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Is a Action game developed by SEGA CORPORATION located at 東京都品川区西品川一丁目1番1号 住友不動産大崎ガーデンタワー. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Scary Content, Explicit Language, Discrimination) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

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Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was a fan of old school anime and game just literally just made me revive my childhood. Plus the game is awesome graphic wise and the music is straight from the anime but sounds crisper. You made a fan very happy
Great game. Very fun Gacha even though I've only seen a small amount of the show. I came with the Baki crossover and I was sad to not actually get Baki. I feel like the rank content gating is messed up, but other than that the game is good
Loved the anime movie. I just started playing so, it's a little overwhelming, but I'll get the hang of it quickly.
The most boring game I ever played. I can only do daylies, the PVP is locked on Auto, there is no strategy whatsoever in the game, nether the possibility to build one and the guild system is pretty much useless considering that there is not a Raid mode nor any other special modalities you can play with your guild companions. It is basically a p2w game for nostalgic souls.
I truly love this game, as a HNK fan i been dying to play a game that represents the original manga and this game prove it but there is one issue I must have dressed I don't know why but every time I start up a fight I get glitched out you think you can figure out a way to make it stop or make it more offline so that this doesn't keep happening?
After I started playing this game it was amazing bit after I reach to level 15 to dojo it say error and it put me back the the start screen I try again but it keep happening over and over again can you fix it please because I want to continue playing this game
the game is perfect for fans of the series and ive enjoyed it for a long time, the only thing i wish there was more of was the option to skip the daily dojo fights and amivas research in the guild just like they did with the fang clan chase. Apart from that its a great game if u like Fotns.
It would be better in my opinion if it was a little bit easier to acquire UR characters. I've been playing a game pretty much non stop for months and I only received one of those characters. And I wasted thousands of gems and get nothing but SR and rare characters that are useless. Please make a more balanced and I will rate it higher.
1 star for a great game because of poor customer service. How hard is it really to help out a high level player who had an error with an in game purchase? Our guild had an alliance issue which they would not resolve either. Great game unless there is a problem, don't expect any help from customer service.
This game is great. Love the turn based attack system. Gives it more of an RPG feel that I grew up with.
A over all great game. Captures the story from the anime with the graphics on par with the PS4. Follow again with our main protagonist Ken as he battles through the waste land. The game's great, fast, quick and action packed. Doesn't take out a lot of time as well. Perfect for those who don't have time to play much. It also brings in mini games, to keep the game playful and interactive. Totally would recommend. For those out there who are new. You can go enjoy the anime as well.
Great time killer, very easy to get into. I love the fact that theres all the characters from the anime.
Exorbitant gems for a character and usually need their scrolls which both cost easily in the 5 digit (10-30k+ depending on rng) EACH. Game gives low 2 digits to 3 digits gems/day which is horrible. Previously you can still hoard and ranked gacha was not as competitive but now they decided to merge servers and lowest rank 20 is almost the amount required to summon 50 times. PvP too when merged will be horrible for f2p giving even lesser gens per day. I fear it will not last even 2 years.
My Ryu character gets an error everything i enhance my equipment and it get booted off can u find out what is wrong please
Serves are now completely unbalanced, welcome to fotns Pay2Win edition. Simply impossible for new comers to evolve anymore and I'm lvl 78 and stuck aswell. Sega just killed the game. 1 🌟.
I've been playing this game since the release day, been one of the top players and supported them for so long, yet after today's update I can't connect to my account and the game just tries forcing me to make a new account
Just a cash grab basically. The only gacha game where you can easily spend $200 and get absolutely nothing for it. Every character that drops breaks the meta and you either get them with luck or thousands of dollars or you're just never gonna make it. Much better games out there.
