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Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Clickteam USA LLC located at 10010 NE 188TH ST Battle Ground WA 98604 USA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A lot of people say this is their least favorite game, but it's my favorite because of the atmosphere. The black and green, sort of glitchy and unstable atmosphere makes it feel so cool and scary. No problems currently with the mobile version, very cool and scary game. Challenging but not too hard
Love it! There is one issue that makes this 4 stars for me...when you start the game there is a timer before you can do anything, but aside from that, it's so good!
Game is amazing in all but there is a bug where game will not let me move till phone guy (AKA) Scott starts talking and make night 3 and above litteraly impossible. Please fix loved the other games will adjust according to fix
I have to rate it 2 stars because I have an android 11 the gameplay is fine but when I play a minigame I can't control it. It just won't move so can you please fix it
Wow, when I was bought this, it was better than expected. It was surprisingly... Fast. Good job, Scott CawthonπŸ‘Œ And also creepier than the other games in my opinion
Its Amazing it even scares the living shizzle nugs out of me and my brother. The jumpscares are amazing i only made it to night 3 and its impossible. But i still love the game im still trying to figure out how the rest of the family memebers died though lol.
I like the game and all but i think night 6 is too hard every time im at 4 am i get jumpscared but its still a good game
Whenever I try to download the app and play it, I am stuck on the office (at the far left side of the office), I can't move, the phone dude calls then I hear the security guard breath heavily then it crashes, even though I downloaded it several times before and it was fine but now it won't let me play it.
Okay the mechanics are okay but the bug with the game freezing when starting a night is making this impossible, springtrap goes from cam 9 to right in front of me in seconds, along with the rebooting system mechanic taking years to work and getting me killed, this game looks good and feels good when it works but it's been 5 years since release and scott is yet to fix these bugs, thanks for stealing my money Animedude
I really like the minigames and the game because it's scary I love scary it's just amazing and I love all the easter eggs and surprises I'm a really big fan of fnaf the only problem is the it will kick me off the game after a few minutes of playing
I've been playing since 2014 And I'm happy that this games for mobile with the update but there are a few problems, 1 the cameras are more static, 2 My phone vibrates when rebooting systems, 3 The game crashes when I'm in a night.
I really like this game. It does scare me, but I really like it. One thing is that is that without the mouse, it is really hard to get the "stage 01" minigame. But other than that it is great!
It is ok but when trying to go for the good ending it is hard to hit some of the buttons please fix this I am having a hard time doing it
Excellent, I'm super glad that the game plays like it does on PC rather than having reworked mechanics. This makes the third (and the other rereleased mobile ports) much more fun for those who can't afford to play the game on a computer.
Awesome port with great game mechanics. Only problem I have is at the start of every night, the game takes about three seconds to load. Now that wouldn't be so bad if the game hadn't already started. By the time i can interact with the cameras, not even getting into the incredibly slow pan around the room, springtrap has already gotten near my office. This can be a real problem on later nights where Springtrap moves very quickly. Please fix this, it's a total game-killer
This is a great game but one thing: The freking camras are loud as heak!. But over all awesome remake! Edit: Ive played FNaF 3 and Night 3 is HARD at one point i stared down Springtrap Until the red light sounded then i lost
Fnaf 3 is my favorite fnaf game, and always has been. I beat the game 100% before the update. I decided to replay the game after the update, and was quite upset by how long it takes to block the vents and switch between the camera and the control panel thing (Cant remember what its called atm). Please fix this!
The game is good and all, great story and ambiance, but could you please update it. The game is too slow and the vibration is annoying, there should be an options menu like FNaF 1.
I enjoy it, i just dont like how it freezes when you start the game, please fix that. I love the lore and mini games, im a big fan i have all games up to fnaf sister location!
A great game, scary definitely, all I wanted to see in a game like this, I love the series of fnaf and I think I will forever, this game is harder than I expected, but not all games are easy, would definitely recommend if you live to play scary games, and love a bit of a fright.
this game is remarkeble! although uh i am stuck on night 3 springtrap just won't go away! please make springtrap go to the audio straight away please fix this! i'm a big fan of five nights at freddy's!
