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Five Nights at Freddy's: SL

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Clickteam USA LLC located at 10010 NE 188TH ST Battle Ground WA 98604 USA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I absolutely love this game and I am stuck on night 2 but I that night is my favourite night and when ever the man talks in the ballora gallery I always jump because it is so quite and I have my volume really loud so I jump every time and I tell my phone to be quiet lol absolutely amazing game I have no glitches at all and I am thinking of getting another fnaf game as this is the only one I have 10/10 😁❀
The games good, not gonna lie, but theres this thing, i cant get past the part where you have to survive Bidybab on night 2, its like Bidybad is rigged and made to kill you every time and not get to night 3. Please tell me how to do this or how to fix it, and if you can do anything about it. Thank you, and have a good day.
linana :} i play on cromebook to and i know what your talking about it crashes a LOT!! =~= but over all i really like the game! i have ultimate costom night so at least i have that game am i right? >:3!! and i LOVE!! the secret ending the scooping ending was unexpected for me! over all this game is really fun! and vary unexspected for the people that dosnt know about fnaf and never played a game but however i watch people who play fnaf @[email protected]! and also played fnaf 5 xD! :3!
. I saw a few people say the mini game doesn't jump high, or when you're under the desk it won't let you pull back and you get jumps are. Ignore those, for the mini game hold the jump you will jump very high, for the desk just hold for as long as you can then you will be able to close the door.Also night 4, ppl have a hard time with this one, THE MINIRINAS IN THE MIDDLE ARE THERE TO MAKE YOU PANIC!!! DO NOT WIGGLE YOU WILL DIE!!! This game is 100% worth the buy!!! πŸ’― Great game, great lure.
I haven't been able to play. Maybe they should consider the people who want to wear headphones and let the screen flip, how do I know its not just my phone? Well when I get on FNaF 1 and 2 they flip the right way. Its like that on the 4th aswell
This Is A Great Game, And The Only Problem Is Is Custom Night, After A Year Of Trying To Beat Ennard I Finally Did It, And In Custom Night There Are Bugs. When You Start Each Night The Audio Is Kinda Cut Out And You Can Easily Die, I Did. Bonnets Nose Is Almost Impossible To Hit At Times On V. Hard. An Audio Bug With Lolbit. Custom Night Also Makes The Game Crash, It Isn't My Phone Cause It Never Crashed Before Custom Night.
The game is good and quality is good too, and I like how it got updated in the PC version but the problem is the game keeps crashing everytime I want to play it, it gets into a lot of issues and it's telling me that it requires additional data to be downloaded but an error keeps occurring everytime I hit download, could you please fix it, I love this game so much it's one of my favorite FNAF games and it's awful that my favorite game crashes.
Amazing!! Absolutely love it! But one little problem.. The Bidybab part.. I annot pass that. Nor can my brother he just pulls and i get jumpscared :( I really need help! I'm on phone whitch makes it harder, but overall i love the game! Keep up the good work! I LOVE YOUR GANE BY THE WAY!! ❀️
It's amazing and I love it but I wanted to die after the 40th or 50th time playing the baby minigame, please change it click team, your not as busy now so please fix old games, and please make the button controls customizable so I can make them bigger, I hate to see this game be ruined for mobile players just because of a tiny flaw, the minigame is aids and I know it's so much easier on computer, please please please fix it, it's a bug, it's a flaw, it's not what you meant to make and I know it
I had only like one problem on my last device and that was the game blocking out a bit of voice lines making it difficult for night 5 and now I'm on a new device and it seems impossible to pass night four for me, idk if it's me or if the spring locks move to fast or if the minireenas are appearing to fast idk but it's constant failing for me
I did give up on a part but before that extremely good! And I loved the name Eggs Benedict! It made me laugh so hard and I was drinking a drink so it all went everywhere. But apart from that extremely good like extremely good like so extreme that like I can't ever talk right now. that's why I'm writing.
I absolutely love this game, but I can't even get past night 2. Everytime bidybad pulls the metal part back the second time, it doesn't let me pull it back and I always get jumpscared. I tried to pull it back like 10 times. It doesn't work. I think I might have to uninstall it. Maybe it's because I'm on mobile. But please fix this bug. Thanks! Great game.
I love the app it's great but I can't get passed night 4 it's very hard to wiggle and do the spring locks it only goes on for 3 mins and I have a timer but once it hits 00:37:00 I always get jumpscared it's kinda annoying. I hope this helped again I love this app I'm just upset about night 4.
This is a freaking scary game. The most physical and challenging in the series other than help wanted. I love this game it is the most violent in the series though. I think it is insanely realistic.
The game is really good. But for night 5 whenever I try to turn left or right to "scoop C.baby" I always die and I can't turn. Who ever updated the game would make buttons to go left or right in the future.
Ok so I just wanna report a bug, on Night 3, when I need to click beneath Bon-Bons bowtie, he is supposed to kinda slowly pop up either side of Ft Freddy, but for me this didnt happen, it only happened once and I failed, then I get jumpscared anyway. Please fix this as I absolutely love FNaF and this game is my favorite, but I cant pass Night Three because of this :)
I have so much trouble trying the crawlspace hiding place part. I hold it like im supposed to, and, I always get jumpscared. Overall, I highly recommend this game. Great job, Scott! ✨✨
It is a great game! I have played it on my brothers tablet and it worked great. But, no matter how many times I try on my divice, it won't load! It's just a black screen for all of eternity.
