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Fire Rides

Fire Rides for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app is simple, fun, and challenging. The thing that I hated was too many ads, so I purchased the "no ads" version, to receive less ads, but it is in no way ad free.
It's the perfect fidgeting app while working or studying. Doesn't require too much attention, and you can stop at any moment. If you are a fidgeting person, this game is for you.
Surprised how addicted I am, not bad could use less ads, but I understand y'all gotta make some money, no problem there
They steal your money, spent money to remove ads and it did litterally nothing. You still get ads and you get spammed ad after ad. These guys made a cheap game just for ad revenue and not to produce a good exp for players.
I can't even play it, because I can't see what's happening. The screen just stays black. And it's not just my phone, because I don't have this problem with anything else.
It could be so much fun and a great game but the ads were to much. You dont need ads every time you fail. Half of the time the game would stal and load you into a fail state just to watch another ad.
I really like this game....very entertaining and passes time....however i paid the $2.49 plus tax for no ads, and was sorely disappointed when i still had a banner ad at the bottom of the screen, and the video ads between games did not decrease in the least. Play the game, but don't buy the no ads option! Had to contact Google Play for a refund.
Bought No Ads And They Still Appear! The screen ratio doesn't fit the screen. You can't get back to the main screen once inside the game settings. REFUND!
It is good BUT when u die and it says "tap to restart" it glitches so much or it is responding very slow and u have to wait like 10 seconds to play again and probably u gonna lose because the game thinks u taped again and let the ball fall.pls fix it thx
Addictive game but twice paid to remove adds on android and ipad version and both times adds still intrude on gameplay.
I love this game normally but I tried to download it and it had WAY to many ads most were video ads and they took forever and OVER thst the game was incredibly laggy
This game is about as simple as can be, and still barely works. The lag is absurd, and makes it almost impossible to actually play. On top of the like 4 ads I saw in less than a minute of play, and this is one of the least enjoyable money grabs I've ever had the misfortune of downloading
this game is soo addictive but why I am going it a 4 star rating is because it takes very long to load after you die and sometimes it just starts a game when your not ready and but without that it's a very good game I recommend you to play it
I love it but the problem is on my phone the game screen is zoomed in a little bit and buttons are cut off so it's hard to customize and see all of the options or even get out if the customization screen without closing the game. Would give five stars if this were fixed.
Its a very very very addictive game I highly recommend you to play this....its very nice ....i love this game and i think u will also after playing only 1 gameπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–... But i also request the game developers to put a pause button also...
This was too laggy and not like this when i played several years ago i thought it would've improved the i am uninstalling
Good concept for the game. But seriously dude, how many ads? After each game there is one ad. And I don't even get free chances.
I love this game but please make it so the green bullseye bonuses can go higher than five. For some reason it was like that for a month and it was so much better but then it was changed back.
WAY too many ads. I swear I'll be in the middle of a game and an add will pop up disrupting my game. Also, starting off at nothing everytime is really annoying. Needs checkpoints for levels. Overall very incomplete.
Want to know the algorithm for where it aims for my anchor point. Sometimes, irrelevant of speed, it aims for directly above the object, or sometimes way to the right of the screen. Strangely, it won't allow me to beat 10 green rings in a row, every single time.
Need such one game when you are in remote areas with no internet connection and u just need to play something. Its a good timepass.
The only thing that makes this game "harder than it looks" is the insane amount of lag. My device is perfectly capable of handling such a simple game and the number of times I've lost is only due to the game freezing at the start and dropping the ball, or sending me directly into a wall. An insane disappointment.
It was pretty alright. A fun game, like how you can just swing and stuff and not have to really think about much yet it's still entertaining
This game is fun, however there are so many adds and extra things that were added that seem unessasary. It is a problem for VOODOO to fix and it's not only this game it's also helix jump as well and a number of their other games.
