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Five Heroes: The King's War

Five Heroes: The King's War for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Banditos Studio located at 6 Rabeno Tam St. Tel-Aviv Israel. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Like style of game, but stuck in haunted forest. Won't let me finish last level of it. Nevermind I got it. I got it thanks. Now game isn't loading offline. Says it's offline, but what not?
Its a Great game not gonna lie I play it everyday, the only thing that bugs me is that the heroes that died in a battle dont get any xp and also when your party has some heroes with max level the xp doesnt transfer to the others if the battle yield 500xp and you have 1 heroe at max level the other heroes doesn't get 125xp they still get 100xp and that doesn't make sense fix that please...but overall awesome game!
Its a decent game but the orbs and cost for leveling up either needs to be less or the gold needs to be given more.
I love the game play and tactics it really is a great game. That being said my only major complaint is that if a hero dies during a fight they don't gain any exp. It gets really frustrating when trying to level your weaker hero's.
I have been playing for a while now. And as most games I am now stuck and wait to build up or pay to move on. If I really like the game I pay. It is ok for a role playing game. Though I think that the balance is off of how strong monster are and how strong a player is at levels.
Old school NES style rpg. Love it. One suggestion of an improvement: still keep one hero at a time training but let you change the order. for example you're doing an 8 hour upgrade and suddenly you get a new hero. being able to pause the existing upgrade in favor of another. Money penalty of 100 x time level of hero upgrade to be paused?
okay! started one team that sucked horribly. found the option to start over and did it right this time! I had an issue with a purchase and had a response in Minutes as well! Changed to 5 starts because support was outstanding, the game rewards playtime and doesn't require money (I just saw the Assassin for cheap and wanted it), and I can't find another game like this made this well!
Can we please make the events longer than 24hrs. I cant even get past the 3rd level as they end so quick. Please!! Ps. Love the game otherwise
This is what a free to play game should be. It's fun, there isn't an energy limit, the ads are all optional, and the game play is very simple. This game is a breath of fresh air.
Starts off fun, but becomes tedious and the difficulty is falsely ramped up by forcing the use of poorly designed characters. Nope. Do not play.
Having problems logging in these days! takes few secs to log in sometimes, and then sometimes doesn't log in no matter how long i wait... both online and offline
Amazing old school RPG style of a game. Rewarding grinds, not forced to watch ads. Not pay to win. Devs do an amazing job too. Was very pleasantly surprised by this game honestly!
I have this game on my tablet but I barely play it so I decided to download it on my phone so I can play this brilliant game more often. However, on my phone the game crashes constantly, I don't even get to do anything, just watch the loading screen then as soon as it loads it crashes. On my tablet it runs smoothly though. If this crashing can be fixed I'll be so happy and I'll change my review 😊 Either way, keep bringing out great games as this game is so fun!
Fantastic game; very well designed and tons of fun! This is a game for everybody who likes RPG strategy games. I'm stoked the designers will be bringing even more to this great game. I've been playing for a couple weeks now; it's so good I don't want to stop playing.
You're punished with excessive cooldowns for being attacked by multiple people at the same time and simply retaliating against them while they seem to get no cooldowns at all after attacking you in return? Stupid feature and devs who think this waa good idea needs to replace their brains, oh wait they don't have one to begin with.
It's a really fun game. And free, if you choose, and not pressured to watch commercials unless you want to. Been playing it for months and really like it. Kinda reminds me of Nintendo style RPGs.
Update: the developer continues to add content and refinement to an already fun game . 5/5 for potential, this game will reward your time investment. Fun little strategy game with good variety. I'm holding the fifth star ransom in exchange for knowledge about how to get the navigator to continue the story! I'm maxing out characters with no way to advance the main story and at this point I'm way over leveled. *as promised!
Seems fun so far, but the buttons seem to struggle to click and do a command. I have trouble just swapping my people around.
The game was really great until the instant heal was gone . Then it became to the point you can't play but for 5 minutes then wait 30 minutes to play for 5 minutes again
Great game! Equally great development team! Had an issue loading the game and within a few hours they had a solid solution to the problem!
I read a few reviews before installing a game and have likewise been impressed with how frequently they are responded to here. I've played for a day and keep finding more and more to the game. So far, I love the pleasant balance of simplicity and strategy: hats off to you guys. I hope it continues to play that way as it progresses. Good job!
