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Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Clickteam USA LLC located at 10010 NE 188TH ST Battle Ground WA 98604 USA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ive never new how to play the 1st time so i always thought night 2 was impossible but now ive seen a yt play it and i know how to play, besides that the game is amazing! The story is crazy and i love it
So I would put 3 or 2 stars if the game wasn't as good as it is. It is one of the best fnafs in my opinion and I truly love this game cause its my childhood. Though I put 4 stars instead of 5 because there are some problems. Interacting with the doors is insanely hard. It takes way too long and I've seen players in the computer interacting with the doors very easily. I don't know if this is intentional but if you could fix it. Also I'd prefer if you taped once in the door and not twice
Amazing game, but I'm not able to hear the breathing before you flash the light at the doorway, and I turn the sound level to the highest volume level allowed on my phone, if I'm somehow doing something wrong, please tell me and I'll reavaluate my reveiw, sorry about the paragraph
Im enjoying this alot but there are a few issues 1. When i go to a door to see 9f anything is there but it take 5 seconds until i can turn on the flashlight. 2. Chicas jumpscare doesnt make me jump because when i use my flashlight on the right door it makes the sound of the flashlight but it won't turn on so i know if im going to get jumpscared 3. When i double tap a door to go to it, it takes me 1 or to tries before i go over. This may just be my device so idk.
If your looking for a scary game,then you found it.This is by far the best,scariest fnaf game I've ever playing.If you want a rlly scary game use headphones they help.Have fun and try not to get to scared
This game is pretty easy once you get used to it so on night one if you hear breathing at the door close it and hold it closed then you can go back then go to the other door then flash the light ha hand and I got jump scared πŸ˜‚
Amazing, scary, interesting game, I love it so much, it is definitely harder then the previous ones but worth it, it definitely made me listen a lot more then usual in games, which makes it unique, I would recommend if you love scares and a bit of fun!
This game is so much fun! SCARY at times, but fun! I would recommend this game if you like the lure of FNAF! Also this can be difficult but I don't mind. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
Best video game out of the series. It was really fun/scary when I had to listen to the animatronics breathing.
I love this game the reason I'm giving it 4 stars because when I hear breathing at the door I close it for about a minute then I get jump scared by bonnie or chica please tell me why this is happening love the game tho also why is night 1 so easy then night 2 is hard i just this fixed
This game is actually good so the graphics are amazing quality you do get a little shiver because of what the animatronics are doing like running or breathing you can also tell whether they're breathing or not. I have been stuck on night 3 for long then night 4 is not that bad but night 5 is hard I mean nightmare fredbear hard like I kept on shivering and stuff like that. Anyway this game is awesome for horror fans I'm not a horror fan but I β™₯ this game!!!
The jump scares are really awesome! The way that chica makes alot of noise in the kitchen is kinda creepy. But the jumpscare that got me the most was when Michael literally jumpscared me (the part where he's behind the TV)
This game is the scariest game in FNaF and maybe the scariest game ever. The gameplay only relies on sound and I don't like that. Also the controls are a little bit weird. But other than that this game is awesome especially if you're looking for a scary game.
So scary its my kinda jam and i dont care if its digital money's i just need a creepy scary terrifying startling nerve crashing odly funny when you see somebody else get jump scared but petrifying when you get jump scared well thats a gooooooooood kind of game that will give 8 year olds a heart attack but im 8 and ive played every fnaf game i even beated the mini game in fnaf sl yeah spoiler alert elizabith afton died of circus baby scooper and circus baby πŸ‘€ we're blue befor and now there green
So far its a great game but at night 2 when i close the door after i see nightmare bonnie and i open it back up and i shine my light at the freddles or whatever their called i get jump scared. But in my opinion its a great game.
I kind of like it but did you make the animatronics of little hard cuz I always get jumpscared by Bonnie and Chica 2 Stars I can't even beat the second night can I have ultimate custom night Silverado I can choose in levels I meant the game not know ultimate custom night on that game anyway if you like hard games do to download this but if you don't you should it I'm giving it. Because I kind of like it wanted phone use a downloaded it was if you don't like hard games good game good game wow
I like this game it's honestly the fnaf game that scares me the most but one problem is it's really hard to hear them breathing at the door I cant make it past night 2. Also another thing is if u accidentally close a door u cant open it again or your gonna die
The minigame storyline wont let me do anything and the controls for the doors and the bed take too long to pop up I honestly dont want to touch the game until it's fixed but other than that it's pretty cool so far
I love the FNaF fandom. This is the first game I got and overall I am pleased. It's scary, and having to litsen and rely on sound is even scarier. The animatronics are spooky, and the added touches like the dim light and the bedroom is really neat. I feel like it deserves 9.5/10 on scariness (don't think that's a word) though. Yeah, the jumpscares are scary and stuff, but on night 1, the only real jumpscare is the freddy dolls, and after a while it gets repettitive. Anyways, great game overall!
