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Fishing Fantasy - Catch Big Fish, Win Reward

Fishing Fantasy - Catch Big Fish, Win Reward for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Happy Drill Studio. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a terrible waste of time! The ads are glitchy, often making the app freeze and shut down. The cash rewards get smaller and rarer as you progress (25 cents in the first area, Hawaii, down to 3 cents in the third area, Sydney Australia). If you'd rather make your 10 cents an hour in cold hard coin, I can start a sweat shop really easy... Lol!
Loved the game, but knew the same thing was going to start happening like all the others I'm playing, as soon as you get to almost $10 you stop getting the bottles and now it keeps saying it's refreshing or something for the X3 section, I don't mind waiting just so long as I can withdraw when it reaches the $10, it says that how they pay whoever plays is from what they get for us watching the vids, I just hope it's not a con!! I don't really want to rate it but I can't post unless I do.
It was very joyfulness game ... please install it was very nice game I get money and some gifts .... Thank you
Honestly not the best, but not the worst. All of the reviews say they've played for months and got less than 10$, but I've played for 3 days and have 14$? Strange. My game is okay, just overflowing with ads. I would play without wifi, but if i did I wouldn't earn anything. Until I reach the 20$ cashout, this review might stay like this or get lower.
It's a great game to kill time, but once you hit max length and strength on the line and about 2 dollars from goal the payments go way down on the wallet. What comes after the whales? The book shows deeper fish but we can't get them. Kind off disappointing to not move forward. Also coins really build up. Maybe be able to trade a million coins for cash? Update...I guess the game maxes out at $9.80 and you need $10.00 to cash out. Very dissatisfying.
This is a fake game in ads u see this game with BIG cash yet this game u don't get anything All u get is token's I will play this for a week then after if I still see the same I'm deleting and then reporting for false advertising You guys need to stop your video ad as it's clear this is not the case
Brilliant so far. Great app pleased I downloaded, it really is a good app to have. Update more in a couple of weeks.
I love to fish!! This is a lot of fun, just started, so I'll keep playing, & see how it goes. I like that you only need $20 to cash out, & lots of gift cards to choose from. If it works out... You got my 5 stars plus!!!! UP DATE:. Why does it freeze up when I'm ready to claim any money? I'll play awhile longer, see what happens, I'll do the update, but for now it stays at 3 stars. Thanks
I like the game only one problem. Last time i played there was a bottle that had money in it that would go to playpal when you redeemed it. I reinstalled it and now there is no money bottle. I played to 200 thousand and it never appeared. Im going to uninstall it again and reinstall it in hopes that the bottle comes back. Otherwise ill have to be finished with it.
As you get lower, you get less cash in your bottles. It went from being high as .29 to .1 as you got lower. I have been stuck at $9.81 for a while now and maxed out on all. This game is a joke and it isn't even all that fun, I only played so I could see if they were as false as the other ones. Don't download this game, it is a fkn joke. I'm uninstalling but wanted to make sure I left my review, I only gave one star but really that is to much.
Fun to play just can't collect the money or the golden hook or the 3x your coins 90% of the time it keeps spinning and says "wait me for a moment" what kind of bull is that !!! and as soon as you push no thanks it pop's up the mother f in ad. I was able to collect $3.53 but was unable to collect a total of $6.96 add those together is $10.49. That just pissed me off so I'm uninstalling this game and advise others not to install because they don't care if they lie to you to get you to play.
Played for a year and as i got to certain amount needed couple bucks cash out they changed the cash out amount i deleted it started taking longer for money then only get 1- 2 cent very dissapointed would not recommend
When I first started playing I got $2 out of the $10 you need to cash out. I wasnt surprised that the amounts got smaller after that, but once I got to $9 it started giving me one or two cents each time I caught money instead of 10-15. This was annoying, and I decided to uninstall the app once I cashed out. Then I got to $9.80 and it stopped giving me anything at all. I played for several hours without getting a penny. Any good reviews of this app have been bought and paid for for sure.
