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Find the difference 750 + levels

Find the difference 750 + levels for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by SuperSwell. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game. Helps to keep your mind sharp and to make u more awhere of ur surroundings. Fun ,fun.....
Very clear pictures, It's fun, even better not overshadow with Ads. I wish the other game developers could apply the same principles. Game over Ads.
The pictures are pretty similar all the way through the game, going through maybe 10 different themes like buildings, rooms, table settings, etc. The puzzles are not too difficult, and the devs didn't make the game cheesily difficult with tiny little differences to spot. Because of that, each level takes between 15 seconds and 2 minutes, making this a perfect little time waster.
Just started playing love it and it is very challenging love the pictures some of them are quite hard to spot the difference
I like this game to find the differences in the pictures. Sometimes it some little thing that you forget, but all it's fun, helps your brain and stay healthy.
This game does wonders for frayed nerves. All you can do is concentrate on the puzzle and you wind up forgetting everything else.
Great way to relax while focusing! I especially love the fact that there rarely any ad's. Please don't change that!
It's a great spot the difference game. It records your time but you're only up against yourself. If you get stuck too you can click the star for hints but it doesn't exactly say where the difference is so just treat it as a very obvious clue. πŸ˜‰ It's very relaxing and I definitely recommend this app!
Fun game, pictures are great. Would love if it told you where the pictures were taken. I would recommend this Find the Differences game
I like the app, I play everyday, helps improve my concentration. straightforward and cut to the point for why the app was intended..
It's fun and not so hard that you can't find the differences. Challenging and nice to be able to get it!
I've played several "finding the difference" apps and Super Swell is by far the best one. Best graphics, best user friendly (no timer, thank you), fewer ads, and it doesn't insult my intelligence. Thank you, Super Swell. Keep 'em coming, please.
Fun, challenging way to pass the time. This really is a great way to test your eyes and attention to detail.
Simple, photo hunt game. Good distraction for 15 or a half hour every few days. If it had consistent downloaded new photos it would be a slam dunk and worth money! Good game guys, thanks for this escape
It is a very relaxing game because it has no timer. Very clear pictures and no hidden differences on the edge where you can't tap them. Very enjoyable game a must have to pass the time away. Thanks Connie
I love it! Very easy to very hard. Only thing I don't like is the ads popping up. In a way gives me a break from trying to find the difference.
Danger ahead: HIGHLY addictive!!! (The ads suck, but they only come once in a while, contrary to some other games)
Love love this game, it's got some hard ones to find and some relatively easy ones to find, they are not always easy to find and if you can't find it there's a little magic wand and it will give you the general idea of where it is but you still have find it. Love it! It's my new addiction ❀
Great find, so calming you don't want to put it down ,as i said earlier this game is the best being for an older person my are eyes not good as they use to be.these games are good for everyone eyesight. This is the second time i have played this game. .It is so relaxing and easy to solve with some challenges.
it is fun and at the sane time relaxing. The medals and average time indicated after every level are encouraging πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—
Fun game...great if you only have a couple of minutes. Ads are annoying, but not enough to do anything about.
Clues are not ridiculously hidden or too edited, and along the soothing music, the game offers a fun and relaxing time. It's actually the best of its kind I have played so far.
Very relaxing. Would give five stars but it has started to skip the next unsolved picture. Still highly enjoyable.
I love the game.....and the misic used the most so relaxing.... I downloaded it mostly to listen to the classic music theme I wonder what's the title ...... the combinition of perfectly captured pictures and the relaxing music for me is 100% best game app to spare my time with while thinking to try to get away with all of the negativities around for a while. Thank you so much to the one who created this!
Good just have an issue when you get a silver star and your time is faster than other players and you did not use a hint
Really good app! I play these a lot and usually they are too easy or too hard! But this was the perfect amount of challenging. There was no time limit which was nice. I could take my time on it if. I was having a good day and could go fast and that was fine but if I was having a not so good day and took longer, I could always come back to it. So it was really good! I look forward to more of them!
