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Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Clickteam USA LLC located at 10010 NE 188TH ST Battle Ground WA 98604 USA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is one of the best FNAF games and one of the easiest but its also pretty hectic.The only thing i dont like is that they changed the original music to a new one, i get why they removed it but the old music was pretty nostalgic.
Hey Scott, I love this Game and this is my favorite FNaF game but Night 6 is impossible to beat and I've tried 62 times to beat it even with cheats its impossible. I would love if you could add a purchasable thing to disable the puppet cause hes always in the way of other animatronics. Besides that I love this game and will always remember it.
Very good game, but there are some issues. Chica and Foxy keep standing in the hall at the same time, while mangle is in the vents, AND I also have to wind the box. Kind of frustrating, but still fun. My friend got all the way to night 5 in one day. The game is hard, but possible. I recommend this for all you FNaF fans out there. This is the best game in the FNaF series yet!
its fricking amazing (the audio got updated yesss) i love the game and all the worl thats gone into everything fnaf genuinely changed my life
The new update is good, it was nice beating nights thanks to the new uptate. I only got some issues in bringing up the mask, the arrow is long but not big! But still it is now a good game! If you can still mange to update the game then I will be waiting!!!😊😊😊
This game is fun if you like scars or survival this us for u. There is one thing on night 3/4 the whined up box starts to get faster which is hard with foxy.over all good game.
This game is awesome but there's a glitch where when it's 2 am I can't get out the camera other then that it's a great game
Very fun! Since I have a lot of Fnaf games I know how to play. But I cannot make it past night 2 like I said on other Fnaf games. But overall, it is really fun!
Everything is great! The only bad part of the game is that sonetimes old bonnie and chica would be in the vents they don`t give you time to put on the freddy mask, they just jumpscare you instantly. You can see golden freddy for half a second, before he jumscares you.
Overall it's a very good game really fun but there's a few of problems, sometimes if you put up the camera it'll get stuck and you can't put it back down and then you have to wait until an animatronic kills you, I also think the camera mask and music box button are too small and then night 6 is impossible it's too hard/chaotic I'm getting attacked by too many animatronics at once lower the AI difficulty just a little bit, please fix πŸ™
I love this game, people have been complaining about lag in the mask but I never encounter this. I think its just there device and I'm playing on a $150 Samsung tablet with most my space taken up and it runs just fine. I find the gameplay very challenging in a good way. Keep up the good work. I am planning to get some Google play gift cards to buy the other games
It's a great game,but sometimes when you are trying to shine the flashlight in the hallway it goes to the side and then I die from the animatronics that are in the hallways if you could fix that glitch it would be 5 stars.
The game is really fun just I'm on the second night right now and like just I heard like the sound of someone's here and I just got jump scared by withered foxy and I have your first game and this is kind of a challenge game but to me it's like a puzzle or challenge depending on u
It's very fun! Tho mangle, w foxy, and the others are hard to beat. Also there's a cam bug where it doesn't allow you to get off the cam.
This game is a classic and brought back so many childhood memories but that being said it is kinda buggy, I got stuck in the cameras on night night around 4 am and could exit them so I died, got me heated because night 5 is hard
I love this game but there is one problem with the new update sometimes win I it the laptop up it won't let me take it down please fix 5stars cause I love this game so much
Okay so I tried downloading this app more than 10 times and it didn't even download once once it reached a hundred it would go back to one I tried restarting my phone multiple times and it didn't work I love the fnaf series of games and I know the game is probably going to be amazing that's why I'm mainly making it a five star but there's also other reasons cuz I want people to see this if it's not working I'm not completely sure why maybe Tryn resetting whatever you're trying to download it on
This was amazing! There were no bugs ect the graphics were perfect and i loved playing it! I'm on night 3 atm and I'm still loving it!
I like the game and it is a really great horror game but I'm having a glitch where when I enter the camera I can not exit it then I get an instant death from an animatronic and so it doesn't even let me even beat night 2 at all. Please just fix that glitch
Overall it's a very good game really fun but the thing that gets me killed is when I put the camera down to put the mask on quickly it's delayed and the button is really small soooooo if you could make the camera and mask button bigger that would really help please fix
This game is very good but there is some problems... 1.i keep getting stuck on cams then I get jump scared by toy bonnie :(.... 2. I don't know why but I keep getting stuck on night 2 because of foxy cuz ballon boy is in the vent at the same time so what I have to do is get rid of bb then get rid of foxy then toy chica or bonnie :/ 3.Your flash light goes down so quickly! So it's hard getting rid of foxy when you need the flash light to check vents.. :( But i give it a 5 star!! It's a good game
I love all of the fnaf games and this game but my only complaint is that it's hard to put the mask on after you flip up the camera
I just downloaded it it's fun but foxy always kills me like it's only foxy and everything was good none of the vents were being blocked or the main hallway and foxy just came out and killed me
Fnaf2 is the best one in my opinion i used to play it alot when i was younger and i never disnt jump from the jumbscares even when i knew the second they where comeing its whorth the money and all the way fun i recomend it if your ready to jump
Great game. Except for one thing: Foxy. Foxy is way too easy to trigger. Also i cant get past night 2 because the monitor will lock up and i can pull!it down. I think you know who gives me a game over. Foxy Please fix the monitor lock. Also the game freezes up a little bit so it makes it hard to put the freddy head on in time
I love this game! It's amazing if you like jumpscares and game lore. I unlocked Custom Night and I have noticed that Withered Foxy will appear in the Custom Night even if you didn't put him there. For example, I was playing Lady's Night and Withered Foxy jumpscared me. Please fix this bug, but other than that, it's an amazing game.