I love the entire FNAF fanchise. It is beautifully created, and the story is captivating. The graphics are wonderful, and the gameplay is great. Controls are a tad bit off for this game, but the next game they produced got way better. My only problem is night 2; in my opinion the manual power restoration process should be nerfed just a little bit. I got jumpscared for no reason, I was doing everything (how I think) is right. I'm not 100% sure though, but either way I think it's a litter hard.
I love the game! I enjoy the frights and lights. As well as the audio quality! So amazingly created. Totaly worth every penny I spent.
This is a freaking scary game. The most physical and challenging in the series other than help wanted. I love this game it is the most violent in the series though. I think it is pretty realistic.
I love this game alot and its a really good game but i cant seem to get past night three when you have to get past funtime freddys room. I dont know if its hard for anyone else but whenever i get moving he always jumpscares me but i only used the beacon once. Please make it a little bit easier in the future.
I absolutely love this game, but I can't even get past night 2. Everytime bidybab pulls the metal part back the second time, it doesn't let me pull it back and I always get jumpscared. I tried to pull it back like 10 times. It doesn't work. I think I might have to uninstall it. Maybe it's because I'm on mobile. But please fix this bug. Thanks! Great game.
It's a fun game, it scares me a lot but I play on mobile and there are some problems... When I'm on night 3 and it tells me to find Bonnie's power thingy I can't find it because when I see bonnie come up behind Freddie's shoulder it doesn't show it? And I end up dying over and over and over again! I got really mad because I spent money on this and I can't even beat the game, if you would fix this then I would be happy.
I love it the mariannas are hard but youll eventually beat and when winding upo the locks go form top to bottom that worked for me, and also for bonbon go the bottom right and wait there for 5 to 7 secs than slowly go to the upper left dont shine your light directly there shine it where its visible but not pointing at it he will start coming up once hes visible enough click the button
The reason I like this one so much is because I'm a big fan of the fnaf series and the reason I like sister location so much is because it's the actual one where you get to like move around in the vent and there's a bunch of different rooms and it's really fun to me and to it's more of an adventure game
This game is scary. I wouldnt rank it as the scariest but it sure is scary. The part where you have to crawl across ballora's stage made me very scared since you have to crawl while a creepy BLIND balloret (i forgot how to spell it) spins around with music box songs trying to find you. Another intense part is where you come across Funtime Freddy, you need to make sure he doesn't jumpscare you while working.
It's the game I really wanted and i finally got it! But night 3,4,5 are hard night 1,2 are easy and it took me 1 and a half weeks to complete it i got jump scared by a minireana its not to scary at all so i hope this was helpful for you if your getting the game its a really good game im so happy for when i make it to custom night and the bon bon part just DONT look where bon bon comes up it took me a long time. The game contanes flashing lights loud sound and jumpscares if you have any problems
I spent three dollars on this and I can't even play it. It feels impossible to get past night 4. Yes other people have but y can't u get the minireenas off the suit I can see evryone else get it the but NEVER me. It feels like I lost my entire sanity. Like... Y? I have chucked my phone about 6 times. It could be better if I could actually play it. I don't wanna delete this but I might break my phone trying to pass the levels.
This game is amazing!! the story line is amazing and at the begging the conversation is so good! Jumpscares are amazing and I am looking forward for more games like this!! Ps: If I could give it 10 starts I would.
On night 5, Baby doesn't tell us when to stop, that removes 2 stars because i can't even go through the night, overall, the game is perfect. This will be edited once its fixed.
Although I don't get scared by anything, this was really enjoyable and I loved the atmosphere. The only problem was baby's voice would cut out sometimes especially on night 5 when I had to follow her instructions. Overall 5 stars would recommend.
I.love the game and the aspect of it. But the minigame is impossible for me to do and all I need is maybe 3 or 5 seconds more. That being said, in a update can you increase the time for 5 more seconds or csn you make the cupcake shooting faster.
i love this game but this is not a pc. Im on chromebook and i run into a black screen when trying to get into the second vent on the first night. Ive tried to get past it but there no way to please fix.
I really like this game and I'm also really big fan of the five nights at Freddy's series of games and I thought this one was really cool especially like that there are different from all the other animatronics like their faces open up but one problem night four is super super way too hard
Over all its a great game great graphics and story my complaint is that the cupcake game is impossible on my device and the freddy level is impossible for me he goes so fast and its really hard to click the button without a computer over all its amazing
Ok so, I figured the bidibabs out but now its bon bon when you need to boop his nose he doesn't even show up, maybe its skills but I think its more of a bug, the reason why is because when I get close to serton parts of funtime freddy ill hear bon bon so ill carefully look so he doesn't run but when I hear him its like he's behind funtime freddy because I look but nothing is there, other than that its like my fav game/also the song you belong here because of the "my name is eggs Benedict"
This is the best I love ft.freddys jump scare alot so fun!!!I've been playing this since I was 4 like omg so fun!!!! I bought all of the series and this is my favorite I always wanted to be like william and Henry and be a night guard very fun when I showed my mother and father thy screamed run for your life tehe
This game is just AWESOME !!! The only problem is the minigame is kinda hard and so frustrating. Edit : There is a problem in the cupcake minigame where it's hard to throw the cupcake and jump at the same time :(
So I played the game and it is very fun, people that are saying night 4 is the hardest night, I beat it first try, just go ahead and first of all, wiggle only when the minirennas are crawling on your sides, and the ones in the middle are only to make you panic and overwhelmed, go for the spring locks and you should be fine, also, I night 5 is harder, trust me. Just be careful, and, the door on night 2 you just hold the area that closes the door, finally, the minigame, you hold it my dudes.
