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Find the Difference 200 levels - Spot it

Find the Difference 200 levels - Spot it for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Krypton Games located at Ukraine Zaporozhye City Charivnaya 109 69071. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Use of Alcohol) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far, I quite like it. Pix are clear and easy to see. Very detailed and not too easy to find the differences. Yet most are not too hard, either. If you like this kind of game, it is a good one.
This was an interesting game, but screen is too small, and it's too much of a hassle to use a magnifying glass. However, the reason why I'm giving this one star is because I can't uninstall this game. Are you kidding me. What kind of BS is this that I can't uninstall this. You own my phone whether I like it or not? Who does that?
I love the find the difference games! Your games are always realistic and ....I would love to see more home interior pictures.
I really love these kinds of games, BUT I would like to see more indoor photos. I get really tired of trying to go through trees, bushes, all kinds of green things!
I really like this developers insight into what players want. The pictures are attractive and interesting. The rules are simply, and the ads are not too intrusive. I look forward to future games...Thumbs up!
This game would be a 5 with some fixes. 1: recalibrate the touch. I've had 8 of 10 differences required two taps. Sometimes I've had to tap 4, 5, even 8 times to tag one spot. It doesn't matter how hard you press. No other apps have this problem. 2: if you use a clue for # 10, the screen changes so fast that you can't see what happened. 3: in greenery it can be impossible to see differences. No problem elsewhere. I will change my score if these issues are resolved.
First one was 200 levels...as soon as I reached it I IMMEDIATELY was installing another one! Addictively fun ! Love it !
I like the game but there are way to many ads. I can't even get through one game without having ads pop up three and four times. This is very frustrating. I have to quit playing for awhile just to get over the aggravation.
These find the difference games are awesome, they really grab your attention so fast and in a very relaxing and enjoyable way ,you can't stop playing i have finished the 200 grid already. The pictures are so clear some are to dark , but with zooms you have is easy to solve.Keep up with the good work you have a fan.
I Love to figure out where the differences are. It helps me deal with my severe nerve pain. The only thing that I would change is when you use the free guess that you get to see where it goes. The screen makes the circle and the picture goes away too fast for you to be able to see where it went. Because I use the zoom a lot after awhile I forget what the whole picture is about. I'd also would like to be able to see which level I am working on. I'll do 3 or 4 levels in one session.
I enjoyed the game, for the most part. My biggest complaint was the ridiculous amount of pics of mountains, rivers, clouds, trees, etc. I love those kinds of views, but enough is enough! I had to start skipping so many of them or I was going to scream and puke! I was ready to uninstall it when I finally started seeing lovely village pics, and other types of pleasant town scenes. Overall, I really had a pleasant experience playing the game. Just PLEASE get a better variety of photos! Thank you.
Enjoy the different pic genres. Like the levels; can contimue without runnimg out of pics. Adding comment; i will soon have completed the 200 levels. I have enjoyed this app (during "stay at home" time.) Loved finding the little magnifying glass for clues. Thank you for the many levels. The ads were handled so well and many of interest to me Thanks again.
I feel so good having this game to keep my mind strong and I'm getting better at it every day.. I don't color much but I have had problems with the WiFi lately but this find the difference comes up perfectly. And I'm so greatfull . Try it and you will enjoy hours of fun..
I Love to figure out where the differences are. It helps me deal with my severe nerve pain. Lately the advertisement bar will stay on the screen covering up parts of the picture. I have to come out and go back in for it to go away. Is there a better way to let you know if you have found the magnifying glass with each picture?
I am having so much fun, I didn't want to rate this game yet I didn't want to stop playing I'm so deep into the game so much enjoying I can't say much but anyone please you got to play this "Find the Difference" It's SO much FUN to PLAY! You won't get bored at ALL! With the CORONA VIRIS this is the GAME. Be Safe, Thank You! God Bless.
I enjoy the pictures alot but I don't like that the picture changes so quickly when you use a hint or find the last difference. Also, it would be better if more variety was used between the pictures. Not so much landscape or cities together. Thanks for your time and the great past time activity.
stimulating, interesting, not sure of point and click adventure, definitely not funny but it brings a smile when 10 is reached. Holds my attention and concentration. Glad to be able to return and complete picture at another time without starting over Nice game.
I have been enjoying this game. Someone was saying that they can't enlarge the screen but I found that you can if you hold your tablet or device in a vertical position you can enlarge. It didn't work horizontally. Also BONUS! When you enlarge you will find hidden magnifying glasses which increase the number of hints you get. cool.
I'm enjoying Find the Differences. There are hard ones as well as easy ones. It appears after one or two of the hard ones they give you an easy one. These are good because they say by doing items like these can hey You're mind from aquring dementia.
I've almost completed the game, but when I try to open it I recieve a message box -"stopped playing :report or try again". I can't report it because of lack of knowing how and trying again just repeats the frustration of not being able to play a game I love.