This game is good it's to hard though I saw springtrap by the door then I looked and I was playing the audio on camera 9 and springtrap was there I lost track of him he wasn't anywhere so I played the audio on camera 9 some how he got in to the office near the vents I already checked the vents! I was on 5am night 3 PLEASE FIX IT! 😑
I'm sure gameplay is fine on mobile, but for any Chromebook users out there, this is not your best bet. Jumping from platform to platform in the minigames is virtually impossible on Chromebook, as you have to use the same buttons as mobile but use your mouse rather than your fingers. This basically means you can't get the good ending. I'm just gonna throw 3 stars up there because I didn't really get far enough to tell whether or not it was really good or not so good.
the game is good and all but we need options just like fnaf 2 I don't really like the vibration every time I have to reboot something on the panel. Other wise the game is good
I dont hate and I dont like this game I hate it mostly and the reason I didn't like it was because they made speingtrap work so unfairly and the video is luck based and the good ending is dumb because you have to do some stuff, who would even figure out. Other than that stuff that proves why this game is rage, it's a good game
I dont know why people moan about this game!!! It dosent have something that runs out of power which I like, and the minigames are well made, revealing the story! Scott, please update the game so that the door closes, because i was at 1 am once and Springtrap was outside the door, next to the costume of Freddy, and I just decided to die or I would just sit there like a dope. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I've been playing Five Nights at Freddy's since 2016 and this version is just like PC. Love the games! They're worth it.
It's a good game and story line it's pretty fun the graphics are good and it's just a good game in general I like how there's little secret ways of skipping nights it is very interesting indeed
I love this game, but I kinda miss the old mobile fnaf. It had the eerie vibe and scary feel to it. The low quality felt nostalgic, but besides that this is a great game.
This game makes me flinch, jump, and that's whats fun about this game. If you give this game 1 star, then there is something wrong with you.
I really liked the game I just wish when you are on a night above 1 and you click on new game there could be something that said are you sure cause u was on night five and I tried to instantly click continue but instead clicked new game and now I am back to night 1!!!!!
I really like this and how it's designed and sometimes I eat scared because sometimes I have the volume all the way up and I am really close to the screen
I love this game !! Really interesting lore and minigames !! I'm rating this game 2 stars because there is a problem where whenever a night starts, it takes the the player to move for a few seconds. It's okay for Night 1 - 6 ( Nightmare ) but for Nightmare Aggressive mode, it's really hard since Springtrap moves fast. So please fix that. The panning isn't so smooth. Sealing the vents and rebooting a system takes forever on mobile but on pc it takes a few seconds. Hope you all will update this.
I love this game !! Really interesting lore and minigames !! I'm rating this game 3 stars because there is a problem where whenever a night starts, it takes the the player to move for a few seconds. It is okay for Night 1 - 6 ( Nightmare ) but for Nightmare Aggressive mode, it's really hard since Springtrap moves fast. So please fix that.
Very fun horror game but I've had trouble with the 8 bit mini games recently. I just bought the Pixel 4a and when I get to a 8 bit mini game and click the buttons the sprite will not move on screen. Please fix.
Sorry i would have given this game 5 stars, but whenever i get jumpscared the screen goes black and kicks me off the app, and does the same when i use the cameras, I would love you guys to fix this because i am a huge fan of your games. Pls fix this XXXXX
So the first three nights are easy but then.The first thing that I dont like is it holds you for five seconds before you get to move.The second thing is that when springtrap is in the vent and you try to seal it.IT TAKES FOREVER.But he is too fast for it,and before you know it he is in your office.πŸ˜πŸ”«πŸ˜΅
amazing game just for some reason springtrap should be a teeny bit worked on his jumscare it's just him *inserts jumpscare sound* and I think that should be fixed you may not have this problem but I do love the game thank you!
I have a few bugs. In the beginning of any night you can't move the screen. There is no options menu to remove vibration and shouldn't phantom BB jumpscare you only when you take off your monitor instead of doing it forcefully? Otherwise I like it.
The game is good the the one thing that annoys me is that it has alot of graphics so it lags my game alot and its confusing to where the springtrap is moving. Ill give it a 4 star
Its pretty good, but its a shame that its impossible to get the true ending on mobile. Please change it so you can enter the code on the wall, and press the buttons on the arcade machine.
I like the game but the only problem I have is the controls for the minigames don't work but overall the game is fun.
I love this game but for some reason for me the stage 1 Mini-game isn't working, when I get into the Mini-game I can't move around.
I really like the minigames and the game because it's scary I love scary it's just amazing and I love all the easter eggs and surprises I'm a really big fan of fnaf
This is probably one of the better ones. It changed alot from the other two. Gave you no doors, flashlight, or mask, and gave you only one animatronic to survive against. Highly recommend!
