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Five Dice

Five Dice for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Computersmith located at 9 Lincoln Street Picton NZ 7220. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Does everything you could ask. Simple interface with very fast play. A great time filler when you are waiting in line. Also a tool to evaluate strategies when playing the game IRL.
I love this game! I enjoy the multiple game modes. I have not had a single crash, it runs quickly, and a good AI results in dice that seem truly random. Well done!
Great app. Almost the same as Yahtzee but with four modes to choose from. Basic yahtzee, single roll, sequence mode or plus mode where unused turns are passed on. Highly recommend.
honestly this is the best game in the app store - ads don't interrupt the experience of the game - you can customize your dice! it's so fun
I had a stroke in 2018, which cost me 25 percent of my vision, and caused me to have significant delay in processing. This game is enjoyable, and seems to help increase my reaction speed, and pattern recognition. Thank you.
Good, fun game Has a couple of good variations that will help you kill some time! Update: I've now played over 1,500 games across the 4 game types and haven't had a single crash or glitch. I particularly like the 'Plus' game although I don't think I'll ever beat the 824 I just scored.
Overall the game is very enjoyable. However there are times the dice rolls are highly unlikely. For example I will hold 3 die and roll just 2, more times than I can count on the next 2 rolls the dice stay the same! That can be very frustrating and I think unlikely. But that's my only complaint.
Simple "Yahtzee" app (same rules & bonuses) Roll totals show up in all relevant spaces which is kinda cool. Can play 2 players. I like this version, relaxing, straight forward & easy. Who needs all those bells & whistles anyway? Easy to start a new game if you don't like the way it's going...& leave the game. & NO ADS! Yay!
This game gave me a 'five of a kind' roll so many times, it was absurd. Not at all random rolls of the dice. Don't bother with this game, unless you just want a fake 'feel good' experience of rolling high scores.
I love this game having played yahtzee on a little hand held console for years was great but this one you can't beat ********************
I love the graphics and the game. My favorite 5 dice game ever played. I'm hooked! The challenge keeps me coming back. Minimal adds is a great asset.
Glad to find a Yahtzee game where I can just play and not have to wait for someone else to make their move.
After a update I don't like how it is set up. Don't hardly get 5 dice in a row. I liked the old way better. I play alot. This game sucks anymore!
I like not having to navigate through all the ads! Very simplistic app to use. Wish more were like it.
For a free game I find Five Dice to be an excellent product. No ads and I have never had it hiccup on me.
Fantastic version of the game, simple to use, quick and free from the usual unnecessary additions that make other games show and cumbersome. Only criticism is that there's no undo button. I've slipped once or twice and not realise the die I wanted to keep hadn't been highlighted. However, I know it can engender cheating and might be skew the Global Leaderboard, so I won't remove any stars for that.
Havent played this game in awhile (physically rolling the dice). Thought to download this and the app is very cool. You can choose your color scheme background.
I've been playing this for a bit now, don't know why it cuts me off before the end of the game. I have 3 areas of play left, and it stops. and u have to start all over again. I've just played 3 games on traditional and it's happened 3 x. don't understand.
It works well and has good interface. Ads don't stay on the screen during gameplay and can be closed. They only appear between games, so they are not annoying. There are different game modes.
Great dice game! Kind of like yahtzee but there are different modes of the game that you can play by changing it in the menu option. If you like yahtzee this is your game. I highly recommend it! Have Fun! 😊
I like it, it has been fun and good game to play. Sometimes the dice rolls and comes up the same thing it was, it happens more and more when I play for extended times. If you fix that I could have given you a 5.
I love this game. It's a quick way to pass time and each game is fast. You don't have to get super involved like other games, so it's a perfect thing to do when waiting for someone or something.
Plenty of game play and minimal ads. Well worth the couple ads here and there. I enjoy this quite a lot!
It's a great game to kill a little time. Average game time is about 5 minutes. Just roll the dice, use a little strategy and go for a high score.
Fun and fast moving. Just enough customization to set it up a way that works best for you. Yes there are ads. I sometimes rush along too quickly and don't quite select a die or choice before hitting next roll..oh the horror. It's easy to do when going fast through the game. Not the game's fault..and this allows a deeper look into your soul. Call it a tangential feature.