This game is fun and right when the jumpscare is about to happen it freezes for like 1sec so it gives me a heads up when a jumpscare is about to happen so that's fun and the timeline is dark like way darker then scary teacher and that's why I tell my little cosen that they want to give you a hug πŸ˜“ like really scott kids killed REALLY ok sorry it is one of the best games I've played when 2021 burns out are window and also my YouTube channel is double trouble
Its great, the only thing that scares me is how many things you have to do to survive, it keeps making me a little scared to even play the game, and because of that im only on night 1 LOL
This is a really good game. And for only $2.99, JEEZ! I am still struggling with night 5, but that's not the game's fault. It's my skill. This is a game that is worth getting if you have the money. BEST FNAF GAME EVER!!!
Its great! But i still cant get past night 2 becausw i get mixed up with the breathing and the footsteps. My earphones are working properly. But its hard
I have loved fnaf since 2014! This game is a real challenge but I'm used to the jumpscares, very good game please make more!
This is amazing but the only issue I have is how slow we move and the slight delay from when we arrive at the door and the time it takes to use the flashlight
Ok so I rate this game with 5 stars because: the game is so cool; it isn't expensive; it's not hard to play; etc. I don't know.. I just like the game and yeah xD
I like how it is dark and that gives it a scary vibe i will give this a 5 star because i like how you have to check everything and you get to move around.
It's a really fun game!! You can get jump scared easy but night 2 is so challenging for me... that may be because I'm so scared of being jump scared lol- anyway! It's a good game a little unfair here and there... But other than that it's a amazing gameπŸ‘
This game is my favorite cause the cover in the game it will look very very real as such I'm not very confirmed about how stuck on night too But I mean I'm glad to have this game I don't know what I do about this game If I didn't have it I'd be sad so I just like this game so much And that's all I have to say about this game and it's all good Things are going good and I hope You like my review
I love this game so much, it's amazingly scary. But I have one problem, when it comes to the storyline I can't seem to walk or go to the next text part.. any tips for this?
I had to pay my mum 10 dollars so I could have this game, I am happy with my purchase and this game is TERRIFYING! You have to listen so closely to the door, and the jumpscare nearly rupters your eardrums because of it. πŸ°πŸ»πŸ”
This is one of the best Five Nights at Freddy's games out there. The way you go about playing, using audio more than visuals, is really fun. Timing is key, so make sure you've done everything not too long, and not too short, otherwise, you get jupscared and die. What holds it back for me was that the game would crash every time I would beat a night, so I was never able to see the cutscenes. The game also crashes whenever you finish the fun with plushtrap minigame. Please fix the crashes.
It was really good ive already played to demo you put more work into it i hope you can make more games either way fnaf help wanted has to be the best or freddy pizzaeria sim or custom night but has to be one of my personal favorites i can,t go into detail bye
Good game but like a lot of people and gamers say the animatronics noise cues could be louder but other than that the game is pretty much built to perfection.
It's really good but like the 3rd game I can't buy cheats, I know that there's already cheats in both games, but in this game you can only get the cheats on the Halloween update of the game I don't know how to get to that, can you change that or somebody tell me how to get to that. Ether one will do. P.S. can you make the breathing noise louder please if you can.
