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Love Kiss: Cupid's Mission

Love Kiss: Cupid's Mission for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Coco Play By TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv Towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, 6971924, Israel. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
From this app in my phone unwanted photos are coming there should be zero star i would give please fix this problem and those clothes ,makeup are nice you locked them and they should be our like or target Really Anyone having this problem So cheap and disgusting Very bad
in my opinion I don't think little kitchen no should have the first case when they like 6 years old it's a little weird to have a game for six-year-olds about kissing but whatever 2019 and little kids literally can do anything they want to get away with it it's crazy.
For one there are too many adds. Second you barley can do anything without watching a video or buying it. Plus it won't let you out if the videos you have to watch all of them to the very end.
There is SO MANY ADS! It is getting really annoying when I'm trying to play the game and an ad pops up. Its ruining my experience on the game. Please fix it!!! Other than that, I like the game.
When I am doing a date and I don't have any time left there is a add. Please get that fixed.I love the game but please get that fixed 😀
1. Please unlock all things.........................with no cost. 2. And don't date a girl with a other girl or don't date a boy with a other boy . 3. I want it will good that ' date a girl with a other boy ' other things are good. please obey my words. The game will good more and more if you take the tips..........
The problem isn't that there's gay characters in the game. The problem is that the rating is all wrong. THIS GAME IS NOT FOR KIDS!!! Why force this issue on children before they are old enough to understand what is going on? Desensitizing is everything to these developers. The raunchier the better for more downloads. Sad.
Ok here is the reason why I'm not going to give it a 5. 1 Why are the people gay? 2 If they are still going to be gay think about younger kids. They would probably want to play but they can't because they don't need to know what gay means. And, doesn't need to. Which I am not gay myself but still I don't want my younger cousin Arsen who is 6 need to know what it means. Which I know this is a lot coming from a 10 year old. Can you please make an update were they ask you if you're gay or not?
This game is very nice but many things in this game is locked πŸ” so please unlock some important things☺️☺️
Horrible. You can't even choose to dress up, put on makeup, anything. This game needs work. It needs to be more interactive you need to be able to do more. Just, not good.
I did love the game but then there were so many ads so I gave it 2 stars pls take away the flipping ads.
I wish I could give it zero stars. I only downloaded this app because and ad led me to believe it would be inclusive, having gay couples in the game. Not only was I swarmed with ads every five seconds but every item is locked and if you do get the occasional gay couple it's pay-to-play because you have to unlock certain features. This app is a scam, I wouldn't even recommend it to some I hated.
The game itself actually isn't terrible. The problem is that there's ads galore. I've never played a game with as many ads as this game has. I've played games that had quite a few ads but, it was tolerable because i got a good amount of game play between ads. This is not one of those games. 😐
I tried this game because the reviews are so bad that I thought they could not be right. OMGosh, most reviews are too nice. 1/4 of the way through loading an ad popped up. Then every time the pictures changed another ad. I didn't even have a chance to see if this game is fun because in 2 mins of actual game play I had to watch 8 ads. If you like watching ads then download. I worry any game they advertise will be just like this (game)? This is the worst game I have ever tried. Game? IDK only ads.
I'm giving this app a great review BECAUSE IT DISPLAYS ALL TYPES OF RELATIONSHIPS. PROPS TO THE DEVELOPERS FOR INCLUDING EVERYONE AND SHOWING THAT ALL TYPES OF RELATIONSHIPS ARE ACCEPTABLE. I hate that so many games are purely male and female relationships when that is NOT the only thing out. just because so many of you arent okay with it doesn't mean it's not okay. it just means you guys are close minded and idiots. πŸ€·β€β™€ thanks for including everyone.