The game lags so much when you are in higher Nights and all the animatronics are moving, and it turns impossible to beat the night, that happens in some weaker devices, you guys should add an graphic option so it can run properly, honestly this is really frustrating and it happens in all the games you guys remastered
Best game ever. The office is big. There are minigames that are THE BEST!!! The Jumscares are not scary at all, well kind of. Its one of my favorites. I love springtrap, the phantoms, and the office. This is a good game. No bugs. No crashes. Its the best game 😁.
I loved the game until the 2020 update...now I can't get any of the minigames because now you have to press on things (unlike the old version where you had to complete the night) but even though I press on the things right the minigames never appear and it ONLY works with the balloon boy minigame...please change it back because this new update ruined my favourite fnaf game...from now on I will just do it in ultimate custom night...
Its great! The only thing i don't like is that it vibrates when my vibrate is off, great game tho. And also the vents, when i try to block them its slow on mobile but its not on computer. Great game tho.
3rd favorite fnaf. Fnaf was the first ever horror game that I have ever played in my whole life Crazy huh? It should have been a little bit more challenging because the game is just too easy. The game is still fun overall
I LOVE THE GAME but night 4 is way too hard, today I beat night 3 but the reason why night 4 i really hard is because I tried to beat it like 3 times but springtrap keeps staring at me from the door alot so once could u make it kinda more easy? (Its really hard because I'm a kid I'm 7 years old)
It always freeze when I start the game it always takes to long to load like phone calls and breathing hard.
Love it. No bugs as of yet, and the fact that the instructions arent as clear just makes it terrifying to find them out while also trying not to die. The vibe and characters are creepy and once you realise who springtrap is just makes it even more creepy. Great game!
"Holy krap!" Thats what i said when i saw him duck back at the doorway. Which later resulted in a jumpscare! This game is so scary! Its also stressing because of constantly having to reboot the systems and my heart beats so fast when im doing that! I did beat the nightmare mode eventually after a lot of tries! Im getting the next one right now and i know it will be scary!
It's a good game yeah but most of the nights are easy I get it the fifth night is hard because it's the final night before beating the game the only thing that would make this game a little bit better if there was an in-game purchase so they would be less things to worry about in the night I don't know but it's a good game like how you made it with five nights at Freddy's 2 and 1 so when you buy the in-game purchase they would be fast night and the map to know where spring-trap is at that all
This game is very fun and can send some real chills down your spine. My only complaint is the insane difficulty of Nightmare mode. I get that it's the second-to-last challenge, (second only to Nightmare Aggressive mode.) You could have Springtrap locked on Camera 10 with Cam 14's vent closed, go fix ventilation, and suddenly now he's just outside your office window. Not excited to try Nightmare Aggressive.
Pretty good game in my opinion but the reason I'm giving 4 stars is cause it crashes once in a while but great game
Its a great game! But everytime i look at the camras for springtrap... The ventilation, camras, and audio needs to be reset every second! Its not even fair! When i do it i actually SEE springtrap runnin' in my office in night 3! Can you get rid of that?
Sadly, I have to give FNaF 3.. well 3 stars. Why? Because it crashes a lot during gameplay, and it overall just needs an update pronto.
Great lore and minigames but no were as good as the first 2 games , springtrap moves to fast , I found it to hard to beat.
Okay, I figured it out; on the night 5 minigame with Shadow Bonnie, you go to the right and start jumping to the left while you are "teleporting" to each mini game. You can reach to the top and go in BBs Air Adventure, and go down to reach the child. I said before that getting there was impossible and needed fixed, but I just figured it out. *hoped this helped anyone reading this* Anyways, thanks Clickteam for remastering the games! I don't have a PC, so this gave me a chance to play them! :D
So I just got this game but it's amazing sometimes I have little kids play it and they get nightmares but two of the kids aren't scared cause I had them play the first two and now they aren't scared anymore 😊
This game is amazing! The cutscenes, the anamatronics, everything is hq and realistic looking! Thank you for this amazing game series we have!
This is like my favorite fnaf games don,t get me wrong the jumpscares are so good the sounds noises the animatronics you did amazing keep up the good work :)
Okay so i played the demo a while back and night 2 & 3 were nice and easy. Now night 2 is impossible. Plz fix this. What is good about it: A new twist with the phantoms that only scare you and don't kill you. Some Minigames with twisted stories. Two different endings instead of one. I recommend this game to people who are looking for a mild horror game with no gore and little blood.
Great game! But there's no option to turn vibrations off, but apart from that it's one of my favourite FNAF games.
