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Fisherman Go: Fishing Games for Fun, Enjoy Fishing

Fisherman Go: Fishing Games for Fun, Enjoy Fishing for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Machbird Studio located at 251 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Would have given it a 5 but the offline money not working right. Had ive 4 million got a 3X and hit that, watched video and it didnt even give me the original 4 million. Has done it several times.
When I installed this game.my mobile was not responding till 5 day's so I rated only one star๐ŸŒŸ for this game. And I really really really hate this game
I'm already bored as soon as the game started boom ads and it takes a while just to upgrade I was looking at the fishing rods but 2.99 just for 5%more gold fish smh what kind of trash is that and the main character looks like an obese Santa claus
gorgeous lookin game, but the ads will drive one crazy.\the reward system is good, if you are willing to watch an ad you will be rewarded but then if you dont chose to watch an ad , there will be a forced ad placement right in your face!!!!!\so annoying, less game play more ads
Every round I fish I have to take the multiply and watch a video. If I press collect it freezes. I will rate again when this is fixed.
It's basically just a lot of ads, like every couple seconds there's a 30 second ad. It's more ads than game.
OMG!!! I never thought i would be getting paid to fish!, this gameis so fun & exciting!!!, I LOVE THIS APP.! ! !๐Ÿ˜„
Ads ads ads every time I fish I get an ad that sometimes can't be skipped after 5 seconds... really devs? You gotta force ads every other time I reel fish in? was fun to play when it actually was the game and not a stupid forced ad. every like 25 seconds was an ad forced on me. ridiculous and not worth paying to stop.
I like this game but how do you collect your real money? Theres nowhere where you can actually collect. your supposed to earn real cash, but doesnt show anywhere how to collect, can someone please tell me how you can collect your earned cash please thanks. will give the game a 5 star rating then
I think it's okay but a lot like many other games. It's a little confusing that everything is in dollars when there's nowhere you can get paid out and I can see a lot have fallen into the trap and think they can get the money for real. I don't know if that comes in the future but right now you just can't and if you could it would actually be almost too easy. Don't think your game last very long when you fool your costumers that much
Love this game. Love the graphics and bonuses. Do you actually get money from pay pal. Can't figure that part out.
The game is alright for wasting time and what ever you do do not spend money on or in it I paid to have the add removed and still have to put up with the thing (not much longer till I delete the game post about be roded)
can someone please tell me why I'm not getting my off line money I have accumulated over 15 million twice now and it only gives me 1 million if I'm lucky fix the game and I will give a better rating
This is awesome. Thrilling, big fishes, but can you add more fishes? That'll be special. Also, remove some ads please, it's anoyying.
This game is very simple and fun to play, it is not overwhielming with ads like most other games similar to it. Great way to pass time and there seems to be goals to meet.
just started a moment ago...its fun but to do the free spin from the spin the wheel and treasure chest too to earn extra money from watching video hasn't worked on that part. hopefully they fix it.
First saw this app on an ad that showed that you could save and breed the fish you catch. That was just clickbait. So the ads for this game were lies. Once you start playing the game, you spend more time watching ads than anything else. Everything labeled as free requires you to watch an ad plus every few minutes you are forced to watch an ad. This game is less of a game and more of an ad watching service. I would not recommend at all.
In terms of concept and the style and everything, this game excels. Super fun and a good time waster. I knocked off a star for the overslewed amount of ads and another for pissing me off earlier as I wanted to double my AFK earnings but resulted in literally nothing. I'll consider a 5 star praise once you fix those I listed. (Cut the amount of ads in half so people won't despise you.)
very fun.but everything is cost so much money and you need a lot of it and its hard to get money.. the best fishing game
i never thought ...i can earn money without any investment...and just earn miney by playing this game ..but ..how can i transfer or collect money from game to bank account
2stars 4 now because the gains are not there like you'd think with the length you play and with a slowly ever slow small gains the prizes I've never seen in any of the apps or games that I've been exposed 2and some I've played 2 high sums getting totally turned around trying 2 do anything with & either just let them compile while you play and hope 2 figure out how to get any of the anything that every body is getting because you see it "winkwink" on social media it's must be so or ever1s get Nit
too many ads. Im fine with ads until im forced to watch them. i have no problem watching them for rewards. as I feel like i get something back. even if its a free game just go easy on em. i would have maybe even paid ro support the game later on if i delt it was worthy, but now im just uninstalling.
This is a fun game Been sitting here for hours when I should be cleaning the house. Hmm. The only problem I have come up against is that once in a while it seizes up and I have to shut it down and start again. Other than that, it's worth downloading it.
