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Fishing Break - Addictive Fishing Game

Fishing Break - Addictive Fishing Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Fishing-B Games. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game sucks lol like for real just when i was about to reach $10 it stops giving me cash i was like $ 0.32 away.. i watched tons of ads and used so many energy still no cash lmao its been 2days now i was hoping i can reach atleast $10 but i guess it just wont let me.. scams! wasted so much efforts on playing this game it gives you like $0.04 every 10 or more energy hahahaha this sucks
Ive been playing this game for a week it is addictive, but it let me get my cash up to $9.57 and now for the last 4 days I haven't caught nor seen any money bottles so my money has been the same....I guess thats the catch with this game. Just to let you the game just got less addictive to me its on its way to the uninstall list. ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜  Completely wasted if my time.
can we give zero stars??? FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! dont download if trying to actually see if they will give you at least the 10$ minimum payout. cause i played a straight 21 hours non stop and got to 410 meters with $9.76 steady collecting of bottles and now nothing......not even a penny and almost gone another 100 meters down. not wasting anymore of my time, life, or birthday on these liars!
I started this game as a way of making a little extra money. I expected it to be riddled with ADs and I expected it to throttle at some point. At the start you will get the money bottle every couple rounds and they will have .10-.20. after $5 it will be maybe every 5 rounds with lots of .05 & .04 but some .10. then after grinding you reach $8-9 and it throws some .20 your way. then at $9.69 it stops giving you bottles. 90 rounds, no bottle. if you dont play for the money its an ok game.
An other one of those apps you play and the minute you are remotely close to getting close to cashing out, you stop seeing the cash bottles. Been stuck at 9.61/10.00 for awhile. In fact I've played a lot the last few days and not a single bottle. waste your time elsewhere unless you are that bored.
Worst app. I wish I could give this app -5 stars. Phone heats up when playing and to top it off, money bottle disappeared. Uninstalling immediately. I'll install some other app instead. Google Play store needs to do a better job at screening spam apps such as this one.
Why does not.... Show more cash in my many level I take... I didn't get the,. $10 Cash... What the heck... Oh... Pls. Can fixed this problem..
I changed my mind you only get one star. this game is horrible, my wife and I is playing this game and she has a PayPal wallet and when she gets 10 dollars she was supposed to collect. Well she got up to 9 dollars and 63 cents and they stopped giving her money and in the meantime I didn't get no wallet. where both at the last island. just a way to get people to play. Disgusting.
This game is a total SCAM!! I was stuck at $9.56 for TWO MONTHS and now the payment system has disappeared like it was never there! Total waste of time! DO NOT INSTALL!!
(Warning to all gamers) I Won $9.90 so close to redeem and woke up a day and it's gone after all the efforts of playing. this game is the joke. To people out there this game is not real in terms of cashing just so you know.
I have been playing fish break for the last 6 days without catching a money bottle. I got up to 9 dollars in my wallet then the money bottles stop coming. So I guess I'm playing to watch advertisements, because my points I'm accumalating do not go towards any gift card and the few cents stop coming.Also the people who are ranked #1 2 and 3 winning $40 must be a lie.
Got to $9.56 and the money bottles stopped. These games are very misleading. no money can be made. After all the ads I've watched, it ticks me off. NO STARS!!! It wouldn't even let me post a review without at least 1 star UGH!!!!!!
I enjoyed the game at first, catching bottle for cash rewards. The colorful fishes to catch is fun and challenging. My frustration is that the deeper you have your string the less you are able to catch the bottle cash reward. There is no settings to adjust the fishing pole string. I missed catching the cash reward bottle due my pole string is now set to 110 depth.and the bottle float at 60=80M. Still waiting to reach the 10$ min. to redeem my reward. Is there a how to button to play or guides?.
The closest I got to payout was almost 10 dollars but never did reach after playing for 6 weeks and then credits disappear when I reach max at all levels.
**PLAYER BEWARE!** This is a fun game for sure. But please be aware that the promise of getting paid cash is kinda sketchy. You can only claim your cash won when you hit $10. It takes a couple of weeks plus to reach that amout. What I am expetiencing, and I'm quessing most people are, is that when I reached a bit over $9 the cash bottles stopped showing up completely. I have been stuck on the same amojnt for 6 days now and I am beyond frustrated. I will be uninstalling this ASAP.
this game started out good and gave a quarter every time they put a money bottle out after a while it started only giving $0.04 so you had to play the game for a week to even get a dollar. I reached 9.66 today from that point I have not received the money bottle for over an hour. I recharged over 80 times without receiving a money bottle it's completely a scam it tries to get you addicted and they stop giving you money bottles so that you can never reach $10 to cash out on PayPal
Rating is a ZERO STARS.....Never received the money that the game use to issue out in the bottles.... I reached all the islands and caught all but 5 fish.... The game still never paid the winnings if $9.80 that I had..... I'm playing the game now and they took away the bottles of money that was in the previous game..... I will be deleting this game.
