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First Summoner for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by LINE Games located at 8F, 479, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06541. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game, very interesting aesthetic presentation with good story and solid gameplay. Also the f2p players are not at any major disadvantage. So give it a try!
the game has a lot of potential typically I dont like this kind of game but this one was made in a way for everyone to enjoy, if you like RPGs or fantasy then you will love this, I only recomend that they add more heros and make them accessible from early on, Im tierd of playing the archer all the time
Gameplay is similar to those strategy game where you control a hero and summon units to attack enemy's base, instead of attacking the base you go through waves of enemies. Of upgrading units, the game uses a system similar to Clash Royale, where you upgrade cards with duplicates. Love the graphics and dark fantasy setting!
very addictive game and a unique one since it's a new game there will be some things need to be improved that's up to devs but if there something I had to suggest it would a character selection system if it had some more variation and class for the main character it would be nice.
I've played a total of 5 hours or so in the game and I have to say I'm pretty impressed so far! Graphics are high quality, gameplay is smooth, decent amount of minions to choose from and a nice collection of spells to throw in the mix. On the slightly negative side the story is a bit lagging and not saying anything bad against Rachel because she is great but she is the only main character to use. Overall it's a great game and has some very high potential for future updates and sequels! Cant wait!
Hello, Can you Please Fix your Game, For Android/Phones, I downloaded 650MB just to see the screen close over and over again, i was waiting for this game to come out, but can you please fix this issue, i will change the rating if i see that change on phones.
Well I WAS looking forward to playing this game but it doesn't launch. I get as far as accepting terms and then it sits on a white screen with a loading ring. Tried clearing cache, deleting data, restarting phone, reinstalling game, waiting on said loading screen for 20+ minutes... several times. Even thought maybe the maintenance has taken longer so tried later. Nope, just doesn't load.
too much loading. After installing it will ask to login again and you can wait for eternity after choosing to login with google play.
Awesome game you have here. Everything about it is awesome so far. Best part is there is no energy or waiting time to play. Keep it up guys.
very difficult and slow game, but interesting. not sure if pay to win but you can earn the stuff you can buy. wish melee would stay in front or you could command your summons. movement is a bit slow, and so a dodge ability would be greatly appreciated
Great game and a lot if fun. One of the few games where you can actually be F2P and do well. As others have said my only issue really is that they make more characters. Right now its only the female hunter Rachel bit aside from that its a game worth checking out.
Really enjoyed the game so far. Its a really unique experience and not at all what most games today are like. And also i really like to applaud the devs for not being greedy and not locking any content behind pay walls.
I have a Huawei P20, just downloaded the game, and the it keeps crashing whenever I go to use my new spell. It seemed a 5 star review was on its way, but this has happened 4 times now. Positives, I've not lost any progress, I think it's awesome that battles are not turn based in separate screen, it's open play and for that alone, I want to love this game. I would if I could! Also once you start there's a mega 600MB d.load, but we'll done with the memory card game to keep ppl busy during it.
its a nice game to chill if you dont have much time, goodjob devs keep it up. For people who rated 1* for having wooden phones you know its your own problem if you cant run certain games, nowadays phones have 8gb of ram so 500mb is for such awesome graphics is more then reasonable. overall game is solid 4.8 lets leave something for improvement and content.
hot Girl.... hot Battle hot Story i loved it and i wait for another story from Rachell.... the troops too Cool!!! and u make a new perception about ogre... and thank you for great graphic and i've been waiting smooth graphic game like thissss
this game is awesome! amazing graphics and the gameplay is very engaging. cant look away for a second or you're dead lol! this is not your idle game. you actually have to pay attention to the game. my one criticism so far is I really do wish we could play this horizontally on the phone, it takes alot of getting used to to play vertically. if this is something that can be changed in the future that would make this awesome game even better!
installed the game finishwd downloaded gamefiles, after all that and i put in my google account the game just kept loading for about 10mins until it just crash. i want to play this game but dosnt want me to play it hehe, can u guys fix thia plz ill gove better review after.
This Game is surprisingly fun grindy and challenging at times. I enjoy this concept and i see it having potential. Keep up the good work.
