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Fire Up!

Fire Up! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The ads suck, it freezes up on the xhunt ad and has to be restarted constantly. Would be five stars if they cut down on the add.
Before the most recent update, I loved playing this game. It's simple, but really addictive and great at passing time. But the latest update has actually introduced problems I hadn't had before. Problems such as crashes, blocks will stop appearing, minor visual bugs, sometimes the sprite wont move. And I also feel like the gameplay has been altered in someways, in a bid to get me to watch more ads to get a second chance/double points because I used to be able to get high scores. Not anymore.
It's an ok game, ads ruin it. Everytime i die, a 30 second ad pops up with a little game i cant exit out of!
It broken to hell and not in good way the blocks after awild just go away after u upgrade and never come back so u have to close it and lose all your point not shocked that not been fixed since a mobile game well if u can even call it that lol
I used to love this game, and I played it all the time! But with my new device, right when the game finishes downloading, it pops up a box that says, "Unfortunately, Fire Up! has stopped." over and over until I uninstall it. Please fix this, as it would be very appreciated!
Totally un-playable on an alcatel A30 tablet. Blocks start way too hard. Unless i get power ups almost instantly cant get score above 10k. That is with level 10 upgrades to both shooting speed and power. Now, before people say that I cannot just play, I can get scores greater than 5 million on my cell phone consistently. Fix this for tablets
It's a nice time passing game, but so buggy. Almost every 2-3 games I end up in an endless, block less game. Please fix, its getting annoying now.
I love this game but since i installed it on one plus 6t, after reaching a certain level the bricks disappear and my effort of reaching high level goes in vain.. please update and fix this issue so i can change my stars to 5
I loved this game and was actually pretty good at it. But then all of a sudden almost everygame when I had like 80k+ it just stopped giving me blocks and the score didnt count! Please fix!
at first i thought it was absolute garbage because of the amount of ads but then i read a comment saying that the ads will go away if you turn off wifi so i did that and i had no ads!!! SCREW YOU PREMIUM AND ADS!!! :D
The game has two main bugs, the disappearing blocks issue that makes you lose the points earned and the bug where your score for the round goes negative and you lose that much from your total earned. One of these two bugs are guaranteed to happen each run unless you die quickly.
Its a fun way to pass time but the glitch when you pass your high score is really frustrating please fix asap.
good time pass offline game. the problem is that there are ads after every game you play this spoils all the fun.
its a fun game that can be very addicting and you can play for hours and never stop ive played this game a few times now and every time i played for 1 hour or more. So what im saying is that this game is very fun and addicting I love it.
Simple graphics and repeating level patterns that get progressively harder as you level up. That perfectly sums up this game. You can not even touch the screen and it will play it self! Don't bother with this game unless you want something that requires no skill and you like blowing up boxes.
There is a glich in the game after a huge score the numbers stop's coming, and the shooting still goes on and the most disappointing is that even the score is not counted we had to minimise and remove from recent apps.
you can literally go forever without touching the screen, the level ends eventually softlocking you, sometimes the screen won't come up if you die softlocking you, upgrades are really slow to get, the different ships are basically equivalent to each other otherwise good
Unplayable after u upgrade your stuff and blocks after awild go away u got shut it down re open it and lost everything this game never be good at all they dont care about it I sore it coming cause it a mobile game so yeh if I could I would give it a 0 star 🤣
Glitchy, Pointless, only good for passing time, no real aim. Dont make sense upgrading as the blocks get harder to break as well and the upgrades cost more.
Every time i reach score above 15k, game lag for a second and after that i dont get any thing on screen just shooter shoot the ball but nothing to hit..i mean after that lag screen become blank and movement of shooter is working properly.. can please tell me what is the issue?
My first review was taken down..... I do like the game but each time I upgrade there is no difference whatsoever also I've noticed that each time I upgrade the more expensive one you up the cost of the blocks well what's the bloody point of having an upgrade system if your just gonna put the blocks up in value each time really doesn't make any sense.... the cost of the blocks is also completely shocking..... if these things get sorted then I will continue to play the game or I will delete it ok
Fix the disappearing blocks issue and it'd be great, as of now can't recommend it. Losing a high score to this bug because you can't even end a run just sucks the fun out of it.
It gets boring after a while because you relize that being AFK is the best way to get points. I also experienced a lot of bugs in the game one of them being that after closing the game the balls still showed up on my home screen, just in the background like a screen burn on an old fashion TV but moving. Only after restarting my phone the balls went away.
***PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS*** Quite simple... two different upgrades shoot speed and " " damage. I would of thought that this game would be fun at least but, its kinda a in -- out game. It gets boring after a while and it isnt really satisfying. I recently fould a glitch that i can go though blocks once every few games. Pls update and put some effort into this! I haven't deleted the game yet, coz i still have some faith in this game. Recommended for simple gamers...