A fantastic port but I think there are some issues for the 6th night. I've encountered moments where the old animatronics just jumpscare me without entering my office at all, and flashing foxy sometimes is pointless as he seems to ignore it and jumpscare me anyways. Please fix
I love this game but I can't control the volume of the game. Other than that this game is worth while
Let me just say..... This bramd new update has been MUCH NEEDED. Everything from the overall ui to detail of the game has been fine tuned. The fan doesnt glitch out when you use the flashlight and buttons no longer have a latency issue. One problem I had though it was 3 am and I was stuck on the moniter. I could switch cameras but not pull it down and foxy killed me. It was also night 3.
This game is great except for two reasons. 1: The monitor gets stuck. 2: On the custom night i was playing the new and shiny mode and withered foxy was activated even though he was at a zero. Please fix this
It's really fun it's my favourite game I got night one and two first try but I've been so on night there for two months πŸ˜‚ and also yes great that is offline so you don't need internet to play it. It's so fun and addicting I recommend getting the game.
Withered bonnie and chica will sometimes glitch out and kill me even when my mask is on Also it doesn't allow me to control the volume
I absolutely adore this game. It's very entertaining, very stressful, however the 2nd night was so hard I had to watch a tutorial on how to complete it. As well, in my opinion this also has the best and most aggressive jumpscares, so be prepared.
I love this game and all but it just seems to... Hard? I've played all the other FNAFs and I bet 2 or 3 of them. The main thing is the music box cus u have to wind it up every minute. Also sometimes on night 2, when bonnie is about to come out my vent then I put on the mask, foxy just come out of nowhere and kills me, also how do you get rid of mangled cus she always kills me.
Its a great game!Loys of characters...I just wish that you could get rid of w.foxy with just ONE Flash of the flashlight.
It's a fun, terrifying game and all. But it has a bit of issues. 1, when I sometimes lift the screen onto my face, it gets stuck. 2, the hit boxes are a bit small. Whenever I put the camera down and immediately put on the mask, the mask would sometimes not come down. 3, the lag is real. Who else has very good space and the game kinda lags? If not? Then that can't be good for me.
Super fun + super scary and i love it. By the way there is a glitch that the withered animatronics skip the office and just go from the vent cam to my face. However this only happens on custom night. Now i cant beat 4/20 mode!
I like it but I can't get passed night 2 because it keeps glitching on me when I'm on the cameras and it wild let me get out of them until I get jumpsared.otherwise this is an awesome game
The game is fine if only the display issues and area you can clicked on were fixed I always have annoying black bars on the side of my screen and instead of clicking down the hall to use the light I always have to click on the side of the hall the same way I deal with the marionette my finger has to be on the right corner of the button that winds up the music box
So far its a great game! I like it so far. And thr fact you can honk Toy Freddys nose on the poster in your office is a great feature. I still dont understand how to get rid of toy freddy, but great game!!😌
Whenever I get to 6 am the game crash I tried restarting all that and it still doesn't work it doesn't let me past the 4th night.
The lagg is bad most likely the mask and sometimes I put up the camera it makes me stay on the camera and it takes me out of the app Soo can you fix that pls fix that then I'll rate five stars
The only reason I'm not giving this a 5 star review is because of a weird glitch on the menu screen where it won't let me click the "Continue" or "New Game" button.
I love the game its just that it is laggy i played it before the remastered and it wasent laggy. I played the game before from my friend mobile device years ago but when I want yo buy it now its laggy in the first night and the phone call is all chuncky and I move chunck I hope scott will fix this problem.
I like it, but I still can't figure to survive atleast 1 night cause I can't even pass 1 night because somehow Puppet ends up getting me. Lol, but I still like it. Keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ‘
FNAF 2 has been my favorite game since I was in 4th grade. I liked that it included all the minigames in this version. The only problem I've been having is when I put the freddy mask on, my game gets really laggy. But overall I love this game.
I think this game is fun but, alot of times it glitches me out of it. And lately (today) it's starting not to work very well like it use to when I first got it about 6 weeks ago (i think) not as good as the first one though, I like that one better (Fnaf 1).
This game is great and I enjoy playing it but the lag issue is bugging me quite a bit, hopefully this is fixed soon if it can be.
