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Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Clickteam USA LLC located at 10010 NE 188TH ST Battle Ground WA 98604 USA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Abstract Violence, Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I used to play this when I was five and it's the same way it use to be.i love the way that you have backup stuff but it costs money the office is great and the jumpscares are creapy.thank you for this game.
It great I got it on my tablet in 2014 (27 August) on launch day for Android it's stell on of the greats game ever to this day but there is on glitch when I put in on ALL 20/20 right when I get in the game I pull up my cams to check on freedy and when I try to get off cams I'm stuck on them ok Scott cawthon thank you for ever thing I love this game if it was not for fnaf idk what I would do bye Scott
This game... THIS GAME I grew up with this and I just love it, one of the best games i have ever played, playing this during quarantine gives me so much nostalgia. If you can handle jumpscares, have enough money, enough space and like scary games, then I really suggest you get this and the other games. I just LOVE IT.
Looooove the fnaf franchise, especially the first 3. My old bestfriend used to rave on about the series forever and I just did not understand how the hell to play, but once i learnt it was a grind to complete them all. Good job devs
This game is a master piece. The characters have cool design and phone guy is perfect, i love the cool easter eggs, the music you hear from either foxy or freddy is good, the mechanics are easy and simple. If you are a fan of horror games that have jumpscares that make you almost jump out of your chair, i recomend this master peice scott cawthon made.
I really like the game but there is one glitch. I sometimes can't get out of the cameras Scott please fix this glitch.
Beautiful just beautiful glad they made a mobile port! I've been a fan of fnaf for 6 years and it gets better and better and the fact that I get to play the old games is even better!
No words, I just LOVE IT! The jumpscares are amazing, the animation is great, i am having trouble on night 3 but the game's great! Totally recommend to gamers (the appropriate age, probably 10+) that think they should try the game!
I think this is a really good horror game with the awesome jumpscares, which most likely took a while to do, the realistic looks, and the person on the phone is really good. At first I just thought it was a waste of money, but when I played it, I instantly regretted it when I didn't get it sooner. 😊
It's very good, I recommend this to people who have no problem with loud jumpscares or scary stuff. I made it to night 2 instantly, couldn't defeat it because bonnie always catches me, but it's not the games fault. Download this game if you have enough money or space. I had to delete alot of space for this game.
I LOVE THIS GAME and there's a foxy glitch it can work if u have in any night but it will take a long time at night 1 so close the door where foxy comes from and when he's close to your office quickly open the door and turn on t he lights and then the game will be glitched and you will hear the full scream of foxy and you might see his ear
I've played this game since the minute it came out and never had a problem. I'm planning on getting FNAF 6! All the Fnaf games I've played never had any problems like glitches or any other bugs! Love the game. πŸ‘πŸ»
I came back just to revisit the game cuz I was bored and actually had alot of fun beating it again and the only bad thing I have to say is that Bonnie stays at the door for way to long for most of the time and anywhere. One time I had Bonnie in the corner until 4 am and he got there a 2am but besides for bonnie being a bit broken it hasent changed at all and I love it
Love this game, 5 stars. There was no lag at all in any of the nights and because of that I finally beat 20/20/20/20 mode on my phone. It can be done!
cd1 and cd2 doesnt work anymore i have already beat the game in mobile so i decided to just use cd1 and 2 to be able to play custom night on my chromebook. but its been took out! it did work before but now it doesnt and it doesnt save my data. i love the game on actual pc but chrome is a no go for fnaf and for games in genral.
I LOVE THIS GAME and there's a foxy glitch it can work if u have in any night but it will take a long time at night 1 so close the door where foxy comes from and when he's close to your office quickly open the door and turn on t he lights and then the game will be glitched and you will hear the full scream of foxy and you might see his ears #KELLYPRATTISANIDIOT
I love this game its amazing I wish for it to never come down off the app store because 1. I am a HUGE fnaf fan 2. I like challenges 3. Its a good game all in all 4. In my opinion the background story is amazing but sad and we still don't have any proof that the story might be real but in my opinion I think it is same with the fnaf group im in
Since I've been playing it, it's been heard my bro can't get to the 6th night, so he did not delete it tho. So here is two options, 1.fix and make somewhere a bit easy 2.bug fixes because it's laggy :( but we handled it, it's a good game too :D and I am a fan of fnaf! Byeeeeee!
I play all the time and it is worth the purchase but the jump scares kinda get old like I'm stuck on one of the nights but the jump scares just get old that's why I got SL and the OG FNAF.
This is awesome beautiful game sure I had about a million heart attacks but it was still fun only bad part was I kept pressing the monitor button when I was just trying to move my screen but that's still fine I still love it!!!!
I love this game it gets hard once you are at night three I played it on my tablet at the start of 2020 and end of 2019 when I was on night three on my tablet it cliched alot now that I have a phone it works like a dream this game came out in 2014 and was the most popular game at the time and if your in to jump scares this is the game for you
Cries this is great and all definitely worth Β£3 but... I always rage at the end when the power goes out i just can't get to night 2 LOL but i definitely think all fans of chuck-e-cheeze should play this jk its great all horror fans would love this - Happy 9 year old girl :) - Note : I got to night 2 and i think im ready for fnaf 2! For my 10th b-day. The funko mearch is good and all but they are leaking the new characters :c
This is challenging,fun,and hard to learn the movement of everything but it's a game that is fun so if you see this please down load the game.