I just started playing this game so I don't know how it's going to pay out because most of these people that have money on these things they never freaking pay out there always the same customers in the commercials on your phones the same ones yelling and screaming I 1 or 1 but it's a false thing on most of them I'd be lucky if this one is true or false thank you Kathy
Good game to start with, promises you can earn real money, let's you get close to the amount where you can withdraw and then the little cash in a bottle amounts get smaller and smaller then stop all together. I have wasted hundreds of hours playing this game and hundreds more watching stupid adverts in the hope of getting that magic £10 into my paypal account but nothing. My advice dont be a fool like me. Just dont bother with this game.
Great Game! I Love that we can choose cash or online orders, Especially since all this covid19 is happening
It was horrible never by this app I was playing and I tried to get money but when I tried to cash in it bring me to boat shop instead
So it has happened twice. Once for 32 cents and a second for 39 cents. It tells me video not ready and doesnt pay me. I only started to play this game today. The pay amount are not very much or often enough considering the cash out amounts required. If it keeps not allowing me to save the cash then im uninstalling.
I do like this app hence why I've given it 4*s. I would of given it 5*s but unfortunately there's a couple of things on here in which I do not get. Firstly, it keeps saying on the screen " The deeper the ocean, the more cash you win, I couldn't disagree more. I'm up to the 720 m but still getting cash worth only $ 0.02-$0.04. Really disappointed in this as it's complete lies. Secondly, I can't seem to unlock the one after Thailand, depth is maximum but it won't unlock.
Played for months and it gets to $94 and it gives you a penny after you play a hundred casts it's getting ridiculous I really am disappointed I was really liking this game if you're going to give me a penny for 50 to a hundred cast that's ridiculous started out giving you fi5 cents 7 cents . now at end giving a penny. SO WRONG.so dont play this its a fake cant get past level four and doesnt give you money any more. Its a scam to get you to watch stupid ads.
A game that is a lot of fun to play for all age groups. Not sure about winning money as most games take you to just under the amount you can draw so I am very doubtful.
This game was fun at first it let me win money and it never produced money I lost interest in it very quickly
The game itself is ok but my first bottle I think I got around $1.20 and after that its .01 or at most .09. I am maxed out on the second to last island and for the life of me cant get to the last Island. So annoying! I have $9.04 and on the VERY RARE occasion that I get a bottle, it's a penny.... I'm definitely done playing this game. PS. Ease up on the ads 🙄
These games are the biggest waist of time. You get to where you are $20 & $25 dollars from cashing out and then you never win another penny. They should be sued for faults Advertisement.
Seriously a waste of, everything ....play for 5 hours for $.01 and have the game glitch out often not allowing me to x3 my reward or collect gold hooks, been playing 2-4 hours a day (I just had back surgery so I have a lot of free time) for 3 weeks and not even at $9.70 yet, with a $10 min cash out. I'll go until I reach $10 but then the game goes....so many 30 second ads per hr smh. I'd give a -star review if I could.
The developer of this program was told there was a problem in the awarding of points, coins and cash. Or as w you will boats, new fish and cash awards! The game developer doesn't want you to win delete and find a new game. After three months I got $4.98 cents. No big wins here. There are a lot listed but I don't believe bc what I don't see happen in person! Good luck! If you get a pic says free couns free under it says "preparing" at the bottom it will not go away you have to shut down 2 reset!
Overall good... EXCEPT the ads... The ads are false advertisement. I bought something and NEVER received it and when I went to ask... The site no longer existed! I bought reborn dolls over $150! These Google games need to be on the watch for who advertises on the game.
Check the Facebook page. You will never get to $10 in order to check out, once you get near $10 it slows down to approx 0.01 cent every 15 to 20 times you fish, once you have maxed all 3 available parts you basically have nothing left to do as it just repeats with adverts after you select any choice, so for one fishing trip you have to watch at least 5 adverts. Just a heads up, wish there were more real reviews.
I am also stuck at $9.80 at 780Max. Game is not moving forward. It has been a month and have not gotten any bottles, therefore I am giving 1 rating. Pls fix the game. I would be delighted to uninstall and be done if that is what you would prefer. Like all others I also think this is a scam. I know the developers make tons of money thru us being forced to watch all those ads over and over and over. Pls share some with us and lets us make our money since we are ones helping you make your money.
