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Fishing Paradiso

Fishing Paradiso for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Odencat located at Minami Aoyama 3-1-30 Avex Building Coworking Space "avexEYE", Minato ku, Tokyo. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Look, birds are my favourite type of animal, yet I have never come across a more annoying creature than that tiny bothersome blue bird. It's like it contains the spirit of a 10 year old boy who has watched too many adult cartoons. The dialogue is childish and poorly translated. The game itself is a little easy but relaxing and cute graphics. The ads arent very intrusive. I'd give it another star if I could send the bird to hell.
The game is fun, i just hate that you have to wait for a refill. Besides that, its fun! also i wish we could customize the character or maybe we can and I'm early
aaa i really love the bgm in this game, when there aren't any fish that my 'friends' requested to catch, I'm willing to wait a few minutes for them to appear just because the bgm is so calming and I could listen to them alll day > <
Its a beautiful compelling story. Not everyone will find it as compelling as I do as each person connects to different themes. I haven't finished the game yet but I am enjoying it. Its fun and relaxing, don't have to wait more than a few minutes to get more bait, and the upgrade system is very fair. Thematically, this is about friendship, selflessness, death and life after death, and trauma. There is probably more but I am not even half way done. This made me want to play their other games.
This is such a fun and cute game! I am still playing it even though I already finished the main plot. I downloaded this game because I felt it's not too time demanding and I'm not wrong. Best of all, it doesn't take too much storage space in my phone(I'm super low on storage 🙃). I would suggest adding a mini game in order to gain worms a little faster than waiting for 90 sec for 1 worm. Overall, I really enjoyed this game. Thank you Odencat! ❤
This is such a great game! I've played four of odencat's games now and every one of them have had great mechanics, great graphics, and great gameplay! Keep making things y'all, it's really going well.
It was one of the best mobile game i have ever played. Fantastic story. The way the devs combined the story with the story was really cool.
Entertaining and engaging. Worm refresh is a little to slow and try to push unlimited bait / no ads for $5. There needs to be either a cut line button to skip out on unwanted fish or a way to get your quest / side objective easier like bait bag or etc. Also the introduction though a good story and linking thier previous game is ridiculously long. 20 or so minutes of listening to 8bit text is draining.
it is a joy to play and is a great little game with easy to use gameplay and an actually interesting story, the idea of heaven in this is one that doesnt fallow suite with the cliche over the top perfect paradise but a place that you can actually and be whoever you want and in this case, you want to be a fisherman. i also like how heaven has some flaws to it and a rocky relationship with hell, all in all a great game, one complaint i have is i have to wait for bait, but i can look past that.
To say this game is phenominal would be an understatement. The game mechanics are fun and pretty simple, but what makes this game stand out is the story and character detail. Can't wait for the June update hinted at in game! :)
I like the story, I loved Bear's Restaurant. The game sometimes freezes and chrashes. I thought it was the ads but I am not sure now. I thought it was worse with the ad that looked like Mobile Ledgends or something similar. To be honest I just close out the game and reopen it. Bear's restaurant played better, I am in the ending of it. Thank you for listening. I hope it isn't hard to fix.
ohmygoshohmygosh someone help! The music in the level where you are fishing for sapphire terra! Please put that on youtube or something. It's amazing. The chord changes make my eyebrows raise and have a stank face every single time!
I really like this app but I purchased to be a gold member and then it didn't give it to me. If it did I would change my rating to 5 stars.
I thoroughly enjoy this game! However I can't continue onwards - after using an ad for the coin chance event, it won't let me complete any missions. It simply freezes wihh "Coin Chance has ended..." and will not let me move forward. Is there any fix to this? Trying to start over doesn't work.
Truly a amazing game. The story line is amazing and the fishing experience is awesome. No ads which is awesome and it is the best fishing game I have ever played
Overall fun. Cool concept for the fishing and a nice hint of mystery with the plot line. Looking forward to a plot twist in the future. Not too many ads and ads when you actually want them. Game is quite repetitive but it is fun to play due to the concept of fishing and the interesting plotline.
This little fishing game is not only a great fishing game with awesome mechanics, but it has an amazing story. I finally beat it and I teared up at the end!
I am honestly LOVING this game! The story is funny but all the characters backstories are somehow sad. I like how we become friends with everyone(except the antagonist). 5 star all the way!!
Simple and casual game with a nice storyline. But the forced ads each time we enter the game is a turn off and so annoying. Its felt like they force (hard sell) to use money to remove the ads. I dont think thats a wise decision, theres a lot better game that are free and dont force ads, ofcoz they give u something if you are willing to watch it (this game also have it) but force ads is a nay.