I love the game but there one problem it like when I press the button to go cams sometime it make me stay on the cams and it really annoying I hope you can fix it
This is a pretty good horror game and I love it. I played this game usually when I'm bored. I have completed six night and unlocked the coustom night. I have heard when you play the game on the highest difficulty, you'll beat the entire game. And that's exactly what I did. But it gets harder and you'll have to stay focused and listen carefully. Otherwise it's game over. But it's too hard for me and I always miss it a 3 or 5AM. I have watched a few tutorial about it. I'l play FNAF2 in the future
I love this I've been a fan of FNaF for a while. Though, there are some rip-off games, I ran into one this evening, called four nights in a nightmare total rip-off of FNaF 4. Anyway, I'm trying to get all the games I only have FNaF 2, 3, and pizzaria simulator left, Good luck! And keep giving chills!☺️ I did have a bit of a problem downloading it, but that's probably just me.
Yes. It is a good game to get. Enjoy this with all youve got. Not recommended to play if you fear things coming to life, unless you want to make your friends smile. Anyways I have been jumpscared once, but only because I saw it coming. The jumpscares are pretty foreseeable
I just beat the game today and it is a very scary game, the whole time I beat fnaf I experienced no glitches and lag witch is why I rate this 5 stars. The game is very scary but I have got used to the jumpscares but it's still scary sometimes, Scott Cawthon you did an amazing job
I like it, but I thought there was a mask and flashlight? I mean fnaf 2 has it so why can't this one have them? Or is it just me because I love this game 😐
Sorry i already solved the problem, a bit ago sorry for the bad review! I have gotten to night 6 and tht night is hard, no glitches though!!! Nice game! Also you should make the power a little slower for nights 6 and higher.
Better than expected on the phone! I thought it would be laggy & buggy and the controls were gonna be bad. But I was wrong super wrong much more easier than PC. Obviously the gameplay is amazing but I think you already know. But other than that it's πŸ‘πŸ»
This is a great game to play offline and online it is really easy although me and my friend are both on night 5 right now I just got the app s couple days ago I would recommend if people who are scared of scary things and think a lot of this stuff can come to life not to download it that's all
This app is great! I love all of scott cawtons games! This game is very interesting and scary, If you love horror games and jump-scares buy this game. Even I am on it
This game has barely any ads and it never makes you buy anything to access levels or nights but sometimes it lags but it has a really cool story and recommend it for people who like flashing lights and jumpscares.
Amazing game! Just I have one issuse, I have had this game for a bit now and I over all dont want it anymore. I have done everything I can to get rid of it, but I want my money back so I can get one of the other Five Nights at Freddy's games. So if the Creator of this game sees this by any chance, could you find a way for me to get my money back? But still, amazing game! I recommand this to anyone that like horror games and that type of stuff!
I can give the 2020 update 5 stars! The 2019 update was great but nearly unplayable at 4/20 mode, the highest level that I play the most. It would lag yet still allow the characters to steam in and end it. 2020's update runs much smoother for fairer gameplay, with subtle improvements. This is a simple throwback game, suspenseful, well designed, and the beginning of a great series. Worth every penny.
I am so glad they have a confirm screen when you click new game because I was on night five and i went to next door. I accidentally clicked new game,it was I life saver. Edit: I grew up with this game plus I love its atmosphere. But I'm giving it a four star because Freddy just stares at your right corner cam it wastes my power please shorten he's move timer.
Quite nostalgic, other than that, gameplay is incredibly good considering the age. Great start to a franchise.
This game made me LOVE fnaf it's very easy to play. Bonnie is like VERY ACTIVE chica is funny in the window freddy is just like -_- all game in show stage. One annoying part the power goes away fast but other wise I like the game and I recommend getting this first
I remember when I was little, The game was free untill you had to pay to play the game but I'm pretty sure it was a demo that I was playing but this game is so good and scary, This game gave me memories of playing it for thr first time and without this game where would I be?
This game is amazing along with all of the other FNaF games! The games graphics and sounf effects are amazing and the designs make the animatronics look almost realistic! The game itself is also amazing the gameplay is not laggy at all there are zero ads the interrupt your gameplay and the fact that the nights get more and more challenging makes the game so much more fun! I would recoomend taking breaks while playing so you don't get to stressed out. FNaF is amazing! Keep it up Scott!!
All is awsome but i keep seeing its me and freddy and shadow or golden freddy ? On the screen popping up and i installed today and last year i was playing so i uninstalled and installed this year and it was night one and for some reason i saw only freddy on the thing sometimes he would glitch into his endo idk if thats new or old or just something well that was it!
its a very fun game, i like how bonnie and chica use different halls, i like freddy's little song when the power goes out and i like how foxy kinda gets mad when u don't pay attention to him and rushes u, i love that
Really good. But I just saw one glitch thing you might want to fix: if you get bonnie at the door and then let foxy go there at the same time and you leave the door open, foxy will do the scream but it'll just be stuck with the cam down and you're just looking at foxy (yes its hard to explain) so leave the left door open and get bonnie at the door, then let foxy in, then you'll know my little issue. Great game remaster tho
Five Nights at Freddy's is probably the best horror/strategy game ever! I love how you need to conserve the building power to stay alive, oh and HOLY CRAPANTS when I was jumpscared by Foxy! He is reallyyy crazy and creepy. Playing it gives me dem chills! Also, I have 1 question, I myself, is on Night 5 and power goes out a little quick. And A hour passing by is sooooo long. But otherwise, It is so amazing!