I like the game, but cant help but wonder when the game will start paying less and not allow advance.
Something happened to my phone that i had to reinstall the game but was so disappointed coz everything is back to zero. I tried playing it again for a time but fail to win any amount anymore.
Easy fun so far see if it's like all the other games when getting near to cash out amount and it stops working properly
Games alright but they promise you a cash out but you hardly get any money from or I play many of theese cash out games and not have a pay out on any of them
Seriously, don't bother. In the beginning you will catch bottles with $0.10 or so. Then as you progress closer to the $10.00, the game begins to freeze. I've lost several bottles due to the game freezing. With the words "WAIT ME FOR A MOMENT". Yes that's what it says. I'm at $9.66, and I don't think there will be a payout.
Honestly, in the beginning, I defended this app to my husband who said these were a scam. I thought it was fun. And yes, the thought of earning money while playing a game that I enjoyed was a huge selling point. It was awesome til I hit 9$. That was about two weeks ago. Since then, the game has become tedious. .01 per bottle, and no bottles in almost 90 pulls. And now this boss fight that isn't worth it at all. Sigh. This game is a waste now. Too bad.
In the advert to get me to get this game it made it look as if you win lots of cash every time. When in fact you only win small change after watching about ten adverts.. Don't bother it's a waste of time.
The game is fun. But when i first started playing it said cash out with paypal at $10.00 once i reached that amount it changed to $20.00. All in all you can play all you want but ur never going to cash out . the games are all fixed to make you think you will but there all just a waste of time.
Like everyone else the money jars got less and less and fewer, and the game opens randomly on its own. I was watching a movie and it just opened... That's not the only time. The game it's self is fun but the winning actual money I believe it's like a lot of other apps, you make close to the cash out amount and then they stop giving you anything.
Averaging about one penny per hour, maybe... What a joke. Do NOT RECOMMEND. Waste of time. Another day, another few pennies... I wouldn't waste your time going deeper, they lied when they said the rewards get larger, for cash anyway. They should offer 0 stars. I'll update about cashing out... Someday 😬🤦 YOU CAN FORGET CASHING OUT!!! IT'S A SCAM!!!!!!!
Been playing this about, so far I'm loving, just about every scratch or two, you get a few cents so we will see how it goes in the next couple of weeks because usually on most of these games you can never win more than a penny or so after you win a few dollars. We will see if you are just like all the other fake offers I like winning hundreds of dollars hahaha
All I needed was one more money vase but now they spawn under my hook so there is no possible way to grab it ever again. It's a stupid scam.
Before, I gave 5 stars, now 1. Why? 10 cents every 30 min play time but 30+ ads in same time. Win big my firmed buttox! The more you upgrade the less the win. 4 cents a bottle? After 15 min game play non stop? Played 30+ hours and made 8 bucks. You start game with 2 bucks. Would you work for 20 cents an hour? Big win my hiney! How much did they get paid for those approx 700 ads I had to watch? Betcha it's a heck of alot more than 8 bucks! Just like all the others, a waste of time! 4th island btw
Scam. Played for several months. Got close to £10 the minimum withdrawal. Then it stopped giving cash prizes. Now it's removed them. So, I'm removing the app. There is zero incentive to watch an extortionate amount of adds that ruin gameplay.
Game went well to begin with and overall is a pretty decent way to waste some time and take your mind off things. However I got to $9.81 pretty quickly and that's when everything went south. I've not seen a bottle in almost 2 weeks of play, I'm maxed out on all levels and have nowhere left to spend the money earnt from fishing and watching videos.
Game is relaxing BUT some of the ads crash the game. Twice I've caught a rare fish from Japan and the ad crashes the game so I don't get credit for it. Has also happened a few times with winning coins! Even more annoying is when fishing and an ad pops up while fishing!
I really like the game but after reading other reviews, I am skeptical about the payouts. So if it pays as it is suppose to and allows me to cash out, I will change my rating.