In simple words, great game fun to play. For the first few months playing this game was hard, I only got SR characters for a while and it was very hard as a free user, but later I started getting UR characters both new and old, during one event got lots of free gems and used it to get some good UR characters, now my main team is full of UR characters and I am still a free user.
works fine for a couple of days then when you go in the guild it freezes and the game needs closing down and reloading, better after update but still happens
I've played on and off since the game was first announced, and it's great fanservice. And for a gacha game, it's really fair.
I've only had the game for a few short days but I already love it, the gacha elements are easy to adapt to and there's so many different things to do it keeps you wanting to play.
Very expensive to maintain to a decent level. Game makes you get addicted to get lost in spending gems (for which mostly you need to spend real money). VIP perks are a joke. Drop rates for new characters are ridiculously low for which on average luck you might need to spend above euro 200 us dollar 200 to get. New character release gets to a fast rate to a point where players can't keep up with and the previous characters will get outdated too quickly
Despite filling four to five forms for account recovery u have not even replied or recovered my account and who on anyone playing this account will remember on which server his data was saved in which guild he had joined and other useless information first on first I am sure my previous account was linked to Google play and now after updating the game there is no backup of my previous linked account why ur updating the game in such a manner for a guy who played your game for full one year
So I started playing yesterday. So far the graphics are good, the sound as well. Game mechanics are pretty easy to any gatcha players who already seen a few games. I'll play a lil longer and update my review and stars as I go along
My server is left with handful of players. This game is going down the drain,will not spend $$ anymore. Once gems depleted will be the day I quit. I liked this comic since my childhood and hope developer can find way to enhance current SR Fighters to UR, rather than keep launching new UR Fighter.
This game is amazing I watched the anime and it is awesome the story plots and action like it's so much action that it is an adventure with the constant traveling of the apocalyptic continent.
Gameplay is mediocre with an interesting new feature to add combo. Graphic is top notch. The UR pull rate is little but better than most games out there. I got an UR from daily free pull on 2nd day. Along with the 1st free gift (Ken-Oh), now I got 2 URs.
I think the company is going to.make.most of the SR characters in to UR so it will be a long game before they get everyone
I am not able to retrieve my data which I looged in using Google Play games which I have issues to open now
I have re:edit my review now. This game has improved from last last time. Now i can play in my server with no problem. Now after long time i forgot to do final edit. Developers has improved alot since last time i left negative reviews. It gotten better and alot of time devs giving out free gems and UR characters. Now the reason why it not 5 star because it lacking story and stop adding too many useless UR characters and their events give us some break. Don't be greedy. Add more story.
Plays as a turn based RPG and that's fine and everything however a FOTNS game should play like an all out action adventure because that's what the franchise is all about!!!!!!!! We should b talkin free roaming or side sctrolling beat em up like the fairly recent games on the consoles!!!!!!!! I enjoyed it on the PS3 and a mobile version similar to that would of been nice!!!!!!!!! Instead something else has been tried/attempted and although the graphics shine/it looks stunning the gameplay lacks
Absolutely loving this game, a lot of the 1 star reviews seem to be user error or issues that have been fixed. The main story quests are great for people new to the Fist of the North Star universe and fun for old fans to relive.
The game is great I have been playing it since day 1, the only real complaint I have is that we can't change servers and keep our data/progress. So for people like me who have been on the game since release I can't do the co-op parts with my friends who just started the game recently. Hopefully at some point this can be adjusted possibly. Other than that I love that it stays true to the original style and the voices are great and I just love the story and the fighters.
a lot of people complain abt how unfair the game is but if you're playing it just to collect the dudes, it's pretty fun. playing to get the premium currency nets you way more than just buying it and there's plenty of opportunities to get the premium stuff, so. yay. only downside is it crashes a lot if your phone is as garbage as mine is, haven't tested it out on a better device.
I currently enjoy the game a lot, but could you please remove the level restrictions on story/clash quests? It sucks having to work days for only a few minutes of experience due to my team being insanely OP.