Enjoy the challenge of attention to details. Nice variety of pictures to work with and help is available if you get stumped!
Game is hard, just right! I really appreciate the selection of pictures, especially nature shots. No glitches. I'm hooked.
Somtimes would get stuck trying to point out diff.one even w/ hint showing it. The game wouldn't recognize it.
Challenging and great pictures. Very clear and interesting photography. Zoom is helpful and pictures don't blur when using it. I like the sound effect on sometimes and sometimes not so it is nice to have a choice. Also the adds are not annoying and do not pop up during game play. I like that I can choose any picture to play. Hints are helpful for that bugger at the end I just can't find. I like the star indicating how many I have left to find. And not having a timer is a huge plus to me.
Good graphics and easy to play and follow on to next game really enjoying this app tried others but not as good as these
Could mix things up a little. Have different goals, maybe some times levels, maybe some with more differences. Otherwise a good solid play, not overtaken by ads & so far, no political ads!!
Addictive! The best I have found yet. The differences are clear, although my older eyes require the zoom more often than I would like. Fun to compete on the clock, but it would be nice to be able to leave in the middle without penalty when called away.
This is a nice relaxing game, with no competition. Just take your time,enjoy the calming music, and have fun!
My first review on anything to date. This is the most enjoyable, creative and addictive game I've played! Photography is superb and minutely and masterfully detailed with the differences. I want more! Bravo!
This is a fun game to pass the time. Some are easy & some are hard. I wish the music was a little more expensive but that's ok.
this game keeps you on your toes. it gets you in the habit of being aware of your surroundings . Ditto
Clear photo horizontal spot the difference game. Although there are ads, they are very short, allowing more game play time. There are statistical results to help,you improve your speed and accuracy.
Fun app, works well, no unnecessary fancy stuff. I'm unsure about the "average time spent" feature. Turns it into a bit of a competition while I usually just do a few to relax before bed. But it's not too bothersome.
Love it, play it travelling home from work. Lots of different and taxing levels. Good chill out game.
Addictive. Challenging but you earn stars to use for a free hint when you just can't find that one last difference.
Fun game! Not 2 easy/not 2 difficult. I've finished all the levels so r there more levels r is this all there is?
Yep you're absolutely correct. It is another game I purchased that puts the differences too close to the edge. And the app is also called Find the Differences..... same as you. Anyhow... I do have your game and have played it a few times. It's better than some and not as good as others but at least it doesn't have a timer that drives people round the bend. Good job πŸ‘
Ads aren't too bad and the hidden differences aren't terribly hard, but usually there is that one you can't find, which makes it so fun.
Fantastic game! Only pressure is what you put on yourself. Huge for me is that the differences are real, not something too small to see. 9 times out of 10 when I use a hint, I just SMH because I should have seen it. My fastest time to find all five is 10 seconds! Longest... ??? It is fun, relaxing, has a wide variety of pictures, lots of color, and non-aggressive ads. Perfect game!
Makes me use my brain. Would be a good app to send off Alzheimer's in my opinion. It's also a lot of fun!
I am enjoying finding the differences. This is an additive concentration game and it's great for focusing. I recommend this game for seniors.
What a great app. I have downloaded so many of them previously and end up deleting it after 5 levels because it freezes or you cannot tap on the item. This one is really awesome, I am enjoying it.
This game is so great, I even stopped playing it thinking i could find a better one, but, there's not one out there like this one, I like the way you let us have hints if we get stumped and the pictures are awesome, challenging and relaxing all in one, thanks
Challenging pictures that get the brain working. I like how you can view your statistic and compare to the average user. Great game!! I've recommended to friends & family and now they're hooked!
If you are tried of games and want to use your senses eye's brain, you have to download this app love it try to beat the time of others, it will keep you occupied for hours.