I have been playing for awhile and as of yesterday I was at 98.14 and today it won't even load the game. I worked hard and long to earn that money and now it as if the game will crash and I will get nothing. I was hoping to let everyone who gave bad reviews know if you pay hard that you can earn money. But it looks more like a scam just as the reviews say...I am homeless and really really needed the money I earned to fix my car.😥
I love fishing or jus being by water its so relaxing I have 2 massive turtle tanks and and 6 fish tanks all in all nice distraction during this difficult time and guaranteed to catch
I like the game but I can't unlock the last location says I need 780m to open but I'm at Max depth for previous location (780m), I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that you pass all the required steps to move to the last level and it still doesn't open up, it's B.S.
Read the bad comments given by others and can only agree. Happened to me too. Fun in the beginning & seemed will really give what they've promised. Alas, got lesser when reaching $18, only $ 0.01 after playing 40-60 mins. Was forced to see ads which were playing fine. Yet by time I get the $0.01 always failed to save it in the wallet for the ad failed to load. So you will never reach the $20 limit to collect the money you've fairly earned by watching the countless ads they gave.
Now, I've been @ $19.51 for a few months. By the time I actually reached $10 the cash out minimum changed to $20. Needless to say, I can't cash out anythg since I haven't gotten a single bottle for even a penny since. Funny, every game I've installed that "pays cash" has worked the same way.
I love this game, the fishing is fun, but when I got the $9.81 can't get any more bottles. I don't want to uninstall it because I will lose everything. They need to fix it. I keep going up but still no bottles. I don't know what to do about it. I thought if I could get something done with this. Please fix it soon. Now it is just starting up with out me starting it up. And my phone says that it is using my battery power. I am going to have to uninstall it. You are giving me no choice.
I've been playing this game for months. I believe it's a total SCAM! You have to watch countless hours of advertising for what? The $10.00 That you will never get!!!! The game drop down to only having .01cent in the bottle's after you hit around $8.00 It takes at least 50 casts to even get a money bottle and hours of your time. I'm sorry but if I ever actually get to the $10.00 mark and the game doesn't just crash and it actually pays me.. I will post another review. For now A SCAMMER GAME!
Once you reach $10, it sets back. I had 10.02, immediately was set back to 9.62. Then I gave it one more chance, hit 10.00, set back to 9.60. There are more ads than play time and zero return. If you enjoy watching ads for fun, this app is for you. Otherwise I suggest you steer clear.
Please do not trust any reviews higher than 1 star.... Played this game for 2 weeks now you get an endless amount of ads with no return for you as a player. It starts off giving you giving you $5 to hook you in thinking it's easy money. NOPE it's just what they do to keep watching their ads... The game isn't even fun the amount of ads that are shown just make you feel disgusted with the game. Please do not waste your time. This game should not even be in the app store...
Worst game ever .you must watch ads to collect points n save money in wallet . Wth. Just to collect basic points. Dont mind watching ads for the bonus points. I'm deleting wont ever download another game from this group . bye.
ABSOLUTE CON!!! When I started playing this game you needed $10 to cash out, now you need $100 which is basically impossible
Fun game.Pays more often than theother fishing games & better pays. We'll see though when I get close to cash out. Most of these games when you get close start paying only one cent. Hopefully this one is better.
I I downloaded this game 2 months ago and I've already made $100 I'm going to see how it's going to work in two more months how to see how much money I get
Hate that you have to watch an ad just to add money to your wallet as if watching ads isn't enough just to double your Rewards shouldn't have to do it for cash rewards
Sorry Fishing Fantasy, but your ads don't work. When I try to save money in my wallet, it won't work and now I'm stuck on $10.29 and my wifi is just fine.
Not as Described: Started off pretty good, however, the description states the further down you go, the more money. WRONG!!! I am down to the Whales and several times I have gotten 1 cent, 2 cents...ridiculous. I wish there was a way to only fish to the Sea Otters...at least the money was decent there. Over 100 species of rare fish to collect. * 5 fantasy fishing world to explore. FALSE!!! EVEN SENT FEEDBACK TO DEVELOPER..NO RESPONSE!! I DESPISE PEOPLE WHO FRAUD TO GET NOTICED.