I like the game but.. I got to level 26 and I've no idea what I should be doing to progress to level 30. Bit early for the game to become a slow grind isn't it? considering I got to level 26 in a couple hours. Should I be doing the tower or replaying clash? I'm guessing many people have quit before level 30 due to this.
It's decent as far as gacha games go, especially of you are a FotNS fan, but the game randomly freezes during battles and is pretty annoying. I hope the issue gets resolved, because I have really been enjoying the game so far.
Its a good game i stoped playinng it hardcore like i used too its just most of tge things still freeze up kumete story dojo pisses me off now i just go on there collect get off the app if they would fix certain issues maybe make it easy to actualy be able to get the meterials needed to build up the fighters you already have too
I can't play the street fighter missions because the loading is not loading up its taking too long Whats going on here.
I love this game. I remember reading and watching. It Simple and Fun. However recently it's lost my account. Is there any way to fix this.
Very good game..easy , fun and simple game mechanics..free to play player friendly..and also the gacha rates are very2 good sometimes
:/ well ... Playing for a bit. Barely any interaction. Claim more stuff then going at a single board or 5 consecutive levels. Click claim click claim auto battle. A unique cartoon / animated movie turned into a game. Little to do. Very dry in terms of gameplay. Limited actions. Press tap/swipe upwards. Needs creative ideas in terms of interacting. I've got plenty. Even the developers would love them just as unique as f.o.t.n.s. history. I won't interfere with creativity of the game.
Game is nigh unplayable atm. Can't play a single quest or clash mission. Lags are so horrible there is NO chance for a combo and it just crashes. Sucks because it WAS a very fun game. Will change from 1 to 5 stars if I can pay again.
Really great adaptation on fist of the north star. This is one of the best mobile games out there and I would highly recommend.
For the most part it's a great game. I do find the lagging a bit annoying especially in trying to do on their side missions. As well as some of the cross over characters strength and power dynamics have an unfair advantage. The graphics are great and I love the characters.
Tried to come back after taking a few months off. Been on server 2 since day 1 and can't log on, just hangs up with "loading". Tried reinstalling and still doesn't work. Contacted help center and still waiting. Spent money on this game andbwanted to pick it back up bit that doesn't look like that's happening. I'm gonna write this off as a dead game until I get an answer or reply or even log in.
Game keeps crashing now that I have reached chapter 6-6. I can do other things but it will crash, this just started once I finished chapter 6-4, but now the game is unplayable. Do NOT invest, until they fix it, it's just a waste. Cool game otherwise.
Great game just the dojo is so luck based on is your ai going to be smart or 100% retared (which should be fixed)
Unfortunately the PvP is a joke you have to auto or skip it and a team 4k more points beats me every time, I'm sorry that means your pvp is super unbalanced and y'all probably know but don't care and that's ashame cause the game is pretty good for the most part.
Despite me being overly critical of the game and the devs, they quickly and graciously helped me restore my account after losing my transfer password. For the rapid response, and as a mea culpa on my part, four stars. I'm taking one star for instability on weaker phones (even without downloading the cutscenes). I hope the anniversary brings a fresh start for the game.
Sega, please fix this game. There are characters that are just too overwhelming. Also, please unlock dojo mode so players can actually influence the match. Your AI is rubbish!
It's a pretty fun game and is very similar to most I have seen the only thing I would say that does not give it the last star is the werid way the characters profile
Hello, I have been playing since the beginning almost. The merge of the ranked gancha was uncalled for. It is very very unfair to merge servers for this event so we have to drain our gems against people we don't know and still have an empty boring server. I am a paying player and I coped with all the very low drop rates I always managed to be competitive managing my gems against others. Now I even don't know who I am playing against. Many friends are leaving and the server is getting worse
The dojo is full of cheaters and rigged on server 5 especially. Until that's fixed this game is a waste of time. Lags and crashes every other minute. Worst mobile game of all time.!
