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Fishdom for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Playrix located at 4th floor, Red Oak North, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 D18 X5K7, Ireland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I HATE THIS GAME!!!! BORING GAME!! Unless you're willing to fork out the cash! You may play the same level for many days before you are allowed to beat it! That's what makes this game boring!! Playrix tells me every level can be won without power ups - this might be true BUT you may play the level for many days before the program will give you enough bombs/dynamite/lightning bolts to beat it. Update: my fish are now complaining that I'm hoarding boosters! Try Fish Match - way more fun!
This is one of the better match 3 type games. The levels aren't impossible to beat & you don't have to purchase stuff just to move on. Over all, it's a pretty good & fun game. I do wish it would offer the mini game more often. When I downloaded the app, I was under the impression the mini games was the game, only to find out it's a match 3 game. I would recommend trying it out though.
It was good, for a while, fish are cute, standard match 3 kinda game. Then after a while you start getting levels that can take sets and sets of lives and rely heavily on pure luck rather than skill, even boosters don't do much. Which are ok, from time to time. But when you get 3 of them within 10-15 levels it gets a bit much. I play for enjoyment. This sort of constant frustration without any sort of relief in sight is what loses you players. Honestly it's what lost you this one.
Why do you have to update the game every few days? It's not like there's any difference. Then sometimes you're forced to take certain decisions you don't want to before you play the game. And yes, it's a misleading game. I downloaded it only to find out it's actually candy crush in another background, meanwhile, the main game i wanted is just a mini game that comes up once in a blue moon. So annoying!
This was fun for a while, but it's clear that the developers are just money grubbing thieves. The "updates", which are supposedly to fix bugs, are blatant rigging of boosters or the beachball so they no longer work! And the competitions? Don't bother. Our team (of 12) placed in the top five, but got cheated out of our prize. Apparently, the prize is divided by 30 regardless of your team size. Seriously? That is so shabby and short- sighted. This company needs to be reported. DON'T GET THIS!!!
I just started a week ago. It's a cute game. My only gripe is instead of letting u.kee you diamonds they put some in a piggy bank and when it gets to 50. They want you to pay. $2.99 to clear out ur diamonds 💎. I don't think that's fair. I only have 4 left you need 9 if u want to use extra life's 😕. I will keep paying as long as I don't have to use real $$. But other than that I like it cute fishes oh and u have to have certain amount of tickets to get special fish.
Up to level 1016, removing two stars, tired of having to purchase gold ticket to get anywhere. Impossible to get anywhere without spending money... got stuck on one level, around number 800, took me over a week! Ending up buying diamonds to get through, happens all the time. Its addictive, but going to uninstall.
Game is good. There are certain levels which are deliberate and you lose for no obvious reason. I wanted to try the Gold Pass and bought it. Once that was over it became very hard for me to complete levels. This is their way of insisting you to buy another. Also because the levels are much harder you lose the lives and then comes their publicity gimmick. Ask friends to play for 2 hr infinite life. Again in those two hours you will hardly progress and so you have wasted two hours!
I downloaded it for what I later learned were mini games. But I realized my aquarium residents were interacting with me and each other about me and it was funny af. I really would like to see more mini games or even a separate game with nothing but mini games. 6/2021 - why are all the pop ups necessary when the game opens????? If not 6, then it's a combo of the characters conversations and a story board. By the time it's done, it quit. Too much.
Relaxing vibrant scenery and Fun rewards as you level up. Easy to learn with interesting characters to add to your aquarium. Enjoying the various match sequences which become challenging as you level up. Only downside is as you level past 2000, you really have to buy the Booster Upgrades in order to sail through each level. Every now and then, they'll offer Booster Specials/Discounts, so if it doesn't hurt your wallet too much, it's worth the purchase if you play the game often. So, enjoy!
