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Fit the Fat 2

Fit the Fat 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Five Bits, Inc. located at Dorado Oeste, Betania Panama City, Panama. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good game no glitches and I like the way when you eat it makes you a little fatter. There's good ways of exercising but,I wish they added more exercising thing.The yoga is also good.SO GET THIS GAME NOW FOR FREE.You will have fun.
Jest i dont like it when i exercise when i eat it gets fat again im level 18 it goes again to level 1 becuese it no jest my iphon 11 pro becues i jest buyd it right now becues i heard fit the fat 3 pros in iphon 11 pro so im raiting this 1 star wheres the maniger hear who made this im ganno block the owner of this game thank you but this is a nice game but its not so rich
The idea is pretty good, but energy runs out too quickly.I like how it separates food though. I have a bug on my Acer Chromebook where when you get into the game, you can only play for 1 second and then the screen glitches to a random app I own and says " Fit the Fat 2 is not working."
I had a glitch wich is when i do the punch one it gains calories how stupid the punching bag i was 79 now 81 and then not gaining not losing . Bad now all im gaining calories
The game is funny and entertaining😅.... EXCEPT it has ads in it which I absolutely HATE ads. I wish there were no ads in the game. If there weren't I'll give the game 5 stars.
It was really fun! A couple ads here and there. Also I pretty much finished it in 0 days do it was kinda easy
This game sucks i try to play but the ads whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i was jump roping and right then a ad makes me lose and do not get me started on the lag the lag is horrible and what is the point of this game it dose not let you do anything pls HELP this game someone it sucks sucks i rather kiss a toilet set then play this game :/ :#[email protected]#+! Why :( :( sucks why did you make this game why this game sucks thank you for this time merry Christmas !!!!!!!# !!!!!!!!!!!
It's not awesome but its ok the graphics is ok too i put 2 star because the game is need some new things and other stuff and more task too ,pls read my review...
Great game! ^_^ But sadly sometimes the game does not load fully it just loads 1 quarter of a way and then just stops and freezes my screen. '_' But when I do get the chance to play it it is really awesome game!!!! ^_^
This game is so funny and fun but it also reminds me of myself every day lol!! ME: ok I'm going to try eat healthy and I am capable of this THE NEXT DAY: *eats a whole candy shop
Fun games just a little ads other than that the games fun Defiance game I ever play game is so fun is almost better than every game
It's a really cool have but not only are there way too many ads, but the ads will not allow you to go back to the game after watching them, they direct to straight to the play store... Extremely frustrating and seriously thinking about uninstalling the game because of this
I don't get why people HATE this app. Is it mainly because of the ads? I mean, sure, they do get in the way at times, but I personally didn't find them to be THAT big of an annoyance. Maybe the real reason people don't like this app is that there's already enough simulation games on the app/play store already, and people are saying that this app is way too similar to the ones that they've already seen/played(although that could just be me).
It's a really good game but to many ads and it takes to long to lose wait but bedsides that this game is one of the most fun games ever
Thank you very very much for making this app this app is so so so so nice that I can't tell you I love this app please please please make more app like this but please do not show ads we will wait for more app like this
So much ads it is a good game but please I do not want a gift and get ads please get rid of the gifts and I will rate it better please
It takes really long to gain weight and it's just like there's too much ads other than that I love the game
I hate it it still stop I go on for 2 minutes and then kicks me out out of the game I guess it's terribly bad game in my opinion so it sucks
Its a really great game for all ages. I personally liked how it shows how long or how much effort u have to put in to get a great body
I give this a 1 it's terrible it's very laggy I bought coins and got scammed also the noises are dramatic and very loud and ear cracking noises I mean this game needs to be fixed ASAP it's horrible I undownloaded it cause it's very trash
I can't even rate it because the game is kicking me out every single time I try to play like i will tap on the app it will load the go into the game like normal but it won't let me tap or press on anything then it will just kick me out and I'm sad because before it started doing this it was a really fun game so please find a way to fix that problem please
The game is good but whenever I have to click for the exercises it would only count about half of the clicks so you would have to swipe for the exercises to work
I would give it a 10 if I could. This game is so fun. There is just the perfect amount of ADS so you don't have to worry about any. For some reason I got to level 13 and it didn't upgrade my weights but that's fine. The only tiny little problem is that it takes a little too long to get sad, but you can just automatically get it by using a hundred coins and buying something. So overall I'm fit the fat 3 and fit the fat 2 I would rate them a 10 if I could.