This is one of my favorite games of all time. I have it on both pc and mobile, and this is a great port. I have beaten 20/20/20/20 mode recently. The reason why it is not 5 stars is due to it being pay-to-win. People can buy cheats and get through the whole game and get all the stars on the menu screen, which is kinda just insulting to the people who actually gave effort into legitimately beating this game. Also, $5 cheats in a $3.00 game that is already super successful? Yikes.
The game its self is good but it will crash and go black mid game and it is to the point where it is unplayable if they can please fix this little issue it would be 5/5.Edit: it looks like they fixed it I love this game.
FNAF 1 is the best game ever loved the game so much although they could have had the it's me thing on focus sign, and also a foxy and a golden Freddy plush as well (hope they consider it)
I have been waiting and waiting for so long to get the courage to get this game and lemme tell you it's great it's worth buying, bonnie makes this creepy wheezing sound on night two and chica is always in the kitchen making a lot of noise lol, freddy barely even gets off his stage which is normal overall this is a really good game and i hope you see this message!
this is soo fun but its scary like it's supposed to be this game gives me so much to do and so many scares if you like scary games definitely try this game I used to be obsessed with it when I was little I've told it down but I still like to play the game
I'm like OMG this game is Paradise and its amazing for me because I LOVE horror games but... kinda dont like jump scares.. But this game is so good if you like being scared and like being jumped like YEET out of the window I recomend you get this game! Its so good that im just speechless and have no words to say about it (good words of course) and I love love love the game. Definitely 5000,0000000,0000000/5 Okay everything is AMAZINGLY GOOD But.. The GOD DAMN power!
Really fun. I love FNAF. I have only made it to night 2 because Foxy rns down the hall so it's hard to keep track of the camera's AND keep track of when Foxy appears..
i'm playing on a chromebook, and i find it annoying to have to click the screen to bring up the cameras, and to move the screen in the office. there should be an option in settings to select what type of device you're playing on, (for example, computer or mobile) and adjust the controls accordingly, so that if you're playing on a computer, you only have to hover the mouse over the buttons for them to work. other than that, this is a great game, but please add control options!
If ur in2 horror I highly recomend this game, 3 reasons 2 get dis game. 1. Very fun, 2. Intertening, 3. Great gameplay. I think dis game gets a 5 star from me. Seya! πŸ˜±πŸ‘»πŸ¦ŠπŸ”πŸ»πŸ»πŸ‡
FNAF 1 is a great game well I think its not best in the series it was a great start to the series even thought it's a bit hard to understand the story of FNAF the game play is really good with the cams and doors and this game series lead to lots of of fan games of it even thought the game is only five nights it's still worth the price so I think you should buy the I only but Why 4 stars like I said not the best but it was a great way to start the series and how Characters look and work
Omg Scott you are my favorite person ever!!! This game is just the best. If you like horror games then this is definitely something for you. I thank the creator so much for all the franchise. This games graphic design is spot on! This is literally the best game I have ever played.
Do not play this game if you am a child like me it's very scary but I can handle it but sometimes I do get scared be carful of help wanted VR to its got all the games and it has some scary games like night terrors and the repair on on hard mode chica is terrifying
I like this game because it's scary and I like games that have like things that you're trying to get avoided try not to get jump scared and I really like the details in the office and the cameras are just absolutely amazing I really like this game and I have been making the garage like the office look like it and it's amazing I'm definitely going to give a five-star out of this
This game is amazing I love it! No problems. I love it when Golden Freddy appears and he just does not end the game. I love this game so much.
This is My FAVORITE GAME if you couldnt already tell but this is the best of all if them ive played all of the full games and this ones the best its the simplest and i like the simplicity your just there to watch the pizzeria at night what can go wrong?. Well..... ALOT if you havent... PLAY THIS GAME!! And (also watch for Freddy he is a huge douche) Still love em tho
I love the terror in this game its probably the best of its series except for sister locatoin it's pretty good and very scary. One thing if you like stratigy ore horror ha it's your game. Scott the rest of your games need to be like this one in my opinion over all love graphics and mechanics.
The game is awesome because night 1 is a breeze then night 2 is hard but then the 3rd night is a breeze then the 4th night is a bit harder and the game has so much detail and it's really well made and so much merchandise has been made please make a game that is free and E for everyone and make it so you play as Withered Bonnie please!!!
I LOVE THIS GAME and there's a foxy glitch it will only work if u have custom night so close the door where foxy comes from and when he's close to your office quickly open the door and turn on t he lights and then the game will be glitched and you will hear the full scream of foxy and you might see his ears
I wouldn't worry about Foxy that much, because he is one of the last to come out, I have recorded the first animatronics to move. Bonnie is the one you should worry about, he is the first to move, other than chica. Besides that this is a very nice game.