Wow, I haven't had enjoyed mobile game in a long time because most of them are pay to win. What an unique mobile game! It's not entirely pay to win game, just need to try different tactics, timing and a little bit of grinding. Although playing it drains my phone's (Mate 20) battery a little quick. It's worth your time to try it!
The targeting is way too bugged to be able to play on higher difficulty. Healers choose the smallest, most useless units over tanks, and theres no way to retarget them. Friendlies prioritize the wrong targets, and the chaos realm card choosing algorithm gives you the worst possible card outcomes, making it impossible to progress, even using yourself as a tank. A game you'll play for a few days before moving on to the next one. Had to bring it down from 2 stars to one. This was the last chance.
for a game this size. its too laggy. need more balancing for the game.been waiting quite awhile for this game. hope it fix soon.
LINE Games I got say a big( FAR OUT) (AWESOME ) love it & Graphics ( AWESOME) but wants really cool Story line of the game Helping the Grim Reaper but want so fabulous the Summoning the undead & Ogre & New Characters in game & oh the spell Books in game & secret places in the Game but wants fabulous upgrades & New gear & side missions I go on & on But want I got say good job LINE Games & thumbs up. Just suggestion Try on working rotating or flipping the Screen but other then that(AWESOME).
After last update playing games is a nightmare. It takes 1 min to kick you off after you logged in. Testing with Wifi, mob internet. Looks like the respkmd from server or other bug problem. Game is not bad,but you cant enjoy. Maybe after the bug fix I will rate this game again, but now very poor 2 stars.
The good: Interesting idea, similar yet different gameplay, getting new cards and mixing them is fun The bad: Standart buy to progress astronomically The worst: Game runs 3 to 5 fps even in lowest graphics. Note to developer: Please optimize this game. In crowded battles game becomes a powerpoint presentation. Thank you.
First Summoner is a new-brand mobile game that required you to think, prepare, and always change different tactics to pursuing the victory. No Auto-battle system is very assuring you to indulge into every difficulty stage that will awaits. I hope this game will always updating and release a new system such as Character customize, Another Character story, New costumes, and put some voices. Overall this game is very suitable for you who like to challenge your mind. Install and try to experience it!
Definitely worth trying. Game is very solid with little microtrans actions thrown in your face like so mamy moblie games do now. Honestly feels like it shouldn't be a mobile game with the graphics. Dev does a great job with this one.
The game is lovely, and looks like it will be fun, but it uses over 500mb of RAM, and is very graphically intensive. It lags out too much to play right now. Once the game is optimised, i will change the rating.
changed the rating from 5 to 3 star.. some cards can't be used well in battle, like the summon copy card (legendary).. why is it a copy of the previous card if it's gonna cost 2 more mana from the copied card.. maybe change it to no mana like indicated on it's card and just leave the cooldown there, i thought getting the legendary would be helpful but it's really not
"We may use cookies" to collect your web surfing data, track your personal preferences, application useage, not to mention all the other info they collect. I really wanted to play but wow, red flag.. they can really know your life with what they ask..
why 1 star? coz there are times when im attacking in Battlefield im getting disconnected even though i have a fast wifi internet connection. And this happens not only once but sometimes twice or thrice in a row. im losing stars coz of this. its showing some error like "Error: No:JJsonDisconnected" or something. Other modes are perfect just this one issue sucks. unless you guys fix this, that 1 star stays. Good day~
Great game overall. You can earn all of the cards in game just by playing the game. The game is very f2p friendly and the devs are generous in mailing us a lot if goodies. The graphics of the game is awesome, the game play is somewhat of a tower defense type of game. No energy system which is a plus. I hope the devs continue updating the game because it's such a great game.
awesome RPG, kind like the auto chess play style but more mechanics and strategy. Basically i only spent like $20 for cashshop and now i have reached almost half way of hardship mode and it is still possible to moving forward but you won't get 3 stars. I had to spend hours of planning out strategies and cards and it worked. People who rated this with 1 star and cried about the difficulty are just newbie with no brain. Of course no such game is f2p? would you work your ass off for free though?
Best mobile graphics for Android games so far im my idea. best cz i have played almost all high profile mibile RPGs on my phone. game experience is unique and one of a kind. i am glad that in times when companies keep copying successful titles' gameplay, First Summiner is bringing something new to the table. amazing experience and easy to learn mechanics. Totally a 5 🌟 game.