I love the game but it gets super hard on night 3 Jeremy aka bonnie keeps apering confront of the music box and you can see him move on came. 2. Fritz aka foxy apers too. Uch and I run out of flashlight batterie at 3 am. Relly the game is fine....I may just be bad at the game idk but if your looking for a high quality horror game the five nights at freddy's franchise is the best game to play if you like horror.
This app is good but the response when you click buttons is super unresponsive I have played countless games with this but I cant beat night 4, and that's because when you click the mask, it doesnt respond. Therefore the game doesnt put the mask on and I die. I dont think it's fair and think there should be an option to make that button bigger atleast. I wish I had refunded this game earlier, but now I have wasted 3 dollars on nothing.
The Game Is Perfect except. The sixth night i dont think is even possible anymore. Even with cheats and hours of practice. At this point i think ive tried more than markiplier. It is a freaking mobile port for christ sake. It shouldnt be this hard.
I would give it 5 stars if you couldn't get stuck in the cams some times I get stuck in the cams. Please fix it.
This game is amazing. This is one of the best games I ever played. This game has everything you need. Here is the huge problem, PLEASE for the love of god fix the lag. It is making nights very difficult because of the lags, I couldn't get past night 4 because of the lagging. But other than that, it is still a fantastic game.
There was a bug a couple days ago where the sound for the game was locked at max volume so it was practically impossible to play, however was fixed today, thanks Clickteam!
It is a great game, although, on night 5 i cant seem to survive withered chica or withered bonnie, i have tried everything guides say to do, but non of them work, please fix this, i really want to complete a five nights at Freddy's game
Bought and downloaded. Accidentally Uninstalled and when tried to re-download. Got fail message saying already owned and did not download. Tried to get refund and got message app not covered by refund. So out the cost of game and didn't get to even try and blocked from trying to reload. Won't buy anything from this developer again.
I love the game and my funniest part was when withered foxy screamed I survived for some reason XDπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ btw great game! edit to datboi- To get puppet and foxy away flash your light at them (probably doesn't work for puppet) Edit 2 years later: This game was a huge success! Controls work nicely, very clear on what's going on! Deserves 5 stars.!
Its a very good game, I love it a lot, but I'm having some lag issues. Like when I put on the mask in front of one of the Withered Animatronics, sometimes the game runs a little slow and I end up dying even if I put on the mask quick enough. Other people might have the same problem, so I hope it can be fixed for Chromebook.
I love this fnaf 2 port to say the least. It is much better compared to the old android version. However, there are a few noticeable things I need to point out. When the game loads and it you pull up the camera too fast, you'll get locked inside of it, and when it first loads there is a lot of lag. Please make the game just a bit more optimized. Also, the user interface is great, but can you make the buttons bigger? I know you are trying to make it like the PC version, but this isn't a computer.
Just like the first one but I hate foxy and the puppet because there annoying but other than that I love it all you need to do is just put the mask on every time you put the camera down on nights 3 to 7 and make sure the music box is wound
Please fix this Clickteam When I heard that fnaf 2 got updated I wanted to see it. But it was different... it was load and didn't connet to my earbuds?! And I couldn't turn down the volume? So please clickteam can you fix this for andriods devices Am using a Samsung Galaxy A10E Also my thoughts on the update It good now I can turn off the vibration and make the Game pad bigger. Soo what I said before please fix this Clickteam.
This app is probably my favorite app to play I love how the jump-scares are but it's weird because I heard a lot of people have died with epilepsy playing this game it's a good thing that I don't have epilepsy cuz I play this almost everyday I said the epilepsy thing because if you have epilepsy I don't want you playing this game because if you play this game when you have epilepsy it could cause you to have a seizure just saying to be safe.
This game is fun. It has jump scares and is actually quite funny to watch. I got this game 6 years ago and forgot about it. I'm actually excited to get back into it. With friends as well. One time I had a friend throw his phone in my face after a jump scare. It was actually quite fun. I would recommend this app to someone looking for a little spice. It's definitely a game changer. Although I'm not sure what's happening a Chucky-Cheese. 😬
Its a great game by far very very fun for people to play. Its just there are a lot of bugs i do not like.... every time an animatronic goes into the office and i put the mask on it takes it off and i loose my ability to do things and i get jumpscared. Please fix this
This is a really good game, one of my favourites in the fnaf franchise, however the mobile port has a few issues, for a start the game crashes a lot. For some reason it happens around 3-4 am. Another thing is the slight delay when putting on the mask and using cameras. If these are fixed it'll be as good as if not better than the pc game
this game is AWESOME. the jumpscares always gets me but night 2 is the hard. i cant pass it. But one thing is that this game also has good quality.
It's a good game but no reason why night 6 has to be a dive pile of animatronic what has happened to me that I can't beat the night is music box goes super fast on top of a very active foxy on top of very strict mask detection so what ends up happening is You wind up the box only to have 3 to 4 animatronics come in and then it's either flash fox and die or don't wind up the box and died. as a PC player of this game I am disappointed with the balance. And yes I have beaten all nights on pc
With the new update the audio is broken, so far there is no music, in the game you only hear the camera flip up and you change cameras, I nthe main menu you can only hear you pressing buttons, that's when I hopped off, plz fix this!!