Pretty good game once you get past the ads by purchasing the premium. Although I find when you hit "Start Over" it takes you to an ad anyway then back to the start. That's kinda broken. Also really wish there was some sort of music added to this. Other than that, not bad
This is simple but awesome game. I suggest you guys an idea for the next update.If you guys can make the ball as Spiderman's face and swinging lasers as webs then it would be great for Marvel Fans. Otherwise the game is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
You don't get what you pay for. I paid for no ads and I've still got ads all over this app. It'd be one thing if the ads were limited to revives, but they're everywhere.
Bought the "No Ads" upgrade, and the charge is showing on my account, yet I am still receiving ads. I have reached out to the support email and will update my review if anything is resolved.
Good game that takes a surprising amount of skill. You actually feel accomplished when you beat your high score or unlock that difficult skin. Ads can be overbearing, since it plays one every time you die, but put your phone in airplane mode while you play and you'll have no problems. Controls sometimes get glitchy, and the framerate can bog down from time to time, but you don't lose anything by dying unless you were SO close to beating your high score and it killed you with a glitch. So sad.
Game is fun but laggy and slow. Every time you die and click to restart, it freezes and then throws you into the next game without you realizing it. I wish I could say that this happens rarely but it happens every 3 games. It also isn't my phone since it can handle a lot more demanding games. For a low storage, mobile game, it shouldn't be this laggy.
Seriously Voodoo? I don't expect such games from you. The game has very absurd controls. UI is very bad. Game play is fine but all the other things? You could have add a Tutorial in the game. I'm disappointed.
Seriously, you need to stop with the ads, all you want is to bombard your players with ads to get money! Stop being so flipping greedy, yea, sure, have at least 1 ad every 10 games! Especially when the app is slow, it's hard and the skin button is so big, you tap it every time! And your not even taking care of your games, they have ads, glitches and so many more problems, and your making more and more and more without reading any of your reviews. Your so lazy, your honestly the worst company!
Good concept πŸ‘ Game is very smoth and flexible altought remove ads while playing, add ads for different things like revive, get coins etc etc peoples whoth surely watch the ads.
Please don't misguided by rating, I just thought, you might read low rating comments first. I liked the game. I have a good suggestion for the game. Instead of fire ball animation for swinging, use spiderman animation, it will be very nice and may attract more players
It's terrible, it doesn't work on androids at all and when you try you can't even see the screen. Not buying an iPhone just to play this damn game.
this games exactly what you need if you are looking for a game with no wifi,absolute time waster and overall great app
Game is amazing and challenging but, and BIG BUT, pay for no ads and I still have ads every time I died
way too many ads. one after every decent attempt. I understand they want money but this isnt it, chief...
Absolute waste of time! Purchasing the "no ads" option is a waste of time as the developer completely ignores the purchase and continues to play both video and banner ads during the gameplay. The game also renders the "Back" button on your phone useless and will only exit and shut down using the "close all" button ot the main exit button. ( This was on a Samsung Galaxy 9+). This could be data or OS corruption at work! Be very careful!
Why ANY of your games are impossible to exit from using back button??? Are they designed for iPhone and you couldn't adopt it to Android? And the ads are going crazy as usual... I wish play store was removing games with bad rating
This game is nice but doesn't work with notch area display....like I cant get full screen display l...pls work on it
Make the game smoother when you press the tap to restart bit smoother and remove sa skin or paint its irritating when you play again
As a former game developer this even is not close to a good standard. Poor UI, considering the core of game its unreasonable slow with lag, the particle system is the hole point the game and saw reviews about ads . Its shame that the mobile game industry is everything but the true goal of a game (enjoiable ).
hey are you scammer? i paid for the no ads, but after the successful payment, nothing happened. still with ads. Stop scamming. refund me my money or remove the f!*ng ads.
I love it's great and at first it was hard but I got the hang of it and I say it pretty cool. But I feel like you should like pop music in the back, to match with the app. In this case, Fire rides.
Decent game but exiting the menu on my device is insanely difficult. The arrow to return to the main game is mostly off the screen.