Very unique in the fact it is a straightforward event lile literally just going forward gets a little repetitive. Although i wish it had like hidden paths and secret treasures by walking in special areas on the path. Would be very wonderful if you could do that. πŸ˜€ 5 stars for being a different type of rpg, great graphics, and nice storyline. One more idea instead of only a bow for a weapon up close and personal it would be nice have a melee attack as well. Just ideas.
It really seems like this game have a soul and has some thought put into it. The graphics are great, the story so far is decent and the gameplay feels impactful. It doesnt ask for your money every 5 seconds, and the progression doesnt have any paywalls. The bad things seem to be performance(my phone is not the best but I think some people with better phones complain as well), the game feels more like a single player, I wish there was a feeling of community. I hope developers keep working on it.
This game has a brand new unique game mechanics which made me interest for me to play. So far the game is not too P2W but still you guys can advance in a second with real money. The only issue i had this far is the engine of the game itself, the graphic/animation. This game doesn't have a really great graphic at all (i'm not telling this game have a bad graphic, it's still good tho). But somehow, (idk it's just my phone or else) the game feels kinda heavy. Pls optimize, make it lighter!
Fantastic free to play experience. The game has never so much as asked that I buy its in game currency and has been sufficiently generous in giving it. I highly recommend.
i like it. its a gamers choice of a game. but i'd like to see a few more tweaks (slow loading speed) and characters aside from Rachel. yeah she's wonderfully created but add more characters to choose and grind with. i dont mind spending cash but i want it worth while. if you guys could put up an ingame community then thats also awesome. a little competition would also be great... but i prefer it not to be like other games where money is power.
Amazing game. basically you summon monsters with cards in a 3rd person action game. like a pve clash royal, but with a dark medieval theme. great graphics and sense of progression. a real gem.
This game feels like a crash simulator, putting jokes aside, this game looks like it has potencial, can't say that al recommended it, sense i haven't been able to play it much (Thanks to the crashes)
The game is good and enjoyable, the graphic is great. If we could switch job for the main character, that would be even better and I woukd give it 5 stars wothout second thought.
I'm one of those guy that tend to get boring on a game after a while if it is not interested enough..But this is one of the best game ever..Graphics 5star, storyline 5star, gameplay 5star, relaxing 5star..If you are working and also need time for your family,then this game is perfect for you..The heroine also very beautiful..really nice game..
The longest strategy game I ever play. Over all great experience. Could add more features, like Monthly and Weekly log in Rewards. Also, 1 problem, the Chat Filter, everything seems forbidden to type. I can't have smooth conversation with my Clan members. Please fix this issue.
Loading is a bit slow. Loses connection after a battle in Arena. But I'll give it 5 stars for gameplay. It's a challenging game and constantly keeps you moving your units around. It's worth a shot if you want something that takes strategy other than auto-ing through a stage. - From a Samsung Galaxy Note 9
I'm actually surprised, the p2w is like nothing, is a single player game where you're part of the story and you have to advance and use card that summon minion to fight with you. Really cool game worth trying πŸ‘
I really love the combat and graphics in this game, but the content rn is terrible. Near 0 gear progression from the very beginning and decreasing exponentially. Poor English. Generic excuse of a story. But the worst feature is by far the joke of a "PvP" mode. It's basically a tower defense where the defendant is the same as the attacker but with twice the health and range, a turret and unlimited mana = more summons. The only way you can win is if the enemy doesn't equip any cards.
This Game is surprisingly fun grindy and challenging at times. I enjoy this concept and i see it having potential. Keep up the good work. Edit: got tiring quick no end game and legs are hard to get. Games frame runs horrible most of the time. I've uninstalled and moved on to the next. Such a waste of a good opportunity to be good.
Consumes between 800mb to 1.2gb of memory, but have nothing to show for it. And there's no way to access the settings and see if you can tweak that, because the game tutorial don't let you do anything, and if there's no option to reduce memory consumption, this will be another minus. This game simply doesn't have the graphics or motion to validate so much weight.