The blocks disappear and there is no easy for you to die so you have to exit and lose your points. I paid for the ad free version and im dtol getting ads galore!
Terrible you reach a new high score and game freezes!!! Glitch needs to be addressed! Makes game unplayable!!
Disappearing blocks bug make this game unplayable. Losing points after a long round because of a game glitch, nah. I used to love this game but it's broken and as it is, do not download it.
Fun game but constantly freezes. Also occasionally stops producing blocks and your shooter will travel infinitely forward. This often seems to happen after getting a high score. Makes the game not as fun.
Clever and easy gamedesign. The skins are fun to collect. The problem I have with the game are the bugs I have encountered. I have often experienced that I somehow reached the end and there where no more blocks. Another bug was that all of a sudden I had negative points and again no more blocks. If that gets I'd love to play some more.
Please fix the bug! It keeps glitching. When I go to continue, or get a high score, it freezes. Fab game apart from that.
Great with a few bugs. You're playing then all of a sudden...no more blocks. Lots of ads...but I love the game hahaha
Used to be great but now its horrible. Can't even play past 110k without the game glitching out on me. Produced by 2 star games I think that's an overestimation.
It's fun but the issues kill it. Itll crash and stop giving you blocks or you'll not get the points you either just played for or the extra points for watching a stupid ad. Devs need to get it together and fix this issue.
At first the game was quite fun to play, however as and when i upgraded to a better canon and scored more, the game started lagging too much. Way too much. At times it even skips blocks or the balls hit it but the no. Doesnt decrease. Please fix this bug!!
Very fun, a good time killer. In fact, best time killer ever!!!!!! Its fo fun and challenging. Ive been playing it for a while, and it never gets old!!!
the game is fun, but the ads are extremely intrusive. every time you lose, an ads is gonna pop up. I know that you guys (the creators) need money, but that's a bit too much.
Really love this game but lately I keep encountering a problem where there are no more blocks, they just disappear and it doesn't save the points you had. Many times I've broken my record only for this to happen and i have to start again... please fix !
game is buggy since last update. also it's only fun for about an hour, after some upgrades it becomes really easy and is no longer a challenge.
game is good time waster ive been addicted for 3 days already but there are definitely glitches in the game eg. the speed up power up works like a charm sometimes and you can tell ball is sped up, but sometimes the ball remains at same speed after power up. sometimes i watch the ad for double points and im not given the double point. i got 3mil and my point was at 2.7 after watching ad i was at 5.7 not 8.7 mil. please fix (android)
I would give this a five, but theres so many bugs Its kinda annoying to play, please fix this issue so I can enjoy the game more.
This game is littered with glitches. At some points blocks just stop spawning so you have to completely close the app. The tank unlocking is also bugged because it will require you upgrade your tank to level 20 (issue occurs when your tank was already upgraded past level 1) when in the description says to reach level 20. The coding was not completely thought out. It would not be a half bad game for what it is if it worked properly.
Whenever u set a new High score the game glitches and then goes into infinite loop.You will even lose the high score u have set.This game is too old.But instead of solving that glitch, this Company just want us to rate their games.Alright, I surely can and will rate the game.From 1 to 5 ,5 being the glitchest game,u can surely get 10.
This update is terrible. 2 reasons. TOO MANY ADS. and there points to spend to upgrade the shooter but it's updated where it gets a lot expensive everytime I have to upgrade every 1 time
Addicting and fun! It is a really good game it does not need WiFi like many of the games from Voodoo and it is good when you are bored especially in isolation and yeah I have just started playing it and I'm already addicted.
The controls are way to sensitive and it was way to hard. Within like 5 seconds everything started to move. Over all I really disliked it.
Too garbage to salvage get any better than a two star. My suggestion to make it as good as possible without making it an entirely new game is to make it so the tank comes with you finger, and doesn't go faster.
u need to solve 1 problem. Some times, when I'm playing, it freezes for a moment, then the game still running but, theres no more blocks to hit, so, there's no way to get killed or get out from there, thats so annoying, 'cause sometimes u're on a high score and that glicth happens /:
So much fun and is grate to play on the go or just when your board but I recommend playing without Internet on otherwise you will get alot of adds and also the ads for this game are just to get you in they are not true don't even bother for example it says something like only 0.001% can get 10,000
I really like game, it fun and easy. however it does have a lot of ads, and is constantly closing and crashing. I have encountered glitches every once in a while. if it wasnt for all the bugs and the app crashing, I would have upgraded to no add immediately.