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First Love Story【otome・yaoi・yuri】otaku dating sim

First Love Story【otome・yaoi・yuri】otaku dating sim for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by favary located at 東京都渋谷区桜丘町23-17 シティコート桜丘 408. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
What little story is in this 'game' is often blocked by goals that need gems to get past. You can only get 1 gem every 12 hours by watching THREE ads or you might get 0-3 as a daily gift. You only get to play 5 chapters a day, (You get to read more if you use gems) and all of the chapters are very short about 45 seconds long and contain 1 choice, for a choice based game that is not alot. Not only that but what choices you pick don't matter at all. In short this is a game that wants your money.
This game is amazing and all but why do we have to wait 11 or 12 hours to watch an ad to get a gem? Also why are the sections so short? The are like one minute long! I wish they were longer....
I'm pretty much about to say what mostly everyone else has a problem with. You have to wait an insane amount for the tickets, the snips of episodes only last about 30 seconds to a minute, and the whole game looks like it was made in like 2006. I use to enjoy it. I'm just extremely frustrated with it now. I hate the missions, they're extremely pointless. PLEASE, do not spend money on this game! It's pretty much a big rip off. Other than that, the stories and characters are written great.
I feel as this game will be good but It will not let me play. I opened the app and after one click it showed a thing in the screen saying "new version of app is available. make sure to upgrade in the store" as the only button that was shown was "ok" I pressed it and it took me back here. there is no "update" button only "uninstall" and "open" so I pressed open and It showed the same thing as the first time. I feel as it is a good game do I put 3 stars.
EDIT: The issue was resolved and I can keep playing!! I enjoyed it while I could play it, but now it's telling me that my account is a "handed over account" which is totally untrue, I've only ever played this on one device and no one else has access to my account or phone. I am afraid that if I uninstall and reinstall as the message suggests I'll lose all of my progress. I've sent Favary an email and hope that this issue can be resolved.
I really love the writing in this game! The romance is natural and healthy, and it's not written in a horribly cliche way. I like learning more about Asahi, my favourite, and the bisexual representation is a huge plus. The only thing keeping me from giving this game 5 stars is all the waiting! Like for real? 3 hours wait for 2 mins of story? I end up buying gems but they're not cheap. Lowering the wait time down to 1 hour would be much better!
This game is so addicting, these stories have great stoy lines, although i do admit it was a little annoying always having to boost the trust level, overall i recomend you give this game a try😀
Very Nice iits just that they should keep more stories and ya guys for first time ya all will have to download the story and load it twice and then its good.
This game is awesome. I really enjoyed playing this; as a yaoi and yuri lover this is definitely a good game. I also love that you get to choose which characters you want pared together. The story is super cute.
Too short to justify spending money, forced ads which means I can't justify watching ads to earn gems, the only thing I like in this game is the story and art.
I enjoy the stories, but the app is buggy. when i click on things in the menus it takes a few seconds to register.
It is indeed a very fun otome game. intruiging even. However, the first time I saw a notification pop up when I opened the app, it told me to uninstall the game but my data won't be deleted. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but now it tells me to update the game. I went to my google play account and no notification of update needed for the game. This is the first problem I encountered with the game. I do not know if my gameplay is deleted though. Hopefully it won't.
I absolutely love this game ! The arts are gorgeous and you can choose what type of romance you want, you don't have to purchase anything to play, and you have free chapters each day ! This game is so so amazing, i truly recommend it 🥰💝
I'm on the Sou×Asahi route and I'd say this is a cute, soft-paced game... pleasantly likable. (About the only good bl dating sim I've found so far :) Also it gives me some much needed peace of mind so I reallly appreciate it.
I haven't been able to play, I spent so much time looking at the loading menu. After two days of trying I gave up. This game has a huge potential, please fix it. I click an option and then everything, the music, the words are moving but the screen doesn't change. I have to wait so long! It isn't supposed to happen. Also my screen is very long (huawei p30pro) and I have two black stripes on my display while playing (or trying to run the game). I'll recommend if you fix some issues, thanks!
I really enjoy this game; it's fun and really cute. I've read through one season so far, and other than some spelling and grammatical errors, it's all I hoped for. And I love that there are several lbtq routes, and not just the heterosexual ones that so many other games have; there are both gxg and bxb routes.
