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Flight Simulator 2019 - Free Flying

Flight Simulator 2019 - Free Flying for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Racing Games Android - Appsoleut Games located at Sec 49 Gurgaon. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's really a nice game that i ever played some people are telling that this game doen't let them to fly in air or sky but it needs brain to fly it up and i have completed all the levels
This is the worst game ever I have seen when iam landing the flight they saying keep eye on our speed in that case iam not able to land the plane ... This is world's worst worst game
This is a very very nice game i like yjis but in this games is one problem there controls are very bed so my request to improve this problem
It is very good game and its level is also good and intersting so guys dowlaod the game now you will enjoy this game
Keep getting Wrong Eject on mission 28, but no way of knowing what a right eject is. I am in the eject zone and I hit the eject button in the green, although a perfect eject is supposed to be a bonus, not an essential to complete the mission.
I saw that you can pick up people but i finished the game but nothing i was thinking that you can pick up people but no now i lerned that what you see is not always real😕
Good game but just needs a reverse button because atm you have to end the game if u end up needing to reverse and brake button needs a fix because once you press it you cant get it off takes loads of press's to get it back off plus it makes the game stutter very badly and landing on a aircraft carrier also makes it stutter please fix it really ruins the enjoyment
Its a very nice game I love this game but you should add more missions and more planes. The good thing is that there is no ads I m very happy with this.
This game doesn't show me how to fly down and not look what I have to do I have to go down like still up up and then the auto show me to go up down like that she had your game Heidi I don't like hi I don't like your games guys please make it better
Best aeroplane game but add more missions and a player should be able to have his or her own aeroplane company where he can be flying to different world airport transportating goods and passengers... please it can be a great game
Very interesting and very beautiful game the game has more levels and more than aircraft please download very very
When I Play graphics are super but please can you add more missions that involve with easter like fly and collect eggs and more planes like an Antonov or a Tupolev Still it is the best flying game ever!
Nice grafics and I had lot of fun missions are wonderful this is the best game for me I enjoyed very much 😁 Flights and jets are just super
i dont like this...when u free fly then keep on crashing and play again when u start flying u crash i hate it
I love it just the only bad thing is it lags and the graphics are crappy And it is hard to drive if that was fixed I would love it
I don't understand all the negative reviews. What do you expect from 125 MB? It has missions and freeflight. Graphics are decent on high but a bit laggy on weaker systems. Area size adequate, handling good. Has cockpit view. Please add a map.
I liked this game, but here in the images it's showing that there are many plane in the airport ready to depart and many planes are flying and real passengers are there but in real there are no passengers and only one plane that is mine.... Please update, that the game becomes like that only that how it's given in the images and can you upload an emirates flight also, if you so all this then I will give you ten stars like this - (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) or I can give you more than that also... Please.
Well I like the game because it is very realistic but there should be a option to flip the controls so the throttle is on the right and the joystick is on the left
This game is awesome because you get to fly different types of aeroplanes THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!! You guys for creating such an encredible fantastic game the best part of it is the controls are easy to use thank you,thank you , THANK YOU GUYSSSSSS!!!!!!! I LILE THIS GAME . HACKERBOY 9Ó the second best part is you get to fly interior I love this game .COMPLETED IT THE 26/01/2020 i finally became the best flight pilot in the game no offense
This game is fantastic. The controls are so smooth and graphics are also very good.When I play this game I feel like flying a real aeroplane.
I realy not like this game but this game not very intresting but control system is very bad please very improve controll sytem
This is not as shown in first few images but is it is fun so a 4 star One of the Best Bring more planes and more levels Maybe Multiplayer for combat with fighter jets
The game is very nice first level is very nice but second level is very very very very very very very very difficult and so so so so so so so so so so dirty and I don't like this game I like first level but I don't like second level
Good game but need more missions and more planes maybe some helicopter missions only bad thing is when clame 20 present more I get ripped off.
this game is wierd i know it took a lot of time to make like almost every game and tge graphics ar ok but the crash animation is ok
Review from actual pilot: Yoke responds to input as it should. Sink rate is alittle much for the smaller planes. The basic controls make it relaxing. I really enjoyed this arcade style "Simulator" The price for the planes and levels though is too ritch for me. Good luck with that, It's good but not that good
I give this game 5 rate because there are five things in this game 1 it has realistic passenger 2 worlds airport open 3 there very realistic plane 4 it has truck 5 there are other plane and i can give 15 rate and please solve this put real plane like indigo,air Asia,air india,all nippon airways by by and i thank to that gentle man who make this game
ATTENTION, This is not a simulator, it is a cheap arcade game. graphic suck, the devs had no idea how a plane works. if your 6 yrs old and bored it might be ok for them.
