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Find Culprit - Mystery puzzle

Find Culprit - Mystery puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by FTY LLC. located at 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1-20-5 6F. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Well this game was great when I downloaded it but now it's just the same 3 people guilty. Same ending on repeat and I would say to download it but you do the rest honestly.
It would be five stars but the level where you look at the camara it does not work you cant find the scene of the crime
The game id filled with too many ads and id unplayable each victory or fail. What if every 1 second an ad comes up in a game YOUR playing
When you find the moment of the murder on episode two, It doesn't let you move on. Do not play this game, they made it impossible
This is the worst game I've played. Far too many ads and the select the crime moment part doesn't work. Terrible.
I hate this game it it so bad btw the ads bro it's the ads I freaking hate this game don't recommend this game this game waste your time and don't play this crappy game!!!
This game is fun, but it has waaay to many adds. So that is why I'm giving it 3 stars for my opinion.
Nice game, but too many ads. Whenever you start a level, ad. Whenever you're finished with a level, ad. Too much ads, but this is a excellent game.
It does not work! I went on the app and it put me on a screen with a printer and it was all blurry and nothing happened, I waited 10 minutes for something to happen but it didn't! Such a waste of time 😡😡😡
Why are people complaining about the ads? I played 3 episodes and only ONE ad popped up. This people are such baby's and don't know what ads are.
Big time waster I wish the game was cool but don't get this it's so bad and a whole lot of ads like a mil per episode
After a fail tour get an ad. After a portion of the level completed and. My point too many ads Yes this my opinion
Absolutely not. You cant even get passed the first level without being harassed by pretty much unskippable ads. Not one...no not even two. Three. Yes you heard me THREE ADS just to complete the first level. Not even after it. Not even gonna bother woth the rest
Can't even get into the game right when I clicked episode 1 I pressed start and the game froze.i tried to do it again and the say thing happen and then I tried to Uninstall and Install again and it didn't work. Totally a waste of time and space.
I didn't really like this game. It was so confusing. The controls are awful. If I could change this game I DEFINITELY would.
This game is stupid you cant even get past the first level its inpossible maybe if i coild get past it i would lik it more but cant so one star.
This was the worst game ever. 1, SO MANY ADS! There isnt 1 level without ads. It is such a waste of time and the levels repeat. 2, it is always lagging. It disturbs gameplay. I rlly dont recommend this unless u want to waste ur time and storage😡😡😡😡😡😡
One short episode has multiple ads plus one after they end, and one before you start the next one, and it's nothing like advertised.
I think this game has potential, BUT THERES SO MANY ADS. PLEASE LOWER THE AD RATE. If you do then more people will play this game. Its fun but LOWER AD RATE PLEASE
There is way to many ads in this game. YOU GET AN AD EVERY TIME YOU CLEAR A PART IN THE STAGE! You littery cant get a single level clear without seeing an add in this game. If the ads gets fixed in this game I'll reinstall it. Had high Hope's for this game thought it was gonna be fun. But mo. The ads ruined it
I just started playing and I can't evenake it past the first level, you don't have enough time to get to the space before he sees you so there is no way to win this game without raging.
Really good love it but for some reason I can't get past episode 34. So if you fix it I will give you 5 stars but for now you are getting a 3
Not how the add seems. Everytime I finish the level it always says 'oops' and I didint even get caught! Fix this bug please, thank you!
Not a bad game, just loads of adverts. Would not recommend since almost every time you get caught or die, an advert pops up. Very pointless. If there was less adverts, then this game would be my favorite!
This game is terrible, to many ads, terrible lag and the first level is way to difficult, i spent 10-15 mins trying to beat that level, next tine make it less laggy and make it easier to play.
LISTEN i try to find good things in games so i can review on them BUT i cant even THINK of one thing thats good about this game exept the art style its impossible to even go through the first level and this is why reviews are a thing pls dont waste your time playing this game its really not worth it find another game a better one then this wth atleast 3 stars on there reviews cause this one is not it.
Way WAY to many ads. If the game was a person, ads would be its OXYGEN! And you cant even turn air plane mode on! dont buy this unless you like ads. (But who does) it sucks.
I wish I could give this 0 stars because you can't even get past the first level he turns around like every 2 seconds! It's not even possible so why make the game!?!?!
The game sucks it is terrible There is too many ads in it and i kept trying to play the game but after the first one i couldn't get out the first one. And i even had to put on AIRPLANE MODE because their were too many ads. Remove the ads now or i will uninstall immediately
SOOOO BAD. dont install you cant even finish the first level without skipping and plus its one of those stupid ad games.TOO MANY ADS
This game is flat out retarded, its a pain just to beat the first level! Why play a game that's difficult right out of the gate when you can find a better one easily
There are way too many ads and the controls suck. At the end of each episode it took forever for it to register which person I was selecting. The episode where I had to find something at the right time was useless, I had to watch ads to skip every part of it. Being 1 second off was a fail, getting it right would just be a lucky guess. A lot of things get repeated with a slight variation. Don't waste your time on this incredibly crappy game.