Best game I ever played would play anywhere but night 2 SO HARD I CLOSE the door on the 1st one but the second one is the hardest it feels like they use all their power to open it but anyway it's the best game I think they should make more like this and if u need help on the 1st door just pull as hard as u can and shine the light why u pull
This is an amazing game, and I am not lying. The reason why I have put a 4 star rating and not 5 though, is because I am stuck on night 4. It's too tricky to do, I even tried to watch some videos on YouTube on how to beat it but even that doesn't help. I asked some people as well how did they beat it, and half of them answered with "I gave up and deleted it". Its that hard to do that people have given up on the game, it's too stressful, I can't believe I spent 6 pounds on this game.
I LOVE this game.but the thing i dont like is that night 4 is just impossibe for me.and its the hardest here soo yeah.i also recomend it bc the jumpscares are amazing but if you get scared easily then I don't recomend it for you unless you want to play It.Also I'm a BIG fan FNaF and sisster location and I vote 10/10!!
Okay so on night 2 when your under the desk no matter how hard you try when balloon boy (I think) opens the door the second time it's not possible to close it I've tried 10-15 times my sister who's been play this for about 6 months did it before so I asked her ahe said it wasn't this hard other then that it's fine great graphics and controls but please fix this
This game isn't bad its just that on night 5 I listen to circus babys (Actually ennards but thats not important rn) instructions through ballora gallery or funtime auditorium (I dont remember which) and I still die! When I go left I take a few steps and die. If there is a reason I would love to know it. All tye nights are hard but thats fun. If they were easy you would complete the game and not enjoy it as much. Otherwise the game is really good!
would have been amazing , so i got this on laptop and was really exicited to play . the first night was fine but when i got to the second night and i was under the desk , it was practically impossible to play because you have to move your light to where you wanted to grab but when i moved my light and it got near the end (when they pull the metal door the 2nd time) it wouldnt let me grab the door and then got jumpscared constantally . i tried this 5 times and all those times i had lost.plz fix
im a big fan of sister location but when i get to night 2 and i press under the desk to hide my screen goes black and it says sister location isnt reponding. it does that every time. i would be on night 5 if it didnt do that. it even happens when i finsh shift 1 and when i get to the door in ballors's auditorium the one time i got past the desk part. i was so exited when i got this and now im filled with anger.! is the game doing this or is it just the chromebook im using?
Honestly a really good game and I dont really have much to say. It's a scary game but also very fun to play and i like moving for once i played this game a long time ago and I'm still playing it up to this day i advise you to play it! And for me there is nothing wrong with it!
I love the game, but I honestly can't get past night 4 lol. The minireenas' are too hard for me to do. I've watched tutorials, but I still can't beat it! I still love the game I'n just gonna get one of my friends to beat night 4 for me
It doesn't matter how many times or how hard or lightly we press on the screen, we simply cannot keep the door shut in Circus Baby's Auditorium. We've watch a walkthough without commentary on YouTube so we can see the game story. All the Android version game play tips given from other players don't seem to work on our Android devices. We have tried on four different devices.
A very good port, especially compared to how it used to be. Night 4 is incredibly hard though, could you make it so that the finger controlling the looking can interact with the spring locks? Other than that, great game. My blood pressure always skyrockets when I play the breaker room sequence.
i love it! but one thing. in the middle of gameplay it will crash. me and my cuzin would like to play with no interuptions. so please fix this and maybe its beacuase we play on my laptop but please fix. maybe its a bug? idk/ but i hope you can fix this. Bye!
This game is WONDERFUL, it's challenging but that is good because FNAF is supposed to be challenging. Its Soo cool there faces open, there looks are amazing and the hole story is wonderfully done, this game is totally worth the $3:39..... Love the game
Ok so, I figured the bidibabs out but now its bon bon when you need to boop his nose he doesn't even show up, maybe its skills but I think its more of a bug, the reason why is because when I get close to serton parts of funtime freddy ill hear bon bon so ill carefully look so he doesn't run but when I hear him its like he's behind funtime freddy because I look but nothing is there, other than that its like my fav game, and click team tell Scott to keep up the work bc its amazing!
This is an amazing game, tips for night 4, wind all the buttons all the way when you start, and only wiggle to the ballora minions on your side (trust me it'll work) the only problem I have is the f**king PIXELATED MINI GAME WITH BABY!!! I SUCK AT THAT!!! I KEEP ON FALLING THROUGH THE GAPS!!!!! 😑😭
it was a good game until i crawled through the vents the second time (in night 1) it just said Sister Location wasn't responding please fix this, Also i tried 4 times and the first time and the second time it happend the app said it wasn't responding. The third and fourth it just went black!