Good game but maybe a little too many ads but anyway VOODOO i recommend for people who don't like the games with too many ads
I started playing this game when it first came out. It was smooth, on point, beautiful game play. Switched phones a few years ago and forgot all my apps, including this game. Whatever this game is now is a solely disappointing version.
Game is awesome and so is the concept.... But it is not developed properly.... How can you control a projectile if u dont know what's coming, when you go little high it dies because of obstacle πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Interesting game but sadly it does get boring after awhile maybe if you guys add some sort of grind to the game I might pick it back up but until then its adios
It's so awesome offline game I just luv this game... The colour and the graphic are so great even we don't get bor while playing this. It's superbπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
i would rather slit my wrists than play this game i have a Galaxy S7 edge and it runs worse than a Nintendo i bought no adds and i still got adds i hate this worst game
Way too many Adds... Doesn't matter if you die every 5 seconds you've to watch an Add to play again and it's frustrating... Developers are trying to milk it as much as possible but by doing so the game looses it's appeal...
Paid for no ads. Still plays ads... Update, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still plays ads and restore purchase doesn't work! Now stuck back with only the default skins. Request a refund by email, not really expecting a response, considering the company can't seem to find the resources to test an app before release.
Horse S*** Game Ads are ridiculously intrusive, I bought the ad free version and they continue to show up, Lock up my screen for 30 seconds, and then show another two ads that if you miss the close button by A SINGLE pixel, it redirects you to Chrome, and then the app store, to go back to the game and then it still has the same ad up.
horrible dont download it its not worth it the game works super slow and it does not work in accordance to where u click
good and people say there are loads of ads but I haven't com across any and the also say not to pay for the no ads but I don't know if it's true I would recommend it to everyone it's a spectacular game but sometimes I may start raging.
This game is awesome! Seems like a similar concept of flappy bird. It's definitely a mind test for focus, reflexes, versatility and adaptability.
ok guys if its lag on urs just download the google play games if u dont have it and search it on fire rides and download and it well work bc I did it
I feel like this game has a lot of potential, and it seems like it would be fun...IF there was a training mode or something like that. It's kind of a design flaw to not provide a training mode for a somewhat-difficult game, so that new players have to keep watching ads over and over again while trying to learn the game. Because of this fact alone, I am giving 3 stars instead of 5. And now I will be uninstalling the game because I'm tired of watching ads.
The game is too slow...it reacts really late on any device.. fix that problem...but it is fun to play... didn't expect the VOODOO game to act slow..
After the last update the game is not fun anymore, when all the points stacked together it was great to see the high score that you got, now it only goes up to 5, disappointed with the game and not playing it anymore unless they fix this.
The game is so good but there is one problem.. i have a samsung android device in which the frame dimension of the game is not fitted into dimensions of my phone's screen. Pls fix this with a update asap.!
I mean it is a great game, but there is way too many ads.It also lags when it tells me to try again because it takes like 4 seconds.Please fix this.
It was fun until the last patch, they took away the only redeemable feature which is the stacking combo you can get... That's what made it worth going for the circles... Pls bring it back it was so much fun stacking a huge combo and losing it felt like you actually lost smth
Didn't Enjoy. Mechanics of the game are initially unclear and, to be frank frustrating. This game also has a problem I see in many Voodoo games which would be low production cost, and many many ads. I believe this to be because voodoo is the mobile game equivalent of 5 Minute Crafts and Troom Troom.
I really like the game, the ads are every bearable but the ad bar on the bottom is a problem. It causes it not to respond when I get to close and dies, get rid of the bottom as BS
paid to remove ads and I'm still getting flooded with them. They took the money, but no change. I can't even contact the email that's provided. it comes back saying it's invalid. great job.
Absolute clickbait, riffled with ads, the spin wheel is rigged, overall a horrible horrible game and an insult to the otherwise amazing industry.
fun game, but I didn't see the other reviewers saying not to buy the no ads option. I did and like all the others I'm still getting banner ads and ads between games, it's very annoying because I don't usually buy in app ad removers.