This game is amazing! I am going to say something else because most of the comments I'm reading make me wonder in what world we are living. There are so many people saying that this game is not appropiate for kids because there is kissing and homosexual or gay couples. I don't know if you know, so I'm going to tell you, we are in the 21st century in 2019, that means the world is open for whatever kind of love people want to live with. Kids already know about homosexuality and use the word gay as an insult, which makes absolutely no sense. This game is teaching kids that love happens between everyone, it does not matter if it is a man and a man or a woman and a woman. I am a kid and I have to teach you all 25 or 40 year olds how to respect and not embarrass yourself saying this kind of ignorance in the internet. Homosexuality is okay. This is like liking a boy with brown eyes and blond hair or liking a girl with long brown hair and hazel eyes. It is just that you have preference in gender. This is actually healthy for kids to learn and what you guys are saying is what I'm preoccupied that kids read. Please, if you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself. And all of you young people in your twenties or thirties, you weren't born in 1940, whatever your parents taught you as kids that you think is not right, please ignore it. In the 1800s or something like that maybe way back, but you get my point, people arrested others for having different religious beliefs, and whoever dared to say they liked a boy being a boy or a girl being a girl, was immediately killed. Now people have the freedom to express their true feelings, please don't bring us back to those dark times. Thank you. PS: I am 12 and feel extremely embarrassed to have to say all of that to adults or some other kids of my age, but, guess what! I'm a kid playing kissing and open relationships games, and I am not disgusted, I'm happy TabTale tried to make a difference. Thanks to whoever took their time to read all of this.
Great experience at first, then you need to purchase items to keep playing the game. I don't recommend to download this apps, except you are really keen to have a try.
I I love this app because exactly how do you sing Rochelle and a half hour later stage again, but it was money for the right person to know when we get it will pay off in a far more than one I am at the flat. Hi Dennis is your house at a later stage, the weekend. rochelle and I think I will be there right ones is the e ratio, but I reset're use of my friend please let you know if the other one is a better option for right ones with the plastic bag and how you're doing well I hope he got a nice
The game was nice but please make your games free of charge. It's not everybody that has money to buy these games. I love your games and I can't wait to download them each time a new one comes out but then I remember that it's not free. I'm pretty sure people have been telling you to make your games free. Please make your games free and lots of people are so going to download them.
Well this game is a nice game but it has many things locked which should be our target. Please less the locked parts I am saying you can lock but not too much. This is a very good and funny game that's all. Thank you. 😊
ads popping up all the time..? switch your wi-fi setting off :) any way I love this game its so nicely designed! I would recommend making your stuff a bit more not expensive ? but except from that this is a really good game keep it up!
Well its good but lame at the same time i mean its fun. . . but it also has to much commercials and its just plain stupid but i have faith in this game plz make it a bit better. . . 😐😐😐
This game was good until you had to start paying for everything. Pretty much all their games are like this and I find this extremely irritating. If possible please change this so you can have a good time without having to pay for anything (Still can pay for money and that stuff) :'( 😒😒
the game isn't that much fun, and a lot of stuff us locked so you can't complete challenges. for example one girl wanted me to do her hair but I couldn't bc it was locked. and this has happened on many occasions. probably going to delete it tbh
Way too many ads, you have ads after everything!!! I get ads for free gaming, but this is too extreme and over excessive!
Ok so it would be a really decent game iffff nothing costed money it got to the point where if there was somthing to make the date even better u would hv to pay. Here's the thing about the paying thing itself at first it says u only hv to watch an add but when u press it it says u hv to pay so yea pls fix that and ill give it more then a one star and if u dont fix it pls then ill delete it so plllls fix it cuz i had really big hopes on this app
Had to disable wifi and data just to play. Ontop of endless ads every few seconds, if even... Most items are locked and for a short enjoy and uninstall game, they'd be lucky to get a microtransaction from me, much less the price of a full game if I wait for sales. 🀣 It's a bit of a joke. would be adorable if you could access all of the content and had ads conrolled by playtime to be at the very least 3 minutes apart or a mission apart!
okay way too many ads and if you want to get something that's locked or anyting you have to pay for it that's a game that wants your money and doesn't care about anything else
This game is idiotic and extremely innapropriate especialy for kids. This game showed up as an ad three times in a row on my phone of girls kissing girls and guys kissing guys and that is not sonething any kids need to know. This game is a nuisance and sneeking behind peoples backs to kiss people. I highly do not recommend this for any age bc nobody should have a game as their boyfriend or girlfriend. Or in that matter a phone as one. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!
AMAZINING downled it for free you will really like it and you will just keeping playing this everyday and everywhere see ya subscribe bye
It could've been an adorable game. The graphics are great, the tasks were interesting, but the ads ruined any enjoyment.
I don't see what all the fuss is about! This a cute game and very fun! Who cares if there are girl x girl or boy x boy. I think this is a good example for kids because let's be honest they're gonna learn eventually! Anyways love the game 10 out of 10! πŸ˜ŠπŸ–’
It gets boring in 5 min and I wish they would include more gay, bisexual and lesbian couples, because that's reality, not just straight couples everywhere.
