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Five Nights at Flappy's

Five Nights at Flappy's for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Catsmeat Games located at 28 Darwin Avenue Buxton Derbyshire SK17 6NF. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game its good but its glichy some times like when i tap the screen it goes up and hits the.......thing and i well die but over all its a good game.πŸ˜ƒ*and i like the jump scares*😊
I really think the game is really good and also funny! I like the characters like Finbarr Fatbear, I like the character styles and I really like the jumpscares. And even though it's based off Flappy Bird (a difficult game) it's still a really good game to play! πŸ»πŸ°πŸ”πŸ¦Š
This game is absolutely fantastic. Tje music when you open up the app is quite eerie and I like how the names have changed. Overall, this is a great game. What I don't understand is this: when you open up the app, it has this creepy music. But then when you actually start playing the game itself, there is no music at all? I am very confused by this. I play this game every day because it is so fun but I would LOVE it if you added some music.
I love the game overall I wish they'd put backaround music and less ads when you play it just seems very eerie and when you die theres some ads overall its fine
It's super good, except that the menu has good music but when you start there's no music. And also please make it easier.if you add these things then I will put 5 stars.
It's a fun game, it's like flappy bird but fnaf themed. It has a funny jump scare when you hit a wall. I thought it would be one of those bad fan games but its actually good. Theres just one thing that bugs me it's that theres music in the first of the game then when you actually play the game it goes silent. But I do recommend it if that doesnt bother you
Pretty fun not as cringe as I thought it would be but to my surprise it's actually kinda addictive and yes it is not fully original but it makes up whit and of the artwork that the creator made (like the jump scare pic or the back round of the daily challenge) but any way I find it quite amusing
Way better than I first thought, it just seems like a stupid fnaf flappy bird game, but it's actually well made, and I love the little goofy jumpscare when you lose, it's certainly unexpected!
It is fun, and the jumpscares are so funny. But bring some music to the game, and maybe making it a bit easier.
Yep it's really good. The art is awesome. It's like it's own game other than another fnaf fan game. Although there can be an settings thing to turn on and off sound. I know this may be stupid but my volume buttons dont work, and this could help with that problem!
This game is actually pretty good! It's really detailed but the only thing is there is no music when actually playing the game which is why I gave it a 4 star. I still really like it though.
Not bad actually! The art is goofy and overall funny! The problem I have is when there's no music in the background when you play the game.
I love it! Its so enjoying,its more better then the original flappy bird that is kinda boring,but this one is more awesome,somethings bother me but i don't mind it, play it guys! This is perfect for everyone that loves fnaf!
It very good and funny! Why I rated the game 4 stars is because it really silent while your playing. Other then that, I like it!
Man, the game is amusing, but idk if it's just me, but there's too many adds and once again, idk if it's just me, be the tapping is just too slow, I'm very sorry :(
I was expecting goofy but is actually a really good flappy game, I liked it, I'm gonna continue playing it and the characters are really cute and ugly.
Pretty fun recreation of flappy bird with a lot of characters to unlock, and each character has a unique jumpscare. My only issue is the in app purchases, therefore making money off of Scott's characters
Very cute and funny, the wrinkles in chica are actually funny when you die in the game. Controls are nice as well. I suggest getting this game
This game is surprisingly addictive and the characters in pixels look amazing! Toy chicas cheeks should be red, but that is my only complaint!
Love this game a whole lot, one of the best mobile games I've downloaded! Just kinda wish there was some music in the real game and not just the title screen, but I still love it because most of the time my phone is silent. Love it!