I was very excited to win a total of $9.51 in just 3 days! You can say I was hooked. Too good to be true, I guess. I played it for another week, about 22-23 more games, waiting for more bottles of cash to collect and win. I can't cash out until I reach $10 and just decided to uninstall it because I haven't won anything since and yet have to watch a 15 - 30 second commercial every cast which eats up my evenings.
Well I've gotten up to 9.72 and it stopped giving me money. This is the second fishing game that lets you get up close to $10 and then stops paying. I have played 2days with no $ offered. These games are a true disappointment.
I feel like the prizes earned or cashed earned on the game is very slow building . The caps are set high witch could take you months and alot of game hours I feel like you would have to be glued to your phone to get any kind of rewards.
This game is so frustrating. I fished all places on map & caught all the fish on the chart & got all money bottle same as other people.. Im only like 20 cents away from $10 to cash out. FYI, you can only redeem ur wallet when u reach $10. I played thousands times hoping that i will get the diff. not only they stop the money botttle they also took my wallet. Just a waste of time watching too many ads not getting anything back. Developer you owe me $10 +
After anything i did there were adds all over the place even as the game booted up thete were 3 adds i had to watch and if you clicked the X it would take you to the storw to gat the app in the add then it woul kick you out and you would have to do it all over again
NO NO NO. I wasn't out of tutorial mode, it hits me up for a 5โ˜† in order to proceed. Indeed I did. Hey, might as well give it a shot. Big mistake!!! I fished once and watched a boatload of ads. (No pun intended) I truly get the concept of ADs support the game/profits. But common, that's to much for any one trying this game for a 1st time. Even worse, I tried for another go at it. Well, wouldn't you know, another SHIP (T/P) full of! Good Luck to those whom gave stars.
I think it's complete B.S. that I'd gotten to 9.58$ and y'all stopped giving me money bottles. It took me days and days and days of playing to get it up that far only to not get any higher. I'm a disabled woman who is trying to make ends meet by playing these games only to find out that y'all don't actually let someone get to the ten dollar payoff. Something needs to change, and soon, or i will put it on Facebook that y'all do NOT payoff. This app sucks! I'm deleting it!
this app let's you get almost to the point of getting a payment then it hits the brick wall and nothing!!!!!!! don't waste your time, I'm extremely dissatisfied and disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a fun game but haven't seen a bottle in over 150 meters. Not enough bottles in the game where are the bottles hiding which level. I will quiting the game soon if I can't find one. I am 660 meters and still no bottles done all levels on last one. Where are the bottles is there actually anymore as I am not happy about playing a game that doesn't allow you to even get a ten dollars. I am 9 dollars and 52 cents. I think this game is a tease
This game sucks. You only get so far then you will not see any one cent or two cent bottles to add to your wallet. That is another false advertisment. The payed actors are jumping up and down on The ground as if they hit big. You don't hit big to add money into your account for playing the games. To reach another level takes 170 million coin smh. I have been playing the game for a month now it's annoying. Now that I am at $9.51 cents I see no more floating bottle for cash. The commercials a lie.
Was going to be higher until it came to near cashing out. Managed to get to $9 in two days in my spare time which was really positive, the quickest amount of time I've been able to "earn" on a game (playing similar it took a week). Payouts started positively, coming every 1/10 line, averaging $0.25 which was great but soon went down to an average of $0.6, sometimes even 0.1, then shot back up to 0.25 after the $9 mark BUT then all cash opportunities disappeared at $9.54 disappointing.
I have reached $5.67 and i have millions of points and opened the app and my money is now at $2.75??? what is going on witj this game? Is this a way to gwt out of paying your players? If not fixed I will unistall! JUST TO LET YOU KNOW THIS IS BAD ON YOUR PART BECAUSE YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE NO GAMERS! Its not fixed.. SORRY UNISTALLING.Iam not starting all over when i had $5.67 I sent an email asking you to fix and no response! Here is my Rate 0*
Was a good game, started off great took me a few weeks to get to $9.64 and now the bottles containing cash amounts have stopped coming out which means I can't reach the $10 threshold to withdraw to PayPal. Will play for a couple more days and if I still don't get any bottles I will be deleting as I've wasted enough time on this game. Will update you all in due course.
it won't let me write them a zero otherwise they would get zero stars for me. the false advertised they can cash out at $10. but they stopped you right before you get to $10 so you can never cash out because they won't allow you to reach $10. Yet they get thousands and thousands of dollars from all the advertisers. And we're forced to watch these advertisement every couple minutes but they won't allow you to reach $10 to cash out. It is a joke. the sad part is they're the only ones laughing.
