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Fix My Car: Classic Muscle Car Restoration! LITE

Fix My Car: Classic Muscle Car Restoration! LITE for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by FireRabbit Inc. located at 146 Pinetrail Crescent Nepean, Ontario K2G 5B6. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I think this is a great game and a good way to learn some basics about restoration, I think it would be even cooler if you could actually drive and race your car, or possibly even do different modes. like free run, race, etc.
M expieriance was awful. I was locked in the school for ages. And it wouldnt let me escaoe. The order of fixing and replacing parts is all over the shop, no hints on were the parts are unless you lay or watch adds and the gameplay and the way the game controlled was shocking. After all this stress, hastle and what felt like ours of my time wastes, i couldnt even drive the car. Shocking 1 star (thats being generous)
0 star do not download game if you that to buy this game or any game making games. YOU NEED TO PAY OF THIS GAME.
TJIS GAME BLOWS GASKETS!!! So, you play part of the game then have to buy access to the rest of it. There's alot of back and forth between locations because you have to hunt for parts, and hunt for 20 rabbits and collect them to unlock a special folder, i only found 17 because i was looking for parts when suddenly the game ended. Once you build the car with inaccurately labeled parts in an unrealistic order, its time to race, but, YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO DRIVE THE CAR!!!! I want my money back!!
Definitely the best way.to.learn about a car. Removing the ads was the best decision to make during my gameplay. Annd not only that, but to.give something toma.special.someone.
awesome really but I do not like watching ads they get on my nerves and then you have to wait until the ads come up I do not like doing that that's not fun so can y'all get rid of all my ads I don't like them I don't want them I don't like them I don't want them I don't like them fun game and opposite the 1970 Dodge charger cuz I love that but only bad thing about it is it's the bad ads is it able for anybody to take mine off cuz I hate hate them ads and it kind of wants me to delete the game
Waste of time... there is an ad almost every minute just because it's a free version, parts don't show up in places they're supposed to (doing research out of frustration) and camera hitboxes are extremely large resulting in randomly looking in a different direction. This game literally has more than 15 internal ads for other games by the same company posted up everywhere and every single job has a very specific type of tool to use. Can't find the tool? That sucks! 1/10 do not recommend...
When i got so far in to the game every time i had two fix somthing i had to ethier buy the game or watch an add so i deleted the game
this game doesn't allow you to build the complete car and there is way too many ads therefore I'm giving it one star only it's not worth downloading if nobody can build a car completely from the ground up
Not even a real review but why are people hating the game for being free and having adds it's a free version of a pay to play game
This game is more along the lines of a treasure hunt rather than fixing cars. Any mechanic of even minor skills puts all his/her tools in a toolbox instead of leaving them laying in random places at a home with a 3 car garage. Don't waste time loading this garbage.
listen here people this game is fun this game the one you for1.99 ant t so bad the one do buy gives more and more hints let you find the last rabbit no matter happens it is a really good gsme give it one more try for it i don't hated it s just a hard ga!e but really cool car i had one of those im rating with five stars that how good the games is with all the stars get people to play it will help you with the game download the hole it will make it better for you there al! games that can be fun
its a great game except for the ads i understand why you need them but tweak it so you get 3 objectives per ad oh and i can't find the final rabbit
Great game would be nice if you didn't have to go back and forth between the school garage and your garage all the time overall great game
Im not gonna pay to play! If you're gonna make me pay, do it in the play store! The game is really fun, but you get 1 🌟
I like how you have to find the parts and the tools to build it because it represents how you do it in real life but I hate how you get to a certain point and then have to pay money to actually finish the game
I like this game because I have enuf money that I can buy the full version of the game. And I can buy no ads for the game as well.
This game has entirely way to many adds & not long after starting the game u can't do anything unless u pay to keep playing a FREE game no stars awarded stupid part is just to post this i'm forced to give a 1 star
Hey add multiayer and then add more cars and then add realistic version and add where you can drive them please
This game is really fun it's like building a nice muscle car but the one thing is nothing I really like this game I hope everyone likes it!
i like in the beging of the game that it does not make you watch mother fucing vids plz make all the gamesyou make full not costing $
Unfortunately the time to go up x an see you too can be used in my mum holiday. yeet much to the big leagues and fixed. Evan Williams said, but the dame. What is wrong and the same time u. Ok I have to grab a pic. w with a look at my photo gallery of payment with holiday season. I love this game is the best please contact me up or cousins trying. I love this game is the best please contact me up or cousins trying. I love this game is the best please contact me up or cousins trying. I love this b
This game is so stupid i finished the hole thing then it wants me to pay 1.99 no whats the point if u buy it u have to restart all ure work and u have to do it all over again.
great game. just wish is was longer or there wasnt a "lite" beginning and have to pay to keep playing. or watch an ad every move you make
Terrible I hate it u have to by the game at the end if u want someone to play the game then when they start likeing it don't make him buy it
This game really sucks because if you want to finnish restoring your car you have to pay like a $1.50. The game designers didnt take into account the 10 year olds that dont have a bank account and just wanna fix a car, but nope you have to pay if you want to fix your car. I give this a 1STAR
😘😍wow amazing i love fire rabbit games. I just completed this one and i want some more games. After 1.5 years you gave us a game and now please i want more games
Hey guys To made this game please Don't make it cost money please please please so to finish the game please you should put it at to make you finish the game so please fix that problem it's a good game I like it you did a good job that's the only issue I have so good job You did lots of efrt End this good job
Won't work after you reach a certain point. Makes you watch the same video over and over and still won't allow you to move on. Constantly asking you to download full version. Do not recommend this game to anyone. Would give 0 stars if possible.
It's a good idea it's fun me and my dad like it I don't like it when I have to watch ads and it takes a few minutes to get another ad.
I liked the game up untill I had to go to the school I could not get the truck to work. If you are reading this and thinking about getting this game I would not get it it's a bad game.
I gave it a two star review, i dont like how i have to play the lite versions of your games. So fix it so anyone will be able to play the full version or I'll leave it with two stars
I like this app because the is many thing too learn so is good for me and the graphics are good and nice
Fantastic game :-) bit easy for me, maybe abit more free range and more in-depth machanics. But still, for a mobile game, beyond fantastic
Rhe game is good but when you almost done with the car you have to watch a video or pay but the is really good tho
Lame. Why the hell would I want to spend my time with this awkward interface trying to find tools and parts? Make it more about the cars and less about the scavenger hunt
My expireance was horrible and it wanted me to pay $1.99 when the lite game was over what if there was a younger adiance had the game trying to learn how to fix cars
The best game ever and when you get it you can play anything and everything on finding cars fixing cars and everything up