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Fish Royale - Tasty King Shark

Fish Royale - Tasty King Shark for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Appox Games located at Stockholm Bandhagen 12431. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 10 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoy the game play very much. The graphics, controls, and small touches are excellent. First opening the game it seemed to freeze a bit probably from downloading files in the background. Let it do what it needs to and it should work fine. I'm liking where this game is going and can't wait to see where it's taken.
I love this game so much but you need more 8 characters my idea 1.Shawn the seal 2.Gill the axolotl 3.Mary the marlin 4.Will the whale shark 5.Popo the penguin 6.Bling the blue ringed octopus 7.Pinkie the River dolphin 8.Maya the manta ray
I love this game. People who give it bad reviews are probably just complaining every little detail of the game. I've been searching this game and I finally found it! I literally clicked "install" fast than you could say: "Woah." Anyway, this game needs an update because I enjoy this game too much! :)
If you want no ads this game has no ads at all and this game is like an adventure and to defeat the crab use the turte and hit the crabs arms with your shell
The game is actually the only good fish eating game on the Play Store right now(also get consistent update) and the only flaw of the game right now is not having Google account saved. So uninstall the game might result in instant account lost
I gave it three stars because every time i die on sharks too many times i get sent back into the begining whyπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Pretty good game, runs fine even i have old phone. But I'm here actually taking my time giving a review to the creator I read every comment they responded to and man I've never seen any creator that actually pays attention to the reviews. Your dedication is what makes this game so good ( β—œβ€Ώβ— )β™‘. Creator your awesome πŸ‘
I found a glitch when you have vicous skin and you use the break powerup on shark boss it literally works.
Update: issue solved. with the latest update, fish royale mode sometimes produce errors whereas level stays in 4. and not unlocking level 5
I love the game! But there is one problem tho it's not a big of a deal but I don't like the moving joystick but pls fix it 😊
I have a problem playing this game. Everytime i close it and open again it stucks sometimes and lags mostly. Im guessing its the graphics or something but further more the game is great its flawless. Im hoping you will resolve this issue thanks.
Hahahaha on youtube it said"OMG RUN TURTLE ITS VICIOUZ" I can't go inside the hole to save the white fishy friend but if you use anglerfish you can reslow Viciouz but other fish can't hurt Viciouz.
less fish to get ...we need something like regeneration heal because all is against us and we cannot do so much..this game is like more a pay to win because first 2 fish have problems... first..good speed and farm but very weak against enemy...second ..very bad at farm...energy why don't fill ? why must to go at shop to watch to ads when we can just wait ~10 min for every energy..and in 24 hours to play a game not to watch to ads..why exist achievement: finish the game in 25 min ? need fish !
This game is very good i mean this is just like feeding frenzy but more cool cuz u can change character except feeding frenzy u have to pass a level to change the character I suggest more level and pls add custom fish So it will be more fun
Cool game! I like the art work and can you add fishpeida to see the fish we econted can you add mutiplayer can a add house it unlock at 35 stars and you can add fish to your house by buying them like blue tang clown fish and grouper
Very enjoyable game when its not lagging and glitching. I can only play 1 level smoothly but if i continue to another level it begins to glitch and is very unplayable. I have to restart the game to continue on.
The game idea and how it functions is all decent, however there are some problems with the game. My first biggest concern is that the sea horse seems to have a broken skill. As the one that is supposed to add 50 speed instead does the opposite. This is definitely something that needs to be fixed. Another thing is that I think there should be a way to fill up the energy meter over time instead of just by watching ads, although this doesnt concern me too much.
When you get to the boss battles it's super glitchy 😠 but there's nothing else wrong with the game. It would be fun to have a multiplayer thanks for listening developer. The sea turtle and your welcome
Hello! I really enjoy this game! Play it virtually every single day. However, I found some small bugs during game play that I wish to share, as well as some suggestions which I would really like to be added to the game if you wish. :) But a google review is not communication good enough, so expect an email from me when I get the minute! Otherwise, good work on getting a unique and enjoyable game out!