At first ,I gave it five stars but now after each scene when i'm obliged to wach ads, one star is more than ok.
Very relaxing and addictive, no timer, less add and relaxing music. I hope you can add more relaxing music during the game though...
A very fun game! The challenges of finding differences is great for sharpening my skills. Increases my hand eye coordination. And the colorful pictures are fantastic!
It was 3 stars 11/19..edited to 1 star because of the ad banner and blinking red ad sign....so annoying. Don't mind the ads, just the in your face mess. Please do NOT tell me to purchase anything, because if I did, it would not be in this app.
Only up to Lvl 10 but finding the app easy to use and very smooth. Puzzles are a mixture of easy and tricky and it is nice to be able to get a hint if you get stuck. Seems odd going from one puzzle to the next without having to watch an ad, as is usually the norm, but it is quite refreshing. πŸ‘
Love this, some spot the difference are really easy but some of these are really hard, its a good challenge and keeps me occupied when im bored
Love this app. Very nice pictures. And it doesn't rush you on a timer to find the difference in the pics. Some are easy some are hard.Its keeps your mind sharp. Atleast thats my opinion. It is definitely worth downloading.
Thank you for telling me how to reset the game. That helped a lot. But now I'm confused about the star that you get after playing each level. It doesn't tell you if it's gold or bronze or silver. Plus, I don't see my time at the end nor the average user times. Am I missing something or has this game changed? Thank you again.
My favourite game and the good thing is that there are no ads ,never give bribe of ads for hintπŸ™‚πŸŒžπŸ€‘
Simple, too easy to find differences that always follows a pattern on where they are grouped and on what sort of differences you will find that can always look for.
This "Find the Difference" game can be quite challenging at times. I like playing games like this so they help enhance or at least help maintain my mental capacity. As the old expression goes... "If you don't use it you will lose it." Keep these games coming!!!
I am on level 134 and some levels are hard to find all the differences,but you have hints to help you. I like the relaxing music and you don't have to hurry to beat the clock,you can take your time. Also there are no ads bombarding you all the time,just short ones every once in awhile,which is good. I really like this game.
Some are quite easy and the others are harder to solve, it keeps your enjoyment of the game going.please create more.
I've been enjoying the game, at higher levels it is very challenging. Please take away the Matchingdon Mansion ads. They are disgraceful!
Way better than other similar games. I appreciate the pause button very much and the magnifying option. I'm only on level 23, but I'm enjoying it
Fit to be tied that there are no instructions, including the penalties for using hints. But it does have an addictive quality to it. Still one of my favorites. Thanks for you game.
It's just as engrossing and enjoyable as its predecessor, the 300+ levels version that I completed. After all this time it still brings hours of fun. Many thanks Developers.
I would definitely recommend this app, I have tried several others and this is the best. The ads are not to intrusive and it can get quite addictive.
Very relaxing, yet very engaging. I'm enjoying this app. I like the pictures, the music, the challenge... etc... etc...
I accidentally clicked a button in the game that said I didn't like it. In actuality, I do really like this one. There is no constant bombardment of ads, the graphics are nice, and the music is relaxing.
so far this is my favorite. less less less ads, and it goes quickly into next level. also gives you unlimited (i guess, so far) hints. i like doing these but not when they are so hard my brain is hurting , ya know?? i like to do them to relax and just do something while watching movie or tv.
Finding the differences is relaxing but at the same time exciting as I like to break records by finding them as soon as possible!!!
Very relaxing, you don't need to watch a butch of commercials. The pictures are clean and great to find the differences without stress. I play every day never get bored. Great job. If your looking to play without stress this is your game
I've completed 45 puzzles so far. Do they ever get harder? Each puzzle only has 5 differences. I expected them to get progressively harder or at least have more differences.
Just downloaded this app, the game is challenging, and you get medals. That's a twist. I'm sure that I will enjoy the rest of the levels.