Spent quite a while playing and got to the main quest line of hell b and level 10+ in all skills, game locked me inside of a failed screen, force close and open to the failed screen. True clearing cache and uninstall reinstall nothing worked so tried clearing data well the only saved data is on your phone so everything reset. Not going through weeks of play through again to get back to where I was. Fun while it lasted though
Amazing game i like games withe this kind of graphics every thing is nice although i just downloaded it. But i have a problem soo when u go to your smartphone and click to go to the jungle nothing happens i have to go and catch five healing fish. I think its a bug pls fix this issue. Overall nice game. Please reply as well thank you
Not super long but as most Odencat games, a sweet and unique game with some nice graphics, dialogue and characters.
This game is super fun. Most wholesome game I've played. Adore the artstyle and story! Very well-done
It has a very cute pixelart aesthetic, which is what drew me in in the first place. The concept of the game is a bit weird but after you play for a while and get immersed you stop questioning it. It can be a bit AD crazy at times However. You can watch to double the coins you get for 2 minutes, but you'll quickly run out of bait and have to watch an AD to recover it. Then you complete a quest and go to the next area but then an AD loads. If you can get past that, I would reccomend it.
It's a lovely game, but it has a lot of bugs. The game and story are lovely, The characters are all interesting and the game itself isn't too dependant on the story. You can skip all the story and still enjoy the game, the game mechanics are really nice. My main problem is that on some devices the audio and video have a lot of bugs. The audio clips in and out quite often, and in cutscenes the screen sometimes goes completely black. A patch on the bugs would make this a 5 star game.
It kept crashing after the god fish sent out the hopes and dreams😐. But otherwise it's a great game, beautiful music, easy gameplay, good story and really well done 8bit!
One of the best games I've ever played. In some ways I found it similar to SDV, however I think that's a good thing. 1 problem: Gets visibly boring and repetitive after the part 1
Pre-registered for this app because Daigo Studios is always a win. Storyline is compelling, but you can take your time before completing main quests. Fish collection is relatively easy to do, and fishbites ( tries ) only take 18 minutes to restore fully. To unlock some features, you need to pay but it's pretty affordable. I reccomend playing Bear's Restaurant, since some characters there reappear here. This is a relaxing, addicting, and beautiful game all in all. A good install.
it's an really amazing game, i thought it was going to be just about catching some fish and selling but it is much much much more than that!!!
Overall fantastic game. Adorable art style, the story has me hooked. Not long on the wait times for refills of bait. fantastic.
a nice calming game. and you can choose to watch an ad. they dont just randomly pop up. a nice story to
I thoroughly enjoyed the music and story as the music easily calms my stress whenever I listen to it, and the fishing mechanics aren't hard to grasp at all. All in all, it makes the fishing experience very enjoyable. I also appreciate the fact that this game does not have any pay-to-win mechanics, all in-app purchases are optional and are mainly for cosmetic changes. I also love how every character has their own personality and how you can get to know them better. Keep up the great work devs!
Nice story, great game. Although ads pop up sometimes it's not that irritating. Whoever made this, thumbs up for them.
Normally, I don't pay to remove ads, but the developers won my heart with such a delightful game. So far, I'm enjoying the stress-free fishing and story. This game isn't a clone of others or a lazy cash grab. Thank you for making something unique and fun!
Disappointed yet again with a ordinary forced to watch ads game.It gives you non skipable ads that give you nothing.And things like"oh you've lost bait want to watch a 30 sec ad" that shows an another forced to watch ads game?The cycle of these terrible games would never stop.
Is there really a way to say how much i love this game? The style, the colors, the characters, the simple gameplay... I fell in love with all of it. Im almost scared of completing the main quests because i dont want the game to be over. Not only is this a great story, but its also the most relaxing fishing game there is. You can't beat fishing in the milky way. Not with those graphics.
This game is amazing, i thought it would be a mindless fishing game but it has a nice story, some, great characters, and beautiful art.
It's a really cute game and the difficulty of fishing is good, not so hard to not get any but hard enough to keep you playing and upgrading your abilities, i thought at the beginning that it was just going to be about fishing but the story is surprisingly amazing, and nothing I've seen before, I'm very thankful to the developers to make such game ♥️
When I first started playing this game it ran great, few ads unless you clicked on something that was outright stated to open an ad, then when I tried to play this time after the update, an ad showed up when I was moving between areas and now I am locked on a black screen that infinitely plays the cromebook ad even after I closed the game completely.
Very nice, relaxing game. Extensive story and fun for completionists. The creator clearly put a lot of time and effort into it. I would highly recommend it.
It is not just a fishing game. Game has a wonderful story also. I have been spending lots of time in this game and it gaves me curiosity and fun a lot. I appreciate that and thanks to you. I have been looking for new career path since 6 months and trying to get a development job. I was thinking could I develope a game . And this game gave me hope that I can create a game like that in the future. Thanks to you:)
I reaaaally love the story plot & the animations in this game. It's a great game to use on relieving stress & anxiety but I hope you can add more places and an option for the character too..