So I'd like to start by saying I love the Yuri stories. With that said this gets 2 stars for 2 reasons. 1: If you take the normal rout you will not be able to continue on to the next season, you need to take the Happy route which is a pain to reach. 2: Don't bother spending money on this game, if you start the book over to get the Happy ending and you spent diamonds to increase your Faverable impression score or Trust score both scores will reset if you start the book over.
I haven't played the game for too long, but so far it seems really nice! I haven't needed to use diamonds(the in game currency) for anything, and I've still had chances to gain them by logging in and watching some ads. My phone also paired well with the game, but I'm not sure how well it would work for others. My choices in the game are minor but still have an impact, and certain choices, so far, are not blocked away by a pay wall.
You have to watch so many ads just to be able to play the game. I understand waiting to restore your story tickets but then having to earn trust and charm to be able to proceed through certain stories which add just too many barriers to play the game. it's an obvious trick to have you spend money on micro transactions. Ex: To be able to move on I have to earn 1500 trust, you earn about 250 a day. that's 6 days of just waiting to play and that's what I call bs. that's how you get ppl to stop plyin
just started tonight... the story is a little odd so far, but it's growing on me. I love that you are able to have same gender stories! it gets really old being forced to read the same heterosexual based love stories (no offense intended). the scenes and character art work is beautiful also. I greatly advise you to not try to load up the app or stories on WiFi.. it takes forever!!! otherwise it's wonderful 😁
This is probably my second or third time installing this game and I'm just not OK with it. The only thing keeping me here is the Yaoi and the Yuri stories however, with all the extra stuff you have to do just to enjoy the game it kinda defeats the purpose of playing it at all. The chapters are super short so it gives no context to the story making it more of a chore to read than enjoyable and like all games of this genre I hate the extras. They just make the games bad because its never optional.
It's a really fun game. I spend most of my free time playing. My only concern is that you have to wait six hours to replenish your reads and stamina. If you could add a thing to where you'd get one replenished every hour or so, that'd be more convenient.
I'm kinda loving it. I'm a big yaoi fun but I'm happy to see different couples. So far I'm reading second season of Asahi and Sou story and it's modern. It face a lot of gay couple problems and thoughts and I really really like it. BUT the most annoying thing is the ad after reading the chapter. I mean, I'm all for the watch ads to gain more gems and trust. I understand the marketing behind and it's okay. But again, why adding ads after finishing a story? Uuuh annoying.
I love playing this game ever since I play it first time😁..and waiting for new season are not that inconvinient also I'll grade it 4★ almost 5★ but It kinda have a bit problem when loading it takes a lots of time..but overall really loved it so much and I'm willing to wait for more..thank you and I wish u more luck and success👍😁
LOVE IT! I love how to story go (Sou and Asashi are so cute~) i love the graphic too The only problem is we have to wait too long for the tickets and each story is just... too short. Hope u guys can improve on that. The rest of it is excellent! Btw this is the first time I playing role playing game :)))
I am so inlove with this game rn. But it suddenly started to crash... I can't open the app. I don't know if this is an update or a bug. But if it is an update, kindly inform the users so that we would know when and when not to open the app. But if it is a bug, please fix it asap. Thank you.
This app may not work well on newer android version. I started playing it on Wiko View Prime android 7.1, no problem at all. Everything is so smooth, then one day my touch screen has gone. I bought a new smartphone which is POCO M3 android 10. When I played Shino&Asuka, since chapter 6 CG didn't load. I thought Shino&Asuka route may have a problem. Now I'm playing Sou&Akira again, and some CG didn't load. So I assume this game won't work well with android 10.
The storyline is really good ( Sou&asahi route) and its one of the nicest bl games ive played. Although there are no much errors with the game, i dont like how the mission comes too fast and that the amount of trust needed to proceed with the story is too much. It takes me days to complete the mission. But overall, its a really nice game :))
I really liked this game until season 2, the options you get to get impression sometimes appear directly when you start an episode so you basically have to guess what it's about also the backgrounds and the characters often disappear.
Very good game and is not money hungry unlike other apps I've downloaded, the characters are enjoyable and the only problem I have is the ads. well they're not that big of a problem actually, they're just a little annoying because you have to watch all those ads for gems and some parts of the story are really short. So far there's a lot of cliffhangers which I actually enjoy because it keeps the story more interesting. Overall a good game with highly recommend.
It's a great game! I enjoy the concept and the route I'm playing is really good so far. I would give it 5 stars if the story was better wrote (it's good, but more details and feelings put into the narrative would make it better). Thanks for making this game! 😁
I love the options they have for romance in this game. And you can progress over time as well as through ads, so the story isn't paywalled at the normal storyline. The characters are so cute and complement each other well.