It is a very fun game, But whenever I get to the part where i have to crawl through ballora's room, it says that the game is not responding, I'm on mobile, I've restarted my phone multiple times and it is not working, And whenever it lets me go farther. It doesn't let me pull the door when im under the desk, I hold the button down on the thing under the desk but it isn't working. The game is stil incredible either way but, I just get annoyed when it does not work.
Amazing! I love the game! I do have 1 problem, Fun time foxy appears So often, So it actually makes it Hard to play The game, so I would really like It if fun time foxy doesn't appear so often. And fun Time Freddie, in the parts and service Room, I can't get past The Bonnie hand Puppet thingie Where you have to get The power Module, Underneath Bonnie's red bow tie? Yeah, I need some help with That, And I know how to do it, I've tried it before, you have to wait until he Stops moving.
It is amazing it is based on how Micheal afton worked at the place! It's an amazing app the only thing is that is cost money but besides that it is an amazing app! But sometimes when i try to open the app it opens but all it shows is a grey screen. Can you fix it?
Very fun game I really like it the only really really hard part so far is night 2 when you have to avoid the eye but I have a trick so if you just hold your thumb there when he pulls the tin foil back he will give up and then he tries again and yeah just hold your thumb there (on mobile ) but I really like this game the breaker room thing was really fun if you're a fan of horror games I highly recommend this
I'll give this review at three star review because it really isn't update and I was on night two in the breaker room and I wish it really saves my progress because then I went back on it the first like I started I could be getting of night two and I didn't really like that so yeah and I don't really like spending money on these then kind of games so I think you should update that still so other people don't have to pay
It's really hard and it's really a buggy cuz it keeps kicking me out but other than that it's a pretty good game in the I don't know but I think it would work better on PC maybe maybe updated Chromebook and the iPhone πŸ˜ƒ
AMAZING GAME !!! Play this game if you want some sadness and spooks ! I'm giving this game a 3-star rating because the Circus Baby's cupcake minigame has an issue. The throw cupcake button is on top of the jump button which makes it hard to throw the cupcake while jumping. Hope you all will shift either the jump button or the throw cupcake button.
I love Five Night's at Freddy's but I am playing on my chromebook right now. Everything was fine until I finished night 1 and was waiting for the home screen to pop up or something, but nothing happened. The screen just turned fully black. I recommend not to buy this game because the first red flag was when it was asking for permission to be able to access photos, cameras, and etc. You shouldn't need that for this type of game. The second red flag was the comments. PLEASE FIX THIS!
The game is incredible and the jumpscares are awaome. But when i go to the private room on night five. Ennared is wondering so much at 4 - 5 AM. I still havent got through and its ver hard for me to get custom night. Every 1 - 3 sec He goes some were elss. At 12 - 3 am its easy but when it gets to 4 AM, He changes into a pro, Like freddy on FNAF 1. But in order to get threw the PR. You have to be good and fast. And listen carfully for his screches.
It is a great game, My only thing is you should be able to have a more mobile version as on night five how do you turn and stuff, because of that I am still on night 5 in, there should also be a easy mode too. Over all this makes it more challenging and hooks you, and unlike other fnaf games there is more moving and more plot, as going threw stages and vents and to other rooms. AND THEN once you beat it you get custom night and the minigame and more! 5/5 stars and I can't wait to get fnaf 4 πŸ˜„πŸ˜
I love this game but I took away two stars for three reasons 1st because you have like 2 seconds to enter a number for a code which cause you to die if you're looking for it or if you know you have limited time and panic 2nd because looking in the direction is where you go but you aren't allowed to use light so how are you supposed to know if you are going forward after going forward and left 3rd sometimes when shooting the blue cupcake it counts as two
I love the game and all but I can't get past night 2 when the bibdads come to me to the desk, I think its mainly because of my phone, I'm not sure but I'm obsessed with this game. I enjoy how much thought and effort Scott put into it. The lore around the game with Circus Baby like how she "ate" elizabeth afton. Im still thinking about it. I believe ballora is Clara Afton, the mom of Elizabeth, I hope I can beat night 2. Scott thank you for making this:) I love it. Scott keep up the good work:).
I LOVE THIS GAME and I dont know what people are talking about when people say night 4 is impossible because I beat it on my 4th try. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it just takes forever to get to the minigame and if you fail it when trying to get custom night it's super annoying
This game is amazing. But when I try doing night 4 it just doesn't work. Maybe make the controls easier for mobile players? It would mean a lot to me since it's not workingβ™₯️
This is a very good game, but the desk part is very hard. as it makes it move even though you didn't let go. Eventhough it is very hard it is a perfect game for people who like five nights at Freddy's like me.
it keeps kicking me out saying "sister location isnt responding" and it always kicks me out at the end of night 2 other than that love the game i have beaten it a couple of time and it just started to kick me out. love the game UnU
I love five nights at Freddy's sister location but it's really hard and on night too I can't complete it because I do it on phone and it's really really hard to pull and drag so I can't do it and I feel like the game should be easier for people on phones like easier controls
Its a very fun game, I play it on my xbox sometimes, I have recentally bought it on my laptop though and It doesnt seem to let me get to the part where you have to hold the door shut uner the desk, I keep going to a black screen coming out of the vent and then the game closing down. I hope there is something you can do to help me with this issue, thank you.