I really like this game though... It does have 2 flaws, It doesnt really have any music when you play and its really slow when you flap
Its realy good but, theres always a but. Its gamplay is quiet and it needs more music. I recommend it
This game is fun but when you start playing it's dead sliente and when you click shop I did not see a x to get out of shop
honestly pretty good but it has problems it is pretty quiet in the game but it's a really simple ,fun, and has a funny jumpscare screen
This game is not that bad, I like the idea of earning pizzas and be able to get more characters it's appealing, I like looking at it when playing. The only thing I have to say is that it's eerie when you actually play, I wish there was music like when you open it, it's a cool sound, but when you actually start playing, it's just debother somethere's just when you die, there's a long ad after, and it's kind of bothersome but altogether this helps kill time and it's fun
It's very funny because of the jumpscares at the end and the funny art and design. The only flaw is when you play the actual game there is no music so it seems really awkward
I love the jumpscares in this game and the only reason I'm doing this comment is because for a new charcter lol but this game is soo cool and funny! You should think about getting it!:)
Fun game I love the jumpscare it was drawn so well the game is easy to learn and fun when I saw this on the app store I did not have much hope but Its a really good game good job
I would rate it 5 stars BUT I suck at flappy bird. I think that the title screen has AMAZING music love it but the game only has a sound effect for flapping. if your like me and suck st the game no just watch a lil add and boom plus 25 pizza! andiematronic sent me here so thx. also I only have had it for a day so idk if it has a virus but so far so good! love the game. its exactly what it says it is so far flappy bird but reskin to be fnaf. also love the jump scare it not scary but it so cute! ❀
It's a great game! I love the eerie music when you open that app and the goofy little jumpscare when you die! Definitely recommend!
As a flappy bird clone, this game is well made. Except for... well... It's extremely quit. It would be amazing for the devs (devolepors) to add some fnaf (Five nights at freddy's) music but slightly changed. For copyright reasons. Besides the music, this is a great game! (Who else just reviewed this app so they could get another flappy-tronic?) Jk (Just kidding) I really like this game. It's amazing, like a lot people, even you, reader. Thanks for siting and reading this whole thing. =)
Its a fun game. The jumpscare is hilarious and it has good menu music. Its sad that it doesnt have actual music in the gameplay itself, but if your bored, you can play this game.
I had to delete it, the ads didn't let me close them, now I lost every character that I had, but let's not talk about it, ignoring that the game it's so cool, I love it
This is actually a pretty good game! (For a flappy bird clone) but I do have some miner nitpicks, one the game weirdly quiet, the intro screen has music but not the rest of the game? Two when you die there is a goofy little jump scare and a silly little drawing comes on screen, but I would change it from the actual jumpscare sound to a silly edited version to match the goofy drawing, but other than that, this is a pretty good game!
I would give it 5 stars but it doesn't have sound when you play the actual game the menu has sound so why not the game other than that it's a good game
It's very fun to play and I like flappy Bird it is a fun game but I can't find it so it is a good game I'm happy you made the game.
The game is fun and i love the characters! But ehat bothers me is that when you play it has no music. Its pretty weird but ill say its good!
I found this game from a Youtuber named "Andiematronic". They said it was good and it was! It was goofy, Adorable, Funny And alot more! You see. Even know its a "Off Brand Flappy Bird" It doesn't mean its one of the bad rip offs! (Also I wouldn't say its a Rip Off!) Also I forgot to say! "Off Brand FNaF" Game but really its very good! If I could do a rating of 23.4 I would do it! Also I recommend this game and you should download it! Sure its a bit hard! but its a nice game!
Surprisingly, this game is well made! I wasn't expecting that from a Flappy bird clone game. I especially love the art! Although, I do have some minor bugs. When actually playing the game, it's very quite! I would appreciate it if the creator added some type of tune. Other than that the game is fine. As I said, I was surprised to see that this game is well made. I'm inpressed!
Fun to play to pass the time. But I think that the 50+ character challenge is too hard. Also what is with the random characters? Also can u make pizza more easier to collect please. And the input seems to be a bit Laggy.
Great app but one thing that I hate.. It's just too quiet, I thought there were gonna add a perfect song that fits with the game but it's still a great game
It is so awesome I am not good at this game but nice job on the jump scares they look scary and funny at the same time
Hilarious jump-scare, inviting title, and goofy character art! The only downside is that there is no music during the gameplay. Otherwise, a fun fan game and not just a cash grab piece of garbage!
I like the game but I have two main problems with it. First of all there is no music when your actually playing the game but there is in the opening, I think maby the developer could maby please add some? And two, I don't really like it when you have to rate a game to get something from it. But besides from that it's a pretty good game and i hope the developer can make more like it.