I love this game Bonnie is my fav and foxy when he says its me and runs in the hall looks at the camera and doesn't care and bonnie scares me when he is at the door i recommend you playing this but if you don't like being scared then just don't get it
I absolutely love this game! But, I gave it a 4 star because sometimes when I open the camera I cant close it back and also sometimes I cant even open it in the first place. Therefore, I have to restart my progress and close the app. Please fix this.
Ok,After buying the game, I can't install/load it (error)but when I put in a report about this, they asked me to put in a report at a different website , annoying, but fine, I got to the website and they asked what kind of issue it was, none of them really related to my issue, so I just went with 'bugs and issues' and then they asked for WAY Too much information, that nobody is gonna know, it would take a good 8 hours to find all of this information, just to file a report that MIGHT Get read...!
I've already completed this game 2 years ago, I've redownloaded the game and there is now this weird glitch. I can use my camera after. Night 1-5am. Night 2-4am. Nigh 3 - 3am.and so on. I'm wondering if can fix this?
This is a masterpiece. I truly love the mechanics of this game. Although, missed the old creepy menu music.
Although the Clickteam update was nice, It kinda lost the charm of the old 2014 mobile version. It's cool, but I'm gonna miss it
I'm once again changing my stars. This time from 3 back to 5. It seems the developers listened to the complaints about the lag and not being able to make the game fullscreen. I still have yet to beat Night 7, but it's much more possible now thanks to the fix.
I love the entire series, but there is one thing. What are the plushies for? I mean, they just sit there. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into these games , you've changed the world forever. (btw can you fix that typo on the description, it's really annoying me)
Very fun. As one of the people who have beaten 4/20 mode, I'm pretty qualified to say that this game is challenging but fun. You'll never get bored and satisfaction is (almost) guaranteed.
Fnaf 1 is a good game for people who are not scared. It is a great entry to the five nights at freedys franchise. This is 4 star because it can get boring after a while. This is what this game is about you are a security guard a place called freedy fasbears pizza. Tip if you're past 2 night look at pirates cove often. The longer you keep an eye on him the less chance you'll get terribly jumpscared by him because the only part that scared me was when he was running down the hall. This might help.
THE BEST GAME IN THE UNIVERSE. No joke this game is the boss. No lag, option screens, and very smooth. The downside is that you can't spam the monitor very fast. But is is still an awsome game. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the problem i mentioned.
I love how it's super terrifying I know some of the stories about the game and it's really crazy how all the stuff can fit in 8 and almost nine games I love this game for a while people who hate it are just jealous because they can't draw stick figure correctly especially people say it's a scam or it won't load but I don't have all the versions of it so I really don't know if you disagree with me it could just be too scary I really don't know but the battery runs out kind of fast but really good
it s a really good game! but if foxy is running down the hall and you see him does he go back to pirates cove or does he keep running and if he does go back than that is a glitch that i have. overall it is fun!
I love this game! The only thing is it's really hard to get passed night 4 but that's the fun in it. There are no glitches so far that I can see. 10/10 would recommend.
As much as I love the game, sometimes the security camera just wont open or close, makes everything stuck and let me die. Please fix this bug.
Dear Scott Cowawn there's this glitch where i can't see the camera this is the mobile version and it is completely random and i die because i can't use the camera please fix p.s. if you fix i will rate it 5 stars because it is a good game and i am not sure how to spell your last name so i am sorry if i spelled it wrong and i am also a big fan of you Scott
This game is great! Brings back so many memories. The game runs smooth, it's jumpscares actually make you jump. I highly recommend this game.
It's good but there's some problems with the game on the phone for some reason when I use my light sometimes the audio cuts out for the light Scott please fix this Edit: okay why in the heck would you post a one-star review because it's scary it supposed to be scary dude I wish I could just slap you people sometime (ok okay sorry but still)
Honestly this is an amazing game, but it can get kinda boring on the first one or two nights. The game starts to get hard on night 4. Which is really late in the game. Kinda easy, but amazing.
Love this game and I've been playing since it came out but the camera is glitched. I'm on night 4 and at 3am I got stuck on the camera and it wouldn't come down. I miraculously glitched out of the camera after seeing foxy running down the hall. But then at 4am I got stuck again and I couldn't get out of it. My power went out and the camera filter was up with the map layout while my office was dark and freddy appeared and killed me. Please fix the cams, the game is unplayable like this.
This game IS AWESOME because it has a touch of horror and strategy the thing i HATE is the power, scott next time remaster this game but with out the power, anyway THIS IS THE BEST GAME I HAVE PLAYED, oh and next time you remaster this game make it free for pc, play station, Xbox, ios, Android and Huawei. Anyway thanks for the game scott
i love this game but the hours are way too long which i hate cause im trying to concerve power as much as i can then i look at te time and its still 12am and im having a very hard time stopping freddy cause i cant tell when he runs and it is making the game way too hard i hope you can make the nights a bit shorter and atleast give us a warning when freddy is about to enter when he is in the corner, like have him laugh before he tries to get in the office
I love the Five Nights at Freddy's games, but I don't like that on chormebook and mobile it's not as good. Maybe make it like playing on a PC at least on Chromebook
Love it, the jumpscares are great, gameplay is amazing, I just REALLY wish customize night was available, even if you didnt finish all 5 nights. Make custom night always available and you got yourself 5 stars.
