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Fit all Beads - puzzle games for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by FTY LLC. located at 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1-20-5 6F. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was bad as soon as I installed it I went on the first level and it did not have any beads how am I supposed to play if there are no beads
It's not glitchy like everyone says but it is boring! At first it was good but then theirs just no challenge, I thought there would be obstacles or something but NO! They put to much work into the graphics and to little into the gameplay!!
I would give this 0 stars if I could. The game was EXTREMELY laggy. Whenever I would slide the beads, THEY WOULDN'T SHOW! This sucks DO NOT download this game.
No way to play the game. The only things you are able/allowed to do it move the board around with no beads or whatever it is that fills in the picture that the AD shows you and/or get new skins by watching ads. The game makers just made a game where no one can play it. Good job guys you did it.
I wanted to play this it looked ver cool. There is no beads. I hope they fix it. I give this one star. Usally i give a high rating for games.
Ads of it is not the same and horrible pictures and lags so much do not recommend waiting your time downloading this game
-DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME- I was hoping i would like this game but EVERY level glitches right when it starts. Just take this advice seriously and DONT download this game.
this is not fair, because, like when I go to what we level one, there's not even out for I couldn't put in the thing, and I don't know what to do with it. So, yeah, I don't like it actually, so this is like, really, really disappointing that I can't even play, but those things are like this, like I do not, and it has bees, but it doesn't have beats on it, so I can't even pass a level one, and I how and if you like camp past level one, how you gonna get to like level more levels up, so yeah that'
I wish i could give 0 stars. The first level literally doesnt have beads no matter how many times i relaunch the game. Its so stupid to make an unplayable game i have no idea how this "game" even managed to get 3 stars.
First of all I HATE THE GAME!!!!!!!!!! Second the game doesn't even work!!!!!! I............I don't know what to do with the game but all I can say is I HAAAAATTTTEE IIIITTTT......................................BYE!!!!!!!!
Don't download! It lags so much and, it doesn't make sense because the color of the beads automatically change color when they are in place. I'm uninstalling this time wasting app. Please fix the lag! I didn't get to see many ads because I really only played 3 or 4 levels, I'm gonna say there is plenty of ads beause most games like this have too many ads! Please fix all these and I might reinstall.
Ok I know ppl are saying that there are no beads in the begging of the game (lv 1) but for me there was the only two reason I am giving it a 3-star is bc it is really laggy and the pictures are way to easy and small. I just hope they update the game to make it playable and not laggy. But overall the game is pretty good. Edit 1: and the noises. The noises that i am hearing are kinda scary and loud and I turned down every thing. It might just be my phone or something. But sorry this is soo long.
There is no game if your device is not able to render the simulation of the separate entities filling the board so they just don't appear at all or they do appear and make it very laggy. this is a game that should probably be on PC and not on mobile because it's so laggy and cant render the game right so you can actually be able to play the game BUT If it was PC I bet you could actually play it cuz it would be able to render the simulation.Mobile devices can't render big simulations & entities!
This game is the worst. When trying to fill the beads in, it gets super laggy. I also soon after downloading heard that this game can hurt your phone. On top of it all, the game looks nothing like the ad. The pieces are super low quality. Don't download ever. It's for you and your phone's safety.
Way too freaking laggy. Idk why I decided to download this even after reading the reviews. If it worked, I would give at least 3 stars. But this is the stupidest app EVER. If you have this app, uninstall it ASAP. You'll ya-yeet the lag off your phone.
The vibration is damaging my phone. I know this can be changed in the settings, but there are other things. The style is inconsistent, it can have up to 3 ads on screen at a time and still expects us to watch full screen ads, and there's no challenge. There are better things to do with your time.
It's fun buttttttt it's so laggy when I move to pic so I gave it a one star. I HATE THIS APP SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD SO IM NEVER PLAYING THIS AGEN I HATE THIS COMPONENY
I downloaded this game so I could have something to do but when it downloaded the very first level didn't even have any objects to fit into the square and I couldn't even play the first round, I tried closing it and reopening it but it still didn't work so I tried to uninstall and reinstall but it still didn't work. I'm very disappointed in this game, it looked like a lot of fun in the ad but I couldn't even play the first one.
Got to agree with everyone else and my phone is actually meant to have 100s of games on it and it froze my phone several time and it even crashed it a few times
DOES NOT WORK --- I downloaded the game hoping that it would actually work. The game loads, and take me to main screen where it says "tap to play" So naturally I do as instructed and tap to play the game. Well it's hard to play the game, when the beads don't load in. Complete waste of my time. Can even play it. Am deleting immediately. Would give 0 stars if I could.
Way to many ads. It would be a lot more fun and relaxing if there weren't so many ads. I know it's a free game but you are pretty much watching ads with a small break to play the actual game.
I couldn't play the game!!! First of all, when you start you can't even get through level one because there are no beads!!!!! If there was something below 1 I would give it. Disappointment. Failure. This game should be cancelled for good. I'm disappointed 😔
This game is unbelievably laggy. I have a feeling it could be because they might have put EVERY SINGLE BEAD as a separate entity, and they're constantly checking if it can go it, EVERY FRAME. This slowed down the frame rate WAYYY to much. Its like a yandev situation. 0/10.
