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Flaming Core

Flaming Core for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Habby located at 10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Got pretty good controls and decent difficulty so far. Really haven't gotten far enough to judge past that. Only level 3
Too much ADs. 30 second Ads forced to watch. Unacceptable. If you turn off your internet, it removes the Ads but costs 80 orbs to continue, and you dont gain orbs fast enough to pay that. Add option to pay to remove Ads AND remove or lower the cost to continue play. Uninstalled until the game is fixed.
Kinda like a mix of simulator games and strategy games ( i hate simulator games so 4 stars and some times it lags) and ads 4 stars not bat yet not good
Good game...there are a ton of adds but they are rewarding to watch. As for the gameplay its very simple and straightforward.
Controlling the ball sometimes is very hard.... But overall the game is awesome, everyone should play this game.
I love there games and this one is amazing I love the music and the only thing that I dont like is when you are right infront of a turret and it fires at the last second
Maybe you can add an easy mode for their less enemies and checkpoints and a nightmare mode where there's a bunch of enemies at every corner there will be no breaks and nightmare mode
the game is awsome..its been a while i played games like this..tge graphics is great..im enjoy playing this game😁✌️..Also..keep on addin more challenging levels..cant wait to play
Have no idea what the game is like... Looked like a lot of fun but as soon as a game wants access to my call functions and my media on my phone I will deny and unistall immediately. My gaming profile on Google sure... Thats all you need
One of the appealing games with catchy gameplay and design. Difficulty increases gradually and appropriately to keep you addicted.
Good, challenging and addictive game. But the side missions are not up to the mark (so I left it at the start). The robot mode is very easy, the challenge mode is too tough and the bounce mode was the worst as it restricts the character's direction of movement. But the main campaign was excellent. Good themes and everything else was excellent.
This is a great game. And 3 years ago I played this game. And in quarantine I have nothing to play so i choose the game again and itzz sounds are changed but this effect id πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŽ‰.
It's a very good game with a decent amount of content and it's also pretty challenging as someone who finished the game i give it 5 stars :)
One of those rare games that looks and plays exactly as it was advertised. So many mobile games these days use footage from other games, then are trash when you play them. Fun and intense, and best of all just as advertised.
good graphics, good gameplay, and good levels. I love this game and I just got this today. can you guys make a pvp race on who reaches the end first. Just keep on making the game better than it already is.
This is an amazing app experience! One of the best I've had for so long. This is THE app. It's so fun and equally challenging. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone
Way too many ads and it very laggy! Keeps on crashing from time to time! I played your other games, Penguin Isle and Archero and it was absolutely amazing! I did not expect you make such a bad game!
It's a very entertaining game with amazing graphics and to me its difficulty makes it all the more satisfying to win
This is one of the best games ever it has super good graphics I thoug I was a very bad he but I got it and it is pretty good is awsome so you should get it because it has a lot of levels it has good graphics and is really fun get it. Thx for reading
A bit too hard for my taste, as the experience curve is a bit too early in my opinion. great game nontheless
Great game! Graphics are excellent and it runs smoothly on my Galaxy S9. Love the atmosphere the game creates too.
Nicce game with nice graphics, overall gameplay is very nice, but about the ball, I just hope you could atleast change the colour of the ball. And I expect that on the next update... please.
Its a great concept and idea for a game, i love it, i love the levels, the unique game design and overall just the journey throught the game, but an amazing feature would be to be able to make your own base and like other people atacking the base and see if they can get in and if they can an award is waiting for them, the base would have many gadgets to choose from so you can protect your base, if the game developers are reading this please add that feature!
Awesome game! the controls are very simple and easy to get used too. I cant believe that I haven't gotten this game already!
Fantastic game. Not infested with ads. Cool background music. One of the most wonderful games out there.
I really loved the graphical manipulations from a programming standpoint. really amazing design , logic and implementation. You guys will grow big. I see huge potential. Keep it up.
