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Finger On The App 2

Finger On The App 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Beast Interactive, LLC located at PO BOX 140396 6120 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75214. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Had to remove a star today. I ran into a bot for sure. It was moving in a pattern and halfway through the match I was eliminated. My internet connection is strong and I didn't remove my finger. I connected to all points. It was really strange. Eliminated before it started because the app froze. Wow.. just wow
Got out with 433 left! I just closed my eyes for a bit too long.. Tried my best tho, more than half the time I had already lost all 3 of my extra lives and still made it this far. 16 hours went by so fast and slow at the same time! It felt like I slipped into a weird dimension!! Thank you for the chance to compete MrBeast, I will be back next time to win!
Helo derpy here again reviewing another app and I gotta say the signing up thing was a breeze and the battle mode is fun. though there are some bugs and I gusse its a bit game braking were you have your finger on the app (DERP no pun intended there) and even though I didn't take my finger off it said I was eliminated?! Quite a game braking glitch especially when the big day come to win it all over all im a big fan of Mr beast and his amazing kindness. Overall great game!πŸ‘
Honestly super disappointed. My buddy and I took off days of work in advance, practiced 20+ hours, and spent a lot of time preparing - only for me to glitch out on the start (no option to use my 3 lifes) and him to glitch out an hour in. Both of our glitch just didnt seem to recognize our finger on the app. I hope he does this challenge again and really put more time into the software developing.
Major server glitches. In battle mode worked great. Once multi server users went online the servers were unable to run the app with out major glitching accuring . Not fare gameplay at all. Total waste of time. Don't download. App needs updates not ready for online use.
The app won't even let me make an account. it says type in your phone number and email so it will send you a verification code. But it literally takes like 3 hours for verification code to be sent. and by the time I get the verification code and I go back to the app it is already refreshed and it wants me to retype in my email or phone number so it can resend me the verification code and I've done this literally three times now.
I subscribed and mrbeast and everything but it wouldn't let me start up the app I sit there and saw it and then I go there and only thing you'll let me do is let me install one game which it would legit just a load of Legends or whatever then I go to the other two buttons in its twitching you too but you're already subscribed to and I'm tired of it mrbeast like dude I tried my best to install this app like six times but it won't work so next time you get a nap make sure to put the
I'm confused and kinda worried. When it said waiting for opponent, i had my finger on the screen as requested, but as soon as the timer waiting for my opponent finished, then an add popped up and made me lose. Can the ads please be made to pop up when youre not in the challenge or startjng one? Kinda makes it impossible to win.
Was in the competition for 5 and a half hours, with two lives left. Suddenly, the things you had to touch that had five second timers started taking my lives away and I lost in like 5 seconds. 5.5 hours of my time wasted for a glitch. I know he activated bombs and stuff, but that was after I got out
Getting kicked off for no reason For some reason, i have gotten ads a few times while holding my finger on it, not missing any ques, and usually, i dont do anything wrong and im eliminated. Im scared that this is going to effect me even though this is out of my control. Ive been waiting a while to do this and i really dont want to lose because of a bug, i really dont think that would be fair. I love this app and concept, but scared of losing for no reason...
Pretty glitchy. You'll be eliminated for no reason at random, sometimes there are opponents who don't move at all yet the play continues and it'll end in a tie, the store didn't work, I got one extra life redeemed but now I can't redeem any more of my cookies, and the buy 3 lives option is also not available, even though I didn't buy it. Still a fun game. Good time killer.
The game glitched away 2 of my lives. Both times I was looking at the screen and neither times were there bubbles that I missed. Both times my phone was on a flat surface and nothing but the tip of my finger was anywhere close to the screen. If you are going to make a competition that people are going to be spending hours in, then the least you should do is make sure the app does not screw people over 12 hours in.
An ad popped up within the first minute of me trying it and I'm wondering if when the game to win money actually starts if that's going to happen and force you to use your cookies which would be unfair to people like myself who don't want to spend money on apps. And why does it seem like anyone from company that created the app answers people questions and concerns.
Like many other players, a bug in the game caused me to arbitrarily drop all my lives within seconds. I DM'd the devs for a refund of my in-app purchases; no response so far... There are endless reports/clips of the same thing online! My brother experienced the same bug hours later. The difference is that he's one of the silent ones. After seeing the type of marginalization being thrown at others, he's concluded that it's just a waste of time. "F" to those who took days off of work for this. :(
The app was working fine for me the first day, it kicked me the first couple of times for no reason but then its stopped maybe I was doing something wrong but then I got alot of opponent's that wouldn't move at all, just stayed in the same place and would tie with me. But then that stopped too. The second day I came back to play I can't find an opponent at all. Still can't hoping to get lives before the actual game but I can't play with no opponent. Hope this gets fixed in time.