HOLY TITBALLS, YALL! I LOVE THIS GAME! You can literally play for hours without having to pay for anything. I love this game so much though that I decided to become a Gold member. They have thought about everything and it is AMAZTASTIC!!!
Great game, i love it. I will give u 5 stars if this game can connect google play or facebook. anything relate to cloud save. I accidentally uninstall this game, then i must play from beginning:(
Great game yet published by greedy developer. ADS ANYWHERE even changing from base to skyphone. A cashcow game that doesnt even let a tiny chance to make fortune in game feature. Uninstall it guys!!
Just finished the game, It's very good because no need to spend money (but can if u want to help the devs). Nice story line and simple game.
I... there is no reason a mobile game should be this good. Might be the best storyline I have ever played, mobile or not. The game is relaxing and so so wholesome. Please download it...
One of the best mobile games I've ever played. The prices (for infinite bait, no ads, etc.) are extremely fair and maybe even a bit too cheap. I appreciate all the work on the game and also thank you for making it affordable to help the developer even for people in third world countries. Keep up the amazing work.
Not for me. Seems like a child wrote the dialogue for other children, or it's just been weirdly translated, not sure. Also, the ever present ad at the bottom for Facebook is offputting. Facebook is toxic and dying, no need to advertise it.
I love it! The story was amazing, got goose pumps from it. It could have been longer but I like the way the game doesn't end after you complete the story.
Has great potential but the tutorial is so long and repetitive that I couldn't put up with it long enough to actually play the game. Stop railroading what we do please!
takes a while to complete but that extra time is what serves as a great tool for the sweet memories it gives
What a good game! Good music(it reminds me PS1 game ost),story (somehow it's funny),its fishing game is very addictive.
This game is amazing! Whoever wrote the music is a genius, and I love all the characters and places. Thank you OdenCat for creating another masterpiece. I love games animated this way.
good gameplay loop,good music,good art, if you are patient the gameplay is really fun and rewarding ,getting to know your friends and the fishing part is fun,if you are on the impatient side i would sugest purchasing the ad free version,IMO its worth it
Cute fishing game! Catch fish, make money, upgrade fishing tools and stats, build houses, do quests! This game is a hook line sinker for me! love it.
That did the trick. Thank you for being the first dev to ever actually try to help with an issue. Updated to 5 stars now that I can actually play.
I've been waiting for this game for months, and it doesn't disappoint! if i could make a small suggestion, though, Daigo, could you label the locations on the map? I can't tell where I'm traveling to...
EXCELLENT game. Full of meaning and just the right blend between subtle instruction and fun times. Highly recommend!
Cute game, nice visuals, chill music; however it freezes anytime it tries to transition, can't get past the first mission because it freezes too often
Already pretty impressed with this game, the devs dont use bots to reply to reviews, and thats awesome! Nice cute little game.
Good idea, awful execution! Way too many ads and they distract from the alright game. And reading all of the text got boring really fast. But if you like reading this is the game for you.
i iust started playing this and i love it! it has such lovely pixel art, and an interesting story so far. controls are nice and functional. and the adds aren't overbearing. tho you can bypass adds if you have the money for it. i appreciate the free option!
This has been one of the BEST mobile games I have ever played! Just when you think it's over, you still have a bit more story! I am going to have to download the other games under this developer because they are just amazingly put together. I hope you keep up the great work and continue to put more games out there!
I've played through a few of Daigo's games at this point. All of them just ooze quality and personality, and this one is no exception. This is a charming little fishing game with a story, as well as great characters. Don't be scared away by the fact that there ard ads and IAP, this is a *free* game, just like the others from this dev. the IAP are just for removing ads, extra content, and optional support of the dev. I'm a proud platinum sponsor. Look for RychschaX in the credits :)
Good game. Good story. Don't buy the ad removal. As soon as you do the game shifts down to get rid of the banner and your constantly hitting your home button because the cast reel button is so low and small.
Thank you for the beautiful pixel game as usual! The graphic is really great to enjoy, + great gameplay, story & characters. Also I really like the new update that differentiates the fishes for the quests!! The fishing baits are easily obtainable with short waiting times / via ads too. My only complain would be when screenshoting via phone the game would crash ( I know there's a screenshot button in-game but it's faster to use the phone lol) & I rly want to know more about the protag's past!! ><
One of the best story games I've played in a long time. The ads were minimal and the gameplay was relaxing and enjoyable. The game never got too grindy, as is the case with many other games in the endgame. I rarely give reviews to games but this had to be an exception. Truly a phenomenal game.
Great game. Love the Isekai theme here. Simple enough to play, great for wasting time. It's great seeing how the developer spent much effort to reply a 1 star reviews, so here we go a 5 star and some donation.
This game is so heartwarming and charming. Odencat makes amazing games, with soothing music and touching stories. This is one of my favourite phone games I have ever played.
I expected cute game to pass the time. I didn't expect the therapy session. Sometimes it feels good to be understood even from fictional character hahaha.
