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Find the Difference 200 lvls

Find the Difference 200 lvls for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Krypton Games located at Ukraine Zaporozhye City Charivnaya 109 69071. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Think, relax, enjoy, now new ones, i did all the others, few yrs ago, glad now have new ones now!! Enjoy
This is the only game a play, I enjoy the challenge. When i was a kid this was in the Sunday comics, it was always the first thing i did.
Here it is 2020. I need to see some beauty in this unstable world and l find it in the beautiful pictures in this app. Thank you again! No change from a few minutes ago...lol
There's something wrong with level 176. When I tap on it, app crashes. This problem is only with that particular level
I've downloaded sooo many of these games, obviously I really like playing them. The images are amazing and I love the fact that there's no time limit. Without the timing doesn't affect the difficulty it does make it more of a relaxed game. I gave 4 stars only bc of what I believe to be a glitch in the game needing repair. The issue being that u can clearly see a “difference” in the image it's just not the one they're looking for. I'm not sure why but it won't stop me from playing! Have fun!!
I LOVE these. But something wierd is happening in this game. Every time I try level 176 it shuts the entire app down! OTHERS ARE SAYING THE SAME THING. JUST THAT ONE LEVEL. YOU NEED TO LOOK INTO THIS! I've played thousands of these and have never had it happen before. Plus it freezes my device. And it's only that ONE level. Strange. But still 4 stars because, again, I love all of these~better than any other app with the same idea.
In these times of having to stay home, I often open this game when I want to escape. So many of the pictures are beautifully scenic. I find, I am transported somewhere else in the world, whiling away the minutes, finding the differences of these lovely pictures.
Graphics are good. Some Photos clearly show differences that you won't be able to mark, others have two differences in the same spot. The different sceneries keep it interesting, but it's still a kind of boring game. Best suited for Kids and Seniors with good eyesight.
It's really fun to look for the differences & getting a hint at each level. You don't have to use your hint immediately, you can save them up for a later use.
I love finding the difference between the two pictures. And I rarely have to use the hints however I do appreciate knowing that they are there. I only wish you had more pictures that were inside. Please keep them coming.
Great game!! I like the beautiful pictures. Finding the magnifying glass is a fun challenge. The graphics are very colorful. Keep making great games!
This game has a few differences that are not very clearly different & one (one on level 25) which appears to be an error. There is an extra tree trunk, in the upper right quadrant of the top image which isn't there on the bottom image. I repeatedly touched this difference with no response of encircling fireworks. Finally, in exasperation, I pressed the "hint" button but the circle & fireworks appeared in the upper left quadrant, where nothing appeared to be different in any way at all!
I've tried several versions of this game and Krypton is the only one I'll continue to play. They have the right mix of everything - challenging but ample hints. No loud sounds and with unlimited time. Each scene has an additional hint available if you find the token - which adds an extra touch. Also, the best part is how the game allows you to play, skip, return etc. without dire consequences 😊 meaning it is as leisurely of a game as you want it to be. Thank-you!
Best game out there! Have played multiple games created by you and love them all! Congratulations and continued success!
I like that you can click as much as you like and it's not timed. but this one is mostly landscapes of water grass trees so it's just boring and tedious. only a few rooms, etc.
This is the best find the differences app that I've come across. Part of the fun adventure is finding the magnifying glass that gives you an extra free hint!💜
I love this game but it's a shame none of them last past 100 levels I plow through them to quick and then have to download another please make more levels for the ones I have installed. I also have found more differences then 10 plus the magnifying glass on alot of the pictures which is very frustrating as it throws me off. This game is great thow and a great time waster xXx
The game is so relaxing, i can't stop, but the game cuts often in middle of finding the clues,please check it out.
Love these! Have gone through many that have various levels and numerous pictures to choose from in many of the levels these apps have. Best quality of all!
Lots of fun with minimal ads. Thank you for not making us watch 30 second ads, we want to play the games!
More ads than the last of one I played. The magnifying glass is always in the center, little too easy to find.
I love this game... and i hate it. Some levels are very easy and others are extremely hard. The placement of the "difference" objects is done very well and fit in with the picture. So well, they are almost impossible to spot (that's the hate part). I also love the magnifying glass hidden on each level. Many times I'll find nine objects and have to reveal the last one, which is frustrating when I see how obvious the object was. GREAT GAME!
I love python games but I'm starting not to trust them cus in some scenes there's obviously 11 differences (like a missing cloud,animals etc..) but yet you dismiss those differences and it's so frustrating please fix this pronto cus this is by far the best spot the difference games and I would have to par from it.
I mostly really enjoy this app. But I have noticed on 2 occasions that there are differences that don't count towards the 10 counted. Which is a bit of a bummer. But otherwise, very good.
Krypton makes the best Find the Difference games of any of them out there. I love these types of games and have tried all kinds. None compare to these! I highly recommend any of the many they have out there.
I love that this game keeps moving forward and doesn't freeze like other games. I enjoy the search and it's not too difficult.
I really like this game, keeps you going!!! I've only made it to level 50 but on levels 25 & 40 there are 1 in each... very clear difference you'll try to pick and it wont let you! Sure its just little mess ups, other than that fun!!
Pretty easy. One problem I have found is pictures with an obvious difference yet it won't register as one.
My favorite find it app. Beautiful images and nothing absurd like a fish in the curtain or a sailboat in the carpet. Relaxing because there is no ticking clock timer or quickening music. No limit for hints or cost for anything.
Really enjoy using this to relax and/or kill time! PLEASE MAKE NEW ONES THOUGH. I've done all of them about 8 times each!
I really like the game. My biggest complaint is that while playing, sometimes, actually a lot of times, an ad will take up half of the bottom picture. This means you have to go out and cime back to the puzzle. VERY ANNOYING
These games I have always loved they let me forget about things going on but I'm having trouble downloading the third one again but I'll wait for its worth waiting for
I love all the FTD games, but this one is the best I've played. The pictures are absolutely beautiful! Not many ads at all. I would highly recommend it!
This game is great for passing the time. Beautiful pictures. Makes you wonder just how observent you are. Short adds.
This game is very well put together. It's absolutely free and very fun. The adds never interrupt the gameplay and you have the option to skip them completely. Nice job.
Lovely why do adds come up half way thru a game and block half a scene t spoils the game ,it's a good game to pass time on scenery , not too hard
Several ads pop up and cover the scenes during each level. I can see ads between levels but not several during each level. The scenes are pretty but I uninstalled because the ads made it unplayable.
Nice scenery. Difficult but not exceptionally so, therefore a pleasure to play. Nice to have a game where there's no in app purchases!
I throughly enjoy this game. The pictures are enjoyable. Some objects are easy enough to find so you do not get discouraged. There are some differences in the pictures that are not included in the count.
This game ia fun my daughter loves playing with me... If i could change one thing it would be that most of the pictures are outdoor or wildlife. it is addictive. fun fun fun
addictive gratifying. I have found with the Samsung the edge is unable to be recognized if something is different in that area making it larger or keeping it small. the tap in that part goes unrecognized sporadically. It depends on the speck that's too small.
I was running through the levels and reached level 176. The app stopped working. I usually love these game by Krypton Games but this one just didnt finish.