I loved this game, and I love the fact the gay relationships are being displayed. It was a great idea to have this so little kids can learn about all different kinds of love. I also loved dressing everyone up! It was so cute!
Nice game and very very veryyyyy much good game and I have liked that's why I am giving the 5 star's β­βœ¨πŸ’«πŸŒŸπŸŒ  🌌 I will play it today and tomorrow and all the days and it is so fantastic, interesting game thanks
This is very goood game i think this game should not be played by age under 18 this maybe lead to some problem.
It is a really fun game I do play a lot of co co play games I would recommend it to someone over the age of 13 just because it's romantic and yeah but it's fun please think about apps you want to download and I thought about this and it's been so fun playing this game I hope co co plays has another update to especially this game
i cant do anything without buying it! and i dont have the money waste because of a useless game. i am sorry i said its a usless game but it is also inappropriate. my sister was wanting to download this but i said no and that was a good choice. just like other complaints, this IS a complaint and i will NEVER download ANY games like this or any other games thats COCO brand. my parents dont like this wierd game and still, it is a waste of money and just wasted alot of my time on tuis complaint.
I personally think that this game can be improved cause all you have to do is kiss without letting others know and also it's not much fun and also too many bugs that can be fixed....
it keeps on going forever and ever till you finish all of them but I haven't got that far yet so I have to keep going and try but there's also obstacles so you have to be careful to get every single date perfect
This game is awesome. You can change ther outfits ,do ther hair ,do ther makeup and paint ther nails and after you get them ready they go on a date the dates get harder as you go. I would recommend you tryng it.
i dont understand anything from coco play. they make good games but its annoying how they feel the need to make 75% of the places to go and options choose frhowcost money. i dont like how they have anything that is part of the game at a price. i feel like my creativity and fun is being limmited because of this. my experience would be more enjoyable if i could use EVERYTHING. i mean WITHOUT paying. im a bit dissapointed not just with the game, but the companys outlook on how this shoud work.
Game loading-ad. Try on shoes-ad. Click anywhere on screen-ad. Game makers say "contains ads" thats all there is ADS. Dont even know if fun game. Why? So many ads. Its almost unbelieveable how many ads. The game makers should give us 5 minutes of play before showing so many ads but NO ad ad ad ad ad Ive never tried to play a game before that had so many ads and Ive tried many games. Is this game fun? Dont know. Sounds cute but having to watch so many ads just to try and play 5 mins is extreme.
This game was the best of all the game and I was just trying not a good thing to do but it's a little more like the new game and the more we have the best in a game that we can make for a good game or a good time in wood and the best 56feet game for the season in wood is a lot of doing things that have the 8potential experience of sani in 4545feet 54
So I will just debunk a lot of things. Queer baiting ads? False, it is in there. Is it forced upon? No, you can ignore it, and its just a game. The ads are not the worst as everybody says they are and it is easy to get addicted to level up. The dresses are fine and the kissing is ONLY kissing. Its a pretty good game actually, and how else would it earn money without ad revenue?
Looked like a great game untill adds attacked 10 times in the first 2 minutes of the game. It became unbearable to even try play or get into. I have never ever downloaded a game that has had so many add pop ups so early. There was an add before I even clicked the first button to play. This is not okay. I don't know if your add times are randomized or what.... But something here is not right.
Way too many ads. Tooooo many. Besides the ads popping up everytime the game loads. Half the stuff you want. You have to watch an ad. It's probably one of the worst games I've played with so many ads. Played it for a couple hours and uninstalled it because it takes too long to get anywhere with all the ads. Wouldn't recommend. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Flawed. 1. Almost everything is locked unless you have money to waste. 2. I'm guessing the ads I've been getting of gay couples is prime only because I kept get the same exact same couple just different names and maybe one different colored item.