I love this dev and I love this new game, but I do have a complaint. I always donate money to the dev team because I appreciate what they do. This normally has the bonus of removing ads and banners. I decided to up my usual donation and do the platinum ranking, but I still have ads and banners. After some investigating, I saw that there is apparently a package that removes said things for around $6. I guess I should have saved myself five bucks.
It's a great game only gets 4 stars because I bought the no ads and I'm still getting ads to use the double coin boost. I played for no ads so it feels like I got scammed a bit.
Repetative but fun for 5 min sessions. Just it has SO MANY ADS. On screen ads, ads while playing, every mechanic is tied to an ad other than casting the line.
I love this sweet game! So relaxing to play & easy to work through. Both getting bait and upgrading fishing skills is easy & helps playability. Only bad thing is I can't proceed the game, stuck on the quest for 3Sho-gun Pirarucu for Johnny- I can't Summon fish through birdy, it says there are no available ads & to wait while connecting to the internet, but I already am & can watch other ads for bait. No other quests either, I'm going to reset & give it a second chance, its definitely worth it!🌞
So far very fun, the fishing is simple and easy but an enjoyable feedback loop of getting fish and upgrading gear. For the maximum enjoyment please play Bear's Restaurant first so you know the characters, both games are amazing
you will permanently stuck on loading, thia happen when you open the game for the first time. re-open the game seems fix this problem.
Very cute pixel game that's very relaxing and surprisingly engaging storyline. It's a game about heaven so side characters have very interesting past lives as humans as well as your characters story as well. Overall a visually pleasing game. I'd consider being a sponsor if I wasn't broke.
Great game for relaxing with an in depth story, therapeutic music, and cute pixel graphics. The ads are a little pushy but still dealable.
i honestly love this game so much. it's helped me with my anxiety and it's so fun, sweet and lovely. I 1000% recommend it!
It's a nice enough game, but I would not call it an rpg. This is a visual novel with a mini game. It never lets you off the rails. But it's a cute visual novel!
Wheres the Carptner? More than in the jungle would be nice to advance the game. 2 days fishing in the jungle and still dont have my home. What do i need to do to find the stupid carptner to build my home.
Such an adorable game with nice storyline.. but i was expecting moreeeeee. I dint want it to end. I wish you continued the story and added more worlds init.
Thabk you for yet another wonderful game! This is both relaxing and engaging, and for those who have played your masterpiece Bear's Restaurant, it has many characters that will bring you back to the enjoyment of that game. I cannot wait to see another game by your studio, I will surely buy it as well!
Good concept and story, but 2 stars for those ads that pops out randomly, had to wait for 30s and got nothing. My suggestion is to at least fill up the baits for those random ads, just leave it there for nothing.
So much more to this game than when it meets the eye, although there are ads it's not overwhelming. A really good game with a good story, knowing that everyone you meet there are all dead in the real world just adds to the story.
magnificent game, simple and easy. its cute too, the story is not so bad other than its short, i beat the game pretty fast so no purchases needed. i have no complaints at all, excellent work.
What a wonderful story this game has! It is touching and very intriguing. The simple gameplay and visual are also great. Two thumbs up!
Game has good lore, interesting characters and mechanics easy to get used to. Overall amazing game! I recomand you play this game.
The story was entertaining ,funny and overall great ,but the last page of the list of friends felt a little bit rushed.( except for the last one because I'm still doing his requests). The bait refilling take a little bit more time so it's a bit annoying ,but that what I get for playing for free.so its okay. Good job oden cat keep up the good work :D
Five starsssssss These game is amazing it will show you the Real life is now,And so much adventure Its so fun to play this game and for real I'm addicted to these game,So much Help/favour to do ahhhhhh so Exiting And like finding what is the meaning Of life😊😊
If I'd had a clear picture of what this game was about before I started I wouldn't have tried it. But it is a really enjoyable game. It's not meant to be a realistic fishing simulator so much as a story driven fantasy adventure. As the world opens up you make more friends and take on their fishing related quests. You gain money which can be used to level up different aspects of your character. The characters are cute and quirky and strangely compelling. Ads are non obtrusive. A fun experience!
This is to damn cute i love this game and I can't stop playing it im 32 years old and games like this im not to happy about. But this one is great. Great work guys keep up the good work. 5 🌟 all damn day
I love the storyline, art style and how everything is just a casual gameplay. Havent been this invested in a game for awhile. The main idea of the game which is fishing isn't even hard at all. Everything is so easy to upgrade as well which makes the quest doable. Super nice that you can even decorate your home and stuff. Wish theres a menu in the skyphone for the main and sub quests all listed down though. But who knows! Hopefully it'll be added. More power to this game and the devs!
I absolutely adore this game. It reminds me alot of stardew valley. One feature I would love is an option to have an aquarium in your house. So the extra hard fish u get you can show off in your home!