Ok i like the game really good art work but 2 major things and that make me not rate it 5 stars.1st the music it had music in the begining but in the game i just feels off only hearing gulps and flaps which unimerses the player .2nd the lag idk if its just me but it lags a lot,so that means it wont always prosses your taps so you cant flap.these things need to be fixed the most.
I like the game and its has a funny jumpscare but the problem is when you start the game there is no music
I found this game from a YouTuber called Andiematronic. She reviewed this game and said it wasn't all that bad. So, I decided to give it a try, and it's actually really fun! I've never really been too good at Flappy Bird games, but the controls here make it easy to improve quickly through gameplay. Andie noted the lack of music during gameplay as a downside, but as someone who likes to listen to my own music while playing games, that's a huge plus for me personally.
Very good game but WAY too many ads and also I would like of there was more music whenever you are flapping cause it is just silence.
It's a game that you can have some laughs and have fun with out being to mad but it does not have music when you play the real real game. The art is good to when you fail a funny face will pop up.
It is a cute game and all but if it didnt ask for the scary stuff it would have been nice but out of that its really good!
This game is so much fun I really like it but feels a lot more better than normal flappy birdI would rather play this than flappy bird so this is honestly five times better I'm still trying to get all the characters in this by which we could get more pizza than just one so please make it like random like one two three something yeah then make the game play a lot funner but there's nothing else I can really say so I'm going to keep playing with a lot more I hope other people take this recommend
This game is not that bad,you have a character and that's chica first and not freddy!Really gives a twist. You have to unlock characters the second one bonnie you have to rate the app and not bad the rest...(you have to collect by pizza) there are a few things that I dont like for an example,the game has an nice song played in the the background but then when you tap"GO FLAP!" You drop in to a silent game and also I just suck at this game but overall it's a okay app.
This is pretty fun, the jump scare once you die is HILARIOUS! In the beginning you also get to play a minigame and that's quite amusing.
Cut and funny game fun to play while ur bored but theres a couple problems...first off i didnt even touch the rods and i died second off i hate that the music doesnt last it only last until u start the game!but other than that cut game keep up the good work :3
This app is amazing ngl after online schooling I play this and it gives me the laughs yeah sure the jumpscare is a bit anticlimactic but it's fine personally I like it :)
I love it. I love the jumpscare when you die. And I adore how it is BETTER than the actually flappy bird.
it's a pretty fun Flappy Bird type game. the visuals are simple but pleasing, the jump scares are well drawn and, i think, cute. I just wish there was audio for the actual game play.
This is really cute and amazing and well done and drawn but it bothers me that there is no music when the game starts just at the main menu but otherwise this is amazing good job!😁πŸ₯°
This is really fun, being a flappy bird clone. One complaint, I wish there could be more sound design for the actual game, other than that it's really fun. Love the characters and the goofy jumpscares when you die. They are wonderfully drawn and I like you collect pizzas, cupcakes phones and drinks.
It's actually pretty good for people who like flappy bird, I just wish there was some music while you're flapping. Other than that, this game is pretty good and sort of addicting for me.
Pretty nice game. It has a nice charm to it and it's really fun. Although it is still a flappy birds clone
Pretty good for when im bored, pretty good all around, but eerily quiet when actually playing, and not in the good way. Other than that, pretty good game!
Its amazing! Due to some bugs, im kinda annoyed. But they only bug the skins, which i really dont need. Amazing game overall. :D
To many ads, there is a weak jumpscare but that gets REALLY boring fast. If you are good at flappy bird here's a big challenge: First you have to go up all the way and then instantly all the way down and that's SUPER hard. Don't try If your not good. However after a while you can get pretty good! I only got to bronze though. I'm not good in the first place though.
It's actually a really cool and addicting game!It's fun to play and when you die there's a funny drawing that I think was wonderfully made and hilarious!But let's be real, THERE ARE TOO MANY AD'S.I don't mind that it was has ad's here and there but almost everytime I died there was an ad.And also while you're tapping the screen to win you should add the music Scott used in fnaf 1 instead of it being silent.Other than that this game is really fun to play and I highly recommend it!
