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Flick Kick Football Legends

Flick Kick Football Legends for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by PIKPOK located at Level 7 Willbank House 57 Willis Street Wellington New Zealand 6011. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good football game. The traits system really make the user want to collect more player. The micro transaction does not affect the game as the cash is easy to collect and player level up easily. Really hope that this game will get more major update in the future.
I wanted to give it negative one (-1) as long as you get to another level it will be very hard to score you can't even score at least one goal so please change it update the app.
Can't transfer your save from another device. Also goalkeeper is often pre determined to save your shot no matter how accurate it is.
It was really fun especially when you just started, you move up to leagues and start building your roster, eventually you will hit higher leagues and it becomes hard to farm money to buy cards and progression will feel slow just to open packs and level up your players. Maybe adding daily quest would fix and reward us with money to help us save for buying packs as well as have a goal that we feel like we're accomplishing. Another thing I find is that leveling up my players takes a lot of time just to max them, maybe adjusting how much xp a player can get per game would help. Overall it was a really fun game and provides a different experience but like other games, it eventually feels like progression slows down.
Very fun and enjoyable game, they do push microtransactions a little but you can easily play the game and well without spending a penny. Great concept of packing players, collecting them in your club and leveling up their traits as you play through the divisions. As far as football games go on phones and tablets this is right up there with the best! :D
Steady game.. played the game a bit longer now.. nice to see an active developer responding. Tbh. The higher the leagues you go it becomes practically impossible to score or win. I have purchased a few packs but im afraid the price to growth ratio is out balanced.. not meant as a negative.
I've played this game for 30 minutes and I love it!I like the simple controls,the gameplay is nice as it is easy and sometimes difficult,I also like the retro design of like playing football in the 70's.
beautiful design in tradition of vintage english soccer comics , challenging enough with very nice game mechanics and touch of zany humor
I love this game so much it interesting 😁 and easy to play but you can't play it how u like, apart from that everything is going on well so far this game good then other so I love it 😍😍😁
Very fantastic game. I love the graphics, it's very challenging, overall, this game is 10 out of 10. Thumbs ups to the guys who made this.
i love how this game is rigged in infinity mode where you cant get the ball from players since they come to close unableing you to use the screen penalties are impossible to catch and when you have the ball the same position is repited multiple times in order for you to fail... so they make you spend 💰 or watch videos to get better player's but you will never win
great artwork. controls need improvement. too many ads which disrupts the experience of the game. you can't enjoy the game once you progress a bit as you'll have to spend real money.
The balance between interesting and rewarding gameplay and the apparent need of the developer to take as much cash as possible seems completely unrealistic here. Freemium is generally an awful way to force players to become payers but in this game there seems to be a massive demand for cash to buy cards to get anywhere. I do like the retro footy feel but that quickly passes as you realise just how much you would need to spend to become proficient.
The game was good at first and now it has become totally difficult to take the ball away from opponents and the defense is Soo tight. In your next update make the game a little more easier.
Really great, but controls like curve has to be Improved and further than that everything great as i expected..
Quality game & a lot of fun, but lazy programming in higher leagues mean instead of a proper difficulty buff you just end up losing clean goal opportunities to set pieces. Went four consecutive games where every final pass became either a corner or a free instead, with no opening on goal. Could be a bug, more likely the developers simply phoning it in.
Was quite fun in the beginning and leading up to the 2nd to last division and all of a sudden everything is like 200x faster. No point even trying to tackle cos they have the speed of usain bolt on crack and the goal keepers can cover the length of the goal like pergect bottom corner and guess what! keeper like mr elastico from fantastic 4 saves it!!!! Was fun jow its just annoying and its no longer the game id play to calm down its now the game that makes me wanna break something.
Difficult to control ball movement. Too many ads, almost one after another. I can't get any good football stars because i don't have enough cash, making it difficult to play properly while staying f2p. Too little stamina at one go+ too long for refills. Game is so obviously so pay 2 win. Waste of time.
