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FIVE - Esports Manager Game

FIVE - Esports Manager Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Trophy Games - Football Manager Game Makers located at Højbro Plads 10, 1200 Copenhagen City, Denmark. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great concept but horrible user experience. There are too many loading screens and half the time the game crashes during the loading screen which forces you to close and restart the app. This takes most of the fun out of the game. I'd love to see the developer put more care towards bug fixes as this game has great potential.
Have a great potential but require lots of work. Game is quite empty for gameplay but i really wanna see how you develop it
The game has a good concept but I ran into a glitch trying to restart it right now but it's new so I get it.Any way good job devs.A good idea is that there should be like mini shooting games that the player controls to help win the game like in critical moments.
It a good concept of game and experience of it is fun but the issue need be addressed like UI system and feel that nice menu fix in order and of course more content is always good.
There is nothing to do... the game has 10 differnet ways you cam gamble, but you dont actually interact or manage anything. You can gatcha new players I think? No idea. The tutorial is a mess, thr graphics are super broken, and you can skip anything which pertains to your team actually doing anything. I hope the devs work on this because it has potential, but currently this looks like a quick wallet grab college project. #hope
Ok this needs to be said and heard. I started playing when it first launched. When I decided to boot up the app today and the app had updated recently so when I opened the app the game was just broken I'm talking a whole loading loop. It would open for a second then reload immediately. I tried letting it go for awhile to see if it fixes itself but nothing happens. I closed it and reopened it multiple times even restarting my phone but nothing worked so I had to Uninstall and start all over again
Definitely a good game seeing that it is new. The only thing is that I can't find the Discord server for this game. Also I would like it if you give the option to change logos in-game.
Alright so this game has some amazing potential. I like the way the devs designed the game, but I do have some suggestions for the game. 1. You could add a sort of idle system to the game, as a 4th staff member. You start off by having 2 hours of idle time, where your players practice while you're away. You could even make it so that when you get the idle rewards, there's a small chance to drop a skin. 2. Make it possible for the user to decide wether to force buy, eco or full buy.
For only being released for two months it definitely is a great game, however it still has a ways to go. Upgrading animations and fixing some glitches are a must. A great game with a even greater potential.
Great game. I was wondering if this app could have other game genres you be in like League of legends
Game has a lot of potential... just make loadings shorter and optimize the game little bit more and that should do it (:
Seen it was available thought ok and tried it. The lil guy and his arrow lagged on screen even in-between screen changes and constant reload after intial first match I claimed my prize and dude and his arrow wouldnt allow the process yet the bar was pushed then begins constant reload. Unsure if it's in need of a better processor a lot going on in the game ...or maybe it's pigeon toed it's self to only newer capable devices. Over all not a bad game just inadequate device or to well advance game.
Game has come a long way from when I started. Sometimes doesn't matter about my gamer's skills I can have better stats and still lose and still hard to determine whether or not young or old players have any effect but overall fun game and easy to get lost in for a good amount of time.
Its like the game rivals which I personally like but there are a few problems such as not being able to counter the enemy tactic. The skins are also a little mit glitchy I sometimes cant even see the gun on replay. The upgrades are also very expensive for the dust 2 map
This game is awesome. So much potential. However, I am consistently losing to teams with an average score 15-20 points under mine in tournaments and on ladder. With some ending match scores going as high as 4-16 their favor. How is that possible?
I really like this game i know its brand new but I would like to have multiple teams for different games so you can make like your own exports organization just a idea 💡
Not absolute trash yet.. lots of crashes, expensive pay to progress, but at least it's a little more in-depth then most the other esports empire type games, and those small details help make this worth keeping installed for now. Even if I only get to play 10 min a day.
This game could be so much better because i installed the game after i pre registered and i was so excited to just play the game but you cant even play the game the whole time because you have to wait to get your tokens back and it is so frustrating because im still on the tutorial waiting for more tokens when all I want to do is play the game Once this has something done to it It is an easy 5 stars but until then i guess i just cant play longer than 5-10 mins becuase of the Tokens
Barely do i write reviews for mobile games but there's so much potential here. Yes it crashes its buggy the wait times are horrible and some of the systems just don't work but I'm very excited for the future and will keep playing to see what it becomes !