I think it is good but when you start the game it has no music it's very off and weird but this game is funny and very very good I would play this everyday if I could! love the app can you just add music when you start the game that would be great. thanks! 4 Stars... but why does toy freddy soo scare and off? ( β—œβ€Ώβ— )β™‘still love it keep up the great work!
Its over all a pretty good knock off game of Fnaf and Flappy combined. I think many other people would agree tbat its a good game. Although the title has great entertaining backround music, there's no music whats so ever once you start tapping, just annoying sound you hear everytime you tap the screen. When you die you get a goofy jumpscare of the charchter your playing as. There are many charchters to collect abd tjey all have different funny name, than their original names from their Fnaf game
It's decent, I suppose. Flappy Bird-type game with barely veiled FNaF characters. One way I'd improve this is by adding some background music... but other than that, it's alright.
It's very fun and I like the goofy jumpscares but it's oddly quiet I think you could pass by keeping the music from the menu throughout the whole game 4/5β˜…
I think it is cool. I like the jump scares when you lose. I reccomend getting this if you want to kill time.
I love Flappy Bird and Five Nights at Freddy's what does that get Five Nights at Flappy's but really it makes sense that chica is the starting character because she's a bird specifically a chicken whether or not this makes sense which in this case it does for some reason you have to unlock Bonnie by rating or is it foxy I think it's Bonnie but anyway Bonnie is way cooler and Scott cawthon creeping self out with them just saying.
This is so funny and cool I would love to play this every day the jumpscairs are well drawen the names are funny!! Even though it's a reage game I will play it every day. So cool 😎😎😎😎😎
I say 4 stars. The game itself is very entertaining. I like the the idea and the controls are very nice to use. There aren't that many ads either which is great. I love the goofy jumpscare too. My main nitpick is the noise. Whilst you get some great background music in the begining, once you begin to play it's just silence. Maybe put something there instead of silence.
πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œit just needs background music and it would be better, other than that it's good because I like fnaf and a little bit of flappy bird,also put more charaters in it,and different music every time,and the charaters look funny when you see their pic, still good just do those things and I will be happy,and put some boss fights and an ending at 100 flapps or pizzas and check points and the 100 pizza or flapp boss is spring trap or it can be random,I think those are good ideas so please do them
This game was awesome! Just like flappy bird but better I also love the jump scare it's funny and very well drawn. 5 stars
I really like the game! I came here to check it out because one of my fav YouTubers Andiematronic did a video reviewing it. I would have given the game 5 stars if there was background music while you were flapping.
It's a great game but the one thing I dont like is when you play you go into silence and the intro music was great
I found this after watching Andiematronic's review of it, as quite a few people probably did, and I must say, it's certainly interesting and actually kind of addicting. I'm really bad at it, but it's still entertaining and doesn't seem to take up much phone space. I can't say it's truly five star worthy because it's basically Flappy Bird with off-brand FNaF characters, but it's still entertaining.
It's a good game. I just dont like how I am BUMBARDED with Google play downloads all the time. And how all of the characters have the same jump scare deaths. It's a good game but I dont think I would recommend it to a hardcore fan
Pretty decent game. Except for the lack of music. It's pretty weird only hearing eating noises. Please add music
It's pretty fun, but maybe you could add more features? Because all you can do is gather pizza and stuff and unlock characters with them, so it gets a bit boring. Other than that, the app is cool
I really like this game, the music at the beginning and when you enter the shop is great! Although when you press go flap, it's awfully quiet. This is good for me since I usually listen to music while playing games but it would be helpful to have a settings button so you can turn the volume down so you don't hear that noise when you tap the screen while playing. Overall, I really like this game! And the jumpscare that appears when you fail is really funny!
It's really good!the fact you can get 25 pizza for only one ad! It amazing! It has high grafics and really good names for the skins it enjoyable to play and it's addicting! 5 stars is all this game needs!!