Best FNaF Game ever. FNaF 3 was the first fnaf game I've ever play. Actually it was Fnaf 2 but Fnaf 3 was always my favorite to play, new minigames were added, run smoothly in some phones, & feels like the PC Version. I highly recommend downloading & Buying the game. Edit: i finally beat my first fnaf game(which is this game of course) took a while img im happy about it.
A good and fun game but in the extras menu phantom mangle should have a slot and springtrap should not have two slots but other than that it's a pretty fun game
This game is awesome, I love the work and look of all the movement and the jump scares especially, they're definitely scary. But I feel like this game in particular is made a little to hard, and i know scott made these, but thx click team. Also I did buy all the games here and if you got the money ide recommend, I didn't buy one night at flumptys tho, cuz they were recently added, but love it :3
I can't play it when I try it glitches and kick me out of the game. Idk if it's my phone or the game but if you fix this then I'll gladly put 5 stars.
Scott this game is fun, but can you take out the vibrate in the reboot menu I know it's a good experience for the game, but that's just killing battery.
Love it but when I start the game it lags so much but then it starts working and it's soooo hard to get past night 4 springtraps's design so cool
Compared to the PC, XBOX and Switch versions, this game is terrible. I don't like the game because it's REALLY SLOW if you want to play FNAF 3 play the XBOX One version
Id give it a 4.9 out of 5 because its very fun and it was easier than the first game, already beat night 5 and it took a few tries but the reason 4.9 out of 5 is because its hard to see through the cameras and its also hard to hear what the phone guy says so I can know how to play the game. Even with max volume and high brightness its difficult to see and hear. Other than its a very fun game
Really great game but the vibrations can get really annoying. I get that they are there for a reason, but can there please atleast be a way to disable them?
The game is great! But there is one bug Sometimes when playing a night the game randomly just crashes and closes the app. Don't know why this is the case but could you please fix this issue. Also when you start a night the game freezes for a second before starting thank you.
I rated it 2.Its hard to unstand,and their is no nightmares,or it never pops up for me.Its kinda a bad game.But it's mostly boring.Btw,No hate.Its my opinion-Sorry.
I love the revamp,but there's a MAJOR issue,you require all minigames to get the good ending correct? Well how can we when Chica's game freezes and there's nothing you can do,I doubt bug fixes even happen with it being a year after the revamp,but please,Scott,SOMEONE fix this glitch.
I love fnaf as a whole and the games are amazing but there's one problem THE VIBRATIONS why isn't there a way to turn off the vibrations while fixing your audio/video/ventilation heck they have a options menu in fnaf 4 and that one is sound based. So please enable a options menu and the ability to disable the vibrations
Oh man this game is scary I jumped like crazy playing it. If you like scary games or movies this is definitely the game to get.
I'm a fan of the whole fnaf series! So i'm rating 4 stars because when i'm watching springtrap, let's say the phamtoms jumpscare me or/and the system repairs need to be rebooted then i check back to check spring trap at the camera he's on but sometimes much farther than me for a second he jumpscares me. Which means the camera he was on was fake! He was somewhere near me on camera, the window or at the doorway. Please fix this bug. I just got on Night 6 but not yet. I want to unlock other thngs!
I've been a fan of this franchise since the first not that that matters but the update to these fnaf game apps are actually redone to perform better no low frame rate,smooth through out,not clunky,and over all the mobile games are remastered graphics wise which is cool for people with just phones and it's a good challenge with reaction times for this particular game I would recommend to anybody and it's a great way to introduce the games into others live that is if they are interested.
Five nights at Freddy's 3 is an incredible game doesn't take up much space and has fun little arcade games in it.
I am only rating this 4 stars because I can't move in BB's Adventure Minigame, therefore I cannot get the good ending.
The one issue that I have is that night 5 is impossible to beat on my device. Other than that, great game, scary as hell! Honestly, this was the hardest fnaf game for me, however its worth every cent.
This is a great game and I know because I have seen other people play it BUT, It crashes every time I start the night or complete the night so I can't make it past night one :c
This is a great game, but PLEASE give us the option to turn of vibrations, my phone literally has no way of turning it off!
Though I extremely love playing this game and would give it 5 stars I've found a glich on night 1 when you open the key pand to fix errors I found the glich a cheat as springtrap would often come for me but never jumpscare me though he clearly knows where I am. I would love this to be fixed.