This isn't a good or bad review it's just my personal experience. When I was doing the baby minigame I couldn't figure out how to get past the blue cupcake it took me trial after trial and I got so frustrated I had to look it up and after realizing that you have to jump over the cupcakes I got so mad I started laughing. Sounds weird but it's what happened.
GREAT GAME!!!!!! But the custom night stops suddenly after 8 seconds of game play. Please fix this bug. Keep up the good work.
This is such a fun game! I practically obsessed with Fnaf and you get to learn alot about the Aftons but like night 4 is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life- I still haven't beat it yet but I just really enjoy the game I also found out how to get to that secret room whatever it's called but yea I really enjoy it!!
Love this game! I love Five nights in general. Funtime Freddy is my spirit animal ✌️. Lol, but anyways.. I've got a tip for the Bidybab part on night two. Instead of dragging your finger, hold your finger on the door, and Bidybab will give up eventually.
The game is awesome but my computer keeps crashing on night 2 when your under the desk and i think if i delete it then redownload it ill have to pay for it again but, i already spent all of the money on my google play card. so if you see this be aware of it crashing when you are on night 2!
This game was great but a word of advice for mobile players is you can't get past the under the desk you don't drag while she is pulling you holed it then when she's done you drag it. This took me a few minutes to figure this out
This is such a fun game!! But on night 3 or 2 I think its 3 I can I cant even touch Bon- Bon's button under his bow-tie Because it dosent show the button. And when it shows the button, I'll press it. And it wont work. That's why I'm giving 4 stars.
This game got an update that i didn't expect for... But that made of the game a so better game! The same experience that you're gonna get on versions from the PC or perhaps the consoles are now the same experience you'll get playing on Android devices! They really did an excellent work on here!! Now you can follow the story without having to go look for gameplays from PC versions because this update already covers everything that hasn't been in it. It runs great and all! I'll give it 5 stars!!
This game is a solid 5 stars! I like how good the graphics are as well as the characters designs in the game! I also like the gameplay although the jump scares tend to make me fall off the bed because I got so scared but I expected that from a game like this one so I am not complaining.
I love it! It is a real fun game I play when I'm bored. Though I cant make it past night 2 with Futime Freddy and Bon Bon. But overall, it's a great game I have many other Fnaf games but yeah! It's a amazing game!
The only reason I'm giving this a one star I because, when I open the app it closes me out of it. And I did everything I could I restarted my tablet and I close all of my windows. I heard that this is a great game but I'm giving this a one star.
I've always been attached to this game not because night one is easy but because I really like the design and the graphics but I gave it four stars because night two is easy. And all but..on my tablet when I pull the door my tablet forces it back! I love the but u need to fix it! But I'll try it on my phone first
This app is amazing its worth the money and if you like games that give you a shiver down the spine I would recommend this for you but the reason I left out 1 star was because I cant get past night 2 everything bidybab opens the door I cant close it its tlly hard and I keep getting jumpscared but there are a few secrets if you don't like spoils I think you should end it here tho im only giving one witch is when ur looking at ft foxy and ballora if u tap the faces on the walls it makes sound!
I love the app it's great but I can't get passed night 4 it's very hard to wiggle and do the spring locks it only goes on for 3 mins and I have a timer but once it hits 37 seconds I always get jumpscared it's kinda annoying. I hope this helped again I love this app I'm just upset about night 4.
This game is amazing, but theres one problem I ran I too considering i never made it past night two, on night 2 when you have to keep the door close it will let me close it the first time they try to open it ,but when I try to close it the second time it wont close. I thought my phone screen was just dirty, but after cleaning my screen off it still wont work.Please fic this
Its really good and really hard, as to expect from a fnaf gameπŸ˜‚ but The camera and files thing is for the coding and files, as the game has coding that goes with the files, meaning that its apart of the game and if you decline, it would glitch Also, just because its glitching doesnt mean you need Everyone to know not to download it
Amazing! This is one of my favourite fnaf games! It isn't too hard but definitely isn't easy, one problem though, on mobile in night 5 where I am being directed to the scooping room, I do everything that ennard says but he always jumpscare me no matter what I do, please fix this bug!
If you all get stuck on funtime freddy employees only room then I have the answer to help you, use the hand puppet and then use it one more time and install one thing and again and again, if you get stuck on night 2 of the babybabs then just don't try to actually pull it. Just hold your finger in the door and you'll be save.
This game got my hopes up, I was very excited to get this and when it installed, all I saw was the warning and it kicked me off. I don't know if it's because it's not compatible with androids or that it can't support the android I own, please fix. I love this game because I've watched the Virtual Reality gameplays on it but I would very VERY appreciate you fix this bug, I also can't refund for some reason. I tried refunding and it wouldn't allow me. (I may give 4/5 stars once fixed, thankyou)
I love this game the graphics are AMAZING and i absolutely love how scott wants to change the main point of the game instead of in an office your wondering around the place with no camera to look through
The graphics are SO REALISTIC!!! The bidbabs are VERY hard, but I'll get past them. I played with my friend back in 2016 and the animatronics are still really good. I would give this 10 stars if i could!
