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FireJumpers - Sandbox

FireJumpers - Sandbox for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Redblox Games located at 51 Overlea Cr. Kitchener, ON N2M 5A8 Canada. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a fun game! It is a shame some stuff is paid but that's completely reasonable. I just wish there was a sandbox mode with an unlimited budget and a way to create your own maps. Wonderful job!
Please look out for a player named ulino who threatens and screws up games who also cused at me So please contact the developers
Fun game to kill time. I really enjoy the customization of the fire. I have also had problems with the purchase though. I bought this game back in 2017 and now I cannot use the full version or buy it again. My name on the account is roid rage.
The game is fun to play but it slows down frequenty the thing that bugs me the most about this game is the are you afk its been 10 min thing i was playing and that came on which dissconected me from the server. I also wish that instead of trees on fire it said acres burned i also wish there was a structures damaged counter somewhere on screen, i also wish that if any ground unit that gets caught in a fire die so it would be more realistic there should also be people that live in the towns.
Best service re-activated my pro thank you jason edit:some of my units are invisible (eg.P3 bomber) edit: i cant see them but i can hear them and see my nametag edit:yea maybe its just a bug its fine
This is a really great game and is always fun especially compared to most mobile games with lots of in game payments, to put it simply this game is flawless compared to most other mobile games and has great developers who are activity trying to help their players.
Very good game. Maybe remake the game if you cant update it, and maybe add a EMT team to that new game. 2 teams : EMT and Firefighters, i don't know anymore ideas
It's a lovely game.im not a fire fighter but I still love playing it. I just wish that there were u advanced units u can use at a time
It is a fun game! It is a shame some stuff is paid but that's completely reasonable. I just wish there was a sandbox mode with an unlimited budget and a way to create your own maps. Wonderful job! Edit: I purchased full game, transaction went through, but I can't access any aspects of the full version. I tried to email but it couldn't send. If it helps, my username is spoloney. Hopefully this issue is fixed ASAP.
Really good game but are you going to update it. And from what ive heard you are making a new game but will it be on mobile devices
I like this Game. But not offline. Offline is in full version !! Full version is have to buy. !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just a game. Fun to play.
Used to be my childhood game. And the pro version is missing for an uknown reason. Heres a question: what version of flash does this game run on? That could explain why you cant update the game anymore(as android adobe flash is discontinued). Anyways Im excited for firejumpers inferno but this previous game "firejumpers sandbox" is also good aswell after what 6 years or so?
It's a pretty good game there should be a sandbox with infinite money also firetrucks should be normal units other than that pretty good
I've played this game in the past and had the pro edition in the past and I know pro edition has been discontinued but is there any possibility of another pro edition in the future
It looks like a good game, but I can barely try it out without spending money. I like to look at games and the gameplay in more detail before I spend any money on it. With this, I can only use some of the units without buying the full game. Sadness.
fun game though i wish there was more types of things like civilians or maybe tree collapses that could stop certain land units
Needs a final update to smooth out the graphics and also make offline free. Also for the new beta version that comeing out you should take tips from emergeNYC I really think you can take tips from that game
game could be so much better if u didnt have to make password all that and buy and could use better emblem and just few more sounds
Hi! I have absolutely loved this game for a while, but I have 1 issue. Last year some time I bought the full game and I absolutely LOVED it!!! However, one day I accidentally deleted it and then forgot what I had made my username, thus losing my pruchase. I have tried and tried again to regain what I bought and even got to the point where I was willing to pay again to have my features back. Is there any way you(devs) could help? Either make the game not know I own it or help me recover it someho
Purchased the full version of this game sometime ago. Still waiting for new updates or content. Please feel free to get back to me.
I love the game I mainly play this whenever I'm bored which is everyday and this game keeps me entertained all day 10/10 5stars
Overall I love this game. Only problem is lately the game will crash about halfway through fighting a fire. I have a newer phone with a good processor and doesnt seem to matter.
Awesome game. But the penalty should be removed. Btw the music is lit. I sometimes open the game just to listen to the music.
Really great game! Its a great time killer. However, I had purchased The full version, but for some reason it isnt giving me any of the features that I should have. My username is wqfgg, if that helps. Anyway, great game!
very fun but when you restart the game the player that made the map keeps there role as incident commander
Been looking for this game for hours to play it again because its so fun! Keep up the work and I hope theres a second FireJumpers game soon!
I played this game a few years back and it was awesome! Sorry to hear that you can't update it anymore but I am excited for firejumpers inferno! Just have one question is this game going to be on android and be child friendly? Because I am 10 years old and I have a android tablet.I hope your next firejumpers games is a hit and pouplar YouTubers do videos on it keep up the good work!
I really love this game. Different maps and units, different strategies, and it's pretty realistic. It's also mostly free which is a big plus. BUT. I have a problem with the crash penalty. Since my first Crash (oops) the timer never reset so every time someone crashes into me (which I try to avoid) I get another additional minute which makes it 10 minutes by now. It would be nice if you could make it reset after some time like idk, an hour?
Its really nice i love the model of where you pay to get everything forever and you only pay once while you get alot for free too and the price is Very good almost makes me feel like you are getting ripped off Since this "tech demoish" game has alotta effort put into it cant wait for inferno keep up the good work man and stay postive
great edit: thanks for your review, i would like to say this is one of the best games in the firefighting typed games. i really enjoy it and been playing it for a while. this game is also unique in terms of graphics, 10/10, i never wrote this before due to time constraints, GET THIS GAME PEOPLE.
