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Fix the Item!

Fix the Item! for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Clown Games located at ODTU Teknokent TEKMER SEM2 B9 Alictus Yazilim A.S., Cankaya 06800 Ankara/Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would give it no stars but i cant because it dosent give me that option. But is it me or is it super laggy because i have an amazing phone and it never lags but i just got into the game and the first thing that happenes, it lags
Turn off the vibrations I uninstalled due to space limits but a good game, bogged down by no level select, no settings menu with turning off vibrations and well limited puzzles. Good idea not to monetize skins via ads. You almost had it. Keep at it.
The game itself is fine just the fact that ever time you are done doing a task you get a ad every single time and sometimes it doesn't happen but most of the time it dose
This is one of the most stupidest game ive played. Everything you fix the goddamn tutorial pops up. After fixing a couple things on this game. I get it, use your finger to pull off the screws, you dont need to show me fifty million times on how to unscrew a screw.
Terrible FPS in cutscenes and overly excessive add rate from what i have played so far, about a minute of gameplay and a add came up, and it is like Roblox simulators: DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Personally, i don't reccomend this game, play a different game, on the other hand the contolsb are good, and graphics are average, but good. That is why i put this game as a 2 Star Game instead of a 1 Star Game, plus there are 2 of the same game, they copied or is Your game a copy???
Just something to do between ads, there's hardly any gameplay. Looked like if could be fun, but sadly it isn't.
Literally just downloaded it cause it seemed like a decent game, but every time I try to open the game, a single ad pops up on the bottom of the screen and then the game crashes. Tried opening it several times and met with the same results. If you want to make a game, at least make sure it doesn't friggin crash every time you try to play it.
Horrible!!! First of all, way to many ads. Second of all, you have to have good ass high quality device to play this. I played for not even 5 mins and is said "Fix the Item! Is not responding", and the lag was HORRIBLE!! 1 star, wish I could put 0!!
Its an interesting game. The fact that it has ads after every step loses its appeal for me. I unscrewed the screws the ad clean parts then ad put it together then another ad too many freaking ads. I wouldnt download this app or reccomend it to anyone
Could have been a entertaining time killer. Unfortunately, you spend more time watching adds than you do playing the game.
After watching YouTube videos showing repairs and restorations, particularly one featuring a duck physician, I saw an ad for this and it interested me very much. I had no misconceptions about this game going in and did not believe it would be realistic in any way, but the repairs are redundant, there is no variety in any of the repairs, and there was an ad with nearly every turn of the screwdriver. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this one.
It's not what I thought it would be but it doesn't have any sound and it has a LOT of adds also they need to make it so it has sound and not just vibrations overall it's not a game I would recommend
I thought this game was going be like actual taking it apart like in real life because that's more satisfying than swipe up and down on a screen to unscrew stuff then clean a motherboard which does look like a mother board rescrew and done that's boring
This is a pretty nice game! Although it has ads in every corner, it's a good game to play! The controllers and other items look almost exactly like in real life except that they are in a cartoony style! I would have given 5 stars but there isnt much to do in this game. The most you actually do is unscrew screws and sometimes if you're lucky you can clean it or assemble it.
Game is literally screwing and unscrewing. You do not fix anything. For example the ps4 controller, you unscrew it and place the buttons IN THE WRONG WAY ROUND which were perfectly fine (not broken) and just screw the bolts in. Screwing and unscrewing is also programmed so lazily. It says to turn in a circular motion but you just tap the screen and it works, no clockwise/anti clockwise consideration.
It's so fun I love this game and I act like I'm in youtube this game is 5 stars for sure 😀😀😀😀😀😄😄😄😁😀
When first installed, the game offers to its players no UI to interact with, no audio, and no taptic / vibration feedback, I would reccomend this game to others, but it's just the lack of satisfaction that it gives to its players are missing by a mile, I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to say that the game hasn't met that level, even tho it has potential if played in silence, I just cannot reccomend if it doesn't improve, or offer more satisfaction to it's players...
why I gave it a 4 is because it is a good game I wish they would make it go more in detail with fixing stuff it also made me make a good review or I could not play the game but it is really fun
Ad View Farmer. Do not play. I couldn't even make it through the first customer because I would have to watch four or five pop up ads for every item I was fixing. I would unscrew 4 screws then have to sit through an ad. Then place 4 items, another ad. And so on. It's 20 seconds of gameplay with 30 seconds of ads in between and an ad banner on the bottom. Not worth the time, and likely it's to annoy you into buying an ad-free version.