I enjoy playing this alot, but I do have a little issue with springtrap himself. I've seen him on multiple cameras at once randomly for example on cam 1 2 3 and vent cam 11. And I have bent 14 closed and he went from that cam to my office and I lost? Just to make sure Springtrap can't teleport right?
Very great game i passed it once and i passed nightmare mode but the thing I don't like is that it kicks me out of the game
Game Has stopped what a bad app I don't like this game Everytime I want to open This app It crashes no many times I try. Please help! I promise if you already fix this issue I will rate 5 stars If not I need A refund. πŸ˜”
I like it but there's nothing really going on in night one button night to jump when I was in Night 2 spring-trap jump-scare me out of nowhere I like the game by the way enter kind of miss the old one too and I bought the plushies in the yeah I bought the pack whatever it was the electrical something whatever like that but yeah
I love this game because this one is kind of easy. But i love how they made spring bonnie into spring trap.
I love FNaF and the this game. I play on chromebook, and everytime I complete a night it'll just crash. I'm on Nightmare/Night 6, and really want to complete it. I'm trying to complete them all. I would really appriciate it if Scott/Clickteam, could fix this glitch or atleast try to. I've already completed FNaF 1 and am doing this game then doing FAnF 4 then FNaF 2. Then, FNaF SL. I would then buy FNaF 7. So, please add a bit more support to Chromebook perhaps?
Five Nights At Freddys 3 is probably the least scariest game in FNAF. For 1., you don't need to worry about power. 2. Only springtrap can end your game. 3. Its easy to know when springtrap comes to jumpscare, since he stares at you first. Overall the game is fun, i like the style.
I really like the game but on night five springtrap was on cam nine and then all of a sudden it was in my office I didn't even hear him go through the vents fix it
The app crashed alot didn't even get to play doesn't even get a star. I really appreciate if you guys fixed this issue I love FNAF but this isn't right
I remember playing this long ago and I just played it again recently and I noticed things have changed. I love the remastered version, the new features really make the gameplay more terrifying. Yes I notice it has the exact same feature as the desktop version but I still love this game, like literally the spooks still get me so many times.
I love what you guys are doing for the fans by porting the full version of these games to every device. It's so refreshing to see that mobile users are getting some love! My only suggestion is for this fnaf 3 port to have an aspect ratio setting. My phone permanently squashes and stretches the screen and I can't do anything to adjust it like the other games. Could you possibly fix this? Springtrap looks so f l a t.
I would give it a five star but the springtrap jumpscears are lame it has no animation it just slides slowly towards us, and the cameras take ages to actually see what's there like if that was a bit faster I would give it 4 stars atleast.
This game has a very good atmosphere, which is what I look for in fnaf games. It's very challenging as well. I'd give 4-5 stars if there was some fixes. 1st problem: You get kicked randomly sometimes, I can't even beat night 2 (mostly a skill issue but some being kicked) 2nd problem: those dang vents, sometimes I don't even hear them come in.. the audio needs fixed is what I'm saying. Ik this probably will be fixed in the future.. altogether a genuinely good game, it's very hard. Cya!
The game crashes as soon as I open it. It's not an issue with my Chromebook; I know this because I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app as well as restarting my computer multiple times. It also seems like multiple people are experiencing this issue. Please fix this bug because I love FNAF and would love to play this one!!
I personally don't think this game is scary, but it is still really fun to play! I think I have only one complaint (maybe more IDK.) I kind of think Spring-trap is a little bit unfair on night six. I keep dying around 2:00 a.m.... Ish (maybe maybe not. Lol I have a horrible memory) But really great game overall!
Its a good game! While i think its among the worst in the series (third to fnaf 4 and then fnaf world as the worst for sure) it still does so much right and has that scott feel inside it, the animatronics look great, i like the concept of the phantoms and like the theme, but the vent system seems a little bit odd without a battery (maybe make it work like fnaf 2 flash light) but i understand how that would make the game maybe too hard. I love the cameras being so hard to look through, good game
Aweaome, but PLEASE FIX THE FREEZE AT THE BEGINNING AT THE NIGHT, its annoying. Other than that nice game.
This game where do I start it is amazing like wow one thing though the camera is a little slow but I can live with that and the game is amazing but my favourite is 2 but this is still good
This is a great game and all of the games that you made are great it gave me a obsession with fnaf but im not mad because now im kinds getting used to horror things :)
Minigame buttons does not respond on Xiamoni phones. And there is no options menu. You can not turn vibrations off. Awful port.