I really like the game, the graphics are really good, the menu design is pretty simple, I like the BGM too. But maybe you should add character voice so it's feel more real and more enjoyable. What I don't like is the way we get the diamond, you guys should at least give the reader 2 free diamond after they finish reading, so we're not only focus on getting diamond from watching ads. Overall the game is lovely and enjoyable and so freaking gud, it makes me always want to play all the time. ❤️😘😍
This game is awesome. Its so addicting and it always leaves you wanting more. Its really cute and the people are likeable. It doesn't play into stereotypes and the story progresses in a way that is natural and doesn't feel too forced. I will say that I wish that instead of 2 times a day, you got refills 3 times a day, like every 8 hours or so. Or even if the waiting time for tickets and stamina didn't change, I at least wish that you didn't need to wait as long to watch ads for gems. Great game
I really love how this game is very well made, The roleplaying and the limitations are fine by me the only problem is when I opened this app again for the third time it keeps telling me that "could not initialize store information after checking the network status please tap the following buttons" but my network is fine I tried playing other apps like COD or MLBB my internet connection is fine what seems to be the problem? But overall the app was great
I really like the game. But I'm having a problem. On Arata and Keichii's route, starting on chapter 2 (season 2), the background disappears. All I can see is a black background together with the dialogue box.
It's really fun to play with. The characters, events and the scenes are all wonderful. The mini games are fun to pass time as well. However, I have some ships that aren't included in the game so it's slightly disappointing. Just be patient when it comes to loading, alright? But the game was great. I totally recommend this game for those who loves otome games.
I learned that I need to do the mini game everytime it's available for me to be able to gain trust continuously haha but overall this is really good and so cute~~~
I'm obsessed with the game I can't help but want to read more. The story plots are loveable and sweet and just adorable. Of course missions are always hard and the refill timer can be a pain, just cause I'm impatient, but it's always worth the wait. I've never been disappointed with this app. Overall I love this game and would 100% recommend it to others.
Everything is great barr the wait for tickets and dimonds and stuff. I don't know if this is a bug but, for me, the second season at Arata and Keiichi's date ot the shrine is just a black screen for me, like, I see nothing?
Loading issue after play one chapter to another chapter in Asahi x Sou story. I need to force closed the app. Reopen back and start again from menu to continue next chapter. Like Sou frustrated to Asahi, I also frustrated to this loading issue o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)
I really love this game, mostly becuase it has a great storyline and the art is great!, But i do have some cons the first one is each episode/part is about a 30 Seconds or more, second is that the whole mini game thing i feel like doesnt need to be there, third is that the waiting to get "gem fragmets" thing is pointless i mean i think it would be better if i just got a whole single gem Bye now!〽°〰^〽
Alright not gonna lie the story for all of them to me it feels unique and I love that because it shows how much effort you put in to the game can't wait to see what's next
Really good game! I play in the mornings and nights so I don't sit there and wait with nothing else to do, I think when watching ads to gain gems it should be 2 gems or something but other than that this is like one of the only games that I can find with all otome, Yuri and yaoi ⭐⭐⭐⭐
no matter how many times I install it, it keeps telling me that there is a newer version on appstore. I keep installing the recent version, but nothing changes! it won't let me play until I install the supposed "latest build". annoying.
Riddiculous. They expect you to pay $1 per 30seconds of story. There's a 15-30 second ad after each clip. And the gems don't refill passively, they want you to watch 1:30 of ads for ONE gem! And even then you can only earn said "free" gem once every 12 hours.
I played finish this game with the GL route and lemme tell you,this was a great game I have experienced.i really would recommend this game to Yuri/Yaoi or even straight fans, this is just a master piece, though you really need patience to play this if you dont want to spend money on diamonds then use it on stuff. Btw I finished this game in a month. :P
This would have been one of my favorite otome games considering the fact that it's one of the few dating sims that cater Yaoi and Yuri routes if not for the fact that the GEMS ARE VERY SELFISHLY DISTRIBUTED. I can't grind up for more because the ads itself have a timer, that means you have to wait for like approximately 11 hours just to watch three ads that gives you ONE GEM. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ONE GEM?! Just please let us watch ads to read the next part. And each part is very short.