Love this game, sometimes it's abit frustrating with the last one, you kinda have to cheat to know where it is,but it's a really good game, πŸ‘
I am giving 5 stars because I just started this game and haven't ran into any problems yet. So far this game has been fun, smooth, not to easy but not to hard. Hopefully it stays this way.
I love the picture differences. Some are quite challenging. Your brain will definitely get a work out ☺️
Great way to relax, some levels are more challenging and this helps keep my mind working harder. I really enjoy this app.
This is a very fun game to play and relax. It has a nice mix of easy, moderate, and challenging screens. There was an earlier section where the programming was messed up and you could only indicate the differences on the bottom screen. If you touched the upper screen it gave you an X and took away some of the heart, but would not let it replenish itself. I very much prefer 5 differences to 10 per challenge.
Good app, not many ads. There is an ad after every one you finish but you can quickly skip them, unlike other apps where you have wait 5-30 seconds. The photos are challenging but not impossible. Plenty of hints and your lives build up quickly
Great game, keeps my mind Going! I'm 65 and I like it! No timer and love the magnifying feature! J.Hov
Enjoyable and fun. Obviously some are more difficult than others, but passes the time without getting one frustrated.
The best find the difference game! You don't have to watch an ad to play, just play. Even the hints are usually free (without having to watch an ad).
I love this app. It does challenge you to look very closely for some of the differences because they are subtle differences.
Enjoy scenes and the challenge of finding all five differences. Also like that they show the general area where you cannot find something.
It's fun! Some are relatively easy and some present a challenge. There's a good mix. I like that I can compare how long it takes me versus the average time.
I've downloaded more than ten find the difference games just on the safe side, in order to choose which of them to stay on my gadget. I just wanted something to help me relax before getting asleep. Seven apps I had to delete. Their "deadlines" & calling me "loser" for my not going through the task in given time did not help me have a rest, but made me tensed & angry. So I didn't hesitate long before deleting them.This game is my most favourite of all ! It really helps relax & have a good time !
Very relaxing to me. A challenge to me who lost right peripheral vision in both eyes due to Strokes. Can be difficult at times on busy scenes.
It was difficult at first but the more you play the easier it gets. I guess you learn what to look for so you get better. It's called experience.
This game is difficult, but, not immposible. It takes patience, good vision, and some ability to organize dara. t is a little more difficult for me ( I'm color blind) but still remains a lot of fun.
I like this app, and it's sister app. They are free, and the photos a spectacular, it would be nice to know where taken. Some of the games you need to use the magnifying plus button. A great game for.those moment s when you need to wait around, or over a coffee somewhere. Thank you to the developer.
Everytime I tap on the difference, it either doesn't respond or give me a "X" On the area or anywhere. I even used a hint to be sure and tapped the area and was still given an "X" So no, I am not satisfied. Up until then, the game was actually fun.
I love this game! It so helps me with my concentration...and noticing the details. I definitely would recommend this game to anyone, especially those 50 yrs and up!
VERY, VERY relaxing and enjoyable. Best Find the difference game out there. Thank you and God bless you πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ™
I've tried several find the difference apps. Yours is by far one of the best! I especially like the fact that you can zoom.
This game is very challenging and help my mind. Loving this game wish that I could have found it years ago.
Great way to pass free time, a few adverts but not overly done. Easy to use. Zoom is very good and clear. Good game
So far the best FIND THE DIFFERENCES game app The challenge is there, not too easy, not impossible. And there's plenty of images to enjoy. The developer made 3 apps for a total of almost 2000 pictures!!!
NOT SO EASY..on some....really nice way to pass a doc apt...so on...music has settings ..REALLY GOOD JOB πŸ€—
Fun game, and addictive, I'm only on level 13, but so far it's not too hard, I hope it stays that way and does not get very hard.
Really straightforward game. Beautiful clear pictures. Pleasant music if left on. Can be played offline. Lovely, thank you!