Did like this game until I got to 9.61 in my wallet and have been fishing for over 100 ( usually it takes me between 7 to 10 tries) tries and haven't had no luck finding anymore money in bottles. Starting to think this is just a scam so they can make their money off you and you dont get anything.
My experience was okay at first. It's a mindless game, a way to earn a few bucks when you have down time. Like other reviewers, I too am conveniently stuck at 9.74$ . So the person or persons responsible for creating this app knew what they are doing. Greedy ass-hats. May you take your 9.74 and shove it!
Seems to be a scam. I have played this for weeks as a way to earn a little extra cash. Now that I am within 30 cents of my first cash out, the bottles that allow you to earn real cash have disappeared. I emailed the developer but received no response. It's a great time waster and that is all, it seems. I really dislike scammers.
Been playing for over a month and finally got to $9.53. Then the next time I recieved .07 cents and it added that and I now have $8.56. ??? !!!! So at this rate I'll never be able to cash out. Adds backwards and takes to long and the same 3 ads playing over and over. Thanks but this is a no play game for me. UNINSTALL.
Total SCAM, Nobody gets to $10, after reading all reviews and i myself being stuck at $9.52 have not seen a cash bottle in over a hundred casts . It is my belief that someone ,maybe the developer of this game is getting paid for us watching their ads and the greedy son of a gun is not paying out , I am uninstalling after this review and will try and report to Google about this SCAM.
DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED ... WARNING - FALSE ADVERTISING! Gained $9.56 and now it is weeks later and not even one bottle with even $0.01 in sight! Very convenient that the minimum you need to cash out is $10 yet it stops giving out the bottles with the dollar's in as you get closer to the minimum cash out amount!!! Up until this point i had no problems with the game!!! But now, I will definitely be warning each and every single person I recommended this game too. BE WARNED PEOPLE.
I love the game but I don't like when I win cash prize or fishing items it won't let me click on sometimes to receive them... other than that it's a great game. 7/24/19. been playing all day but every time I collect a bottle and I try to open it to claim it for the cash value it's skip so many times and I was unable to get the money that I won in the bottle I would say a good more than $18 worth I'm trying to keep track why does that do that it says video not available please try again later.
More bad apps. In starting you earn money only wallet not withdrawn.. When you comming near your amount then not eaarning any amount. I want doing complains against this apps.
Has anyone actually made it to 10.00? I'm stuck at 9.52 and my cash bottles have completely vanished. Gonna see if they come back on the next place visited but omg I'm sick of adverts. Maxed out everything, no more cash bottles, still stuck at 9.52, its a total scam
Well, I was having fun and all was good. Now I am mad at the game because I've gotten to $9.57 and am no longer getting any of the bottles of money/cash. You need at least $10 to cash out and it has suddenly stopped at $9.57???? I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED! At least give me my $10 for playing this game so hard for almost a week to get that $10!
I was enjoying the game until it stopped putting out the bottle with the money in it to win. you can not redeem your money until it reaches $10 and the bottle stops coming out just pennies away from $10. that really sucks because a person spends hours playing to win and you rip them off .
So many ads ,out of 30 hook you can't get the cash ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜  in start you can always git a reward but near in the 10$ many ads an im in $9.56 but until now is not moving stack ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I was really liking this game and even gave it a 4 star rating after a few days.. but now things have totally changed, I'm not going to even rate it because like the first fishing game I tried, it was giving bottles regularly but now that I've hit $9.53, I haven't seen a bottle in over 300 or 400 casts.. if it's glitch in the game or something please fix it soon, because I'll try for another few days ... hope it changes because in all its a good game to play.. sincerely yours Yvon
Too many ads. Game always get stuck and you have to constantly restart, played this game all day and night and still can't any further than Japan started this morning at 4 am now 11 am and still trying to bet out of Japan. Very addictive, breat graphics just to many ads
~So, there are several different fishing game apps that promise money but all them including this one allow you to get to a certain point then stop giving you money.... Don't download any of them and stay away from any apps with a foreign address.... In closing the COO of Google play needs his ass fired because he is doing a lousy job of protecting the general public from app scam like this one....~
I love the fishing part,except the amount of $$that you earrn....I really need pointers,on what too catch too really earn $$. Do you catch one of each kind of fish. Or you catch one of each kind of glowing fish...please help me explain what I need too do win $$..than just 4cent is the highest I have earn....