Grate game, its really nice. Good job! One recomendation to the dev: Could you please seporate the ball and bot controls, id like to use one with reverse and the other not. So i can draw back on the ball and lead the bot.
Love it! Too bad the lack of levels, finished it very quickly and now I got nothing to do and that's a shame for this game.
the game is fun and I will kinda addicting as the levels get harder and the difficulty increases. the only thing that bothers me is the controls it can be a little wonky at times, that's why it gets a 4 out to 5
Annoying glitches. The game is superb but the damn glitches. Even after I've cleared the stage the ball keeps rolling & it ends only when I die. So damn annoying when u pull off all d timings right only to forcefully die. Plz fix it n I'll change the rating.
A whole new level gaming !! And this is just a request. The gameplay is soo cool. Why not record every gameplay and ask to replay the game is epic slowmotion just to see in every end ?
Really is a great game, looks good even with low graphics, and the objectives are simple yet eventful. My only gripe is the ads. It has the option to watch an ad for something, I would guess a retry after failing, but it never rolls the ad and no retry is given, it just takes a life away and continues like normal. This wouldn't be the worst except there's only 5 battery, about 3 lives per lvl and I've wasted many when a new obstacle is encountered and I try to figure it out. That's about it, gg.
Very nice graphics and animation! The music is also cool, but repeats a lot. The gameplay is simple, but fun!
Really nice game i actually played it when it had 4 chaptersand finished it. Used to play it on high graphics. Then saw it had a new chapter and downloaded it. Its still a great game, has some new features. But there is skipping and some lag while you play (my graphic quality was on middle btw) and it is kinda triggering. With some devolepment it could be great tho. And again please fix the lag issues. And your game is awesome. Keep it up.
Great fun game,if you wanna past time this is a good game to play. good controls,graphics and soundtrack
I don't have a single complaint. Smooth controls and beautiful graphics. I also love how the ads are completely optional, and aren't required to progress. At first I didn't like the battery system, but once I realized that you could buy them with in game currency, I was sold.
i dont normally rate games so when I do just know its that awesome❀❀ (EDIT: It was a 5 star but now I'm having an issue where the frames will freeze like 7 times per map and basically ruin my gameplay, I'm on a faster device than the original one I used so I really can only say its because of the updates)
Sometimes when I finished the final stage(defeat all the enemies) the game just keeps going and the game won't end. There are no retry button for me to make the bug disappear and need to start over again and again hoping the bug will disappear for me to proceed to the next level. Even more, when I press the stop button, the ball will move slow and it just continue goes slow and I cannot control the ball. (In normal version, the ball will move slow when you continue) Please fix this bug.
kept freezing eventualy my device froze good gameplay but froze my devise so i would not install again.
Awsome.... This game has potential... If they add more items and stage... Long press explode, jump block... Friends... Arena... And more pvpand mvp stuff.. With gold and money.... And types of balls.. And home which is secured and use for storage and stealing it..... This game code rock
This app awesome. But the reason I rated this app is really hard to control. And when ever I play a level ads pop up and they finish it says game over
This game is just great i would give it five stars but I feel you could add a bit more variety to the modes but apart from that thanks for an entertaining game.
Its just perfect! Cool Concept, amazing graphics, great soundtrack... Like this game is just... Perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Very challenging. Too much so at times but it's usually very smooth. I'm addicted. However, I wish there were less times when I was just being encroached on. I wish there wasn't a battery meter. I dislike it when games only allow you to play a certain amount before you have to wait for more "energy." So far I haven't had much of an issue with it but it slowed me down in the beginning. Over all, this is a very pristine game. Great challenges to overcome as well as diverse and interesting foes. :)
The game is very good but when I played it it was like very very very hard but it is very very fun too and that's why I am giving five stars to be challenging
Love the graphics! The controls are easy to get used to and this has become one of my favorites. I'm ok with the limit when playing since I don't want to get addicted which is easy for a game like this. Keep up the great work and I'll be looking out for future games like this one.