The game is decenr i think, the only downside is i keep getting stuck in the first loading screen even though my internet is fine, i literally wait 5+ min but still can't go to the main menu. I just had the chance to play 2 stages. Pls fix the issue, i'll consider giving more star by then.
People who complain about liading and crashes are probably using poor devices / emulators. I am on pixel 2 which is a bit old but was high end at the time and the game runs at 60 fps with minimal stage loading for about half a second. Also it never crashes mid game.
very enjoyable better then most games on the market including some console games. I found myself just trying it out and didnt realize I spent like 3 hours playing this. rng is pretty good about cards. I like the heros design and overall a fun little strategy game.
This is a adventureous and strategic game. All depend on u how u play its like army troopes game in which we use tanks and maskman and many other different troopes which has different power i loved this game and u will also after u give a try is near 800mb one thing i didn't liked that we cannot play this game in landscape mode this game is in vertical mode download now if u looking for better game and u will not regret playing this game promise
Great game! I am looking forward to new characters in the future, aside from Rachel. Maybe give them unique skills and stuff. I hope you add voice to characters to make it more special and dramatic! Nice graphics and storyline so far. Awesome play style, and a new flavor towards mobile gaming. More rewards, hopefully. Definitely recommended and F2P-friendly. :)
different style then your standard action rpg or gacha game. fun to play, and no need for included pay to win mechanics. might make a permanent spot in my phone. will update this as i play more.
if there actually is pvp it takes way too long to unlock. let everything be available from the beginning of the game and ill change to 5 stars. i understand giving tutorials once its a good time to start using a feature but it should all be unlocked from the start. otherwise pretty cool game, a lot of replay value and grindy fun if youre into that. I hope that pvp becomes a focus of this game some day and there are new heroes and abilities added regularly. until then i can only rate 3 stars.
It's an overall ok game. Got pretty graphics, and an easy to understand gameplay. however, it gets boring quite fast as you only get limited summons in the beginning and new monsters have to be leveled to be useful. the cash shop is overpriced for what you get. May be ok in gacha games where you don't need multiple copies of a monster, but here you need hundreds of the same card to level them up. Rate is 1.25% for a specific legendary card, so have fun pulling hundreds of packs to get copies.
Good game, but certain cards can only be obtained by spending over $20 and getting lucky. Still worth a look even with the paid card issue.
Gorgeous game that allows you to play as long as you want. It's a bit difficult but you can still persevere with what you get for free. Just keep trying an experiment with what works and you'll manage. I'd love to see what is planned for the future for this game, because if the initial hero looks that good, the future ones as the game implies must be just as great.
Could be better, the item packs sold all start at about $20+ which is a lot more than what most are willing to invest. The grind is really steep, since the drop rates are lower than most. Would prefer a stamina system with higher drop and gold rates. Good game overall though but not recommended if you don't have a lot of hours to drop into this otherwise you'll make no progress.
This games is great, I didn't face any disconnection or other technical problems in game, you just need proper device to play it, my redmi note 4x can run it smoothly though. Prepare for heavy grinding and use your brain to build strategy every level. Keep up to good work devs.
loading and crashing simulator I wish I had more to say but I cant even get past the Intro part about Rachel. Uninstalling but Ill be watching for any updates...I guess no pre-registered gift for me how heartbreaking....
Loved the whole system of cards, maps, duels, but I'd love to see more interactivity with other players. I'm already level 32 and it is totally single and alone. I cant share experience with others.. So, 4 stars.
Main menu and UI feels sluggish and laggy but the gameplay and when on combat is good. Challenge event: stage 6 is very hard for newcomers and even some recent player like me (1 week player) to finish this challenge. its not worth to waste your 100 gem on it if you have 3 defeat already. Maybe in the future if players get some good cards on summons which has RNG and level up their units, but now finishing it not worth it. Well some people already finish it but they just got lucky on cards.
Great Graphic and Idea but Horrible execution ... minions can't be controlled and they have no Macro System ... Only one Target pattern , Target the closet Enemy first. Games like this with Auto RTS should have Macro System better than this ...
good mix of gatcha and rpg, with a dose of strategy. no autoplay or energy system. hope the game gets more challenging for the player, without forcing you into a paywall. disappointed that there is only one hero to choose and limited control on minions.
this game is one of the better card collector games out there. without a doubt would recomend it, as the only "downside" is the rather long loading time to enter the game. but once in, its a blast.