Fun to play, making money is always fun as well. Good payouts , not those cheap .25 or .less payouts.
The game says the deeper you fish the more you earn.. so 0.49$ then 0.33 and 0.29 is not earning more.. liars... Also collect means collect not to an Advert.. and watch advert for extra does not mean redirect to play store... Misleading in many ways.. don't u have moral fibre at all ?????
Super rip off...starts out with "redeem at $10" then, when you get close to that it suddenly jumps and says you can only redeem at $20!!. Don't waste your time with this one!!
Game starts off giving larger size prize payouts (example .23) and dwindles down to a penny then it stopped giving any at all at $9.80 -- $10.00 is when you can actually receive the cash reward so it seems you can't get it. I wrote hoping they fix this and that it is not an intentional defrauding. 8/7/20 Nothing was fixed. Thumbs down.
Keeps showing video not ready. 8 times in a row. Can't get the prizes. Keeps showing check net connection. All other ads received. Just can't get the ones where I win something. Pretty sad.
I like the games but it says u need so much money to cash out but then u have to log in so many days that's deceiving ...
At first this game was fun. Only had to make $20.00 to cash out. Yea right!!! Im finding out that all these games are a JOKE! They are not going to pay you anything. So unless your just playing for fun, stay away from these games.
I like this game but as someone said these games will let u get so far than not give anything else. And show to many ads this is why I give these stars.
It's fun and all but you don't win the amount of money that stay for Trey in a commercial you have to build up to it and then they gave you like $0.32 and $2 and all that so then you can't cash out to like $100 or so something but it's fun
By the time you get to $9.00 you are at the top of how deep you can go and how many fish you can catch which is 54 by the way. You have to play at least 15 turns before bank bottle comes and when it does its only 1 cent or maybe 2. At this rate you would have to play hours on hours to ever cash out. Dont waste you time by downloading the game
This game is a fraud. If possible I will give it 0 star. I have been playing for over 2 weeks and in the beginning it payed decent amount, but as I have reached near $9 it started giving 1p or 2p and that is after watching adds for 15-20 minutes . After reading the other reviews I'm going to delete this app, as it does not let you make $10.
Several times I have caught the bottle but when I click collect, a message comes up to wait a moment but just sits there waiting and waiting...............! I've lost well over $1 which doesn't seem muck but when you are getting close to the $10 mark, it makes a difference. This is also happening with my coins as I try to multiply by 3. It's getting very aggravating.
Was great until I got to 9.80 (payout is 10.00) then the brakes came on hard. Haven't seen a bottle with cash in over 3 days and 70-80 casts. I do get coins but also locks up saying " wait me for a moment" and just sits there. I cannot get to antartica, says you need 780 million coins to get there well, i have over 3.7 BILLION!!! I guess they are afraid they have to give up 10 bucks SMH. IT IS GOING BYE BYE not going to play something I have no chance of winning, thanks for the false hope!!!!!!
This game was good at first but as soon as I got to 9.80 I stopped getting cash bottles, I want my 10 dollars I have more than earned it watching your crappy ads till I fell asleep with boredom. Dont bother putting this on they wont let you get anywhere near the 10 dollars they promise for watching their crappy ads. You are too busy making them money, what a big con!!!
you play for pennies if you get the ads to play if not you lose that money cause you can't add to your wallet. Game sucks not worth your time.
For fun it is GREAT..for cash...it is like trying to catch a whale at the headwaters of The Saint John River here in remote Maine...lol But it is a Very entertaining game I will keep just for the fun in it.
Diana Glass I play games that actually slowed down and only game penny when they were giving cash I hope this is not another fake game honestly
When i downloaded the game it says i can cash out at $20. Got up to 14.37 and now it's a $100 to cash out. I already knew it was fake, however, not my issue with game. I have maxed out on everything and it will not let me fish at the 780m island. Been able to for a month. What gives? I'm putting this game on my YouTube and Twitch channel as 2ThumbsWayDown. Moving on. Next, please.
