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Fish Abyss - Build an Idle Ocean Aquarium

Fish Abyss - Build an Idle Ocean Aquarium for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Foxie Ventures located at 15 Grote Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The second phase of fish is to hard to merge. I have fish that allows me to feed up to level two and level and they are non mergeable. The cost of the fish is extremely high. I takes all day to reach enough hearts to produce the fish without paying diamonds. I see this as a money making game. Asking 30,000 diamonds to produce a fish is unheard of. Graphics are nice. Too complicate and will uninstall.
The game is great except for the fact that it takes way too long to get health to buy new fish or upgrade decor... You can't even finish daily quests due to this downfall. Fix this and I will gladly 5-star.
This game is perfect if you want something that you can get on only every few days with no issues. As long as you also never switch phones. If you play daily it quickly gets extremely frustrating unless you are willing to put serious real world money into it. It takes so much to get the fish, you can't advance them past level 5 (at least not early on), once you have a fish to level 5 and fully fed you can't do anything with it aside from watch it swim. The graphics are beautiful though.
OMG!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooo in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this game. Truly amazing!!!! The sounds and graphics are out of this world! So relaxing as well. Have i mentioned that i love this game? Outstanding!!!!!
I was looking for a bit more realistic game. Instead food is used to upgrade fish, and one needs to merge two fish to complete upgrades. Great graphics, but a bit too gimmicky for my taste.
Pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is. Much more than a game. There is something tactile about the experience. Something I never anticipated. My 4 year old son is having tremendous fun with his fish aquariums. Radical watching him figure out the mechanics and revisit things he has learnt. He speaks about it as if they are real fish. Now I must learn how to get him to share the phone with his 2 year sister.
Really relaxing game. Looks amazing, even on my barely-functioning phone, which is a pretty incredible achievement. It's a lot of fun and I keep finding myself getting drawn back to it when I get a free moment.
enjoyable, I'm having a problem with controls. I can't seem to merge fish and I cannot move my plants. it just needs a help section or I'm missing something. would be fantastic if the game could become a live wallpaper. I've figured it out, this learn as you go style is starting to work
I absolutely love this game and wish to see more content in the future. Although this game is very grindy, that's to be expected from aquarium-type games. I wish the cost of building things will be lower but maybe this will improve with time.
I haven't to far in the game thats why Im giving it a four! But the game has been great so far! The grapics are amzing...but I looked at the other maps and.....the starter map is more detailed.....then the other ones....I not mad at this just dislike it. I wish you wood add like plants in the cave or just the other maps please dont take it personally!! Im sorry if you get mad😠 by the review but Im just saying. I cant wait to see what upates bring!!!!! 😊😊😊😊
This game is so relaxing and beautiful!! I only wish it didnt cost so many hearts to "build"... especially when goin into a new area. U end up with more fish than food.
Cool at first. They jack prices up after buying every fish that you cant get ahead. Iv spent $20 and didnt get far. If it wasnt for raising the prices so high i would keep this game and rate 5 star. Unless you plan to spwnd $100 plus expect to be disappointed.
I really like this one much more than other idle fish tap games. I wish you would make a game like this for growing a flower & vegetable garden.
i like games that i can collect real species. but the costs are too high which makes advancing so slow. fish to life ratio is absurd and the fact that you cant do anything without buying gems is an upset. id like to give more stars but at this point i wouldnt unless serious udates or changes are made to meet the needs or expectations of the players not the creators.
Progress is impossible without $$$. The spotted brown boxfish, for example, costs 7.45x what the dracula goby costs, yet only produces maybe 1.5x as much hearts as the goby. The spotted boxfish is about as far as I got before I quit. For a while i was okay with progressing slowly, but the most recent update makes eggs cost more every time you buy a new one. Progress has gone from slow to non-existent. Uninstalled. Please let me know when you improve your game.