It's a fun game but it's like you get so far and then it just starts saying it's not working or whatever FIX IT
It is a good game but it isn't as good as it looks on advertisements. When I saw the advertisement I wanted to play this but since you only move your finger in a loop and putting things back, it makes it bad. I would've rated 5 if it had at least a hard difficulty where you do everything by yourself. Hopefully you add it in.
well done graphic , animation made but soo unreal you will learn anything on this game , interrior parts are not real and the first repair you turn the wrong side to unscrew lol
Alright, every other way to repair something is perfect. But removing the back off an iPhone X? You remove the screen not the back! Also, you can't peel off the screen. If you have watched a few tutorials on how to repair an iPhone, you unscrew the 2 screws (which are small pentalobe bits not giant ones like in your game) and you remove the screen to get access to the shields. Unscrew those and remove the ribbon cables. If you fix that, I will play your game again.
I was honestly kind of hoping this would be fun but the downside to this is there is literal advertisements after every sequence of one item to fix. If your "phone" is three parts to fix, everytime you fix one part, an advertisement for 30 seconds. So it isn't as enjoyable as you'd think. Less ads or an option to lose them and a lot better game.
The game seems fun and satisfying but you'll never find out if it is or not because of the relentless bombardment of advert after advert you can't skip them only one here and there and they appear every 2 to 8 seconds apart you literally put two screws in and an ad appears I thought it would relax me and instead I'm trying to type out this review before I smash my phone with rage when I say relentless I mean it
The game was good after the first few levels but after them it was just levels that let me only unscrew and screw objects.
I love the idea of the game, requires and teaches you techniques ;) but doesn't shows the exact thing inside the items. But I like it
Now I don't have to tell you that this game will bombard you with ads after every task nor is that my problem with this game. My problem is the portrailal of repairs shown. Repairs shown in this game are a simplified version of the real deal and I cannot urge anyone else to not try doing them yourself if you aren't confident in your ability! Also, DO NOT SOAK ANY MOTHERBOARDS COMPLETELY IN ANY LIQUIDS EVEN IF IT'S SUPPOSED TO HELP IT OR IT WILL DESTROY THE BOARD!
This game is fake it says fix the item in when you see ads about it it shows then like fixing a legit thing it won't let me install it in my phone so I installed it on my mom's phone and literally it's just unscrewing and screwing things back in for example the PS4 controller literally you just unscrew it and then screw it back in the controller is not even broken it's just stupid that's why I give it a 1-star rating I would have gave it a 4 * if I could actually play
It would be a fun game, except there are way too many ads. I understand that that's how developers make money, and I'm fine with ads on a free game, however, you get about 4 or 5 ads in total before you can even finish fixing one item. I've played a lot of games with a lot of ads, and this one has the most by far. Gave 2 stars because it could be fun, but too many ads ruin it.
Ads ads ads... after ever task there is an ad. Now keep in mind the tasks only take about 10 seconds.. for instance, you unscrew 2 screws, ad. "Assemble" something (just placing a couple items in the correct spot) then an ad.
Game is lame. Forced to watch adds in game but can't access adds for perks. Go back to programming in basic on your comador 64s
When you go in the game it makes you review it and It wont let u click off so it makes u do this so 1 star and to many adds
The ad which I saw that inspired me to download this game was an ad of being able to repair and fix a Zippo lighter, which lead me to believe that that's what the game would be, instead all I've fixed is headphones, mobile phones, and radios, and the majority of this game is just repeatedly unscrewing screws, and putting items back into the device, then on the rare occasion you get to clean the device, which I look forward to it, as there is a lack of variety in this game,
Its a pretty cool game if youre just bored and wanting to waste some time . The two problems i have is when you re working on one item after each task a ad pops up and each task only takes less than 30 seconds which is quiet annoying and my second issue is it wont let you watch a ad when you want to get a special looking screwdriver or liquid. But other than that this game is pretty fun to just kill some time
Screen play is boring, it says you get in game cash and never pays out. Other then that good game for a child.
For the people that dont know it if you want to be ad free just turn lf your wifi i hope this is helpful because alot of reviews have problems with it
It's ok, kinda boring and easy but takes forever to get through "levels" and you can't stop the vibrations on it.
Fun game. What makes it horrible is that you make a free game but are so hard up for cash you put 50 thousand ads every few seconds.
I've played my fair share of ad-infested mobile games in my life, but this is unbearable. After 3 minutes of playing the game for the first time I was slapped with 3 ads, which were the exact same one. I saw an ad on YouTube for this game, and it sounded fun. The actual game is just screwing and unscrewing random objects, and occasionally getting to clean rust off of something. I'm not sure why I thought this would be enjoyable.