Pvp is completely unbalanced. Arena and gold mine, people with 100+ power. Spent 20+ minutes trying to find someone close to my level. Never found one. So two quests are basically collecting dust. Lol
I can't enter the golden vale. I reinstall the game and started from the beginning. I wasted a lot of time. And still can't enter the golden vale anymore.
This is a great game. It has good strategy with various classes, equipment, skills, and hex grid battles that can be done manually or auto. Frequent events. But the best thing is that in any event, you are placed in a random group of 100, with the top 10 getting rewards and bottom 90 getting a small participation reward. Since the grouping is random, it's entirely possible to have no whales in your group, allowing free to play players to take first place. Great system devs!
Initial review 3s for that long time needed to level up skills, heal, etc., and heroes dying on raid couldn't get exp (that was after 48hrs of playing, when auto heal expires). C'mon, those guys died fighting so be considerate. After the update, 2s. The app closes on initial opening then works on the 2nd attempt. This didn't happen before. Your app also doesn't have safe option to switch between diff. accounts. Edit: i gave it a try again but that no exp when hero died is tiring. Uninstalled.
I would say this game was a 5 but the need for scout maps has stopped me from playing. Really enjoyed this came until I could not play anymore without spending more money. Or just have to wait a really long time to get just a few scout maps. This one factor keeps you from playing as much as you like just sad.
painstakingly alright , wheres the defense . the enemy's of lower levels are certainly powerful , to the point that the game is almost a standstill grind . as well as the hard hitting enemies , if one wants to progress past one part of the game we must defeat the same enemies over and over again . case and point , if I complete a pathway 3/4 of the way , return to base upgrade my guys and want to resume in the morning ; the enemies I've already defeated have returned and the grind starts over aga
So I really enjoy this game, fun mechanics, good grind. But starting today, it just wont open on my LG V20. No problems until today. I unistalled and installed again and still wont load. Emailed support, hoping to hear back soon. Update: quick response fixed the game. Thank you!
Having fun, being patient & not spending real money. It kind of reminds me of FF1. 8 months later, still enjoying it. A truly free game (a paid version is available), only things to watch are occasional videos, YOUR CHOICE, if you wish to double what's in a chest, or experience & money. Every improvement truly is! I wish every game developer was like this team!!
Love the game. The only thing I find a bit annoying is that when you have to clear the mine, the whole party is teleported there. They don't even engage in that fight, so why move them? Especially if you've spent a lot of time getting somwhere, only to be moved and all of the enemies respawned...
Great game, definitely not pay to win, optional ads and above all great support from friendly devs. I have not spend a dime in the game, yet when I faced them with a constant crashing game and data loss, they promptly responded restoring my data and even gone as far to get an exact device like mine to solve the issue I had. And they DID solve it ASAP! Highly recommended for everyone to give it a try. If I could I would rate more than 5⭐ just for the fact that they respect free players equally!
Found on facebook, got due to quick dev responses. Great game with lots of depth, looks great and plays better. I have spent many hours on this already, no energy constraints but how much you wait is based on how much risk you take. My only real gripe is I think the inapp purchases are pretty steep knocking em down 25% or so would make me spend, can't do it at those numbers.
Very nice game. Not a pay to win. Requires an investment in time. Paying cash can help but effort is more important. I am still playing and growing. The pvp looks fun but it is not a good matching system for this PVE care bear. I am working on getting a team that will survive more than one hour. Different strokes.
Good game play and concept. Screen tapping sucked, but Banditos Studio said they were going to fix it, and within 72 hours it was fixed!
Seems cool for now. I would rather buy then game then pay a monthly subscription. Still haven't hit the pay wall yet tho
This game is a lot of fun. It's a nice throwback, with a lot of depth. Thoroughly enjoying it. Beyond that: the development team is awesome. I had an issue late at night, so I sent them an email. They responded within a couple of minutes, and were quick to fix the issue. I am even more of a fan now, and will keep an eye out for future games from them.
This game was great starting out but it went to trash. I used to play all day, now i don't because i dread having to heal all my heroes, constantly trying to load battle screens with no luck, the refresh rate is terrible now and I don't get notifications of losing mines for over 5 mins. And now there is a 45 minute cooldown after taking 1 spot in arena???? How in the world are you supposed to play when people are are taking you spots over ever minute and you can't attack for almost an hour?
Only a couple days into it so far, but good fun so far. Easy to pick up and play for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. While there are options to pay for certain things I haven't felt the need to do so yet, which is nice.