Installed, opened and a panel opened, looks like the game...but no beads to fill in the spaces. Closed then reopened, the same thing. Was able to access settings so game was working to a point. I uninstalled.
This app sucks. I did not even get to play because the first level had no beads and I could not play at all. THE ADDS LOOK BETTER . The adds look scary. Tip for the devalapers make the game a little better so more people will like it more that all. 😊
The pixels of the "art" make the game very laggy. The drawings dont look anything like the ones in the add. If the game did have big paintings like the add the game would probably have to take 3 years to load. Dont let the add fool you because this game sucks
Okay. This app isn't what was seen in the ad. Horrible art compared to the beautiful night sky I saw, and unfortunately, lots of people seem to have experienced lag issues. I have as well, but not as severe. I ask that you don't play this game due to the possibility of you being hacked, or scammed. However, there were some good things. Ads were little compared to other games, and controls were pretty good. Other than that, don't download. Dangerous for your phone or other device.
I cant even play the first level the game opens just fine how ever when taping begin i am not provided with any beads so i can do nothing but sit there playing with an empty box if i could rate the game zero stars i would
It is a horribil app the first level l played was the worst it was so laggy. I am deleting the app right now. Also the beads loaded at first but then they lagged out off the screen.
Takes SO long to download. Once it finished, I was disappointed at the terrible artwork. Don't download this game.
It could be a fantastic game, but at the moment there are some kinks to be worked out. First, I assumed you tilted the game board by tilting your phone, but no, you have to draw on the screen. Kinda old school. Second (and much more of a problem) is the game is constantly lagging (it plays for half a second, hangs for half a second, over and over and over. So, the game needs some serious work, but has great potential.
This game isnt challenging at all, I win in 6 seconds, And you can just win with one single forward tilt. I'm sorry this is a bad review but please update the game a bit more challenging.
I wanted to give this game a chance because it looked fun, even though the reviews said it was laggy as heck. The last game I played that had bad reviews was pretty good, so I thought this one might be as well. I played for one second. Here's my opinion. It's not a game, it's a slide show that you can slightly interact with. Don't recommend, the reviews are correct. This could have been such a good game if it weren't for the lag. Uninstalling now.
This game is unplayable. I opened the first level... and there were no beads. At all. I thought that the 1.7 star average rating was a joke, but this is unbelievable. I mean, in ads for games such as this they say things like "I can't beat level 1," but this time the app finally delivers. And I'm disappointed.
I downloaded this game 4 times because the beads were not showing up and every time i try to go back on it Pretty much all it did was let me move around the screen
I open the app and the very first puzzle is completely blank. All i can do is rotate it. There are no beads or anything but a white background with a gray picture outline.
One star because I cannot score lower. Fed ad after ad, and the game completely failed to reach a state where it was playable. Don't bother - this is just an ad-load and data harvesting install.
I can barly even play the game and it was not laggy at all just there were no beads and i hope that in the future you make this game better cause so far i hater it because it doesent work so i sugest you fix it!
At first, it's really good what after you put it, and what if you start to go away, that's what happened to me. It's a really fun game. After you wait a couple hours, it starts to glitch, I recommend getting the game if you have really good Internet.
One if the most laggy and boring games I have ever played, I would rather spend $20 on grass simulator than ever play this again, and don't even get me started on the amount of ads. If I could give this game 0 starts I would.
You cant even play the game. All it is, is a bord but no beads. You can move the bord but dosen't fill the bord. WOULD NOT RECEMEND!!! It is nothing like the ad!!! If i could give it zero stars I would!
It's an ok game, but OH MY GOD THE LAAAAAAAAAAG!!!! I can BARELY play!!!!!!!! Please fix the bugs that are happening. The ad also looks nothing like the game. Please, at least fix the lag.
Just installed and every time you move the board it glitches with the screen paused. Never experience a phone version of lag before. Im using Android and quickly uninstalling due to frustration. Very cute concept though.
It sucked the first level there was no beads and i didnt know if it was just me but everyone else in the comments had the same problems as me. WASTE OF MY TIME.
So many ads. It would be a whole lot better if we could actually pay the gqme and not he subjected to a cash grab. The game is satisfying but the ads take away the satisfaction of all of it. Mobile games in general are cash grabs, where is the good stuff anymore.
It was horrible it didn't work half the time and the ads that kept popping up kept messing my phone up.
I download a game I played turn it on open up and open it it opened up just started and guess what happened on-screen I couldn't even play I was moving the thing around to see if I can fix it it's what damn game idiot
I hate it I was playing it for the first time and on level 1 there's no beads they need to fix that. I mean who's going to get the game if on level 1 there's no beads.
I like the idea of the game but there is nothing to do. You can not pass the first level because there are no beads or buttons to return to the start menu.
There are no beads. All the game ads saying i can't get past this level this game is not kinding you can't get past level 1 because there no bead.
I have a phone designed for gaming. And this pos game still lags. It's unplayable. They need to delete it from the store, don't every bother wasting your time
I couldn't even play it. The game would let me press start at first to the I quit game (force quit by the way) then opened the game back up the it let me pres start. Then the game wouldn't even give me the beads to do the game itself. So I uninstalled if this gets gixeyd I would be glad to give it another try but something I can't even try isn't worth my time right now.