Terrible I was down to about 208,000 people. And it just kicked me off, for no reason maybe the game should be fixed so people don't waste their time because the game glitches on them... kinda sad. Wow. Very disappointing. All my background stuff was turned off including calls, so it was 100% from the game. So sad.
The app is good but had some problems. #1 There are times when you are waiting for the opponent to start but he never does so you have to close the app and open it again #2 There are times when I verse an oppent and he does not move but the game continues??? Then I have to play for 5 minutes and it is a tie but my opponent did not move. This makes the game more boring and unfun when the oppent is not doing anything.
Was in the lobby for 15 mins with the countdown, hit 00:00 and nothing happened. Game screen never loaded and instantly kicked me out to the #0 ranked screen. Never even got a chance and I had 3 lives and some how those also disappeared... very disappointing and clearly not the only one this happened to. I would also think that seeing hundreds of thousands of people kicked off in the first minute, would make one think MAYBE something is wrong with the app... just saying
This game would be really fun and creative, but unfortunately it is absolutely unplayable for Android players because it glitches out every time. Your opponent appears frozen, and you randomly lose around the 2:15 left mark. If you fix it, this game is fun. But otherwise, half of the people installing this can't play it.
Glitched and lost all of my lives when I plugged in a charger. Girlfriend glitched at the start and got booted instantly. Game was delayef 3 times and it's still glitchy. For the amount of money, Mr Beast and his team should have hired a more competent team of developers. Terrible
It glitched while I was playing the game. I bought three lives just to be booted out and my lives lost for no reason. Had my thumb on my phone the whole time. Total dissapointment. Mr.beast I hope your realize it may have been fun for you but not for many going through hard times who actually wanted a fighting chance.
I'm really sad and upset, I immediately got kicked out, and I got a call from an unknown number I can't call back RIGHT when the round started...the game asks for your number and if you put two and two together then....it don't look so good. I also bought 3 lives....how could I get kicked out immediately?! I should've been warned at least 3 timesπŸ˜”
This was a huge let down. I had the game open and it went black. Nothing was happening. I had 16 seconds left when the screen turned black. It stayed black. So I decided to exit and when I went back in, it was 13 seconds too late. Hope you do this again and I get the chance to attempt to lose or win.
Not happy with this app! It literally glitch me right off the game for no reason? I did everything correctly and follow the roles! And I was 5 hrs in and all of the sudden my life's disappear then re-appear for reason and kicks me off right after! I'm disappoint!..
Good at first. Then it started lagging when I have to move my finger where it says touch and has the countdown, sat there with finger on it for 5sec then I'd loose a life. Waste of my money. Didnt expect to win but definitely did not take my finger off the screen. Thanks for scamming hundreds of people out of their money. It's TRUE tho it's to good to be true. Thanks again. Lasted 35 mins with every 5 mins lags and take life away.
My rating isn't necessarily real because I didn't compete, I missed the start by ten seconds, and I was kind of upset. I heard a lot about glitches and missing 3 pings kicks you out which really sucks. I didn't get to compete in the first one and it sucks I didn't get in this one but so many people got out so quickly and many people are upset. I hope this gets fixed but this may never happen again. I wish I could still just play solo just for "fun" and keep my finger on my phone.
Mr. Beast. Hundreds of thousands of people were kicked from a game without explanation. Several thousands of people bought lives and lost them without explanation. If there could be a FIXED rematch that would be great. I just don't think that it was fair how only the lucky ones get a shot at winning $100,000 while the rest of us have to suffer. And the fact that none of us have heard your response to this is making all of us even more mad. I, like many others, had lost for no reason. Plz fix it.
I liked mr beast until today. I was top 3000 and then he adds "bombs" which actually said "bonus". That's incredibly deceitful. I hit the very first one which said bonus on it and lost. I have requested a refund for the lives I bought and it has already been approved. Can't believe jimmy would do something so untrustworthy. I would have been perfectly fine losing legitimately but this is extremely nefarious to put the words "bonus" on something that actually makes you lose the game.
I like everything about the game except theres alott of hackera in the game! When you play your suppose to move and touch these red things that has a timer and if the time rans out on it and you did'nt click it that means you lose. But i was challenging about alot of people and all of them did'nt even move or touch.
Not sure why I was booted off when the count was #114,757 at around the 1 hour 53 minute mark. Doesn't seem fair. Finger never left the screen. Apparently lots of people were kicked off at the same time. Opened the app again half hour later and the counter was still at 114,757 still in. Blown away after seeing that. Would like an explanation on why the game had froze like that.