I love this game, however... It would be VERY HELPFUL if i was able to hear the animatronics movements like when I had this game last month, Night 2 is now nearly impossible without the movement audio. Edit: Okay so I was wrong. The animatronic movement audio is still in the game, but I was only able to hear it with my headphones... Can the next update pls be audio setting for specific ingame audio?
It's really great and amazing but it has waaay to much intensity for me but I'm just exaggerating how bad it is but if you play this game it would truly be amazing but too much intensity for me.
I love this game! It's like being a real night guard and the art of it is just amazing. I absolutely love all the fnaf games. This is my non stop playing game every single day! I recommend these to anyone who love getting jumpscared and love horror games. I hope scott continues with more fnaf games!!
This game is amazing there is nothing wrong with it! There is no glitching no in and out problems nothing it is perfect! I love it im giving it 5 stars!!!🀩
the game is just amazing i love it i bought it on my phone and i bought sister location on my sister,s phone and we are enjoying both of them the controls are so simple and easy to learn please dont stop making games from the fnaf series <3
twing ting RAW! thats it all RAWS! yupp fun haw EXEPT THE STUIPED BATTERY OMG THAT DUMB THING!!!!!!!!!! the games fun but that dumb battery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! fun but hard UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great spook! Just a few cons: 1; sometimes when I try and click in any option, it doesn't do anything. 2; the game crashes a lot. That's all I have for a review! Keep up the good work Scott Cawthon!
I freaking love this game. I've always wanted to play fnaf but never have been able to but I got a tablet for Christmas and this was the first thing i download. I was able to get passed the first 3 night pretty easily and within like 2-4 days but after that I got stuck on night 4,I believe I'm just to dumb to not die and that there's nothing wrong with this app im just to dumb and yeah basically main point is the game is awesome and I love it. Also the graphics are awesome!
This game is everything it needs to be, nothing more, nothing less. This game is a masterpiece because of that. Scott Cawthon took criticism and made it into inspiration to make such a creative and colorfully horrifying game. The premise is unique, controls are easy, and the absence of both action and information makes the game play interesting and immersive. There are different techniques that can be used, or you can just play freestyle. Once again, the premise is so unique and it's just so creative of Scott to have made up such a scenario.
I love it! If you don't like horror games than this definitely isn't for you but if you are then it's definitely worth the $2!!! Night 5 is very hard though, and I keep running out of power every night and I just win out of luck... or I just lose. But it's still very goodπŸ‘
This game is awesome! If you like scary games and jumpscares, this is the game for you. I bought this game a bit ago and it's great! Things are smooth for my device and the way the sounds, the movement, and the grafics are AMAZING! 3.00 is worth paying on this game.
Amazing!!! Cant believe its on here after long last :3 Challenging though bonnie allways seems to get me no matter what i try but i am DETERMINED to get past him!!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜† 1000000000/5 stars
I've loved this game since it came out and it never ceases to be fun. The animatronics are scary, the ambience is on point, I suggest this game, so much fun.
Personally i love the game but, the camera is slow by the time the camera is fully up i would of lived the rest of my life. Also completing 20/20/20/20 mode is impossible because the game crashes even if you are not using the cheats menu. Finally this has gotta be cheaper if it is slow like this
The best game in the world! My first jumpscare was chica. She scared me so Much. Five nights at freddy's is the one that started the best game series ever! I'm very excited for the new game, 'security breach' and I think the New character designs are incredible. Fnaf 1 has so much wonder And imagination to the world. My favourite fnaf 1 character has got to be freddy. I never got jumpscare by him but his laugh is very sinister. Please make more fnaf games.-Ethan.
Its the first fnaf game and its very good but could you add some more characters some people thibk its easy but, its not i really like the game! But it takes a long time to load. But although that its very good!
Its was amazing! I love horror games and this is the best I have played! There is only one thing though. I won't be using anything and my power goes down. Is that normal?
Really fun game! Made it to custom night! The only problem is on custom night it gets really laggy (freezes and sometimes even kicks me off the game) other than that this game is perfect Edit: after I updated the game, no lag at all, Perfect game in everyway
This game is AWESOME!!!!! The gameplay is extremely smooth, the graphics are just like the original PC version! and the gameplay overall is MUCH BETTER than the original mobile port! 100/10
Very Very Fun. Honestly, I Jump Upped And Screamed When Bonnie Jumpscared Me. It Had My Mom Ticked Off Like A Clock When I Woke Her Up. This Games Scare Factor Is A 10 Out Of 10. If You Like Scary Stuff But Just Can't Find Games That Are Scary, Come Purchase This Game And Start Scaring Your Butt Off.