The game itself is good. But I want to play the game not have to constantly click where it tells me to click before I can continue my game each time you add something. The process is always the same. What is the point in giving a tutorial each time just because it's a different scene or fish that wants you to do the same thing you've been doing each time! I'm on level 314 I think I know how to play. Stop the tutorials or give us an option to turn them off in the settings and I'll give 5 stars.
I find these levels challenging an addictive. I have strenuously resisted the temptation to buy aids and have still progressed. I particularly approve of the life limit that makes you take a break. I'm not sure how or who makes the assessment for "hard" and "super hard" games but I have sometimes found the former easier than non classified games. Still enjoying the challenge.
Love the game have been playing for years but it has changed so much .you don't get diamond like you used to and when you update it say you get a free gift but you don't .I am ready to delete it after playing for so long . they put the whale so you will buy it and we earned those diamond.and always putting ads to invite friends and you will get things I'm sick of it .all you have become is money hungry .and that's not right the players deserve more.so STOP IT.
Hours of fun, my friend showed me this game. At first I wasn't sure how I would like the game.. but after playing it for 2 weeks I find it VERY addictive and fun. Hard to put down. The aquariums the decorations, the fish , events and the game as a whole family friendly fun for all ages. Join a guild ,make one your self invite family, friends let anyone who plays hoin. Play with family and friends. Share lives .. one of the best games . Me and my son both agree it is a good game to play
After the update, I have to wait for a notification before I can actually play, but its just the bonus island thing right now. If I go back to the aquarium, it just gives me the tapping on glass tone, not able to select anything. Can't feed fish, etc.
Superb Game. We can play offline. Even though it has so many hard levels, it gives us opportunity to win that develops confidence. Aquariums are Superb and nice to see. We are earning a lot and we get a lot to fill aquarium. My son is really enjoying this game. He came first in this game that made him happy I didn't even spend a single paise to purchase. Patience and confidence helps us to win not only in the game but also in life. congratulation developers. keep it up.
4 stars bc I like the game and variety, but some levels are WAY too hard and you need to use everything, including waiting for lives to refill to pass them (it takes awhile to refill ea life). Basically trying to get you to spend money to beat levels. I've come close to deleting it several times bc some levels are too much. I've come so far, I'm trying not too.Would be nice to have more mini-games also. 3 days and still stuck on lev 1087. These levels are getting ridiculous. I'm about over it!!
Very expensive to play! In order to progress if you make a mistake it cost 9gems the 1st time then 12gems then more and more. But even if you win first time around you only win 1gem, payout ratio is way off. EDIT: After spending hundreds of dollars without realizing it, I'm quitting this game. The payout ratio is way off, you should get a minimum of 2/3 of what the initial buy in is. If it costs 9 gems to get 5+ moves reward for lvl should be 6 gems. Give ppl a chance or you miss out on $$
Fun game, but the menus are beyond frustrating. If the fish are starving, I want to feed them. When there is gold and jewelry on the ground, I want to collect that. Please don't make me sit through screen after screen of scoreboards & notifications while those tasks are pending. (It's worse at the beginning of seasonal events, because you force me to select a new environment and abandon my tasks.) Easy fix: Just don't put urgent calls to action in front of us before we're allowed to act.
Match three game that is challenging. F2p that offers major advantages to those that pay. Understandable if you want to advance faster. Edit: Beach all power up has proven to be erratic at best, harmful at worse. Only complaint. Correction; the newest power up is far worse Edit: I just can't like this game anymore. Power ups super unhelpful that you have to pay for. RNG ball drops prove to be anything but. Just, done...
I'm totally addicted! I don't like having top pay for packages SOO often now that I'm the 4300 levels. So, my old phone got wet. I had to start again, which I was excited about because I only had one fish bowl left. Now it seems it takes a lot more power ups to get through the levels. Not sure how long I will continue to keep playing. There are over 9000 levels, which I like, however, it costs !!!!!!