Really fun i made him skinny and had fun playing this but i ran out of energey fast and theres alot ads which sucks also i fed him 1 unhealthy thing and boom he gained alot of weight...
it is a fun game but i wish he did not sleep so long and he did not burn so much energy so fast its kind of frustrating when you wait a long time for the guy to wake up then you can barely make him work out but i liked everything else.
Show off of the ads are terrible and I have to go to the App Store and the games are not even fun I really wish it was a fun game but it really is the boringest game in the world
They need to update the game. It's been quite a while, and it doesn't even work on my phone. The loading screen never actually finishes. I only rated it three stars because I played it when it worked and it was a pretty fun game.
It's not that good at first but it gets better the reason it's so bad at first is because it's SO slow
It's a cool game but why do you make it online game? It's will be nice if can play it offline...sorry i have to uninstall it even i just finished play the tutorial part...(to many ads)
So I saw on the reviews many of you guys couldn't get in but back in like 2019 I used to play this game all of the time and just could not get over how fun it was but for some reason I cant get into it anymore and I had it for 2 years. Please resolve this issue so more people can get to experience this game.
I like this game a lot because it is a great time killer. It is really funt to see hime go from fat to skinny. It helps you realize that you can do this by working hard in real life. You should download!
It wasn't the best game to have but... Its boring and dumb the guy is big but... I think that if you are in to progress games sure download it but if you don't then I don't think you should download the game...
This game is pretty good but it also teaches you how if your if you're fat I'm not trying to take that to offense but if you don't know how to work out just help you so this would be good game
seeing many many people play this and I think it looks so so fun I love it so much it is so nice to play fun to I suggest you get this game because it's so much fun so much much much much much much much fun I'm notso please get this game it's like amazing so ice just give it five stars if you get it so but that's up to you I hope you like it to buy
It's good but when it asked me if I wanted a gift i said no but it made me watch it anyway on all of the things that asked me I said no on each one and I had to watch the ad anyway so not recommended
You have more luck earning coins by watching ads than you do playing the game, they also give pop-up ads that are on a timer, so if you're in the middle of a mini-game when that pops up, then you lose that game. The icing on the cake is you can't even play the game in offline mode to avoid it, there's absolutely no multiplayer things so there's zero reason to require it to be online only besides being a greedy company that only wants you to play if you give them ad money.
its great and the graphics are good and the best part is when you get to 200lbs it gets harder it makes it a challenge 5 stars!
See here I gave it a three star because when I first played it it's soooo slow! I can't even go on another level! It's like jaming! Whoever made this game has no imagination! And at the time it's gets boring don't spend your mb on this! 😡
It always stucks on the loading screen.... actually i have never got a chance to play the Game because it never went forward from the loading screen
It's a good game pretty fun I really enjoy making the guy do the punching bag a lot cuz it's the fastest way for him to lose weight do your exercises stay healthy
Is Cam the best game but when you start off with the with the jump rope it got is it like it's hot like it's so hard harder than like like jump roping you can't do that is sell her to jump rope if being a high jump ropes you just a b**** you look like you like a b**** if you do like a like a f****** know ass hoe like b**** they hate this game some and kind of like it like this like yeah this little worm yeah I like it but the reason why I didn't give her the Flies don't like I did the other ones
Really fun game for the whole family. great time killer, and barely any ads at all. 10/10 would recommend, but dont install fit the fat 3, because it's the worst game in the world.
I enjoyed but after claim the rewards the ads shown up , and the upgrade price is to high at the first level
It takes so long to get into the game and every time you click the x on the ads it turns my dervice off please fix these glitches .
This is the SEQUEL to ONE of the BEST management games! Now you do some interactive training! You can even watch ADs to boost your rewards!
I really like this game and it inspires me to exercise. Though the problem is that when I try to jump rope, for no reason it lags and I miss. Trust me it's not my Wi-Fi I have really good internet. Other than that it's a very fun game.