Please fix the game! This wont be the best fnaf game anymore if you cant use the mask quickly after you pull the camera down. Please fix the bugs with the mask and the cameras, and also tweak with the font.
The game lags so much when you are in higher Nights and all the animatronics are moving, and it turns impossible to beat the night, that happens in some weaker devices, you guys should add an graphic option so it can run properly, honestly this is really frustrating and it happens in all the games you guys remastered
Best game in the series!! Foxy is so hard to ward off because I had toy chica and toy bonny in the vents and foxy in hallway I couldn't shine the flashlight and ended up getting jumpscared, but overall its a good game!
So this is a awesome game but I recently bought the Pixel 4a and when I get to a 8 bit mini game and I click the buttons the sprite will not move on screen. Please fix.
Its a great game very fun and filled with good memories. Gets challenging through time which is really cool. But i have one problem with it,my buttons like ya know the flashlight and mask. Sometimes they tend to not work or ill get stuck in camera or stuck in the mask. So please fix this!
I would rate it 5 star if only the tracker you can get in the survival kit was in the top left or right corner, showing a list of where the animatronics are, e.g. toy chica: show stage, marionette: prize corner, toy bonnie: left vent, etc
I love the game and all but one thing that keeps getting me killed is when the mask doesn't work right after I put down the camera, its a strategy that most fnaf 2 players use in night 6 or custom night. This can be fixed by maybe adding a setting that can change the size of the mask and camera button for mobile users.
The reason I put 4 stars instead of 5 is that there is a problem with cams. I will be stuck on it and it's a problem.
Superb game with one major flaw. Say Withered Bonnie appears in your office, you've gotta put the mask straight on - trust me, it's not easy.
Here's a bug you should fix if you wind up the music box and try to get off the camera you get stuck on your cameras hope you fix it
I love this game soooo much im stuck on night 5 and I LOVE the Freddy poster where you can boop his nose 🀣. Except there's a few problems with the new update, sometimes when I flip the camera up I cant put it back down, the characters are a bit to aggressive, the mask and the music box button are a bit to small. I love the panning tho it makes it so much smoother. So if you could fix those things I would be super happy 😁
Best game. I gave it a four star because of the lag for mobile. But if I play it on my chrome os it's perfect.
Honestly, its 2021 and this games still going strong! Theres no bugs, it's slick, fun, scary, and hard it's a challenge! I think this game is at it's quality and I think it still deserves the pride it had the day of realese!
Amazing love this game so so much, I have more animatronics to handle and I love it, I love the frights as well, this game makes me more and more into the series and any horror game, I would definitely recommend
For all you people who love fnaf it is a super fun game! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD IT!!! It gets the adrenaline pumping when you know a jump scare is about to happen! I have had no bugs or issues with it, maybe I am lucky I don't know? But Download it!!!
Fnaf is the Bomb! I'll bet it will still be a great game if only one person gave it a five star!- This game is great! The jumpscare are quality and I cant play it without my Foxy, Mangle, And Toy Chica Plushies!!! Mostly cause I'm a coward and my grown dad is kinda scared of the jumpscares- Me and my 4 year old brother love this game! (I know he shouldn't be playing but the age rating on this game is proper) The jump scares are actually scary! And I've always wanted a game like that!
This is a really good game, one of my favourites in the fnaf franchise, however the mobile port has a few issues, for a start the game crashes a lot. For some reason it happens around 3-4 am. Another thing is the slight delay when putting on the mask and using cameras. A good game in general
I have a lot of nostalgia towards the 2nd one. There's no doubt it's my favourite in the series. I only have two complaints for the mobile version though. 1. The mask Originally, you could immediately put on the mask after the camera tablet (even though it's 1987 somehow tablets exist in this universe) but due to a delay in-between, I have died many times from this. 2. Night 6 is bloody impossible The AI goes full 10/20 mode at 4 AM. They all suddenly go into the office. Please fix this. Thanks
It's good just that on night to withered foxys jumpscare almost gave me a heart attack but overall this is an amazing game oh and also when I flip the cameras I can't put it down and sometimes I can flip the camera I would have to close the app and re-open it 😬 It does not work well on mobile
The update is great and all but the only issues are the music box wind up button being in a different position and not being able to double tap the mask button while on the camera to Counter the withered animatronics/ toy freddy. Pls fix these issues and ill rate it 5 stars
I love this game but I get stuck on the camera and cant close it on night 6. It works on all the other nights but 6. Other than that this game is worth while
Fnaf 1 was cool but Fnaf 2 isnt that good as the other ones. There is a little lag and when I put on the mask there is a delay making Old Chica and Old bonnie jumpscare you even when you put on the mask quick. And the music box on night 6 is so dumb because you have to wind it up everytime. The music box is wound down leaving the puppet to instantly come without stopping it. I'm not shaming it for it's difficulty. After night 5 it relys mostly on the Music box, and its just repetetive and boring
This app is so fun, and way more difficult than the first. But what is ironic is that it is not as scary. I highly recommend this.