The gameplay, mechanics and storyline are very fun and addictive. The graphics and animations are 5star! Unfortunately this game is very free to play unfriendly. There are paywalls on every event - even if you play 24/7 there is zero way to get any of the good stuff from any event without paying. The RNG for characters includes not getting any at all - which is the most frequent case. The only endgame is pvp but it's super pay to win unfortunately. Servers are bare as p2w drives out players
I love Fist of the North Star but the recent update has suddenly made the game cut out and freeze on any game mode as the fight starts. Very frustrating, hope this can be fixed.
Bring back memories, The graphics are good, The control are easy to understand, The chapter are understandable, Its a good game overall
Always have been a fan of all the Fist of the North Star and now being able to play it anywhere anytime is amazing Thank You
The game is awesome but the problem is that the action scenes like the secret ability or the revive they lag and it's very slow.
Update: This game becomes excruciatingly difficult later on especially if you do not have any of the UR characters on your team. The costs for upgrading your characters after 60 levels becomes tremendous to the point one single character can easily cost over 10mil to fully upgrade.
The dojo is full of cheaters and rigged on server 5 especially. Until that's fixed this game is a waste of time. Lags and crashes every other minute. Worst mobile game of all time.
I love this game quite a lot. It may be free to play with premium features, but it lets players have a chance on getting the better characters if patient enough, unlike most F2P games where the best stuff is locked behind paywalls and nothing else. Loved the graphics. Loved the music. Loved the cutscenes in story mode.
Editing review. Feelings are the same, you can do the story and a lot of other things, but you won't get far in dojo. Ranked gachas have always been obsured to me since it ranks you on how much you spend. It is possible to get the ur unit, but now you also have a chance on getting other urs, which is stupid the chances of pulling a unit are like 2% and they still don't give you the unit you were hoping to get. 3.5 stars. Definitely pay to win, VIP rewards suck, story is fun and true to anime.
It's been 4 hours since I downloaded the game and it still says maintenance, what the hell u fixing and takes that long, 0 stars
after the update the game wont work on my huawei matepad pro. it doesnt load the title screen. but it works on my huawei nova 3i help me get back my account please. i spent a lot of time on this game already. please help me get my account back
Not a good experience, after a few months I have come back to the game (server 45) and the server is basically dead, and the only player playing are so far ahead its impossible to do anything or being recruited by any guild because of restrictions. Please allow us to change servers its very unfair. And some of us have spent some good money into the game, and being stuck now is just not fun or fair. 1 🌟.
Probably the first mobile game app I've truly loved. No ads, and no hard paywalls. Plus I love the original anime/manga. So much to love here. BTW, I'm playing on a Huawei P30 lite, not a superphone by any means, and I don't have the crash/ lag problems so many other reviewers on here seem to.
A sad but wholesome story of loss and betrayal in the nuclear wasteland, where one man brings back the love with the most deadliest martial arts -- and his pals. Edit: Give this a try! Fist of the North Star is a particularly difficult book to get your hands on in English. There are cut-to-the-chase chapter comic strips with narration, and classic moments from the animation remade in CGI which go great with the game's graphics. Customer service is very helpful and respond quickly.
It would be great if you guys could compress the textures a little bit and maybe reduce the total size of the app Wouldn't want to uninstall, fun game at the moment.
1 star for a great game because of poor customer service. How hard is it really to help out a high level player who had an error with an in game purchase? Our guild had an alliance issue which they would not resolve either. Great game unless there is a problem, don't expect any help from customer service. UPDATE: Without any warning or announcement, Sega decided to merge servers right at the time of a big in game currency based gacha, making an FTP account impossible to be competitive at all.
Graphics bad, for such a large game, no english edition, and worst of all after all that weighting for the download I then find out it's limited with 60 energy and every fight cost 6 energy therefore I can fight 10 times before I'm forced to play another game, very disappointed.