Great game though there are too many ads and no option to buy a version withoit ads. Also you can't play the game while listening to music which according to me is a big minus. But great gameplay and a nice concept to portray a football game.
This game is good enough for me to forgive the endless ads. The recharge time to be able to play games is a little bit silly I can play for about 10 mins every 3 hrs, it's a shame as the game is otherwise great.
Increased my rating as it turns out the bugs which occasionally deny you clear goals are NOT exclusive to the "rival" games, and they are rare enough to not be a huge problem. Also, micro-transactions are 100% not necessary to progress, and complete, the game. The amount of premium currency given by watching ads is very generous and it only takes about 20 mins to watch enough to get the big boy Legendary card pack. Overall very well-balanced game.
A very well made game with less mb and it's worthy as it has many chapters to play and even having practice option if energy gets over.
Pretty simple flick game though the control isn't smooth at times. Graphics are cool and that's the reason I've downloaded this game. The gameplay is fun and it's a good time killer. Will change to five stars if : 1. I don't mind to pay to remove ads. Watching ads for game money is fine since you can choose to watch or not. But almost after finish every game there's an ad is simply irritating. 2. Balance the game a bit, the opposition goalkeeper is madness. 3. Login bonus would be a nice idea.
This is a really good game I used to play it on my iPad and decided to download it on my android phone turns out there is no way I can save my progress from my iPad to my android phone what I suggest is a way to backup your work with a Facebook account which makes it easy for anyone to switch phones or do anything in the app with ease. Thank you
its a new kind of football playing experience. but there is an issue. when i won two match out of 4 and my energy lebel is not enough then i wait for this. i close the application but after that i have got full energy level i open the app and my winning matches are gone from the league.
I love this game best soccer game that I have played for mobile can you pls make a nother one but with teams now form all over the world 😁😁
I remember playing this game when it first came out and also supporting the developers by buying in game cash. This time around I have an ad banner at all times at the top of the screen then I finished a match and got an ad video then the commentary came on and another video ad. Uninstalled immediately. Why is mobile gaming so trash!?
The game idea is great just improve the curve, since it doesn't work sometimes also add the option to watch videos for bucks or at least for coins, there is very little gaining by playing match's and that discourage new players
I used to play this game on my iPhone some time ago, but I had purchased a Samsung, as the battery life was inadequate. When I transferred over, I realised that I deleted my apps and had not memorised the name of this game... Only now in 2019 has the Play Store recommended this game for me and I am so happy to have it back. This game is simple enough to pick up on and challenging in its tournament based play style, but with coin rewards that will easily allow you to attain additional players.
Probably the worst flick football I've tried and that takes some doing. I like the 70s style setting with all the perms and bushy moustaches but the gameplay is so poor as to make the game ridiculous. Then there are the adverts and the pay to play, never mind pay to win attitude on display. I wouldn't even tell my worst enemy to install this game, do yourself a favour and avoid it.
It gets to a point where you have nowhere to pass the ball to. Two defenders are between you and your teammate and they are moving just in front of him... And don"t get me started on the goalkeeping... When you have to lose you have to lose. I"m really sorry for the time I wasted on this game.
It's a very good and addicting game but there could still be a few improvements. Such as name changing. But the controls are fine apart from when the ball randomly curves when I try to do a straight pass and I lose possession. Other than that it is a great game.
Good game overall. Just one thing looks really odd. There are no players named after the real football legends and most unacceptable were the names of the league teams. Please work on that and I promise this will be superb.
deep gameplay but sooo simple to use, cool retro style of design and art as well as being full of hidden little jokes on cards and all throughout the game, definitely one of the best phone games especially if your even the slightest of football fans
This game is fast paced, easy 2 control, simple enough for everyone over 8 years old to understand and finally entertaining!!
great game , need to lower price for stamina, or allow to refill with coins or ads rathan than cash. overall great game! will give fifth wen improved.