I am at level 361, unfair on how the bottom pearls are behind areas you cant get to! The only way to get them is bombs and they are too few and far between. Not enough chances to get to them all!!!! Bombs should also take out more then they do. Everytime I try to play, I have to update..NO CHOICE, and I dont seem to get any of the 'gifts'. And I want to just play the game, I have no interest in joining any teams or playing the different little things that are offered.
Downgraded from 2 to 1. The later stages of the game are just boring. The general principle of level design seems to be to have so few moves that you need multiple bits of luck, with the right colours falling, to have any chance. This often results in having to play levels 30 or 40 times before finally the game decides you can pass. I sent screen recordings to the developers to show this on multiple occasions but nothing ever changes. No money from me and will uninstall soon. Was good initially
The aquariums are beautiful but some are a bit juvenile. The variety of challenges built in the game keep it interesting. have reached level 7000 but at great cost - literally hundreds of dollars. Once you start spending, the algorithm knows you will pay. I once played an easy level 47 times before winning it without boosters. If you're new to the game, have issues with patience and easily tempted to spend, then this is not your game. If money is no option - then this is your game!!
Other than the fact this game bares zero resemblance to the one advertised, and the developers are blatantly committing fraud, it's a very good game. It could've been sold on its actual merits and still done well. This makes the deception even more baffling. UPDATE: The completely misleading game play trailers turned out to be what the developers call "mini games". These mini games are so far and few in between that after playing upwards of 750 levels, I've seen something like 6 mini games.
A lot of people complain you must pay to move forward but I've so far made it to level 109 without paying a dime. Persistence and patience is all you need. I play casually and don't get frustrated personally. Perhaps others just want an instant gratification type game. I like the challenge of the game and of course it's cute and engaging.
I have been playing fishdom for over a year and loved it. I started the game and found it to be relaxing and an outlet from the stress of work and so forth. Now, like I have read in other reviews, it is frustrating with some games almost impossible to beat without using multiple boosters. Sometimes I find myself just doing moves quickly just to get out of game. I try to save boosters for team challenges, but those can be difficult when you have barely a handful of your team that plays.
While I truly enjoy this game, the way it looks, and the way you can play without pressure, some levels definitely are so frustrating, it feels they are on purposely keeping you from beating it. The gold passes are now one after another, once you've bought one, it's not much fun to not have one when it's available. So even though you don't have to spend money on the game, they definitely found a way to hook me. The way that we earned our fishy bank, but then have to pay to empty it is ridiculous
I've been playing this game for a long time now and always gave it 5 stars. Didn't mind spending money on season passes or extra power ups etc, because it was worth it, but lately the game has changed. It's become much more difficult to beat levels even using multiple power ups. Why buy extra power ups only to use them all on one level! (even the levels not labeled "hard") Making the game that much more difficult does NOT make someone spend more money, but less since it isn't as worth it!
At first its great fun. But the further in you go the more obvious it becomes that they are really just trying to make you love the game enough for you to keep buying power ups. In the about 80 levels that i have played there are a few levels that you just can not beat without power up's This is the sole reason for the 2 stars. Cause it made me uninstall it. Been stuck on 1 level for days now. I just want to play the damned game ...
This games makes you think , match 3 or more , lots of different prizes along the way , really great game , some great prizes too , it's also a bit addictive - hard to put down . It's a shame i need to buy alot of diamonds 💎 , would be great to get more free one , this game can cost you alot of real money
I really like this game. I know the company line is that you can play this game for free & advance to higher levels. This is absolutely not true. If you are playing at a high level, you have already spent 1,000s of dollars. Let's get real here! There is no way you can play without spending a lot of money on diamonds. You can not win bonuses without paying for boosters. The two games in one do not let you use the boosters you have paid for. You have to pay to open the piggy bank of paid diamond s
I love this game but my criticism is in agreement with others that some levels are impossible without boosters. I bought extra diamonds a few times and then you seem to be able to clear more levels? Very frustrating because you can easily end up spending £5 before you know it. I do love the game and enjoy the competitions but I do think that the algorithm is geared towards generating money 💰
I made a purchase for the gold pass but it is not reflecting on my game. I received an email saying the purchase was completed but upon login into the game nothing!!! I was to get the gold pass with all 8 lives and other things. You just took 60$ from my card, and your refund policies are so difficult to go through that one just says to hell with it. I'm so very dissatisfied at the moment. I will never purchase again, I'd rather just play the game without paying money. So disappointed!!!!