I don't know why but randomly when I try to go into combat the loading screen just crashes and the app closes. This has happened for a LONG time and I am done. Very unfortunate as the game is otherwise awesome.
I'm at level 70 and I love the story mode. The game play is a bit repetitive, when you do a secret move there could be a QTE or something for more damage or bonus, its very easy in my opinion. Im surprised SEGA didn't implement this. I'm playing fotns on ps4 and I'm a hard-core fan. Love this game, it may not be for everybody. Please give it a try. Been a FOTNS fan for 30 years!
I love the game everything is awesome, my app has had major problems and will kick me off evedytime i do quèst or trials of nanato or any fighting for over a month now.is this because i have a android phone?hope the update fixes the i$sue
5 star for the effort: its nice to see the history of this great manga through out a game. That said it seems more a trap for fans rather than a game; - You have a loading screen for everything you do - The app is incredibly demanding on space ( declare X space and once opened downloads X^2 more) - Gameplay? so many differrent interface to improve a part and not even the auto button to do so. You will only spend hours tapping around for no challange at all.
Not wallet friendly. Also I find the game to be too simple for my taste. Supposed to be 3 stars, but the addition of SF characters made me quite happy
Interesting concept with egregiously insulting pay-to-win model shoved down your throat. Once the novelty of seeing your favourite characters wears off (that is, if you can unlock them before you're bored of the game or flat out broke) then you're left with a blatant, mindless, cash grab gacha game that preys on the fiscally absent-minded. Just go watch the anime, read the manga, go ride a bike, anything else. Don't waste your money. Go buy some Starbucks if you really feel like wasting $6 a day
I enjoy the game, and it seems to be one of the more fair gacha games I have played (yeah it requires real world money to advance quickly but I don't feel screwed playing just as is)... but good grief, the crashes! Usually it's good about saving progress so it's minor, but it crashed on me right in the middle of a 10-pull gem gacha and it ate 7 of my vouchers!!! At least I got 1 new fighter out if it, but still, that one stung quite a bit.
Game has become boring. Story mode isn't complete. Why is Dojo Automatic only & not playable by player. KUMITE uses too many NPCs and again NOT playable by the player. AI used in these are complete trash! Being a VIP is meaningless as nothing is given as a reward, you have to buy everything. Game is now a complete Cash Grab.
So far I'm liking it, but time will tell. Great graphics.lots to do and great gifts and heros. So far game seems pretty fair.
Loving the variety in the missions and rewards for completion. The number of fighters is great as well. The ability to get shards for specific fighters sux as its random so that should be looked at but overall very enjoyable.
Whaaaaat!!! What on earth is this! No idea what to press or what's going on! It is good computer animated version of the series but as a game its just a confusing mess!
I was expecting the Gacha to be more intrusive but for my surprise it's not, I love the new animations and the gameplay ain't half bad for my taste
Doesn't work any more on Android 11, and they haven't said anything on when it will be fixed for weeks.
Almost perfect, but "Buy Gems VIP" still has not worked since the game came out. Loading screen that freezes and loads forever. I'm behind on the game because I can't do it. 3/5 stars
Pull rates are so poor its laughable.... the game is fun overall to start with but soon becomes a log in auto skip a load of events then turn it off. Most of the events in game are pay to win, if you ain't spending youll not get full enjoyment from the game. Unit releases are slow and only one decent banner unit per gotcha. This means if you don't land that unit youve dropped out of the meta never to be able to climb back onto it again........
I'm a big fan of the series..a very fun game and a great way to past time when you're sitting on lunch and chillin at home!
The game is extremely fun to play with smooth gameplay and excellent graphics. The Dev team is also extremely responsive to people in need of assistance and helped me quite a bit.
Game stopped working. So I redownload. Suddenly, I cannot go back to my account. It says account not found. All those hours wasted playing and upgrading my characters. Luckily, they contacted and helped me restore my account. Thanks sega for your help.