Horrible and Huge Scam!!! They will NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER pay you anything. Been stuck at $9.68 for the longest duration. Been waiting longer than Jesus Christ been gone since his crucifixion. They have several other fishing games for money on the Google Play Store are changed slightly but still the same people cashing in on us players trying to make a few bucks whole they make many bucks from those advertising we keep looking at. Pursuing a class action lawsuits against them soon!
i gave it 1 star because the game lies , it says ,the deeper you go the more dollars you get, im down to 440m and only get 0.4 cents ,since i started...you got 1.06 ,maybe a little more for the begining ,but then you get pennies to continue,and the deeper you go the more you have to build up millions to go deeper,and only get cents,not dollars,you may get 20 or 25 cents if you are lucky...other than that it's 0.1 to .25 cents ,sad game to win a few dollars.
Been stuck at $9.66 for days and days. Fun but not so much fun without collecting enough dollars to buy something.
this game is a scam! I have been playing for weeks now and liked it, especially the idea that i would eventually make $10 off of the incredible amounts of ads you have to watch. Thats how they would make money and presumably pay you to play, if they actually paid you to play. In the first couple of weeks you get money bottles about every 10-15 casts or so with very small amount which i thought would eventually grow over time. Well it does but once i got to $9.56 there are no more bottles at all!
This game only allows you to reach $9.5o. And nothing more. So this game is a complete waste of time....... Don't play it. Worst and misleading game ever and should be removed from the app store!
fun game and relaxing but why did the money bottle stop showing up. I'm at 9.51 and cant get enough to cash out. cant find what the points are worth. will delete game at the days end if no bottles show up and post for no one to download app because it's a rip off.
I fished all 5 places on map. Caught every fish in every place got all the money bottles. I have $9.64 and have fished over 100 more times in every place. And it will NOT give me the other 36 cents so l can cash out. It is fun to play. But it is a lie on the money. So if you think you are going to even get $10 dollars. Let me go ahead and tell you. Your Not. So I will give it 1 star for fun to play. I will not give it anymore. Because it's a lie
Seemed great for awhile. But when you get to Alaska. You cant get more than 1b, So your stuck. And it conveniently stopped giving out cash rewards just before you get to (9.61) $10. I am not the only one. Read the reviews. So you cant cash out. Just a scam game. Pretty dishonest and sneaky if you ask me.
I really liked the game at first and I would rate it as a five star game but now all of my money is gone it was there last night and now it's gone I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it I still have the same amount of coins but the money that I earned is not there so I'm rating this game as a one-star I can't even triple my coins it's saying there's no Video available
Seriously how does one reach to $10 after you cap the amount as $9.57. Playing for 2 hours and not even one bottle was fished.. Spit out the money instead of you pocketting the profit yourselves with all the adds you make us sit here and watch.. Shame on you!!.. Let's see how long it's going to take for the bottle to show up.. Let's say it Won't!!
Yes,this game is fun and my kids love it,but i'm about to complete the $10 and the remaining cents doesn't show up in two days that i played..what is hapenning..?
dont bother. The game lets you collect money untill you get near pay out. Then it suddenly stops. SCAM. im at $9.66. thats .44c from pay out. I have not gotten even 1cents in over 200 cast. They are using you to collect money from ads. instead of paying out to the game players. theres other apps out there that pay out. I suggest dont waste your time on this one
This game is a scamming waste of the freetime of the last two months of my life. Should be able to sue the company behind this, considering they get paid for the millions of ads you watch between almost every other button click. They lie about payments and never pay at all. No the payment system has completely disappeared as if it never existed smh. The game is fun, but there's honestly only one reason I downloaded it....that reason has disappeared, so I shall too. Do Not Support This Company
Wish I would have read the reviews first, this is truly a waste of time, this is nothing but a damm scam, who ever invented this is an A**hole. as the others stated after you reach $9 but below the cash out $10 option, of course they don't give you any more cash bottles, not to mention you have to waste hours and days playing this for a measly 1 penny to maybe 15 cents if your lucky maybe 27 cents .playing for hours and nothing and I got jerked 2x for 15cents
Honest time..... I only put 5 stars so it will be at the top. But at the beginning of this game its awesome you get like a dollar something on your first go. Then it drops to like 25 cents per money bottle. Then it goes to 15 then 10. Now I'm sitting here getting 3 to 4 cents per bottle and im only at 7 bucks. I see what they are doing and its smart but dont expect to make money on this app. Pretty sure when I hit 8 bucks I will be getting 1 cent bottles only which will take months to get to $10.