Whatever this is, it's absolutely exhilarating! Gameplay is not very easy, yet not too difficult either, and we get to customize our already beautiful core. You think you could add a level editor (and let us share it to others)? That would be WICKED. Edit: Why are the graphics only 1.9 stars? That's stupid.
It is a very cool game, interesting and to my knowledge, a unique concept. Some levels may be hard at first but you'll eventually get the hang of it. Neat and fitting soundtrack, pleasing graphics. It has an energy system but it's actually pretty well balanced, not that restrictive. This one is worth your shot!
An excellent game. I would recommend creating an endless mode as there isn't much to do after passing all the levels. Also, please abolish the battery system, they remove much of the fun from the game and can actually decrease engagement. This could be replaced by adding consumables that can be purchased using energy.
I absolutely love this game. The graphics are very pleasing, the frame rate is very good, and fairly impressive. I love the art style, and the futuristic soundtrack matches really well. I really enjoy that it's not repetitive, or easy, but it's hard enough I want to keep playing. I like that I don't have to wait to play, and I can just get some levels in whenever. I had a problem with ads, they get annoying, and sometimes I'll watch a video and not get the reward for it. Overall I loved it.
Extraordinary! This is one of my favorites and the levels were quite challenging. I reached the end with my sweaty hands somehow but I would love to see a battle arena in this game! Entering an arena where enemies constantly spawn and defeating them gives cube currency. This game is just breathtaking.
I played it in past years and this time the changes are awesome... attacking robot is a good change....very good game ...I enjoyed it a lot....
Good game concept, but my only problem is that it's laggy no matter which phone i use even on high end phones
Game is really fun and perfect as a mobile game, very tight controls and some great graphics. The ads are a little bit intrusive but not too bad.
The game is good but when i choose the high graphics and did nothing the graphics is still the same…!!
this game is great and everything but I have one thing to say I think will make that game even better...endless mode. Having a game that doesn't really end and with those great levels and great graphics is surely a great idea. that's my opinion at least
Enjoyed the game all the way! I gave it 4 stars because sometimes the ball did not bounce back from enemies hit, rather it went through and I have no idea what triggers that. Also, I guess I am between those 1% since the game is advertised that only 1% complete the game.
Fantastic game nothings wrong with it its fantastic really difficult need to wach ads for lives beacuse i had to recommend to get this game super fun
Good game. The gameplay is nice, the graphics look good and the music is nice as well. Two questions: 1. Why does the game ask for location permission to be allowed all the time? 2. Is there a way to remove forced ads? Thanks.
The game is relay cool, and animations are great. But i suggest you to make some skins and abilities for robots. And i like to listen different music between the levels.
Stunning graphics, great music, levels are really well thought out. I really wish it had the option to pull back to aim instead of in the same direction, because often my finger gets in the way. Still really loving it.
I think it's pretty cool, so far the ads to play rate has been pretty fair in my opinion plus it's easy enough to play through. it's basically just setting up the next shot with tap and hold (then arrange the next shot while still holding then release) as soon as you hit the target.
Five stars, but, the game needs a development in the graphics. All of the qualities of this game are great and it is an extreme brain developing game, but, I believe the game is gonna attract more and more followers if the graphics is a "high class" version. Makes it really attractive. Nothing more to say about it. Amazing game! ❀
I have no real complaints. Challenging but not frustrating, excellent music and graphics, tight responsive controls, and a fun concept. Very fun game.
Honestly, this is the first game in which I have intentionally watched complete ads just to revive myself and complete the level. Please don't install it you've some important work to do or if your exams are going on. It's very addictive!