I would rate the game 5 stars but 1 reason why is because whenever I try to check the bed the child just turns away. I'm playing on mobile yes but I'm pressing left right up down none will work overall great game it's worth it
this game is really fun but I am always jumpscared by chica and bonnie and never by the other animatronics even on night 6, 5 and 4 andwhy does plush trap go inside the doors???? I NEED ANSWERS but other than that it is great
Omg I absolutely love the game I mean I also got the 1st one and deleted all of them because AHH!>~< They were too scary for me my anxiety πŸ˜” BUT I feel like a Connection to this one like it's not that scary to play 10\10 I would DEFINITELY recommend to my friends πŸ˜πŸ‘
Whenever I double tapped on the door like whenever I went over there and I'd have a black screen which I knew that was happened it was that it wouldn't let me do the flashlight button so that's why I gave it four out of five because of that and I won't let me close the door too
this game is hard and I'm so unimaginably bad at it but its good, tons of strategy good models sound cues and overall fun
ITS SO GOOD this game has good graphics and the jumscare are really scary but for some reason i don't hear the breathing when im at the door i just hear footstapes and i get jumpscare cuz i open the door and bub i get jumscare but is a really good game and im stuck at nigth 2 its me or the game =/ and controls are a bit hard on mobile cuz i play on mobile so 3 stars at controls at computer they are better
As fun as this game is, it's so hard! Now, it may just be me bc I'm rlly rlly bad at FNAF but I beat night 1 first try but night 2, I can't pass it. I have FNAF 4, and Ultimate Custom Night and UCN is way easier! (Mostley bc I did LaurenZSide's easy thing with UCN where u just do the ppl who don't kill u) but other then that, it's an amazing games!! If u don't like this, there's something wrong with u.
Awesome completely awesome it's a great game on mobile and on PC. people who write reviews that's say they can't make it past a certain night we'll keep trying every one is possible and if you can't hear the breathing turn the volume up more. I recommend this game very much for only $2.99 you gotta get it. Very fun! Can be pretty scary tho which is part of the fun!
OK you might have noteced that I give most of the fnaf games 5 stars but this one is four stars. Even though this game introduced a new type environment to the game series I thought it was INTENSELY scary. I know that this game was made to be scary. But this game was unpredictable and always scared me even though I rarely saw it coming. I cant go on to see the DLC because of the jumpscares and the angsiaty. I'll keep on playing but if we are talking about scary from 1-10 answer: 10
Only 3 stars because there is no cheats menu to start off. Please make a cheats menu with for example, maybe a radar in the top right? (Kind of like from the Halloween update) Please do this or make the cheats in the extras menu in fnaf 3 and fnaf 4 automatically available for free for a 5 star review please! Also make the breathing louder please!
I didn,t play a lot because I'm a to scared to play the graphics. are amazing and the jumpscar is amazing and those are just on YouTube I can,t wait to actually play
The only reason i gave it a 3 star is because when im on night 5 when i get up to the door it doesnt let me flash my flash light when i get up at the door it doesntnlet me flash it right away NEEDS TO BE FIXED
It's a great prequel for the FNaF Franchise, though I have some thing to say. First, i get jumpscared by Nightmare Chica or Bonnie when they arent even there. And the freddles are too easy, then it takes too long to run to doors. Edit: WHAT THE FRICK?? I see bonnie when I shine the left hall, close the door for a few seconds, open it and get jumpscared!? Same with chica, please..Fix this. Also, can you make the sounds louder? I have to turn the volume all the way up. And I get headaches. Thanks.
Amazing game. Night 1 is not so bad.night 2 hard. Night 3 is harder. Night 4 is even Harder. But Night 5 is possible to beat. Night 6 harder than night 5. Night 7 is stressful
SO SCARY!!! WHEN I GET JUMP SCARED I CAN LITERALLY FEEL IT IN MY CHEST!!! This is second highest as my most scariest Five Nights at Freddy's game. By far! I hate jump scares that come out of the dark like that. You're going to give me a heart attack! Lol jk. What really sucks is I keep accidentally pressing new game when I'm at night five ☹️. That's why my life sucks... Lol
This game is amazing! I play it almost every day so awesome game! Also 1 thing,can you make it to where the animatronics don't go really fast please and you need to turn up the volume so loud it hurts my ears when you get jumpscared but the game is amazing
It would make it easier if you didn't have to double tap to run. On Night 5 Fredbears mechanics are so dumb. I run to the left door and as soon as I have to (DOUBLE TAP) to run he goes to the opposite door already and then he just gets in the room easily. Once hes in the room I check behind me hes not on the bed then I turn around and he kills me without giving me a chance to check on him in the closet. Please find a way to turn off double tap
I love this game it's really kinda smooth because when you get a jumpscares it takes like two seconds to load and I don't get scared that much still 4/5
Super fun, very terrifying and suspenseful. The story telling is magnificent and the gameplay is stunning. I'm on Nightmare mode may God have mercy on my soul
I like the remaster, and everything seems good, but night 5 is BROKEN. I cant get past night 5 because of these bugs: Fredbear runs in place sometimes, usually on the right, by that I mean I hear running, but the running doesnt go to ear to ear. It sometimes stays only on one side. BTW I wear headphones. Another bug, fredbear can get in at literally ANYTIME, even if I'm at the same door as him, he still can get in, and it makes it impossible to tell if he got in or if he faked a laugh. Plz fix.