Give the option to disable background animations, it's laggy as hell and makes it hard to get around the other options in the main menu. 1* rating until the option is implemented.
Has huge potential for a deep and engaging game, but cards currently lack balance with some able to solo carry while others are worthless garbage. Skeletal Force's "selling point" via in game description is that it "saves you a lot of mana", but SF spends 14 mana to summon 14.5 mana worth of units. The Troll Healer's simplistic AI is also an issue. it will not stop healing a unit until that unit dies. Which sucks when it refuses to swap from a bad 100% hp unit to a powerful unit at 10% hp.
one of the best mobile graphics for Android games so far im my idea. game experience is unique and one of a kind. i am glad that in times when companies keep copying successful titles' gameplay, First Summoner is bringing something new to the table. amazing experience and easy to learn mechanics. Totally a 5 🌟 game.
A good game, maybe Verry good for a fun strategy game, but a little too hard i think, just in chapter 3-5 almost frustrates me playing it, please don't be stingy with your game player, give your players a gift like a legendary card so that the game won't lose its players
Lots of fun and awesome graphics with a cool summoning concept. Minus 1* for being very slow to repond because of lag. The initial update download was difficult because it kept saying my internet connection was bad, which isn't the case. Hopefully it will run smoother with future updates!
I really enjoy this game, no auto-play is refreshing and dak fantasy theme is very atmospheric. It plays kinda similar to clash royal but you also control your hero and movement is important. I would love to see some cheaper or add-based way to earn extra crystals. Overall pleasant and refreshing and looks super nice.
Good game ! Surprisingly good mechanics instead of AUTO All like other games ! But the need of GOLD currency is insane for all things and I can't seem to keep up upgrading cards & gears, crafting + alchemy. So yeah...Please buff the gold drop ....
I love this game however after most recent patch the game just freezes at the title screen . Cant do anything, have tried restarting and re-downloading. Nothing is helping. Please fix this ASAP. Will return to 5* when this is fixed.
I'm really enjoying this game so far. Love the whole concept of the game style. Great graphics and card abilities. In some ways it's similar to star wars force arena. Good job devs.
Great game, no energy require(best), easy to play, has a very beautiful main character. But there is a bug at stage 1-8, after killing the boss, the game stuck at there and wont leave the stage, please fix it.
Really good game the graphics are high quality, and the story for once seems interesting also adding the gameplay is entretaining and fun, however i don't know if is something on my device but more often than not whenever i finish a level the game doesn't letme go back to the stages i get stuck on the level without any enemies and the only way to keep playing is to "retreat" and do the whole level again or reestart the game completelly wich is a huge turn down for me to the game.
was good game at start, great graphics, nice story, even was challenging. yet then it got Way to hard, so basically it became a grind to improve which got super boring, then added bonus campaign limit play, oh even better now I'm not gonna gain anything from playing just practice? no thanks uninstalled.
game needs anti crash update! As much as i want to play this game, i am ready to uninstall. Game crashes as soon as it loads IF it loads at all. Please fix so i can enjoy the game, thanks.
Stellar graphics and challenging gameplay that's very free to play friendly. Levels can be difficult and seem impossible, but are all very beatable once you find the correct card combinations, which is more important than grinding out card levels of the wrong cards. It's been a VERY long time since I've come across a free-to-play game that I can play as much or as little as I like with no penalty or paywall, and don't feel at a horrible disadvantage over the big money players as it's mostly PvE. Some feedback for the developers: * The chat filter is crazy and needs to be changed, as it blocks completely normal words, such as "who" * Load times are shockingly fast, despite what several reviews have said. Most mobile games I play have much less going on in them and far longer load times. * Cards need better descriptions of their special moves. For example, the Ogre doesn't clearly say that it stuns enemies, and the Valkyrie has a high-powered finishing move listed in her stats, but no mention of when or how often it gets used.
Great graphics and gameplay. I love the effort in story telling. But it gets a bit repetitive at times, try to add something to spice things up. Maybe extra attack animations, other types of bows that shoots differently and other "classes" for rachel if you wanna give different character playstyles to players without ruining the story. Would love a coop for stages or boss fights.