Very Very Very Awesome And Excellent Game , The Background Sounds, Gameplay And ofcourse the graphics are well designed and awesome. The game's effects are next level and when your player (the ball) touches the boundary it's like it's a hack effect. Very Good And Awesome Game. Hoping that flaming core 2 will be coming soon and will be more awesome than its first part...
Im only giving 3 stars because the game is insalenly enjoyable... However you can only play 5 levels then you have to either wait or use your hard earned crystals to buy more batteries. And there is no option to go ad free which is very frustrating.
Hey, guys! Another really great game of yours! But I have something to say: I downloaded all your games and noticed that de screen icon is a squared photo inside a white circle. Can you change that and make the icon like a big photo of the game? Really thanks! And keep the good jog going on!! Bruno.
Game is great, but it's not generous at all. To upgrade your core you need at least 800 points, which you only get about 125 points after the first 5 levels. And after the first 5 levels you get only 3 tries per playthrough. And to top it all off, there's an "energy" system. Forces you to stop playing and wait until the energy recharges, from which you could play the game again. I suggest waiting until this aspect of the game is changed, or you could ignore this game entirely.
Wonderful game...has exquisite ways of destroying bots...gives an old feeling of the game Max Payne 3
Good game good for time pass. Entertaining and nice levels. It is offline game and it's simple control makes it a simple and good game
nice game to be honest... no actually the BEST game. the graphics, the game system is on point ,Recommend this game.
Very good game and mechanics, but it has a lot of unused potential. Would love to see some sort of a star system that limits how many times you can move in a round for various stars, or perhaps a hard mode where you don't get slowed down when changing directions. Overall a pleasant experience, but the charge system makes it impossible to play for more than 5-10 minutes at a time, which is a shame
Good game, free play by watching simple ads which aren't too hard on you makes this an enjoyable one.
Boys and Girls this is the game for offline gamers and solo gamers and even team playing can try this solo game. The graphics, the music !!!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ”₯πŸ”₯🀯🀯🀯
Very nice game...boredom killer.. Best part is you can play offline... Good job.. I'm giving 4 cos I just started playing.. Will definitely increase to 5stars for me
Truly amazing experience! Kudos to the devs for making such an unique game concept. (Suggestion: Please add some better EDM music, it will make gameplay even more thrilling).
Sometimes before you hit the red shooting things with less than 1 secomd they hit you and its very frustrating and also whenever you lose you go back and you have limited lives so please include all of that if there is a new update
This is a great game BUT the ads kill it. Too many of them, they disrupt what would be a very polished gaming experience. I would happily pay to get rid of them. Please give us this option. This is a five star game but until the ads can be removed, I can only give one star. Sorry. When will devs realise - ADS AND GAMES DON'T GO! I've been playing video games for forty years. Pacman, Mario, Tomb Raider, GTA, Gears of War etc: all no ads. Now I gotta put up with constant adverts?! JUST SAY NO!!
Very nice its gives off a retro type vibe very amusing a but difficult but its exciting to pass the levels i would rate 10 if 5 stars isnt the limitπŸ‘πŸ‘
Great concept. However beside the ads issue addressed by others (which can be solved by turning off internet access), there're few bugs noticed during the gameplay. 1. Game stucks at loading screen, need to restart the app 2. Game doesn't advance to the next level after destroying the enemies, clearing again fixes the issue, but would be frustrating for those who have cleared hard difficulty level *note this is based on personal experience after ~2 hours of gameplay
I'm really enjoying this game but after challenge level 39 I started having some glitches. Everytime I completed a level they just zoom in on my ball but they wouldn't say I won or give me anything. Upon restarting the game I had to reclear the level again and sometimes it would happen more than once on the same level. Please fix this and I'll give this game 5 stars
the game is alright, but every time i mute an ad, the game crashes, its really annoying, because im not going to listen to that stupid ad
Great game with mind-appealing graphics and soundtracks. The physics of the game is quite spot on, and that combined with its aesthetics makes it a very futuristic and addictive game. All elements of it appeal to me enough for 5 stars!