Lol I love how the creator of fnaf made the game be refunded because some people might get mad at the game or just want to install it bc they can't beat a level because if he didn't he would have lots of karen's around saying they want a refund so good job I live the game and also love how when you die the phone vibrates to make the jumps are better lol
I would give this game a 5 star because it is really good I like how u can craw on the ground an theirs terrific graphics an I like how u have to listen for the animal etronics best game outa of the five nights at Freddy's franchise
This is my favorite part of the whole series. It is very well done and genius of how scott changed from video to audio in this game. Yet, was i the only one who felt like night 3 was harder than night 4? Just wondering, if you agree, say the review was helpful. Once again, my favorite out of the whole series. Loved it
is a cool game. it haves cool graphics and it has no problems but i give it 4 stars because when i want to turn on a flash light or close a door i need to wait 5 seconds. in the last version I did not wait 5 seconds to turn on flashlights and close doors. and it takes too long to run in a door or turn around to see the bed. it makes my day if you fix that and thanks for reading this. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
I like how there's a Halloween edition and in the normal addiction I like how the cupcake is a brand new character and it actually can kill you when foxy was in the closets then I got jump scared I was so scared that I didn't actually die but foxy is like the easiest to take care of and I like nightmare Bonnie cuz he always gets you and night too and nightmare chica the always goes to the kitchen to cook her cupcake I guess The breathing sounds are really cool.
I love it! But can you make it so that foxy isnt so active? Because when i keep him away with my flashlight he just runs to the other hallway and not guve me time to stop him!
Its really good but its scary. the first night is really hard I can't think how hard the 6th or 5th night is.but its still a good game. it not a game for the night. Not for kids too scary.
When I'm running to the closet/doors the kid some how freezes in the one spot and I'm just hearing the noises in the background. And the jumpscares are a little bit fast when you turn on the light because before i flashed the light in the hallway the jumpscare sounds already started
Scott this game........is........horrifying the type of horror you put in this game is unbeleavabal good job and great work. I have not beat it yet and that's a good thing it's hard its scary and nervracing that what makes the jumpscars better.
So baisically there is absolutely nothing wrong about this game. I love it❀, its so fun, graphical, and a good scare. That why i deleted it. It scared me, but its awesome dont get me wrong, i think any genuine horror lover or someone whos trying to get a good scare would enjoy this game, but if you're jumpy and dont like getting scared watch out!!! πŸ˜ƒ
It is very fun, a little creepy but this game is for FNAF fans, only one problem when I am listening for the breathing I cant really hear it and I can hear the game good, I went to the left door and listened and didnt hear any thing and I got jumpscare by Nightmare chica, very fun game though.
This game is PUNISHING. It forces you to wear headphones and crank the volume all the way up to hear the most subtle of sound cues, making the jump scares even more impactful. Very good port and definite improvement on previous port.
very fun game, also easy when you start out. the only problem was the freddles! i love the designs. when i get jumpscared i almost threw my computer- and sometimes the buttons go away and its really confusing. but really its an amazing game!
This game is so awsome but also i like fnaf cause its my favorite hopefully someone reads this cause the part that i dont like is that when the little freddys are screaming i check up on them and the cupcake just jumpscares my and i dont like when that happens but im still gonna give this a 5 star πŸ˜„ thanks to scott cothon now we have some games from the past good o'l pizzaria i just miss that pizzaria so i down load all fnaf games to remember that resurant also im running out so check the other
The game is great but I have one problem with it, it's not that functional on android s7 so right now I'm trying to get a refund to see if FNAF 3 is any better also who thinks this is a ninja game because google does.