Fun little game if you just like taking things apart and want to kill some time. I kinda wish there was more than just the few things inside to fix. Also for the screws to be different sizes. Fixing the phone with the giant screws at the bottom was weird and maybe just needs to have more variety in the game. I wish there was more stuff to show how things work together and more than just the repetitive items to fix. Its alright. Wont hurt for a play but might get bored of it and uninstall soon
Why is vibrate on. Also its easy game. It switches where you have to work but I wanna do it myself and other
More forced adds than game play! I didn't even get throw half a level without being forced to watch a 30s add and they want you to pay £8 a week to be add free! I can't say much about the game play it self as didn't get to experience it, just adds adds adds
The advertisement for this game is misleading. It made it look like I could repair such things as Zippo lighters, keyboards, and other things. However you can only repair the same 5 things over and over. I wish I would have read previous reviews before downloading the game.
The game is fun but there are way to many adds after i unsrewed one screw it went streight to a add and after you fix something you get another add
This game isn't even that fun and if you have wifi on it spams you with ads and even when its not on wifi it spams you with "watch an ad for this item" and when you un screw and such it vibrates and is very annoying 1/5 do not download if you value your time
This game is pretty boring, I was looking for a different game and I thought this was it. I tried it out anyway and it could only be fun for very little children with limited mental capacity, then on top of that, an ad plays after almost every task, meaning to "fix" 5 items you'll probably end up watching nearly 20 ads. Save yourself the storage space on your phone.
When I went into the game it froze and then started glitching. I decided to ignore it but at one point my screen glitched way too much and I thought, 'I need to report this'. The only reason why I am not uninstalling this game is because other than the continuous glitching, overall the game is fun for me. But the glitching really ruins it so please, please, please improve this. Thank you.
Too many ads, within 1 minute of playing well more like opening the game I got two ads, one just after I loaded up the game and the other straight after I opened the backing to something, ads were like every 30 seconds or less, I get some free games come with ads but you spend more time watching them than playing the actual game!
Every two thing that u do u get a ad and it will be the same ad over and over who ever made this game they suck bunn holes
it has just ads and noting but them the gam has a concept but they dont really care about it as much as they do with ads
Didn't make any sense you add a new screen then you have to fix it. Any time you are unsrewing and screwing something it makes a buzzing sound also when unscrewing and screwing something it doesn't matter if you turn it clockwise or anticlockwise.
The only thing that needs fixing is this horrible game. The entire thing is just taking out screws not to mention after every little thing there's an add
I love this game because you get to build stuff whoever made the game thank you for making it cuz it's very very nice
Extreme Lag. Everytime I screw, The game lags so bad that it turns off my phone and when I turn it back on and slide- It makes the screen go black to normal. Besides that, it's a good game.
The game is good but the only thing you do is screw and the things you fix arnt even broken they look fine you literally take the stuff out then put them back in also the ads are everywhere It showed me one then not even a minute after it showed me another one and it's super laggy the development of the game is poor but it's my opinion
Fun little game only improvement that I would think would help out is less ads but other then that I enjoy it.
To many commercials it could be a good game for learning also when the order is done they should have to ship back to the customer then open another box and work on that if you gave it more and less commercials you'd have a 5 rating, and there should be more things to do not the same thing over and over children are smarter then you think. Thank you for listen
I tryed it..... First of all the game is not fun at all. 2. So many F**king adds And they want 8$ a week i tryed it and it just makes less ads and shorter ads 😒 3. The game likes trash as f*** 😒 this game is just to run with your money Its just a cash run
this is a really fun game but sometimes it is boaring beacuse you can not finsh the hole thing like cleaning and also i think it does the same quest lots of times like un scerw and scerw like it did it 10 times in a row and it kinda rude that it tells us to rate this game even there is a button where you say later so know i doing the rate :(
It's ok good gameplay n stuff just IT VIBRATES WHENEVER YOU TOUCH THE SCREEN it's the most annoying thing in the world I wish you would remove that feture or at least make it an option to stop the vibrating
Horribble game itd just unscrewing and screwing back together wich you do by clicking. Plus there is a ton of adds at leats five per every thing you fix!
TOO MANY ADS!!!!! you take the screws out ad,take the screen off ad,put the screen back on ad. It's just neverending I watch more ads than I do play the game I get they need it to be free but they can make you watch it after completing or couple of things not after every little thing at this rate I'll be tired of this game in an hour and I just started playing it at 8:15am and it's only 8:30.
I love it all of the items are super realistic but I just wish that there was more items and that there was more in depth repairs