It's a awesome game but too too many ad's. Should have different levels and least ad's the the game will b 5 stars for sure.
so how come no one is answering the questions on how to get the money we earned or are u just ignoring us so u dont have to pay out hmmm i wonder
I say 5 because it is pretty good except all the ads its nice because it's easy to play and you don't have to use a lot of time to play and some times it can be addictive
this is the worst game ever it's full of f adds every 1 min u probably watch 4 ads I swear do not download! you're just giving this a holes money for downloading if u pay 3 dollars they'll take the ads out gtfoh
Fun cool easy awesome really really easy I love it it's the most fun fishing game ever my favorite part about it is it's easy and you get some cool fish when you fish the golden ones are the coolest looking
Enjoy playing and collecting the different types of fish. Time goes by quickly and trying to catch the boss fish can be a challenge.
Funny, relaxing. Childish. But funny, their is a challenge side to it. If your looking just for laughter, try it. It took couple of tries for me at first, than I was hooked.
i like the game itself, and i voluntarily play ads all the time to collect 3x or 5x bonuses. but the forced ads are relentless. forced ad, one quick level, click ad for bonus, right into another forced ad. F this game. no more ad revenue from me!
didn't even try it because I think that sometimes people need to use their own minds and creativity when they are making something like this to make money. downloaded because I see so many ads for it and I wouldn't even want it to begin with, so figured I'd give a review. I'll start clicking on the ad and downloading each time I see it, though, then uninstall so someone else can make some money and you can pay for it since I feel like you are just taking money from the first fishing game ever.
Completely unable to enjoy the game due to the sheer amount of ads, a 'bonus' is just a disguised forced coins for ad watching button similar games have, ads after every 2nd or 3rd cast, every other new fish I got an ad, which would almost be okay if they werent 30 seconds long which was double the amount of time I was able to play the game between those ads
fun game although u should fix the ads because it becomes very easy and its more like watching ads than playing the game anyway ill give you 5 stars since this game entertained me a bit
lots of fun. just feels like I'm really fishing !!! try it just to see for yourself!!!! catching the right fish and seeing it reeled in, knowing that u r going to make some money faster than other fishing games should keep u playing!!!
All about ads! An ad between nearly each round. If you want to increase any of your resources it requires a long as. You have to constantly increase your resources to get anywhere in this game, so more time watching ads than playing the game. Some ads are dangerous for ID theft, so add crach the game and you loose last rounds rewards. Okay if you just want to waste time.
This game would be really good, but there is an ad after almost every single cast. WAY too many ads!!! You spend all your time waiting for the ads to be over than you do fishing.
I love this game toooooo much๐Ÿ˜. But also, here are some problems of mine... 1. Please wash away the offine earning from this app. 2. I want to more big fishes, specially golden ones. 3. Lots of ads .....Sorry for being picky about these๐ŸฅบWhoever wants to install this game, just chill and enjoy. And PLEASE don't get addicted, which I get sometimes๐Ÿ‘
I love to go fishing but usually get skunked! With this game that won't happen and I can really tell the fish tales now! The only bad part is the ADS but if I actually see real money as it claims then I'm pretty sure anybody could put up with that! The information on it should be clearer, money wise. Real money but how much, when, where and to know how much is to be expected. If I knew this information I'd be fishing nonstop! Will you please answer the questions for me so I can continue playing?
Paid for no ads..and yet more ads show up. Not cool. Don't waste time trying this game. A shame i had to give it 1 star.
Love the game. It is not long enough though. My son and I completed it in three days. We didn't play a whole lot. It was because of the bonuses for watching the ads; they helped tremendously. Please add more levels and I will update my review.
TOO MANY ADS...UNINSTALLED, I will not sit through one ad after another everytime I reel in a fish. Way overbearing... just a warning to others
Paid for no ads but still lots of ads to watch. This is not fair for player. I quit. Give my money back
Far too many ads for the game to be truly enjoyable. I get that ads are part of the developers revenue but they pop up so randomly and frequently that it disrupts gameplay. Shame as the game and grapichs are great. edit : adds are now longer and unstoppable so I'm changing my rating.
love this game cause im a fisherman, only thing is it keeps freezing up and has your little thing that saus report, wait or ok so if it quits doing that all the time, i wont uninstall it, thank you for your time and consideration !
Really enjoyed playing until I got to $9.57 i have played close to 200 rounds and then would get a penny....really.. I would be more apt to play this game if it was giving the bittle mire frequent even if it was only a couple of pennies...but about to delete...not worth my time and energy and space on my phone. Very dissapointing.
it's a really fun game. You need 2 play it & it's very addictive. You should play it the guy's would really like this game.