Great Game , Would Reccomend This For A Mobile Horror Game. ( this game is on pc aswell ) So If You Get It... have fun with some scary jumpscares
This game is amazing I have scared almost all my friends all of them are girls and gosh they scream like really and also I'm having a bit of an issue you see if I get jumpscared by those little bears that look like Freddy idk what they are called but anyway if I shine the light on them the game sometimes crashes and I'm playing it on my phone because PC is way to hard for me so yeah idk what's happening but everything else is AMAZING
This is a really good game but so hard you have to basically check on 4 things at once, the bed for the freddy plush doll to move, the to doors for golden freddy and nightmare, and the closet for foxy mostly but it's a good game
This really cool app and its really scaring but it will glitch sometime and it will kick you out sometime its said we need a rest no reson but i like it i play it all the time in my couson channel ☺
Best fnaf game I've ever played I know we live in the 21st century but this is the most scary, tricky,difficult and overall amazing game for those that are not afraid of jumpscares and are over the age of five to six this is a perfect game and I highly recommend downloading it
Because of the crickets, I don't even dare to play it- it's so scary- I love it OvO the fact that the jumpscares are scarier than the other animatronics because of the environment, ( in my opinion ) makes everything better! This game is just πŸ‘Œ
I can't get pass the first chapter, it seems to stall everytime I beat it or when the cutscenes come in it also stops the game. I've uninstalled and installed it again to see if it would change but it didn't. It's a really cool game, but really disappointing to know I can't play it properly.
I Really Like The Remaster. But There's A Glitch. I Can't Proceed To Night 2 Because During The Mini Games, You're Supposed To Press The Big Button To Continue Through The Text. But When I Press It, It Doesn't Do Anything
Definitely a great game, although it is pretty hard and frustrated to beat this, I still love this game!! :)
This game is fun and spooky, but even after 5 years since launch I still don't know how to beat Nightmare Fredbear.
I Love this game because it has a lot of new fetchers including new game play i really like how its like a new game. I will be playing this game for a long time.
Make it easier please like 10 times easier please thank you very much I can't even beat night 2 and make a setting where you can turn off the music in the background or at least make it lower so I can hear breathing better
I love this game so much! The graphics an charecters are amazing. Keep up the good work Scott! :) although whenever i look at bonnie, chica, or foxys door, then the game will crash.
Unique gameplay in terms of strategy. By far one the scariest, no doubt, FnaF game. Fun game which makes your heart race. Requires patience.
For some reason, I cant hear anything on night 2 even at max volume, please fix this bug and I'll rate it 5 stars
Nice! I love it. It's the best game ever! It's pretty much like the PC one. Some people may have problems, but I don't have any. 5 stars for the great work. πŸ‘
I love this game first time I got it I ask my sister(younger) is she wanted to have a go and she said that she saw something in the corridor which we didn't know about the game for a bit so we got scared a bit then chose to look back to see what we might have saw till we got jumpscare by bonnie making my sister through my phone into a wall.
There's something wrong with my game. After it updated itself a couple months ago, my controls are going very slow. Before, i could easily beat nights and do the nightmare mode with the original game cause the controls were fast. But now, the controls are so slow, I've had to use the map. And even using that it's hard cause I can't open, turn the light on, and shut the door quickly. I have the 4 stars from using the game a long time ago. now it's so hard, and I can't even do any of the challenge
I'm a fan of the whole fnaf series! I want to defeat Nfredbear. Problem is i don't hear his footsteps sometimes. Only his laughter. I don't know how to track fredbear alot. My only problem is when's he's in the hallways Also when I close the door on him, he still kills me! I try to be quick as possible but no. I want of all the animatronics to have louder footsteps so I can track them down. I beat 5, 6 and 4/20 on the older version. Besides i don't have the cheats. Please update and fix this bug
This is my favorite five nights at freddys game so far it's always been a favorite of myn so Yeah it,s a great game let me tell you how to beat this game night 1 if you see anything on your bed behind you flash light at it if you see your closet move go to it and close the closet door if you see nightmare foxy and if you see a animatronic at the end of the hall clash at it but first littsen for breathing if you hear breathing close the hall door if you die just restart that night. Don,t give up.
I love it but my game is slow the close and flash buttons don't work you have to wait like 3 or 5 seconds to use them
WHAT IS THIS GAME?! This game on a Xbox is so good but on a mobile it's trash! First of all, Everything freezes for 1 minute. Second of all, You can't even check on the freddles so I'm always getting jumpscared by Nightmare Freddy. Third of all, The flashlight is mostly unresponsive, and that is the most important thing to survive.Forth of all, It's so hard to get foxy away from the closet, and it takes me 5 tries to get him away. At this point why even sell this game on mobile?It's a waste.
Ok i think this game is great but i dont know if it is me or sometimes i do not hear breathing but i still get jump scared but Over all this game is great
I love the game so much it is my fav fnaf game so far but this update ruined a few things for me about this before the game was hard but ths update made it even more difficult....i beat 20/20/20/20 mode but now i can't even beat night three..maybe i am encountering a bug of some sort but idk over all though i love this game scott brought us a real beauty!!