It's an entertaining game, not difficult at all. I tried it once before and when I reached $9.72 in my wallet, the money bottles stopped coming. So, I uninstalled it then. Recently, I reinstalled it and the same thing happened. Not a great game if you want to get money in your PayPal account.
This is a scam, a big bunch of horse shite !! It will pay you just until you almost reach 10 dollars when you should be able to cash out. But it quits paying out so it never pays anyone anything, meanwhile they are piling in the cash from ads you wasted time watching. They should be sued in a class action lawsuit it is a unfair business practice and false advertising.
I've been playing this for months on end. My wallet is at $9.51 i haven't gotten one money bottle since it reached that amount......i would like to be able to cash it out.....and would like to know why i haven't gotten any more. oh by the way..to the makers and co. who made this game..u suck....u need to rectify (fix) this immediately....who do u think u are holding back our money that we've earned.....u should pay everyone who's reached over $9.50 and then remove this stupid game from the games.
total scam ,don't waste your time,they will let u get close to payout that you'll never get,they use us to gain revenue from advertising that us players watch ,they make money off us and waste hours and hours of our time for a mere $10 they have no intention of paying out ik of at least 5 others this has happened too
It was a little fun playing, but the money just disappeared, and it only gave you 1-4 cents at a time, it lies, makes you think you can win all kinds of money, its a waist of time.
so mad!! stayed up all night thinking I was going to be able to cash out 10 dollars I needed for gas!!! nope this game is a lie!! I'm stuck at $9.55 for 2 days! I'm deleting this app. all these apps that say you can win money are bull! waste of time and space.
I was playing pretty regularly and I made it to $9.52 then I decided to not click the collect x3 anymore and what do you know, I haven't gotten a penny in the past 3 days. If you want to get a few pennies for every 5 minutes of ads you watch that's your choice, but you have to make it to atleast $10 before you can cash out. By that time you've probably watched an hour or 2 of ads. All these games are the same, you make them money by watching ads point blank...UPDATE: ALL FINISHED, STILL AT $9.52
I just started this game. I will give a review after playing awhile, Very addictive. The game play is great but hard to get to some of the fish. ALSO HARD TO GET ENOUGH FISG TO GEY TO NEXT LEVEL.
At first you start out getting $.97, $.75, and &.25. The closer you get to the $10 cash out you start getting $.15, $.09, and$.01. Now that im setting at $9.57 i have not seen the money bottle for two weeks now. Don't wast your time you see more adds then you get to play. I only give it a one star becouse i cant give it anthing less.
After having a $9.50, I played 100x after that and there's no more money bottle appeared. ONE THE SCAM GAMES. They were the only one earning through adds.
just like everyone else, git to $9.50 and stopped winning. i am convinced that all of these "watch commercials and win money" apps are a scam. i did like the game, but not worth wasting my valuable time on all the commercials for no payout.... Disappointed!!
im stuck at $9.51 and have not gotten any more bottles of money since and itsbeen 2 weeks now. its not a bad game if it would give you the bottles of money no matter how much you have earned then I would give it 5 stars. but until then I give it 1 star.
If you are almost at 9$ the ads will stop playing even you have a good connection... They are just gonna stop the ads to keep as from earn till the minimum amount
i only gave 1 star cause it wouldnt let me review otherwise. I like many others are pissed off with this game. I got to 9.60 and no bottles to recieve money. Its a crock. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. They are nothing but a scam.
Enjoyed the game until I got to $9.57. Bottles stopped coming out. I thought I needed to upgrade the min on the money. To no avail this did not work either. Ugh!!!!!! Very disappointed will be deleting the game. Should have known it was a scam just like the others that promise a payout but never deliver.
I have been playing this game for a little while now, I've gotten up to $9.56 and I've suddenly stopped getting money bottles. I've played about a hundred rounds now. This is getting crazy. Will change my review when my account is updated with appropriate money and this is resolved. For now if I could give it zero stars I would.
This game was fun and worth playing. every 4-5 cast there was a bottle with cash. I have cast over 60 times now after raising the price, and not one bottle has been there a d I'm only 4 cents away from $10........Interesting. updating....now over 100 cast!! STILL NO FLOATING MONEY BOTTLES. This game is 100% rigged and a complete cheater. I sat here all night playing this game excited to make it to this $10 payout, to make sure my family had breakfast and $2-3 for gas for dr.
as with many of the other reviews, i hit $9.68 and have not seen a cash bottle simce and i am pver 400 casts from my last one when i used to get 1 cash bottle per every 5-9 casts. talk about a waste of time. if.you are doing this for anything more than a love of fishing, don't waste your time folks!
