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Find Objects Hidden Object

Find Objects Hidden Object for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Rottz Games located at 5825 Sunset Drive, Suite 302 South Miami, FL, USA 33143. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like the game and it's a good way to kill some time ( if you're not careful you can look up at the time and go 'omg, what the heck.....). I am hoping you will consider a couple of suggestions: a hint button (especially on harder levels when you spend forever looking for something); or perhaps a skip button so you can go back a little later; or finally when there's a multiple of an item ask for five of them or three of them etc so we're not looking for 20 golf clubs individually 20 times. It could shave a lot of time on one game so we can get on to the next one. Thanks
Enjoyed playing it with the kids but the objects appear too small, I have a big phone and I still struggle
I would recommend this to any age because all you have to do is match the word to the picture it makes you think I think it's an awesome game it teaches you to think you can learn other languages why you're doing this I think it's worth checking out my husband doesn't like it I love it
I love to play this game. It is fun. Sometimes, it took me a longer time to find all the items, but it is okey. Congratulations.
i like this game better than theother hidden games because it easy on the eyes but need more like this and not with start part
Great game but usually shows my finished levels as unfinished...Annoying! Please fix this. Also seems to add objects near the end of a level.
I really appreciate a game that lets me replay levels to improve my time! I love that there are multiple versions of an item that vary in color or type (t-rex/ triceratops, gray and red motorcycles, wizard/cowboy/Sherlock Holmes hats)! I am enjoying the challenge of multiple sizes of items, and as I go up in levels, I like the layering of items so only a piece sticks out. Best of all for me, you earn stars each level, and have the choice to watch an ad to double your stars! Totally Love this! ❀
Love this game. The only Reason i didn't give it 5 Stars is. Once you get all the objects. They don't have more.πŸ˜”
Like it but there's no pause, there is no skip, and in the hard levels there should be hints that if used will just put the area the item is in on the screen. Hints could be given by watching ads.
Would be a great game if objects shown were not miniscule. Rendering them hard to identify. Phone screen too small to accommodate. Otherwise a very good game
Ironic this app was exactly what I was looking for. Multiple difficulties and lets you change languages if you're feeling up to it.
It's a nice little game, but as someone else said, some of the descriptions aren't very clear. Also, some of the image graphics are difficult to make out what they're supposed to be.
This app is so much fun and it's making learning French vocab so much easier than any other app I've used - including Duolingo (which I also enjoy).
I was looking for a treasure hunt like the one in dots. For some reason its not there anymore. This was what i found so far i like it.m
Addictive as all get out! on the one hand I wish there was a hint button but you can zoom in so that you can see just fine. It can take quite a while. I just finished my first puzzle on "Insane" level and it took me 10 hours and 54 minutes! I do like that you can leave in the middle of a game and it saves your progress. There were times while I was on the "insane" puzzle that I backed out and did a couple on "easy". I really like that you can use the stars you earn for completing each puzzle to purchase more items to find. It's fun that you can choose whichever item you like. Fun game.
Pretty Darn Good!!!! Finally found a hidden object game that just has a mess of items and you have to hunt and peck through them. Been looking for one like this for months. I would give 5 stars if there was a background other than blue sky, something with a little more detail to make it a wee bit more challenging. Medium is a bit easy and hard is too hard some days!
Frustrating and not fun because the word prompts and pictures don't always match. For example, the picture answer for word prompt "a grape", is a bunch of grapes. This happens a lot, the contradiction between singular and plural. Another common problem is color. "Glass of lemon juice" is a glass of green juice. Some objects look nothing like their typical appearance. "Motorcycle" looks like, I don't even know, maybe a cross between a dune buggy and a ladybug. Don't waste your time.
good game but noticed on the hardest level you spend an hour finding things then you turn it off and have to re find the same items in the same place. frustrating.
Boring and the description is really not what the object is. I thought this was more of a where's waldo instead they throw a bunch of junk in a pile on your screen and have you find each object in the pile one by one.
Hy gamers, its a good game but you need to pay more attention,because there are so many categories,if you give us one thing to find out its so hard to find things especially (insane) one. you have to bundleup things like find 25 dolls and then you put them in a gallery how many we found it and how many left,in this we complete our level fast
I love this game but it hasn't been working for days now πŸ˜” have tried uninstalling it and re installing.... Still no joy πŸ˜• any ideas? Gutted
I LOVE the game! 3 ideas= It needs a "skip" button for when you cannot find an item especially for the "Insane" level because sometimes there is no way you'll see the shake hint. I've had to leave the game & come back later so that the game will clear itself & have a different item for me to find. The other thing=once you've bought all the items, there is nothing left to do with all your reward stars. Maybe use them to change the color of some items/background. Need a new item suggestion box.
There is an ad banner at the bottom of page, so when you zoom in you cant see objects at bottom of page. When you zoom out its so small to see objects. I seriously cannot be doing with it so i have uninstalled it now. Would not recommend this game
I enjoy the challenge of playing with no mistakes. Exercises memory bain cells. I enjoy this very much.
Love this game! It's easy and I can do it without stress. But it can be challenging at the highest level!!
Good search and find overall. The game works well and has minimal ads. My only complaint is every level has the exact same things you are trying to find.
not a bad game. pretty addictive. however, it would be great if there was a way to start over once you've started a level. sometimes I have to walk away and the times goes on and on. would be nice to be able to quit the current level and start over from the beginning instead of having to complete the whole thing then do it again. would give more stars if this feature was available.
Fun little game! What I don't understand is it shows how long it took me to solve one but then shows a different time when it's competed. What are the two different times?
Some objects in this game are universal, while some feel off the left wall. If you're looking to challenge your brain, and learn, this is the game for you! If you're hecka competitive...this might not be the best game for you.