It could be me but some levels are just ridiculous to complete. It took me two hours to finish one level yesterday. I used all my bombs etc and then you get one last lightening bolt and one move left and it comes in miles away from the type of square you need to remove. It is frustrating and gets boring and I am losing interest fast. Tons of games out there that are much more relaxing and fun to play!
I have been playing this game for awhile now and it has kept me coming back. Good graphics, they keep it updated and it's very relaxing for me. However if you are wanting mini games they are very far and very few. You do have to spend money to play this game. So I suggest that if you don't like it and the concept of it don't start playing it. Other then that it's funner to play the game then have to clean a real fish bowl.
I am really annoyed with that recent updates have taken away all my reward videos. I have had these ever since I started playing the game years ago but about two months ago they suddenly stopped. I believe this is because I have not bought jewels for quite a while. I was getting mini games occasionally but these seem to have stopped also. It's all a ploy to get you to pay up but I will not do this. When my jewels run out I will uninstall the game permanently and get on with real life!
Even though it started out misleading, turned into a mini game within the game that rarely pops up . It was fun then as you increased your levels I started to notice odd patterns appearing to prevent you from winning. example...the tiles should fall from the right or left because there is a wall above you. Suddenly they fall through the wall and a void where their is no porthole.this never happened until I was close to clearing that board. It seems there is a push to have to keep buying in,
Mad you changed the beachball! We paid for the gold pass and the beachball worked great the first couple of days then you decide to punish us and make it completely random. I paid for it, I should be able to use it as it was helpful. Now it is completely worthless and a slap in my face because I paid money! Lesson learned, I will no longer be spending any more money on your game!
-2 stars because the advertising is definitely misleading, so that was disappointing, and then I am frustrated that interesting fish take so many tickets to get (but maybe I'm just impatient). Other than that, it's fun to have the ability to customize your aquariums and I like the encouraging comments from your fish...makes me feel better about failing a level 10 times. Overall, a good game. I'd say the only change would be to add more minigames or change the ads to reflect the lack of them.
Not at all as advertised. The logic puzzles are only a couple of super simple mini games once in a while. The actual game is a match 3, like candy crush. However, it's addicting. VERY easy to spend money on, due to power ups and extra moves to help win. But real money isn't required, just patience. I really enjoy the fish and tank decorating part of the game. I'm glad I read the reviews prior to download so I knew what I was getting into and I'm enjoying it for what it is.
So, the hustle on this one is, after you reach the high teens on levels, you can no longer win the level on the first try without buying extra moves. Your jewels run out *very* quickly, so that you'll (whoa, big Surprise) have to spend money to get more. If you don't complete a level on the first go, you don't get your bonus. No bonus=no boosters, which becomes a vicious circle. The game is still kinda fun. But, as usual, to do "really well" requires real money 🤑
I'm on game 3074 and to be honest I spend a lot of money playing this game to get to that many games. Now they want more money than ever because now to win one game, you really have to win three games because as you play they're on panels when you finish one panel a new panel moves in place and the game is not finished and then another panel moves in that you have to finish. Even I can't afford that. Unfortunately fishdom and it's creators are very greedy. Tomorrow I uninstall, makes me sad!!!
I started playing this game because I was drawn in by what turned out to be the mini challenges. Sadly there were only a few and the more levels I went to there are none. Also you earn diamond but have to pay to get them from the fishy bank. Not thrilled with that either. I enjoy it but I will probably be uninstallimg it when I reach the point where I have to spend money to advance further.