I enjoy the story but its a pain to get enough points to continue the story. Doing it Automatically doesnt do enough. Also recently when i open the app the game is fully loaded but it doesnt continue to the next screen. And about gaining a free gem for every 11hrs or more should be shorten since its hard to gain gems.
It's a very good game! It's cute and the art is also nice.I'm on the Minami x Arata route and the story really piqued my interest!I am looking forward to other routes :)
very cute game! also I tried loading it up today but its telling me that I had to reinstall it because it wasnt loading up I did that but now when I load it up its telling me to update it but I'm getting no update for this app ...please fix! I hope I dont lose my save since I had to uninstall it :(
Such a good game!!! I can't find many BL story games! But I love this one!!! So much fun to play! A little annoying you have to wait or pay gems to be able to read more, also having to watch 3 adds to get 1 gem is not the best, but it's so much fun and that good that it deserves 5 stars in my opinion!!!!
I already finished Sou x Akira, Sou x Asahi (and the others but forgot there names😔) and loved it. So far I love this game and the people in it! I also love the new routes you added and I love season 2 ^^ the only thing is midway through the arata & keiichi route the background is all black
I like how the story is so far. I just wish the tickets, or stamina at least, can be refilled one by one instead of fully
I actually love the story of that game but if you have no diamond this game waiting you for a week. (I mean with mini games) Mini games are not so effective for the waiting time. Consequently you have to pay something to read the next chapter. I really love the story but this waiting time is really bored me.
when loaded the screen is plain white and the only this you can see are pop up of just words and I can sad how many gems I have and the options on the bottom but everything else is white, I can't press on anything and nothing works.
It's a good game but the story is really short so I wish you guys would fix that but overall its pretty nice♡!
Ugh. I've spent close to $30 on this game and I've BARELY gotten through the game. I'm not going to spend past $40 on a game like this. The chapters are so short and most of my gems were used for that stupid Trust minigame! And if you don't reach that favorable impression for the Happy Route, you can ONLY use gems to get it! 1 gem is 100 trust points, and 1 gem is 10 points for favorable impression!!!! I'm NOT going to keep wasting my damn money on this thing!!! I JUST WANT A NICE STORY!!!
Pretty good the english isnt great but if you can look past that the fact that they have 4 lgbt pairings is cool the only thing i have a problem with is that after you earn all the extra storys from the daily reward you dont have 3 diamonds available anymore for it, i would also like more chances to get diamonds and maybe make the requirements for the next section of each story more forgiving but overall pretty cute stories and good characters
I have this app for a week and I LOVE IT!! Even though you can only get max 10 reading tickets it's worth the wait! The story is nice and cute!! The mission is kinda hard to to because one gem can only be 10 favorable impression... But to whoever reading this, it's worth the play!! I've been trying to find a BL game and FINALLY found one!!! Thank you for all of the people who made this game <3
I haven't played it yet and it says 'Please update from the store' so I came here and it's already updated. Please help me. How can I fix it? I really want to play this game. I'll fix my review and stars once I can play it. Thank you
The stories are very soft, revealing just the right amount of intimacy, providing very well measured quantity of fan service, leaving the rest to the player's imagination. I've got an impression that there's a bit of manipulation into buying gems in Chapter 2 was going on, but the story was good and interesting enough, so I didn't mind. I wish there were more chapters with the same characters and/or special events (under construction currently). Great job, developers team, THANK YOU!
I love it! But I don't enjoy how short the stories are, and that we have to wait so long to play another part! :(
I would give this game 5 stars as I'm enjoying it so much, but I'm only giving it 4 as I wish you could play more of the story each day without paying - maybe some more ads to earn gems? Other than my own selfish agenda, I truly love this game do far and can't wait to play all the stories!!
Today I tried to open the game but it only say loading and I wait for hours. I hope you can fix it and sometimes when I play the it's just crashing . Please fix it 💔
The game itself is pretty good, and I really enjoyed it when I could play but the reason for the 1 star is that the game told me to uninstall and reinstall coz they handed over my account which meant I lost all of my data?? and then when I did that it won't let me play at all coz apparently I need to update but it is updated?? What is going on?? Ended up just uninstalling completely, if I can't play what is the point?
I absolutely love this game! The graphics and art is great and I would recommend it but there's way too much missions and it was really annoying how long it took me to clear all of them, the cooldown for the stamina, gems and story bars were too long and I was already getting annoyed but worked too hard to give up now. I'd give this a 5 star if they made it easier to get to the actual story.