Why is this one on the list will not open up and then when it's open not paying anything not lot the ad says don't waste the time to download it
It has to many adds and the bottle with the money stops appearing once you reach the maximum of fishes u can catch, witch is 50 fishes or when you reach the amount of $9.50 which you will also not get, because you need to reach the amount of $10.00 to be able to get the card. I don't think it's right to let people beleave they can win money on this game if it isn't true. I'm very desapointed.
soooo now that I'm in Japan, I'm not getting any bottles of money and I'm stuck at $9.66. this game was fun but now it's just like all the rest...what a shame, smh Update: from 7/31/2019 -8/16/2019, I'm still stuck at $9.66. I have not received an email back from the creator of the app. still playing reached deeper in the ocean no money bottles, just more fish, even with the update..sad face
Like anyone said. This app is a BIG LIE. wont give you anymore when you are about to get to $10. UNINSTALL AND DONT EVER DOWNLOAD IT FROM ANYWHERE
Terrible! I got to $9.52 and they stopped giving me rewards. I played 100 screens and no rewards. Before they had been giving regular rewards. It's a rip off game. Don't waste your time.
Thieves they are!! I had $9.51 and for some reason when I logged back on it said I had $8.51. I have since then got to $9.61 and I have reached the final Alaskan destination and for some reason the bottles have completely disappeared after several days of playing. I will be deleting this app and they can keep the money I have accumulated.
! BEWARE JUST ADVERTIZING!!! !!!! love to watch ads 24/7 this is the app for you because you have to watch 30 sec ads after ea cast and maxed out everything that you can do in the game all you can do now is collect money from catching fish and you can't do anything with the money what you did it it just adds up and up and up you can't spend it on anything and I still have not gotten $10 to pay out $10 to me uninstalling this game junky game please save your time have fun somewhere else
was fun until I got stuck on $9.55 a week ago. not a single money catch since and I've been playing for HOURS AND HOURS every day. I use several other apps that don't build u up to screw u, I suggest not using this app or any app that Starts with "Lucky".
I truly believe this game is a Fluke. I give it to them the game is pretty fun for the most part but the fact that they gip people by not allowing them to even get to the $10 cash out minimum. If they never wanted to have to actually pay people or can't afford to then they need to take their game down. I strongly recommending everyone NOT to waist their time downloading or playing this game if you are playing for the money.
I didn't believe the low rating on some reviews, have not gotten any $$$ since reaching 9.64. Have played 10 x 30 =300 with no more money. Now i'm a believer. Scam. Even worse than imagined. Still no more money. Still stuck at 9.64 a week later. Think I'll email google app services!!
This game is a hoax. I have been stuck at $9.56 for a week and haven't gotten any chance to get more money to reach the $10 payout. Total waste of time
I really enjoy the game i sit around and wait a lot for work and this game gets the time running I like it that there are different places where you can go to and that you have to play and play (work) to get there I have had problems with getting my rewards, i was disappointed about it but after the update its been going good The game is definitely one of my favorite fishing games and its surely is better than other fishing games thanks for the fun!!
This game is like all other games. You win until you get about $20 & $25 dollars from cashing out and then you never win another penny. They should be sued for faults Advertisement.
Wow. I've watched probably hundreds of ads so you've made a fortune... bottles I catch average only having 5.4 cents. Most have only 4 cents. What a scam. You claim way more is paid out. I have not seen more than a dime, and most are 4 cents. And the length is no like 50Million coins for 10MM extra. What??? Crazy! I probably will uninstall this game if it does not get better. Update: got to $9.59 now never more bottles of even 4 cents. None. I won't watch more ads. So they are losing big money.
ive made it to $9.61 in my wallet, and for the last 400 casts ive made, theres been NO cash bottles, clearly there is limit you reach in the game where it becomes almost impossible to advance to the $10.00 threshold required to "cash out". but i play on in hope...
Great app. Very addictive and fun to pass time but the money you win dwindles to deeper your line goes. I only earn 6 cents per bottle now and I am over 300 meters deep. Other than that this is a decent app to pass the time with.
It's a fun game but for some reason I stop receiving money bottles and I keep playing and playing the fish game and nothing and I'm less then 50 cents away to redeem and now it won't give money out anymore I'm pretty disappointed. Makes me think this game is rigged that it just purposely won't give out money once your at a certain point.