I don't understand why people hate this game so much. I thought the game was pretty good. I get spooked here and there and i beilieve that the game has quite the good lore. The game can be anoyying at times, but thats how all fnaf games are suppose to do :p
Jump-scares actually need a little bit of improvement like spring-trap jumping through the glass window in front of you and can you please actually add Bonbon in this you know the part of sister location but don't be awesome the only way you could get jumpscared by him is if you found Phantom puppet or Phantom chica
I LOVE The fnaf franchise and this is my least favourite game but I love it so much. But I have two problems. The time it takes to get to the control panel from the camera system takes so long and the other problem is that the controls in the minigames are very odd and dont work. But if you watch someone play it on pc it works fine for them so you could still know the endings and stuff. But it is still a very very good game so I give it 3 stars
I really like the game it's pretty much exactly like how it was on computer but I do have a thing that you guys should put in like in the other games on mobile there's options for different things to change it like it was on computer I would like to have those options for this one as well
I love the game. It's much like the PC version and I enjoy it. The only issue I have is that my phone constantly vibrates when I open the maintenance panel while it has errors. I don't know how to fix it, but I don't see an options in this game like FNAF 2 and FNAF4.
This is a nice game for the fnaf series it changes the normal game mechanics and make something new and I like it and it introduces us to the character springtrap
I love this game, but I kinda miss the old mobile fnaf. It had the eerie vibe and scary feel to it. The low quality felt nostalgic, but besides that this is a great game. OH COME ON I HAD OLD MOB 1.0 FROM SD CARD AND IT AUTO UPDATED. FR?!
i love this game but you need to bring fnaf 4 back scott because i have made quite a few playthroughs on this game and i at least want to get fnaf 4 back in here cause if your going to have the others in here then might as well take the whole series out. i still rate the game five star. I have another complaint: could you make a setting where you can switch to the old mobile version and back to the new pc/mobile crossover version please?
not bad, but for chromebook it always kicks me out. I really hope this is fixed in the furture, Thank you!
Just bought it. Doesn't work. Keeps kicking me out. So it only works sometimes, I hate when I buy a game but it doesn't work
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is a really good game. There is just one teensie little issue. On Night 5, Springtrap had ended up teleporting from the entrance door (forgot what cam number it was) to my office. This issue needs to get fixed. But other than that, it's perfect
I love this! It is kind 9f easy though but also challenging! I wish phantoms could kill you and I wish spring trap was slower. He always kills me on night 3 at 3 a.m I also wish springtrap had a better jumpscare.
I love this game the only problem is idk how to close doors but I really like this game thank you for making it and also can you maybe make more characters like phantom chica phantom freddy and yea
constantly freezing and i'm having to reset my progress. the only reason it is still on my device is that I can't get a refund.
i really like the game in all but like it never loads it always says fnaf 3 is not working at the time.
So, I installed the mobile port about a month after it released, and I managed to beat it, a few times, but due to the revamped minigame mechanic, I never got the good ending, which is my fault, I suppose. Anyway, I uninstalled it out of frustration. I reinstalled it recently, and I have gotta say, I am SO glad that it plays the same as the PC port. Thank you, Clickteam and Cawthon!
Terrible game in terrible nights here's why I like fnaf 3 but I just don't like how it is first off let's talk about springtrap my two piece really easy but that's when you reaches night three why do I have to say about this night taking off you a phantom balloon boy which I think is the most hardest but no the deal with two women tracks phantom blue boy and phantom foxy and the foxy isn't a problem because I don't know why but I just think he's jump scare me and my friends immediately so as my
Love the game but it crashes and does not let us on to play...very frustrating especially when we have to pay for the game.
The games fine but the reason I'm giving it a 3 star is because I would like to turn off vibration like I can on the other games because when something has an error my phone constantly goes off distrusting everyone around me
Its a great game i just wish they did it like the pc version, aside from that its an awesome game I love the mini games and the phantom animatronics scare me more then springtrap its worth it for the price if you like the franchise than you should buy it :)
This is a great game- graphics are great and controls are pretty easy to use. However, the errors are SO ANNOYING! And they take so long! Plus, it can be sooo hard to find Springtrap. And please add an option to turn vibrations off- I stopped playing this game because of the vibrations.
Great game but two things. 1. The pan between the camera and the reboot panel is atrocious. 2. When you finish a night it lags out for a couple of seconds. But overall a good game.
its fun but on my computer it lags. i bought on my phone and it works just fine, im on night 4. but on my computer once i reach 6 am on night one it crashes. iv played through night one on my computer several times.