Honestly, this is one of the greatest apps I have on my phone. I'm currently on the yaoi route and the story is amazing. I like how a single gemcan restore all of your stamina and how there is a gacha feature, but I'm hoping for a way that instead of getting a peice of gem for watching an ad, you get a full gem. Because I only get 3-5 gems per day and I really would like to continue the story. I also wish some of the lag could stop. But overall, this game is amazing!
The storylines are great, so are the characters. But the game doesn't run smoothly AT ALL. Everytime I finish a story part, it won't load and stays on the same loading screen. Then I have to waste another ticket on the same story part I ALREADY READ. By the time it ACTUALLY LOADS I HAVE NO MORE TICKETS! It's frustrating because I waited a very long time to get those tickets and now they're wasted because of the game. Please fix this. Right now I don't recommend this game.☹️
It's a cute game but the free gems should be a little easier to get you mostly just get one and if I got more than just one I would watch more ads it's hard to want to continue the story. Oh but I can just pay for stuff I'm not made of money if I was I would buy everything but not everyone has money to throw around. Sorry have a nice life.
I had to download this game more than once and I waited and waited and still it stayed on the page "agree and start game", this was really frustrating, even when I closed and opened the app again it stayed on the same thing saying "Just tap on the screen to continue reading the story" I really hope this gets fixed.
The story is well written and enjoyable but the short stories (two or so sentences is annoying) and the gem grind makes it hard to want to keep going. I like to read the story without any hassle and this game reminds me of my high school days so it's a good game.
I can play it, it keeps telling "could not initialize store imformation. After checking the network status, please tape the following button" which is really unfortunate cause i really want to play the game it looks like a lot of fun, but nothing works i uninstalled and restalled it i opened and closed at least 4 times please get this bug fix i would really like to play the game pleaseeeeeee
Very cute and nice game wish there was a way to save your progress though cause I got a new phone and downloaded the game again and as soon as it opened I started from the very beginning so I hope you make a way to save your game and log in log out so that you can enjoy the story even when you get a new device to play it with becuase its a very tedious progress of having to build up trust and favorable impression and in the later stages of the game its like 90% trying to get trust and 10% story
I can't seem to actually play the game. whenever I open the app, a message appears on screen that says there is a new version of the game available, and that I need to update it in the store. However, when I go to the playstore to update it, no update is available? I was really looking forward to playing this game too, since it looks cute, and it's quite rare to find a dating sim that includes a same-sex pairing route. Hopefully this problem is solved soon ^-^
The problem is fixed, thank you. I really enjoy the game and in my prospective as a fudanshi. I say that I love the characters, arts, and story. Rn Im like Mr. Minami, I love u, but I hate u lol. Anyway, Im loving the game and the experience ♥♥♥
The story itself is great and I want to keep reading, but you can't even get through a full chapter without having to wait for your "energy" to refill :( I just wish I didn't have to stop reading in the middle of a scene
It is good game but there is one problem whenever I replenish my story gauge with diamonds the game suddenly froze..so I need to restart the game..The story gauge won't show even though I replenish it with diamonds..
I haven't finished the story yet, and I've downloaded this today. Tbh, It's really fun and enjoyable!!😄 And to top it off it is very ADORABLE!!😆 I also love the wholesomeness in this one🥺 But, is there any way to get more gems??? It's quite upsetting to know I don't have any gems, and the ads aren't available. And the only choice I found was to buy one, which I always avoid in games, buying😅😅 So I was wondering if there'd be more ads or new ways to get gems???
Its really cute like the gay couple. But I kinda dislike the fact that it takes forever to upgrade the trust status and when u watch 3 videos to get 1 gem, I think its just a waste having to see that it goes to like 11hrs for u to wait after watching them. Also the stories r kinda short, like the episodes r. Not that I can write more but it's just my opinion
Everything was going fine but I was getting on the app today and it won't let me get past the loading page(?) I tried clear the cache data on the app but nothing changed and I don't really want to lose the progress I have on the story. Help. Me. I. Love. This. Game. ;--;
It was good at first and then became extremely slow. but you have to wait such a long time for tickets and stamina. And the episodes are so short. It is very unfair, however most of the time i was pretty patient with it. It ticked me off when it wasn't connecting to my wifi and always said network error and i deleted it and even downloaded it again to see if it works and now i am unsure if i lost my progress or not. It still is slow. Please fix it and i might take back my rating.