This game is a cash grab! Played from the very beginning, but this new update merged ranked gacha. Ranked gacha is a luck based pull system, and the more that you spend the higher rank you are. With server merge, not only are you up against the active players in your server, but every server. Now its impossible to get a new character without being lucky or going for pity which requires 30k gems or roughly 600 USD. Oh and its a 2% chance to get a character (not always the new one) from ranked G
Very easy for f2p if you have the time to put in. The weekly rewards and events are awesome. Guilds could use more things to do,but the game runs very smooth,regardless.
A gacha is meant for character cards. No one wants to spend money on a gacha that is mostly items instead of character cards. Game sucks. It is meant for you to empty your wallet out. Better off playing a triple A game for the amount you wpuld have to spend of this game. But hell fan boys will blindy spend.
I get that it's SEGA! But an English Dubbed Language version is way overdue. Other than that SEGA still got it!
Straight forward here: This game will get the stars rating up when there's a Google play account link for it. Really love the game! Wouldn't mind spending money on it, but it need to have a google account link.
Such a solid game, some crashes here and there but if you are a fan of FoTNS just great! Doesn't feel like you are stuck behind a paywall and seems to update fairly regularly.
It's a great game i love it i would say just try it atleast once ken is awesome and i love the designs i gues not all gacha games are bad after all
Pretty fun game I enjoy seeing all the fist characters in game. There are multiple versions of characters but with stronger or different moves for you to collect.
Huge fan of HNKl!! I've been playing this game from day one, easy to learn best graphics best cinematic scenes and this game gives you so many free Gems, I also love the Crossover Characters events, I got so many UR Characters for free, I'm a free user I strongly recommend this game to everyone, best gacha game ever 😍 Thank you so much Sega ❤️
Pay to Win! That's what I have to say about this game. I'm lv45 with a 7 star Purple Kenshiro and the rest of my heroes are 5 star or higher and I still get beat in Dojo by guys with half my power rating and 3 star heroes. If you don't buy gems, you won't be good. You can level up your characters to the Max and some level 35 player with Chi shield will trounse your team every single time while their team takes zero Damage. Is it a cheat, don't know, the game doesn't explain how thats possible.
Legends Revive is a great diversion for long-time Hokuto fans. I give it a 4 out of 5 due to its simplicity, which is OK for people who love the Hokuto series and get to see their favourite characters in action once more, but others might see Revive as a minimalist experience when there are many other titles in the gacha category. I've been a fan for about 8 years and appreciate the fact that Hokuto is still popular.
I like the game, and the graphic is good for mobile game. But the loading screen before and after fighting are too much and annoyed me so much.
Pretty fun if you like hnk and gatcha then yeah its a fun pick up remember its gatcha so generosity they have only goes so far
I'm at level 70 and I love the story mode. The game play is a bit repetitive, when you do a secret move there could be a QTE or something for more damage or bonus, its very easy in my opinion. Im surprised SEGA didn't implement this. I'm playing fotns on ps4 and I'm a hard-core fan. Love this game, it may not be for everybody. Please give it a try. Been a FOTNS fan for 30 years! Update: Still playing after 1 year! Level 87!
Was good. Grind is ridiculous. But.. charging us gold AND skill points to level up..OUR SKILLS?? You earned yourselves an uninstall!
its a fun game wish i kept on playing. i do wish the dev allow as to reset our heros one or give more stamina takes awhile to lvl up a unit. i have many heroes that i do not use anymore and it would be nice to get that mats back
Wonderful homage to Fist of the North Star and fun to play! I never had to spend any real money and have a great time with building my team, doing ranked fights and joining all sorts of group events and activites! Love it!
Is there a way to give negative stars? Story mode isn't complete. KUMITE uses too many NPCs and again NOT playable by the player. AI used in these are complete trash! Being a VIP is meaningless as nothing is given as a reward, you have to buy everything. Game is a Cash Grab. Game is a bad joke as Sega has merged servers. Dojo is no longer even worth playing as Sega has thrown 10 servers worth of players together & pay to play players are unbeatable.