Its a good game about murder but there are too many adds and with the video its hard to find the "right time" and if you get it wrong an add pops up
This is a great game and all the people that put 1 to 2 stars complaining about difficulty i passes it on my second go it was not hard. Ps if your going to complain about ads its the way the maker makes money so suck it up or dont play!
This game makes me so mad I've had to skip so many levels. It's lagging or your not fast enough every single time and it makes you have to do everything so accurate like you can't mess up! I just don't enjoy playing it...
I rated it a 3 because of the ads. There are way too many ads. Whenever I start a level, I get an ad. Whenever I finish a level, I get an ad. The game would get a 5 if there were not as much ads. I'm just saying you should fix it. I am deleting the game right now because of one problem. That is despicable. Do not download this game! It is a ginormous scam. I was addicted before the ads kicked in. If you get intimidated, don't! Way too many ads. Only download this game if you like ads. Thank you.
Totally deleting this game it wont let me in, its talking about my wifi has horrible connection and my wifi is perfectly fine and too many ads 2 ads came up before the game started terrible game totally DO NOT RECOMMEND!!
It is fun, to all the people that said there were to many ads I get it but that is the way they make money so if you don't like it Uninstall it.
I rate it one star because it has a bunch of ads and the gameplay isn't really that good. I don't recommend.
I got stuck on episode 1 and it wouldn't let me skip because it was hard and I wanted to scream.I hate the creator who did this because it's so hard.
2 stars. 2 reasons. 1. WHAT THE HECK IS IT WITH THIS GAME AND ADS? 2. It's pretty fun, without having to watch ads, of course. I went in with a high expectation and uninstalled it with a low expectation. I do not recommend this game to anyone.
Far too many ads for such a simple game. There's no getting around them as the game "requires" an internet connection just to load ads. Something like this could easily run offline and ad free. Simply put, do NOT waste your time.
The ads are horrible and I can't make it past the second episode because of the stupid scene check stage. Don't download, isn't worth the time.
2 things, way to many ads, and the game isn't exactly how I thought it would be. I think this game just is a big scam :/
If could give this minus a star I would. Only played for 6 mins and that was enough. There's an ad in between every section and I between levels. The ads are longer than gameplay and the gameplay is boring and over in seconds. Get a grip developers people don't mind paying for a decent game and not one stuffed with ads. That's just you being greedy.
It fun but i dont need the ads every second of when i play. I understand its nessary but not when its constant of every time i do a mission or part of a mission.... Dont install if you dont like the constant ads.
This is negative a star i played for 5 minutes and at the start and end of every level there is an ad
I had 3 ads in 1 episode. Every time I have cleared a task right after that I would get a ad. It is not a bad game, but it is nothing like the for it showed. It is more like a rip off of another game. Would not recommend game. This game also has so many ads because it can't survive without sponsors, cause no one likes it.
It's a good game but there is an ad every little section that lasts about 30 seconds and theres an ad after that
I can't even pass the first level. I have to sneak up behind someone in the alley and if they see me I lose, only problem is, they constantly look behind them and there is no way to win. If they get away i lose
I download this game but I couldn't download it like I tried try downloading this game but it wouldn't let me try so that's why I give it one star because it didn't let me and I don't know I don't know why I do this because I always get for it like I always download games and I can get through it but this one can't let me get through this like how I'm going to get through this 😤 I get so frustrating I'm just puffing up my nose right now and saying why
Too many ads. Very similar to your cheater game and there's like 50 ads. Horrible game and you didn't try hard.
Not worth it. I understand this is a free game and it has the potential to be really awesome but the amount of ads is too much. You get an ad after everything and the game isn't worth it with the amount of time watching the same ads over and over. Would give more stars if there were less ads. Other than that I like this game.
This game is fun, but there was WAAAYYY TOO MANY ADS. I definitely think that there was more ads than playing. This game doesn't deserve anymore stars above from 2.
I always have to whach ad on find the figer prit to skip and I have tryed puting the stuff all over it and I can not sich tools. I give a 3 stars if you add sound and music.
Looks like a fun game. Would be better if it didn't constantly bug out and make it so I can't complete the level. The bug is soo bad I can't even get past the 1st lv!
If I could give no stars I would....i can't even get past the loading screen before it freezes...so I havent even had the chance to play it.
Game sucks! Don't download. Also, the ads are unbearable, but thats to be expected since everything is now packed with 10 million ads on crappy games.
You would have got a five-star it's just way too many ads about voting and getting your taxes raised Orcutt and that's just not what I want from the game I don't want 10 million ads so that's why I'm getting with the four-star if you don't like a lot of ads please don't get this game