This game is awesome. I had an issue with it and customer service was extremely prompt in helping me fix it.
What an amazing game.Great job on the the physics. And really fun game play. Very entertaining I give it five stars all the way.thank you for this game.
Would Rate 5 Stars If It Wasn't For The Lag That Would Happen Unexpectedly, It Frustrates Me On How I Would Enjoy This If It Weren't For The Lag That Makes Me Have To Exit And Re-enter just for it to work for a lil then Lag So Badly Again, 3 Stars, Won't be unistalling but will be constantly frustrated :(
The game is amazing I love the art style I have completed the game.but I can claim the shark but it won't let me I have to get the full game please make the full game free
I really love the game i hope you can add more levels and character becuz i finish all of the level and set it all into 120 stars after that i unlock gump the shrimp mantis.honestly i enjoy the game that's why i gave 5 star on it not gonna lie this game is so awesome. I hope you can add more levels and character in your next update.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
I don't like the joystick I'm a right handed person too but great game and my hand hurts after I play the game and please fix that if you do thanks and it really really really laggy the game is great thanks for makeing it that's it byeeeeeeee☺
I like it , very nice for a puzzle. Good game gets you in practice for other battle games. Good game what a great technique for a puzzle.
I'm editing my review because almost all of my concerns were addressed and this games is being updated regularly. From what I understand there's only one developer and it's very hard to make regular updates even with a entire team so if he/she is doing this own there own they must really care about this game.
Its is fun to play because have awsome bosses , new characters and easy way to grt a quest.CAN YOU MAKE FISH ROYALE 2
I dont know if its just my phone, but the game keeps freezing when I eat fish. Its a fun game, and if my device could run it I would see myself sinking several hours into this game
One. I can name 5 things that no matter how big you are they will kill you in one bite even if your bigger then them two.in the first ocean lev in the end they hit you with 10 sharks so you die three. Most of the time when I hit a abilitie button it has a 1.5 sec delay ( yes I timed it) fix it please
Me and my son love this game :) we have an issue here, we unlocked the Puffer but its abilities don't work properly. 1st: Its first ability is Puff and when you upgrade it ,it is still at puff1, and doesnt go for puff2 or 3, 2nd : its 2nd ability is Propell which we have it at Propell3.. but when we use it the fish goes slower, and after we use it like 5 or 10 times the fish barely moves atall and we gotta exit to game menu. Please fix this bug. Still love this game :) Thx for info:)
I accidentally deleted my review oof and also the clam problem (no pun intended) isn't the only problem here is why when you play fish Royale (in-game) I can't seem to get my adapts even though it says that I earned 1469 adapts but it was just exp I would double check if I get adapts but sadly I don't, also i meant fish Royale minigame lol
0 stars actially its a boring game theres no fun among us is better so dont waist your time you guys are fired i hate this 100 awful i hate this stuiped game and know one should like it well dont download this game i think the develepors are old people make a better game
I LOVE this game it is so fun i love where you fight the shark at the end but i wish there more levels so i could have even more funπŸ™πŸ¬πŸŸπŸ‹πŸ‘β˜Ί
Game is super fun I had a lot of fun with it the only problem is that that the game is too short. So add more levels please
I am having a lot of fun with this one. As you play longer you realize there is a level of strategy that you need that is generally not required in a puzzle game. Imagine as if a puzzle game and a card game when mixed
I really like this game and I love all the cool characters but the thing is whenever I go past the second starfish piece it freezes and I can't do anything until I close and re open but then it just lags again other than that it is a amazing game.