Music is HYPE, but the levels are too long (5 stages each). Took a while before the controls became clear (needed to control the ball/core mid-launch); perhaps a more visible hint would help. Game seems to be fun but I don't always have time to do more than one stage at a time.
This game is pure amazingness! I just love this game! It is like I am in a futuristic world and I am fighting tons of super powerful enemies!I also like the fact that you can just drag the screen a little and aim to your enemies and everything becomes slow motion when you aim!πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—β­β­βœ¨βœ¨πŸŒŸβ™₯️β™₯οΈπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️❣️❣️β™₯️β™₯οΈπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸŒŒπŸŒŒπŸŒŒπŸŒŒπŸŒŒπŸŒƒπŸŒƒπŸŒƒπŸŒƒπŸŒƒβ˜„οΈβ˜„οΈβ˜„οΈβ˜„οΈπŸŒ πŸŒ πŸŒ πŸŒ  GET THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!!!!!
The game is awesome, it's really worth it, but i had the game for at least a year and new levels come out so rarely, i think new levels came out just once since i have the app
Great game. Good music that actually fits the game. Controls are perfect and easy to learn. It gets a bit repetitive, but I still enjoyed playing it to the end.
ok so 1st thing this game is hard 2nd its amazing 3rd it's great if you want to pass time and your bored and lol I just downloaded it and I can tell you its definitely great for passing time
So far, a very addictive, fun game. There are unskippable ads in here which is not great, but when i play this, i do so without the wifi so that is avoided. Overall, a great game so far.
it was really nice to play this game. Normally, certain games starts to bore you. I don't know exactly why? but still some games really do suck. But boy.... this is one of the best games that I have played since a long time. It's levels get way hard making it way more intresting than other games like smash hit or other arcade games...
Okay first of all. The game is really fun, but i have a couple problems with. The 30s forced and uskippable ads are really annoying, but i just turn of my internet and its fine, so not that really big of a problem. The real problem i have, is that sometimes when i finish the level my game doesnt acknowledge that and im forced to restart, by using a battery or dying. Sometimes even i beat the level but i just bounce in slow-motion and i cant go to another one. Can you fix these issues?
Hands down a fantastic game that is somehow made unplayable lol. So sad i wish the devs would put a feature in where u could pay to remove adds. But with the type of die and try again gameplay, having 30 second adds shoved down your throat is nuts. That being sad if was given the option to pay X$ and remove adds would gladly revist this title.
Good graphics, great controls, the maps are fun, challenging but never unfair. There might be a little grind for unlocking new levels, but as of the 1st area, you naturally acquire more than enough currency to unlock the next area while playing casually. Complete freedom over how you want to tackle the level, hands down among the top fun games for Android phones. Love it!
I have completed all the stages.. I dont know what to do... Either they update it or i will have to delete itπŸ˜‚
Best game ever. I hope you add some of these things:- 1. New levels 2. New balls with new abilities 3. New trails 4. A level creator 5. ability to play other player-made levels Please add at least one of these things...
pretty fun game, best time to play is when you wake up as it snaps your brain and feeds it, but downside, wish there was more levels, finished the game in about 3days or so but still got challenges left
Very challenging game, the beginning is easy as it introduces you into the Flaming Core. Definitely the best phone game I've played in a while. The challenge mode is difficult right off the bat which is perfect if you're looking for more action. Would have loved to test this game in early stages, I think it has a lot of potential. Great work.
Hands off to the developers of this game!!!!πŸ‘β€ This game is soooooooo Gooooodddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! But still there are some things that will make it even better:- 1) Please add so that we can purchase the Gems, and the 'No ad' purchase too... 2)Add Competitive Multiplayer to this game, it will make it even more good!!!!!! 3)They should constantly keep adding new cores and new trails and new Levels (pls) 4)I don't know what more you can, but there is always space to add something moreπŸ˜‰β€ :)
The developers of this game have done a incredible job and making this game, the sounds and animations are all smooth and the concept of this game is very creative, I am hoping to see more games like this one because this is amazing even though it may seem like a simple game.