This is a great game! No ads! Console graphics and the main character is smokin hot. Good game play. Excellent title.
Wow. The first 20 min I was really impressed . The deeper I play the more impressed I am with game engagement. Nicely done. I'm at level 5/6. No loading or freezing issues for me. Asus chromebook. This game will die soon enough though if people are not able to group together in campaigns. Make it possible to group together. Archer/Warrior/Mage or something. Maybe just a bunch of archers with different builds
So far pretty fun. mix of ARPG and strategy deck building. still pretty early in the game but still having fun figuring things out. I love the dark asthetics of the art and story.
SKILL2WIN game! Exceptionally fair and f2p-able for a gacha. If you lose, generally it's because your strategy sucks, and you can win if you choose a better strat. Chaos stages are an unfortunate exception, but for the most part grinding is helpful but not required. Some daily stuff to do if you don't have a lot of free time. Week in and loving the game so far! I recommend you give a try to this game! Edit: docking one point for misleading the customer. The pick 3k summon is a huge lie.
The game is lovely, and looks like it will be fun, but it uses over 500mb of RAM, and is very graphically intensive. It lags out too much to play right now. Once the game is optimised, i will change the rating. Edit: I have since updated my phone to a OnePlus 7 pro, and the game runs great and is a lot of fun! reasonable cash shop, refined UI, and runs incredibly well. Absolutely worth checking out.
Great game so far. I agree with no auto, but auto targeting when no active targets can be a plus. Tactics is in choosing proper allies per mana.
The screen is not opening after i downloaded this game.snake inside the square appeared and only saying u can change the control type in option menu but still nothing happen after waiting for 10minutes.why like this,u can't encourage people to play if the system is poor.this is the 2nd times i downloaded ur game and yet still d same.
Innovative gameplay and a high level of polish. I would recommend for anyone who enjoys RPGs. That being said, the load times are a lot longer than similar games ... I hope that in future updates they can improve the performance of the game.
Downloaded this app again to see if you guys fixed the loading screen problem. Its not fixed. Really becoming a waste of memory space
A very new approach at a mobile game, not over complicated yet still enough of a challenge to stay fun. Good graphics and sound. there are microtransactions but it doesn't choke you down with them.
A great non-auto game! No stamina, but grindy to make up for it. Darker theme and aesthetics (which is a nice change of pace from all the cartoony and brighter games on the store) and requires some thinking & strategizing!
good mix of gatcha and rpg, with a dose of strategy. no autoplay or energy system. hope the game gets more challenging for the player, without forcing you into a paywall. disappointed that there is only one hero to choose and limited control on minions. Edit: the game's campaign becomes very challenging with progress (a bit too much?) Forces you to either be smart with your composition, or possibly pay a lot of money to overpower everything. PvP is also pretty challenging for the genre.
Great concept, great game! deserves a 5 star review.. i am hoping however that there would be more characters to choose from in the future.. keep up the great job!
I like what I've seen so far. Easy to get into. Looks nice. Just wish you could unlock more heroes (but the main one is very cool, that's for sure). Looking forward to keep playing.
ok the game was not bad but you have a lot to do first of i hope you add a button where you could send you summons to attack and not just wait for you to close in on the monster then when you're attacked they finally start moving second you really need to add to the start where you choose a hero i dont like to be a girl in games and especially dont like to be an archer im more of a close combat guy soo please add at least 3 different heroes to choose between atTheBeginningHopeThatHappensInTheFutu
Great experience been playing for hours trying to get better. Game is hard as nails. if you rush into it you die thats a good thing for game like this to think your way out of a situation. Keep it up guys.
Great game, summons are really fun, the mechanics are smooth, all around enjoyable experience. My only problem is that some peoples only problem is that there is only one character to play. The solution to your only problem may very well lay hidden somewhere in the title.
just hangs on the loading screen. i want to play and raise my rating keep me posted edit: working fine now. cool game ill try to get more into it later
Change my rating, normal stages seems possible but when you reach hard you really need to spend diamonds because even you grinding day and night they will just give you common and uncommon card. Hidden place encounter very small and it just give you one epic card. Quest from village just give you small amount of gold even it is hard. Useless event, since it is too hard to complete it for regular f2p player, how is new player beat that difficulty? unless you throwing money to get legendary card.
the game is well made and fun, no auto farming unlike most mobile games, only thing i would prefer is if the game had voice acting, something similar to darkest dungeon would fit the feel of the game very well.