The game is fun enough that it convinced me to pay the $3.49 for the ad free version of it. However, the game either did not recognize that or it is actively stealing money. I have contacted the developer asking if this is a known issue, but for the time being, this game is getting one star despite it being a fun time. I will update if I hear back from Voodoo.io
r u kidding me? did u guys rly make it harder to get a high score when it's already hard enough by making the bonus points stop at 5? great job
I want my money back, paid to remove ads and they were still there! Opened app several times, still there, and when going to hit "no ads" again it wouldn't do anything.
Controls are shoddy and often unfair. You have minimal control over the arbitrary placement of your swinging rope, and it's not uncommon for the game to place your rope on an anchor that leaves you with no escape from a death. We're it not for the artificial difficulty, this would be a better game.
1 star rating reason is that, you displayed add every time on the screen which was so annoying that i uninstalled it immediately!
it's a fun game but it's laggy af, and would force stop every two rounds, and had too many adds. if these problems got fixed I might re-download it.
A good game, but the sheer number and frequency of ads makes it bad enough to where you want to almost immediately
I have purchase the "no ads" but yet I still receive the banner ad on the bottom of the screen? Can you please resolve this issue for me & remove what I currently paid for! I will review 5 stars if you guys can help me! For now it's getting 1 star! Sorry folks! :(
I paid to remove the adds and I am still plagued by them. The game is fun, but the amount of adds break the experience.
Great game, its addicting, the controls are good, amd its fun to play. all id like is a option to lower graphics, it runs fine on my phone, but a tad slow.
game is challenging but its a fun challenge. it isn't an annoying challenge like other games of this difficulty level. great game.
makes me laugh failing lol any who, game is very fun and time passes by easily. Get the game and try it if ya want. Later lol
nice and relaxing. however i think this is too hard than what would we enjoy. i think you can make it easier and improve the graphics as well. there are no ads cause this is an OFFLINE game so why would you turn on your internet lol. i can't with these people.
it says the app wants to have access to my personal data through sdk file. why would a game need my personal data?? I am not doing this.
Paid to remove ads, still had ads popping up on the bottom of the screen, and occasionally still gives ads after you die. Absolutely unacceptable. It's a shame because it's not a bad game. Requesting a refund through google play. Stop scamming people.
I tap the restart button or whatever, and it doesn't do anything thing, so I try again, and Bam, lost again.... Not impressed
It was fun, I love this game, there's no music background but it's okay, it also depends on how fast and how high you gain in every swing, the timing also is important, but i love the most in this game is the contrast
It is a good game I like it but the screen is so big that when i pike a new ball I have to close the game to get out of the skins
It's fun and has unique gameplay, but it's really laggy/slow to load at points, plus there really isn't much keeping you playing once you unlock 90% of the things, which can be done in like 3 days
I think this game is so laggy at the game and "tap to restart"...please developer, This app should be smoother
The developers are scamming. I like the game and will continue to play. But do NOT, I repeat "DO NOT" buy into the "no ads". It may just be $2.49, but it takes SO much away from playing the game while watching ads you paid to avoid suffering through.
it's a great and well thought out game but it has too many damn ads. it gave me an ad after every time I played. I wouldn't even press on the revive button. Also, after each time I played and went to start over the game would lag dramatically.
fake contact email address,my addon for no ads not working and I've paid for it. this game is alright but don't buy the add-on
The ads damn ......the most mindful of.....game....that will prove it.....😎.......πŸ˜„,,,,,,,,,,πŸ€—πŸ˜.......
I absolutely love it... Way to take my mind away from the world's troubles πŸ’―... Feel like you can do better with the graphics though
Why do Voodoo games ask for permission to manage and make phone calls? Who does this app need to call? Seriously! Does it call Voodoo HQ when its lonely? Soo many ads. Voodoo comes up with these cute quick games and then hits you over the head with ads. Kinda annoying. I play them for a few minutes then uninstall.