Extremely addictive and a lot of fun! I love turn based RPGs and Fist of the North Star so this is a perfect combination!
Hi So Today i spent almost 5k to get katsumi kenshiro and upsets me because the pull rates are so poor and did not pull him with all those gems ive been on this game since day day now the games everyday is so dissapointing i dont even fell like playing any more thats why om not giving it a good rating
Game has been spoiled. SEGA no more care about what players would expect, but they only care about scrap more cash from players by introducing all those collaboration events and fighters which are seriously spoiling game experience and breaking fighter balance. I changed my rating from 5 to 1 and unless they focus on original story, this game will not stay long.
Link with social media dosen't work lost a year of progress 😢 edit game is soft locked and constantly crashes on story to the point i can no longer make progress.
Uff.. I like this game but recently was unplayable. The game continue to crash for every battle, infinite try to play the trials of nanto, crash every time I want to complete a single dojo fight and now, at level 80 I can't play story missions and clash without crash 450 times. I hope to reach the developers of FotNS for update and OPTIMIZE the performance of this app. Thanks.
this is game is so generous, and plus really2 follow the manga and anime, the graphic can be setup so even medium hand phone can play it. control is so nice and for attribute is not to complicated, keep making cross event that would be nice.
This game is very cool, and well made. The graphics are also insane tbh. I love it. And the gacha rates are not that bad, plus they are very generous to give you currency!
Had game before Ken 7 stars but lost account starting over but always a fun game! Third time's a charm hope I don't lose account having a lot of fun!
So far im enjoying it its fun simple and theres lots to do its f2p friendly or atleast for me but i spend money in gachas and for people who spend money rejoice it has a vip system so if you do wanna spend money they look out for you big time
This game like always gacha rate still sucks after update! I spent many gems & very very hard to got fighters. This is ridicilious. Maybe I will unistall this game 😑👎
DO NOT BOTHER I liked the anime so I decided to pick this up. I find out that this is another soulless, pay-to-win gacha game. And guess what: there's no content. People are dumping 100s of $ just to compete in either banal PvP modes or unlocking characters. Yeah, you have to compete to unlock characters. I can't fit everything wrong with this game in 500 characters. The drop rates are garbage, literally less than 0.05% per pull. The in-game currency is EXPENSIVE (400 gems = 1 pull = ~$5) lol...
Best RPG, gameplay awesome, bring old memories with good storyline. Needs more for dev to keep me playing for long runs,cross fingers. Achooo.... Hora hora horaaaa..... Edit: I just throw some money because team dev it's excellent. With regularly update and event, now with 1st cross over. Hopefully will keep update benefits for VIP, cause I love to support this game by upgrade VIP.. It's not pay 2 win, it's just fair playing. Just download and buy VIP if you can to show your support 😉
I'm loving this game very much but the drop rate is too fxxking low, you must collect and save gems for two fxxking months for one fxxking gacha event.
its a fun game wish i kept on playing i do who the dev allow as to reset our heros one day or give more stamina takes awhile to lvl up a unit
FOTNS is a great series and this game does it no justice. Dumps on F2P player, events purposely made short with high gem resources needed to get you to spend money. Whales have chased players out of the game so servers are barren. Gacha games like these are a plague, whales make it worse. My suggestion, play FF Dissidia Opera Omnia, they treat all their players equally, it's the best gacha game out there. Plus a really great community and lots of helpful active players. Avoid FOTNS if your F2P.
Didn't know this game existed. So far enjoying the narration of the story with the manga panels, animations and graphics of the characters. The rates are pretty good as well. Good stuff. I'd recommend advertising this game more.
Very cool game, graphics were better than expected. Definitely brings back meomeries of this old anime. Keep it up!!!
