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Fish Paradise - Ocean Friends

Fish Paradise - Ocean Friends for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Orca Studios located at Mountfield Avenue, Malvern East, VIC 3145. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this game! I own fish of my own and when I'm away from them I always get a bit sad and this game made me very happy. Although I didn't get to play for long (phone won't allow the game to open) I really enjoyed my experience. It may have some bug and glitches (from reviews) but this game has so much potential.
Very relaxing, fun game. 4 STARS because their customer support NEEDS HELP. I spoke to several player who lost large amounts of their coins they worked very hard for, who had contacted support team numerous times with NO REPLY. I had several issues with growth times of fish not being accurate, and received NO HELP NOR REPLY. Frustrating!!
I have just started, I have been playing Fishdom and have been enjoing it. This game is very different and reminds me of a more simulator type game. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.
I have had this game less than a week and I love it! The colors and varieties are awesome and it's really cool that you can visit other player's reefs.
It's a great game I lie it because it's fun and shows that if you have a pet you must take care of it
I don't recommend the game. App developer can't keep up with real time challenges, which is the only way to get new tanks. New players can't progress if they can't earn the trophies needed to unlock new tanks. Besides that the game is expensive to buy decor, fish,and other items that the game offers. This game is a copy of the game Fishville but this game isn't as good as Fish Villegas was.
One of my favorite games! It's the type of game where you earn and collect for long periods of time. I've had my game for years and have been able to collect and earn cool fish and items without spending money. Love fish paradise!
I can't remove my smurfs village and hot star . They are equally important as fish paradise. So I can't update. I can continue as it is. I have no space to update this game which o lavo to play. So I can't update. Will play without updating.
This game is not that bad. But I wish you could get creatures lower level I am still level 5. But it does for you freeze up sometimes but it usually lasts a couple of seconds.and if you have a anxiety disorder or even some type of autism this game will be perfect for these people and kids. But if you have ADHD the wouldn't it be a good.
loving it just need an update every time a fish get older it gets you can see it literally getting bigger and bigger on your screen the longer you hold the fish the more it's worth to somting like that but make the fish look older and bigger make it look different every levels age what ever you want to call it thanks ya
I just started this game ; I really enjoy the fish. I do not like releasing them though. I will get use to it. If you like aquarium games; you should enjoy it.
With all these new breeding fish we are going to need a lot more tank space--either more tanks or more space in the existing tanks.
I've never had problems with download the updates, now it takes nearly 2weeks and now I only can play for 2weeks till next update...one star great game love it but updates suck
It will be awesome if u put lock system to fish, corals, or creatures to prevent from releasing accidentally....
I have been having nothing but problems loading the game, playing the game, helping other players, and getting fatal errors, having to restart the game 8 to 10 times before I can finally start to play, I have also restarted my device. IT'S SO RIDICULOUS. FISH PARADISE FIX THE PROBLEM(S). I have sent emails to the company and they still haven't taken care of anything or contacted me.
Not clear on how to get rewards like I love jellyfish I would like it to be a profile. I don't know if I'm supposed to wait till full grown to get gems. And I did the steps to enter the contest but nothing happened
When there's a software glitch and you email x 2 plus im they read my im but ignore and don't resolve. I wasn't rude or condescending purely factual requesting resolution. Ocra don't give a response and/or respect. Software engineers incompetent.
I really like this game it's very therapeutic! While there are levels and tasks to complete there's really no losers or winners I mean you can technology "win" On Certain activities. No one really feels defeated you don't go back levels or lose anything! It doesn't feel like a game to me however it is fun and time consuming in a good way!
I very very like this game😘😍😍 The game so wonderful please install the game. ☺☺.The fish are so happy and beautiful 🐠🐠.The corals are so beautiful πŸ‘.
Decent game when it works. Quite a few fatal errors that boot me out. Tablet crashed, and because of game fatal errors, i was unable to recover my original profile. I wish i was able to breed all fish also, not just specifics within the fish shop.