Gave if one star because of the healing system. If you have the potions, your characters should just heal after a battle. Tedious to click heal then after each battle.
Overall a great rpg with simple but fun hex grid tsctical combat. The only downside is the in app purchases are way to high for what you get. That being said, it appears like you can earn everything through game play, so not pay to win, but pay to skip firward a bit. All in all enjoying the game and would recommend. Edit. The Sept 16 interface update is bad. I like the devs are trying things, but this is just akward.
a bit of a grind but ultimately a fun game. plenty to do and manage ones you have enough heroes and autobattle for low level enemies is very useful
It takes a while... But gameplay reminds me why games like Phantasy Star IV and others on old systems were great... Great.
Nice game. Very easy to play as much or as little as you want. You can spend some money if you want to speed things up but I haven't seen any reason to yet. There isn't a ton of grinding. Lots of different aspects/things to do. A good all-around turn based rpg. Some of the negative reviews are false at this point. Either the devs fixed the issues or it wasn't true to begin with.
i love this game. the only thing i dont like is the how long the training is for ur top players, it takes hours. Save your gems. Thats what they want you to pay for. Other than that i rated 5. Have fun
Awesome game but it glitches at times. I was about to go on the boat with the king and then it froze. I closed out and reloaded it but now the gaurd wont let me enter the boat.
Fun game but if you are new don't bother with events, you will be against pay to win players. The latest update starts okay but becomes a pay to pass point. Potentially a great game if the producers were not so greedy.
Great game, I'm having fun with it. Controls are good, but you have to touch some things in just the right spot. Nice old school feel to it.
Good old fashioned rpg fun. Not much story here, but lots to do and lots to grind for. The game doesn't feel unfair if you don't spend money, which is a plus. Hex based strategic combat adds a nice feel to the game. Great mix of combat, grind, and party management. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys oldschool rpgs.
I really love this game but it does have bunch if the constant balance issues in any rpg.The gem shop is awfully balanced, gold cost way more gems then its worth. 25 gems for 10k gold is wayyyyy to low. The instant health potions are way to short for their gem cost and should stop counting down while you are offline. Characters cost of gold to train is so expensive and is same price for all grades of heroes. Green orb heroes should be cheaper and take less time . I would go on but no more space.
The new update is great! I love how much easier it is to quickly heal my favorite heroes! And the new world map! 👌😩 Beautiful! Honestly this game is exactly what I was looking for. Very optional multi-player, even without it you'll still feel fulfilled by the game. There's no need to pay for anything, if you don't pay for anything you're not punished with terribly long grinds for new heroes or gold. The best game I've downloaded on my phone in YEARS. Would recommend it to all my friends!
Enjoyable game, a lot different type of troops to use and a lot of different types of quests to keep you playing, it will take a while for training and other things but that is to be expected in this type of game
The game is a lot of fun so far but it runs horribly. It crashes often. It needs more system settings for graphics or to be better optimized. If one of those things happen I'll gladly change to 5 stars.
Fun game. Not a lot of in game training, but I kinda like not being forced to go through a tutorial. It's also kinda refreshing to be forced to discover the gameplay.
The experience you get after lvl 40 should in your party should go to the next hero if they arnt maxed out. Waste of experience just going away
Fun but can't get past the beach at Midland tower, every time I talk to the first group there. The game just stops running and kicks me. At the same place. Over and over again. 5 stars of it wasn't for that one bug. fix please. l love playing this game alot.
The concept of the game is GREAT. There are problems. Movement is a joke, you would think its just tap and move, but it takes 5-10 taps to get it to respond. Next, the hero interface is confusing, am I upgrading or exp'ing... it's confusing which had caused me to remove the game.
Fun game but once the auto heal ends it adds too much time where I am thinking of not playing anymore.
So far this is a good little game, regular timed events, it is a bit of a slow burner so far but it is enjoyable.