Really amazing game and very scary too. The only thing that I find a bit distracting is a slight delay before the instructions appear and the jumpscares themselves. Otherwise I think this game is the best along with Fnaf 2. It would've been awesome also if the Halloween dlc was available I'm not sure if it is I'm just saying.
Very scary I would say that it's scary because when you upgraded them you made the more broken and terrifying to really scare them and all the people that are playing it's called Halloween edition you made nightmare into nightmarionne and then you made nightmare foxy into Nightmare mangle and then you made plushtrap in the nightmare balloon boy I also think you should make nightmare Freddy and Nightmare golden Freddy or Nightmare fredbear and Nightmare golden Freddy
I haven't made it past night 2. It's next to impossible to hear Nightmare Bonnie or Nightmare Chica's breathing. Maybe make the breathing louder, then I'll give it another shot.
All the games they put a lot of detail into all this is a really good game it's kind of hard to hear if you have something playing in the background and it's worth buying definitely
Awesome completely awesome it's a great game on mobile and on PC people who write reviews that's say they can't make it past a certain night we'll keep trying every one is possible and if you can't hear the breathing turn the volume up more. I recommend this game very much for only $2.99 you gotta get it. Very fun! Can be pretty scary tho which is part of the fun!
Amazing! However, I have completed the game (multiple times) and cannot access the level with nightmare, nightmare Mangle, and Nightmarrionette
It fun i love the jump scares it can help you see what coming and helps you hear more properly it very fun and I build the map in minecraft the best I can then I will invite friends and try to play so I can get better it very fun
Ah I remember the premiere of this game like it was yesterday. Everyone was talking about it and having heart attacks. Sudden shift in the game mechanics was great and unexpected it just let you relive thet feel of uneasiness like with the first game because Fnaf 2 and 3 was great horror games but after a while they just made you angry with every loss this one just struck you with great jump scares and confusing lore
I honestly love this game even though I can't get pass of night 2 since Nightmare Bonnie/Nightmare Chica/Nightmare Freddy (I can't see properly eho jumpscred me but they are the first ones I saw) and the Freddles keep jumpscares me but I managed to pass night 2 and I LOVE IT! I bought this game a few months ago (idk when was that) so you guys deserve 5 stars
It's good and all, but the problem with me was that it was kinda laging, so when l tried to go to the door it didn't work. And when l was at the bed, it would stay there. Idk if it's cause I'm on and iPad, but plz fix that. Thx
Its a good game, but the flashlight somtimes is unresponsive, and in this game,thats obviously a bad thing. Ive also noticed it lags for maybe a full second when i turn to look at the bed. Im still early in the game,so its not horrible, but i hope i or others dont lose to these issues in the future.
5 stars because it has amazing graphics amazing gameplay and it is good and overall It is an amazing game and when you play this game it has a felling that I love when you play the game you have to just play the nights and it is amazing and the animalelectronics are amazing I just love the animalelectronics and the fun with plushtrap it is really fun and it is helpful with that 2 hours Yep when ever I play this game the setting inside a house is amazing running to the 2 doors the closet the bed.
It's nice it isn't really scary . And I also like how the animatronics look like you must of worked hard on this game!
it was good but i hav't played this in a while AND I NEVER HAVE DIED TO CHICKAS CUPCAKE so is this part of the new update bc i did't see cupcake ws added btw it only happens when i flash the fredlings and then i turn around cupcake in my face so yeah i have no idea when the cupcake was added sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yah
So, I love this game and the franchise, it's really fun and is the scariest fnaf game i've played. 4 stars because night 5 is broken in 2 ways. 1: usually when freadbear laughs, he is in your room, but sometimes you can hear running during the laugh meaning it was fake. But sometimes, I can hear laughing and footsteps at the same time, but he isn't at the doors or in my room. 2: when I try to turn the flashlight on, there is a delay. Other than that, amazing game!
Now i kinda understand why some people hate this game so much, but the game was pretty creepy in some levels. I really enjoyed the minigame cutscenes. And i beilieve the game is kinda hard. The jumpscares are ment to be loud. So this game is pretty good. But the controls are a little reckless. But all this still is way better than fnaf world Lol.