The game is good but sort of hard I think everybody who like snack should play it if they want to or if they have a if they want all the games and stuff I don't want to make this too long but people should buy the Five Nights at Freddy's 2
4 stars. Only reason: you cant disable the puppet on custom night and withered foxy cannot be disabled either. Fix for a 5 star review. Pls fix at least foxy. Also my last 5 star review on this game was probably in like either 2015-2019 probably btw if u were wondering lol. 3 Stars now, because when I was playing the double trouble custom night mode, withered bonnie killed me even though he never, EVER even appeared in the office! Please fix this and the other problem that I have said for 5star
I love the game and I desided that I was gonna try the cheats I bought them then uninstaled the game now I've just reinstalled it I have to buy the cheats again I really can't be asked to buy them again it was a long time of waiting for money then I buy them then this happens please can someone help me out here as this is annoyed me (Edit) I looked it up I now have them again Love the game scott
I like the game and its a fun horror game but when I'm doing custom night a weird glitch happens where when i do some modes, example: night of misfits, ladies night. It includes withered foxy even tho when it says I didnt include foxy hes randomly in the night. I hope u fix it!
I love Five Nights at Freddy's, I've been a big fan for a while but I just got the new update and the game is very loud. I can't turn down the volume to even fix it. Please fix this issue. Idk if this is happening for other people.
I love this game but ever since I updated it on the 3rd of November it crashes when I get killed, and it crashes when it gets to 6:00 AM. Also the sound doesn't work well, Balloon boy keeps getting in my office because I didn't hear the vent. Here is a list of sounds that won't play, 1. Jumpscare Sound. 2. Vents. 3. Animalelectronic movement. 4. Mask (sometimes works) 5. Camera going up. 6. Balloon boy's laugh 7. Mangles radio(sometimes) Plz fix these and the crashing.
Once again a great port of the PC version. Gameplay is great, unlocking secrets is very fun, and overall mechanics are awesome. The only problems I have are that the flashlight is late to the touch, might just be me but still noticable, and sometimes foxy will jumpscare you even though the game doesn't allow you to defend yourself. An example is that someone is moving to the hallway so I can't use my flashlight, then I go to wind the music box a little and when I'm back, FOXY JUMPSCARE. Plz fix
Five nights at freddys 2 the iconic prequel to the five nights at freddys.First things first the animatronics are as scary as in the first game.There jumpscares however (at least the withereds i haven't been killed by a toy animatronic yet)are scarier than the first game.The games way harder as well with a bunch more characters.The atmosphere makes you unease,panic,and fear adding that with keeping track of the animatronics....yeah chances are at least the first time your get scared.
Soo fun! I love FNaF, this one is probably the best out of the whole series! Although the menu theme Is different than the original one.
Definitley would recommend this game. Once you play enough times, you aren't as scared anymore, but it's still great in many other aspects. The story, the concept, the characters, it's definetly a classic in my book.
It's kind of laggy, and i haven't got any of the 8-bit minigames just yet which has led me to wonder if they're in this version. But aside from that amazing work!
Really great game! It's almost as good as the first one! Although I do have one complaint (as of right now. There might be more in the future IDK.) It's that night six is a little bit too hard. I still haven't beat it as of right now, so if you could just make night six a little bit easier I would be very happy 😁 (I have gotten really close though.) Other than that great game to the storyline. And like you said Scott, The game is really unbalanced. It's fine. Just don't do that with FNAF:SB
I was recently playing on my chromebook, and once I finished night 1, the screen went dark was confused. So please fix this problem as soon as possible. Hope you guys are doing well!
This game is too difficult! I have played the first five nights and beat them all. But there is the one hardest un customisable night. The 6th night. That night is way way way to difficult than the previous ones. I thought that that night would be hard, but not this hard! And your reflexes must be perfect. Otherwise it's GAME OVER. It takes hours or sometimes DAyS to beat it. I have purchased the survival kit but NO! This game doesn't want the player to win. PLS change the 6th night difficulty.
My audio issues were fixed by updating my device's OS. With the Foxy 0 Ai glitch fixed and the Toy Bonnie desk figurine readded, this is the best version of the game.
The Mobile Port Has Been Massively Improved Since I Played Back In Around 2016, The Game Is Alot Smoother, The Jumpscares Look Like The Originals, The Movement Is Smooth, And I Personally Enjoy It Alot More Then The Old Versions, 10/10.
i really enjoy playing this game its a lot of fun even though its quite scary but if you dont get scared easily then this game is amazing 4 you. love it !!