This is quite frankly one of the best mobile games in existence. I love the graphics the game manages to be challenging but in a way that makes it even more fun. And oh my God the graphics. Incredible game, developers keep it up
Simple and addicting, though I do wish there were different dubstep loops for each level. 5 stars if you do this lol. loving the dubstep loop but it's just the 1 loop, it kind of enhances the gameplay, it wouldn't be a bad idea to add a different loop for each level.
A nice game, pretty relaxing but it could get way better if you added a thing were you could create your own track
It wasn't as expected as it is shown in pictures. To many ads, and slow game movement. Didn't felt like excited after playing.
Very good addictive game. I have reached till sandforce yet. But I love it. I am waiting for Second version of this game Habby. Please bring it fast.πŸ˜…
awesome game , i love to doing some epic slow motion , and i will giving 5 star if there has endless mode
it's a really fun and good looking game. Ads are handled well, they aren't too annoying like a lot of other reviews mention. The only problem I have is the different ball abilities do not seem to be working correctly. If they fix that then I will change to five stars but it's still a solid game as it stands.
it's a very good combination of concept, graphics,smooth gameplay. It deservs a 5β˜…. wish you guys can bring more for us πŸ‘πŸ‘
Great game, challenging. However I'd like to able to buy an add free version. Then id play it all the time. Nice idea, fellows!
Very good game and attractive for people who like holding their phone. It is really good for passing time
Every thing awesome in this ge graphics, experience but have a problem thus game is toooooo hard to play so only 3
The game is fun but it's a shame that it runs on an energy system why limit our game play time with energy batterys. It would help to remove it
Wonderful game, pretty different from other games, yet not entirely original, very good game, and with great graphics, it's really a good game for a price of free. highly recommended. the controls are interesting, with a small learning curve, but overall pretty good if you play on tablet or phone.
Like the gameplay, it's challenging, and at times it gets me pissed. But still one of the best games I've ever played
This game is really fun and somewhat frustrating at times. I do wish there was a bigger selection of levels, skins, etc.
I love this game and the developers for a few prime reasons, but the main one is the way the ads are handled. Scummy developers like Voodoo and KetchApp force ads down your throat every other failure. Honestly, nothing is more frustrating than having your "momentum" cut off by an ad 90% of the time, but this game only let's you use them as a conservation of "momentum," which is great! I'm fine with watching an Ad upon death knowing it was fully optional, and it supports good developer practices.
really good well executed and original concept only thing I could possibly ask for is a non slow motion replay at the end of each level. could you please do that?
I love the update it's amazing... I don't really know how to describe this game it's makes me unsure of explaining
Best game evah! The graphics are AWESOME btw. I downloaded it and now 2 mins later. Im in love with the game. This game is da best.
really great game and sometimes rage inducing.The ads are quite bothersome but not as bad as those from Voodoo.
Just an Amazing and Fantastic Experience of this Innovative Idea...There are very few BEST games for Android that make us simulate bullet time and this is one of them....Just need to change the level-up mechanics that takes us to the previous level after 3 attempts....or else,, LOVED IT !!
Gameplay is pretty good, but when you get to sanforce level 7, all the levels just starts to depend on chance and luck. The bomb is way too sensitive, should make it have a larger hitbox. And sometimes you just can't pass a level because of the spinners. You are pretty much trapped if you happen to meet one in front a enemy. It gets way too hard and rigged as the level goes. Started off good, ended with dissapointment.
This game is fabulous and greatest game so color ful graphics 😍😘 thank you developers to make these kind of game a great Remarkable work
I just love the idea of this game Graphics are cool Most loveliest thing is the slow motion 😍😍😍 Great work guys πŸ‘
doesn't work. I just get a static screen. no graphics accept for a couple of word that I can make out. please fix I was looking forward to playing this.