Hi this is pretty great for pretty much all of your games I love how I don't need to spend money or watch ads every second. I've been playing this for 2 months now and I decided to write this review. I recommend this game and all of your games to everyone. Have a good day
This game is incredible. Download this game ASAP it's so nice and calming isn't grindy and feels like a fishing based animal crossing. Art, soundtrack,story, and game play are flawless I am super strict with mobile games and normally delete in a few minutes this is the best mobile game I've played only 5 star review I have ever left just download it and thank me later.
look I'll be honest. this game is free but you should absolutely consider paying the £6 or whatever total to get infinite bait, no ads, and permanent double coins at the very least, because this game is so lovely, fun and relaxing, and the ads themselves aren't intrusive or annoying anyway, and this is a game clearly made with love and care. presentation, controls, music everything is top notch and wonderful! absolutely worth buying, rather than just playing for free!
this game gave my heart a hug, broke it then healed it again. I came in looking for a calm simple fishing game with nice visuals (which I definitely got) to getting caught up in the story that legit made me tear up. I may have sped through the game, finishing it (to 100%) in under a week but will probably restart just to get some of my favourite story beats again. I wish this game was longer because I love it so much. thanks for crafting such a great story!!
Charming and simple, but moving. Playing the other titles also gives you some sweet (but not at all necessary) context and backstory. 😍
It's always hard looking for a cute new addicting game in the play store to fall in love with and I finally found it here! The pixel art is colorful, I enjoy the music and the dialogue cute and juvenile. I am liking it so far.
what a sweet and heartfelt game. I encourage you all to see it through to the very end, and be sure you read everything. The creator clearly put a lot of heart into this game.
I really liked the idea of the game, but I can't read English very well (I'm writing this with the help of Google translator) so I stopped playing because the best of the game should be the story. In the future you want to add more languages to the game, like Portuguese (The language I speak), Spanish, French etc. If so would it be this year yet?
I absolutely adore this game. The charming characters and story are what make it stand out to me. Every character stands out and is unique from the rest, without being overly "quirky". (My favorite being Charon, I love him.) Everyone is loveable in their own way, and you get to know them more by doing fishing side quests for them. The main story is also charming, the end made my heart flutter from how sweet and wholesome it was. Gameplay is simple but fun. Great game, finished it in 5 days.
I love the game so much! I feel like all the characters have mysterious dark pasts, I just downloaded it and I can't keep my hands off my phone! Thank you so much for creating such game!
Nice little game. But... I can't seem to catch the ruby sword tail fish requested by Bianca. ??? They're never there... =(
Such a relaxing game to play, fun too! It is easy to accomplish things, and the game system itself doesn't feel too much repetitive because of the fishes and locations variety. What I also like is the wholesome story (main & side), they truly makes me wonder and push more to progress the story. Eventho I haven't managed to finish the game yet, it was a very nice experience overall. A suggestion tho: please make a save slot/account bind so user won't lose their data when the app is erased~ ^^
Suggest you to complete Bear's Restaurant story first. You'll FEEL more for some characters. As the game itself, GREAT. As many comments said the ads are fine and handiful. There's might be some problem for someone as I csn feel it too but it's not that big deal for me. Great job! I'll keep an eye on your next game!
I enjoy the contents in the game so far. I am hesitating in consideration of making donation however. The part that I love the most about the game is the soundtracks, a lot of old good ones but tweaked I can hear them in the lines )). Hoping for some further extra new contents, maybe boss fishing.
This game is one of the best games I've ever played. The only problem is that it lacks one of the most important feature for a game. Note that you need to grind in this game, not too much but for certain time you'll have to grind for upgrades. Sucks if one day something happened to your device and can't continue the game where you left off. I hope the devs will consider adding the features this game lacks. The game has alot of potential and a lot of people already loves it.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this game. It really sucks that it's over, but that's what I get for blasting through it. The more missions you do for your friends the more you learn about them. Really nice game. No clue why it's rated 3.9 stars, but I digress. Not gonna lie, starts off really slow until you get towards the jungle area. My favorite character is definitely your bird companion. Thanks for the awesome game!
The game is great overall. The gameplay is good, not just simple fishing with quests but with a whole story and character interactions too which makes it more immersive. Both the graphics and music fit the scenes very well. Vibrant on the lively, usual occassions and with fitting effects depending on the cutscenes. Ads are also not intrusive to the gameplay experience, which is great. Great job and congratulations for completing your new game!!
There no more to say, its fantastic. The storyline and stuff. Its just the best game for fishing. Highly recommended. 👍
I absolutely love this game! It's rare to find a full story game without it costing money or grinding endlessly for little reward. Very lovely game!
