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First Words for Baby

First Words for Baby for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Androbaby located at Free Zone and Port No:553 Famagusta, 99450. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ads infested.Not even in a reasonably a rate you cannot use this app in its current condition seve your child and yourself the frustration and dont fall for this scam.
Except for the ads (it's free, what do u expect) I love this app.....i wish there were more words, or there were levels, but as soon as my daughter started playing, she started picking up on words better, and she can almost say all the words on the app, she knows the different between a dog & a puppy, cat & kitten, etc.
Awful my baby is pressing all the side buttons. It should be a locked game. Also baby's keep clicking on the ad. Over and over.
my son really enjoys it. he started saying words and animal sounds at 12 months. this was of great help. Now he is 18 months and he identifies cars, airplanes, trains, tractors, etc while on the street. πŸ€—
The pictures don't link to what you press. E.g. press the dog and it loads up cat? That's just confusing your kid. Also so many pop up ads its distracting. Remove the popup ads, make the images load what they depict, and make the words simpler and this would be OK.
(6/29/2019) This app has been wonderful up until the last update. I have paid to have the ads removed, but after the last update they have reappeared. I have restarted the app multiple times and the ads are still there. (Updated 7/1/19) The developer quickly updated the app to address the ad issue. Thank you.
Disgraceful ad placement. This is not an app designed for children. This company should be ashamed of themselves.
Full of ads, my child gets very upset by the amount that pops up, gets fed up and closes this. Should be ashamed. The amount of effort put into cutting and pasting still rotating images through turning pages doesn't warrant this many ads, so other apps of higher caliber display way less and this is the comparison
Two stars for the free ad version. Unless, you know, you only like ads; because that's all your child will click on in this app.
The audio book helps to identify the pronunciation of the vocabulary words for babies and toddlers learning the English language.
This is a really great app! My son just turned 2, and he's all over it. He likes that there are pictures of everyday objects that he is familiar with. This is an app that he can actually play and enjoy without asking for help. Thank You for making this available.
My one year old really loves the animal sounds and easily mimics the pronunciation of animals and food items.
Ads are too intrusive and crashed within a few seconds of turning it on. Uninstalled. Don't waste your time
My two year old son is speech delayed and he loves interacting with these flash cards and is beginning to try to say some of the words! It is a delight to see him trying and become so animated.
Awesome application. So easy to be used by kids. My two years old just enjoys shuffling through the photos and learning new words everyday.
Ads plastered all over this app, horribly coded, too boring to even get babies attention let alone keep it. And half the reviews were paid for.
Entirely too many ads! I understand ads but this is a children's game and ads pop up full screen as soon as my child hits start! The game is only pictures and sounds! Its 80% ads and 20% game! Not worth it! My child gets frustrated and cries because of the amount of interruptions from ads! It's a really mean thing to do to a child's game! Instead of buying the "no ads" version, I will be teaching my child to avoid the ads and press the "X" button!
I love this game because you can dress your feelings and you can dress you own style!🍨🍨🍨🍨πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ🍦🍦🍦🍦
THIS APP IS A SCAM! Ads are put into game play because children will click on them unknowingly and clock up revenue. You cannot use this app in its current condition, save your child and yourself the frustration and don't fall for this scam.
My 3 year old has loved this app for 2 years now. very handy when shopping or having to chat to am adult for something, we just open the app and give it to her and she plays it by herself
i like this app alot but the only thing i dont like about it is when it tells your child a word you have to tap the screen for it too change images but other then that its amazing
Great app! However wish it had more options or rather make videos on how you eat food etc. My daughter loves the animal sounds
my toddler enjoys this, but it seems crazy the amount of ads all over the app. I shouldn't have to close so many browsers every time he uses the app
Does not hold attention. Ads are too easily pushed to leave app and difficult to return... there are much better learning apps.
My baby has learned so much from this app...its amazing. He is doing great with sounds and pronouncing words so well. Worth the download!
I understand needing ads in this app but with it being a kids app it would be nice if it was at least done in a way that they aren't going to be.accidentally pressing them all the time. Like not in the actual flash card portion? Would be five stars if they'd change that
I use it with my lil grandson who absolutely loves the animal sounds and their acts. It makes it interesting for him to speak
This is the perfect app if you want your child to learn words, my only problem is the ADS! Its UNACCEPTABLE! When you press a word catagory it intstantly takes you to an ad, INTSTANTLY! Any child can press it not knowing the dangers of an unwanted website! So, if your looking for a GOOD first word app DO NOT install this one of you dont whant your child on unwanted sites.
My baby has never been the same after having used this special baby app. I am extremely grateful to the developer.
This application is so fun and helpful with young kids and also easy for them to use it. I give it 5 stars and I hope it could be another edition contains wild animals ,more food , garden toys and more food products. Thanks a lot πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ‘
my son loves the app but hate that it is always max volume when you open it. is there a way to minimize the volume permanently so it doesnt startle the entire house when my kid open this app??
Good for small kids. Have exciting sounds of one picture per page . Minimal ada at bott makes it easy to use . A kid can play on its own as well for 15 minutes . A nice learning fun app !