There seems to be a small glitch when you pause or get a second life with the core that doesnt bounce off enemys, it starts to, well, bounce off enemys!
This is so awsome good graphics and blast and other stuff,I lkie when you turn into a small shooting robot, this is five star
No doubt the best I've played :- It has all the features to term it master class. The brain development schemes put forward in the way of addictive challenges is interesting and dynamic with fast faced actions that gives a feeling of victory and adds to the superior vision of the developer. In short it's a 'blast'. Thank me l8r....
It's a great game, perfect for kill time and have some fun, but I really dislike the limited times to play in an certain amount of time, specially in the special modes, which is 1 per level but besides that, it's great
This game is lit, really lit. Although I had trouble with how to play the first two levels but I figured it out because the game's UI has telltale icons that will educate any beginner on what to do and the music - electronic jazz is on spot.
As a fellow game developer, I'd say this game is really all in! The game concept is really interesting, the art is just amazing and the sounds just goes with the game. All in all, the game is jus amazing. There could be some variety modes though, but it's a personal thought!
Great game! Fun gameplay with excellent music. A map editor or some sort of multiplayer experience will be nice.
I liked the concept, the whole slowing down time made for some really cool moments to look at, but then there things like the cyberspace motif, where it wasn't really implemented well, if they went went bigger on the cyberspace i think it would be great, and I feel like a story would be great to add music was ok, wish there was more than like 2 tracks but thats about it, I wouldnt totally write off this game
Love this game but if setting could be changed mid-level, that would be awesome. Plus if robot and ball control could be separated the game would be perfect
Really enjoyed this game. Wish there was more content and an ad free version. I would have paid for it. Is a little ad heavy but not too much; it doesn't ruin gameplay. P.S. The controls should be on "reverse" by default. It was awkward at first but I got used to it, then I discovered the setting. I was too used to the original controls to change by then.
Love it the graphics are so good and low space I love how you can stop holding it and slowes down the game so it helpes know where the bullets and plan a battle strategy. AWESOME GAME DEVELOPERS CONGRATULATIONS.
Great gameplay and the graphics are amazing. Can't wait for the new levels to come out since I finished it in 2 days. (for those wondering there are 160 levels. I didn't finished it so fast because there wasn't lot a levels but because it's addicting) Thumbs up developers!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ Edit: I just realised I was the first review. Can you tell me what's gonna be the event ??? Also I'm told all my friends about this game.
Please remove the energy required to play , and add some more interesting things . Like multiplayer etc and new events. But right now the gameplay is awesome , It definitely deserves a competitive multiplayer experience.
I didn't even play it yet&I like it!! 🌑️,I always read the reviews and everything else like that, we don't get the TV guide, no more?!!, So I read, read, read, everything, I'm I member of 7 libraries?? 5-stars!!
Very nice gameplay and quite challenging. it's just got boring after a few levels so maybe change something might work.
Nice graphics but there comes an issue of network unavailable even if the network is available. So I don't get to double my reward after each level due to this.Also in app ads plays nicely but when it comes to doubling the reward a message is displayed as network unavailable. Please resolve this.
i have one suggestion, when the level finish i would see the level replay in normal speed, that would be awesome
Would be 5 but ADS! To many ads for one level! But the rest is great I love the slow mode that it does.
While the game is not bad the number of ads is unacceptable. While I do understand an ad for a free retry or even for more "energy" or credits, an ad for every other lvl and every single death is just not right. Player beware.
Its simple controls with appealing graphics. The music however, does it ever change? I've played several levels now and its been the same song throughout the entire game, even the title screen. I can see this game becoming very stale because of that
Amazing art and fantastic concept which is well-implemented into the game. Would prefer if they removed the energy factor
Simple yet challenging. Visually looks good. However the 5 levels to progress a stage gets a bit tedious. Would love to have Google Play integration and explaination of each permission in app description.