Yes, the gams is a fish aquarium. But, I was expecting an actual aquarium. Like seals, balooga whales, whale sharks! There is one other thing that bothers me... Its very.. Well.. Boring. Whe. you're waiting for hearts or food, it takes a long time. I don't recommend this game for people who get bored easily.😐😕
It starts to get boring you gain hearts very slowly and the prices for the eggs get bigger and bigger every time you buy it and it makes the game.impossible to play without spending money.The first fish you can buy (forgot the name) jus t gets a price that is so big I had to wait days to get it. IM NOT a player that gets to success with money but you just cant do s*** without it in this game!!(sorry if this offenda anyone but its my opinion)
I love this game. Super calm and relaxing. I love the fish and the view. It's great! However, I find myself not having enough life or food to play for more than a minute or two, even with my life at a x12 multiplier and my food at a x9 multiplier. There should be more ways to earn food and life and/or lower the cost of the fish/food consumption.
So far the best aquarium game i have downloaded. I became addicted rather quickly and enjoy the effort you guys put into it. I also like how none of the fish require you to pay real money or atleast not that i know of. Still it's better than fish farm.
It's a lovely App, There are a bunch of fish to collect and envole I had to un-install it though but only to make space. It's not really additicvie It kinda just a log in play for a little bit log off. But for people who LOVE to game it could be additcive. In total It's an Great App And For every fish lover i think its the best app about fish and collecting fish. Great App 5 starts.
Was a great game until this recent update where the price of eggs goes up with every single egg purchase making it now impossible to advance without making purchases of crystals with cash. Deleted. 12/20 Update: Still trying to mine players of cash, "fixed cost" now items that supply your food cost outrageous amounts of in game money.
nice to look at but takes too long to collect enough to 'buy' fish and plants. Waiting for days to buy one fish.
The graphics are great, but as for the gameplay it is truly no fun. You buy eggs, feed the fish and merge them together into one, higher level fish. Pointless. And the narwhal is pointless to; he just swims around and repeats messages. And after each fish egg you buy, the price goes up! You find yourself waiting a week for your money to increase enough just so you can buy the ridiculously expensive eggs! No need in getting this game when it's no fun.
Make it easier to merge fish! Once the (very bad quality and unhelpful) tutorial was over, I was unable to merge any fish. Every time I try the screen just ripples as though I'm just clicking the fish (which I'm not). Like seriously just make a button that we can push to merge fish instead, why make things intentionally difficult? Looks like a good game, if it would actually work.
This game had potential to be great, but you have to watch a ridiculous amount of ads to move forward at all. And it cheats, fish go missing and points get lost. Very disappointed.
Seems like a pay to play game. Fish egg costs jump way beyond what you earn from them. Last fish i bought gives 27 hearts per second and the egg now costs 1.6 trillion hearts to buy an egg. Not worth the time to play.
This game was amazing when I opened it. However I have a very annoying glitch with an unreachable fish which wants to be merged with the other fish of the same type. Could you give me a little advice on this or fix it please or I might uninstall this app.
Fun time consuming game unfortunately it's pay to win after the common fish luckily the multipliers are fairly cheap not like most games where its 100 to progress it's about $15/30 if you want to do life and food multiplied which is honestly so worth it
IF YOU SUFFER FROM MOTION SENSITIVITY! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Concept is great. But the way you zoom in on fast moving fish swimming in circles when upgrading. Gave me a massive migrane to the point of puking. Sorry can't rate higher than that. That could cause some serious issues for some people. Fix it and it could be the best fish idle game ever!.
While I enjoyed the game to a point, it became increasingly frustrating due to slow life point increase and high life point costs for fish needed to advance in level. Also annoying was the constant in-my-face urging to purchase more gems or chests. Uninstalling.
It is waaaayy to slow. It costs way too much to get a single fish and the fish themselves don't generate enough hearts to make up for it. The tap feature only gives me 600 hearts per tap and when fish are costing me 20B, there is literally nothing I can do to get the money in a reasonable time. Needs some revamping.
PAY TO PLAY! Got to level 19, and now cannot get enough resources to move forward without paying. They trick you with dolphins, and it all goes to PTP. I'm still enjoying the game. The graphics are really cool, and I'd like to see much more added to the game play. If you're going to drop money, this game has the potential to be worth it. Really needs a widget to watch & play on.