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Its so scary in night two foxy came and jumpscared me lol! This is sutibale for all ages but its the same game. The family friendly version is the animatronics wanna hug you but you don't want them to cuz they smell like beef and cheese. 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/5 I LOVE IT
On mobile my experience was great the game play mechanics work perfectly and It never has glitchesother then the glitches made to be in the game and the graphics are great πŸ‘ and each time even when I know there comeing(like freddy) the jumpscares still frighten me.Also they did great work making the atmosphere and tension when you can't find a animatronic.overall if your looking for something scary and creepy this Is a must get
Okay, Im on night 2 and everythings perfectly fine its just that chica never jumpscares you and its kinda boring that she doesnt, also I cant purchase the survival kit I tried to purchase a plushie and it worked so then I tried the survival kit again it still disnt work I keep trying but it doesnt seem to work, But other than that I recommend this game to anyone!
this game is great however at 3AM on night one onwards the animatronics move and start to do weird sheit like speak and the fox runs also if the power runs out the bear gets out of the stage and the torerador march plays and then nothin happeins. so please fix this error thank you. THIS REVIEW IS A JOKE SATIRE
I Really love it. I cant stop playing it! I just wish there was more inside here :( I know there is more versions like number two number 3 number 4 number 5 number 6 and sister's location but I can't buy those I can only buy one cuz it's my mom's money so I can only buy one
I love Five Night's At Freddy"s because, it is a good gameplay also it is a fun game to play but night two is hard for me but its not a problem it means that you can use strats. Other than that the game is amazing!
Awesome! I got into it long after it came out, and i am in love with all of five nights at freddys, the lore, the games, the books... I dont care what it is, i love it all!!!!πŸ‘Œ
It's a really good game to play it gives me nostalgia from when I was three when this game came out in 2014 I'm almost 10 now and I still love five nights at Freddy's to this day it's just a really really really good game I played all the games except for the ones after 4 and The help wanted VR game I stopped at 4because I thought there was going to be none more and I'm only interested in the old ones nothing like a little bit of nostalgia every now and then
It's a pretty fun game but it's also pretty boring. It's pretty mild with the spooks but if you want to play the original and learn the first part of the lure then this'll be perfect.
This game is absolutely brilliant! The office is amazing and it has so much detail in it. I'm on Night Three and I cant wait to explore more of the game. Freddy's laugh is very spooky!
SO SO SO classic. This game is amazing to have in mobile cause I don't have a pc. I like that it got remastered cause the updated one is SO MUCH BETTER!!! amazing game! I remember like 5 years ago I was in love with me this game
Scary,but fun I think this is a wonderful game.if your into spooky stuff this is the game for you. I think the price for the game is equal to the game. so I give this five stars
Yes! Yes yes yes yes! AWESOME GAME! Play this and have the time of your life! I've played all the games, I have most of the plushies, fnaf blanket pillow, bedsheet, most of the big plushes (when you can tell I've gone to far with fnaf merch xD) this game is great the merch and stuff is great, the power ups I of course have every dime spent on this game is more worth than life! It's great fnaf graphics are outstanding! Theres not one fnaf game I'd wrather play I cant compare fnaf two to fnaf one!
The game is great i dont Have A Gaming Pc/Laptop and i wanted the fnaf games until the mobile versions came And i got to play them on mobile But also for some reason the doors jam So you cant check the light or close them plz fix that (this is an edit i just figured out it gets jammed for an hour So yoh dont have to fix it)
I love this game so much! Its scary but just the right amount, I also love the little mini games that are in it and you can get the "secret" character Golden Freddy to come into your office and I love it. I fell in love with the fbaf game when I downloaded this game back in 2014 and have been a part of it since. 😁
Good but can you please fix a bug were at the end of night five my power can randomly drop multipul times. I would have beaten night five a lot of times if it wasn't for this glitch. Othor than that this game is good but The glitch I was talking about would probably occur in night 5 and onward but I wouldn't know :(
this game is very fun on pc and mobile but the only issue is when im at 5 am and im about to win the game just restarts itself thats the only thing i dislike about this game otherwise its fun my brother and sister are hooked to this gameand my brother is 5 and my sister is 4 and i dont realy know why, but my brother just wont stop playing it he even spent money on my moms card so he could play this game but the 5 am glitch is only on mobile i would like for that to be fixed thank you everyone!!!
This is a brilliant game but there is a glitch i dont know if its just on mine but on the last night when you go to do the light or close the door it doesnt let you. If it does it on others too i really hope you could fix it
This game is AMAZING.I liked this game ever since it came out and since back then i was little the jumpscares would make me scream. Ya but amazing game if you haven't got it you're living under a rock. Also get hyped for security breach
(Ok so this description will be long) THIS GAME IS PERFECT it is amazing,it is imersive,and is a blast to play thru.ok now ima talk about my experience,so I got this game a WHILE back and only came back to it recently but I regret NOT playing this game,it is a masterpiece (I highly recommend) but it is sooooo fun me and my cousin LOVE this franchise solo much and we play this game ALOT it is soooo fun and cool the animatronics are well designed and this game did scare me a handful of times :)
This game is amazing! Great jump scares, will keep you busy, isn't that scary (to the point you have nightmares lol) but it is scary! It has perfect quality and I would recommend it for any mature minor who doesn't get that scared or a teen!
This game is extremely Good! I've got to night 6 in a couple of days! I would recommend this game if you like horror genre games and jumps cares, well I don't think anyone "likes" jumpscares. I don't think there is a downside to this game and everything is great! I wouldn't recommend this on low storage phones tho, but after all I would say it's worth it!!!