I love the game. It can be beat without spending money. Sure it might take many tries as you get in the higher levels but it is doable. I'm sure they have the algorithm set up to so you can win the really tough ones after you've tried over and over. So if you don't want to spend money just keep trying. It makes sense to me that they would do this to keep us playing. And I really do like the game. I had salt water fish tanks for many years. But I don't have them currently so I love my online tank
Only giving it a 2 for the graphics. Levels became too difficult, even with boosters. Deleted. You can "assure" me all levels can be beat, but I just played one level about 40 times with multiple boosters. No go. Waste of time and would never spend money on boosters when they don't help.
Edited to update review, I am pleased with the last several updates that have removed or corrected many issues. Keep up the good work. Many have commented about having to spend money, that is false. I am over level 2500 and have spent no money. Out of lifes, put game away while time passes to get lifes refilled. Self control is not that hard ppl. Now with that being said, after a few days of playing, it doesn't get any better, it is a knock off candy crush
I still like it because of the new people I have met, we ( alot) of us have become friends. Would not change that for anything. But the game has changed alot of updates cause of issues players are having. Plus they are unfair to players, some do not get to play events only chosen ones. Something is definitely going on.
I have been playing this game for many years. I love it, however I have accumulated over 8 million coins and counting. There should be a way for those of us who spend a lot of money on this game to trade in our coins for diamonds. Like 1 million coins for 500 diamonds. The new fish tanks come too slowly for me to spend my coins and I just keep accumulating them. At least let me share them with friends.
Fun game to play. Doesnt always give u enough info to progress plus the fish ask u questions, but there is no way to answer. A bit frustrating and it would b fun if u could...still, it is hard to put down. I find it better to just keep going so that's MY strategy. Is it the right one? Maybe...maybe not. You can decorate each world, and the game encourages it, but it doesn't show what, if anything, u can do with the different objects u choose. I still recommend it. 5 stars worth!
I'm a relatively new player. This game is purely pay to win. I have been on a "not hard" level for 2 days, only being able to use the one power up per day that the game offers. I have paid for the season, and I've even gotten the bank once. However I don't find enjoyment out of this game, especially when even standard levels are difficult to win. The more beaten you get the less you want to play and that's where I am right now.
I never write reviews, but I am today because I am tired of seeing the reviews that say "you can't beat the levels without spending money". I have been playing casually for less than a year and I am on level 2654. I have spent $0.00. Perhaps the reviewers that complain of not being able to beat levels, simply are bad at the game. Would you really want to play a game that every level you play you beat it the first time? I wouldn't. Keep it up Fishdom developers!
You have done away with the beat 2 levels get 1 hour free play beat 8, get 2 hours, beat 10 and get 3 hours free play. You need to pls bring it back, it seems since the last 2 updates, you just want us to buy rewards and gems to continue. This never used to be. I'm on level 5200 ( been playing for years) and it's become impossible to beat levels without having to buy boosters and gems. Also I did not get my 1 hour free play for updating the game. Have you done away with this too ? Very disappoi.
I appreciate the reply, the game is fun when it works, but as I said: Animations and swipe controls can be slow, difficulty of levels is inconsistent. Many levels start with a layout so that you can immediately create "boosters", but if you are starting with some they'll often deliberately break the layout so that they aren't any additional help. - 6 months later and this is still happening.
When I started to play it was awesome. But now, after 366 levels and fully built five aquariums, it's becoming ridiculously difficult. I have to spend all my lives on every level, sometimes more. It's getting boring and I'm losing my interest. There's a bonus game, Road to Tresure,where you have to build bridges and guess the lenght. I think I played level 17 about 100 times, with meter or without. Impossible. Now I'm really angry about it!
Love this app. It's addictive. Only thing is when you get past level 70+ it keeps feeezing daily and does not load. Then you have to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing. A few times a day. If I didn't like the game so much I may have just given up as it's getting annoying!