Great! A lot of people say it is really hard gettimg past Funtime Freddy nut honestly It's easy, I'd give advice that whenever the room gets to at least 50 percent or more, use his hand puppet then when the room in complete use the hand puppet again, do that for eachone, sometimes to it 2 or 3 times. I'd also like to give advice to the people who can't do the desk: Do NOT pull your finger when jolding your finger to pull it back, just keep your finger on it while it goes back, it will soon go
I've wanted to get this game for a really long time, but I hate to say when I downloaded it I was pretty dissapointed. It would constantly freeze mid-game, kick me out if I wait for it to un-freeze and then when I rejoin I would have to re-do the entire night over again. I've tried re-downloading it several times, but the problem hasn't stopped. I hate that the problem is getting in the way of enjoying the actual game, but it sort of ruins it for me.
Although about random glitches upon fnaf 1 2 3 and 4,this game for me is still extremely hard as freddy coming extremely close to creep the flip out of me ill give this a 5 star originally but one thing stopped me about this one glitch that is annoying,it has xor which is completely weird to be in the game from dd he crashed my game.That was the main glitch.Also i have like a lot of space i checked everything but its kinda laggy itself.Please fix the xor one at least its hard to experience that.
I love the game as I love fnaf but there are a few issues the first is that on night 2 when I'm under the desk after the metal is pulled away I can't pull it back and occasionally it'll get stuck and not move away any further but when I try to bring it back it continues to come away, I have looked at the reviews and other people seem to be having this problem too I think it's a bug and should be fixed if it is. Second is that sometimes when i die it won't give me the mini game. Over all amazing.
The game is incredibly fun, the jump scares are good. But people say night 4 is the hardest night ever in fnaf history let alone this one. I agree with this opinion and it is extremely hard. I still haven't beat it yet Also, night 4 isnt really that fun its just frustrating, the little mini game with C.B is not a fun experience. Why I say this is because you can't jump as high as you can on PC. And that makes it extremely harder then what it already is with the timer.
It is amazing so far, I haven't expirenced any glitches or anything! It's just, on the part where the Bidy Babs are trying to get you, the draggging wont work. It may be because of my cracked screen, or just the way its supposed to be. Overall, its an AMAZING game! A few things in it also explain a bit of the lore, about Micheal and Elizabeth. You are actually playing as Micheal, also known as Eggs Benedict. And in-between each night it plays Elizabeths lines, at least some of them.
Its a great game, but there is a glitch i found on night 3 of the game, when bonnie goes behind freddy and you cant click the bowtie. But other than that the game is great and i highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to play! Although please fix this bug so i can get to night 4 and 5.
This game is so fun! The jumpscares are great and the story behind everything in the game is amazing as well. I have absolutely no complaints. I saw a few people say the mini game doesn't jump high, or when you're under the desk it won't let you pull back and you get jumps are. Ignore those, for the mini game hold the jump you will jump very high, for the desk just hold for as long as you can then you will be able to close the door. This game is 100% worth the buy!!! πŸ’―
AMAZING GAME !!! Play this game if you want some sadness and spooks ! I'm giving this game a 2-star rating because the Circus Baby's cupcake minigame has an issue. The throw cupcake button is on top of the jump button which makes it hard to throw the cupcake while jumping. Hope you all will shift either the jump button or the throw cupcake button.
The game is great, its just that on mobile when you get to the 5th night there isn't a way to go forward and left, i tried everything, if you can fix that then i will give the game a 5 star rating
this game is terrifying but also very fun to play I don't think there is any problems with the game but i definitely love it it's not laggy and on the first night it's SoOoo easy but round after round it gets a bit more challenging all that matters is that i love the game!!!! <3
I like the game its different than, the other five nights at freddy's but still is fun. I have gotten stuck at night 4 when your in a spring lock suit Its no joke impossible Tho, it is a fun survival horror game.
The game is amazing, I beat all five nights. But! The stupid baby mini game controls suck. You should really change the jump button and the cupcake button. And the cupcakes can be thrown twice at once but only count as one throw. That mini game gave me a big headache. Also, on night 5 for going forward and left, there's no left button, so you have to constantly keep swiping left on the screen. Please fix this. P.S please give more power on the ennard level please with ice cream
I love this game but on night 5 I think it says " go forward and left" and I can do that for some reason? But still a great game, never gets old.
There is a problem with the mini game that causes the character to suddenly stop mid jump even if you hold down the button. Other than that it's really great
I have tried to play this, but I pressed 'don't ask again' when it asked for permission to go through my files and stuff, and now it won't let me play the game-someone help me-I deleted so many apps to get this-πŸ˜ƒ but I have seen others play this and it looks really good. I need help-
This game is amazing, and I reccomend it to everyone, but there are certain things that arent great, on night 5, you have to be dragging right into the corner of the screen, if you aren't, you fail, then the mini game, I still haven't won it, it's way too difficult, first of all, the controls are way too difficult to use, the jump button won't work, or the move button stops working in the middle of a jump, the cupcakes also tend to glitch, not firing, or only firing one, besides that, it's great
This game is totally worth the money and attention. I loved it as a big fnaf fan. This game hade so many Easter eggs and mini games that unravels a sertant story. I hade aton of teoryes on this game and all I have to say is that I would 100 percent recommend this. This game requires pasients game plans and effort! I hope I see more of this type of content and lore unravelers in the upcoming games!
