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Fisherman's Horizon

Fisherman's Horizon for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Eduardo Dal-Ri Faraco located at 88215000, Embira 696, Bombinhas, Santa Catarina, Brasil. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The whole action in this game is very simple and repetitive. But I didn't find it a bad thing. The game is just enough. Not too short or long and there is a fair bit of challenge which I enjoyed. Great work on the game I also loved the little descriptions.
Simply put, I've pretty much bet the game... I just need a few more fish and I've bought everything. I've tried using the rainboworm bait at every location with no success, throwing far and close to my fisherman!! What's going on here?? Am I doing something wrong?? Do I need ALL fish types in the catalogue before I can get the "rainboworm" fish??
Hey so i earned atleast 120 coins after fishing then after i purchase the blue fishing rod nothing happens im still stuck at the older rod. It deducted 120 coins from my money but i didn't recieve the fishing rod. Quite disappointing. Cmon please fix the bug or glitch it really ruins the fun
Small, simple, cute, and fun. The controls are made to be one-button and work really well, and it is fun to catch fish, earn money, and buy items from the shop. Only suggestion is to have an option to move the fishing button to the opposite side of the screen. It does not take long to get all items in the shop and fish all the areas, but I would definitely pay for a sequel with more stuff! This game is so lovely! 💙💙💙
I like these game very much make more game like these 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
It looks like your not responding to comments if you don't want the game I can be happy to take over I would update it regularly and make it much better
Seems like most people who complain about this app didn't really try, you gotta let go of the reel every couple of seconds to get a heavy fish. The only thing I dislike is that after one day of playing I already bought everything in the store, but it's still fun using different combinations of lures, fishers and locations to find weird and sometimes hilariously named creatures.
Strategy: You've gotta be careful with the bar dudes y'know the red zone if it reaches the end (of the bar far left) then the line will break and if you reach the end of the green zone (far right) which will be stretching the line too long so that'll make the line break too. It's really just a simple observation or just a common sense (not tryna be rude but it really is). Welp so please understand the game first before leaving low ratings thank you so much enjoy the game!
the graphic & the sound bring back the old early 90s games but to be honest the gameplay kinda repetitive and once you got all the equipments & places, there is nothing else you can do except collect all the fish and stuff. that's why the game size is pretty tiny and suit for old fashioned gamer with less free time to kill with
This game is excellent. Really fun and I wouldn't change a thing game play or art wise. The content is lacking though. It really only takes a few hours to unlock everything.
This game is not spectacular. But the graphics look nice, the gameplay is simple and fun and there's no ads. It won't keep you busy for long, but for a free game without ads it definitely delivers.
This game is simple yet amazingly fun. My only complaint is the lack of a tutorial. Some people might be turned away if they can't figure it out.
"Hah, this is silly, who'd want to play a fishing game on their phone?" I thought. Turns out I want to play a fishing game! Fun easy gameplay and progression, gorgeous retro graphics and sound, funny quirky humor. A nice little casual game. Not sure it has much longevity after you've unlocked everything.
There must be an underwater shoe shop, because I've caught no end of boots. Great app for passing the time away on the bus to work. Very addictive, and completely free. A word of warning though, if you suffer from tendonitis, don't play for too long as your thumb will suffer.
It's and really good game, but the game play could be more atmospheric. I don't know how often you update this game, if you even at all, but I think you should add water sounds in the levels like, in the title screen. Thanks!
Cozy game with great graphics, though the gameplay is basic to the point of just being plain boring, the mood and feel makes up for a lot. Some nice music in the same retro style as the rest for the actual fishing-screen and livelier backgrounds (especially the lake) would do heaps though. And of course more fleshed out gameplay with maybe variation between fishes.
just an absolutely beautiful game that i have played through 3 times and plan on again and again because the mechanics are great and the game is perfect. no lore, just fishing.