Fun. I like it because there are bo timers. I can go at my own pace. I like how they show me a picture in case i don't know the word. Good.
I really like the game but the description of the words in the game could be improved, for eg instead of saying - a luggage or a bread you could say a loaf of bread and a suitcase.
Enjoyable game ,I just need a skip botton, If I do not know the meaning, like clamp or joystick. Have no idea. But good game
This is ultimate hidden object game. Can play different degrees of difficulty that add extra challenges. Ads do not really detract from game as they all are contained at bottom of screen not on the main 'game board'. And the main reason for 5 stars is that this game is really a lot of fun!!
UPDATE: I figured out why my levels are gone! Not the games fault so wanted to come back and edit my previous post. This is a really fun game. I highly recommend it!
I have enjoyed this game to the fullest. I have been going thru a very difficult time largely. And when things got more difficult. I would go to your game and it takes me away. Thank you very much
This game can help keep your memory sharp as you get older thanks for making it it's easier to see the pictures and have it be announced what I'm looking for that helps a lot thanks for making it
The easier levels are fine, but as the difficulty goes up so do the problems. It prompts you to find 1 or 2 items at a time instead of saying, 'you need to find 5 toasters, 6 eggs, 10 bicycles, etc. And it keeps prompting you to find 1 of the same items over and over again. I tried an insane level and it became impossible to find another fridge among the mass of eggs, dice, and everything else the game seemed to think I didn't need to find yet.
It is a decent enough matching game The pictures are clear illustrations and not blurry phoros shrunk too small, so that's nice. In fact, I recognize the clipart from other games. My biggest complaint with all of these games is, can't they find one native English speaker from the entire Internet to add the noun quantifiers???? "A Cake" v. "A piece of cake" are really different, and im looking for a WHOLE cake when they wanted a piece of cake. Its like talking with a 2y.o.
I have had this game for sometime. However, some of the games there is inconsistency with the amount of objects. Although this is minor setback and still enjoying the game.
It says no timer but the very first game is timed🀬. Why can these games be done at your own pace rather than be given a time limit? They say"no timer"on here. Don't fall for it! I uninstalled it.
This hidden objects is challenging and rewarding. Great job. Brings back memories of Highlights kids puzzle book in doctors offices a few years back...lol Thank you.
Fun! Can be fast paced or slow, so exciting or relaxing πŸ˜ƒ!! Harder b/c items aren't to scale with each other. Takes a little getting used to . . .
You should beable to continue where you left off instead of adding back what you just completed to find.
I like it, but find that the more difficult games do not fit on my phone screen. items get smaller as difficulty goes up, and I need to magnify the page to see the items. Plan on spending time, as difficulty progresses, some quirky labels on some of the items: like a Shaver for a razor, a box of milk instead of a carton of milk. Overall, I really like the game, and rate it a 4 to 4.5. out of 5.
An entertaining game but what is the point of the times when there is nothing to compare them to and why give me stars when they have no use?
Insane lives up to its name...will not play another. When you stop play it does not go back to where I was. All o her sections excellent
It is addictive. The only real difficulty I had was with terminology. An earring turned out to be a pair of earrings. Other items were also oddly described. But it is a good game of concentration.
I hoped you'd find a few things and it would flip to a new screen with new stuff but you just find the same number of items till the screen is empty. Which was alright but got boring after awhile and I stopped playing and never opened app again. Drawings would be more enjoyable for kids in my opinion. If your taking suggestions..find so many things then change to a different scene or theme w/ different items. Have a loud or same color background as a lot of the items. Let loose your creativity
Good game! Clear pictures + words; plenty of options as to difficulty. Easy level should be great for young children, yet the first "hard" level took me a lonnnnng time to complete (but was still very enjoyable.) There is a clock to show how long it's taking, but there is NO TIME LIMIT (yay!) If you get stuck, they show you the picture, and if you get REALLY stuck, the target picture eventually wiggles till you find it. Very nice game!
I play the insane level which starts off fun with finding multiple objects but soon becomes must find 1 of this then 1 of that for the rest of game which becomes really tedious as insane level is about 8 hours a game so you spend most of the time from 1 side of game board to the other
Addicting!!! Well done, guys and gals. After 200+ easy levels I decided to jump to the insane level. Well titled. As a retiree I don't expect to ever get through all the levels. The only problem with this game is it will keep you up all night but won't make you breakfast... after playing several hard & insane levels, i would only wish for more 'find two' or 'find three' rounds. One at a time can get tedious. I would like to know the average # of objects in an insane level.
could be much better. how about a bunch of images, but have to find only a few items? screen could be shaken so player cannot memorize where items are. or h1ow about 4 boxes on a page full of different objects with only 3 or 4 in all 4 boxes? many things could be in 1, 2 or 3 boxes, but only a few in all 4. very glad this one of those that try and tell some blasted story.
Game was going good. Until i paid $8 to unlock all objects. After, it cause my phone to constantly reset itself to the point where i had to do a factory reset. After the reset, phone was working perfectly until i redownloaded game. Then itd reset itself every few minutes. But after deleting the game again it stopped.
Game is good. Insane levels speak for themselves.... But alot of the time when you find something and touch it, it stays on screen rather than disappear. Plus certain items you might not be able to find for ages will always seem to be added x2 or x3 when you come back to game. Example: couldn't find a toothbrush for a really long time. Once i found it and come away from the game, once i returned to it, two more had been added clearly in view for the next toothbrush find. Sort these probs out then game will top 5 stars.
Good easy to understand game, simple but needs patience especially the insane level. The objects are a wide range and it's clear
I am enjoying the game immensely. Thought I would get bored with the repeated images but the challenge of finding the objects doesn't allow boredom! I wonder though about the stars being collected - what are they for?