Ok well just downloaded the game it has a few glitches but I think it's my phone but it also is not that scary I'm so happy that I have the time to even play. But I think some of the few glitches ARE the game....tho it is mostly fine
I LOVE IT! first is that the controls are better then the scamer games because when i first played this game it was AMAZING and i finished it but its better kinda of the computer game so i give it a 5 out of 5
It's a scam. Run this game side by side with either the PC or PS4 versions and you'll clearly see the electricity in this game runs out 15% faster - making it harder so you'll buy the unlimited electricity add-on for five bucks which is more than I paid for this game!!! It's frankly pathetic and just a cash grab - release a game cheap, adjust is so it's harder than usual, charge people to bypass the artificially inflated difficulty......poor show
My favorite app ever it's very addicting and I think I like FNAF little and I love this game so much I really recommend if you don't mind jump scares and you like horror I have to say that I like not too much everything that I do now is not related including apps and crafts and any art I've made two cardboard things as big as like three feet I think but I may clay models and stuff and this is the best game I would say so I really recommend this game to people who have time have fun with this gam
This is My FAVORITE GAME if you couldnt already tell but this is the best of all of them ive played all of the full games and this ones the best its the simplest and i like the simplicity I beat the game aswell stuck on night 6 on fnaf 2 tho. your just there to watch the pizzeria at night what can go wrong?. Well..... ALOT if you havent... PLAY THIS GAME!! And (also watch for Freddy he is a huge douche) Still love em tho
This game. Its just really made an impact on my life in more ways than one. When i got into the games lore and stuff, i shared it with other people. Eventually, i found a really awesome community that likes the game!! 5 stars :))
This game is very spooky and fun! It makes you feel on edge because you don't know when one of these animitronics will pop up and give you a good scare! This game is worth the purchase if your looking for a good horror game.
Awesome game for how long it's been around. My only problem is that every time Bonnie or Chica are in the office when I have the camera up, I don't hear their groans
Its a good game and I am a bit stuck on night 4 but still it's so easy and I love how chica comes to attack you its funny how she pops her head in like BonJOuR any way its a good app if your stuck on a night and your at 5am your gonna be complete hope you like it and keep the good work up guys
It is very fun and cool i recommend ages 10 or up becuase it is a little scary and i beat the game i kinda wish it was a little harder but other than that this is a great game.
Love the game, its a little challenging, and I like that, though I have never finished it I'm still trying to beat it. I love what Scott Cawthon does, I love getting jumped scared by the animitronics it always makes me jump out of my chair. Really love it
it was so fun i have played before and it is one of my favorit games in history the other ones are your other games so to scott cawthon you are one of the best game creators ever. and remeber, thats just a theory, a game theory,thanks for waching. game theory is on your tail and figoring out your secrets. sorry for bad spelling im a ten year old what do you expect.
This game is AMAZING! It's definitley one of the best games in a lifetime. It's amazing how ONE man working at a Dollar General can make such a huge impact, and for good reason, too. The atmosphere, the characters, the sound design, the gameplay, and just enough story to keep you wanting more. I highly recommend this game to fans of horror, because this is surely a classic of our time.
Honestly, I have played FNaF since I was 8 and I was rubbish! So I took a long break, I've gone back to try it again and I am flying through the nights! If you like FNaF I would definitely recommend FNaF : Sister Location. Love the jumpscares, love the animatronics, love everything! Thankyou Scott for making this game 🐻🐰πŸ₯🦊❀
The Original to the Franchise, first time I heard about it was when markiplier played it. Anyways the game is really good but I dont know if it's always been this way but does the power go down faster now? Besides that Great game sometimes gets really intense so if you get scared easily you might wanna download but Thank you Scott and Clickteam!
My favorite app ever it's very addicting and I think I like FNAF little to much but I love this game so much I really recommend if you don't mind jump scares and you like horror.this is the best game ever!! I would say. I really recommend this game to people who don't really know what to do and loves scary things. I can say that it is definitely worth the money I have had no regrets to buying this but take precaution sometimes it is scary but I hope you have fun with this game!
It's a great game I recommend it to all people but the reason it's a 4 star is it just puts you strate in the game after one night and you ca only go back if you beat the game or die so just put in these options continue or Exit
Iblove the game and I would give it a 5 star rating but I can't customize the AI level. I had my friend see if she could do it and she couldn't do it either. Over all the developers did awesome except the AI part. I have had this game for quite a while.
This is amazing! Jumpscares seem real and it freaks me out, I can literally feel my adrenaline rushing, I would honestly recommend buying this game!!
Five Nights at Freddy's has an amazing atmosphere and an undeniable ability to stress you out with just a few simple gameplay elements. An experience you won't want to miss. However the gameplay can get repetitive but this is a very small criticism since it's only an hour long. At times the animatronic characters can look extremely disturbing and make sounds similar to that of someone struggling to stay alive. Overall it's a pretty good game, short and but genuinely unnerving.
Its an amazing game! I have been playing for about 3 or 4 years now and i dont that many problems with it! It would sometimes kick me out of the game but overall its amazing!