Horrible. On night six, its impossible to beat. I avoid withered bonnie, and then realize foxy is there in the hallway. However, I cant flash the damn light because I have to wind the music box because it's about to die. Then, after that I get jump scared. 2nd attempt. I see toy chica in the vent. I put on the mask and then once again HAVE to wind the music box. Cant enable the cameras and then I get jumpscared. Total waste of money. Also, why do we have to pay more money for cheats?
I like the app but I would like it to be easier on night 5 - 7 Sometimes when an animatronic appears i put on my mask but i still get jumpscared. And i would really like foxy to be easier every time when balloon boy or any other animatronic comes I get jumpscared by foxy cause i didnt flash my light enough times even with the survival kit it's hard! But other than that i like the game :)
It is a great game, you always gotta be alert! I have 2 bugs that I would like to tell. [1] Sometimes when you start a night, the music box won't play it music.. But you can still wind it up! [2] When your setting up your custom night, I always put Foxy at zero level, but he still appears at the hallway even if I put it to 0! Please get that fixed since it is annoying! Overall, the game is great!
The first five nights are bare able you can pass them, but night 6 I'm finding genuinely impossible to beat, so if you buy this app on a phone and get to night 6, well, prepare for double even quadruple teaming robots and, the puppets music box going down fast and animatronics coming at you quickly as well, beware of night 6
Great, but two problems. One, foxy, nuff said Two, the game is too hard. It starts getting almost impossible on NIGHT 2. but overall, this game is great
I love it 🀩 this game is scary extra but no battery The best thing is that the withered animatronics come out Cuz on the other ones the demo they don't come out You only need to deal with the toys and the puppet in the demo But this one the animatronics the withered ones come out And mingle the first one is good but I don't really like the battery but still a good game the battery makes it scarier and harder
Definately 5 stars but I put the mask on whenever whithered Bonnie is in my room after I put the cameras' down but he still manages to jumpscare me! Am I not supposed to put the mask on or do I need to be quicker!? Can I please get help, I'm stuck on night 3 because of it.
When plugging in headphones it still blasts it through my phone speaker and I can't adjust the volume on it because it doesn't register any volume on. So yeah. I think the volume may be the smallest bit bugged.
Incredibly good port. Manages to keep tension high throughout. Would definitely play again. Serious improvements on all aspects of the previous port.
Everything its just perfect and okay but i did found some glitches that make the game a little uncomfortable but i think that they are already fix.
Its a great app!πŸ‘Œ But EVER time I me and my brother get to night 2 withered foxy jumpscares us! And on night one PUPPET always jumpscares us. But I have the fnaf games/apps! And my brother has fnaf 1 and fnaf 5/sister location. And my FAVORITE character out of ALL the fnaf games is..................CIRCUS BABY!!! like EVERY time me my brother,my cousin play fnaf I am always her!
I love all the FNAF games, but this HAS to be my favorite! I love how the jumpscares are actually scary. It gives me a bit of thrill. I havent encountered any issues whatsoever. If you have lag it may be a problem with your wifi or storage. I wish I could rate this game more than 5 stars! ^^
This is a great game. I like how this company who currently owns fnaf 2 did great on updating the sounds, animations. But the only downside is since the November Update was added the game isn't allowing me to wind up the music box properly, and sometimes after a jumpscare with the mask up my game freezes prevents me from doing anything, there for another animatronic ends the game there. But please fix the bug it's really preventing me from playing the game.
It is good I haven't beaten the custom nights but that's because I'm bad at the game but I haven't experienced any glitches so far
This Is good,but.... Something keeps happening where we ok on the mask when the withered animatronics come and they keep killing us and we can't get past night 3 soo please find someway to do something but besides that this is a great game and I have been a huge fnaf fan for YEARS!
This is a really really really good game I am a fan I don't have enough money for the rest all I have so far is 1,2 and 3 soon I well get enough money to buy the rest I can't wait to get fnaf 4
Ok so i got the newest update and nothing changed. When foxy ai was at 0 he would still come and other bugs. I hope the foxy ai glitch can get updated because right now its still not working for me.
The best game ever..I'm on night 4 now and I just like the graphics and the animatronics are scary but the thing I don't like is the music box because whatever night you are on it goes faster but except from that the game is epic.
The hit box for the flashlight is a bit off, other than that its great. Got to night 5 and only died once on 3, still cant beat night 5 though.
It's really fun but I had a problem on night 4 with foxy. I flashed him for 5-10 seconds but he still jumpscares me it was unfair you should fix this glich it would make the game a bit better.
So dumb tiny year old me thought buying the one with all the "cute" ones would be a GREAT idea... No door death valley front row seat staring hallway over here... I can't pass night 3 cuz foxy comes up like HELLO at the first seconds of the game... The music box unwinds way to quickly... I REALLY wanna see the shadows but foxy and poopet like NOPE... The store/unlocks won't let me unlock ANYTHING and idk why... Could someone help me with my issue? Otherwise its a great game Scott!