This game is a Charming little fishing RPG where you wake up in heaven and have to remember who you are and what happened in your life the fishing minigame is fun and Interactive and yet not too difficult at any point during the story I would highly recommend this game
great game!! a good story and delivered what promised, also has a old school feel with the 16bit graphs, the gameplay and the whole story itself!! i loved it
Love everything about this game. The adventures, the story line, how each character has different characteristics. I love it all. well except for the controls.. a bit. I'm used to a joystick but I will go through with the clicking to see through this story. Overall. This game is by far the best fishing game I've ever played.
I very much enjoy this game. Great time filler. I even bought the paid version. Story line a bit weird but the quests are cute. I only have to complain about one part of the game. Some people don't have unlimited worms to fish. When fishing for a quest item you should be able to have an inventory of what you caught while trying to catch the correct fish. I mean, if someone is going to give you their time and money to play this, they should be able to create a good supply of fish...
A sweet little game that's even more fun if you've played the bear cafe one from the same company. It's relaxing with a good amount of story and many new characters to get attached to. The pixel art is so lovely I'd like to have many of them as a background or wallpaper for my phone! I would definitely recommend this game to friends. ^_^)b
I hit a wall with a lategame quest and don't really feel like doing the grinding but the story is so interesting I paid for ∞ bait early on. I definitely recommend it.
This games is unbelievably good, i have nothing to criticize about this game, even though the ads a quite annoying, i still volunteery watch them to support the game developer, but for now i can't do a sponsor since I'm a student on a tight budget. For the graphics, storyline, characters, and many more, i truly enjoyed it, this game also have many life lessons in it, which i really love, you guys became one of my favorite game developer i will definitely play more games of yours. Thank you ^^
Beautiful, thank you devs. Love the pixel art and gentle story.♥️ Could give some slight criticism on base game mechanics and interface, but nothing really worth mentioning in detail. 😁 Will look for other Odencat games now.
Once again, a really lovely and thoughtful game from Daigo full of cute characters and wholesome friendship. I cant recommend these games enough.
Yawn, still tapping through the pointless tutorial, forced ad for no reason makes me have to do it all over again because it sent me to the ad website. Yep, not tapping through it all over again to give a fair reveiw on gameplay, no point, game seemed boring and kids game. Sad that the game has to make players pay as soon as they open the game since they know most people won't stick around to play the boring game they scrapped together. Edit- Noticed fake 5 star reviews.
My stance is: Ads on TV are evil. Ads on youtube are NOW evil because of the frequency and because I know the guy who made the video doesn't get much. And on point: FORCED ads on mobile games are the most EVIL because unlike watching I'm actually using my hands and brain, I'm playing, I'm focused, I'm involved, I'm enjoying the game and all of a sudden I (frequently) get an ad slapped all over what I described. Why not implement JUST watch for rewards ads, like most successful games on here do?
It's a amazing game, but please fix the shop I can't buy anything there, every time I try a message of something got wrong and please check your internet connection is displayed, I really want to remove ads but I can't buy. When we have a fix i give a 5 ⭐
This is a cute and fun fishing game. The controls are simple and clean, and the leveling flows without the tedious grind.
The game is truly amazing but i have encountered even worse problems so im editing the review. When the tension, throw and all other fishing rod statistics reach lvl 7.. after that u just have to grind the game and play non stop because it all gets more expensive (like 3000 coins but 5x to have one level more) so bassicly i need 15.000 coins while each fish gives me 50 and the game literaly became a torture.. update, i found out that i captured 600 nessies and am still broke with money...
it is quite fun for me,the game is easy to understand,simple art style yet the game is full of interesting charaters
This game is just, wow, I cannot describe how amazing it is. The story line is amazing and well thought out, and the soundtrack is outstanding! I highly recommend this game if you want something entirely new to play. I decided to purchase a sponsor within the first 3 hours of having this game, not to mention getting "Bear's restaurant" quickly after I got this.
Good Game kinda feel Nostalgic even though It's my first time playing this game, maybe the overall aesthetic is giving me the old gaming nostalgia
This game was phenomenal. The story was touching and had me in tears a couple times. Combined with the beautiful music and relaxing game play, this has to be one of my favorite games by far.
I love it!! Really nice game with a good pacing. The story is interesting and the gameplay is not to hard. Interaction between the player and other characters is also cute. Also plenty of decorations for the house. Really nice game to pass time with and relaxing too
If I'm not mistaken, this is my first time to write a review in a game that i ever play. You did a great job dev! Such a good storyline, I can't predict the storyline of each character in the game. And the dialogues are great! Good graphic too! If you don't mind, I have a suggestion for you. The player walk speed is too fast, maybe you can consider to decrease the speed. Anw, I have finished the game. Is there will be an update on it?
This game is the right amount of cute and twisted. I like the idea of making the angel the villain. The only complaint I have is the story progression is a little too fast for me.
Dull and unoriginal. Also filled with awful unnecessary dialogue, and asks you to watch an ads all the time. Completely uninspired, not worth a download.
pretty good story so far. mechanics are nice and although it is a free game, it's definitely not cash grab, ads are fine and don't limit your gameplay. really well made!