I dont know this game but, i rather one star and full star cuz its a good game snd a bad game๐Ÿ˜’.good scene was we earn lots of money and more....bad scene was everytime ads ads snd ads i am fed up.ugh so i just left doing it and played some gacha life...so that was my experience hope you also have a good rating to it and pls follow mah gacha life vids!!!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜‹
lose the auto ads, having ads is fine, but having ads that play after you chose the option to skip the ad is very stupid, I delete games like this very quickly!!
can you get rid of the stupid ads for non bonus collection and I'll add 3 stars. have a choice of a big old 5x bonus or have a garbage ad.. or how about just giving auto rewards for having to put up with the ads you force down our throats for wanting to play a ?game? I'll go 5 star for any ad fix.
This game is boring and not as advertised same old boring apps... This made me mad due to false advertising.... Thank you it's uninstalled...
i really like this game but 1. it does not work like the add but oh well and 2. i won a pole in spin the wheel and it gave it to me but when i got back on it took it away
Far too many ads for the game to be truly enjoyable. I get that ads are part of the developers revenue but they pop up so randomly and frequently that it disrupts gameplay. Shame as the game and grapichs are great.
The game itself is extrememly simple, with about 5 different feature (Half of which are locked behind an advert). But believe that im not exaggerating when I say this, but - You CANNOT go 30 seconds in this game without it cramming an advert in your face. If it werent for the aggressive advertising, it would be a relatively fun and relaxing game. Just a shame really Side note: Just by reading a few of the top reviews...you can tell they've been paid for - generic copy/paste reviews :/
i dont know how to get my money. if youre gonna make a game you should have somewhere you need to get to.
Reel in your line, that's an ad; check on your fish encyclopedia thing, that's an ad; just saw an ad, that's another ad. Game seems interesting, but I'm not going to be an ad bank for a company. 5 minutes playing, saw 20 ads, a bit too frequent.
It's actually driving me insane because it wont let me "collect" my coins after I catch the fish. Itll freeze up & say "Fisherman Go has encountered some problems" like everytime. Then I have to restart the game. But as far as the game itself, I like it
Advertisements for this game are fake. They show a completely different game. Aside from the fake advertisement, this game is full of ads. Every few seconds you get an ad, either a short 5 second ad or an unholy 30 seconds of unskipable pain.
I love fishing game but in real life big noooo good game good gameplay good controls basic swipe good graphics no bug to fix no problem for this game download now
Ads ads and more ads. Every single time you open or close a menu or finish a cast (very short amount of time) your forced to watch another ad. On top of that you get the option to watch even more ads for bonus rewards it's too much!
Fun game, but I only started a few days ago and have done everything I can do without paying for the two other fishermen or poles offered in the game. That is why I changed my rating, making things totally inaccessible unless you pay for them ruined it for me. Also only one repetitive boss.
great, for once ads do not bother me as they're actually rewarding, and the ones that are not, stop early if you want.
So much fun! Makes it a little crazy on the fishing, gathering part. What part of the fishing winnings to you get?
Just as many others I was looking to cash out real money through PayPal. However, i read the user aggreement, despite that i won't uninstall. Fisherman Go! is really fun, distracting, and addicting. Lovee๐Ÿ˜™
I saw an ad for this game and what they did is horrible. It had an obviously stolen artwork of the artist 'joserod' on CgSociety edited to have the character of this game's face. They didn't even bother to have the shading and colors match. It seems the artist isn't even aware of it either. That's a disgusting thing to do and I'm honestly sad to see that ads nowadays have no honesty. I haven't played the game and I won't. But for using tacky ads it gets a 1 star from me.
As of right now, the game seem interesting. Once I play it a little be longer, than I can give it a better ranking.
VERY FUN GAME! NICE GRAPHICS,๐Ÿข๐Ÿข EASY TO PLAY...๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿš๐Ÿฆ€๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ‘๐Ÿฆ‘๐Ÿฌโคโคโค๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I would give this game 5 stars but there are some gliches when you get to deeper levels you cant catch any of the fish in deeper levels cause they dont appear until you have went back up a few and the game ended where u cant catch fish way to quickly and the ads are very annoying and to long
I get it's a free game but there's ads every 2 fishing. Which is killing the game for me. Plus I will sound really like a grammar nazi but tap to fishing isn't the good phrasing at all.
There's still ads with this one, but seems to be much more less than other apps where you spend most of the time watching rather than actually playing the game. Also, so far it seems that you are actually earning some money instead of pennies and mostly having to watch ads consecutively constantly.
