard and unfun.
The game is okay. But the aren't enough levels. I got to zone 20 and that's the max zone for now. Then the levels started repeating and repeating. It still said zone 20 all the time but the levels were just repeating. Is this a bug or are there not any levels left and the game wants me to repeat them. The game is fun and I reccomend it but it needs more levels
Fun, but so many adsi can just turn of my internet but cmon their is so many. Also some of the ads are plain white non skip able. Also the ball falls out of the person's hand for no reason sometimes. Also you were to lazy to make good graphics. This gets really annoying and you NEED to make it better
It's a very addictive game. Some levels are callenging (even though you'll finish them within 5 goes) and some levels are super easy. I've played 100 levels so far. It has the perfect level of difficulty where you'll get annoyed but not angry about the level until you finish it. However, it seems like after about level 80, the levels reset but the level counter continues to grow.
It does not have much ad's and you can compete against friends I am addicted! You can play funny characters like GRANDMA!
It's fun but I think it'd be cooler if more stunts than front flip was added, maybe y'all could add that as an update sometime or something
Cool game too many ads, if you dont want ads on the game just turn off your wifi and data with it off they cant send ads to your phone
Ok, VOODOO games are the best, not gonna lie. This one is amazing but once you reach a certion level, it restarts the whole thing. I love this app but it really needs more levels. At the same time though, there are WAY to many ads. Please fix these problems when you have time and ill rate it a 5 star. But right now it needs some fixing. Still an great game but needs work, otherwise, Continue the great work VOODOO!!
Good game but once you have finished all the levels you have to start again graphics and quality are very good but as well as this it takes up a lot of space
It's Quite unique The character Looks like The Boy Out of Playdead's Inside And Out of Playdead's Limbo was that what you guys were trying to Achieve cause you did Do you Know Playdead's Limbo and Playdead's inside then?
Great game. Very addictive but you should add more modes like a battle or something. Also i agree, u should remobe the vibration when u dunk because its so addictive i play it in school and the vibration is very loud
Good. But after zone 20 its just repeats and thats really annoying when iblikebplaying it so much. wish they could create a bunch of levels and add them to an update. to nsny adds likebevery two attempts greedy developer
It is good but it would be cool if you could do different flips like front flips and gainers and many more flips.
Its if fun but i didn,t give it more stars because after zone 20 started giving me every level again starting from the first level.
If I can give you a zero star I would gladly give it only because of the soooooooo much commercials every time. it's amazing how much commercials this thing has, I wouldn't use this game without wifi. never.
This game is a very good game but I do have some critiques 1. Sometimes you can do way more flips than the game says the is max amount and it doesn't give points for that. 2. Sometimes it can be a bit laggy definitely not laggy a lot but when it is laggy you can complete a level and it just won't register that. 3. This game is good and I would recommend playing it but after a while it does get kind of boring and the items that you buy are barley visible.
It is one of my favorite games of all time. I am already on level 212 and plan on going to 300. The only downside is that after like 95 leveles it starts from the begining. Also it needs updates. But I also love the variety if zones and cosumes and balls and stuff like that:)
The game is kinda fun but THE ADS IS TOO MUCH AT THIS POINT ITS A ADS FARM NOT A BASKET BALL GAME I know that they need money but I could simply just turn off my wifi lol . And the lvls are all the same no changes no difficulty pls fix this thanks for your time reading this hope you have a great day
Could be better. For one, the hats don't render. Two, some of the levels don't render either, and you're just surrounded by a bunch of light blue shapes. Three, some of the levels rely heavily on momentum to get you to the hoop, and sometimes it seems that your momentum is slowed by flipping, which makes it hard to get the maximum amount of flips AND also make it to the hoop.
its good but in some of the zones it just turns invisible but you can still see the trampolines but pls fix the problem
i love the game because it has alot of levels but the one problem with the game is that you can't go back levels to redo them
I was on level 10 and as soon as I'm on the slide I did not get of I wish there was a restart button but in my good time it was a fun game after my concussion!
Because it is so much fun and there is so much levels and I have just got this game yesterday and I am already on level 23 so I think you should get it because you would like it I think and it is really fun to play.