Fun to play as long as you dont ever expect to reach the $ 10.00 you need to redeem on paypal because you never get there. Game developer doesnt respond to emails either. Google Play should remove this game from the play store.
Roberta is correct. They won't allow you to reach $10. I've expected as much, usually these games are that way and they lair you in so get addicted or something. But you never actually receive any real money from them. Also it's very buggy and all the ads are stupid and annoying. I've been sitting on $9.52 for 2 or 3 days now and I just don't seem to get any more bottles. This game definitely goes to trash.
At first I loved the game but now I don't I've lost all my money and not sure how to get it back and caught alot more fish but still no money so I'm uninstalling the app and won't play it again
It's really bad I'm so angry i have almost reached 10$ but now I'm just fishing and no more Reward ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ ..... .. they are not giving anything now.... I'm not seeing any money into bottle right now ... Big wasting time
to management, is this gonna be a court case for false advertising or are ya gonna answer my bloody email and fix this app!!!! it now won't allow me to go past 1.1b and go deeper. you have 24 hours to get back to me!!! that is a promise not a threat!!!!! so far it's a minus 5 star!!!!!
This game started out fun, tho the money came in small amounts, it was consistant. Now that it's almost there, it has stopped, not sure if it will make it to be able to redeem. I'll keep trying and let you know. ... Now after a long long time, like a couple weeks, I still have not gotten one dime, in all that time, so I never made the $10. They're not legit. And I feel stupid for believing it could still happen after over a month of pretty consistant playing. NOTHING!!!
Game promises real money. I have seen none. Game is neither addictive or fun. I spend more time watching ads then actually playing this game. Save your time and frustration and go play sonething else. 0/10 would not recommend.
spent ages catching fish , collecting coins , adding line and hooks. get to a grand total of ยฃ9.76 and then nothing else. didnt reach the minimum cash out amount of ยฃ10 im at the maximum collective of everything available in the game. what a total waste of time
I am so disappointed I deleted the app almost had $8 from a $10 gift card I spent weeks and weeks nothing would load nothing disappointed I deleted it then I came back and installed it again I wouldn't in here 10 minutes there were more ads than I play games I'm done for good ๐Ÿ‘น
I being playing this game fore more than 1 week I think and according to the rules I can cash out when I reach $10.00. So far I have $9.51. And after I reached that and I haven't got any more money. Another scam when you reach closer you stop getting the money. People who created this app should he ashamed of their selves for wasting other people's time.
At 1st, it was fun to play, kill time and make a little money here and there. However, as you get closer to $10, they stop giving you bottles. (They only pay pennies at a time) I'm at a stand still of $9.55 for almost 2 months now. It wasn't worth the time nor effort. A lot of pop up ads. Wallet will only show when on wifi. I gave the app a chance and yes don't be fooled. While they're making money for every ad we watch, they're getting paid. Definitely don't recommend this app. It's all lies.
I have been fishing for weeks, finally maxed out all options and have gone the deepest I can go and have caught every type of fish only for the game to stop giving cash bottles at $9.60..which i believe was back in Japan, I feel so dumb that I've wasted so much of my time.
I want to clarify I enjoy the game a lot! But I've had multiple times where my bag of money isnt given to me after i watch 1-3 30 sec. adds and it still says the video wont load I will definitely give the game a higher rating if this bug is fixed! Also I do not have a wallet, im not sure why because my mom does have a wallet and I've been playing 3 days now already on the third highest level and nothing, again I really hope this can be fixed so i can give the game more stars.
i feel the same way as all the others who've reached$9.50 or closer... false advertising and advertisement.. they're saying that there are winners who's supposedly has won $30 even $40 dollars.... where are their reviews... like I said false advertisement and advertising,, wondering if i can sue because the creators are very misleading.... OH YEAH!!!!! NO STARS JUST THUMBS DOWN...
UPDATE: I played all 30 rounds this morning, still no cash bottles. PLEASE do NOT waste your time on this con game. They get paid because you watch their adds, and they do NOT keep their end of the deal by allowing you to make your small change. That's why I changed my rating from a 3 I have enjoyed playing this game; however, now that I am close to the $10.00 cash out minimum, I am no longer getting the bottles to win cash. I hope they fix this issue and some how reimburse me for lost bottles.
Best fishing for coins game out there. Cash out min is $ 10 and the bonus * is quick. Not long ads Everytime.