I really like it thou it can really be challenging at times the only thing I do not like is when you find one and when it is circled I think it could be darker it is hard to see the way it is now thanks
I am pleased with the challenge of this game. Time seems to speed up since I find that in my enthusiasm to see the next photo---which I constantly hope it is a lovely view or beautifully appealing design, is quite uplifting.
I like this game, however the circle that shows the difference between pics can be darker. It's hard to see, against certain colors.
Just like the Sunday comic's find 5 things...no clock so no stress unless you get frustrated trying to find the last 1 or 2 differences. With this app you can earn answers by finding the magnifying glass in each puzzle. And finding 10 differences adds to the fun. Really does sharpen skills for paying attention to detail.
Excellent graphics and puzzles. Some of these present some interesting challenges, nice variety of easy and difficult. I'm a big fan of the Vizalev games, I have several on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1). Smaller screens may find some of the puzzles to complex to clearly see minute details.
very fun and just the right amount of a challenge. Great time filler. hard to stop once u start, also beautiful pictures!!!! the best differences game ive found. finding the magnifining glass is a great addition to this game.
Enjoying app. Glad in Landscape because I have difficulty holding my tablet. I can put in on a tray in landscape.
The pictures are beautiful and the game can get very challenging when it comes to finding the differences. Oftentimes the contrast is so miniscule it takes great visual acuity to find them, but it keeps the game interesting. The best part: NO INTRUSIVE OR INAPPROPRIATE ADS. I love playing this.❤️💛💜
Absolutely love this game. Love the 'no time limit'/timer as makes for zero stress. Isn't ridiculously easy OR ridiculously hard. Love the photos/locations used too. Ten outta ten!!! Thankyou so much.
Con: too sensitive to touch. I'm only on Level 12 so far,,and my 10th "difference" , at least on 2 different puzzles, was Accidently "found" because I was changing the zoom . Pro: on must puzzles, there are 1 or 2 differences that are not easily spotted.
I enjoy this game. I find it challenging & hrs pass before I know it. Its very engaging. Its better than wasting hrs watching Tv. IF I spend hrs playing this game I am not concerned because its constructive time & keeps my brain active. I would suggest to everyone give it a try. It may just suprise you after you play this game when it starts to consume you. Its been a fun thing to do with my extra time. Now I find myself trying to finish up my work so I can play another game. Very pleased!!!
Thanks for the other Find the Difference game with 200 pictures an hints, etc,etc. Maybe you can add a few more...I have a hard time following the game with 5 different choices and the other steps you do to play the game. Age 68yrs. old ....
I have enjoyed it for the most part except that when I stop (for any of an assortment of reasons) & later resume play, I have found that more than one level, previously completed, now shows not played at all.
It's alot of fun and keeps my brain working lol. However if I see another Trump ad I will never play again. No more Trump ads!!! Your images are too dark.
I love this game! It is not timed so you have time to find them all! Best of all; NO GLITCHES! You can exercise your brain and it is fun! Not an accessive amount of ads to deal with either. Graphics are the best. LOVE IT!
Great little game! There are ads, but they are pretty unobtrusive and don't detract from the overall gameplay. Easy to rack up hints and the game doesn't stress me out in any way. Some good challenges and beautiful pictures. Kudos to the developer.
Great pictures, challenging but not too challenging. I like that you get 10 picks and the choice to build up hints.
Good fun, and makes you use your brain, can be hard when there are a lot of mountains and trees in the picture. I play it before bed, because i find it hard to sleep. But now I sleep better after all that concentration. So I'm very happy to of found this game.
Love these Krypton Find the Difference games. Far superior to the other developers' games. No time limit, so very relaxing. Photos so much better as well. Highly recommended!!!
Really great puzzle. The only thing I have some trouble with some Is that some of the pictures have too much dark on dark. (For example: Level 57). They really strain my eyes, even with the brightness setting on my tablet turned up. Sometimes it's so hard to see whats going on in those types of pictures, I have to stop and then get back to it later. Otherwise I'm addicted!!
Love this game and all the ones by Krypton! Beautiful pictures...some levels easy, some a little difficult. I love to find the lil magnifying glass on each pic. Its hard to stop playing. Very addictive! Highly recommend.
no sound before i found out it had no sound iwas waiting to find some kind of noise when i did find the different s and found some that are not the same there was no thing to find out i was right please fix this app i like it so much got good reviews dont know why the app did not work with me unless it did after it good review any way please check it out
Exactly what it says on the tin. Easy controls (zoom feature not required yet), beautiful pictures I don't mind staring at. Ads are not intrusive in the slightest (so far). Suggested addition: perhaps a side game to promote longevity of this app e.g. a special item to find which unlocks an unrelated game or just a mini quiz or riddle to provide some variety. Great app!
Really enjoyed this one & other difference games by the same people. My only complaint is that once I make it through all levels, I can't just redo them without doing an uninstall/restall.
To many areas with trees that alike have to guess or use a hint and then you run out and cannot get a card to finish