I was really looking forward to it but guess what, it really disappointed me. You have to buy diamonds or wait for whole 1 day in order to pass a level. Plus, the wlw stories aren't even that satisfying.
Before installing I thought the idea and concept were really nice, and I was excited to play it. But you have to wait too much to go on with the stories. The missions require too much time, you can't get the gems without paying, the only free gems you can get are by sharing (one time) and with the ads (that you can see only 3 times for ONE gem, and then wait 12 hours so you can watch them again). This what makes people stop playing games like these. Not everyone wants to spend money.
I'd really love to give a 5 star rating, but the screen still shows a "You can not log in because it is a handed over account." It's been a month and I just kept on waiting, thinking the notice will be gone if I wait, but no, it's now July and the notice is still there. I've already deleted and reinstalled it many times but it's still there. Can you please help me with this? I really want to play it right now.
It's far better than I expected... It's my first otome game.... It's good.... I really like the combination of ♀️♂️, ♂️♀️,♀️♀️,♂️♂️... Like the content is very creative.... I really appreciate that...... The visual quality of the game is good.... I really suggest this to everyone who are interested in.. otome games.... 💜💜💜....
Definitely gonna recommend this one. The English is sometimes a little bit funny and there are times when I would get confused over who was the one talking(like the dialogue box and stuff). But overall, I really love it. I like that it includes Bisexual characters, like, that warms my heart a lot. Edit: As I progressed into the game, I really got frustrated that the diamonds you can earn from ads are so small. If only there was some way to get more diamonds, that would be great.
Thank you for fixing it! I love the game but I can't play mini games because when I select them game stop for a second and after that don't react to touch. please fix it . Again I see that connection error .I delete and reinstall it but it was same please fix it.
I love it so much! i just wish we didn't have such short time before we need to us up another heart/gem/page or whatever... actually i wish this app was just free to read when ever you want no matter the amount of gems or stuff.. i just want to continue reading.. but by this time im just probably gonna delete it anyway... so if you made this app and your reading this LET US READ FOR FREE PLEASE!
I Like the game and it took me 1 and half month to finish the 1st season of SouxAsahi route. But when I play their season 2 at chapter 1:10 , Im on the happy route and I'm excited to see the art/picture but when that is about to happen, the screen is completely dark with only text in it which made me feel frustrated. And when I look at the menu about the acquired beautiful stills.. There's no picture of them in season 2 And that made me even more frustrated so hopefully this will be fixed.
I love it!!!!😍😍😍 I love Sou and Asahi's story cause its so so cute, the choices were so good I had to take a while to pick. But mostly the quality or the graphics was superb. Good job!!! Please make more in the future. And thank you for making this app with yaoi and otome!!! 😣😣
I-. Is the English one broken, or is it just my device? Cause when I click the English language it freezes .,.
Love it! Enjoyable and relaxing~♡ You just have to wait a little bit... don't rush with too many pairs, so I recommend trying one at a time. The free events are absolutely my favourite! It helps when I don't have to pay for each silly little thing. Although I do wish we could at least get 1 entire gem every 5 or 6 hours (by watching ads), rather than 12 hours gap. Kinda messes up my schedule. So 4.7 out of 5 points from me! Thank you for this awesome game! 😘
honestly it's really fun! the chapters are really short but can't complain because the game is free and if you really want gems watching 30 second ads really isn't that bad. I've only gotten a bit through sou and asahi's storyline and apart from the occasional grammatical error the storyline is very cute and im enjoying their dynamic! the events are easy to play as well! also the romantic options are a Fantastic edition, its so inclusive. really good! I recommend !
Thanks for solving the bug. I've been playing and I've been a good experience, pretty nice illustrations, I accept that I have not been able to stop playing xD I hope you all continue creating novels!
The game is awesome graphics are good and it runs smoothly but i totally get the having to watch videos for more gems but the amount of time till you can read the story without using gems is a little long in my opinion
I like the game really But the Best One is)(sou~asahi) ✨⛓️ But BTW I still have some problems over here 1:i have A problem that makes me get out of the game and wen I get in it turns all white 2: Why can't I have more gems ?
cant play the game, it says theres an update but I cant update it even when I go to the store. it just says open or uninstall. so due to unable to even play the game I have to give it a one star cause well it means it doesnt work to me. please fix this issue and I would love to try the game again to possibly give a better rating.
this game is super adorable! the story for Sou and Asahi is really nice and not rushed or completely unrealistic. it has good pacing. The gems aren't too hard to acquire so you can read more quickly if you need to without spending money but I really dont mind spending the monry I have spent on it. specifically because Im so excited to play and see what happens next! great game!