I would rank this game 2 in all flight simulators...... Not bad...... Optimum experience👍😎 Only real pilots can understand the controls
Pretty cool game. Reason of my three star is because on some flying missions there is soo much lag. there is no way to lower that lag and another problem lags when ever you land.hey im not trying to be a hater im just saying to pleeeeeaaaaasss fix that bug and i will give big five stars
This is very good game for time pass and also one thing us good in this game is that its enhances our concentration and its relief stress
It was a nice game Trying to get more nice games like this Graphics are good So the best aeroplane game this is.
This flight simulator is pretty awesome, I like it, this very fun to play but next time, pls make the runway even more realistic, not making the runway from roads, thank you
This game is superb without ads I am giving full 5 stars I also like to play flying games the options are realistic and the best I have seen 😀 I love this game just started playing it but love it I am going to play this game for many years than,s for the one who created this app really apprecitable
This game is horrible, flight controls are all wrong, when I lift the plane the joystick moves to left/right and changes the course, also when I climb the speed goes down, I happen to know enough about planes to know that this is all wrong.
I like this game the graphics is ok ans av already unlocked almost all the plane the landing is perfect that is why i gave it five star
This game is not that fun because when your landing its to hard,how? When your pushing the joystick to land it still turns itself
It is an ok game the graphics do need some improvement however and its not really a simulator. However its pretty good for a mobile game and sure there are games like infinint flight however for the ammount of storage it takes on your phone it is quite good.
Had game 3weeks,fun and exciting at first!! Levels got more excessively difficult!!!very little tolerance ,weak instructions ruin game for Many aps.choice of aircraft good if you are good!!graphics excellent..you will love it!!!till#4lv.
This game is I probably don't know because at the start of the basics is not good the takeoff and manoeuvre is good but the landing is worst. For me, the game screen it completely shakes off and from that moment the the joystick which is the control I have taken completely loses its sensitivity and even if I try to do tilt it down it only tilts to upto 2%. That's why I have given it 2 star.
Don't install this stupid game bad graphics bad control and when I stop playing and I go back to home screen then also the music of this game is not stopping then I uninstalled it then the music stop
I wasted my all the resources needed to install. After installing whenever l open it takes me back to the home screen.
Somewhat realistic flight Dynamics. Good audio and graphics. Sufficient controls and instrumentation. Not tedious. Does not ask for intrusive device permissions.
I like this game very much but it is a problem in level10 that problem is the airolpane is out of contorl for few second i hope you will fix the problem
This game is really nice but while landing the plane I have lots of issues like the plane is going out of control so I think you may see it
I don't know why people have this game 4stars. I won't call it a simulator as it's physics, controls are not mature enough. it's a good game for passing time and that's it. Missions are so easy I completed all of them in just 4 days. Only that extreme Landing mission was tough. It can be a good simulator but it needs a lot of hard work.
Nice game but not interesting graphics is nice. But it is not passanger flight game I hope game company improve this problems and update the game.
Quite cool game, controls are good, graphics are nice... Landing was bit confusing for me but I managed to Land perfectly after 2 times crash 😆😆 Overall very nice Simulator on play store... Good job.. Loved it.. ☺☺
Best Flight Simulator I have played in yrs Just bring more Jets and Levels that's it and add more operational runway in free flight and one more aircraft carrier Also Add Multiplayer Free Flying and Online Combat with extra fighter jets into the game
C'mon, you guys can do better by offering a more realistic game, it may even generate more lucrative advertising for you, .... get out of the basement.
i rate it 4 stars because simple game but not yet simulator. if all team can gave more another features on NEXT UPDATE i will give it 5 stars! This game has a potential and very good, my only suggest to make it more simulator alike is to have MORE functional like FLAPS and RUDDER control, more camera view.The cockpit make more Realistic and also the NAVIGATIONAL LIGHTS.add weather scenarios and have a DAY and NIGHT cycle, also make more MAPS,more airplanes like AIRBUS series.thanks a lot GUYS!
It is a good game but after you complete all of the campaign levels there is only a free flight mode which gets really boring.
It has bad controls,bad graphics,and when you start training the plane glitches a little for me so its a bad game.
This game sucks in images it is showing that there is a lot of passengers and planes but in reality there is only your plane and physics rip you cannot ask developers for physics this is the worst game I have ever seen this is garbage and the aircraft models is also rip names also rip means the whole game is in rest in peace never download it
Game is good the graphics are also fine and realistic I would like if you added more airports and people getting in the plane
I kind of like this game and I don't not very realistic because when you try to like stop it like immediately breaks and then it's not very realistic it's just rip tires like add a reverse thrust animation and it would be all fine with like but I like how it has a cockpit view very nice but kind of sucks at the same time because you know will a reverse thrust animation that would be pretty cool but it's unrealistic how it stops so yeah this game is kind of cheap.