During the battles and everything, it's all good just I see there's a couple people who must be cheating somehow, I see during the whole battle they don't even move, like there's those things you have to swipe over to stay in the game but they stay in the game.. unless my internet sucks but there's some people that move for me
That was fun, made it an hour in before my eyes started to doze and I missed a bubble. I bought lives though, and then they didn't work. No biggie though gg whoever wins. I'd add a little more variation to it personally, maybe a "don't pop this" bubble to avoid. Something to make it a little more interesting and keep your mind from wandering. But it was fun, thanks Mr.Beast
It's not loading a screen to.olay. their are three links but no start button. The first two links are forthwith and YouTube. The other link is to o4lay a differ game online. I'm not sure if we have to wait for someone to lose the game before it allows play. Mr Beast! My kids watch all your videos and I am subscribed to all your channels! They'll get their own accounts soon!
Finger was on the area and still lost lives for no reason. Game is a total sham and fake. Don't believe it for a second. Not optimized. That or the developers are cheating just to get money from people to buys lives and make you believe you have a chance but they rig it against you.
There are many issues but great potential. Ads frequently start up mid game, causing you to lose. I've also noticed that in some battles it doesnt track that the other player is moving, possible cheating? I've also noticed that the game can rarely cause you to randomly lose despite having kept my hand on the screen and not missing any movement cues
I really love this game except there are almost 1 million hackers and of you ask what type of hackers I would tell you." They just stay the not moving at all and not even move to the circle that we need need move to before the time runs out which I don't like but otherwise the game is extremely addicting and fun.πŸ‘
Ok this game is actually fun, I used a temporary phone number because I don't live in us and I wont participate in the actual challenge, but there are still bugs. The most important one is that a finger just stands in place and does nothing and the framerate is capped at 30fps which doesn't make gameplay smooth
I bought three lives, and kept my finger on the app for well over 30 minutes. One heart disappeared but came back. I should have seen signs of that as glitching. Then it decides it's going to take all my hearts and kick me out of the game. The content creator of this app isn't known for scamming, but it makes me wonder...
Unfair elimination because of buggy app. I'm mad. I was eliminated for no reason. Finger was still on the screen. Started with about 1.4 million. I got eliminated when there was uner 7k people left. I'm pissed, I actually had a fighting chance. Apparently other people had the same issue. I was 6 hours and 11 minutes into it when i got kicked without actually doing anything to lose. This put me into tears. I could have gone soooo much longer. Possibly even win. But no, buggy app decided otherwise
The "touch here" feature is a really sadistic twist. Having to keep your finger on something is MUCH different than having to draw shapes for hours on end. You cannot look away...you have to constantly look at your phone. Plus it does not even prevent people from cheating. The majority of the people I have played with during practice have not moved their character at all, and they are not eliminated. If they app have you "touch here" every hour, it would be much more humane to the real players.
Trying to sign up but never actually sent verification number to my phone. Tried many times and put number in with and without area code. Seems to be a bug with the app anyway. My 8 yr old son and I really love Mr. Beast and everything he does and my son wants to be a Youtuber one day like him. We even fallow if not all then most of his accounts. Hopefully they can fix the game soon, I'm sure its difficult with millions of people trying to play. Best of luck guys!!
After 6 to 7 hours in, lost all lives due to glitches. Even though my finger was on the screen the whole time, my lives disappeared. Sometimes lives would come back momentarily and then go away. After losing the first 2 lives, I had a death grip on my phone to make sure it wasn't due to my lack of finger pressure, but after seeing what other people have gone through, I'm convinced that I lost because of glitches. Wasted my entire day on this and disappointed that I lost NOT on my own terms.
I don't know what other people have issues with the app. Everything is working fine. I guess it just depends on what android phone you have 🀷. Regardless I'm excited. This will be a fun one. And a great video to watch afterwards. Make sure you subscribe to Mr.Beast and Mr.Beast gaming. Becuase that's what helps makes these events and giveaways possible along with merch sales and amazing sponsors.
Before the start of the compitition I scrolled down to check that my do not disturb was on.(this does not close the app) when I scrolled back it said I had lost and it showed I was missing a life. I though since I had three lives maybe some weird glitch happened and that I would still have two lives. Instead I was taken to a page that said I had lost and offered to show me my stats. The stats said I hadn't even lasted a millisecond. I was looking forward to this and am very disappointed.
First off I paid 7 for 3 extra lives that i didnt even get to use. When the Event started as soon as I put my finger on the screen I was eliminated. It worked fine in the warm up. I get it sometimes apps dont work Properly. I think a refund is in order for the extra lives that I don't get to use.
Please don't waste your time with this app. It has a cool concept as seen in Mr. Beast's video. But I'm gonna keep it πŸ’― with you... this app is garbage. I deleted this immediately. You get ads mid game that make you loose. Overall just a poorly designed app. Feels like a cash grab and thats it. Carry on with your day.
Had a couple issues during the 1v1 mini games but I tried to adjust. Then when it came to the game I was SHOCKED that so many were dropping off. Then I started losing lives WHILE my thumb was on the screen. Then I was booted. Looking on twitter, I'm not the only one. Think MrBeast and crew need to fix this big time. What a joke. Hope someone worthy gets part of the 3 lives I bought. Waste of time.