Good, quick and fun game I've been playing with real dice for decades. I love that I can pull my phone out and be rolling and playing 5 dice. From the toilet to my dr waiting rooms to work, I'm always up for a couple quick games of 5 dice!!
Simple, perfect! Some rules different from traditional. No biggie. Love running tally for bonus. Ads easily skipped after 5 seconds.
This game is like Yahtzee and addictive. It's a fun way to pass the time, especially at the doctors office.
I love the game so far. The Russian Roulette mode puts a challenging twist on the game. I enjoy playing the Traditional mode as well. I haven't tried the other two yet, but I'm looking forward to them too.
I like the 5 Roll game hsn has. It's a 3 row yatzee game and yes there is a small straight and a large. Unable to understand why the owner of this app doesn't know this.
I usually have no complaints about this app. It's just like Yahtzee, easy to use and allows for multiple players. I like the multiple ways to play, too. Lately, though, while playing in the Plus mode, I sometimes roll the first roll of a turn, select what I want to save for the next roll, then roll again, but instead of rolling again, it puts a random zero in an open category, clears out what I saved and takes me to the next turn. Frustrating.
Lots of fun but i chose this particular game so i could use the multiplayer function with a friend. That is the only reason i only gave it 4 stars, SORRY
The random number generator seems to be tied to the clock somehow and every once in a while you can tell you're just not gonna get the number you're looking for .
makes you rate it(app store does not allow apps to manually force you to rate but if a game prompts you to, i say forses. for the devs)+one star for responding
I really enjoy learning the new ways to play, the ability to mute the game, and to change the colors. I have not been asked for this review and receive nothing for leaving it.
It's Yahtzee, plain and simple. With the multiple player option, I can play with my kids in the car when we are taking long trips and someone else is driving. It also works well in the waiting room and grocery store.
This app doesn't know what either a high strait or a low strait is. It thinks "3-4-5-5-6" is a low strait. Until this is fixed, this app is a broken waste of time.
nice, simple, Yahtzee game. works exactly like you think it should and the ads are only when you finish a game.
This app is excellent! I really enjoy the other modes. Russian Roulette and simaltaneous are fun. Definitely recommend!
I like a lot of things about this game. The colors, the options and the automatic ranking of your high games. However, sometimes it's too predictable. Quite often I'll roll a full house on the first or second roll. Fairly odd if the numbers were truly random. If you hit the roll button to fast in succession you'll get the same number. And add 2 pair. It would get me out of a lot of jams.
Love this game! There aren't too many ads. There's the option to play several different versions of the game, which I didn't even know existed, and several ways to set up the game board. It provides hours of entertainment!
This is about as close to playing "5 Dice" irl as it gets. It's a perfect game for a quick distraction in a waiting room, or to play for as long as you want. I've tried and deleted many dice games, but this one is pretty much what I was looking for.
I play this a lot and sometimes it favors me and sometimes it favors the computer. It's a greater time killer. (literally)
I love Five Dice! I recently had shoulder surgery and am home bound for the next couple of monthsand this game is perfect to play by myself.
I like fast games that can occupy me when I sit for a bit but my mind keeps wanting to go. This one appears random not generated and adult and not stupid. Fast and short. I keep maybe one of twenty-five I try. I can do it one handed and not loaded w/ads. Good game. Keeper
A lot of fun and easy to use. Unfortunately you can score any additional 5 Dice (yahtzee) after the first one received.
Adictive! Its nice & clear for my failing eye sight. It's a great long-time loved game created close to original game. I like the simplicity, without things jumping around, but I do like the bright colors that are used to designate plays. My kind of game. Exciting, but I can play at my pace!! Thank you Five Dice!! 💖
I really like this game. Doesn't overwhelm you with ads. It is alot of fun.I had a different Yahtzee installed and every hand had a 30 second ad. I found this one, It is FANTASTIC.
Simple. Can customize color. Layout options for viewing preference. Able to start a new game at any time. Ads do not interrupt game.