This is primarily a colorful matching game. The mini-game puzzles are infrequent. The puzzles are challenging, and I enjoy it. However, I took off a star for the fish talking to me like used car salesmen. I'll give it back if I could toggle that feature off. I'm sure extroverts love it. We Introverts find it disruptive, so I hang out in an unoccupied tank when I play.
Sometimes it takes a while to beat a level but its worth it! The forced updates can get frustrating. If only the game will give an option to update now or during the middle of the night when I can get faster service on my no-contract phone. As is, I have to NOT play a whole day just to update. Update: These updates are killing my cell. Since last update I get half a black screen every time I open the game.
Love the game but some of the levels are so hard to pass and you don't have any way of earning extra diamonds which is the only way to pass a level if you are close to competing it and then you have to start again.. I wish we had other ways of earning more diamonds so we can make purchases. I love the game regardless
I used to love this game. Even if the levels got hard I still played a lot. But all these recent updates has really ruined the game play. Why did they take away earning purple gems by watching a video ? And why have team tournaments during the week when people are super busy to play ? And the mini games are non existent anymore. I am not sure I will continue to waste my time on this game.
It's ok. The game itself is fun, but, like other people have said, only earning 1 gem when you win a game and then having to use 9, 11, 20 gems to continue in a game to win is ridiculous!! You either need to up the amount of gems you get for winning or lower the amount it cost to continue a game bc it's a rip off right now. Even when you buy the gems, they go so fast bc it requires you to use so many each time you need one.
Can't progress with purchasing cheats, it doesn't let you learn how to progress, it just wants $. *Update* played a few more weeks & barely progressed 5 levels!!! Can't go back & Can't move on, what the heck Playrix? Yer game sucks, I'm gonna Uninstall if I don't see changes in the next few days *update 2* uninstalling, cant get past level 92. Now giving it zero stars if I could
It keeps kicking me out of the game I just updated a few days ago and now it wants me to update again but now it says no room what the heck------------now its only 19 days and another update?????????update again only 13 days this time and it still doesn't help you get along. Just no way can I seem to get past this game
I loved this game at first. I couldn't put it down. Now I am in the 90s levels and I can't beat the levels for nothing. 2 times I had one item left with lots of bombs they all blew up and the one item still stood. I'm not paying money to play a game and I'm about to delete when I have two fish tanks already. Its ridiculous they charge to beat a level.
4 out of 5. Downloaded game for the advertised mini-games - none of which I've seen - it's a decent game (and without intrusive ads) and is essentially a matching game with the bonus of an aquarium. The game is "technically" free, yet you can only access the whale bank diamonds by paying £4.49 for only 50 diamonds. Better rewards for paying for "gold pass" - which is fine - I'm just wondering if this is where the mini-games are.
Yet another scam game. I installed because of the mini games it advertised, only to have those games disappear after a few levels. And then after advancing through enough levels, they become so difficult that the only way to pass them is to pay for the power ups. A casual game is only entertaining when you can achieve victory. If it takes days of endless grinding to pass a single level due to the game's need to get you to pay for the privilege of playing, it isn't fun anymore.
Everything a game like this should be. Low on the $ upsells, and you can play without paying. No commercial ads and lots going on. It's fairly simple, cute and beatable while being challenging. Only negative is the puzzle games, which is what it features in its ads. This is a match 3 game, not a logic/puzzle one. They've inserted some very half-hearted puzzles to make the ads true, but they are garbage and should be removed
I wish yu would spend an update fixing issues. 2nd time I've lost friends list an cant seem to get them back. Contacting the developer has brought no response. Been playin 4 close to 3 yrs. But I'm getting g tired of always being at a disadvantage. So few lives I cant get anywhere. I guess yu guy don care If i get angry or not. Jus too hard....
The game isn't as fun anymore. You can't strategize anymore to win the game. The helps that you purchase, golden tickets, are an absolute waste. The hatchet is not a help at all. It hurts your chances of winning the game than help it. The cat tails are the worst. It shouldn't take 50 tries and 2 hrs of straight playing to beat one level of the game. I understand the higher the level the more challenging the game, but it shouldn't be impossible to beat.