Its an awesome game, but there are no cameras. But other than that, the animatronics are a lot scarier than FNAF 1 2, and 3. But over all it's worth the $2.99
Amazing game. Night 1 is not so bad.night 2 hard. Night 3 is harder. Night 4 is even Harder. But Night 5 is possible to beat. Amazing game again.
this game is awsome but it's hard to play because even when i have max volume i still can't hear the breathing.
I love the horror in this game I would recommend it but on night 5 its difficult to hear where fredbear is and he doesn't always set off his sound cues. He also attacks me when I have the door closed on him so that needs to be fixed.
Its a good game! But its almost impossible to hear the breathing sound...the ambiance is as loud as it which is very hard
I LOVE FNAF.... but i put 4 stars because every time i turn around to see fredles... It takes a minute to turn witch is very agervating for me..... Give me some advice to fix it plz.... But it is a good game though...
I'm stuck on night 2, idk if this is a glitch or something but when I hear breathing I lock the door as you're supposed and wait like 20 seconds and by that time I'm thinking I'm safe but when I open the door I just get jump scared. Its kinda annoying because if that's the case than I'll have to lock the door for a loonnnggg time :/
Just scary, I have only been jumpscared by Chica, shes scary but, I mean I was expecting it, I gave it a 4 because it takes a while to start the game, and it's very hard when you're on night 4 ._.
Its a good game with your volume down but,night 2 is really difficult for me.Either I see Nt.Bonnie in the hall or I hold the door and still get jumpscared.
Amazing game! The mechanics work and it's very fun! The reason it's getting 4 stars instead of 5 is because there's no comfirm button when you hit new game. I completed night 3 then I hit new game instead of continue. ☹︎ I then completed night 1 (again) and hit the new game button AGAIN! This game is pretty old so they are probably not gonna update it. If they do, PLEASE add a "Confirm New Game?" Button or something like that. Otherwise, the game is good and spooky :3
The game is so wonderfully made and great setting. The jumpscares are scary! That's another reason I find this game very fun and challenging. Keep up the good work!!!
Best game ever but the fnaf vr is better πŸ˜‰ and I like the graphics no ads (except when it was free it had soo many ads) night 3 is hard
Well their is soemthing annoying the flash light won't let me flash and it won't let me go back when I try. So I like the game though.
AMAZING honestly too scary but still awesome!!! I would recommend making a easy version for kids that don't want to be terrified for instance easy mode would be the same but not as scary but still this is the best!!!
This is a great game! It's very challenging and its what I like! I've been stuck on night 2 for so long I'm just getting jumpstarted for now! All in all it's a great app and I recommend it for anyone over the age of 8 mabey 7. Reason for that I couldn't play minecraft without freaking out about seeing a skeleton when i was at least 5 years old! The first time I say a skeleton I screamed! Dont make that mistake with this game!
This game is great i got 3 stars ,however I can't seem to get the forth star. I tried to double click on Nightmare but nothing works for the 20/20/20/20 mode easter egg. I also can't get to the challenges mode as well please help....
very good scary game I just download it but I have a issue every time one right door where Chica is it always never makes me use my flashlight
I love this game! I dont even know how to explain it! I found out you could hold Nightmare Chicas door shut for 4 hours but you have to check on the freddles.I just gotta say this game is worth buying! The Creator/Creators of this game you did great! I recommend this game for everybody!
I cant get passed the second night can you please add like an option for like to skip the 2nd Night atleast because how are you supposed to get passed it if you die on the 2nd Night if you cant even get passed it because the freaking battery in the freaking flashlight dies if your trying not to die and your going to each door plus the bed like people that have Androids because Its a bit harder for the people that have Androids
Its amazing fnaf game but its really annoying to people with hearing proples like me azpeshaly if you are trying to complete the all the fnaf games 4 stars also its impossible if your on night 2 and your defending a freddy foxy or bonnie then the cupcake appears you have a split moment to rush over to there
This is a great game, but it's been 7 months since I bought the game and I still can't beat night 7/ nightmare mode, I feel as is nightmare needs a UI fix.
As soon you get to the door, you have to wait like half a sec to close door, Night 8 is impossible to beat and he still gets me when i close the door, and PlZ do a Halloween dlc.