I like the game but your suppose to be earning real money while playing but it doesn't tell you anyway to with draw it and doesn't even ask you to sign in. I would say it's a B.S.
fisherman gold because I love it so far so good. See how far I can get I don't know what I'm going to get out of this but I love playing the game I love going for that is my life fishing
I like it but it takes to, long to earn money so if you like a game to play when your bored and will sit playing the same game for almost 3hrs trying to get a couple of thousand dollars then this is the game for you!
fun game haven't got very far and think the upgrade costs go up to fast but all in all I think it's a great game 100% would suggest to friends and would use as a sponsor on my youtube channel
Talk about false advertisment.. This game does NOT allow you to earn real cash money. it is stated in their fine line of lies. No wonder the creator wont answer how to redeem Uninstalled & reported. 4๏ผ‰Virtual Items do not have an equivalent value in real cash and do not act as a substitute for real world money. Neither Machbird nor any other person or entity has any obligation to exchange Virtual Items for anything of value. Machbird has no liability for hacking or loss of your Virtual Items.
it is a great game but the adds are are stupid a great game dumb down the adds though like ya give us a choice to get more coins for the ad then ya bust our balls with a ad when when we choose not to not the best choice for business
Bought the ad remove as the game is for my 5 year old and there are still loads of ads. Will be asking for a refund as not sure what I paid for!!!
It's good but seriously too much ads even when I pick continue without doubling or trebling coins. Annoying, uninstalled after half an hour because of it
beacuse im from the island and we love to go fishing plus my dad goes spear dishing at night and brings a lot of big fish.
Just barely fixin to get in to it, but so far so good,,,, thank you google and good old sports and iniequities inc. I love you.....
lots of fun and music is relaxing, also points easy to win while money adds up. I wish a little bit faster.but ok.
Keeps closing and chocking.. Game was nice but this crashing is what made me give it only 1 star. Now don't blame my smartphone for this; I play 10 high end games smoothly on my phone.
Come on really what's up with the false advertising in these games only game that actually pay are fuzzy buttons game other than that all of these game like this y'all lucky there is not a way we can give y'all -๐ŸŒŸ so they can start taking the ones y'all already have away and if so advertisement wise I would give you a -5๐ŸŒŸ abd I will be deleting after this
Have option of watching video to double money earned from your catch or to just collect what you earned.... I never wanted to watch ad for double money... just selected "collect" but still FORCED to watch video anyway, but was never given double money... so what's the point? Also seems any time screen changes, forced to watch another video... downright pathetic... uninstalled after 5 minutes...
like the game. passes the time. but every now and then you go on the game from being offline for a few hours and watch a video to double offline earnings. and it doesnt go into your bank. quite annoying
like you might think oh my gosh all those big fish are lies no they're not like at the point you need to work all you get a lot of fish and what you get all the fish a big whale or shark comes up and bites it and you can get a lot of money I love this game it keeps you entertained and fun buy thank you. If you're reading this right now you should download it at this moment do it
I got to $8.60 and now says that there is a network error and to check connection. I have checked and everything is fine and working as it should do at my end. Everything was fine until I got over $8.50 so I'm thinking that the error is at the developer's end. Hence the one star review.
i dont know how to cash out on pay pal. please advise. i like this game i am unstalling no info on cashing out on pay pal you ppl will loose alot of the customers this way.
Nice relaxing game. Cute animation and variety of fish. Can earn money while you're not even playing. Can watch a SHORT ad to receive 4-5 x your money or choose not to watch. Try it, yoy will love it.
I love everything about this game! The onley thing thats a little annoying is the ads but other than that, i love it!
Fisherman Go! is a really good and very addictive game. I sank my hook one time and ended up playing for hours.
Game is fun but way to many ads. The advertisement for the game started win real cash but that was a lie. There's too way to see how much real cash you've earned or a way to call out. The earn 2x,3x,4x amount won is also a lie. It only paid a tiny sum of what you actually won fishing. False advertisement is a crime and can be sure over.
well so far i won all this money but i havent gotten a dime why pay pal like $65.00 or $75.00 how do i cash out with what i won?
I really love the game!! It actually makes me feel like i am fishing in RL!! But the ads can be pretty annoying, no offense there, but the game is REALLY ADDICTING! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!
Good until you get close to getting the card then it stops giving money to win over 150 casts and not 1 bottle for money very aggravating
Spend too much time with ads instead of playing the game. Nothing new after you reach 1000m fishing depth. Visually awesome and could be amazing if had more maps. Else you are likely too finish it within a week
I noticed a few people are asking how do we collect the money and not getting any answers.I would like to know also. Apparently the developer doesn't want us to know.
how to earn money in this game? I already started playing this but I am wondering how/when/where to encash my earnings
Spent too much time watching ads then playing the game.....I get that it's free and the ads are there for making money for the company, but come on. uninstalled.