I'm enjoying the game but it will not let me do arena battles. It just says profile history missing for my very long Id (I assume). This in turn is not allowing me to do some quests. Please tell me why this is happening.
the game is fun. Just one thing: please improve the auto-save. It occurs a few times when I send my men to barrack/ hospital and close the game. But when I return, they are still untrained/dead/injured (it's saved right before I send them in). please fix that
The is really good overall, but there's things that should be adjusted. The party, inn, barracks, (expedition mines) reserves system gets to be messy and confusing. The pvp systems is cool. Maybe also include a straight up ranking system as well. Perhaps as future events. Ugh the scout maps or silly I'd rather not spend my ×2 on free chest to get more or my hard earned gold. The weapons and armor is confusing and it's silly to have negative stats (agil mostly) equipment causes turn loss come on
This game reminds me so much the original RPGs for PC and Nintendo that its amazing! It has great strategic play for the fights, which do actually get more challenging instead of just being impossible to beat without real money. Prizes are easy enough to come by. No stopping ever for a 30 sec add. There could be a help guide, but if you read comments you'll get where people have messed up. Plan time to upgrade. Dont use gems to rush things because they are harder to come by. Best game of its type
Complex and interesting! 🔥 That rare game which I enjoyed to start over for more enjoyable experience.
Game is actually pretty rounded, sure you can spend the premium currency to get ahead faster, but generally it's just the basic grind from a game, with almost a pokemon feel to it, I recommend this game for sure, add more content like more heroes and the like and you got a game that can last for some time
EDIT: The new features are finally here and they are a great challenge, revitalised my interest in the game EDIT: They have now added a pay to win feature... You pay £10 a month and you get more rewards for doing the exact same things as everyone else. Great game! Fun without being overly complicated. Definitely not pay-to-win and all adverts are optional. Highly recommended
Awesome turn based tactical rpg,havent found anything that i dont like as of yet. Character shards are plentiful so its not necessary to spend any money unless you choose to.
Unfortunately an NPC blocks me from progressing in the tutorial, until this is fixed I cannot continue nor give any rating other than one because there isn't much to rate currently
So i gave this game a proper chance and after the first 3 hours when you have more than 4 heroes it gets a lot better but getting there is a slog because after every other fight you have to heal your heroes this is probably why this game only has 500k downloads also it's best to have a extra game you can play while waiting for healings or upgrades to your heroes
I like the game, very solid so far, but i don't like how the armor/weapon graphics are the same, regardless of what you equip. Otherwise its a really relaxing game.
There could be a bit more dialogue and story with the quests and campaigns. My main complaint is the arena matching system is horrible! It matches you up again random people with the same power as you but doesn't give you easier opponents if you can't beat though around your power. Also the fights need work as I have two healers but can barely get through a fight with enemies around my power without them dying. It would definitely help to be able to use inventory items during a fight
Pretty fun game. It's great that if you have to clean up an entire map, you can fight the enemies by just hitting the quick button. Sometimes, after about 20 in a row, the fights slow you down, a lot!!
I absolutely love this game. However, there was a recent update and changes were made to the interface and the idea of it is great however it now seems like my reserve amount is capped it won't let me add any additional heros. This definitely hinders my ability to move my heros around and to grab additional heros. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. I really do enjoy playing.
Loved the game up until the last week or so when even after uninstall and reloading it continually crashes making it unable to compete in events. Would rate as four or five otherwise.
Very fun game for those who like turn based rpgs. The battles can be challenging for beginners (in a good way!) and you have to plan how to spend/balance your resources/army to build up you team. The support team is great, and the developers really listen to feedback. Paid perks are nice, but not necessary to enjoy the game. Just keep in mind the game is designed to be a marathon, not a sprint.
Bit buggy.. often a restart fix it. You hit a wall pretty fast and need to grind. Need a bit of UX design when it comes to manage heroes. Its worth trying. You dont need to spend, but the studio is worth to support. Keep up the good work.
I'm absolutely loving this game so far. It has a pretty good system for training Your Heroes that forces you to stop playing for a while which is good for people like me who get to addicted. But if you get crazy addicted and you have money, you can always buy things that are actually pretty cheap and reasonably priced that let you skip the waiting time for your Heroes being trained. My only real complaint is that occasionally my range person will attack in melee for seemingly no reason.
Great game, it's versatile and challenging yet allows you to make progress by using all the different types of duels. On the other hand the game has been crashing when opening and loading, is it possible you verify if its a bug. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled.
I love this game. It is simple and yet massively fun. Update: Still fun and the makers listen and update consistently. Thanks. Still playing... still fun.
Great game. Worth it. Hours of entertainment and no end in sight. Simple graphics, gameplay, and plenty to do.
VERY poor game,it is for sure a pay to win,ive played for not even 15 hours and im already in an impossible situation,where no matter where i go or what i do i die way to early with no chance,this game is not for people who dont want to spend 100 dollars on their first day playing
Very odd in the begining but after you figure it out it s extremely fun and casual, also you get the hero fragments easily with a bit of griding, i love that they are not forcing you to pay in order to get better heroes
Love the game! Its fun and strategy is a big part of successfully playing. One this I would improve on is if your character is max level the experience points should be spilt amoung the rest of the 4 characters, but you still have it split 5 ways.