Cupid! Dress up with angel wings in this matchmaking love story game! Smack! That’s the sound of tons of new guys and girls experiencing their first kiss - thanks to you, you suave little Cupid, you. In this love story game, you get to be a matchmaking angel and help people fall in love like a boss. Dress up your customers and give them makeovers at the salon, dance classes, kissing training - anything to make sure they’ll end their date with a true love’s kiss. Love is in the air, in this roma
So the game overall is pretty sweet. It would be easy to get addicted to if it wasn't for the ads. It is a pretty easy game and is simple to pick up, understand and play. The theme matches the game concept. The entire game is sweet, but... Okay. The ads. There are so many! It feels like there are 6 ads every 3 mins. There shouldn't be that many. Also, why do you have to pay for so much and why is it so expensive? And why do I have to watch ads to unlock the bottoms and certain clothing? Plz fix
This is a very popular and easy game for the most part and the most important part of the game is that you can play with your favorite game and play with your business needs more than you want to do with your favorite TV shows
When I played the game , one of the dates was get your hair done ,so I clicked on it , but it was locked , and said , I needed to unlock the full game , so I clicked on it , but it said it was $9.99😑,which got me angry , then there was two gay boys , which got me REALLY angry !!!!Gay is not even love!I It is stupid and not right ! I don't like this game I don't rec amend this game. Sorry!Not sorry !!!!Also my BFF has this game, and I'm 7 and she's 7!
This is teaching children about love and romance. My sister really wanted this app, I came up and was absolutely horrified. This is not teaching any good to the primary schoolers. This game should at least be 12+. I honestly hate this game and how it goes on to children.
Good but having some problems... When I try to pick out different items, the game suddenly gliches and swipes back to the top, so I can't pick other items on the bottom...can you fix that, please?
It's obvious that this game is cool but why do we have to buy almost every coolest item....plss fix that am fun of your games but if you don't fix it your loosing one fan of major importance..
If you are trying not to spend money on games, this is fairly a good game for it. You do have to sit through a few adds and there are a few items that you do need to pay for in order to finish some couples.
this game is great! if only life were that easy. it's nice to lead a love world, hooking people up left and right. it is just very entertaining.
i like it but why do u need to buy the hair?!That is weird it costs like $4.99 please make everything free and for kids TabTale And CocoPlay are for kids and nothing should be hard and cost $4.99 it really has to be a great game not a HUGE app all the time,cuz there is things that cost money in this game like the hair salon and its ok for kids to play,like me but make sure an app is not taking up your battery,or esle your tablet/phone might glitch alot and i hope you make this game better πŸ‘‹πŸ‘
this would be a cute game if the ads didnt attack every 5 seconds of the game or if watching them actually meant something. you watch an ad for a pair of shoes and you have to watch another ad for the same pair of shoes next time. every time you go to home screen ad every time you do something with a person ad every time you have to do a level ad every screen change ad! omg we get it your trying to sell stuff. stop!
Honestly, the amount of ads is ridiculous. I can't play the game for 30 seconds without getting an ad and that's not an exaggeration. smh.
Its a nice game and it doesn't have much ads also and I like the games which are having less ads. But the reason by which I am disappointed and giving 3stars is because it gives the dates of Two boys its disgusting So please fix that problem.
I like the game, it is fun. However, it would be nice if you added in some lgbt relationships. When I was playing the game, I noticed that there were only straight relationships. I have no problem with this, but it would definetly make the game more open and diverse. Just a suggestion.
I honestly downloaded this because it piqued my interest. I didn't even get a minute worth of gameplay before it shut down on its own. The few seconds I did get to play didn't have that many options on clothes for the girl. I don't think I'll be downloading this again any time soon.
Its ok i guess i just wish there was more romance and there are so many adds i dont who made this game but if you see this please get rid of some of the adds.
The game got boring fast, idk if there is any LGBTQ+ couples but if you start to add that in the games you're making now. I WILL BUY IT ALL πŸ˜”β€ Also can you make it to where we can be guys in some of your games? That would be nice :)
This game is already good, but sometimes it has to pay and have limit my creativity to play but i can stand it, but what i hate about this game is, it always had ads, it just like EVERY SINGLE TIME it will pop out a ads, i really love this game ,so pls fix that, i hope soon will be more ads anymore, before that happen, this the only star i can give to you guys.
It's simple game . But so many ads the game is so cute about love . I will play much coco play . I'm only 12 years old . I hope coco play is much better than others.
This game is nice but it's not instling there's a problem please fix it as fast as you can and thank you.πŸ’œπŸ’œ
I think this app is ok a little borin but like still fun. I have never played a game like this. I think this game is so romantic, and i like playing dress up all the time. So yeah i think its a pretty cool game.