The game has a lot of potential there's so much missing in the game the soldiers in the game don't move smoothly don't shoot smoothly seems more like robots needs more realism put into it there's so much you developers can do to improve this game I'll be waiting for massive updates.
I will say it is a good game and I love it and it is interesting. But the only thing I want is that to be able to trade with other teams you fought against players, skins and tactics and to see other teams stats and Win performance and Lose performance if you could do that.
Great game the limited amount of upgrades and fights u can do per day is kinda low right now but it is a new game and look forward to more updates
Fun game, but you have to wait in between play sessions. You get to play for about 30-40 minutes, then you run out of ladder tokens, and either have to buy some (super expensive) or wait for hours. If you made a paid version of the game for around 4.99, that removes these annoying features I would happily pay.
The game has alot of potential. As of right now the game is really boring. Not enough customization. Not enough things to do in between tournys. It takes too long for things to regenerate and when they do there is not much to work with.
its great it has its bug but all games bave bugs so i think if they fix the bugs i would give 5 stars
Right now for me the game does not work , looping loading screens and broken ui when it does load. Sigh this game has so much potential aswell.... please fix 🙏🙏
This game is really good in concept and fun to play but it has alot of problems, one I would really like to be fixed is saving weapons after a round, even when a team has weapons after a round has ended they will rebuy new weapons wasting alot of money and forcing an eco buy if they lose
Good game but loading screen is super slow that I think it freezes, if you can fix that it'll be a good game
This game is very boring. I wanted to like it, but I didn't get the feeling that the advertisement was trying to convey. 3d graphics mean nothing if it's on top of no gameplay.
The game, in its current state, is definitely good and has the potential to be even better. However, several things hold it back; weapon saving, sudden performance drops (especially in loading screens), and a lack of in-game (CS:GO, that is) details like the HUD and no recoil animations have reduced my rating to 4 stars. It's still great and I'll probably keep it installed for a little while but improvements can definitely be made.
It has a lot of potential but definitely needs some upgrades. For example I don't know if it's a bug or not but the only sound in the entire game is the gunshots from the little cutscene during matches. I'd enjoy it a lot more if there was just some kind of noise, the silence is kind of maddening.
Runs terrible game ends up crashing and u can't do anything. Even if u reset your phone and I've uninstalled the app and reinstalled and it ended up freezing permanently on another screen.
I will not give this game any star rating until I can actually do something in it I am in the tutorial and it tells me to do my first ladder match but won't let me cause it keeps bringing up a thing to pay 40 bucks for something and won't let me get off that screen cause I can't click anything cause of the tutorial
Great game so far preordered when it first came up and now playing I like it alot you do have to be patient cause you'll prolly do more waiting than playing so ig that's like the only downfall. I would also like to be able to edit my players like names and appearance because I'm not the biggest fan of the names just being the players last name. Other than that and the crashing that sometimes happens it's a good game. Cant wait for future major updates.
Just some tips of what to add More spectating moments A tutorial on how to play the game like setting up your team and players a just showing them a starter pack so that players understand what to do Examining other players on different teams Team chemistry like sponsors, endorsements, player interactions, etc These are just some ideas so if you do add some I would be grateful I see a lot of potential in this game
The game obviously just came out, but it still has great potential, the mechanics works and it's very rewarding to see your team progress. I can only hope the game will get even better over time!
Great game except that the game is not optimised for my phone (samsung Galaxy a20e) which means i cant see some stats and potentially buttons
Right when it's time for the 1st tournament and u get to the finals it says it disconnected and to refresh but never gets out of that loops. Restarted three times and all same result
This game is hella bugged..it won't let me press buttons when I need to I have to exit and come back and then it still don't work
Can't tell. Play the first tutorial match, press claim prize then it breaks completely. Games unplayable. On a galaxy s10, game embarrassing tbh.