Fun interactive game. Encourages community interaction and beautiful graphics. The fun of an aquarium without the hard work. I have three aquariums at home but none with the beautiful array of my virtual reefs. Especially good for those who love fish. Low stress, moderate paced game. Works really well for people who can only check in periodically. I don't have a schedule that allows me to sit with drawn out gameplay, so Fish Paradise's setup works really well with my lifestyle.
This game is pretty fun, coin gainage is a bit slow but its still fun and the rewards from tasks help out greatly.
UPDATE: Totally hooked (pun intended)! Most players are very supportive and helpful, the game is challenging as higher levels are attained, yet children can, and do, enjoy the simpler aspects of it. It takes patience to deal with the length of time it can take to level up to get reefs, but I do not play all day. Over all, enjoyable game with friendly people.
Would rate higher, but the in-game chats include way too much bullying and swearing for a game that kids can play. Players get seriously upset about fish gifting when they think someone hasn't followed up on a "promise" to gift a fish. Setting the game as private blocks chat, but makes completing tasks impossible. Unless something changes, I'll uninstall the game soon. I deleted the app, since developers don't seem to care about bullying that occurs.
I love this game! You can stop playing the game for months and pick up right back where you left off because your fish never die and the daily login bonuses never reset if you skip a day!
Love this game, it's very relaxing. Helps me a lot with my anxiety. The graphics are great, there is just one problem.The challenges are very hard. Can you maybe replace it with something easier? Thank you to the team for all the hard work you put into this game.
The game has a tournament that is nearly impossible to win unless you spend gems, which are difficult to earn but you can spend real money to buy them. There is no way to opt out of the tournament and just play to win coins, gems or XPpoints. You MUST be in the tournament. I have been happily playing this game for years until now. I refuse to spend any more money on this game.
I just hate having to start all over when on different device because it doesn't let you recover your game
This game teach us the real meaning of LOVE. I wish the gift box not only 48 but more, about 56 gift box maybe ? Please.
It's hard to tell who are kids and who are adults, and some of what is said make you wonder if kids should play at all. I do like the game and play alot with my oldest daughter. Easy fun and lots of nice ppl just wish you could make it that somehow kids are separate from adults. My thoughts!
Hooked on this game. Only thing i don't like is, it doesn't clear out the fish that are already sent to other players in the challenge help center. I have used my diamonds 3 times (about 26 diamonds) to instantly grow my fish to help out others in there challenge, just to be told they already received the fish. A waste of diamonds, especially if you can't buy them all the time.
It is sooo hard to level up so please can you make a new quicker way of leveling up? (Mini games or somthing different?)I would really appreciate it because I love the dolphin (critter) but it is really hard to get it because I need to level up to get it. I would reccomed this game to evry one. It is amazing (edit) idk.. i guess I got board.. it's 2 hard to get coins and gems. I find the players i was playing with basicly ignores me.. i guess I got board and uninstalled the game. :/
Locks up every time i try to start a challange and it locks up fatal stack error. I am in the middle of a tourney. BS
Not played long it's a great game but I've had to uninstall and reinstall to get the game to open. Pls fix and I'd give 5 stars because I enjoy playing, no ads & I haven't spent a penny on the game & can still advance without having to wait ages. You win diamonds instead of having to buy them all the time. There is plenty to do in this game & it keeps me interested.
I really like it! I wish there were a few little changes but nothing to really rant about. So really I'd just like to add it's been kind of therapeutic in a small way. However , small , it's a huge difference for my anxiety attacks that rarely occur lately. I credit this game in part. Along with actual therapy and my comfort dogs of course!
I just spent 6000 gold to compete in a challenge in this game. It took my money and didn't start a challenge for me. Bugs like this happen a lot and there is no way to contact any sort of player support for these issues.
I love the app. I have played it in my cheap phone for almost a year now & Plays great & several options of fish & Coral to collect.
The game is really nice. I have a disability and the game has really good graphics and keeps me busy. Watch out for barriref and Cherokee01 they bully people like us with disabilities.