Poor play ability. Its not baby friendly and the adds cost money to get to go away, super sensitive so babies can buy things quickly. Always pops up an add over the app so the baby hears the sound but the add takes you to play store.
Still a favorite for my two year old! I wish that the animation was a bit more realistic, but we've had this app as a favorite since we downloaded it almost a year ago!
Basically just ads from the moment you install. The animal flash cards also don't make animal noises as advertised. Don't waste your time.
I love the app. The pictures are very clear. And the sounds are great. It helps babies understand the words better. My kind suggestion is, to just use shaking motion while we touch the pictures instead of rotation, since the rotating motion causes confusion. For example, trucks do not make rotating motion, same as a duck or a cow.
I just installed this app and there is no sound for my baby. I thought it was my phone so I tried other apps and music to see if I'll set any sound and it worked which makes the app this problem. Please fix or I'm uninstalling it. The app looks really nice but what's the point with no sound?
Ads infested. Not even in a reasonably a rate. Especially who's targeted by the app. 2-4 years old who are trying to learn how to speak yet. How in the world those ads have an audience in this age? Who thought of this? I love the actually book by the app is useless.
My kids enjoy the pictures and words but there is no button to exit the app and when my child uses this in kid's mode we have to restart the entire tablet to exit. The back button will not close it either. And the ads are a distraction that ruin everything else.
Amazing this app gtabbed my 2 in a half month olds attention quite quickly lol. She enjoys the sound some of the picture make .
has ads around the screen that my son can just touch and will open...that's the whole point of an app for kids is so they can't click on stuff they're not supposed to
My son started saying his first words after letting him listen to this and encouraging to say the words. Really helpful and highly recommend this app. Am really thankful!
I like the picture quality and the sound very attractive for kids . My kid enjoys it. Will come bk and give 5stars after he lerans new things from it
I thought this was a good app until I paid the $2.49 to remove ads and all that happened was the remove ad button disappeared and ads remained? What a rip off I will keep a close eye on my account to make sure I'm scammed no further 🀨🀨🀨🀨
I love the program very useful & stimulating, but im very mad at the commercials are unbearable!im trying to keep her focused,the commercial comes on,oh &half the time it's hard to get it off.please play the commercial in the being & at the end.remember your app is for babies!thanks.
Too many pop ups, ads, very confusing on how to choose a section. Baby is 3 and can hardly figure out where to press and usually it's easy with other apps. Very dumb app. Rather just buy the book no poo ups and ads every 5 seconds if you get the book. Deleting asap
Adds cause toddler to touch it and then takes kid out of game. Stupid. Don't recommend. If it didn't allow the child to clicl on the browser and leave game, then i twould be good enough
My daughter likes this app so I paid to have the ads removed as they are full screen ads which can be clicked on very easily. The ads are not baby friendly. Then there is the fact that the app automatically adjusts the volume when it is launched. It's way too loud.
This game is super πŸ‘Œ for babies πŸ‘ΆπŸ₯° No worries of ad because if you off mobile data there are no ads πŸ‘this game help babies to identify things, animals,actions and toys.
This app is incredibly loud. Once the app is opened, it opens at full volume regardless of what you have your volume at. I wish there was a way to set an appropriate volume for this app (especially as a parent) .
Not baby friendly. I have another app that plays a slideshow automatically which is much better. This one you have to manually do it which my 1 year old can't do yet. I will just stick to the other app.
The ads suck 😑 my son loves the app but always has to give me back the phone to exit the new window the app sent him to. Very frustrating πŸ‘Ž
Omg my little brother loves its favorite animals are the bunny and parrot it's good for car rides so the dont get bord I reccomend ages 8months to 3 years
The app is nice, but I purchased no adds, and I still have adds after I closed and opened the app again. Dissapointing.
First, the pronunciations are whack. β€œJurass!” is apparently how you say β€œdress.” Second, a giant add at the bottom of the screen for an app for babies is just gross and asking for fraudulent ad clicks.
I use this app with my now 11 month old grandson. He especially loves the sounds on the animals and vehicles and likes to see them flip upside down. It would be nice to have one section with basic body parts to teach, i.e. face, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hand, fingers, tummy,feet, toes. Thank you for this fun learning tool for our children!
would be a good app but so many pop up ads that i deleted the app within 24hrs, my 2 year old cant even "flip" the page without another ad popping up and he doesnt understand how to get rid of them. very annoying and frustrating. dont recomend downloading at all!
Not a fan because of the adverts. Instead of interacting with the game, my babe's attracted to the ads so my time's spent uninstalling what she's installed.
I am a speech language pathologist who works with children. these are great realistic pictures and they move period past research I've read indicates children with autism do better if pictures are animated, where I would think people are just more interested in animation in general period it makes sounds and is interactive period also acts as a good switch toy and away for children who have difficulty with mobility they just touch and it makes a sound and or moves.
Nice app i've found so far. One thing I wish the app could offer is a video like presentation where kids were younger kids were able to just watch the whole thing as not very many toddlers are able to click next each time. But other than that, nothing to complain.