This game is pretty scary but fun to play. Ok, I get that this game is scary and all, but I dont think it deserves a teen rating. I know at the ending, (spoilers): You get scooped by the "scooper" and all, but still there isnt blood or anything. Otherwise, this game was smooth, and easy to play! The controls messed up a little on night two but I was able to keep going. I beat this game on the "bad ending" and after that I tried to get the "good ending". I downloaded it again and loved it!
The game is great and all but on night 2 baby's instructions was hard I kept clicking the thing for it to cover it up but it doesn't seem to work properly for some reason and it also stops and the small animatronic thing that jumpscares you always go inside then it scares you idk why though please make it easier in night 2 in under the desk minigame thing
its my favorite fnaf game its designed well,the gameplays good, but the only problem i have is getting pats bidybab in night 2 it wont let me hold close the door, i hope its not a glitch but other then that i love it!
This was literally amazing. It was so much different from the original 4 which was really cool. I do kinda wish there was a button in the settings to turn the sound off because when I already know what's happening I like to listen to music while I try to beat that night. But it's still really great I loved it!
Hello! I have to say that this app is amazing. A lot of fun and great for fnaf super fans, like me. But night two is extremely frustrating. For phone or tablet users, Bidybab is impossible to beat, because you can't grip a screen like you can a mouse. Overall it's great, and SO realistic. Recommended for everybody.
This is the best game it's just on my phone it's hard to play the baby minigane because when I press the jump button baby doesn't reach the platform you have to jump on but overall this is one of my favorite games! :)
This game is great I love the fnaf series but I'm on golden freddy mode and I am beginning to think bonnett is bugged because I spam her nose but she never goes away sometimes she spawns at the end of the screen I hit her nose and instead it hists the door I have been trying to email you guys but I dont think you got the messages. Please fix this!
I love it but there is a lot of bugs. Baby says a long story when you go through the vents to baby when you can to foxy. And ballora does that same thing. Fun time Freddy how do you do the camera rebooting with runtime Freddy. And ballora is impossible to get passed. Aenard you can't control and you just die. And the ending sucks .funtime foxy have to shine your light on him and that takes a while and then you have to repair a funtime Freddy and that sucks really bad. This game sucks I hate it
Okay, I have a few things to say about it. ITS FREAKING AMAZING! Absolutely worth your money and attention! I had a few issues with Night 2-4 but other than that it's great. Occasionally, it'll confuse me but I end up being able to figure it out after dying 2-6 times. Love the graphics and and storyline.
Ok, this game is fun but a little bit hard i dont know why but i just cant get past night 4. Plus, i know its a hard level, but why cant i beat it, someday. But its 5 stars, thank god and scoot, you trolled me.
This game is amazing but dam why is bidybab so though- also funtime freddy spent chills down my spine it was hard to get past funtime foxy,but worth getting past it. Bon bon after funtime foxy was hard,too. But worth the money,I definitely recommend it!!!<3 definitely of my favorite games on the app store.
It's a great game but I'd like to point out how hard it is to get past Funtime Freddy. sure I can at least get 2 rooms powered up,but when I get up there Funtime Freddy immediately jump scares me even though he was at the other side of the room not too long ago and I just calmed him down can. you please fix this it would be very enjoyable!
It is a fun and amazing game but night 4 is a little too hard for me...that's why I give it 4 stars and also I made a previous review about ft.foxys room and I didnt realise you had yo die to go to the scooping room...
Cool game but theres a bug and that is that when bidybab pulls the metal part under the table I so hard to pull it back it doesn't let me pull it back I cant play the game by this so plz fix it all though this is a good game ok but plz fix the bug And I will rate 5 stars.
It's a pretty fun game, yet I have some issues. I'm running this via Chromebook 3 (I think that's the model, at least.) and at random times when loading an area or after a jumpscare, the game will crash. Other than that, The game's actually pretty nice!
This is definitely my favorite fnaf I love how the faces open and when ballora jumpscares you her eyes open This game is challenging, which is exactly what I want in a fnaf game Also, this game has been out for a long time I had watched youtubers play it but have just recently played it, and it was as good as I expected I really love this game and it was worth the 3 dollars
The experience is probably more immersive on a computer. The images were compressed and overall not the best because of the miner bugs. Don't get me wrong I love this franchise but this particular game is better on pc hands down.
I like the game but it is so hard and scary. I like fanaf but this one is intense. It is a good game and I understand Scott wants to change it a bit. But it is pretty scary I like the game though. And I am still working on beating it!!!
This is by far one of the best Five Nights at Freddy's games in my opinion. I think the lore behind it is very interesting, and the gameplay for this one is absolutely amazing. You get to roam around a lot, which is quite different from the other games. I would definitely reccomend Sister Location! It's one of my personal favorites. Also, forgot to mention this, but the voice acting is also really well done!!
It's a good app. But on my 2nd night I cant get past it without getting jumpscared, it's really hard can u please just make it more easy.and maybe before u make a game that's money u should, check it before it's ready. And I really want all the fnaf games but there money and all of them dont work, Scott plz just make ur fnaf games free, or at least make ur fnaf games less money I'm a huge fan of fnaf but it makes me sad that the 2nd night, is impossible. It's to hard when ur under the desk..