The game is great but it should not have to take internet connection and it says im on leavel 17 but im not it says i must be level 3 it stresses me out
It is the worst app in the world!!! I played it and when I reached level 2 it became more worse!!!! And the reason I rate it 1 star is that every single time I've reach a new level it puts an ad and they are very annoying and also I have to wait a lot of levels to reach all of the food plz fix the problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't get what the point of the game is so I in MY opinion I didn't enjoy it also I had to restart my phone every five minutes I played it so I gave it one star
Its ok. But the only thing that I think is weird is why is he so fat? To get him fit it takes up like 3 hours of your time. But you guys are very lucky that I gave it a 5 star. Thank you for making this wonderful wonderful game. I really appreciate it!!! I had fun!
This game is best..... But, I hate the skipping..... It's so hard man ...... The fat guy is doing something wrong......
This is a really fun game to play and you hardly get any ads. I would recommend this to you but the guy runs out of energy quite quickly. Mabey you can sort this out? Apart from that is is a great game - 4 stars!
The loading on the screen at the beginning never finishes even when I'm having perfect internet connection. The app needs to fix this.
I hate it Cuz this game only allows phones. I have a tablet so...... so why? Why does it have to be like this? Why only phones? What's wrong with me getting this game but with a tablet? Huh? Tell me! I need to know cuz right now I'm extremely confused
This App Is Good It's really fun seeing him lose weight. Me and a few people I know have this game. It does take a long time to see a major difference but that means it won't finish quickly.
its pretty good. its a shame that theres no changing from one character to another though cause after youve gotten "fit", theres not much else to do. also, you cant play it unless you have wifi which i find unappealing.
It's a very goood for when you are bored, but my only problem is that you get like 10 mins of workout time and then 1 hour of sleeping... apart from that, good game.
People hate this game cause adds but it's the only way the developer could get money. Best game btw 😛😜
Is fun at first but is impossible to get skinny and game gets annoying because you don't ever get anything new
It is a fun game and all, but could use some fixing, 1. WAY to many ads on top of that unskipable. 2. The lag, the lag spikes make it hard to actually play the game. 3. When say I would not like to watch a 20-30 second unskipable ad for a bonus I mean I don't want to watch one. When I click skip I still get an ad, and that completely beats the purpose of "skip." I would love to rate higher but these things ruin the fun of the game.
I absolutely love this game because you have to try and help the guy to lose weight. This game is a 10 out of 10 for me. This game does need internet so if you go outside it needs internet but I still love it.
Fun and entertaining game when your bored, although you do have to wait a lot for him to get his energy back
Its a mediocre game but the worst part is that i couldnt play the game for more than 10 seconds without getting another ad. I hate games like this. Not to mention you can literally do 3 actions lol. And after about 2min of actually playing you had to "sleep" for 9 minutes. Absolutely not.
its nice but i find it quite pointless to me the first game was more challenging and fun because you had to achieve a goal which is well the weight the client wants and a few clients were kinda funny but nice graphics though
Horrible game, at the 2nd jump I always fall and no I don't trip i jump at the right time and what happens? I fall. I recommend you don't get this game.
This is a really fun game but I have some problems opening the app, either way this is one of the best games on mobile.
It's a fun game very addicted but its a rip off trying to get coins what i mean by that is that i had $802 and it said i got 90 coins for whatever so i was supposed to have 892 but it came to be only 847 so it only have me $45 instead of 90
I have sat for f***ing ages waiting for it 2load and it just wont! The app needs an upgrade 2 work faster.
I'm not having a problem with adds like everyone is saying...the only thing that's upsetting me is once you get to 81kgs he stays there. I'm trying to get big muscles but he wont move past 81kgs
Every time I would try to get the boys to lose weight he will not lose weight and it took me two hours to login
A very slow running game..... I have installed it and done a huge mistake of my life. I request not to download it on our device
It so funny how u cansee him lose weight but when the ads pop up it turns my flipping device off.GREAT GAME THO!
Ads....ads and ads. Not even a purchase no ads version, when I click no video ad for extra coin I still get an ad. Uninstall
shocking, truly a pitful game graphics are awful and the gameplay is clunky and clumsy, and because of lag spikes the control's are all over the place. fix it now