Δ° just downloaded it! I don't know too much but I'm on night two and it's a bit hard with the nightmare part other than that it's OK! also we'll that mini game thing it's a bit hard to so I can't realy do anything lol But ye it's a good game u just need some getting used to, to be able to master it, ight? So it's realy good but the nightmare part is the difficult part so far that'd all I got to say you knowwww Buy ye I reccomend u download it if u got skill it's pretty good well yas,
AMAZING ITS AWSOME I have no idea why I was stuck on night 2 for weeks but still AWSOME graphics are amazing they had a bug until they fixed it I would and people if you love horror games and jumpscares this game is perfect for you. Fredbear Is amazing yet he is speed..... The only problem im having is Not Hearing their breathing When I go to the door I cant hear anything so ill be most likely to get jumpscared its either the game or me :\. 5 STARS they deserve it.
The game is good you can get jumps cared on any night even night one only if you mess up and this game made me poop my pants on the demo version I miss my childhood but anyway if you like horror games or fnaf download this but buy it first
The game always looks really slow can you please fix the bugs the for the three the two please fix it the five nights at Freddy game.
I really wish it wasn't so scary like can't you make the animatronics less scary and let us see them from the bed that would be nice because I always go to a door and hold it shut and then chica or foxy kills me and the freddles are the only thing I can predict cause u can barely here them I only like plushtrap honestly please make these happen and I appreciate it thank you πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ»πŸ¦ŠπŸ°πŸ₯
Love this game but just to let you know there is a glitch where on night 2 the freddles spawn extremely quickly. I died before the night even got to 1 am! Just reset the game and it will be fixed
This is a great update, but there's almost no way to beat 20/20 mode because Nightmare moves way too fast and can still enter when you have the door closed on him in the quickest possible time. (When he's on the right side, you close the door and he immediately moves to the left side, the runninganimations are way too slow to catch up with him and close the door.)
This game is fun. If you can't hear footsteps turn the audio louder to hear it. Don't turn the flashlight on if you hear footsteps. Close the door for a hour. This game is really fun
Its amazing! But when you get to the doors, it takes it a second for the controls to respond. I give it 4 stars because thats the only problem i had, but got used to overtime. The jumpscares are amazing! β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
Very fun and scary crashes sometimes but yeah also sometimes it doesnt play breathing and it would be easier to tap the dark to flash your light and press the door to close the door
I played this game and it gave me a lot of jumpscares! It was really fun and I recommend it to my peers. Great job to the developers.
It is so good I used to have it when it was free a couple of years ago and I have bought again cause I love all the five nights at freddys games this is probably my favourite five nights at freddys game I have watched all the theory's
They were right! The controls are so slow! I died 6 times. Please fix this. I mean, seriously! I remember my cousin playing this months ago! ON A PHONE. And am playing on a phone too! So why is this happening? I know theres no bugs. Right? He fixed them all so yeah. And it's not that am lagging. I played the first night like this! WHOLE. It didn't feel good. My fingers hurted of pressing the same button 11 times just to work. Oh yeah! The buttons might not work too! But everything else is good!
Amazing game! I love how you gotta be quick and check the doors and bed. But there's an annoying thing that is wrong with this game. When you do the sound test, your volume is required to be maximum. And it kinda hurts my ears when I get jumpscared. So if loud sounds hurt your ears, I suggest putting on Headphones and turn the volume down enough for you to hear the breathing. (Tbh the jumpscares make me jump cause they're unexpected)
Great game, but I do have a problem. When I'm at the door I can't hear breathing. I love the game but I still can't hear it. I only hear breathing when I stay at the door for five or three seconds to hear them breathing. It really is annoying. Sometimes I even don't hear breathing at the door, then I use my flashlight, I get jumpscared. Please do something.
Its a really good game and everything but what bugs me is when on night 2 when I would run up to the door and try to use my flash light when I heard no breatheing it wouldn't let me turn on my flash light then I heard breatheing and then it made me run back.πŸ˜‘
Great game cause honestly the graphics are okay and gameplay is also really good I give it five stars because I love fnaf so much and I am so pumed for security breach so yeah great game Not my most favorite game in the serious in my opinon but great game
pretty good. if you cant hear the breathing turn up your volume! or get better headphones how to beat night 1: stay in your room until 3am dont even go to both doors or closet/bed just stay here once your light flickers at 3am turn around. anf shine ur light at the freddles once you did that stay there until 6am and boom you did it
Ever since I bought this I've been trying to get to night 3 but somehow I just couldn't 🀣 and also I have been thinking you should put TJOCR on moblie because it's really interesting and another reason is I've been seeing other great YouTubers playing and having a great time and so I would like to challenge myself. Soo even if you were thinking about it I was just asking if you could make it work! I REALLY hope this put your mind into it.