This Is An Amazing App! I Just Started Now!! And I Already Have A Upgraded House! But- I Couldn't Rest Because Of All The Sub Quests, But I Really Reccomend Downloading This! I Have Downloaded Most Of OdenCats Games!, Like Snowman, Bears Restaurant And Stuff. I Really Love This Game Its So Entertaining!! 9999/10
THIS GAME IS FABULOUS , its from the rare games that i actually enjoy , you guys did amazing in this , i finished the game , not all of it i am still doing the contest for amiel , but i love the game alot , the graphics the story the music and the characters , the lands you fish in , you totally deserve more attention , i cant express how beautiful this game is , thank you so much for creating such a masterpeice
Very cute little game! I can tell a lot of heart went into it from the developers. The gameplay is basic but it's relaxing. The colors and music give a lovely atmosphere and it helps me chill. It has been my bedtime game for a bit now. Ads may get bothersome to people but they only interrupt gameplay if you choose them to. ( refill bait, use skill, etc. ) I happily gave a little money to overcome that inconvenience and support the devs. If you like cute pixel games, I recommend it!
English needs a bit of work, and I think that you are given far too little fish baits for the amount of fishing you have to do. I understand ads are necessary for revenue, but I've reached the rocket and having to watch an ad ever 15 baits is a little excessive.
I absolutely love the games this makes brings out. They are always heavily story based but with easy enough game mechanics. Always beautifully made and you can tell a lot of thought and love went into it's creation. I love this game specifically because I love fishing games and I like how you progress (getting a tent, then saving for a real home etc). Another brilliant game. Keep up the good work!! 💖
It is just nice and pleasant I would kinda opt you to buy it without adds just cause they are super annoying and if you get the bundle you get infinite bait (not a robot I swear) but I do enjoy the game because of how cute and sweet it is very calming and fun
its both calming and exciting, i care both about the story and the actual gaming aspect. its got a stardew valley vibe to it as well which just puts me at peace. im a happy little person.
This game is very enjoyable. The graphics are nice and the story is intriguing enough. I think the pacing is good. I think a useful feature to add is to show the requests you have when you are in the fishing area. I know the progress appears when you catch a fish but something like a quest log would be useful. I can see what other reviewers mean when they say there are a lot of ads. It can be a little off-putting. I think reducing it by a little would be great. Otherwise I cannot fault much, keep up the good work!
super cute and laid back. some typos here and there but it doesn't matter at all with the cute design, unique character and story design and the relaxing mechanics of the game.
its a good game and the story was also good its really enjoyable when you have patience and love to read a story
If you love a game that's chill and also tells a story, this game is perfect! Loved everything about this game; from the pixellated style to the stories and the different characters that we get to meet throughout the game. One thing I would say is that it can be quite annoying to wait for fish bait but other than that, it's amazing :D
ITS AMAZING!!! Itd not like other games, you dont need to wait for it to fill the baits your just need to watch an ad!! I love this game :D
I once uninstalled this game, cause storage. But now after reinstall it again, my before game doesn't save. How to take it back? Lag after double coins ads. Smh.
The only problem I have found so far is there is no settings menu so I have no way of turning off the haptic which I find really annoying on mobile games add an option to turn it off and you can have your 5 stars
So I'm at the point where you speak to the big fish again and the game crashes every time at the final dialogue. Can't continue playing which is a shame because I love the game
Story driven, but maybe it's just me, hard to follow. SPOILERS, I reached a milestone and the game turned into a huge grind, fish you need for quests don't necessarily show up. Otherwise the game is pretty average all around, nothing stands out positive or negative. I come back cast all my bait, then out it down for a week or two.
give rewards for ads if u want to slap me with it at least. I rather watch things that give me rewards than wasting my time
Worth a spin. this game is fun and simple yet challenging. The storyline is getting more and more intriguing as I go along. I'm anxious for a big reveal! keep up the great work
Funny stories, retro graphics, and simple gameplay got the stars. But that simple gameplay brings drawback which was grinding. Takes a lot of time just to know the afterstory.
really cute game, I paid for the full version expecting alot more but hey, it was worth the price. great job dev!
great game, but one thing is missing. Can you add google account or cloud saving? I promise, i will give you 5 stars
A very good game, but i think there should be fishing shop that sell fishing rods, better baits, etc.
5 star game! Never thought such free game could make me spend so much hours playing offline. The story's really heartful and wholesome! For me, the spotlight if the background music for being so soothing, calming and relaxing. Hope to know how to contact the music composer as I am really interested to have the piano partition for it :).
after I've played this game for a while this game felt not satisfied enough to continue but it's a cool game thought
Cute game, simple and mindless. It is a LOT of text though and the forced ads are annoying but not as bad as reviews lead me to believe. But I seem to be stuck. I have been to all the locations on my map many times and none of them highlight fish for my quest even though one has the quest marker. Only that one friend has a message. So now I just randomly fish and it is boring. But again, maybe this is my fault and I skipped past the instructions while going through all the text.
