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Find Differences Online

Find Differences Online for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Picture Puzzle. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game but it always pops up lost connection doesn't matter if I have great wifi service or my data on I'm lucky if it decides to load which isn't often so it's easy to get frustrated on
You can't play this game without paying real money. The differences get very hard to spot and you can't advance unless you buy clues. If you decide to give up, you'll be on a 15 minute time out where you can't play the game. And they don't show you where the difference was, unless you pay for clues to reveal it.
I really love this game but it won't let me connect to facebook and now its stopped working. It won't let me play. I'm 1st in the points and if I uninstall and reinstall I'll lose my progress and my points. Of course all the points in the world won't matter if you can't play. You need to fix this problem. Apparently its happening to a lot of people.
I absolutely loved this game. I would sometimes sit and play until the morning hours..... BUT when I reached level 80, the game just stopped. It says "coming soon" and no matter how many times I press play, nothing happens. I would love for you to fix the problem, so I can continue playing and thus give the game the 5 star rating it deserves.
Game was great until I got to level 100! Now it won't play. It opens but it won't play! Wanted to keep playing in the tournament. But I can't play because it shut me out.
They need to keep up on their game and have the next set ready in time. What's the use in putting it out there and a limited number of of puzzles to solve.
Was loving the game until I got all 3 keys and had to play the play offs part. I've tried 3 times I've won all 3 times against the first player but then I can't move on to another person because it never works, I've waited half an hour just in case people were slow at finding the difference but I don't think that is the problem. Not going to bother carrying on playing anymore this game was a let down.
App stops working. I have completed levels. Doing great. Enjoying the game. Then it stop letting me play. Just stuck on play button. Unable to link to Facebook, so when I uninstall and reinstall its back to the start.
I started playing this game a few days ago and it’s amazing! The graphics are amazing for a video game and the details are awesome! Very addicting, such a simple game but the little details they added just makes it so much better! I would recommend it
You never play against real people. 1. There are no internet troll names, everyone uses their "real name", which any gamer will tell you is unrealistic. 2. No latency. Every game finds all of its players within a sec. Completely unrealistic. 3. No one poses a challenge. I'm done with all my pictures before the bots are even half way done with their first. The makers might as well just let us play this game offline since it wouldn't make a difference. It's a fun game nonetheless.
I normally don't reviews after only playing 5 minutes of playing this game crashed my phone. I would not recommend it at all.
I want to gave this game a 5 ⭐ but i can't because I am at level 77 and I am pressing the play button but it's not allowing me into the game, so that's why I rated it with 4 ⭐. Another thing early up in my levels I was winning my Tournaments and Round offs and I realize I was not getting no coins for my winnings. Please fix my problem by allow me to continue to play if not i would have to uninstall it and i surely will not be installing it again. Thanks In Advance.
My progress is gone. I played for almost 3 hours and I was around level 23, I just signed in and I'm at 6. I paid for a limited offer and got a frame, now it says I didn't. My gifts at the top say I only have 15 stars but my 2 day event says I have over 7000 points. It's a fun game and I love these tyles of games. But this is not cool.
I really enjoy the game but I think you should add managers so that when the planes come in boxes there is at least something to put the planes automatically on the track. Idk. Maybe?
This game is so fun and addicting, it’s a very neat concept, and simple, yet very time consuming. There’s one thing that I do not like about it though. When you get to the 25th plane, the planes that drop out of the sky are lower than they are supposed to be. There aren’t enough parking spaces for them, and I don’t know if it is just a mistake, or a small challenge. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but it can get kind of annoying. I will still always recommend this game if you are just trying to pass some time and have nothing important to do.
Every time i clear a picture on level 71 the game just freezes. I cant gt the other picture but i can clearly see my opponent moving on. Can you plz fix this.. its very frustrating
Ok this is ridiculous.... I've waited patiently for more games... it's at 160 games and it has a little sign saying coming soon... I want a refund of my 24.99 + tax. I have the 1000 points still there. I paid for the coins to get hints for playing the games. It's been entirely too long. I want a refund
I like this game. But its annoying when it "hangs up" very often!! Cant play normaly. And there is nothing you can do! There are no restart, so only you can do is uninstal it and then instal again. Thats not normal.
Would have been a strong 5. There alot of these games around but I found that this drew me in. Even the advert ratio is fantastic you don't even realise you have seen it. HOWEVER....... I appreciate you want to make a profit but we should be given a true choice... I am not happy that you loose a small amount of lives then you have to wait 12 minutes for it up your lives. Its annoying and I would have probay spent money on had I not had time off I think it's a mistake.
This is an amazing game! The game adds cool stuff to it so you won’t get bored with it. There is minimal ads and you can get free planes. I’m on plane 28 and it is super fast. I enjoy the game. Keep up the good work!
Great game but needs updating after certain amount of levels, takes too long for any new edition updates.
Was great start. Then clues cost, watch a video for an extra 45 seconds. Well i watch 9 till i got t by e time added. Uninstalled
Love it! The pictures and the differences are well done. Some are super easy to find and others are so difficult, but it keeps it interesting and I like that. My only complaint is that they never give free coins, except when you reach certain milestones. It would be nice if they gave a daily bonus, like just about every other game does.
Absolutely love this game but for the second time now it has said I've won when I didn't and now I can't play. The only way I can play again is to delete and start again, wouldn't be so bad if it would let me sign in to Facebook so I could save my progress. I'm on level 57 and 1st in the tournament, I really don't want to delete and start again...PLEASE HELP I will quite happily give 5 stars if you can sort the problem out. Thank you
The lower level are great but the higher you go the more frequent the "connection failed" message pops up. That is the worst part of the game, I had no connection for 2 days on this game and ended uninstalling and forfeiting my position on the scoreboard.
Killed it until level 38 then u start playing against fake people. I guess you have to find ways to get people to apend money on your game. Pathetic
Frustrating because the game keeps claiming there is a connection error.. Every time my phone battery dies and I try to play the game I find myself on level 1 again.. It is frustrating losing progress. Lastly there should be an option to play the game individually, instead of alway being part of a tournament.
Rather liked it at first, but when you have no options but to pay for clues (and the differences do get miniscule), I'm out.
There is problem in game. A message appears at the start of every stage "connection failed, try again later". While i have been using 4G and also have 8MB wifi connection, and both are high speed internet connections. When this message appears, i have to exit the game because it never start that time. After an hour it starts, but from last 10 hours i tried many time but this message appears again and again.
Great game done beated all the levels need to add some more soon this is my fav. Game i miss playing it please add more
I got stuck on level 69. The game froze and wouldn't let me do anything. Uninstalled and reinstalled and now I lost all of my progress and now it was a waste of money spent on this game. Very very angry!!!! I want my money back!!
Disappointed in the developers disregard to my several emails in ref to the game freezing up and not allowing me to go pass level 63. I purcased a package and shortly thereafter the game froze and it dosent matter how many times a force close the game continues to remain stuck at the level. The game itself is wonderful because it really messages my brain but everything else can go.
DO NOT INSTALL This is one of the worst app ever Firstly,Internet connection, even if my internet is fine, it says 'connection failed' after every 2 levels guaranteed, with that stupid cartoon that makes me wanna kill someone. Secondly,the 12 mins wait after you lose, that is just annoying. Thirdly, The levels, it got stuck at level 20, and the 'play' button was not working, i reinstalled it (bcz i'm stupid) and now i'm on level 34, again, it says 'connection failed' its been two days.
Bug in the game when playing using tablets with pen. When you play touching the screen with pen you can only find differences but it doesn't, register the mistakes