I love it so much, everything is perfect besides the fact the you have to wait so long to watch more ads to get more gems, as well as to replenish stamina, its really good i just don't like how you hav to wait so long. Another thing is that i wish you could read multiple chapters/parts at a time(just for convenience).
Really good storyline and the characters are also amazing. It's the best game I have played but the stamina restoration and getting the diamonds could have been a little more easily accessible
I love this game but today I had to redo my tablet and I tried logging in via data transfer to get my progress back but it says wrong ID and PASS, but I put in the right ID and pass so I don't understand what's going on.
Was a great game until it stopped working, and I had to reinstall without being able to access a "transfer code" first to regain access to the things I've unlocked.
The game is good. The story is enjoyable. There's a gender optional so it's really not become boring for me and I love it that you can choose. You just really need more gems to enjoyed the "romantic route" I already finish the "normal route", I'm on my way in romantic route.
I always get the butterflies when ever I open the game, I really liked asahi and chitose's story. You'd be the best if you make another game with many route picking and decisions making with the personality of asahi anf chitose..my kind of romance!
I love this game so much. To be honest, I usually rate app about 4 or 5 stars but this app really deserve 5 stars. 1 because you get to pick who you want to make love with. 2 the gems don't cost that much plus when you run out you can watch a video. I really am glad I downloaded this app. Thank you..
I am enjoying this game even though this is the second I time play this game. When i changed to japan sever by vpn,i founded the game like first love story but it is not release english translator.I am waiting for the eng version. Sorry for my bad english
i have not played it yet, i would enjoy to play it if it didnt freeze up all the time befote it starts and heads back to home screen. i dont know if ita just my device acting wierdly(though it never(literally never) does) of if its a bug in the game. this really looks like a mirical game for me and i would REALLY like to play it. please justt check it out.
One thing that I would say to improve is make it easier to get gems, without paying you have to wait like 5+ hours when all you want to do is continue the story. The trust meter can also get annoying when all you want to do is continue the story and have no gems/have to wait 5+ hours for the "Minigame" task to refresh. Maybe add more ads to watch? I'm fine with watching 3 short enough ads for one gem so maybe if you watch 15 ads to get 5 whole gems, then we can wait 5+ hours for the refresh.
To be honest, the game is ad ridden. You have to watch an increasing number of ads just to play the game. I don't mind ads between stories , oh and also they're way too short. If you don't want to pay, be prepared to spend weeks of waiting only to proceed to the next chapter. Also, the three ads per gem is utterly ridiculous, and they're all thirty seconds long, unskippable. The only thing keeping me from uninstalling is the amazing story between Ashai and Sou.
Beautiful Romance BL Story!! I read through Sou and Asahi story and it was just beautiful!! I didnt mind at all grinding for gems or mini game points it was all WORTH! I do hope you guys come up for a Season 3 for Sou and Asahi 😭😭 i recommended this game to my friends!! Amazing game 👏👏
really not a bad game sure there's ads but most of the time you can skip them unless you get gem shards
I love it very much. Asashi and Sou are too cute together.It is also a nice game. I really like BL (Sou x Asashi) SO SO CUTE😍. I wish you guys will have new games. I want to play more. The story is really great and sweet.☺
It seems interesting enough of a story. I really like Katawa Shoujo and I've been searching for a similar game on mobile since. Sadly this game was hard to get into. A lot of bugs and spelling errors: I don't usually care since it doesn't diminish the enjoyment, but it looks like this game needs a few weeks with the programming team to iron out errors and bugs. The game itself has great art work and interesting characters. But the dialogue can be boring, especially early in the game.
The stories are interesting and the art is pretty but it takes A LOT of time to continue reading the stories due to the excessive need of gems, trust and impression. Therefore in the FTP experience it takes like 2 weeks to end a story.
I really love this app! It's super cute and fun to play! I just have 1 problem, can you make it easier to get gems? Like the minigames take 1 gem to get 5 more chances to play and the story takes 5 gems to refill, if you could make it so it takes 1 gem to refill the story or make so you can watch more ads to get gems that be amazing! And I'll keep playing either way it's too fun to stop playing! Thx for reading
Love it so much! I read all the stories early on when it was first released. Helped on kickstarter and was so thrilled to see the goal reached and I'm loving the 2nd seasons. I already finished 2 of the 2nd season and about to finish the 3rd. I think the way the same sex couples are written are very good and modern. They feel like a real high school couple who are trying to understand not only their first real loves but also navigate the confusing feelings of being in same sex relationships.