This game is great it give a original vibe from feeding frenzy, one thing that make me feel cringe(sorry if i sound rude) because of emoji and no offensive that i think all emoji are cringe (because, i don't really like emoji at all) Please add an option to close emoji and i will love that feature. Overall, the game is fun to enjoy and the complain will not down the star(because,it is an option)
The game is great but why do you need energy to make upgrades my energy doesnt even fill back up naturaly
I think this game is fun and cute! For me personally I didn't have many issues besides occasional lag or something, but other then that, I do enjoy it!
this game has a nice concept and the art is cute and pretty :) the only problem i’m having currently is that there isn’t an option for the joystick to be on the right hand side. as a right handed person i’m kind of struggling with moving the fish lmao
This game is very fun for me. I have gotten all stars and don't have much to do. Do you plan on adding new levels or new game modes? I feel like it would make the game so much more fun.
This game is fantastic but, it kinda look like beta and there should be more fish to be added(like Barracuda or Orca AKA killer Whale) and to be honest there should be Co-Op mode and that's all (sorry if i sound rude) also you are a nice guys sir(due to commenting for responsible of game problem) People this game is overwhelming perfect to be a fantastic and cute-looking game
Alright alright you can call me stupid if you want. I didn't notice you need 15 🌟 for fish Royale geez. But if your thinking of playing this... Than I reccomend it! For those fish lovers out there pls try this game out.
OMG this app is amazing its such a goof ball app which is amazing for me since the sounds of the fishes that u play as are Adorable.. And how the ai act its soo cool and I still didn't defeat the shark and I can't wait to see my white fishy friend again.. But shouldn't you add multiplayer,only 3 players per server but don't make them A.I players lol.. Just install this game and try it out its so funny and cool, but also hard... Thanks for this amazing game...
If you dont give the coins earned again after replaying the previous levels then you does the game allows us to play the levels again and agian for no added benefit.Very bad game development idea
with the latest update, fish royale mode sometimes produce errors whereas level stays in 4. and not unlocking level 5
The game has improved very much, but theres just one problem. sometimes when im playing a level it freezes, can u fix that? Level 26 freezes the most.
The game is good it's great but you know it could be better like making the level before the third boss easier I can't bet it can you please make it easier by let's say lowering the sharks speed and half the strength please oh and props to you creator for this awesome game.
Its like hungry shark i unlocked the vezioz i dont know what is called like great whhite shark its so cool Get it now for free get free plush hungryfin and get merch from market search hungryfin merch like it enjoy
Great game don't be fooled cause creatures look the same love it great job guts keep it up!!!!!! Love
A game like those old apps from 2010 where games actually had levels, progress you could see and feel, and REAL accomplishments, not just endless clicking machines that satisfy small gratification hunger in our brains. There is an energy bar but a fairly reasonable upgrade cost for the unlocked game is a fair ask for a game that doesn't shove ads in your face. Good to have games that really feel like the old days again. Comfortable controls! Small text is slightly hard to see.
I really love this game. This kinda have the Feeding Frenzy feels on it but both are different stories, of course. Two things that I find awkward/uncomfortable is the joystick showing and the movement of body of the fish. It kinda hard for me to chase the small fishes because of it. I dunno, maybe I'm not just used to it. But anyways, this is the game that I'm looking for.
So i was initially really excited to play like the game looked really fun and cool but when i tried to play the game froze and i couldnt progress any further than the first minute of the whole game i coukdnt do anything i gave up after 6-7 game restarts and phone restarts the game acts like its starting up and lets me play through the tutorial but not get past right after the tutorial it freezes and kicks me out
I had so much fun :) The ads are optional, they don't just pop up everytime you finish a level, which is awesome! Expected some sort of multiplayer game, but this will do. Keep it up!
Really like the vibrant colors in the pictures . there are some that will make you study the picture har
From start I had my hopes up high but then I realized that it was a puzzle game and the fish size resets each level
This game was so good 😌 i finished the game it would be nice to see more of the game and stay safe 😷
So far i finished the game (complete all level full 3 stars) i have a question do you have any new idea for the story of the game? I like the dark tone put into the story of the game (it is impressive for one dev to handle it) also if you want to make battle royale interesting consider map maker and share online for ppl to play (hard but it sure interesting)Edit: Congrats for the 4.1 Stars (you Deserve it)