It feels a little thing but it like a kind of thing that I don't know if five nights at fluffy's as I don't know why they call it flappy because I don't know why that doesn't make sense for a show kids like that I don't know if they made it as a rip off a five nights at Freddy's as I thought this would just have like foxy chica or Bonnie and Freddy like that's not real five nights at Freddy's jumpscares look like that in five nights at Flappy's that doesn't make sense but okay everybody thank yo
love the game super fun but a few complaints #1 why so many ads #2 why is there only music at the start but not in the actual game part and finally #3 not a complaint but i love how in the shop its bb selling pizza also love the lil jumpscares i also love how it has the actual fnaf jumpscare sound affect i would totally recommend this game!
I think it is a very fun game! You should DEFENETLY get it! Very fun exept for the fact of the lack of music... other then that, Its great! And the goofy jumpscare when you die is perfect!
I really do live this game but there are some things i would like to point out that just annoy me. First of all the noise at the start it fits perfectly but when you actuallystart the game its oddly quiet and i would have been fine with it if it was completely quiet since most people when playing mobile games just mute their phone but when cheeka (or someone else) touches the pizza they gulp it?? Eat it and there is no way to turn off the sounds unless you mute your phone so please do fix this.
This is actually surprisingly good! If you like fnaf and flappy bird then I recomend it! Other than the anonymous silence when your flapping, its great!
Love it! I understand everyone's points about the music but I usually play games with no noise so not bothered! I think you guys should download if you haven't already.
Very good I love how the background is designed and how the characters are to. But there is no sound when you actually play the game, but if it did I would give it a 5star review
I love this game! I got very excited when I saw there were more then FNaF characters! No bugs that I've seen and that's about it!
It's pretty good, the art looks nice and colorful. The jumpscares are goofy and fun and the game play, while a little bit hard, is pretty fun and can keep your attention for a little while. Over all I think this is a pretty soild fan game.
It's fun. A bit hard, but pretty good. There is no music, but when you die the jump scare is funny. Overall, pretty good game.
at first i thought this would be a ripoff that does'nt have any thing to give, but now that i've played it i think it is funny and i like it...not bad :)
I mean its not bad they could use a music volume but hey the skins are well funny and I like how you can set goals its so fun it could just use some updates
It's honestly really fun and its way better than the other rip-offs that I saw, and I thought this was one of them too! But there's one problem. Music. Why at the start there was such beautifully intense music? Then when u start playing it goes off? Well then , overall it's not that bad! I suggest downloading it pls!! Support people for encouragement ☺️
It's a perfect game it has good gameplay and I love the graphics. One thing I would love to hear is music when playing the game but other than that I have nothing bad to say about this game. Good Job
Good game good graphics good gameplay almost no ads!! If you aren't good at the game you can also watch ads to get coins which is sweet!! Just one thing though. It wish it told you what you werr buying but it doesnt really matter.
This game is amazing I play it almost everyday this game is almost completely perfect but there is only one problem it is really quiet when you play but other then that this game is amazing
You know, this app is really fun! There are lots of games on the app store that like to copy FNaF without a heart, but this game is different! If you like FNaF, you should try this out!
I LOVE THIS FANMADE FNAF GAME!! but only Four Stars because you cant change the character, or i could be wrong, i dont know i just want to know how you can change the character, and anyways i still love this Fanmade FNaF Game!
The jump scare is very well drawn, and unlike other people the silence it drops you in doesn't bother me.Im really happy it has different jumscares for different characters.Keep up the good work!πŸ‘
It's a fun game the jumpscares when ever you fall or crash is hilarious and it's overall a good game...EXCEPT the adds,sorry but there so many adds,not sure if it's just me but oh well.i love this game so much other then the minor setback.
I think that this is a fun game. The only issue I have is the fact that there is no music while you play the level and no way to turn off audio entirely that I can see or find.
Pretty good, (Found this from Andiematronics video) the overall game is cool, and I enjoyed it. (Also, I love the goofy jumpscare when you die)
This game is good it is original and the charactors are fun and.. uh Unic but still really good I only give it 4 strs is because the reason I writing this review is to get a charactor so be prepared to do that