Fun till you get to the hardship lvls. At first this game was fun but now am at hardship lvls and a barely made it to 2-9 am at a road block. I dont want to spend any cash to get more into it. Gold also is hardest part get enough to lvl cards once there at a point they take way to much gold to lvl. Clans is pointless to no tomorrow am at a point were am debeating on uninstalling this game now.
Overall it's a good game, no energy/stamina scheme you can play all you want. The downside is the fricking longass loading time. If that is fixed in the future updates then it's gonna be a solid 5 star game for me but 3 star for now. Edit down to 2 star stupidass game crash. Another edit: jesus christ after the so called stability update the game force closes entering any type of battle making it unplayable. it's been a good week of gameplay but time to move on.
AMAZING. Graphics, Gameplay and Controls. But, This game lacks customization and choices. The character is beautiful but I'm hoping down the line I can choose either a Tank or a Fighter, maybe even a mage who's health and attack are very weak but regenerates mana. Once those are implemented, I can see multiplayer battles happening
Very good and innovative combat mechanics. The gameplay is a hybrid between real time combat, turn based and a small amount of idle combat. It has no auto-combat (huge plus) and no energy system for normal campaign stages. You can farm cards infinitely from normal stages. Unfortunately the app is very unoptimized and runs poorly with frequent frame drops and freezes. It even freezes on the home screen for some reason. I don't understand why you chose to show a full high quality 3D model of your character on the home screen but that causes lag problems. (Mi A1)
It's a one of a kind game, Involves some strategy and its given me no reason to feel the need to pay money. Hardly any ads. It's a good game decent story too.
Edit: PLEASE disable the word filter! Every message I try to send I get "restricted words included" because of who knows what the heck is in the filter and it counts between words! Can't even send messages 90% of the time I have to delete what I'm trying to say! Super annoying! Fantastic and beautiful game. For once a mobile game I found was fun to play, not just collecting things...
Game stopped working after an update... I love the game so far! Been playing for a month. Will update review when the game works again.
Edit: The devs got the game login working for a day, then it's back to being unable to get past the initial screen. Really disappointing that the devs can't seem to get this issue resolved. Even MORE disappointing because there's a timed event going on right now and I'm unable to participate because of this. Considering that the rewards are almost mandatory to progress in the game because resources are few and far between, a lack of a workable solution leads me to remove one of the two stars I'd previously given it. Come on, guys! You've got a good concept here, but it's useless if people can't play! (Sorry for the wall of text, Google Play mashes it all together.) ORIGINAL REVIEW: The game is interesting, but I'm another user that can't get past the login screen because I'm logging in with Google. I already followed the dev's suggestion of making sure auto-login with Google Play was enabled, but no change. As for their other option... sorry guys, but logging in with a different method and losing my progress is NOT a viable option. Please get this fixed soon. I'd love to explore more of your game.
unfortunately I have to give it a single star. I defended the hanging loading screen due to the game not being officially launched. now that it is out, I've only been able to get into the game once and that was after closing and reopening the app many times. definitely needed a little more TLC before it was released
This game combines elements of lane defense with elements of a hack and slash action title and pulls it off wonderfully. I appreciate the attention to strategy each level of this game offers and the trials which change things up even further on a given level. It will be neat to see what the developers do with events and holidays in the game and just how the end game progresses once enough high tier summons are collected.
Since the new update the controls suck... I can't even move when I want the character just sits there and shoots instead of moving like I want it to
Let me start off by saying the game is fun and I will change review if they fix my issue. The game gets stuck on a forever load screen when you log in choosing Google. You can choose to use a different log in option however this will cause you to lose your progression and name. The game play however is way more interactive then most types of its kind I have played. I have enjoyed what little I have been able to enjoy.
i love it. cant stop going back to it. no auto feature. gets you sharpening your strategies or ya lose and so far really good and enjoying it πŸ‘hope ya can make more future contents and collabs would be fab!