In one word: Greedy. The higher you get the more often little "bugs" occur that make it impossible to beat levels without buying additional bonuses. Often you end up playing one level 10+ times and spend 20+ Euros to be able to move on. Today's update made it even worse it seems. Enough is enough. Too much greed, no fun anymore. Deleted. Really a pity because the game is nicely designed and would otherwise be fun.
Fun to pass the time. You have "lives" though. Which means so many failed puzzles (and they can chose when you fail) and you can't play any longer without paying. That isn't happening. It's not that good a game to pay for when there are plenty other item matching type puzzles out there to play. Gems which allow you to continue are syphoned into a paywall. Basically one big paywall game. Loses its fun when you find that out. A shame, you lost my interest.
This game has too many tangents. I just wanted to play the Bejeweled style game, but this game bombards you with consecutive popups touting all these fancy bonuses, rewards, side games, e.t.c. And of course as you progress in levels, they become impossible to beat without powerups that are in short supply without paying money.
It is now working after a second update so Im changing to 5 stars. My daughter and I love this game. Ever since we did the latest update it doesnt work. We had to do update, bc it wouldnt let us load game without. So now the game loads but you cant select anything. It never did that before. We tried it on her pad and have the same problem. If we didnt have that issue, I would give it 5 stars. As of right now, we can't even play it which is why I am giving it 1 star.
It is fun to play till you reach level 40. Then you need to purchase like 30 additional moves to beat it, or play it for days in hopes that algorithm will be in your favor and drop you required items. It's a shame because it could be one of the best games on the Google Play, especially since you don't have to watch a single ad.
Fun Game!!!!! Love everything about it except the huge NO-NO for the Gem Bank. We don't ask the game to store them elsewhere because we earn them while playing the game. The game stores it and requires us to pay to retrieve what we earned. Disappointed about that. If I have to spend for this game unnecessarily I will be uninstalling this game sooner or later... Changed my mind and I went from 3 stars to 1 star by the evening. Do not get this game. Full of frustration and disappointments..
Love the game but u a lot of the bonus free play always comes through early hours of morning so hardly ever get to use it,if its an option with the gold pass to leave it and claim it later I don't understand why its not an option in normal game play,also the ball feature literally just ruins your chance of passing the levels and the bridge game getting to correct length didn't work at all ,happily spend money on this each month but lately I'm im realising it's not worth it
So many pop ups. It's annoying. I get it, you want to sell packages but jeez. All the little dialog boxes makes it take forever to get to actual game play. You have to take your time and look at all these annoying pop up ads for in game purchases, bonus level background stories and goofy fish dialog boxes. You're forced to pay attention to these to get to the "play" button. Used to be fun, now it's just annoying.
I enjoy this game. I don't pay to play at all. I save the infinite lives for when I have time to use them. I challenge myself to beat the levels without boosters. I downloaded the app a while ago because of the old ads but those are the minigames. I was pretty high in levels and never saved progress. It forced me to update, but wouldn't. So I deleted the app and re-downloaded. It started me back at level 1. I was most looking forward to the timed levels, WHERE DID THE TIMED LEVELS GO?
I don't like that it is candy crush, candy crush is boring ... You really don't get to do puzzle like you would hope🥴. This game is always making you update and everytime that happens it's taking up more space which is annoying.. I've only had this game for a month and only played a handful of times and already had to update four times. It won't let you play if u don't update, I hate that... It would have been a great game if it was true to it's avertisment ,and the updated isuse was none exis
I can't seem to get a response about this issue. I am stuck at level 259. I have only 27 moves on the game. Online it shows that level has 34 moves. Tried clearing cache and I cannot get the 34 moves everyone else has. If you purchase a lot of extras you might could get past this level with only 27 moves.