This Is Perfect I Got This Game (I Bought It With My 2021 Easter Money) And It Gives Quite A Challenge As An Example The Old/Whithered Animatronics are hard to avoid when you put the camera down or they put your camera down you have to have a good reaction time and put on the mask within the 1st second any after theyll jumpscare you and i just love this game
I keep getting killed by foxy on the second night I'd rated a five-star but but what I'm in prize corner I keep getting jumpscared by toy Bonnie so so annoying and I guess sometimes it can be glitchy and that disappoints me a little but the most thing I hate about it is that there's a dead child each suit and I mean the fnaf And it's like so creepy and yeah so is going to be the end of my review bye
I love this game so much but the reason i put a 4 star rating is cuz, im stuck on night 4, and the reason is there is a glitch where you can not put down the camera monitor. This is literally SO annoying. Please fix it, i paid 3 dollars for this game :3
This game is AMAZING, at the time of me writing this I am on night6. There are a few problems like sometimes you can be stuck on the cameras and have to turn of your device.Another thing is sometimes when you load it up it's REALLY laggy. But clap clap to Scott for making an amazing game!!!!
Well i love five nights at freddys always have always will. But this game does have a few mess ups like it kicks me out at the end sometimes but that might be my fault. But YES I RECOMMEND THIS GAME.
This game is so awesome when toy chica and toy bonnie jumpscared me and my brother we both got scared😱😨
Love it! Only issue is dang foxy on night 6 pls Nerf him to the night 5 foxy. Also give us a bigger sigh when BB leaves. Like a ballon pop or something like that. But this Is the best fnaf game tied with SL! (in my opinion so don't me mad lol)
Excellent game. πŸ‘Œ I love all the fnaf games, and this has A TON of characters. It also has minigames, lore, secret scenes, and more! Use your mask, flashlight, AND STAY CALM. NOTHING WILL HURT YOU.
Idk if this is a bug or not but I check the hall and foxy is not there. I flip the cam to wind the box, flip it down to check the hall and foxy kills me. But the rest of the game is great!
I like it I like the jump scares they are actually scary😜. I like the flashlight in the middle and the two vents even when I put the mask on and Bonnie comes out it's like he goes in my face it's funnyπŸ˜‚. and it's really weird when it flashes the light like dark and then light?πŸ€” Cool game whoever made but keep up the good work 😘
I love this game its just the music box and the mask buttons are to small.2. Night three gets me stuck because of all of the withered animatronics every time withered chica in my vent im frickin dead .3. Sometimes when you put the camera up it gets stuck. Overall,I love the Freddy fazbear poster that you can boop Freddy's nose , it's a really fun game.
Nights 1-4 are fine but once you get to night 5 it's a nightmare, I just barely got past night 5, foxy I just have to shine my light at for like 15 seconds as well as the fact that he appears so much, withered bonnie and withered chica also appear to much, even with the survival kit it's still super hard. The map and controls are good but that's about it. Pls update so that characters don't appear as often.
So good but foxy always jumpscare me, it's the 13th time!! I'm getting tired of it maybe if you add it where he couldn't see through descises, it would be easier, it's hardly impossible to get to night 3, I actually got to night 3 one time, its extremely difficult. Thank you if you fixed it!
Its a good game but theirs a proplom on the pictures it shows you can pick the freddy and foxy and all of them but when i tried to pick some it dident work it just did all of them but if loved this game i watched this game for 2years because i loved it pls make more pls
Its a good game but can you put it to where your not running out of flashlight battery so fast and have it to where it doesnt take so long just for it to be passed every single night please
I play this game on my phone and whenever I press continue or new night I freezes and says the app is not responding. I give it a four star rating pls get this bug fixed I spent 3 dollars on this game. PS I barely got any gameplay 😱😟😀😒
This is probably my favorite fnaf game and the first I played but now there's an issue in which the monitor isn't able to be lowered in some instances, could that be fixed please. It has happened to me on night 2 &3 (currently on night 3). I would rate this five Stars if that was fixed. Other than that I like the game a lot.
Good game but im on night 4 and it takes a long time to put on the mask so when the robots enter its instant game over so the witherds get me every time so basicly please make it to where the mask does flip down right after your done with the music box
It's really fun and I'm addicted to the series but I lag a lot and it's hard to flash the light in the hall sometimes. I would flash foxy 5 times then he would jump scare me.
5 stars! I love this game, the fact you don't have to save power, you have about of good controls, the only bad thing I can say is, you don't get a signal when an anamotronic is in the hallway, which that is not a problem, it's just something that bugs me
I would rate it five stars but the reason why I didnt is because I'll tell you. So the thing is that I'm currently on night 6 and withered foxy on night 6 is EXTREMELY OP. Foxy is so op that the night is unbeatable. Night 6 is just unbeatable, so please fix this and I would rate 5 stars. Edit: I FINALLY BEAT NIGHT 6 I'm rating you 5 stars
Edit: They fixed it, the game works fine now. As of the latest version, the app doesn't open at all. Don't buy it, it's a waste of money in its current state.