I was literally about 10 cents away from having 10$ to cash out and they took away the fact that you can make real money with the app and my money on my account disappeared. Used to love this game. Now it's a waste of time and space. About to uninstall but you guys owe me 10$
I been paying for a few days now about to delete after 9.55 you don't get anymore money bottles so you can't get the gift card. I'm not wasting anymore of my time and neither should anyone else who's thinking about downloading it thinking they gonna win anything. DON'TWASTE YOUR TIME because like me your gonna be very DISAPPOINTED.
The game was overall good and enjoyable up until the point it became a SCAM!! I got up to $9.59 and the money bottles stopped and then behold the money option disappeared completely along with any indication of any income possiblity. STAY AWAY FROM THE GAME
Have to have $10- I have $9.61, but it took $1 away from me, so wound up with $8.61. Played for several days more, finally got to $9.65..Have not received anymore pay since. I maxed out on levels, lines, and fish, and can't get anything more. I would upload a picture but it won't let me. Had to watch many crappie videos.. A few times it would not give me cash pay after a video because it froze up. Should have at least $10.65 now, a little more than that, but didn't get it all.
started out really fun. you have to be extremely patient to get through all the ads, but, Ithought it'd be worth it. I've played almost all the way through Japan without a single cash bottle. I haven't received a cash bottle since starting Japan and it's getting rediculous. The wallet when I would get them said the deeper you go in the ocean the more dollars you get. have yet to see proof of that.
Waste of time. I downloaded the game while on vacation & the more money I got, it became more addicting. Now I've been stuck on $9.52 for the past three days. How people have reached $20 and more is beyond me. Seems like false advertisement just to get people to play. Even after upgrading all three and reaching over 1b coins a few times, nothing. I'm going to give it a few more days then i'm uninstalling
I am at $8.86, for 4 days now. the computer keep freezing up, I had 4 bottles that was not credited to my account because the computer freezes and then jumps to a new game. I lost all those bottles that had money. This game is not legitimate don't waste your time, you will never reach $10.00. Really frustrating I am uninstalling from my computer A. Browne
This IS A SCAM. You can only cash out at 10 dollars but they stop giving you money just before 10 dollars. It takes a while to accumulate over 9 dollar and you are being forced to watch adverts which they get paid for just to end up not getting anything out of it. I'm going to write a blog about this and Also report them for false advertising.
Uninstalling had over 9 dollars in my wallet yesterday and now it's gone?? This was a fun game to pass the time but now it sucks ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ
I feel like i am this developers butt monkey..Allowing them to make money by watching literally 2-3 advertisements a minute and getting nothing in return. If anyone has reached 10 dollar mark..its few and far between. Took about 2 days to get to 9.55..but i have been stuck at that amount for days..with not one cash bottle. I have al)most completed the entire map.. collected all the fish and not one bottle for days! Game itself is very repetitious and boring. Nothing like the advertisement
Started out kind of ok. Doesn't pay much, few cents here and there. Well I made it to $9.58 and you have to have at least $10 to cash out. Now for four days straight it has paid nothing playing multiple times a day. Still stuck at my $9.58. I guess if things change I will update but only giving it another day or so. Far too many ads for no money!
This game is bs. It says the deeper you go the more $ you get when actually the deeper you get the less money you get and the rate at which the bottle with money appears, is few and far btwn. The closer you get to cashing out, which is $10, the appearance of the bottle of money disappears! I'm within $.40 of being able to cash out and I havent seen a bottle of cash in 4 days! THIS GAME SUCKS!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! IT WILL WASTE YOUR TIME!!!
When you start off playing its fine every 3-5 times you'll get a bottle that has .15-.30ยข in it, then it will drop down to 4-10ยข in it every 10 times. But once i reached $9.73 it stopped giving me bottles all together, i even tried playing 2-3 times a day for 4 days after i reached $9.73 and it still wouldnt give me another bottle. Overall i was incredibly disappointed by this, although the money aside, it was an okay game.
As already rated, this game allows a maximum of $9+ collected, no further money bottles to collect fishing. The required minimum cash out is $10.00. No company contact info for technical difficulty or customer support listed on the game. I sent an email with the above information on 7/22/19 to email address listed on rating site and to date have not received a response.
CAUTION! This game is very misleading. When I started playing the bottles gave me anywhere between $0.17 and $0.25 each time. I managed to rack up $5.03 easily. BUT once I upgraded to 190 meter line and 19 fish with coins I won, it moved me to a new island and the bottle values dropped to $.07 or $0.6 each time. So you can reach the $5.00 in cash but you need $10 to cash out which would take a very long time at that low rate. And the number of ads you have to watch to get there is ridiculous!