Hit me right at the kokoro :') this game is so good! I love the story, the graphics and I enjoy fishing. The best thing about it is it is available offline. Best time killer. And the ads are not that intrusive! I love it! ^^
I got really sad when there were no more tasks or friend requests like the game is just a game when theres no more intresting parts when i got to the end but this homie THIS is a work of art! Graphics amazing the storyline AMAZING the best part is you can get coins from friend requests AND earn more furniture!!
Amazing, but it usually freezes up until one of the bottom ads change, and it gets annoying. But either way, I love this game, it gave me the same vibe the older Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games gave me,
Very cool story. But you will need to pay to remove the time limit on how many times you can fish which then opens up the game.
A mobile game has no right to be this good. This is by far my favorite mobile game. Very little, and very reasonable in-game transactions, great plotline, addicting but not malicious mechanics. It feels like you're playing a ds or psp game instead of some sh*tty app on a phone.
It is a very fun game I really like it. The story was amazing the characters design were also very good and can't really explain how great this because this is my first time writing a review and english is not my native language but I do recommend that anyone of you reading this is review download this game it's a very good game and free too
this game is so good i tell you it's good and there's a lot of Reading and the dream of the big fish ok you should install this game there's not a lot of add that's what i like you do not need internet that's cool right??? well this game have's a lot of things and the music is cool install it know🤗🤗🤗😜😜
Decent story line tbh. I usually don't like these kinds of games but you don't have to spend money and can easily continuously play the game by watching an ad If you choose to. The game doesn't even force you to watch ads. Pretty good game to relax on and not get frustrated by having to wait hours or days to continue gameplay or get annoyed by constant ads
Would be a fun game but the fact that some features are behind a paywall is disappointing. Also sometimes you dont get any reward after watching an ad.
the gameplay, the character, the sense of humour in this game is just beautiful and fascinating. Love this game :))
It's quite adorable. BUT Touches on sensitive subjects so trigger warnings would be nice. I dont think small children should play this game given the true nature of the story lines.. kids should not play a game where all the characters have either died of tragedy or sui*ide... Also another disappointment is once you're done helping Nighty reconnect with cat. The game is practically done.!.. What's with thess short lived games?....
FINALLY!!! I finished the bloody game Twas a nice expirience to "grow side by side" the characters (in character development) and "explore" the paradise we were put in. Great game, a nice time killer, would recc for someone bored of games with minimalistic storylines This game has a big storyline and minimalistic gameplay, good job on this one
really fun and engaging game, although i have not solved the whole story line, i believe that it will be an interesting story like any other Daigo produced game!! in just sorry that i could not support the studio by making some donations!
Thank you for this game! Relaxing music, beautiful art and in-depth characters kept me going. I played through until the end over the past few days, and will anxiously await more! I got more than I deserved with this wonderful story, and became a platinum sponsor as well!
amazing game love the story and it's great for people who like fishing very entertaining literally basiclly no ads there is ads if you whant to get additional boosts but yeah love the game recommend to try it for a while
The game is really fun and pretty good for an app that's for free. The only thing that I don't like is that you have limited fish baits because you never have enough tickets and it's really annoying to watch ads every five minutes.
This is a breath of fresh air amid all those games that are copies of each others. Awesome work to everyone that worked on this. I love it.
Very fun relaxing game, with an easy useful fishing system, and very nice wholesome story. Another masterpiece from your company. Keep up the great work!!
I am loving this game. Great story, soundtrack and characters. Gameplay is fit for those who are patient and want to work up to a point like upgrading your house, or continuously fishing to complete quests. There are a lot of ads, and I am not willing to remove ads for this game as I am quite young. I am fine with a few ads but when there are almost an ad for every time a quest is finished it gets frustrating. so please reduce the amount of ads. I am NOT telling you to completely remove them.
I just finished the game. IT'S AMAZING. I finished it quickly like in 3 days??? Not boring at all, it's easy to play, and i love how every character have their own story. Though i'm still quite curious with the main character's past— but oh i love the whole story. Thank you sm for the developer.
support is wonderful. lost everything when I transferred from iPhone to Samsung. Reached out to support and they helped me out. I love this developer and all of their games.
I want to pay for stuff but the fact that this game doesn't allow you to sync an account on Google Playstore means all your data is saved locally on only 1 phone and it might be gone if you ever uninstall the game or changes phones. You have to start all over again, or even pay for the same stuff you already did. Dude it's 2021 why isn't this an option? I hope the dev can add save data to Playstore or some other social media accounts and I will gladly pay.
Good game with great pixel art. However it is KILLED by the low cap of bait. maybe I'm missing something but I can only play for 2 or 3 minutes at a time. That's why 3