I absolutely love this game. Soo pretty too. The lack of energy system really stands out since I lose... alot. Plus the levels are pretty quick. 2-3 minutes and you time out regardless. Very large variety of critters. I only really have 2 complaints. First the chaos algorithm is too unbalanced. I've encountered several times where I wasn't even given the option of a melee MOB. Once even just all spells and throw away MOBs, VERY frustrating. 2nd there's no ads. Even a simple play ad get 25 gold.
Reminds me a lot of Star Wars Force Arena, having a character to control with the Clash Royal gameplay. No energy system or Timed Chests(yet, I expect that to change once i get to PvP) Currently at level 3-6, just unlocked the Chaos Rifts. Draft mode combined with a Survival mode. No real signs of P2W yet. There are Costumes with increased HP, the amount that you get is so small that it doesn't even add up to one hit. Overall seems like a solid game worth checking out, game looks gorgeous to
I have a hard time logging in I have to refresh like three times before the app works. It needs more character design like change hard style,color,clothes, and weapon choices. A better way to get allies and rubies along with co-op play. Also add events for rare allies, exp boost, material farm, and then this game will be amazing because it's already addicting just some more improvements.
Good graphics, nice story, cool powers, action, drama. It may appear to have simple mechanics, but it's fricking awesome. It feels like if u were inside ur own movie, following the lines, and tracking all the cool powers in exchange.
This is fantastic. At last, a real game without stupid energy systems or cool down on boxes. thanks for a great game
Wow!!! This game is exactly what I was looking for. A perfect balance between skillful control, timing decisions, item upgrades and cards. I'm on the second map and so far it has been an absolute perfect experience. Congratulations for the devs! If this game continues to be this perfect I'll gladly make some purchases to support y'all. Only serious problem is that game closes each 5 minutes on average. I must reopen it and often lose progress / tokens. Quite annoying and discourages us to play.
It's beautiful! Really fun to play and strategically summon monsters to complete the levels. I don't feel forced to spend money either. Love it! (I'll probably spend money anyways just to support such a pretty and fun game <3)
very very beautiful game every thing is so much awesome there is no problem in game everything is running super great. really good game I really love it. but please make a name option so we can name our character instead of Rachel (if you can:)) and please add more new costumes:) levels and new awaking levels:) please make a real time PVP if you can:) i hope you like what I said. I really love the game:) thank you so much for making it:) its really nice❀
Graphics are very good and each monster has a distinctive design. Gameplay is good and so far decent gameplay.
Dear Developer, Could you please change the wallpaper on the title screen and the main screen, she was TOO SEXY! Or at least, please provide an option to change it. It will be very appreciated.
This game is good. Just that I would like to buy gems but it is pretty expensive. Maybe you can add Daily gem for 30 days at 9.99$ like other game? That way you will get daily players plus more income. Thanks
game wont even get past the loading screen at start up. haven't even gotten a chance to play and looks like i wont.
At first I thought it's going to be same as all the other games out there. Buy to win or buy to progress in the game. When I started to play I was really intrigued by the story and good graphics and the fact that you get so many cards. And that you can win any game with any card you play, it's how you play that matters not what you buy... Keep up the good game and the fact that there is so much to do is awesome.!!! πŸ‘ Download the game it's awesome!
A refreshing game for sure! There's no hand holding here for the most part. Use strategy and skill combined to progress. Having a blast so far!
Hello, Can you Please Fix your Game, For Android/Phones, I downloaded 650MB just to see the screen close over and over again, i was waiting for this game to come out, but can you please fix this issue, i will change the rating if i see that change on phones. At The Moment, I got through the login Screen, But Crashed Moments After, Is It my Phone? I need answers.
I'm facing some problems like crashing after a couple of minutes when playing and the loading is too slow... i thought i've found a decent game but it's not. My phone specs. 3GB RAM Snapdragon 625
Very fun game at first. But the Infinite Chaos system is deeply, deeply flawed. Do not even consider playing this game if you cannot invest 4+ hours per day into it.
The game ia really nice but it drains too much battery and wont rate 5 stars. The cards and gold can be found easily during gameplay. I really enjoy it but nor for long because I have to recharge the battery.