Edit: They fixed it, the gane works fine now. As of the latest version, the app doesn't open at all. Don't buy it, it's a waste of money in its current state.
It was really challenging but hey thats where the fun is!! I really enjoy this game and i would rate it at 5 stars! The controls are good but i dont see why other people are having trouble but i escape the withered animatronics just fine! Definitely would download other fnafs!!😁😁
This game is worth the money! A little frustrating but it keeps me busy, and I like that gameplay doesn't take an hour or two. This is one of the only FNaF games I want to play, it's the best in the series in my opinion. It's offline too, and takes up an okay amount of space. I'm not finished with the game yet because I'm a beginner, but I'm on Night 3 and I love this game so much! I'd recommend buying if you have the money.
Great game. Good Graphics and not scary. Not for me and I'm 8 insane right? My brother bought this game so I said "cool!" So I played it. Did get scared of my first jumpscares but then I found the second one fnaf 3 fnaf 4 fnaf 5 AR pizzeria simulator and fnaf fangames I love these games make more plz!!!!!
There's a few problems with the new update: 1. Foxy being active at 0 was not a bug. Now BB and the flashlight are utterly pointless in some challenges. (Ex:New and Shiny) 2. The custom night menu looked better the way it was. There was no reason to fix it. 3. Why the actual hell would you make the music box button smaller? I do like the new panning system though, it feels much smoother. And the Toy Bonnie figure is a nice addition. If you could please fix these issues that would be great.
It's a really good game. But it seems impossible to escape withered Bonnie and chica. I'll put the mask on or flash the light at them, but they won't leave and that leads to a jumpscare and game over. On mobile the controls are a little to slow, making it so that I can't put on the mask or check the vents fast enough leading to more jump scares. Other than that it's a really good game.
Can't get past night 2 idk why maybe I suck who knows! I have every fnaf on mobile and Im good at all of em besides this one, I think the reason is everytime I encounter foxy at 2AM I just spam the flash light then bb comes and idk what to do!!!!!! Cause if I don't put on the mask when bb comes I'm gonna die. If I don't put on my mask and don't pay attention to bb GUESS WHAT I'M GONNA DIE! plz help me if it's a glitch for the love of God please fix this bye! :)
FNaF 2 is a great horror game, but there are some problems I have with it. First, when the withered animatronics appear in your office, ex: withered bonnie, you have to put the mask on IMMEDIATELY, or receive a jumpscare, it needs to be like 2 seconds to put it on, and not the milasecond they get in, otherwise, a good game, my favorite is withered bonnie! All of the robot's look creepy
While this is the first one i played and my personal favourite one which could make me bias, ill try to not be. People generally say this is worse than the original, I will have to disagree. This game does so much so right, horror, stress, lore, strategy, intensity, action, and overall a very good expirience, there are some problems with specifically the mobile port like the mask gltich, but i think that's too minimal to take it down a star.
I played this about 5 years ago and have recently re-installed it and this game is hard but fun, it has this certain charm to it that you can only get in this and FNAF 1. No doors and the animatronics staring you down is really scary!
A list of complaints- one, I can't put the monitor down sometimes, two, Foxy attacks me when a withered or someone is standing in my office or vents, three, the puppet's box winds down toooooo fast, four, everyone attacked at once and I couldn't see, hear, or get to the box and puppet killed me, and five, WHY IS THERE A SIXTH NIGHT? IT'S CALLED FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S FOR A REASON, SCOTT! Other than that, I love this game as much as I loved FNAF1.
This game is really fun and so hard which i love. I've seen a lot of reviews about people saying that they get stuck on the camera but that's never happened to me? I think it's cuz i bought this game on playstore on my laptop, so it has mobile features but is played on a laptop. I'm stuck on night four cuz i keep loosing to balloon boy smhh i wanna chop that kids head off with an axe
Scince I am a big fan of fnaf I think that this game is great. The grafics improved. I found the 6th night the hardest. And currently I am still on the sixth night. But this is not a problem. I think that this game truly unraveled some parts of the fnaf lore. I loved it. One little problem I hade was the foxy mask. Very rarely the game lagged causing the foxy mask To drop down slower. And unforchanatly I got killed/jumpscare when the case hade an animatronic standing right in front of me.
I like the game but put a warning if you accidentally pressed new Game like are you sure you want to restart all your progress? Like that thanks
The update just ruined the game, now the music box button is so small and the positon is inconvenient for pressing. Mask down animation is also significantly slower which does impact the game a lot when on later nights...
Good PM Please update the audio volume control bug it was set to max audio even if i try to lower the volume its not working. Thanks I'll rate it back to five stars when it fixed? 11/07/2020 Edit: Audio Volume is now fixed thank you.
Good game but with one problem. When Baloon Boybis in the office/vent, I have already flashed Withered Foxy but when I put the mask down for balloon boy, Foxy always kills me. Also the lag is crazy. All for night 6
Love the game, its really fun to play I just wish it would let you go back to the night you were on if you accidently pressed the restart type of button