As a fan of the series, this game is way better than other gachas! A decent amount of beginner helps, cool characters, and great art! I hope this game keeps on burning!
So far its a solid game earning a high 3. Would maybe be higher but I've been prompted 7 times since starting to play in 50 minutes.
What's wrong this you!? Already over 2 GB and another 3 GB to download??????? Only 59 servers still no new one??????????????????????????? Game is alredy dead great job!!!!!
Great fan game! Lots to do... Actually free and easily playable wether you pay to play or not. Now with guest characters thanks to SEGA...much better than I expected.
As a fan of the series, I really enjoy it. There's plenty to do each day, although the grind gets more significant as you reach high levels. It is super pay-to-win though. Your XP is tied 1:1 to your stamina, which you're encouraged to spend money refilling every day. The more money you spend, the more stamina you can get, the stronger you'll become compared to everyone else. It's not truly necessary but you'll be beneath the other players for sure if you aren't spending.
It's a great game, probably the best one I've ever played on mobile, but the recent server merger has spoiled a lot. The Dojo and Kumite are packed with people who've spent serious money on the game and are at the level cap. There's a huge imbalance. Does it deserve 1 or 2 stars though? Absolutely not.
Would love to give 5 star review but the game won't update and I've never had this problem my wifi is perfectly fine will change to a 5 star once the issue is resolved the update will be stuck on 100 percent and restarting won't fix it
Amazing Game. Had an issue where i lost pretty much all info on my account. With persistence and patience i was able to retrieve it. Thanks to the great support team. If you're a fan of the Anime and or just looking for a crazy sick fun game. This is for you.
Very good game. It's a lot of fun and looks fantastic! Only thing I noticed is that it is quite a bit of lag but other than that, it's great! Love you Sega, keep up the good work!!
Nice graphics which reminds me of the comic era >> I reached the current max level and my team power of 930116 but yet I cannot clear level 52-2 of Conquerer Towner, if there a bug?
Really disliking the decision to merge the first servers. They're already packed, and the ranked gachas are impossible now unless you pour so much money into it. Please revert.
I can't pass dojo tutorial,i keep on getting connection error everytime i tried to clear dojo tutorial. Please fix it
Is all good until the recent merger of server which is greatly unfair by putting all those player with high power in dojo, don't bother to play is a total waste of time powercreep game with unbalance system in place
The story mode is told in a great way, not boring walls of text like other mobile games. The QoL features in this game like the convenience of how you do quest skips are the best I've seen in a mobile game.
Best I've played in a while. Engaging, lots of varied campaigns and objectives. And great gameplay, artwork and storyline. Best mobile tribute to the Hokuto saga
Just loving this game so much so far.. I'm almost 40 and this game takes me back to my fifth or sixth grade..
Absolutely love the narrator. The energy in the game is a blast and combat is not just tap tap, which makes it not boring
Thank the legendary savior this game exists. Manliest game . Takes a bite outta the storage full install. Bit laggy /sound syncing issues recommended settings. Hell yes 5 *s.
Game Switched to Completely Pay 2 Win, and give you close to nothing to catch up or be in equal ground, they made lots of changes which were all horrible and confusing, going to a new gacha game is dead.
Fun, nostalgic, and easy to play. I wish the developers would better optimize the game for weaker/budget phones, so everyone could enjoy it. Also, finding scrolls to enhance special moves is way too difficult. There's a whole portion of the game that can't be experienced because nobody can get the scrolls for their toons.
Gave a 5 star because of these events. It's very nice to finally have good graphic fighting character together. Hope for them to bring Tekken or King of fighter to thus game plus more events the better. Keep up the good work.
Game was great when it first came. Now that a year has past and a lot of characters have been released and two crossovers which were very cool. The power creep of every new character that comes out is more OP than the last. Makes the game and certain events not enjoyable.
Always love the show and manga, they many games for this i would put this as my 2nd favorite version.