The game is great.U can open n progress whenever u feel like it,compared to other games "forcing" U to check in regularly.The hex combat is lovely but it lacks some depth and complexity (like a taunt or dual line support n stuff).I dont mind the lack of dialogue but i get a feel of the game missing a point beyond lvling up and progressing. 5stars if i meet more depth in combat in late game (i m currently on silver star tier). Kudos for ur great creation and sorry for being so strict :) i love it
Fun. Ftp tho ptw, events won and winnable currently only by payers, super irritating. Cute fun graphics. Entertaining story. Great variety. Room to grow. Recommended.
very fun and addicting time killer that everyone should try at least once to see for themselves. I do wish gems flowed more to rush heals and training eo your not stuck Waiting but it might get better with more heroes later,allowing you to switch out members better. Overall the gamr is well made and I am personally having fun so thank you devs for a good game.
seems fun so far however, I cant seem to figure out how to use my items. I bought 15 potions but they don't show up. When I go to use what I assume us the red potions I'm told I don't have enough and that it will be 1000 gold. I'm certain I'm missing something though. 5 stars if I can sort this out
This is one of the only phone games that ive trully enjoyed playing. The combat system is simple yet very enjoyablen The gem gathering speed is also very decent. And the character growth has a very familiar feel yet unique in its own way. I have dumped numerous hours into this game and if it continues to expand will play many more.
The game is not bad, I like that it is a turn-based multiple character stat based game. The things that I am not too thrilled about are the quest/storyline progression and the bosses. I am still not sure how to get to the vis or boblin characters even though I have way to many orbs for them. Then the bosses that I have come across are way too OP it is almost like I need each character at lvl 40, with epic gear +, 5star gold to beat them. And don't get me started on the high priced membership/sub
This game is a little addictive. I enjoy the final fantasy tactics feel of the game design but it's got a lot going on within it as well.
Very nice game. Not a pay to win. Requires an investment in time. Paying cash can help but effort is more important.
The game is fun and its one of the very few games I pay for the stuff they offer in game. Whatever they did with the game mechanics they did it very well, I play it a lot.
Best mobile game I played for years! It has got that retro feel about it. Tons of game play. Will be playing for long time!
Great game with brilliant tech support. I've been playing for a couple of months now and still have not reached the usual pay to advance plateau. Yeah the PVP would be much easier if i dropped a few quid but the game has more than enough content for me to be happy to grind it. I did recently have an issue whereby the game wouldnt start i contact the support team (which i wouldn't normally bother with but this game had me hooked) and they had be back up and running within a couple of hours.
Been playing forever but the adjustment to pay to win continues. The boosts are changing instead of earning them throw cash at it. Good job developers you are destroying the game.
After playing this game for a couple weeks, I can know say that this is a really good game. Very well out together, quite balanced, and a lot of game play. Something's get a bit tedious, but that also is part of this style of game, grinding. Gets my seal of approval. Limpstink
Good game so far. Edit really good game a classic of its own, normally I don't give a update on the games I play but I think that this deserves a mention
This is one of the best mobile games I've ever played. You can actually progress and level up characters without having to spend money. I love the variety of characters and abilities. Having weapons and armor in this game would be awesome. I'm very happy with this game. Edit on sept 7 - they fixed a bug that created lag when pressing potions, which was really annoying me. VERY HAPPY.
Great game at first. Then the difficulty jumps rapidly. We're talking 1 level 7 enemy walking through an entire party of 5 level 12 heroes. All the heroes need rebalanced. Great concept, terrible execution. Also the game loses a lot of appeal after the 48 hours of instant heal are over. With the way the game progresses, you need 15 heroes immediately, and that isn't possible without spending a bunch of money.
I really like this game and I like how you can move around with the characters and everything else it's lots of fun and I like two Heroes and then game
Updated: i know that when you lvl up you can upgrade stats. But there is a limit. I reached that limit much faster than gaining orbs is what i am trying to say. Updated 2: that's great to know!. For now there is not much to do in the game to progress except for waiting for daily gold and quests. Playing campaign is an option, but that's too tedious.
I have only been playing for less than an hour and I enjoy this game. Simple, intuitive controls and great balance. I will play this quite a bit!