Really good! I get jump scared a lot no glitches. Everything is fine. I haven't gotten and problems yet so for now I will rate it a 5 star review but if I have glitches happening all of a sudden I might change it
this game is so good i totally recommend it. i remeber having nightmares as a kid. it brings back so many memories. good game this is. what i dont like about this game is absoulutly nothing.
This game was the start of a amazing franchise. A horror game covering the story of Fazbear's pizzarea, where haunted animatronics and a dark past live. Playing as a night guard, you become a part of this. It's amazing in gameplay, story and animation. A job amazingly done!
I love this game! I'm on mobile and the controls are smooth, very scary though. I mean what was I expecting? It's a horror game. Golden Freddy, the it's me part was very scary and I haven't gotten past night 2 because I always leave the gameπŸ˜… Overall, you get what you pay for, but you get better!
THIS IS AMAZING!!! I completed all the nights once and decided to replay it and found a easter egg on night two THE REST IS A SPOILER............... So I hear this laugh after one of the flashes and golden freddy is in my office I'm like it's gonna go away so I pull up my cams and there it is a golden freddy jumpscare............ Anyways this is a amazing horror game I had to share that though
I love this game, its not that hard which is good, I own all of the FNaF games and I love all of them! I'm just mad because I recently got to night 4 but then I got a new phone and all my progress on my games (not just FNaF) was deleted, thats a me problem not a you problem! I love the games, don't get to night 4 and get a new phone!! Keep up the great work Scott!
I love this I beat the game once and wanted to do it again so I downloaded it and I bought kit and all of the plushies and it all gone so if you are going to spend more money on the game like the kit or the plushies just know you cant get that back if you delete the game
Having no problems, a perfect port onto mobile. One thing that's wrong is that I can never activate Golden Freddy. Nothing else wrong.
You run out of power to fast to survive night 2 unless you buy unlimited power which is cheating cause then you just have to shut the doors until it's over which means you can never lose. So it takes away the challenge of the game and the fun so it forces you to pay to win I've died 20 times trying to beat night 2 it's a really good game but I can't stand a pay to play get stop being greedy and make a game you pay to buy to enjoy playing not pay to buy so u can pay more just to win by cheating.
This is one of the best horror games I've ever played. What makes it better, is that you get buy FNaF VR, which makes it a whole lot creepier. I haven't encountered a single glitch yet, and I'm too scared to play night 2... Definatly worth the money
This game is hands down one of my favorite video games of all time, this game will always have a special place in my heart along with SCP and Minecraft. Sure alot of the fnaf games are great, even fnaf world, but this is the best out of the bunch mainly because you can tell how much love and effort was put into the game. Needless to say if you, the person reading this review, have never played fnaf. DO IT
Love this game, but there's a glitch with the cameras that make it impossible to play. It first happened night 2 right at a specific moment when phone guy says something the cameras disable. I turned off perspective and that seemed to work. But now Night 3 3am the cams stopped again which made me lose. Really hope they fix it as you literally cannot complete the games without the cams. Edit: I got to finish night 3, cameras just get stuck for a second but go back to normal.
Awesome!! I was playing on night one and I was at only 7 or 8 percent power. But I'm giving it 4 star is bc even on 3am (when they are most active) the only one active was bonnie and that was for a long time. No chica. Please fix this and u will get 5 stars. :/ also I liked how freddy was just staring at the camera, it was creepy.
Good time waster and fun, by your self friends and family. I think the sequels of FNAF is too deep in the storyline and to complicated, there isn't even a tutorial for the complicated parts. I know you can't delete the game but I suggest just lowering down on the storyline. This is the best and a great game
So, I managed to get to night 4. All good. Then Bonnie is in the corner twitching. After that, I get kicked out of the app.. just what?- It just so happened that the second time I got kicked out, Freddy was in the hallway, and Bonnie was in the corner twitching. It keeps kicking me out. Its always night 4, the 4th hour. I can't really beat the game if this keeps happening. If this is fixed, then I will gladly give the app a 5 star rating.
This game gives me so much chills. Yes its a good game but i hate that Freddy and Foxy don't move, its only Bonnie and Chica. The way that they move so fast and its kinda scary and I don't really like it. I think they are cool and that they move so quickly but It's hard to get by the second night It's too hard. I never got past the first but I did it today but the second night is too hard. I think that the person who made this game less scary and less hard, especially for little kids like me.
The game is great! I've played it on my phone and got to night 4! But the reason why I'm leaving this review is because of one thing: no chrome support. I got this on my chromebook (which has the google play store on it) and began playing. But I couldn't even leave the title screen! Please add chrome support so that way chromebook users can play like they are on PC.
SO SO SO classic. This game is amazing to have in mobile cause I don't have a pc. I like that it got remastered cause the updated one is SO MUCH BETTER!!! amazing game! I remember like 5 years ago I was in love with this game ( well I do have a pc now and i got custom night and a couple other games)
It is a great game , but for me it doesn't inflict as much fear as it does stress, the closer they get to the office the more stressed I get and the more mistakes I make which in my opinion makes this game really good you really have to find ways to stay calm and react right away.
I love this game, the sound effects are great and the graphics are real. I also like the vibration when bonnie and chicka are out the door. Freddy is scary and his jump scare well on the cameras i only see his eyes.