I know that the graphics look better now but night 4 is way to hard in 2018 it was wayyy easier because you only have to tap to see the other side and there were only 4 spring locks but now they're five when you have to drag the camera but at the last moment when the spring-lock was about to come loose YOU WINN but seriously Night 4 very hard
This game is amazing the slight problem is the mini game it's way to difficult but I finally beated it night 6 is hard when you got ennard crawling through vents but I beated the game and it's amazing I recommened you buying it it takes a lot of hard work night 4 was quite hard same with night 5 but night 1-3 is easy night 2 is really easy but when your at the breaker room if your danger level is to high stop restarting the room your on and press the voice in right hand corner
There's a horrid bug in the 8 bit minigame where if you fire the 3 blue cupcakes while there already are some fired nothing happens, but the counter still goes down. Also going forward and left in night 5 needs to actually have a button. The amount of forums I went on to figure out how to do what should be a simple act is ridiculous. Who in their right mind would think to hold the crawl button then spastically swipe left?
Unable to play the game since every time I try to open the app it immediately crashes and closes itself. If it doesn't crash/ close it doesn't launch and I am met by an error message stating that the app can not be opened because it keeps stopping.
I think the game could be better. Storyline is amazing and scary. Does the job. But the thing that makes this game two stars is that when you play on chromebook, it keeps crashing and you have to start the night the game crashed all over again which is pretty frustraiting, and half the time you retry to play the night over again, it crashes again. I would love it for this game to be fixed that way I can finish the game full out to find all of the hidden secrets. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS!!
This game is absolutely amazing, I like how there's a lot of controls , and help. Incase people need help you can search how to play and it will tell you how to play, the only problem is can you change how it glitches? like when I'm play night 1, night 2 , night 3, they are fine but in night 4 and 5 there is some glitches that are very annoying, Please fix this.
This game is amazing! At first its more of a simulator and it tells you what to do,then it let's you play like the other fnaf games. But overall, this game is terrifyingly fun!I would recommend it and all the other fnafs.
HI really love this game but one problem with it. After completing the game, u have to pass the minigame which is really hard, but I passed it. Next, you have to pass the Enard to get the custom night. I can't pass this because it is really hard. The power drains fast and Enard gets really aggressive. I remember when I was small, I pass it even when I was dumb and nine. I had no idea how I passed it, but probably because it was easier. I really want the custom night. Please. Btw Big Fan!!!!!
Its a good and FANTASTIC game! The quality, the audio. The only reason i didn't give it 5 star is that night 2 is kinda hard. The place with the tiny bots opening the door is hard. I can't close the door at ALL. I will give it a 5 stars once its fixed.
great game, I was excited to play when i bought it but the reason i put 3 stars is becuase, the game keeps crashing during any part of the game saying " sister locaton has stopped working" i dont know if its my computer because I have a chromebook, and many things can't be done on chrome book, usally a PC or a mac is needed in wich i have none of either, and when u exit the game and go back to play I have to do the night all over agian, is there a buton that says save that I don't know about?!
i honestly love the game. it is scary but funny when you get jumpscared. my favorite part is crawling through ballora gallery. its funny to see people react to the jumpscare
It's really fun. It's basically like challenges! If you play on Tablet/Phone/iPad then in night 2 you'll probably hurt your thumb when the bidybabs come.I recomend this to whoever is going to buy!
Greatest game out of all the other five this one in my opinion is the best first game to introduced the real name of thw purple guy william afton and just by playing the mini games you cna understand the story so much more and the frames are also awesome and the jumpscares for some reason always gets me. Here a another cheers to scott for a another good game
I was really excited to play the game! When I started it was pretty easy, but when the prt where I had. To hide under the desk came it was hell! That's the only reason I took one star away.. amazing game though πŸ™‚
The game is pretty good on android/ios. But there are some issues with this version of the game. The biggest problem is on night 5,baby doesn't give you any instructions in funtime auditorium. No matter what you do,go foward or flash your beacon,ennard will kill you. And this glitch prevents everyone from progressing. Also there are some smaller issues like the audio cutting off in some of the nights,and the tv cutscenes not showing up. But those aren't gamechanging issues.
Game is exactly like the PC version and it runs well. There is a bug however with the custom night challenge "Bottom Shelf" where if you complete the night, it won't give you your star for completion of the challenge. Also there is another bug with Baby's minigame where the Blue Cupcakes will only spawn in with 3 instead of 4. Other than these bugs this is probably the best mobile port for FNAF. 5/5
Love this app, it gets rid of my boredom, I like how ft. Freddy has to be calmed down by Bon-Bon, And also, I've played this till 5:00 AM, and it's very interesting on how Circus Baby helps you, and Hand Unit doesn't. So is it interesting on how Balloras music box works, very calming and scary! You should download it to. It's worth the money, IT IS!
This game was awsome! Rather than just sitting in the same place the whole time, you can actually explore. This game was awsome from the story to the artstyle.
This is a really fun game to play. I love how there faces open and the how they look. Just in night 2 I don't hear ballora's music at all, I passed night 2 but it's harder I had her walk right in front of me and I didn't hear her music but for the rest the game is FANTASTIC, keep up the amazing work.