Outrageous, I can't play unless I create an account or the game forces me to buy the 'full version'. But when I do it doesn't work in the first place!
can you add homes and Wind and add Death to fire to at lest make it real and Why do you have to add Npc/citzens oh and with Cars
Honestly this is one of the best mobile experiences available, I've had this game for years and go through periods of playing it daily to not playing for months, anyone complaining about the purchases can settle down, it's a one time $5 purchase and I literally did it just to support the dev for all of his work! The free base game is a title on its own
Can you make an 3 available advance unit so it will be fun its unfair that the other player is pro than me pls reply i still like it
Great game. I purchased the pro edition but only get two advanced units? I thought it said unlimited. But awesome game anyway Edit: sorry wildfire rts edit: I understand now, thanks
Nice game, but not working correctly after I purchased it. I paid the $4.99 to unlock unlimited resource and it only gives me two resources.
It's a good game but I've just brought pro and it's not working, still normal stuff no night mode no infinite units or line tool. Witch up sets me because this is a good game and your not a scammer so please could you help Ps I'm not on apple
Great game, needs a major change. I am a firefighter for State Forestry, I enjoy playing this game a lot, when I have the time. A lot of my buddies have it, but we're all in agreement that there is one thing that needs to change or else we will uninstall this game. VOTING FOR A MAP RESET!!! Everytime we jump in a game that is established, someone is always requesting to reset the map every three minutes and it's very irritating. If it wasn't for the choice to limit players, we would uninstall.
Wow nice sandbox I like it and I like that you can play online but why does it not let me place fire when someone else is leader or commander. Can you please fix this issue then I would gladly like this FireJumpers game or sandbox I would mean. Please Thank you.
Pixel graphics are amazing and I recommened this for people who like fire fighting ;) BUT how is it sandbox if you have to put out a wild fire?
really fun game though i do think maybe do some more updates since its been years since the last one, Again a amazing and cool game.
It's ok I can help you with ideas A campaign with your moving around the world also call it a jumpers journey I will work for free
Fun game,wish I had the money to buy the full version,but still fun. Really excited for firejumpers inferno
hard to start off, but once you get a hang of it, it's awesome! But I would like if you took fire engines and brush truck out of premium. Other than that, keep up the good work!
It awsome and cant stop playing it (Edit: no problem, but while playing it I found out when you dismiss a unit while there's two of the units you have to rate the game to them it still says that you have the max limit althought you dismissed one.)
A great game, though plz add the Airport tile, where Airplanes and Helicopters can land and refuel faster than map boundary ones, and also add the Dam, which bursts if a fire tile hits it. Plz add these devs
Fantastic game I Love the simulation of actual forest fire fighting. Wish you'd update this and also why isn't pro available on Android? I used to play this on my iPhone many years again and was a pro member. Please bring it to Android
I really love this game but i have a question can you just make another one? Like remaking you know i saw some reviews that you said the game is old, but cant you just have a new engine and make another firejump game? I hope you redblox games will reply wether the answer is yes or no or there is just a good reason
This game is good, however I enjoyed the FireJumpers-Wildfire RTS better, is there any chance you could remake that game for more current android versions, or perhaps a sequel, it was a very good game.
I played it before but firejumper wildfire rts doesnt work it said that the app stop pls fix it btw firejumpers sandbox is the best i cant rate firejumpers wild fire rts i really really wanna see what it looks like at firejumpers wild fire rts
I played this game and it was awsome but now i cant log in any more. I press login but it does nothing. Please fix this so i can play again.
Dumb stupid horrible great but not great the video might look fun to make the game look fun that's why you never believed the videos you never should believer videos Korbel haha get it I guess not firebull get that one that's why I gave it one star I don't even want to give it one it won't let me Spawn planes only civilians won't let me Spawn help others won't let me Spawn planes all the other stuff you know what I'm going to talk to a lawyer and there's nothing you can do about it you don't eve
Nice game I just wish you had a sandbox and as a guess you had a sandbox too and I would like fire trucks to become normal units and not extra units I will edit my review if this game gets updated and adds the things I like and more Edit: ok
The experience is something I love, running around keep fires at bay. Panicking with random people when fire are breaking through. And I can't wait for the next version! Though with this one could you make a How to Play on YouTube or something so when friends ask me how you're supposed to play I can use it as reference? Love your work!
Man I've been keeping this for 4 years it started when I whas 5 years old when I recog nize this game I download it and it was super fun and. I was still keeping it
This game is fantastic,but I have a. Problem,while I was playing it dissconecting me,I have a good WiFi signal,But this game is super good. And I liked it.
OveralI loved the game but after I bought pro it doesn't work, even on the PC website, the pro version can't be found in the play store
Amazing game! I love the different vehicles, terrain and how you can chat with other teammates. You can also host your own lobbies and start fires which are both a feature I love! Too bad not many people have seen this game. 5 out of 5.
Very very great game because when I grow up I want to become a firefighter I joined this one game today and everyone was sending codes saying like standby code 3 there is a fire at and all those stuff it's a great game you're the best
I mistakenly deleted it, and couldn't recover the payment features... I'd be willing to pay again, it's very fun.