It's a good minimal yahtzee app that works well and doesn't overwhelm you with ads. ~ When I'm stressed out or anxious, it helps me slow my thoughts down by giving me something to focus on that's not too mentally taxing, but requires enough attention to provide a diversion. Thank you 😊
Intuitive interface and good gameplay. I like the alternative rules. Only thing keeping it from being five stars is the fact that doesn't track multiple player names in multiplayer mode.
Fun to play. Graphics are easy on the eyes and things are very similar to the boxed game I grew up with.
I am new to playing games but this is good for my mind and learning strategies. I like the dice on top as well.
is extremely fun playing five dice and the choice of playing Plus, Traditional, Russian Roulette, or Sequential guarantees that I won't get bored. Ty
a great simple yahtzee game. exactly what i was looking for. dont really notice ads. great layout. excellent.
Game play is accurately responsive to quick clicking for multiple games in one sitting. Only ads are in between games, so non-disruptive. Authentic Yahtzee (TM) experience I was looking for in a free app.
Great app, this is exactly we were looking for, Yahtzee! App to play with physical friends. Perfect 👌
Lending tree ads hijack the game. There is no X to close out the ad. It happened several times and i waited 60 seconds after the ad finished. I had to do force stop to get the game to reset. Get Yatzee, they do not hold you hostage with there ads!
Solid game with multiple ways to play. UI could use some polish. I subtracted a star for the ads (I almost feel like I should have taken off 2). They pop up as soon as you finish your game. You can't even see your score till they are done and you can't cancel out. I get it, you gotta finance your project but come on, dont be like that. Otherwise, like I said very solid game. Great for pooping.
This game is very good. You can play a game very quick as there's very little else going on to slow it down. I find that if I put a 0 for 4 of a kind because I didn't get something then the next roll is usually a 4 of a kind. Somewhat predictable actually. Also, after getting all 5 dice if you get it a second time you can use 5 of a kind as a large straight. So not sure about that one. It's good but it needs work. Edit: Good to know about the wildcard rule, I was unaware. Thx. I enjoy it a lot
All round the best classic 5 dice Yatzee game I could find, the devs add awesome enhancements regularly, you can even customize the layout for ease of play, and you can now play multiplayer with someone with the same app. Can play offline to avoid ads. Oh and no probs with randomization: out of 100+ games with best high score of 349, then my daughter played 5 times and got 3 Yatzees in one game...
Good 5 dice game. Includes a variety of game modes and statistics. Better that the other 5 dice games I've tried so far. Has ads but that's par for the course with free games. They haven't been too annoying for me yet.
Closest thing to the original Yahtzee game I have found. Been playing regularly for several years and still love it. Lots of options for different versions of the game. Easy to figure out
This game is fast-paced and offers 5 different playing modes. Considering this is a free instant app, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
Fun, mindless, and addictive fun. Sometimes I just get tired of Words or solitaire and then I always turn to 5 Dice. I've played over 200 games and never get bored with this one.
Fun and easy! I've tried other games of this type but keep coming back to this one! Not totally convinced that it's completely random as each game seems to have a number of rolls in a row of the same denomination!
My mom and I switch back and forth playing rounds. Never a problem with the app. Fun when needing to pass time like waiting at appointments.
Straight forward, great gameplay! Ads are short and only appear after every 2nd or 3rd game. It's a nice, quick game that's a good alternative to doomscrolling. And it has fun variations on a game I already loved!
Overall a decent dice game (don't say the "Y" word shhhhh! ) except for one continuing glitch. At random times it will "forget" one of the die you're holding to build, say, a straight, or any of suites and will re-roll it on your next spin. There is no way to tell when this glitch will appear and no indication until you hit spin. Very frustrating. Other than that, good game. If you can put up with the glitch (and it might not occur on your phone, i have a TERRIBLE phone ;) ).
I've enjoyed this app on my phone for a few years. Perfect for occupying your time while having to wait for any reason. It replaced a hand held version of the game I took everywhere. I do have a question. Unlike with my previous android phone, I see no way of exiting the app when finished with a game. How do I quit the app?
Great game! Easy to on zoom with family across the country. We all download the app and have a great time. Suggestions on how to score awesome
Used to be a great game. Now has intrusive ads that won't go away and lock up my phone. It's going away now.