Would like to play but my like breaks every single time and there is nothing explaining how to properly reel in a fish. I don't have time for this nonsense
Eduardo Dal-Ri Faraco this is the best game I've downloaded from the play store in 2017. Amazing work! Not much replay value but great nonetheless. Beautiful. It's refreshing to find a game that is not asking me for money or showing ads. Also the characters dance when you switch through them fast on the map 👏👏👏
First game I've ever willingly written a review on! This game is fabulous! Beautifully made and wonderfully executed you can tell that the makers really loved creating this game. It deserves a full 5 star rating from everyone. Good job, guys. Please know that your game is wonderful and worth more to me than anything I have ever downloaded.
Small file, no special permissions and it's fun. Pixel art is great. If it's still being maintained I would love it if the reel button was just a bit larger. Some times I miss it, but as is it's great.
I love the game and enjoy it greatly! Just wish there was a forward and backward button in the menus.
I really like this game, but I wish there was more ambient noise. Like beach sounds and stuff depending on location. It's almost perfect, but it desperately needs that immersive ambient noise, please.
There's just one problem it only lasted me one and a quarter of a day ADD MORE ITEMS TO BUY! But besides that it's the best fishing game ever
I can't open it, just a large big black screen....... Like the developer's heart. It's still buggy as if it's still in beta version
5 stars cos its fun & no ads. It desperately needs more gear, locations, & fish as it only takes a couple hrs to finish. Don't let that stop you from enjoying it tho!
Great game to pass the time! Caught all fish, bought out the store and maxed out cash within a few in-game hours. Wish there was more to do.
The art is cute and could be a fun time waster. But the game gives no instructions and it makes no sense on how you catch fish without the line breaking.
As others have said game is surprisingly fun but needs more updates for content ..if you're done with this project I'm sure the community including my self would love the source to add to it.. provided we kept the app free and credit you like they did with pixel dungeons app.
Much like real fishing, this game requires patience and discipline to reel in a good catch. It's retro look and feel is soothing and gameplay is satisfying. It gives me the impression I'm playing on a Gameboy Advance with its 8 bit graphics and sound effects. I gave it four stars only because I think it has more potential and because the item select interface is lacking. If you enjoy fishing, this is an excellent game to try out. Check out my full review of this game on PoG Vlog!
How do I catch the last fish with the rainbow worm, in the ancient fishing spot? I've sat there for half an hour and I didn't get a single bite.
In an age of constant data mining this game requires no permissions. I haven't even opened the app. This developer deserves nothing but good fortune!
Fun, addictive, relaxing and more fun game. It's only require small mb because I'm trying not to let my storage space out. So yea. Good game.
The gameplay is good, lucky that there are no ads are up and also it needs an update for new maps, new characters and new fishes to catch and items to buy cause i do personaly love the game tho.
I wish i can give 9 stars.. SOOOO PEACEFUL, SOOO GOOD, but what makes this game sooo great is the size...LESS THAN 1MB
Never thought that I would like it. But it really could use some sort of guide especially with the items you buy. I can't seem to get the Steak working and I really want to know the benefits of the new rods. Sure, I can see that they make reeling easier but to what degree? And also, what's the point of having new characters? Do they bring additional benefits, too? There are a lot of questions I would like to be answered. However, I loved the game. Definitely recommend it to everyone out there.
I couldn't find a more accurate description of this game. The controls are as simple as simple gets, the game itself is less than 2MB, doesn't require any permission and has a decent amount of content. It does take some time to complete the catalog, so this game can keep you entertained until you finish it. It surprised me and might surprise you too.
Great graphics, controls and music make this a fun little game. Every time I grow bored of it, I find myself coming back. A little tricky to catch the stronger fish, but nothing impossible. Definitely pick this game up!
Just amazing! Relaxing casual 8bit game where you just fish. You can but few stuff, have few characters, and few locations. And that's it. You just fish, and try to catch all the different kinds of fish (and other stuff) to fill up the catalog. Brilliantly simple. No ads, no permissions, no BS.