I used to be able to grow fish to my hearts content... loved it. best game ever! I dont rate, this is my first. only rating to tell you your update sucks. ive modified this. you have made some improvements, thank you. but it still sucks
Too Expensive. everytime you purchase an item, the rate increases. once you have completed the quest, the amout given isnt anywhere near the amount spent or needed to puchase the next item. its a nice game, graphics are really good, but its hard to continue playing after level 5..
For some reason I can't move my fish to merge them, but I can hear the sound effects when I try to. I've only being playing for a day. Glitchy game. As you progress everything becomes pay to play, too...shame; this game has such good concept, graphics and potential, but has been ruined by glitches that destroy the merging system and money-hungry developers. I am uninstalling, and I do not recommend this game to anyone who doesn't want to pay up.
Thanks for making Horse Riding Tales and this game. I will look for further games of Foxie Ventures. And just curious, do you guys plan on giving Horse Paradise: My Dream Ranch, an update? I've completed all 40 levels and I will be more then happy if you give that game another update. Thanks, you guys are the best! Wish you best of luck!
Okay this is going to sound like promoting the app but im just saying what i genuinely think. Its really well made. Its relaxing, soothing, fun, simple, bright, colourful, addictive and just really nice to play. The UI is easy to navigate and the fish make you feel like you are caring for them. THE FISH ACT LIKE FISH! Every other fish based aquarium app i have had the fish have acted like... not fish. These ones do. All in all, great app fun and relaxing. Well done guys!
Cool fish, hard to advance. In the beginning, I liked the design and the fact that you advance by getting more fish. Simple but fun. But after you advance to a couple of higher level fish, it's so hard to get enough hearts. I've been turning my game off for an hour or more to let the hearts build up, because I can do nothing until then, and then going back on, buying one fish, feeding it, and then waiting again. I do like the soothing visuals/sounds though.
This game is sooo nice & relaxing, except there are a few glitches, for example the fish can swin through each other and it's not the best quality (graphics). But besides that it is my #1 go to game for relaxation!
Please balance up the game. It has potential but the life points required to breed fish is absurd. I mean if you want the points to remain, then at least give us additional ways of earning them. The daily quests alone is already impossible to achieve once you get to the gobies near the end of the common ranked fish...
This game is just simply amazing! The graphics are great and the music and sounds in the background are so calming. It has a slow and steady pace. I recommend this game to anyone and everyone! At least try it *puppy dog eyes*. ❤
Looks pretty fantastic so far. If you want a customizable digital aquarium, this is it. Plenty of wildlife, locations and, plants/features, plus a light merge/idle component. NEAT-O! You can transpire the GUI so, that only your fish/decorations display on screen. Cool!!
WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL IS WRONG WITH THE CREATORS OF THIS APP?!??? First of all i enjoyed it for about a week but then i didnt use the app for 2 days and now i have -9000000000 hearts. WHY?!?!!! I fricken loved this app and now its useless. Shame on you app creators.
The game is pretty but not explained well, like why 2 life numbers and how to generate life faster. Im only at lvl 7 but already unable to complete quests, I cant hatch the fish fast enough.
Fun game honestly. I installed a few minutes ago and I am already addicted. A very addictive and fun game I definitely recommend
Very similar to Abyssrium, but less obnoxious because I don't have to tap my phone like a crazy person. I just wait and watch and enjoy the tranquility of the game, instead of frantically tapping.
Peaceful game with good game play. Two suggestions: 1. The fish only swim in a small area, why not give them more screen area to awim in so we can enjoy the swimming patters more. 2. It would be great to have other no cost activities to kill time while we wait for hearts and food. Right now hatch eggs, feed, merge, and plant something are all you can do. Maybe add control over the fish so we can swim them around why waiting. Teach them tricks? Mate couples and the eggs they create are free. mm
This game is bull. When you build things it doesn't replenish the hearts it costs. So if you accidentally hit for example another boulder that you didnt want and it costs you, well you dont get that 10b back after you delete it. Also, it changes the prices of everything constantly making them higher, so it seriously dampens the progress you can actually make. that goes for fish, or building items. Plus. when you breed fish, you normally get MORE fish, not less and less just leveling up. bull.