I can't tell you my opinion since i am unable to play it for some reason, i installed it, i turned it on and then i got a fuzzy screen without anything, yes i took screenshots!
The app recently deleted all stored data (levels completed, in-game-currency earnt). If I hadn't had this issue this review would have been 4-5 stars.
there is a major flaw. 1. no time limit for which you can slow time 2. can slow time infinite number of times. Thus you can tap to slow every second and easily finish every level
Insanity in game such an awesome i have never played such an incredible game. By playing this i just feel like im in a movie. not literally a human type movie but if i was stuck in ball and performing awesome moves. so good.
Ive never played this sort of game before but im really enjoying it at the moment,The only thing i dont like is that you cant look at the map before you start so you know where the obstacles are but apart from that its good.
I don't care what anyone says THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MOBILE GAME ANYONE HAS EVER MADE!!! By the way the soundtrack in this game is FIRE you guys cam make a mix tape out of the soundtrack.
A great free to play game. It requires a lot of precision controls after a while, but the challenge never feels overwhelming. It's can get your adrenaline pumping, but you never get burned out playing the game. There are ads in the game, but you get a break from them enough to where you can actually enjoy the game and not feel forced to deal with ads every 5 seconds. 10/10. Would recommend this game to anyone who hasn't tried it yet.
It is a very good game, lag depends on your device, very addictive and fun. When you dodge the bullets with your awesome speed, it gives you that badarse feeling, it doesn't only give you different appearances but abilities too. It gives you trail design and different challenges. It has just the right amount of easy and hard levels. I highly recommend this game for people who want to have a feeling of power over anything and to people who like slo' mo games. I wish I could give this more stars!!
No instructions, confusing. Add a tutorial mode so I dont waste all my lives trying to figure the game out and then can't play cause I have to wait.
I only vote on games that really impress me or that piss me off. this one was the former. I've spent all day playing this game on every free moment and it just let's better as I go. to top it off, there are no forced ads and every time I watch an ad it's in exchange for for something that I feel is entirely worth the time invested. I highly suggest this game to anyone, it excels on every level. 5*'s.
Absolutely amazing game, it's addictive, fun and it has some good graphics for a game like this. 100% Recommended πŸ‘
really good game but too many ads and false claims for ad rewards , as in whenever I'd click on ads either for rewards or for revival, I'd watch the whole advertisement but never recieved the rewards. this happened 5 times in a row
Ok so I found away around your battery handicap, so events bounce mode level 10 , last enemy , what gives yo, how do we kill it cause iv tried everyhing you have given us , 4 stars because I got around th batteries if not I would have left you at 1 , thts a good way to keep sure tht your payers hate u , give em a good game but give a 5 game minimum that's a total dck move,
It sucks that there are so many negative reviews when this game is absolutely amazing. It offers clean, fun gameplay. Of course it has ads, it's a free game!! That's totally okay, and people who are frustrated with them just seem entitled. I love the intuitive and progressive gameplay, it's visuals and music, and my only small gripe is sometimes the controls don't detect which direction I'm aiming correctly. The ad implementation is great, I'm glad the game isn't excessively monetised. Love it!!
This game stands out for having its own unique and beautiful gameplay(love the slow-mo)and it is absolutely gripping.
i normally hate mobile games. Too easy, or unoriginal, or too hard, or microtransactions. This game is fun. finally, a game where the touchscreen isn't a gimmick. I'm glad i can finally recommend mobile game to friends
Great game, very impressive quality for a free game. I only have one issue and that's the adds. Yes it's a free game and it has them but when I say no I don't want the free life through watching an add and it starts the level and proceeds to play an add it just ruined it for me.
Nice game. offline.but tooo difficult to play but still i will say that if in games we don't have difficulties it becomes boring!!thankyou !! please reply!!