It's a good game! Though the timing takes forever and the chapters are too short... other than that love the art!
I usually have a high tolerance for apps that require you to watch ad's to progress but this app is absolutely ridiculous. Having to log in day after day, watch so many ad's just to try and earn enough trust in the mini game to proceed with the story. Then you come up short so you have to log in again the next day just to read 2 minutes of story. I've honestly spent 3 times as long TRYING to read the story than I have actually reading it. An absolute waste of time. DO NOT BOTHER!
I love this game but god this is so annoying. Of so in season 2 most of the pictures don't load and in season 1 and 2 some of the options appear at the beginning of the episodes which is really another. And after I transferred my data all of the beautiful stills from season 2 were gone and if I replay the season all over again I still can't get them so I reinstalled the game and now I have to wait for like a week because the data can only be transferred each 168 days or something like that.
i really like this game espacily because of all the cute couples but the only thing i don't like is that it takes so much trust to go on to the next part of the story except that it's a great game with a lot of hot characters what more could you ask for
The progresses in the stories are natural, generally most VNs are fast paced and a bit off but this game is beautifully done, even the characters are well written.
the game is really good, and has a lot of different love choices. It's difficult to get stamina and gems. There are some spelling errors and grammatical errors (for english, at least) but not enough to take away from the game.
I only read event, one side story and some parts of chapter 1 so far, and I think it's good that this has all otome, yuri, and yaoi which will attract those fans. However, it could use an English proofreader to check the story, since the grammar is not smooth enough even for me who doesn't have a perfect grammar.
Some of the ads freeze and I cant proceed the story or get diamonds. If the issue gets fixed I'll bump the rating up.
Really good game! I play in the mornings and nights so I don't sit there and wait with nothing else to do, I think when watching ads to gain gems it should be 2 gems or something but other than that this is like one of the only games that I can find with all otome, Yuri and yaoi! ⭐⭐⭐⭐
This game is so awesome!Im currently doing the Sou x Asahi and Imma just say that I fell in love with the ship 😍 And also,it would be good to have a bit more of fanservice,i mean like more pictures of romantic stuff...And also make the chapters longer
I love the stories (specifically Arata and Keiichi--I hope they get another story eventually because please), but it takes awhile to finish stories. The missions are downright ridiculous at times, jumping from ~7k trust to needing ~9.5k trust. Also (specifically for season 2 of Arata and Keiichi), there's a good amount of spelling errors. They don't bother me, but they're there. Mr. Minami doesn't show on the screen quite a bit in season 2 as well. 10/10 if you have the patience to finish.:)
Delay and confusing. It starts off with just a bunch of boring talk and after that its just confusing on what I'm suppost to be doing. This game just looks like a knock off version of Obey me with the 10 day events.
this game is so so cute! Right now I'm playing the Sou and Asahi route, they seem really cute to me! The only problem that bothers me is that the missions are so....empty, but this game is very entertaining to play!
It's one of the best game in this genre that i have played maybe even the best.the way there are so many routes and the story is also smooth sailing.
It's a good game but it kills me everytime when I'm playing the game and then in the middle of the game play (and what I mean by that is I still have tickets left to play) a mission pops up, and then I suddenly need another 1,500 trust..then I don't have enough gems to get enough trust, and the missions don't really help, it only gets your another 100 or 150.. :( overall its. great game, it's got me playing everyday hahaha!
So far the game is fun but I dont like how I have to wait over 10 hours just to start reading the stories, if each ticket takes about 2 hours to load then it should just load one by one. The game also takes too long to load. I hope you guys can change that😄
I have purchased 10 gems but somehow it wasn't reflected on my account. Reached for the support, and they managed to fix it. Not just that, they even generously give me another 10 extra! So generous and efficient! Totally happy right now.
Good plot, good characters and a really good soundtrack. I've played only the Sou and Akira route now so I don't know if my opinion will change later. So why have I given it 3 stars? Trust missions. Takes you 15 full days or 10 days if you're lucky without spending gems to complete the 5000-7500 stretch without gems which is ridiculous imo and really loses my interest in the story. What's even worse is that after u complete 10 chps u again have to go through this which is really annoying.