The game use to let you earn real money, you just to wait till $10 to cash out. I was at $9.50 when the game decided to not pay users anymore. I would've liked it if it would have give me a chance to fish getting the 50 cents i needed. Game wise though its a good game. Art is really cute, the sound effects they added is great!
Game does not open last level; have reached the amout needed 2xs now & cannot proceed. Have reached max level so cannot go deeper into water; am in biggest boat... The $ amount for going deeper into water does NOT increase as notated in game - you might get $.01 - $.04 - PATHETIC!!!
So I've been playing for 8 months or more and I never got to $10 and now there is nothing that says what I have, it's like I never earned money and I am not happy at all. I have a few choice words for this game but I'll keep them to myself! THIS GAME IS A WAIST OF TIME!!!!!!
Man oh man, at the advertisements. The $$ doesn't add up as fast as the ads for this game make it seem nor, do you get a chance to "catch" money in a bottle very offen. Also, the closer and closer you get to $10.00 the less and less ¢hange (money in the bottle) you "catch". I haven't made it to ten dollars yet and am unsure how the "cashing out" process goes. However, the game is fun, kind of addicting.
It doesn't matter how long you play this game, it is fun until you stop making money. At around 5 dollars, it sends you bosses (giant fish that eat everything on your pole) and you dont even have a chance go get the money. This has happened 4 times in a row, and I have $5.11 racked up.
It was fun. NOTE* I PLAYED IT 1 1/2 YRS. AGO! lol. (Hope i wrote the correct disruption for the correct game lol) But i never got paid cause i stopped getting all my money when i caught fish. It stopped at a certain level. That was a long time ago. I know they've probably up graded it 3x by now! So i would say "try it" i loved it! .... then u can tell ME how it is now! & i might play again. 😁✌
I got to 99.99 so was so close to cashing out was on that for 3 months. No way to cash out. If like me or disabled and looking for a way to earn the money you have lost this game is NOT the way. I would give this game -100 iv uninstalled and advise not to waist your time. CON SCAM
Good so far but could pay more on the real cash on the bottles. It shouldnt tak 2 weeks to cash out the min. Because it only wants to pay 1 penny maybe 2 pennies ppl dont want to play very much
The fishing part isn't bad though there are better alternatives.if you're looking for a quick buck this game isn't for you. It starts out moving fine, .20 -.30 per bottle. But I've noticed that after every dollar the amount given is reduced by about half. At $5 the bottles are giving .07-.10 per bottle. And the bottles are uncommon. So it seems it would become .01 / bottle every 5-6 casts and you're only able to store 30. So it would be a long time before you hit that $10 mark to cash out.
I rated this game pretty highly at first. Now I would like to give my full honest opinion. When you first start the game and hook a bottle with money in it, you will get .24 - .28 cents. As the game goes on and you get close to the half way point to getting the $10 you need to get your money off, you will start to experience bottles with only .06 - .13 cents. This is really odd because the game says, the deeper you go is the more money you get. False advertisement.
Doesn't pay out, I got to 19.50 with only 50 cents more to get to cash out and the game stopped offering cents so I cannot get to 20 dollars, been playing 2 hrs with no luck, think it's a scam.
Well first you dont get the ad for the change you get maybe 1 out of 15 second when you try and get the tokens for the x3it will not get them all the time says thete is a connectio problem but when you hit collect guess what no connection prpblem anytime i get over 600 it goes into a problen but if i collect the 200 no prpblem funny huh
Welp so far I really really really enjoy playing this game. I just hope that when I get far enough along with this game. I'll actually be able to cash out. Unlike all other cash apps I have tried. They just all seem to be scams.
Not happy!!! I have had $1.67, $.48 , $.46 , $1.67 and $.42 . Every time I went to put it in my wallet it wouldn't let me . I could hit no thank you and continue playing and then get a smaller amount such as $.23 and would be able to put that in my wallet. Just don't feel like thats too fair